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RHONJ Fans SLAM Kim Granatell For Celebrating On Twitter About Teresa Giudice Pleading Guilty!


Real Housewives of New Jersey’s least favorite Kim, (Granatell) is back to her old Twitter tricks again. After news of Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice pleading guilty broke, Kim did what any woman with a vendetta would do — she tweeted with joy! Kim sent out several nasty tweets about the matter, and with that, RHONJ fans returned the favor with some nasty responses. Check it OUT

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The biggest drama on Jersey always involves a pole…LOL In all seriousness though, I think Kim really does look pathetic, and the fact she admitted she’s been filled with rage from something that happened YEARS ago, makes her look beyond obsessed. Someone needs to tell Kim that karma works both ways. What do you think about Kim’s tweets? Do you think she’ll ever get over Teresa making fun of her on the pole?

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  • Kim is an evil old douchbag. The reason she has money is she married it. She thrives on gossip and vicious attacks. What goes around comes around. What a Witch I hope hope her broom breaks!!!

  • I don’t even remember what T said to this gasbag on the Reunion(????)

    I DO remember Caro humiliating her…whichever Season it was when it was revealed that their sons were BFF’s and Caro wouldn’t even have lunch with her?

    Guess Kim is too afraid of winding up in the trunk of a car to go after the Manzo’s?

  • Hey guys, Thanks for the concern But please don’t engage that THING on my behave .No need to let IT turn this site into a war zone ..
    My father was my hero. About 30 years ago my father was informed that he owed taxes from years before. The bill came with penalties and interest. My dad was never in jeopardy of going to jail. He worked out a payment plan immediately and paid until his death. When he died his wife satisfied their debt with the IRS that was pretty much paid off at that time.

    To this day people i don’t even know find me on fB to tell me how in hard times or when they were ill my father would pay their heat or electric or put food in their refrigerator

    This experience only makes me feel more for the Guidice children and how awful they must feel when ppl say such hateful things about their parents.

    Oh i know IT will say “T and J should have thought about before they broke the law.” Ok . But that doesn’t excuse their behavior, saying hurtful things about a parent to hurt a child. That’s low. As low as the piggy Kim G

    Sending prayers to the Guidice children

    • Hopeful. I gotta tell you something before I go out and Brandi Glanville those tires. If you notice, Pus Hole brings up T’s kids in most every comment.

      Pus Hole doesn’t give a shit about T’s kids. I can read The Pus like a cheap novel. Only trying to make IT self look good, so blasts T & J, followed by the poor kids. I call bull shit. IT give a rats ass about the children.

      • Shipp I know IT’S disgusting

        Hey just let the air out .. Be careful 🙂 Don’t get caught LOL

  • I agree Kim is a hateful hag, but why is everyone insulting the woman’s age? That’s not really acceptable is it? Calling someone “old” as an insult is really quite pathetice and is a form of discrimination. Grow up people.

  • hey hopeful, sorry for the unnecessary attack, just like kim’s on teresa. UNNECESSARY!!! consider the source and keep on keepin on.

  • My dear Hopeful — my dad passed a couple years ago, and we didn’t know (mom included) that he incurred debts and liens.

    I understand you, honey. Totally.

  • Hopeful. I just read what that pus bag said to you, and about your Dad.

    Don’t give IT any air. IT will eventually choke to death on IT’S own vomit filled bile.

    IT’S just a boil on the asshole of the world.

    That said, now I’m going to punch my neighbor in the face for shoveling his snow on my sidewalk. Then, flatten his car tires for taking my parking space.

    Hah, It’s good to be Queen.

    God bless you and Dad. XXOO

      • Hey girl. Of course I couldn’t punch his face in. But, those tires are going down. That’s why I’m up so late. Getting ready to put on my Ninja gear, and Ninja over to his tires, IN MY PARKING SPACE.

        Arrested never happen. I know people that know people. Enough said. Hahahah.

        Love ya, Mwah.

  • Teresa and Joe have to pay back the 11 million, have been punished by the embarrassment of the pubic eye, will be punished, have a criminal history so why are people still saying its not enough. They haven’t been sentenced yet. Would u wish this on a family member who made a mistake? Everyone has skeletons and a lot of people just haven’t been caught. Not saying anyone on here, just in general. Kim G needs to back off. They should sue her for harassment. Help pay some of it back… Haha I remember Kim G renting different places so she could see the Housewives events from the window and tweeting about it. Can you imagine being that obsessed and that my jealousy and hate in your heart. Must be hell! I wonder how clean her hands are? Does she report all her money? I don’t care as I don’t count others money but she sure enjoyed putting her hand in getting them caught. I wouldn’t want to be her when Karma comes a long. Do I think what Joe and Tre did was right, no but they are still good people!

