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RHONY Recap: Carole Radziwill Vs. Aviva Drescher; Plus Apples And Space Ships!

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The ladies of New York are back! We ended last week with Aviva kissing Ramona’s ass and we begin this week with Aviva’s puckered lips moving onto Carole’s ass. They meet for lunch, Aviva takes Carole’s clothes and pulls a piece of her hair out to save for later so she may BECOME her! No no, but really, Aviva busts out some eye glasses talking about how she wishes it were Carole’s and then begins to bug Carole about if she had wrote her own book or not. Carole, as a published writer of 20 years with many credited companies and worldwide known agencies, is somewhat offended and I don’t blame her. This is Carole’s life, her dream, her world. She doesn’t have a husband, or kids to live vicariously through. Her writings ARE her kids that she’s living vicariously through. Aviva wouldn’t appreciate Carole asking Aviva if she used a surrogate would she?? Aviva was acting floozy from the get go, and then in a round about way asks Carole if she had a ghost writer..I felt like Aviva wanted to high five and giggle about using ghost writers together if Carole would have said yes. But when Carole got offended and justified her true talent that she wrote her own book Aviva changed her tune…’oh yea yea me too. I wrote my own stuff” riiight… you emailed for 8 days straight and next thing you know, it was a memoir! BOOM! Aviva’s a writer. Mhmm…Anywho moving on. Ramona is shopping for wine, for Aviva asked for her expertise on which wines to serve at her House Warming Party. (Seems like Aviva is asking for a lot of help lately. Carole help me write a book, oh wait I can email, move over, I’m a writer! Ramona, help me choose wine, oh I can open a bottle of wine, I’m a sommelier and I shall sell Rose! Seriously..I’m just waiting for it)

Bravo does it’s infamous ‘she said, I said’ back and forth bewtween Aviva and Romana with Kristen, Heather, and Carole. Carole is telling Heather & Kristen she was appalled Aviva would belittle the craft of being a writer and ask Carole to essentially justify herself for something she has been so passionate about and that has been a large part of her life and in extension who she is. At the wine store, Aviva claims her publishing company denied Carole’s book and Ramona asks all the right questions for Aviva to dish on all she knows. Back in the park with Carole, Heather and Kristen are disgusted with Aviva. And it looks like we have our Teams. We then move forward to Kristen’s apartment. She’s having a play date with Heather. Kristen shares her struggles with her little girl who is 17 months old, she’s not walking and that they are turning to leg braces. Heather shares her struggles with her son and his liver transplant. The cycle of something awful happening on the other end in order for him to receive a liver, but the blessing it all is that with the loss of one life he can save 50+ more by donating his organs. It’s touching and it has me choked up. I couldn’t imagine having to go through all this and be the strong mom, wife, business woman, and person. Huge props to Heather! And all those organ donors out there! You’re amazing!


Aviva is moving into an apartment and Harry (her ex husband, you know the one who boinks dates Sonja) drops off their son to Aviva. She shows her son his new room, and this 11yr old has nicer things than I do! New leather couch, fire place, flat screen…my gawd! Aviva then begins to ask Harry what he is doing later and their SON reveals he’s going on a date with Sonja! Aviva won’t stop asking questions about Harry and Sonja and if they’re F*** buddies. Oh so classy in front of your child. Do I sense a little jealousy Ms. Aviva? Jelly are we? We jump from this awkward discussion to Sonja having Kristen over for a spray tan. Kristen strips down and goes first. Sonja sits awkwardly in the shower while staring down Kristen’s spray session. I feel like Sonja needed a long cigarette and scotch in the corner! LOL But seriously, Sonja was all about Kristen’s body. (Who can blame her, WORK IT KRISTEN!!) Sonja goes for her spray and then they gossip BookGate and Kristen fills Sonja in on the 411.


Next, Aviva and Heather go for manicures together. Heather admits she’s gonna sniff around for deets about Aviva’s book. As soon as the mani begins Heather jumps in with the questions. What’s your book about? Why are you writing this book? Who’s your audience? And it sounds like Aviva doesn’t know what her books about, she doesn’t know her audience. In her talking head Aviva makes a dig about getting advice from Heather when she wants to start making fat binding panty hose. Uh..Bishh please! Heather is making bank with them panty hose…how’re the book sales coming along Aviva?


