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PHOTOS: Melissa And Joe Gorga Rent A Downsized Home!

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After designing Melissa Gorga’s dream home, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Melissa decided to sell there mansion for $3.8 million. Now the Gorga’s are supposedly building another dream home and while they wait have rented a downsized Franklin Lakes home that they are paying $4,500 for.

According to Celeb Buzz, The home is only 3,700 square feet which is much smaller then there 13,500 Montville mansion. The home also features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Check out the photos of the home that they have been living in below

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  • Lmao. What a sad , obvious and expected attempt to try to deflect from the jailbirds.

    Who gives a crap where they’re living? They’re living and they’re FREE. No going to prison and abandoning their children.


  • I don’t think this is their house.
    That furniture is ghetto.
    They showed them moving months ago and would use their own furniture.
    Something not right here.

    • It’s a rental house that they got because they couldn’t keep making the payments on that spec house they were living in the last 3 years.

  • That looks like a mirror wall and not a bowling alley. You can see the cellphone peeking around the doorway! Dining room furniture is way too classy for the gorgas. No sign of the horrifically gaudy chair that was shown being moved into the house on the SH blog…

    They always claimed to have bought property for their new “dream home” in Franklin lakes and I know where that lot is but nothing yet has been built or looks like it is eminent. Also, the wakiles property remains untouched.

    Just a bunch of wahoos – all of them. None of the neighbors are at all excited for sure.

    It would be very interesting to see how the gorgas are swinging this Wonder if there is some shady investor involved? I don’t know who the listed owner of the property is, maybe if I have time I can see the tax rolls. I don’t think their name is on it .

    • Daiseymay, do you mean the gaudy reproduction white chair? The one with those strange black smears and stains on it? (snicker)

      They gave it to the movers, and the movers gave it to the curb. Well that’s what should have happened.

  • Do you think they will only be filming the front steps again or driveway with TSIL and family?

  • That’s an ugly house. And it’s big.

    Why do they need such a big ugly house?

    What are they doing in there?

  • Guys more than likely these pics are from the owner when they were trying to rent out the house. I’m sure everyone has seen staging pics for housing before. So joking about the furniture is only making fun or the owner’s taste. Pretty sure they have their ugly tacky furniture in there now. I think they should either try to buy this house or one similar.

    • Okay, I’ll bite. It’s the owners crap.

      But, IF that’s staged, who the hell did they get to stage it, Stevie Wonder?

      (thank you Holy C.)

      • How the hell am I supposed to know. Look you seem to be having fun bashing the Gorgas, so go do that.

  • What happened to Monica Ciccone story on the blogs where Melissa fed Kim G & Monica Guidice info that went to the feds?
    What about the Bryan Bulldog Bowen boyfriend of Melissa?

      • I read them also when they came out. Its odd how it all disappeared, right? The crazy thing is, there was so much info and it seemed very logical and factual!

    • To be fair, I believe those were the listing pictures for the rental. There have been photos since they moved in and it looks to be the same furniture they had before.


      The day Tre and Joe went to court, TSIL was on a flight to CA and was happy she had WIFI. That day there was a lot of nasty posting about Tre and Joe…I’m wondering if she was posting to this site. I still think they are just pretending to be cordial to each other for the parents and children

  • In San Francisco, an updated 2 unit condo with 2 bdrms, 1 marble bathroom, formal living room, formal dinning room, granite kitchen, 2 car parking and a small back yard in a nice neighborhood rents for $4,500p/m…..just saying…

  • Roxy,
    I do apologize for my past snide remarks, these housewives can be stressful and now see what you are talking about with blogging a while back.
    I just saw something and just picked my jaw off the floor so I can type this comment.
    There is a website called
    Wouldn’t you know, they copy you?

    Proof you posted first.
    Here is the first comment
    THE TRUTH!!! says:
    March 7, 2014 at 10:59 am

    On their site Posted on Mar 7 2014 11:38am

    You should post my comment so everyone can see.

  • They downsized to a house that doesn’t even have enough bedrooms for them. I’m shocked Melissa would go for that! Something doesn’t sound right.

    • Well.. they probably had no choice. If JoeGo or both are truly struggling then she can’t make too much of a stank.