  • I just want to say that Lisa Trampolina’s tweet was the best ever… LOVED IT!!! hahahahaha

    • Doona Lee

      Lisa is hilarious she’s also a fellow Aussie and my friend on twitter we have some gr8 laughs together you should follow her on twitter

  • Why shouldn’t the people who have a bone to pick with Theresa take it to Twitter? Theresa and Joe took their supposed innocence to every agency that would lend an ear to their, “Oh poor me, we’ve been wrongly accused, what about our poor children,” story. it’s public baby and nobody should be slammed for sharing their feelings publicly. We are all feeling the pain from one celebrity after another getting a pass on breaking the law because they are rich. This time it is rich crooks!

  • It really is sad that Kim is so hateful. I for one pity her and her children, they must be so embarrassed.

    • Hi DebG I guess her kids would be quite embarrassed, and probably quite upset at the vitriol that is coming back Kim G’s way. But seriously, I don’t get the pure outrage about Kim G’s Twitter commentary here. Yes they are spiteful comments, but nothing she hasn’t said publicly before. And more than harming Teresa she is harming herself. She shows herself to be terribly over-sensitive about an immature comment Teresa made about her appearance years ago. That is revealing your losing hand for the whole world to see – “I’m over-sensitive, say something bitchy to me and I will allow it to affect my life for YEARS”.

  • This is just vile. I’m glad justice was served, and whatever the sentence turns iut to be, that’s not really my business. I am not exactly flying a “Free Tre” flag, but I definitely don’t wish the worst on the Giudices, and I’m not gonna run around celebrating their punishment. People are seriously awful and way over-invested. I’m glad to have this blog and all its commenters because at least here people manage to express their side of things without resorting to prison rape “jokes” like elsewhere.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Ry, and the bitch plead GUILTY! HELLO!!!! Funny how most of these people here can express an opinion and it’s OK, so much hate.

  • Kim G is a bitter vile old bat. Her children must be mortified of her behavior. Believe me, I don’t like the lies that Tre and Juicy told, but I still hope for the best for them, at least for their girls sake. Kim G is a heartless old bitter jealous cunt. She needs help.

  • I am sure if the FEDS did a little auditing on their own they would find Kim G probably has cheated on her OWN taxes a time or too. Among other questionable business ventures, be careful Kim, karma is a bitch ! Teresa may have done some illegal things, but at least she is not UGLY or OLD 2 things you can’t fix Kim !

  • The Bravo producers were so stupid to fire Kim G. She’s idiotic, crazy, entertaining and actually has money. Still, I find it bizarre how some of you get more angry at her than Teresa and Joe, 2 criminals. Their sense of entitlement and breaking the law is far more infuriating than someone who celebrates them being punished.

    • Yes, teresa and Joe broke the law. Was it a violent offense? NO! Should they be punished? 100%!!! Not saying its right but people everyday do the sh*t Teresa & Joe pulled, Old Saggy Granny A** is just making a fool out of herself. How old is this b*tch late 60’s early 70’s, I’m surprised she even knows what twitter is. Instead of worrying about what Teresa did, who btw is young enough to be her grand daughter, she should be worrying about keeping a lower profile before her family sends her old ass off to the home never to be heard from again.

  • I’ve never been a Tre fan and that is no secret. But as a Momma….this is her worst nightmare. I would not wish this on anyone. Did she screw up? yup. Was she too invested in having “stuff”? Yup. Was she trying to be ghetto-fabulous? Yup. Was she completely ignorant? Nope.
    Folks can’t have it both ways. Either she is a very smart business woman or else she is a shrinking violet. Either way it goes….her kids are going to pay the price for their parent’s greed. And there is the REAL crime.

  • This lead needs a harsh lesson in humanity. Dear Kim G you old hag and your helmet head friend Monica I have a feeling you ladies business dealings are not so squeaky clean. Better watch out those glass houses could shatter.

    Next stop Karma train.

  • CherylTN, Hopeful, Holy and Shipp – I totally agree with you all of you. I really enjoy your posts as they always are fair and NICE. You get your point across without offending anyone and invite conversation with others. I love to post but don’t get to that often. It’s a wonderful way to vent if you have problems. And people like Kim and Monica really do invite you in to share your opinion.

