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Brandi Glanville And Kenya Moore Join Celebrity Apprentice!

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Two housewives will be featured on Celebrity Apprentice this season and they both are known to cause quite a bit of drama. Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore will be joining season 14’s Celebrity Apprentice and it’s going to be interesting to say the least! Both Brandi and Kenya don’t even get along so stuff is clearly going to go down!

TMZ reports that Geraldo Rivera, Cosby Show star Keshia Knight Pulliam, Brandi, Kenya, and Kate Gosselin will be on this season.

That means the ladies are going to have to pack there things to stay in New York City for a couple of months! Will you tune into Celebrity Apprentice since Kenya AND Brandi will be on?

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  • I won’t be watching. Putting Kate Gosselin, Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore together is like mixing fire & gasoline. But I think Kenya will prove that she’s nobody’s fool. Should prove just how stupid Kate & Brandi are. They should re-name it The Stupid’s Show, starring Brandi and Kate..Who can make the bigger fool of themselves!!!

  • I don’t really watch Celebrity Apprentice but what a mess it will be with Brandi there. I don’t know, I really don’t see her as a smart business woman.

    Kenya on the other hand, I think she downplays her intelligence. I think she’s more astute than people make her out to be.

  • I don’t get why they keep getting Brandi on new shows…does anybody really wanna watch her? She is very unlikeable and I hope she loses and is the first to be sent home.

  • This will be interesting, Brandi has difficulty putting 5 words together
    that do not contain 4 letter words. Is the Donald going to ‘task’
    her with a Lemonade stand, selling YoFo’s Lemon’s for Lyme’s??
    Kate, Brandi, and Kenya have such polarizing personalities, but
    I think Kenya will make it the furthest, if she has the contacts.

    Brandi as a Project Manager, LOL.

  • I’ve seen enough of all these people and will not watch. Mr Trump is truely scrapping the bottom of the pot! Not one of his contestants,as advertised, are worth my time or energy.

  • I just reviewed past and present Celebrity Apprentice – and Brandi fits in
    – she is bravolebrity
    – keeps her name in the news 24/7
    – wishes to be molested as a child
    – knows how to keep a tantrum going for a whole season

    Unfortunately,- this must be very embarassing for Brandi and she has the right to be ashamed that she does not affiliate with ANY charity except the Brandi glanville charity fund.

    As a person (not a cast member of RHBH) Brandi could be a success story of her own life. she has gone from sleeping on a couch to bitching about her “slum landlord” in a gated area.

    Brandi is not too old to learn new tricks – paying it forward would be a good start.

    If this story is true, NBC still has not extended or approved Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice yet, good for Brandi,.

    Being financially responsible for her children’s future is #1.

    No I will not watch.

    • The problem with Brandi is she told Yo that this is who she is and she is not going to change. I was heartbroken for her. She is immature and could be so much more in life if she were gracious and mature. Bottom line is she doesn’t care. Sad.

      • Good afternoon September 24!

        True, it is unfortunate that “bad” or “disgusting” behavior is rewarded – but hollyweiird is packed with actor’s like this that continue to make movies/tv shows.

        Brandi has been encouraged to “not enlighten or better herself” ie podcast and new book and now Celebrity apprentice. and she is not being reprimanded at all by her BFF Ass.

    • I should clarify ‘I won’t be watching’ – this is not because of Brandi – it is because I watched DT revive his buisness through this show, interesting to watch,not my cuppa java.

  • Lawd… this has catfight written all over it.  And I cant wait.  Im not a regular viewer of CA – just only when Teresa and Nene was on – but this will probably be must see tv.  The shade will everything between the two – botox, ashy and whos the biggest whore jokes. Now who would be better playing, I’ll roll with Kenya.  Kenya does have a way about her that seems crafty.  Brandi might win over people with her social game. 

  • I’ve never watched Celebrity Apprentice but regretted not watching when I heard the post-mortem on Teresa and NeNe’s appearance. I would have liked to see Teresa doing as well as she did and I apparently missed out on NeNe’s legendary temper tantrums. But, I probably won’t watch this either. Maybe I’ll DVR it in my gym and it will give me something to amuse myself during the elliptical time.

  • I think he is scraping the bottom of the barrel with his casting choices, I think he has probably been informed that these two housewives hate each other. It will give me some satisfaction to see her called a racist and a pervert on national t.v. I guess, but he will loose his larger audience who have no idea who these two are. I do not think she will be successful if she uses Lymes’s disease as a charity because most patients with Lyme disease are treated successfully with a course
    of antibiotics lasting from 14 to 21 days. Typically, patients have a
    rapid and complete recovery from the disease. Some 20 percent are left with chronic symtoms and eventually recover from those. Not when we have all these children being born autistic and people getting cancer in droves. Jmho, of course.