      But not enough bedrooms? The boys will get one room, the girl will get one and Mel/JoeGo will get the other. I doubt they will be taking care of T&J’s children if they both happen to go to prison at the same time.

    • Something’s fishy alright. I’d like to see some evidence they are actually building another house. Celebrity Net Worth reckons slojo and messy have a negative net worth.

      And creepy Chris and Jacaloon are only in the black 200k. I’m richer than these frauds.

  • “…The home is only 3,700 square feet which is much smaller then there 13,500 Montville mansion.”

    THAN THEIR, idiot.

    • Thank u Jesus. I’m not sure why she can’t grasp the use of the words than, there and their. Out of the all the blogs I read this is the only one that makes grammatical errors consistently….everyday. It makes it hard to read or understand or some just think she’s plain dumb and how is she possibly in school. It is a bash blog anyway. Zero rules and if she has rules theya re clearly not being enforced. But, everytime I see those mistakes it reminds me why I only come here once, maybe twice a month

    • Kitty and Kelli: In my ‘real’ life, I can be a stickler for grammar and spelling. For instance, when you see something scroll along the bottom of CNN, and words are used incorrectly or misspelled, I get annoyed. Because it’s national news, and somebody is getting paid to proofread.

      But, this is a blog about housewives. Big difference. I think both of your comments were unnecesarily hostile and rude. Just my opinion.

  • They’re going to have to rent that mansion out forever because they will NEVER be able to sell it for what they owe. The piece of crap just isn’t worth it. No one will buy it for what they owe. Not a chance. It’s embarrassing. Who builds a mansion cheaply and then expects to find millionaires dumb enough to buy at at the inflated price?

    • Lemon cello is doing that on RHOBH. She is trying to sell her house for I believe 27 Million and its not he assessed for that amount. Claiming beautiful view of the ocean….but highway right below house.

    • They sold it for full asking price genius. The internet is your friend. Just because you love Teresa doesn’t mean you get to alter reality and facts

      • Yes, it was reported by the Gorgas, that the sale was at full listed price. However, there are reports that property records still list the Gorgas as the owners. Indicating that the sale has not gone through.

        I have not cared to look up the records. I guess if you’re so inclined, you can verify the sale of the home yourself. As you said, “the Internet is your friend”

  • This is bullshit. Their Montville home never sold. It’s still in their names. This is 9 MONTHS after is “sold”. I want answers damnit! Lol 🙂

    • Hey EJJ

      Yeah, isn’t that weird, she blabbered about their shack being sold, yet…nutttin?

      and how are you?

    • I remember how Melissa was a tad hesitant to say if they sold their mansion and got the supposed full amount on it at last year’s reunion. And like you said EJJ the house is still in their names. Uh huh. But don’t worry I think the answers will come out just a matter of when.

      • She shut Slojo down when Andy asked the question. She said we did well hahhahaha what a freaking liar

  • Wow, it seems like they are living like us. There is definitely a lack of furniture and a lot of empty space. I hope that they don’t rush into this home because I heard JoGo has no job. They are gonna end up like the Bierrmans if they rush it.

  • So now we are supposed to praise them for being able to rent a home?

    Let me know when they make their beds, I’ll prepare for standIng O.

    • Exactly Sam! I don’t think these two are being that responsible more like let’s get out while the target is not on us. Last I checked JoeGo has people suing him over construction work from previous projects (anyone knows if those been settled yet?). Not to mention, he has a -1.5M networth, of course it’s not big as Teresa’s but it’s a negative nonetheless. Jac/Chris have also put there home out on the market for obvi reasons for a few more million than it once was worth and Caroline could be house hunting in Cali. Like the ol the saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

      • Hey CherylTN

        agree completely with your points.

        Lets not forget- dumb and dumber still have to repay the advance they begged for – they must owe alot still..since the book was deemed “worst” seller!!

        Yeah they are fond of howling “we pay our bills” only the followers take their words as manna from above.

        M’s next song should be ” I owe I owe its off to renting I go”

        • Good to”hear” from you as well!
          Yesterday was a crazy, hectic day & I am sure today will be more of the same. Beats the alternative, right?
          Leave it to Rox to lighten the mood with this thread. We can have a few laughs for a change. Some may call it deflecting, but I think everything that could be said about the Giudice case has been said at least 1,000 times over & then some. Think I will wait until July before I comment on that subject anymore.