We go straight to dinner with Sonja, Harry, and Sonja’s boobs! They look fabulous! She looks fabulous! Sonja and Harry talk about their different 20+yr old something rathers and then discuss hanging out more and even marriage! Sonja then rattles off 2,349 different endevears she wants to do..and Harry says what we’re all thinking. FINISH one of them! Where’s the toaster oven? The lingerea? What else was she trying to start up? Harry walks her home and slithers his way into joining Sonja inside for a ‘night cap. (bow chica wowow!)

Small snippet of RHONY between commercials was Sonja sharpie’ing her Chanel purses. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Didn’t you just throw out there you had $25 million blah blah blah? and you have to buy a $2 sharpie to fix your purses? okay..whatever floats your boat I guess. Even though if I had the money I would probably just buy new ones, but that’s just me.

Aviva’s house is unpacked, put together, and quite GORGEOUS if I may say so myself. I may not be the biggest fan of her, but damn I love her taste in décor! The elevator in her apartment is broken. Party’s ruined. Not the main elevator in her apartment building, but the one IN her private apartment. People are going to have to walk up a flight of stairs to check out her new pad? EEK! Everyone walks into her housewarming party and let the pettiness BookGate continue.. after jumping on the bed of course! Sonja and Ramona bounce around on the bed and Aviva, Reid, Harry, Sonja, Ramona, & Mario all awkwardly talk about who what all has happened in that bed. Hence, Harry’s bed, Aviva’s bed, Sonjas bed… Moving on! Carole arrives and whisks Aviva away to a room upstairs (that they had to actually WALK up the stairs too…rough life these women). Carole starts first. She justifies her career and calls out Aviva for gossiping behind her back. And compares her career and Aviva’s memoir to apples and space ships! Not even oranges! I was with her until she said that. Aviva retaliates and claims some guy named Bill is running around saying Carole had a ghost writer. Carole calls Aviva out saying Aviva’s own publishing company doesn’t want to work with her. Aviva says her publishing company turned down Carole’s book. It’s just back and forth with these ladies. (side note: I can’t stop staring at the pink walls, the window a/c unit, and Carole’s awesome gladiator knee high shoes!) Back to BookGate: Sonja, Kristen, Ramona, and Heather are discussing it and Heather says it best ‘none of us wrote a book so we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.’ Aviva then goes all Kelly Bensimone on Carole with hand gestures about where they stand (up here, down there, over there, maybe here) ..and so ends this weeks episode.


So who do you believe? Do you think Carole or Aviva wrote their own books? Or used ghostwriters?

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  • I’m sorry, but Carol got out of line first. Just because a task is arduous for one does not mean it will be so for the next person. Instead of congratulating Aviva, Carol became annoyed. Why. For all we know Viva could have had an easier time writing. Who cares. Why you mad boo?

    And heather, my gosh, she is so fake. They are really insensitive with Aviva s leg this season huh? I’m disappointed in heather, she acted like a total douche towards viva without even knowing what happened at the lunch.

  • I’m not an Aviva fan, but Carole is protesting waaaay too much. And when she said, “you never worked outside of the home”…you married WHOM, Princess? Your best seller that made the NYT list (just like a few cook books another RWH published) got published because you were just some random, run of the mill, one of ten million “writers” for mags in the past?

    Sonja said ” she had had a co-writer”, then Sonja was told by Heather the Beast, “no she didn’t”. So Sonja said, “so she didn’t, who cares? It’s her business” Paraphrasing.

    Carole really was bitchy when she was speaking to Aviva about Aviva writing a book.

    She’s done nothing in her “journalism career” that any other “journalist” hasn’t already done or to set herself apart from anyone else.

    Being a “journalist” doesn’t equate to “writer”. No matter what Carole seems to think.

    Again, she’s done nothing that any other journalist hasn’t….other than marry a prince (left her with a net worth in the 10’s of millions) and got so desperate for attention, decided to sign up for a RHW show.

    If Carole was such a great “journalist” why isn’t she anchoring a news desk? Besides her over-bite and bad skin?

  • Does Aviva not know the difference between an editor and a ghostwriter? The guy Aviva namedrops when speaking to Ramona is Bill Whitworth (a writer and editor) that I think Carole even thanks in her memoir. Not sure why Aviva ran with the theory that he wrote it?