    I am Team Teresa (and Joe) with people, like Kim, who come out in such a fecicious manner and post trash. And I’m sorry also because Kim you do have a saggy butt!!

    Teresa and Joe I hope everything works out the best for you!!

  • I am surprised old lady saggy ass isn’t taking credit for the convictions . Has she congratulated Monica yet ?

    • Hahaha Hopeful. Thanks.

      Whew, it posted (see above). I was wondering what I did wrong. Perhaps it was THAT WORD that automatically goes into moderation.

      Anywho, no detention for me. 🙂

      • Your comment doesn’t get put into moderation over certain words. It goes into moderation if you keep commenting off of different IP addresses, or email addresses that haven’t been approved. Thank you for commenting 🙂 -Ashley

    • Now now lets not wish death on her. It’s bad enough she and some people wish for awful thing brought on the Guidices, lets not sink to their level.

    • Laurie

      I know your angry Hun but plz don’t wish death on her or anyone even tho she’s the devils child.

      I wouldn’t want anything bad to come to you or your loved ones.

  • I wish people would stop giving this bitter bitch attention. She only writes those things on twitter and gives interviews to purposefully piss people off and get attention. She wants attention desperately. People should quit giving it to her. Let her write stupid stuff on twitter and when no one says a thing about it, she’ll stop wasting her time.

    • Johanna

      ITA i actually saw her tweets and was going 2 respond then i thought this is exactly what she wants attention in any form she’s sick.

      I actually DMd people who had commented to her that we follow each other and told them don’t even bother reacting to her that’s exactly what she wants a few of my twitter friends actually after responding to her deleted their comment coz she’ll only get off on it she sees it as power attention all eyes on her.

      I refuse to give her the satisfaction.

      I reallocation hope nobody tweets her back she can tweet for days and if no body responds to her hopefully she’ll stop or go away.

  • It’s very sad to me, that no matter what has been said back and forth between Kim and Teresa, that someone would wish that much pain upon another person and there family. At the end of the day, if she does go to jail and not get house arrest there are children involved that will lose there mom possibly for a significant amount of time. Whether it be for a day, six weeks or couple years, even a day can feel like a lifetime to a child. No matter our thoughts on Teresa’s mothering skills, she is the only mother those children know. As far as I can tell we have never seen Teresa leaving her kids with nannies and checking out on them as a parent! Despite your personal opinion for Teresa, what you are wishing upon that family is pure evil in the biggest sense of the word! That vengeance you have, you are now putting on her children, which in my book makes you one of the lowest persons on earth!! God Bless you Kim because you are going to need it!! We always get what’s coming to us in the end! Yeah, yeah I get it, which might be why Joe & Teresa are in the situation they are to begin with, but Karma never fails to catch up with us! So Ms. Kim, I think I would duck and weave for a while because the hate you just put out on twitter for Teresa and her family is going to catch up with you….

    • The terrible thing is she said she had a brain tumor. Why after going through that would you not learn to be more empathetic, especially to the children. Don’t think those little girls aren’t going to suffer & act out, even if she gets house arrest. I suffer from terrible pain & I would not wish it on anyone except a person like Hitler or a serial killer. It makes me realize how blessed I am that at least I have a roof over my head, a fiancé that loves me. Why are people filled with hate?

      • @ TrishiBebe,

        I have no concept how anyone could waste so much energy on negativity..

        It must be exhausting.

  • Honestly, with the history btwn Tre and KimG, I could see one or two gloating, “I told you so” type tweets, but these are beyond disgusting!

    This KimG is a nasty, old hag. Why isn’t she in a home? Damn she is sad!

    • Hahahaha Sadie, your right. I especially liked the tweet to Granny Pants “…..Jealously is a curse you old cunt”.

      • damn it, you’re right.

        By the way people. don’t blame me for the language, Ash posted it, I just quoted it. 😉

        • Oh oh, looks like I’m in trouble now. I just got a notice that “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

          I only quoted what Ash blogged.

          Looks like detention for me. 😉

          • Hi shipp

            Don’t sweat it Hun i knew you were just paraphrasing and to be honest i agree with the comment lol:-):-):-)

            Plus I’ve read and seen worse no biggy on my end.

          • @ Shipp!

            Now go to your room & Think about what you wrote!


            Odd how Your Posts are being monitored.
            I am not mentioning any names..

            Just sayin’

    • Since karma is so often misused I will use the word retribution. If retribution was Kim G’s desire for perceived hurts and rotten comments Teresa made I would say she came out on top on this one.

