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RHOA Already Has The Cast SET For Season 7. Marlo Hampton Rumored To Be An Official Housewife!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

Season 6 is airing, we are still into the season episodes, the ladies havn’t even filmed for the reunion, but we already know who’s coming back for Season 7! Is it hot in Atlanta? It must be. Because ALL the women are on for Season 7 of RHOA! Yes this includes our favorite crazy bird Kenya Moore! Also we have some add on’s for next season. Friend of the Housewives no more, looks like Marlo chasing Nene at the Bailey Bowl, talking crap about her as much as possible, and filming with Kenya anytime the cameras went up, has paid off for the fame whore Ms. Marlo Hampton, for it looks like she’ll be getting a full time Housewife position! Also, Mynique Smith (you know the guy both Phaedra and Kandi slept with back in the day, Chuck — his wife) is rumored to be joining the RHOA cast as well. Check out what Enstars has to say:


“The entire cast of the popular Bravo reality tv series is expected to return for a new season- NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Stewart, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore.

On top of that, it looks like the drama Marlo Hampton stirred up with Leakes in her recent appearances snagged her a full time cast member spot as well. But it doesn’t end there as Mynique Smith is also rumored to be joining the cast. Viewers might remember Smith, who’s NFL player husband Chuck reportedly used to date Burruss and Phaedra. The couple, who are close friends with Leakes and her husband Gregg, caused a slight stir in recent episodes when he denied his relationship with both of the women in what appeared to be an attempt to save face with his wife.”


Maybe we’ll delve into Marlo’s family…or her past… or even her criminal charges for a story line? (too soon?) I’m hoping we can at least get another look at that closet! I bet Ms. Nene Leakes won’t be very happy about this. I can see her distancing herself from the season if Marlo is a FULL-time Housewife. And…Baby mama drama? EX-girlfriend tea? Why not? I loved hearing Phaedra’s one liners when discussing Chuck so I’m all in for bringing Mynique into the cast!


What do you think? Will you tune in next season for Marlo and Mynique joining the RHOA cast?

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  • omg…why is porsha coming back? she is the most boring person on RHOA. kenya isnt even a housewife, just a shit-stirrer, and the other 2 rumored additions?? dumb move. the cast is getting too crowded.

  • There’s just something about Marlo’s energy that bugs me. Her alleged criminal and escorting past (or present) aside…..I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on WHY just yet, but I don’t like her for the show.


  • I really hate I can’t post here anymore but this new layout is just not working with me. I hope this is not true because eight “wives” will be too much. Monique being added will be a mistake. Marlo will be too. I didn’t know want her to be added to this show. I thought after the whole f word thing she wouldn’t have any change but it seem like Andy believes in ratings over morals. I think some people need to be cut. I was fine with Cynthia going to get ready of her and Peter. I don’t know how much more Phaedra can take and I would love to see Kenya Moorewhore go but I know that won’t happen. Since the ratings are high why not keep it the way it is.

  • Oh lawd wat a SNOOZEFEST Mynique is WTF made them choose HER?!?

    And why is Marlo such a thirsty fame whore??? Since when does she force herself to be included??? I seem to recall NENE sweating MARLO and not the other way around so don’t get it TWISTED! If Marlo is such a famewhore wtf r the rest of these bitches?? How about every damn housewife & everyone on TV? She’s no more of a famewhore than the rest of these hoes…but MYNIQUE??? What the fuk? Her Husband is thirsty, CORNY as hell and bawwwwring! Nobody even likes her. Oh ya except Nene bc she kisses her moose ass. Dumb just dumb!

  • They want Marlo in order to have her start crap with Nene, pure and simple. Since they can’t get Sheree anymore they might as well get Marlo.

  • Lies all lies Mynique is boring and if they bring manlo on she will fight with Kenya not nene. Manlo and Kenya are both thristy so they would only turn on each other and manlo will fight with kandi. Nene will still reign Queen.