  • Do they really think downsizing will help them escape from being investigated for fraud? It runs in the family! They are so next!

    • Maybe they were planning on testifying at Teresa’s trial to get out of their own Messiness

    • September24 I guess they very well could be next, as Juicy brought Joe into the house flipping business, as they said. It’s hard to believe everything was all above board and that Joe wasn’t doing something dodgy as well. The guy does people’s gardening for a living and he really is not very smart. Doubt he is really capable of earning much.

  • Does anyone know the answer to this?

    Since their job is on a Reality TV can they partially write off their mortgage as a business expense since Bravo always films in each of the housewives homes?

    • The only thing wrong is the owner is going to have to fumigate for Tarzan poison, and call in a cleaning crew to whip up all the black Baldie-B-Gone hair spray after they are gone.

    • Nothing wrong with downsizing at all, but why did Melissa lie about selling her house when there is zero public records of the sale. Home sales, prices and the name transfers are public documents and if you sold a house it shows up on the city record, period.

      Local agents in their local area have confirmed there is no official record of that Gorga house ever being sold last summer. It is very common for local real estate agents to follow what homes sell for and use it for comparables to price other homes in the area – but there is no record or comparables for the Gorga house because it never sold. There was also interest to know the final sale price because many agents thought the house was over priced when listed and there was curiosity to see if they could get that asking list price.

      Frankly, who cares if they sold it, are renting it out, the bank has it in holding…unless you are an agent in the area and it your job to know the market. But why lie about it and for what purpose. All these housewives need to learn lying just gets them into hot water, especially when they lie about home sales, home loans, tax liens, and lawsuits that are public record and easily verified as true or false.

  • Didn’t they moved into this house a while back? The Montville McMansion definitely didn’t sell last year – it’s still in their name. Wonder why leaving that house vacant for a small rental when they still own it?

      • You may be right, I remember there was a story about a balloon payment being due sometime over the summer. Of course they denied it at the time, so who knows, perhaps the repo man came knocking and that’s when they went a walking. HAHAHA!

        • But of course, you must remember that she had to move so that Teresa’s girls wouldn’t bully her children along the way. I always tolerated Melissa until she made that statement. Don’t know about you all but, if one of my SILs ever made that comment, fur would be flying!

        • Yep a ballon payment was due. That’s how construction loans work . There never was a mortgage because it was only a investment property. So on a specific date the Ballon payment was due whether the house sold or not. That’s how constructions loans work.. You pay a little every month then when the house is sold you pay a BIG ballon payment for the rest of the outstanding balance
          Records show the house has NOT been sold. I quess the bank evicted them.? Too bad that all the contractors that did work on the contingency that when the house got sold they would get paid are out of luck. I wonder how many months/years of work those guys did on the old dream house for free basically.

          Now how is Slojo going to find more contractors to work for free to build the new dream house/strip mall?

          • It’s tiresome responding to this “construction loan” bullshit again.

            Hopeful – I really don’t mean to be offensive, cause I really don’t mean to play the insult game with other poster’s (since everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I don’t personally know you). But trust me on this.

            Pretty much all new construction is built on a “construction loan” commercial and residential unless you’re building with all equity (cash). Construction loans are still readily available although the due diligence process is much more strict than it was during the ridiculous boom.

            Generally you only pay interest-only on your cumulative draws based on a floating rate (generally the wonderfully historically low 30 to 90 day LIBOR) with a low spread over that since the risk is minimal given the fairly short term nature of the loan. I’ll only get into the probabilities of the apparent longer term of the Gorga’s loan if you want me to. Although I do concur at this point the sale should have come up in the public records. I just don’t know how slow NJ is about recording.

            Depending on your goal, you either sell when the balloon payment comes due or refinance into a permanent loan. I can’t speak to what the Gorga’s intentions were.

            But given my opinion on all famewhore’s on reality TV (who thankfully humiliate themselves on TV for my benefit) I’m not a fan of them at all (especially after that godawful book).

            Although I’d love for Melissa to write another book, that was a great time snarking on her.