      Kim G. is still a cheese weanie. (I am watching a 4 year old who thinks that is just the worst thing someone can ever be.)

  • Seems like Kim is only relevant when shes got something negative to say about Teresa. Quite sad when someone else’s woes gives your life credibility.

  • I think Kim G is not well adjusted. She’s bitter, and spiteful, Obsessive, just not right in the head… That’s what I think…She stalks Tres life. Obsessed! unstable!!

  • I think Milania was referring to Kim G with her “old troll” comment. And her body looks like that of a 90 year old. Gosh she has lots of miles on that body of hers. And whats up with her hair (or lack of)?

    • Old Granny pants looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet.

      The hair? Hmmmm, I wonder if she can get Baldie-Be-Gone hair spray in bleached blond.

    • Lucy

      hate makes people ugly inside and out for Kim G to look the way she does she must have so much hate &jealously.

      unfortunately she’s too old to change and the toll of all her hate is showing on her face & body.

      She better be ready and or careful coz karma will come back to slap her wrinkley botox face whether she’ll get caught doing something illegal or her children she better be prepared to receive all the hate she’s spewing out coz it’s coming her way soon in some form.

      Then we’ll see how often she goes on twitter she’ll prob close her account

  • I’m not a fan of Theresa and I do think that if you do any crimes you have to do the time

    But I would never, ever lower myself to Kim G’s level. It’s discussing mean vile nasty. More so when she didn’t just tweet one but over and over and over. Yuck!

  • Kim – you are a sad, sad human being. This is so uncalled for and so rude!! Hopefully you can live with yourself when you look back at what you’ve said and how many more people dislike you!! It’s a really sad day when someone stoops this low.

  • I don’t blame Kim G, friends, and fans who are mad at Tre and Juicy. They lied, schemed, and committed fraud. Everyone is allowed a first reaction = Kim G will eventually calm down. But for now I get it. I love Tre and Juicy but they owe a round of apologies for us fans who invested in their show and defended them.

    • Now wait a minute you could had stopped watching when you heard Teresa filed for bk way back in s2. No one told anyone to keep watching, you made the choice to watch the lie keep playing out. This is reality tv. You tame tge good, bad, and everythibg inbetween. Not trying to attack but I dont agree they owe me an apology. The ones they truly owe at the end are their families.

      • I agree CherylTN I don’t think i am owed an apology either Great post ! We have the freedom to change the channel anything we like.

        This broken down old bitch is just looking for attention. Well she is getting another 10 seconds. I don’t think it the kind of attention she wants though. Imagine holding a grudge this long cause Teresa said she had a old saggy butt?

        Yep she is gleeful that her and her buddy Monica got a couple of guilty pleas ..

      • We she was accused of a federal crime the indictment/complaint reads United States of America vs. Teresa Giudice.

        Granted she does not owe each and every person a personal apology in the United States but she owes a blanket apology to all those she wronged and to those who feel vilified by her actions.

        I am sorry by my sympathy for the family only goes so far. Each and every one of them lived large to some extent off of Teresa greed and thievery. Fraud and concealments are thievery.

        That being said-Kim G. is a cheese weanie.

      • And right after she apologizes publicly, give her a last meal, offer her a final cigarette, take her out back, blindfold her and ……ready aim fire.

        Jeezus people.

        • That’s the only way some people will be happy …What a shame!

          The Guidices owe a lot. But an apology to me is not one of them

          • Hi hopeful


            The Guidices owe alot an apology is not one of them esp to me personally. They did the crime & now their going to do the time should we expect EVERYONE in prison who has committed a crime to apologize.

            Kim is such a bitter ol hag. so Teresa called your fat old ass saggy well she’s right it is.

            I’m sure in time the Guidice will give a blanket apology.

            Whether you like them or not their hurting now big time i don’t know bout anyone else but don’t kick a person when their down i happen to like Tre &Joe i don’t agree like nor understand why or wick they did but everyone fucks up.

            Plus Im a true believe in karma what goes around comes around maybe someone should investigate Kim G. lets see what’s in her closet Im sure if we open the door a few skeletons will jump out.

            Kim G is so desperate for attention & another 15mins i honestly don’t think she cares how she get attention in her demented brain attention is attention now she thinks she’s back on top.

            Like i said i never wish or bask in the glory of other peoples downfall you never loom what’s smote the corner waiting for you.

            Again i really like Tre & Joe but i don’t condone what they did but Im certainly not going to celebrate their hardship.