    • Most patients with Lyme disease are NOT treated successfully with a month of antibiotics. Most people go through six months- a year or treatment and conventional antibiotics don’t work because the bacteria mutates itself and becomes resistant to the antibiotics. You may feel fine when. you are taking the drugs and think you are better, but as soon as you stop taking them, you will feel crappy soon after.

        • Yeah, I know. Unfortunately the AMA and CDC have a lot of misinformation about the disease. I’ve had to deal with a lot of misinformation and wasted time/money over the years dealing with this disease.

          • I don’t have it but I wanted to find out :
            It was a very easy to use and very informative site. It’s a heartache what the majority of people with the disease have to go through.

  • I will be watching! I always do! I’m excited for both Brandi and Kenya because I can’t stand either of them!

    I think that Kenya will perform tremendously better unless Brandi is somehow able to play well with others. Kenya is plenty of things and though I find her deplorable on RHOA, she is smart. She also isn’t messy which isn’t something that can be said about Brandi. Kenya stirs the pot with such precision, it’s so damn scary.

    Brandi will probably be too hungover to participate. Also she can’t blame Lisa for manipulating her into not raising enough money. Though she is popular amongst her fans she doesn’t seem to be that liked otherwise. But she could be a surprise contender, who knows?

    • I not ashamed to admit I’ll be watching it for that reason too. And I hope Kenya wins just to see the look on nene’s face. And then I hope she does dancing with the stars next season. I’m just evil like that >:)

      • I agree with the above. Kenya has some mad skills, Brandi has none. Won’t it be funny if they leave her to write copy because she is a writer and then they see that what she wrote wouldn’t pass a second grade entry exam. I think she is going to be humiliated. Which I will enjoy. Kenya will get farther, and Donald is going to mention she was Miss USA 5,000 times because he owns the pageant.

        • I wouldnt mind seeing Kenya place high in the competition. Say if Nene doesnt do that well in DWTS, that’ll make two competitive shows, Nene wouldnt fair well in and Kenya being Kenya would rub it in Nene’s face.

          • I really don’t know how they are going to translate Nene’s stripping skills into ballroom dancing. She is very large and their is no way ANYBODY is picking her up for a twirl. It will be funny to watch, tho.

            • I agree Gessie. I really can’t see her doing the waltz etc. as I don’t consider her elegant.

              We shall see, tonight she is 1st and does the cha cha. I can see her doing ok in this, not stellar but ok.

              • Hey, mzjulesaz! Long time no see!
                She will do alright in the Cha Cha Cha. I don’t like this show, because they always put in some figure skaters or people with dancing experience. but I will watch because I have to see Nene getting thrown over someone’s shoulders and not killing the guy.

                • Hey Gessie, I’ve been around lurking here and there. I’ll watch it tomorrow out of curiousity and to see how she rates against the contestants. 🙂

      • Lol I don’t wanna see those two halves of cantaloupe shoved underneath some skin trying to dance! Pass! I don’t think Kenya will win. Geraldo has to know a ton of people! And Keshia Knight Pulliam has been in the business for a long time. I do see Kenya near the top though 🙂

    • I’ll definitely be watching too. Sometimes I truly can’t stand Kenya, and, other times, I find myself entertained and amused by her (even though I would NEVER hang out with someone like her in any serious capacity).

      I used to LOVE Brandi (former fan here), but I can’t stand her anymore.

      Kenya is definitely WAY smarter than Brandi (who’s pretty dumb, not just intellectually, but also SOCIALLY and PROFESSIONALLY. Brandi lucked out by being viewed as an underdog, and a woman who was “done wrong by a no-good man,” and bullied by some nasty women for no reason (when she first joined the show). So, a lot of her initial success was based on the goodwill she initially had from the public, who WANTED to see her emerge victorious (It was NOT based on her intelligence level, IMO).

      Brandi’s behavior this past season — both ON and OFF camera — has, however, caused her to squander that goodwill and markedly reduced her fan base. She’s also burned a LOT of “bridges” to some big money-ed, powerful players. It will be interesting to see how well she does fundraising. I mean, I’m sure she can hit up David Foster (maybe….?). Maybe David will be kind enough to get some of his high-powered friends to help her out too, though. Who knows?

      I think that the only way Brandi will last on that show is if she’s incredibly controversial, which often makes good t.v. (and keeps undeserving contestants on longer).

      Kenya is ALSO a master at being controversial too, though. So, that could keep her on longer than she deserves too. She IS also a former “Miss USA,” and that could curry favor with Donald Trump (seeing as how he now owns the pageant). Brandi could curry favor with Donald by flirting like crazy with him. That might work to keep her around longer too.

      I wonder which one of them is going to get into a fight with Kate Gosselin first.

      • I used to like Brandi too! I don’t care what this makes me seem like but I laughed so damn hard about her telling the ladies to STFU at that dinner! Because they were SO offended by it, it was ridiculous and light! But Brandi took it too damn far and showed me a side of herself that I can’t embrace. The surrogacy stuff was awful, going after Joyce sealed it though. I can’t with Brandi.