    Furthermore, what kind of publishing house gives away dirt like this to a c-list reality star ‘writing’ her first novel? Oh right, NONE. Aviva you are full of crap.

    • Does Carole NOT know that just because she wrote “quips” for Glamour mag it doesn’t make her a “writer”?

      Being a journalist is a completely different issue…what else did the Princess write before her big old book?

      Carole is lying her arse off. If she weren’t she wouldn’t be so defensive.

      Not exactly a “writer’s” bio:

      • It is disingenuous of you to reduce her work to mere “quips” for Glamour magazine.
        Having an education from Hunter & NYU in English, she worked for ABC News for many years and traveled to the Middle East to report (as made clear in your wiki link)
        She is absolutely both a writer and a journalist. A lot of the publishing world scoffs that the two are not synonymous, but if you’re saying she’s not a ‘writer’ because she’s not Hemingway or Nabokov, that’s not really fair.
        Unlike Aviva, she *does* have a novel under her belt. That she wrote. Because it’s not fiction should not discount her from being considered a writer.
        Also – if some crazy 6 foot blonde told me my work was done by someone else, you bet your ass I’d be defensive and pissed. The nerve!
        *steps off soapbox.

          • I think you missed that my initial response was posted hours ago.

            I would also like to add that I definitely knew who Carole was, being an avid reader and working in the publishing world. But I also know that NYC can be considered an insular place, so I get that she was not exactly a “celebrity” outside of that realm.

            • Who cares how many hours ago you posted? Good for you and your avid reading & job. But let me fill you in: the gen public did not ever hear of Carole. And you should KNOW THAT given your “career” in publishing. NYC is INSULAR? LMAO!

              • “Who cares how many hours ago you posted?”
                Well, since I have to spell it out, timestamps show when someone posted. As in, my response to you was posted BEFORE your little “talk to yourself much?” reply.

                No kidding the general public wasn’t that aware of her. Guess what? That still doesn’t mean she’s not a writer. And it still doesn’t mean your reasons for her not being one are in any way valid.

                And yes, NYC can absolutely be an insular environment. I should know, I live there. But I really don’t want to have to explain that to you too, because at this point I should be getting paid to read your imbecilic responses. Sayonara!

                • LOL! You live in the city and you think it’s a “small minded/narrow minded/short-sighted/small townish” place to live? People move there because it’s the exact opposite. I should know, I’ve lived there, in Manhattan, not one of the boroughs where people ARE insular. Is that what you meant? The boroughs can be insular?

      • Wikipedia is hardly accurate information. You and I can go in and make edits to it. Read Carole’s book and then decide.

        • Where else is Carole’s career celebrated? She ain’t exactly known (or wasn’t) before she hit up the RHW show.

  • Aviva is a celebrity who got to write a memoir. Carole is a writer who became a celebrity. There is a vast chasm between the two – built of hard work studying her craft, developing her skills and laboring over her words. Real writers know that writing is not as easy as writing an e-mail. But Aviva does not know the difference between writing and writing well.

    All of us can muster up the skills to do a “what I did last summer” essay. Aviva strung a bunch together and calls it a book. Without reading it, I am confident that it is not a good book, because a good memoir requires a few things that Aviva has no capacity for – change, personal growth, self awareness and self-reflection.

    A good memoir is not about what happened “to” someone, but how those events helped that person grow into a fuller, more reflective and aware human being. Aviva may be able to list a bunch of things that happened to her, but since she has not really overcome them by becoming a fully integrated, healthy adult, she has no lesson to impart – at least none worth learning.

  • I completely understand what Carole is saying. She is a real writer that has studied writing and worked as a writer for many years. There is a difference between going from being a professional journalist to a novelist and going from writing one essay in a chicken soup book to a novelist. It is slightly offensive to assume you are on the same level as a professional in any field if you have never studied and worked at it. Its like saying Alexis form OC is a fashion designer comparable to Marc Jacobs because she put out a clothing line even though it was based off her fame not her talent. Aviva got her book deal purely for her Housewife fame and Carole has worked hard at being a writer long before this new found celebrity. The fact that Aviva can’t see the difference in that is insulting. I think Carole would be a bit more ready to congratulate Aviva if she would just acknowledge the difference between the two.

  • Aviva has got to be one of the most difficult personalities I’ve ever seen. She’s got more issues than a weekly magazine!