            I was cheated out of approx $400,000. from our builder took the money &never saw Kim again i was also cheated outta approx $12.000 from a trade i know its not millions but it hurt and we’re finally getting back up on our feet.

            By the way the tradesman who cheated us outta $$ apologized doesn’t mean he meant it because i found out he did it again to someone else.

            I like actions speak louder than words and i truly hope Tre & Joe have learnt nothing comes easy or fast.

            I wish them all the best & hope the people/state get their money back.

            Kim G is so full of hate and vindication & jealously, no i don’t believe going on twitter hate wars how old is this old mole. SHE really needs to get a life of her own.

            Hopeful i totally agree if she were my mum I’d be so embarrassed.

            By the way how did Kim become so rich besides marrying into money.

            I still stand but i i say lets investigate Kim G I’m sure the feds will find something same goes with Monica.

            Excuse my ranting & grammar i just came out of hospital & still feeling weak & a little confused.

            HOPEFUL. love your post they make me laugh and just for that thank you not to mention i agree with wick you post keep it up girl lol XO

          • Hi Summer

            Boy that was some hit you took The POS .. I gave a a contractor 3,000 to do some work on my pavers and He used acid to clean them which dissolved them because it was etching acid SMH i ultimately had to spend 20,000 to redo the whole yard

            That hurt but thats nothing compared to your experience that REALLY sucks. Yet you are still such a compassionate caring person. Kudos

            I too hope that the Guidices learn from this ..I doubt Teresa will be so foolish to think she can’t ever recover from any more wrong doing. The road ahead will be rough .
            I have seen her grow so much on this show.

            I didn’t start out a T fan

            Her strength is what attracted me to her as a fan
            Watching her family coming on to hurt and embarrass her the way they did.

            Watching her go out in the snow at night to sign cookbooks when things got tuff .
            Her loyalty to her brother even though he tried to hurt her so much. ( She still has never given him up for the pos he really is). I will go further and say she tried to protect him even as he was trying to bring her down

            Her love for her family and loyalty to friends her determination to provide for her family.
            Her strength when people are saying such terrible things about her.
            She brushes herself off and goes t to work never playing a victim

            Her positivity in the face of adversity
            ( never see her attack people on social media)
            Seeing that made me a fan

            Joe is going to have plenty of time to think about the pain he caused his family with his actions and i pray he never does anything to put his family in jeopardy again.

            We are compassionate people.

            It’s not so hard to show compassion

            My own father died with a tax debt.

            Thank God he was able to pay it down without jail while he was alive

            Shit happens in life. We go on

            But i feel we watched a stay at home mom , cook, housekeeper, mother ,daughter, wife, become a business woman and a force to be reckoned with in front of our eyes.

            Her determination is her biggest asset . That’s what i admire. And that is what will get her through this.

            I am glad you enjoy my posts.

            And thank you for saying so

            I hope others understand that i don’t condone people breaking the law.
            But i do believe in second chances
            Imagine a world without them
            Oh well i am rambling..

            It was VERY nice to see your post this morning THANK YOU

            I also enjoy your posts. Thank you for them > And thanks to everybody for making this a place were we can come and laugh and discuss and share our points of view

            This site really is the best.

            No body agrees all the time. But i enjoy the jokes the banter Listening to others opinions and life stories. Being able to show compassion to others here going thru rough times>>

            I Love you guys XOXOXOXO 🙂

          • Summer I also live by action is stringer than words..
            Love it that you mention that

            Maybe that’s why i don’t need a I am sorry from the Guidices.
            After all I am Sorry are just three words

            it will be their actions that mean something

            I hope to see T go on to do great things given a chance

            She can do so much good for others in so many different ways..
            I hope she does

          • Now I know why you overlook Teresa’s disgusting and blatant criminal activity. Your father was the same way. Makes sense.

          • OK scumba@

            We are all human beings. We are all imperfect

            The only things that Makes us different are Good and evil

            What might be evil yo you might not be evil to mea and vs versa

            I don’t believe ppl decide to be evil just exists

            I don’t believe the Guidices are evil

            I am pretty sure at night they talk to GOD

            You are so righteous about the law and they fact they broke it . That’;s FINE

            Now let the law take it’s course.

            And you have no idea about my father Don’t dare to judge him He paid his debt even in death.

            See you > i think you are evil

            I hope i am wrong but i don’t think so

            So let the law that you speak of take its course

            And respect it the way you want the Guidices to respect it

            Otherwise you’re just a hypocrite POS

            And don’t address me again

            Bye Scumba@

          • You decided to share your father’s criminal activity. Nobody asked. And I meant what I said. It makes sense why if your father did it, you would be likely to forgive it in others.