        I can’t stand Kenya either, but it’s different. I love what she brings to the show, I just don’t like her. She scares me on a real life level and entertains me on a housewives level. She’s not well, mentally. Neither of them are, but Kenya sticks to the plot, Brandi goes way past personal.

  • Brandi can’t even get her kids to school on time so how is she going to be a project manager and make a profit. And what will her charity be……women who were wronged by their men and want smaller va-jay-jays????? hahahahahaha!!!!

    • LOL.

      I don’t know about Brandi’s getting her kids to school on time.

      I DO think that her inability to conceal her TAMPON STRING in public indicates that she might be a bit “weak” when it comes to public presentations (whether it be selling HERSELF to the client or presenting products on behalf of clients). 😉

      • When Teresa was on the show, she did a parody of her table flip in one of the challenges. Perhaps Brandi can do a parody of her tampon string if they get a challenge to do branding for playtex? 😉

        • I’ve been saying that Brandi should possibly try to get some type of tampon brand endorsement, preferably ones that have “shorter-length” strings to prevent the embarrassing incident she had. 😉

          Make lemonade out of lemons, I always say!

          OR, since she repeated what Mohammed allegedly said about JoAnna’s “smelly cat,” maybe she should try to endorse a brand of douches. 😀

          • Hahahahaha lola I’m dying!!!

            “Girl did you hear about Playtex’s new ‘Shorties’…discreet strings for those nights when you wanna let it all hang out.”

            • Shorties?

              Are those for REAL? Those would be perfect for Brandi to endorse.

              I hope they read these comments. 😉

              I love your slogan for them, by the way. LOL.

    • LOL. That was a good read.

      I think she will represent a charity that is helping with tightening the vagina and telling men to push it to hit the spot.

  • I. Can’t. Wait. I had heard that Brandi and Kate were gonna be on, but add in Kenya, and this is gonna be good! Can’t wait for Trump to tear them ALL a new one!

    • Hey holy 🙂 I will probably watch too. I don’t get Trump using 2 HWs though. Must have been desperate? I wonder who the others contestants are?

      • Hi Hopeful
        I read above Kate G. Geraldo, and some others.. Yea 2 housewives, but they are pretty cra cra, lol.. so I get it.

  • Oh lord. Trump will do ANYTHING for ratings. If this is true, I do not see Brandi lasting long. Kenya might suprise me. They are going to be taking shots left and right with one another. This might be more ratchet than ANY of the Omarosa seasons.

    • Oh ratchet is an understatement. The boardroom will start looking like a housewives reunion on crack.

      I don’t think Brandi will last long unless there’s manipulation to keep her in it. Kenya may do well because at least she claims to have a company that’s produced (low budget) films. And I think her years after winning the pageant has given her connections to some good people. She may not be raising the money those country music stars raise but she won’t be the lowest.

        • Oh yeah and then she’ll find something she can twist around to where she’s the victim and she’ll quit. And to think I was a BIG Brandi fan last year. I still don’t hate her like I do some of them like MeHo and Adiva but she’s definitely lost me as a avid fan with her BS this year. I just don’t think she gets it at all.

          • I feel the same way about her. When n those drunken photos came out with hanging string, dress falling off, I lost a lot of respect for her.

      • I’ve noticed that any time Country Music stars or contestants in the Country Music genre appear on these reality shows, they tend to do VERY well.

        I think it’s because they have fan bases that are incredibly loyal and committed to them. They show that commitment by either actively voting for them (in reality competitions that involve voting) or by committing to donating large amounts of money to them.

        So, if there are any Country Music artists in the competition, Kenya and Brandi would be well-advised NOT to underestimate them.

        • They are VERY loyal. Can’t imagine Brandi is bringing in any loyal supporters unless she can blackmail yoyo into giving up cash.

          • She could always ask carl, she can use their. ”Relationship” and ask for a tip!their really ugly, because their personality Is the same! ATTACK!! Their very personalities make them so ugly, they would look beautiful if they could cut the cancer off!!! But alas all we’ll see is ?tfu………….bore me!!!!

        • Since the Country Music stars have such devoted fans, I would like to see Trump dump Geraldo R. and put LEE ANN RIMES in to take his place!!! Now THERE’s a show!!!!!

    • I think i would have rather seen Joanna and Brandi together if there were going to be two HWs

      • That would’ve been too nasty, even for trump. I’m convinced Brandi and Joanna together would make for the dirtiest tv…possibly even below bad girls club standards.

  • I read about this days ago….looks like along with K ate Gosslin! how are these d listers gonna raise money–they have no real deep pocketed friends who can donate on their behalf for their charities. Oh wait, are they gonna list themselves as charities since they are so desperate for cash?