          • Yes i agree that’s how a construction loan works. Construction loan are very hard to come by. Contractors were taking the money and running away with it. If you can buy a property for lets say $50,000.00 and get a construction loan for lets say 1.5 million. What’s to say you don’t run away with the money and what does the bank get back a empty lot. I have seen so many projects abandoned just a few years ago . The reason : The contractors ran away with the money. Then all new constructions stopped. Banks stop giving construction loans all together. Now for the past couple of year building has picked up. But most of the buildings are built by people that have the capital or private investors to pay for the construction . If you are in the business and say construction loan are available now, Maybe you know better than me? But the risk to the banks out way the benefits so i can’t see too much of that going on unless heavy duty collateral is offered up. Even then they are difficult to obtain. I guess it all depends where in the country you are borrowing maybe?? And i agree the banks are much stricter then ever. I don’t really see where you felt the need to respond to such tiresome BS again ? Cause everything you said i said in different words . Oh maybe i didn’t mention the little amount you pay every month was just interest only? Anyway good luck to slojo getting a construction loan..I doubt it is gonna happen, Maybe you can help him 🙂

    • Maybe they made a deal with the bank….they move out but rent it. This way they can pay the bank…who knows….so many crazy wheeling and dealings with this group of characters from NJ…and I mean all of them.

  • Oh good lets talk about Joey and Melissa ..

    Nice house Needs a few homey touches and it’s beautiful.

    Call me crazy but i prefer it over these mosoleums these people wanna live in.

    I have a feeling Joey isn’t building the next dream house so fast.

    The kind of loan he needs to build is not that easy to get anymore …if they are even available at all.

    No bank is gonna lend him millions to build a house or anything else

    Even if he lies and says its a spec house that he will sell , like his last dream house

    And his contracting business in non existent /No license ..So it will take longer on a landscapers salary without all the connections of the subcontractors he stiffed with the last dream house

    I am sure with a few of Melissa’s home furniture collection LOL ( what a joke) it will be a cozy Home sweet home

    I can’t to see what Messy does with the place..

    • How do you get your information? Joe has no business and no contractor’s license? He needs a loan to build the house? He stiffed subcontractors?

      Not arguing, just wondering if these are actual facts or what… I hadn’t heard any of these before…

      • Isn’t Joey now a landscaper/pool guy since letting his contractors license expire? And, didn’t they start renting this home a few months ago? From sites that I’ve read, they never did sell their spec home and, are renting it to some type foreign interests….probably making the house payments as a deal.

        • I’ve also read that they still haven’t sold that spec home in which they used to live and that they are renting it out.

          So, basically, at the Reunion, when Melissa told Andy that they’d sold that home and “did very well” with the price at which it sold, she LIED.

          And, like you, I’ve also read that Joey’s contractor’s license has expired, and he’s working as a landscaper and a pool guy. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that if he’s making an honest living. However, I would think that the money he’d make doing that wouldn’t really be able to support this new, lavish dream home they’re allegedly building.

          • I agree, absolutely nothing wrong with having an honest job! But, why pretend you’re something that you’re not? Too many people out there just waiting to prove you wrong. Lol. Guess I was raised differently..

          • Lola everything what you are saying in this post I was quickly connected on months ago. I remember several months back JoeGo has another blueprint to bulid Mel another massive home. Something does sound up. Going from the “we patly our bills” first house, to this rental and trying to yet another “dream home ” bulit.

          • One more thing, Lola, Melissa also lied about why she and JoeGo were moving anyways. Who remembers S4 reunion where she was playing victim saying she didn’t want her daughter to be going to school with T’s children because they might pick on her nonsense. Then in S5’s reunion it completely changed. She used her daughter to cover up the real reason why they were moving away! So that’s 2 lies Mel couldn’t keep up with.

          • Hey Lola ,CheryITN &


            Yep yep &yep i also read the exact things as u did and i agree nothing wrong with earning an honest living if could be a cleaner & scrub toilets for all i care and would have respect for him & her if they didn’t lie & try to keep up with the trumps.

            YES!!!! the shore whore lied and used her daughter & children to lie bout the reason they HAD to move she said that Teresa’ girls would BULLY her daughter at school, not the real reason they couldn’t afford it plus the loan they had on that house was not for them to live in ie spec home.