            Teresa and Joe are evil. They put money and material goods above the well being of their children. THAT is evil.

            As for addressing you, hint – this is a public forum. I can reply to whtever you decide to share publicly. Duh.

          • Hey Lazarus

            How about you stop proving you are a Mensa reject?

            you have been munching on Hopeful since March 3 minimum

            Since when is this a bully friendly site, you have managed to bitch shit kick and smash Hopeful when she shares.

            I say lets meet tomorrow, stop slithering in like a coward in the your mug ..why the cowardly hit and run?

            show up in the daytime..let’s get into it.

            Can’t figure out why you are trying to turn this into a hate site and my second WTF is – why slither around or skulk around like a wimp. Bully

            Show up and let’s do seem to want to dominate this site, seems to me, this isn’t your don’t own it. Bully

            So being a coward that kicks people when they share personal is either “penis” envy or bully, which are you dear?

            Feel free to partake in commenting your disgust about Teresa – stop personally attacking and you know that you sound like an imbecile when you go into your Angry Aunt mode huh?

            Ignoring types like you seem to give you energy to shit kick and stab and mutilate when someone dares to mention anything personal. Bully

            Reading a personal testimonial – or having it read to you – then deciding..this is awesome lets bash,kick and mutilate this one! Bully

            Been there done that on posting with you with respect, you seem to insist on proving you were rejected by Mensa. Bully

            So either we get personal – as you have done since ..minimum july or enjoy this site and post with us.

            Your choice.

            See you tomorrow bud, either post,you have that right, but stop making it personal..

          • Hey Samael .. Thank you ! Please lets just go back to ignoring that thing. I truly appreciate the gesture . But lets not stoop to it’s level . That makes it feel better about itself 🙂

          • Hopeful youre a wonderful person for sharing something so deep with many. Dont pay internet thugs any mind. It’s one thing to agree and disagree but to attack someone’s character is not right.
            Ido find it amazing when one want or several of a particularly goes hard for a favof theirs whos gotten in trouble, some people questions other moral compass. While im not for someone breaking the law, im still gonna be a fan of Teresa’s bc she entertains me.

            Samuel – stay awesome.

        • And as soon she releases an ‘I apologize’ statement several people will rip into it about how authentic it truly is. Some apologies will never be good enough Shipp.

          • CherylTN, perhaps a city square public hanging will satisfy the blood thirsty crowd.

            Anyway, usually, at sentencing. is when a person makes a statement, in court, and that usually includes an apology for whatever misdeeds.

          • Shipp I can only read it now

            T: “Im sorry for committing a crime…”

            The public response: “Shes not sorry! shes only sorry she got caught!”


          • CherylITN

            oh so true if or when they apologize there will always be people debating & picking at the authenticity of the apology.

            Every single word will be analyzed to bits.

            No matter what there will always be someone to pick on every word & the authenticity of it.

            When they should put their energy into something that will benefit them

          • @Larsarus

            That’s very low what you said to hopeful you don’t know her personally or her family.

            All Hopeful said was her dad passed away with a tax debt & thank God he didn’t have to serve any time where in that sentence did you see he intentionally committed a crime hmm.

            We should never judge harshly you don’t know the reason. And like i always say Becareful because you don’t know what’s coming your way, I’m sure your no angel think back you have done something but were lucky enough not to get caught and Im sure either u or some family member will do something illegal lets see if you’ll be so happy and finger pointing like you are now.

            Im so sorry bout your dad Im sure he tried his best to pay it all back.

            And yes you’re right always give chances coz we’re only human we’ve all done things we’re not proud of

    • September24 its really refreshing to see a respecting honest point of view from a T and joes fan point of view instead of deflecting.

      Props to you.

    • Why would Tre and Joe apologies to fans? They are the one’s that are going through the trial.. It’s their personal problem not our’s…I’m a fan. Why would she have to apologies to me when Tre and her family are fighting for their freedom.. It has nothing to do with us… Look everyone goes through problems.. They are not the only one’s who committed fraud.. believe me they are not the only one’s.. It’s not a big deal to me.. They are not rapist or murderers, child molesters, Animal abusers.. That’s the kind of people who need to go to jail.. Not two parents who are willing to pay back what they owe. You know how many of these rich business man do the same thing but never get caught.. Please!! Give me a brake, like I said they aren’t murderers!!!