    Last season revealed how full-on DISTURBED and totally difficult she is, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and, based on the first episode of this season, thought she might have reflected and decided to seriously try and improve her behavior.

    WRONG! It’s only the 2nd episode of the season, and I see she’s still the same TOXIC NUTBAG she was last season.

    I don’t blame Carole for being seriously pissed with Aviva. Aviva is trying to mess with Carole’s livelihood. That’s a no-no.

  • Aviva is crazy, that a given, but what the heck crawled up Heather’s butt? Aviva has not done anything to Heather and Heather has even been claiming to be Aviva’s friend, yet she talks about her behind her back and acts like a bish to her because she’s “protective of her friends”. Heather is really fake and phony this season and I’m not really feeling it. I hate people who fight other people’s battles.

    • I have always been on the fence with Heather. I still don’t know if i really like her. She just doesn’t annoy me as much as she used to.

    • I can’t stand Aviva either! I hate she even gets air time. She is so obnoxious, condescending and irrational. I want to bitch slap her…and I’m not a violent person! BRING BACK JILL!

  • Dear whomever wrote this review: GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL or even take a writing class!. I’m not exactly sure WTF I just read, but surely, I’m not the only one that had to read some of the sentences a few times and STILL doesn’t quite get wth you’re trying to say. An example…

    the other end in order for him to receive a liver, but the blessing it all is that with the loss of one life he can save 50+ more by donating his organs

    WHAT?! That’s actually the least offensive one. Silly me, I actually assumed that advanced writing skills would be a requirement to be a writer for this website but I guess not even BASIC reading comprehension is necessary.

    Sorry for the tirade fellow members but it REALLY irks me when these blogs get cheap don’t want to actually Pay writers so they get interns or just anyone to do the job. I don’t do jobs half assed it’s ANNOYING to see others doing it. Get ur shit checked by someone, REREAD ur articles before submittal. Stop being lazy.

  • This episode was entertaining and had some great lines. I couldn’t stop laughing at Heather and Carole throwing serious shade at Aviva’s book.

    “What is she going to talk about, her leg?”
    “Maybe Kelly Bensimon is your ghostwriter. You need some fresh material.”

    I know I maybe the only one but I’m not on the ‘I hate Aviva’ bandwagon. I don’t know I tend to like my crazies on HWs because they keep the shows fun for me until they get too out of hand than I start to worry. Aviva had a funny line tonight that had me giggle, “It’s just bitchy I’m going to give her that bottle of bitch wine.” LMAO!

    But Aviva knows full well she needs to stop fronting she wasn’t playing serious kiss ass to Carole about the writings she’s read from her. It’s on the tape and she can’t take that back.

    Anyways good episode hope more people watched this week when the ratings return.

    • I thought that Aviva was so jealous of Carole that she wore the glasses and pretended to know how to write a book. I didn’t see it as ass kissing at all…just mean-spirited insanity from a very sick woman. Aviva needs help and this show won’t be doing that. This could lead to disaster because Aviva is a serious head-case. The rest of them were doing their usual fake shtick and as always, Sonja’s nymphomaniac side was on display…no wait..that’s Melissa Gorga who’s on display. As for the sentence construction in the above blog…I was most put off by the word “Lingerea” What is that exactly?

      noun: lingerie
      women’s underwear and nightclothes.
      synonyms:women’s underwear, underclothes, underclothing, undergarments, foundation garments; More

      • “Lingerea”, was just a joke. If you actually read the actual spelling and say it out loud based on the way it looks it sounds like that.

      • the only thing I was taken aback with Carole on is what she said to Aviva “What are you? youre nothing youve never had a job outside the home.”. I was like excuse me Carole you do know being a ‘housewife’ is a job. Getting kids ready for school, making them and husband breakfast etc doesnt happen on it’s own. She some brownie points lost in my direction with that comment even though she was frustrated she couldnt talk to Aviva w/o Aviva working her nerves.

        • CherlyTN It was a low blow.
          But Aviva was attacking Carol’s livelihood , her reputation and her integrity . I think it was said out of frustration and anger. I would have said much worse in Carol’s position .

  • Aviva is Crazy Spice…I can’t keep up with her up and down moods and general bitchiness. I’m with Carole on this one…Aviva’s spaceship in NYC needs to fly away with her in it please!

  • Aviva is insane, how can you be obsessed with someone one minute and try destroying their reputation the next?