            Melissa has lied so much i think she believes her own crap but the lie bout selling their spec home is bad enough but it’s despicable and taking to whole nother level when she lied and involved the Guidice girls she’s one low skank & the sad part is Gia can understand plus it’s on film FOREVER how do you think the Guidice girls would feel bout that once they watch it & they will eventually.

            It’s so clear how the cousins really love each other for her to say that she’s scum pond rat infested scum.


            You had to sell the house one because it wasn’t your home and two you can’t afford the repayments get real Melissa

      • aloicious

        She plucks this ‘information’ from hate blogs/her own head. Rarely does she present actual facts.

        • Good morning bj Are you questioning my sources ?? LOL

          Seems i am not the only one to pluck correct info out of thin air.

          Do some research then you can be in the loop

          Have a wonderful day 🙂

          • Hopeful, I don’t know if you saw my response to you on yesterdays thread, so I’ll repeat it here.

            LMAO. You’re on fire these past few days, and I love it.

            Go Hopeful, go Hopeful, go Hopeful 🙂

          • Thanks Shipp I didn’t till just now .. I think i said enough on that link Don’t want to be tempted to say anymore .. I can get a little emotional LOL 🙂

          • Hey hopeful

            Apparently having a memory is a sin! I rarely respond to this type of human that..”where’s your proof”…google it yourself is a good conclusion.

            Wow is these people claim they are M supporters they sure don’t know very much about these liars and wannabe’s.

            Excellent way to represent your M…not

          • Apparently it is samael .. Well i have a pretty good memory when i can remember LOL 🙂 Thanks Bud

          • Jenni i don’t hate the skank Messy . I have about as much feeling for her as dirt on the bottom of my shoe. Please don’t speak for me and my feelings .Thanks

        • No, actually Hopeful is correct. Before you jump on her, you should do a little looking around maybe?

          I don’t know if she lives in the area. But if she does, she may have heard first hand from the people Joey cheated out of money. I know I have.

          So, she has presented actual facts.

          • Hi A Realhouswife of NJ

            your right

            I have a few friends that live in NJ and one happens to know the Gorgas esp Melissa.

            Hopeful and everyone else that has said what they said bout the Gorgas aren’t lying and as someone said bout those fans of the Gorgas just Google it it’s right there for you to read.

            You claim to be a supporter you certainly. don’t know much bout your idol Im not saying hate them or trying 2 change your mind. Just get informed it’s not hard

        • You are ignorant. These are actual facts dumb ass. Take the time to look the information and you would know.

        • All you have to do is look it up on the internet. State of NJ does keep records if you didn’t realize that. They aren’t a hate blogger. Joey Gorga’s contractor’s license expired a while ago and he has not renewed it since.

          • dsc60

            I think his licence exp in 2012.

            And he still owes $$$$ to trades that worked on his spec home

        • thanks cant wait to read that…lol

          hopeful i know your trying to make a point with the ‘bj’ name thing but its real tired.grow up?
          and i didnt bring anyone else into anything.

        • Hi Hopeful

          LOL thanks Hun yes we did know it then and we still know it now:-) waving at u Hopeful by the way love your posts:-):-)

        • jenny please don’t come for me unless i send for you ..ok ?
          Most of the facts have been show on the show or printed right here.
          Get a clue. You seem to know what goes on in the Guidice’s minds. Yet you know nothing about what the whorga’s really are and have done
          You will find a wealth of info…. i did .

          Google makes everything easy Just type in a name

          • thats not how a blog comment section works hate to break it to you. and no i dont claim to know half as much about the guidices as you down about the gorgas and its super weird. and i have a clue and done waste my time googling people who i claim to despise.

          • Jenni,
            I don’t think you realized that you just proved everyones point. You are biased if you only research “one side” of a story.

        • Jenni its clear from hopefuls language style she wants to be on housewives.

          ‘don’t come for me unless i send for you’
          She was quoting Danielle staub yesterday too, trying to pass it off as herself.
          And then her clique supports the crazy behaviour.

          I think she needs to understand anyone can put anything on the internet…doesnt make it true.