      • This all was from business dealings before the show. I still think if they were not in TV none of this would have happened.

    • i don’t think Its their friends and fans that are mad at them . Only the opposite of their friends and fans are mad at them.

      Fans and friends disappointed maybe? Definitely concerned and compassionate,and afraid for them . But mad? Nope not this fan 🙂

      • Hi hopeful

        Yes disappointed in them i am hate is a strong word for me i don’t hate them but like i said i am disappointed.

        I truly hope the girls will be ok and Im sure they have learnt their lesson.

        I don’t like Melissa & joey but if or& when they or the Lauritas get caught i certainly won’t be doing cart wheels but i must be honest i will feel some sort of justice because they also got caught.

        Anyone know or read bout the Laurita bankruptcies filing of their apparel line i read somewhere thatthey are now being looked at again i read this on twitter and the rags so don’t know if it’s true or not.

        Chris Laurita is shady and one by one they’ll all fall their house of cards are crumbling.

        Bitchy Richy owes eXXon millions for unpaid gas.

        So why is it ok that all the other ie Gorgas lauritas and even Manzos can live beyond their means flaunt it in our face commit fraud or get into shady deals and they don’t get judged or investigated.

        I don’t believe they have that much $$$ joey richy never work not that I’ve seen.

        My point their all doing it only matter of time till they get caught if they do

    • I’m no Teresa Fan, and I think Joe Guidice is the biggest jerkoff for getting his wife into this mess, but the Guidices DO NOT owe an apology to the fans….only to the people / companies they directly stole and cheated from, and of course, to their children–PERIOD.

  • I wonder if she made those tweets up herself or did Monica helped her ? What a ass .. County jail … Jerkoff !!

  • I’m with kim. 2years for 11 million stolen? Why would kim who has tens of millions be jealous of Tre? Whoever isn’t horrified of Tre and Joes crimes never mind defend them really need to get help and quickly!

    • And whoever things it’s normal for a old broken down bitch to write those hateful comments on social media about a woman/mother that’s is in pain is even worse.

      Anyone that cosigns those tweets, is someone i wouldn’t spit on.

      • Who tells their driver to check Tre’s license plate of the car she was driving or had….against the law. Her driver can be in big trouble.

      • Oh Hopeful. You do make me laugh. So you cosign stealing, lying, cheating, fraud and neglecting children’s needs but you “would spit on” (not on me, you wouldn’t) on anyone who calls this pathetic criminal out?

        Teresa is a wortless waste of skin and air. Period.

        • I seem to have become a target for certain extreme Teresa’s haters. LOL

          I speak me mind

          There are many times i disagree with others

          But i don’t target them or their views

          I guess CERTAIN haters hate me because i make some valid point? Whatever Live and let live.

          I have made my feelings and positions known

          After all isn’t what this site is for?

          Maybe we are all supposed to have the same opinions and feelings? IDK ?

          Read it again JPG I said WOULDN”T spit on someone that cosigned those hateful comments..It would be a waste of good spit.. LOL Have a Great Day Everyone 🙂

          • @ Hopeful!

            I think your points are valuable & I value your opinions!

            Ironically, this thread is about a vile old crone who has nothing better to do than gloat over someone going to prison.

            Must be an epidemic! LMAO!

            (( Hugs))

          • I’m not an extreme Teresa hater. I hate shitheads who break the law and put their children in harm’s way for no good reason. Period.

            You seem to worship them. It boggles my mind how people can like these pieces of shit.

      • Oh boo freaking hoo! A mother? In pain? What’s the matter with you? If the lying thief is in pain it’s because SHE DESERVES IT! She defrauded 6 different banks, forged federal documents and ultimately has ripped people off to the tune of 11 million dollars, including business they worked with and have never paid back. They are grifters, thiefs and liars.

    • 11 mill was NOT stolen, that’s the number for the bankruptcy filing. Also the charges she pled guilty to are basically not reporting income, and not filing for taxes…did anyone read the report, rather than just commenting

      • She plead guilty to fraud-which is stealing. She plead guilty to hiding assets which is another form of theft, she plead guilty to perjury lying. Yes I read the report and she did not plead on any tax related matters.

        When you lie to obtain money it is fraud.

      • How blind and deluded are Tre fans? Yo, the 11 million is the debt they owe banks and businesses for money they owe them but have not paid back. THAT IS STEALING. They took money they did not pay back. STILL haven’t paid back. Add to that the 5 million they defrauded banks and financial lenders in phony real estate loans. They are pure scum.

  • They do deserve prison.