  • So if this rumor is true, who is out? Porsha would be one. But is the other Cynthia or Phaedra? I know nene is pissed at Cynthia for backing Peter. Personally, even though I can’t stand Apollo, i think it would be BS if they let Apollo and Phaedra go due to legal issues since they didn’t let the giudices go.

  • Why is Mynique being casted? She’s as boring as a box of rocks. Wait, I take that back, I’d be more entertained by a box of rocks.

  • All I can say is YAAAAAAAAAASSS to Miss Marlo! I hope the rumors are true. Marlo is fabulous and while I won’t forget season 4 in Africa when she used the word that rhymes with “maggot,” I think she will make a great addition. Someone needs to step in and put high horse Nene in her place. All these bitches are doing currently is kissing Nene’s ass. THE DRAMA! I think the reason why Bravo might be casting Mynique is because she has some connections to the ladies in more ways than one (i.e. Chuck). Bravo wants to keep the chemistry within the ladies strong, which ultimately will make good tv for us. I hope the rumors are true even though they typically don’t have 8 housewives on one show. If thats the case, they should replace Porsha with Marlo and Mynique.

  • Not too excited about Marlo. Yeah, I got my life when she was chasing the moose back into her natural habitat, but I just don’t think Sling Blade Marlo is a good look for this show. All of these women are accomplished in some aspect, involved in a charity, while Marlo is a known escort and criminal. No bueno. I don’t like this.

    • We have had crininals before (Danielle, The entire NJ cast, Sheree was a shoplifter in her teens, frauds (Armstrongs, Giudices, Apollo), and violent people (choke-gate). Marlo suffered the consequences for her actions.

          • “She went to jail several times” … exactly! For doing all kinds of crap, including slashing that woman’s face over a man! That’s the kind of women you want to watch, fine by me, but I don’t like it.

  • I say no to Mynique, Natalie and Marlo. What did Mynique or Natalie offer really. Marlo is only going to bring drama and that’s, it no real relationships. They need to search for the chemistry that Kim, Sheree and Nene had.

    • I could deal with Marlo just because I want people to stand up to nene. But mynique and Natalie add NOTHING. They’re just lapdogs for nene. The last thing we need is more people fawning over nene n

      • I could deal with Marlo if she didn’t come back kissing Nene’s ass. I think that if she is a full time wife, her storyline is going to be her and Nene making up. We all know Kenya and Marlo want remain friends both are to thirsty. Then what will happen is Nene stirring the pot and being the puppet master to Marlo. I hope they get rid of 3-4 of the current wives, revamp the cast.

      • I could deal with Marlo if I didn’t think he and Nene would make up and then we back to the Kiss Nene’s Ass show. I’m going to give Ms. Leakes credit she has all of those women in check. Nobody even mentioned Marlo. I was thinking they went to Mexico before the Bailey Bowl and production went out of order because nobody mentioned it. For that that reason alone all of these women need to be replaced.

        • No, look at the blogs. Mexico came AFTER the Bailey Bowl (a week later). Porsha and Phaedra were discussing that in the hot tub.

          • Yes I was thinking that before the hot tub scene. I couldn’t believe before that, that nobody had said one word about it. That’s why I gave Nene her props for having them scared to mention it.

    • Chuck should be handed a prayer cloth from Phaedra. He needs prayers. Glad Marlo will be on. Hope she and Kenya don’t fall out too quickly so that they can help Nene find some of the humility she so desperately need. I know Kenya is crazy and many other things too.

      • Phaedra needs a prayer cloth for her and her criminal husband. Such a fake person that Phaedra Parks.

  • This makes me so excited, I know Lady Leakes is going to flip her Donald Trump wig!

  • No, thanks. No. Nope. Uh uh. Eww no. To Marlo. Cannot stand this chick.

    And Mynique with a “y” is too weak for this group of women. They would eat her alive.

  • 8 housewives? That has NEVER happened before. While I would LOVE Marlo to be a Full time wife, I don’t see Bravo having 8 HWs. Why Mynique over Natalie?