          • Lmfaooo quoting a housewife does NOT mean you are trying to be one … The things these prostitution whores come up with these days BLOOP

          • True, anyone can put anything on the internet. But, if you were half way intelligent, you would understand the term “credible sources/websites”. BTW, contractors license, and lien information are all public record. Since you’re dumb I’ll explain that to you too. That means that you the public has access to look those things up at free will.

          • Hey BJ if you have a problem with me fine. Please don’t brings others into it. Thanks 🙂

          • Hopeful take a step back & worry about yourself .You are spiraling down on a daily basis .Your hate for the Gorga”s is unreasonable and scary

      • In the state of NJ you can do a business entity search for any LLC, Inc., or dba by an individual name. Unless Joe Gorga is using a fake name, he has no contractors license.
        That is factual and public information.

      • aloicious.

        I read the same thing as Hopeful re slojo not having a licence & that he’s burnt all his contacts because he stiffed them outta paying them their wages or what’s owing to them when he built the spec house.

        He Joe Gorga doesn’t have a very good rep in construction because of not paying trades a few blogs had written bout it and it’s all over twitter Facebook.

        Now that’s what i read Im not saying it’s true but that’s the rumor going around.

        IMO and it’s only my opinion i actually believe it’s true all the rumors bout Joe Marco Gorga

    • Hi one rotten egg Im not disagreeing with anyone because i don’t know exactly their financial situation or what they did or didn’t file.

      Just merely pointing out that the Guidice IMO are not the only ones that have done shady stuff, I’m guessing they or most of them have.

      And i Def wasn’t implying or saying you weren’t clear or listening.

  • WOW!!! Did Melissa the home designer decorate this house?? Why the hell is all the furniture or lack of up against the walls? IMO $4500 a month is still way out of their means.

    • I definitely think its out of their means. I’ve always believed that the Giudices held more income than the Gorgas. Especially all the changing of the homes and the breaking of a supposed marble countertop that was actually made of wood.

      • Lmfao let us never forget that sink!!!

        Now my home is by ANY means have anything fancy whatsoever but we never pretend or put up a facade. I have more pride in being truthful than I do appearing rich

        • Hey Bobby

          That’s coz ur normal & not trying to keep up with the trumps on a smith pay check, your also not desperate to be on a “reality” show & sell your soul to the devil (Bravo-Andy) lol

      • News flash–the Guidices held more income due to the false loan applications, non-reporting income, bk

        • Lets be perfectly clear. I do not need a news flash. I believe you on the other hand do. I am well aware of the financial situation the Giudices have placed themselves in.

          When I said, “I believe the Giudices held more income than the Gorgas” I was referring specifically to TAXABLE INCOME. Last I checked a loan disbursement is not income. Lastly, check you’re sources, they were never approved for bankruptcy, they withdrew upon suspicion of bk fraud.


          It’s my opinion that the Guidices made more legitimate income than the Gorgas.

          PS. It is my belief most of the Housewives have been involved in similar illegitimate income. They just made some bad enemies and got caught.

          • Just because they didn’t report and pay their taxes does not mean they didn’t recieve taxable income. Know the difference.

          • hey The Truth

            I’m just waiting for the deck of cards to fall on all these HW & their husbands Im guessing the Laurita’ are next.

            Almost everyone is condemning the Guidices for the reckless or criminal behaviour & I’m certainly not condoning what they did. What they did was very wrong but lets get real all these reality “celebs” have done the same it’s just a matter of time till they get caught if they get caught which i hope they ALL do.

            IMO it’s not fair the Guidice go down &not everyone else i realize maybe Teresa or Joe or both pissed many people off but IMO that’s not an excuse .

            If you do the crime you do the time ALL of em not just Tre &Joe

          • I beg to differ Joe didn’t file for 4 years Teresa pays huge taxes and Joe who has been looked at with a fine tooth comb only didn’t file for this 4 years..He is 42 so I would bet they pay more , or have paid more then many of us

          • Facts checked:
            1. Guidices were charged with 41 counts of FRAUD, tax evasion, etc..not the Gorgas.
            2. Guidices pled GUILTY to some of the charges as a plea deal…no guilty charges to plead by the Gorgas.
            3. Court records show EVIDENCE of true income EARNED by the Guidices. Check those facts.
            4. Guidices themselves stated they retracted the bk initially filed. Reason possibly because more serious charges AND evidence would not be in their favor had they completed the BK.