    BUT Kim G is disgusting just like Kim D.

    Why is she so invested in Teresa if she hates them?

    I hate people who claim to hate someone but are so invested in their lives Kim G needs to get a life.

    • I agree both Kim’s are absolutely gross miserable assholes…but I do agree they deserve to go to jail

  • Kim G is a pathetic grudge holding ol’ mule.
    She still mad Teresa said she look ridiculous on that pole. HA! And calling Teresa fat? Really.. IMO Teresa has a great body, I’d love to get my fitness right to get my curves like that. Oh boy Kim G will use Teresa’s name simply to be relevant that seems like the only time we hear from her.

    • Was that the reason she is mad at Teresa? Does this moron even realize everyone who say that episode thought she made a complete ass out of herself. She should be mnad at Danielle for bringing her there, Danielle knew what shewas doing and knew this old hag would be the joke.

      • Right Jen. Danielle even told Kim G at the reunion she could had said no.

        Funny I have the S2 DVD, Kim G got Danielle male strippers for her bday. Danielle wasnt into it but Kim G was surely having herself a ball lol.

  • Kim is caught up in vengeance righteousness. No one wants her back on TV and isn’t that what she wants more than anything? Total backfire Kim.

    • She is BATSHIT crazy!!!! Blows my mind.. PSYCHO
      What is in that neighborhood I wonder? She used to be Jax’s neighbor. The batshit is contagious, or nah?

      • Hi Michers! My teenagers crack me up with the “or nah”, lol. I smile even when I see you use it :-).

        This woman has serious issues. She needs a life ASAP! How do we know her record is squeaky clean? Someone needs to investigate her. Karma is a B Kim G.

    • Im glad Teresa doesnt reply to Kim G’s f__kery. Why argue with someone who clearly wants to merely use you for a shot to get back tv. Kim G will never accept the show and network moved on without her.

    • LOL holy Kim Geritol
      She really is a disgusting old bag. Who does that? .
      While i think hate comments to people on social media are disgusting and pathetic , this one deserves every drop of hate.
      She is just getting what she puts out back in spades. Hatful old crow

        • I know @Hopeful

          People that aren’t even Teresa fans are calling this nasty 110 year old out!
          Swear to God if this woman were my mother, I would be so freakin embarrassed!!

          • I mean Kim G thinks she is so important, if so, than how come Caroline kicked her out of Melissa’s house S3… Bye felicia!

          • Hi Holy!! Kim G is the worst. She’s a lonely old woman hanging out at Son Cubano still taking pictures with HWs fans. She reeks of “lonely old lady” even though she’s in her 50s. She is indeed an embarrassment to her children.

  • This old lady has truly lost her mind, i wouldn’t be surprised if within the next few days her kids have her sent to the home. It is truly pathetic of her or anyone to have so much joy for someone elses hard times.

    • Hard times? That’s what you call 41 counts of fraud and stealing 5 million dollars? Hard times is losing your job not being a fu**ing thief! Those two pigs deserve everything coming to them and I’ll dance jig when they go to prison.

    • The 4th tweet really stands out .
      ” She will regret ever saying that trust me”.
      There’s a lot of coincidences here, KimG is friends with the attorney that brought all this to light.
      I’m not saying what Tersesa and Joe did was right, innocent until proven guilty in this country.
      Something smells fishy with that tweet KimG put out!

      • Penilane,
        No Doubt Kim is the rat that took Teresa and Joe down. Also, when Joe was caught driving using his brother’s identity, I have no doubt that it was Kim who notified the Police. I think Jacqueline gave the background on Joe and Teresa to Kim and Kim ran all the way to the rat hole with it. Snitch. She’s a snitch.

        • Rosalie Marie,
          That’s right! KimG tweeted that she had been waiting for these indictments to take place.
          KimG is one evil woman, but you know what karma is a you know what.
          Funny how KimG hasn’t turned Jaquline and Chris in to Monica and Jaquline’s and Chris’s trouble is far bigger than Tersesa and Joe’s!
          I would hate to be in KimG’s shoes because karma is right behind her!

      • Kim G is a snitch and the eyes/ears of Franklin Lakes. She was able to weave alot through S2 particularly playing both sides til she got caught for being a sneaky pot stirrer. No secret or info is safe around Kim G. Franklin Lakes you have been warned – dont speak while this woman is around.

    • Kim Granatell just needs to move on with her life.. Remember Kim….. Karma doesn’t discriminate. You get what you put out. Really.. you act and look like a fool.