            Yes, posting by readers are just that–opinions..unless the reader post actual proof.


    • Hahahaha Mich. I think the rental, inside, looks disheveled, bare, and unkempt.

      Well, it’s understandable as Jugs is too busy touring with Justin Timberlake, and Jug Head is too busy mowing lawns. Priorities ya know.;)

  • Good for them for living within their means! Hopefully, after seeing what has happened to his sister, he, (and some of the other cast members)realizes that the big fancy homes and gaudy furnishings, are not worth going to jail for.

      • Castle michers? LOL…. Looked like a strip mall to me Remember the blueprints . It didn’t even resemble a house. Just a bunch of structures connected with no rhyme or reason . Weird looking thing with plenty of faux granite and marble i’m sure

        • LOL yes.. those blueprints were something weren’t they? That guy has got to find a pill for his Napoleon Syndrome, like yesterday. Do you think this house will have books for the liberry? Do you think he has the same work ethnic?.. LMAO..

          • Those were not house plans, it was something to do with commercial buildings. If they couldn’t afford the first McMansion….how would they be able to build a even bigger one…not!!!

      • Hi michers

        you’re right this is only temp slojo midget is building another home.

        You’d think there’s no need for Melwhore to compete with Tre anymore, maybe even live within their means as Debbie1 suggested.

        Maybe it is true a they have this grandiose ego & now that Tre won’t be able to shot(film) Melissa wants to be the look at me Im loaded i have it all.

        IMO Melissa now thinks she’s taken Tre position on the show& maybe thinks she’s won our hearts.

        I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ll never like nor accept or trust her.

        I also have a funny feeling one by one they’ll fall it’s not only Tre &Joe that have done shady things they ALL have Im guessing the Lauritas are not far behind

      • Ya ok…lol they’ll have you believe that but these two can’t afford any “dream homes” but they’ll come up with another lie as to why they will continue to rent for a long time.

      • Hi Salty

        Yep have to agree with you their still living beyond their means.

        If you think about it only steady income coming in is Bravo it’s not as tho slojo Marco Gorga is drowning in work and who knows when housewives shows esp NJ will end this could be their last season.

        Not because Im a Tre fan but i honestly can’t see the show going on without her unless they hire someone with personality and flare like Tre, before anyone attacks NO I DON’T CONDONE what the Guidices have done but i DON’T know the full story nor do i have all the evidence I’m just reading what’s in the papers. blogs, Twitter etc and we all know how reliable these sources are.

        No Offence Rox, Jose, & Ashley no disrespect to to guys you obviously get your info from sources that may or may not be giving you full disclosure(truth)

        • Why do you have to say that you’re sorry as if u did the unthinkable?!? WTH is wrong with you people?? There IS a world where you don’t have to like Melissa and yet…don’t like Teresa too lolol Jesus. You ppl act like you gave to pick a side! And wtf does thinking Teresas personality is good for the show have to do with TAX FRAUD?!? ROTFLLL

          If they did commit tax fraud who GAF? Why be SO afraid of strangers on a website “attacking you”? Are they affecting ur life in any shape or form? You should have ur own opinions and not give a rats ASS what someone else believes. It’s ok. They’re not comin to getcha bc you might like Teresa.

          Personally I could care LESS if the Giudices committed tax fraud. It’s THEIR LIFE, their books their money their choice. And I could give a rats ass who here thinks otherwise.

          Someone explain to me how Teresa Giudice lying on her taxes affects them personally…??? Anyone?? I would have taken a sweet plea bargain too, who wants to go to NEWARK COURT day in & day out for months during the Spring time while I could be filming a hit reality show I basically carry on my back & make bucko $$ from, selling my wines across the country, signing books for screaming adoring fans, making my grocery product line bigger, expanding my fabulous hair care line, and getting primped every morning to do all of it! lolol. I see you Teresa…girl has got DE LIFE. No wonder they’re all SO jealous of her..they’d never pull all this off Melissa is worthless tho legit! She can barely string a grammatically correct sentence let alone run an empire. I see you little Melissa, u tryin…keep trying rotfl they’ll always notice Tre first when you walk in a room together. Caroline couldn’t getem to listen to her on the RADIO let alone show up and we ALL KNOW how well events for fans workout for Kathy Wakile lolol 10 ppl showed up 9 of which were famly and even THEY were extremely late. Jaqueline is just a sloppy drunk and all u have to do is look to Ashley to know what Jacko is. That kid is disgusting and the apple didn’t fall far away….all jealous of Tre. Bc even WITH the legal shit looming over her family’s life she STILL grounded, still making that paper and looking perfectly fabulous every damn minute! Even in her pajamas.

    • I have to agree….that is a lot of money for a rental…$54,000 for a year…not counting utilities and such.

          • I guess because I actually live in NJ, the fact that this is 4k+ a month doesn’t really surprise me. New Jersey has very expensive home expenses bought or rented if you think this is crazy you should see what 4k can only get you in Manhattan.

          • I guess 54,000 isn’t so mush when you consider the taxes in the area. I wonder if the taxes are included ? No right ? In most commercial leases they would be . Residential i doubt it.

          • I mean i wonder if the gorges would be responsible for the property taxes separately or it’s included in the rent. The answer is it’s probably included in the rent

  • Very questionable. Where is all of their furniture from they’re old home? Storage? Back to the renters? The home is nice but it definitely doesn’t look worth $4,500.

    • I don’t think that’s their furniture, that’s probably old pics of the home, prior to them moving in

      • Yeah, I’d say these were pictures used when the owner was trying to get the place rented… If Melissa Gorga was going to release pictures of her house, rented or not, she would deck it out to the nines…

        • That makes alot of sense! I didn’t even consider that was the staged furniture when the home was on the marker. I still don’t believe the home looks like its worth $4,500 in monthy rent, even in Franklin Lakes.

          • Definitely not worth 4500 but if you are from bergen county /north jersey you know that the market is inflated. These pics are from the initial listing.

          • also, most people are paying 3k for a rental in north jersey. If you want to live in something updated and decent town school district then you are paying.

        • I don’t know how much she would deck it out.
          Tre helped her Brother decorate the other home.

        • Her “dream home” was barely furnished. Remember the library without a single book on the wall of shelves?

          Honestly, $4500/mo. isn’t overpriced for the area. A friend of mine owns a rental home in nw Jersey which isn’t quite as expensive as ne Jersey although it is about two miles from the Mountain Creek Resort (skiing and water park, etc. in summer). It’s barely 700 sq. ft, it is SMALL, and she gets $1350/mo for it.

        • Is it just me but all the houses that Melissa moves into whether rental or not are cold and empty very uninviting.

          I personally like the house but it needs warmth and IMO it’s not worth what their paying for it.

          Regardless if these pics were taken by the previous owner or not Melissa’ spec McMansion the one they sold also had that cold empty inviting feeling to it

          • correction uninviting feeling to it Melissa McMansion the one they sold was very empty in hardly had any furniture IMO it looked very cold and uncomfortable and echoy.

            I don’t think Melissa has good taste the furniture she had i didn’t like i think she needs help in designing & decorating her new home the one their building this is only a rental

          • I agree! It looks very cold & sterile. I bet the reason Messy wanted that house for that BIG mirror of a wall. She can just stand & sing in front of all day for her fans!

      • I read on Melissa’s twitter that this is not the house they are renting or their furniture.

        • In all fairness , if you were Melissa, would you eggmit it? I saw a pic of this house not too long after they allegedly/supposedly sold their SPEC home they are renting- this is same home.

        • Actually she “eggmits” to renting it’s just not her furniture Read it again No where does she deny that she is renting that house Only that it isn;t her furniture

    • I think that this is their REAL FURNITURE and the furniture we saw on the show was rented. If that is the pics that someone is showing so they can sell or rent the house, they need better advice on how to stage a house and not leave boxes of things lying around like in that one picture or a messed up bed in the other. No this is theres, remember the Gorgas never had that much furniture to begin with (even though it could have been rented) when at their old house. We only saw the bedroom and the kitchen and their living room and thats it, and even then the bedroom was sparse.

      • Hi Buck Henry

        I tend to totally agree with you.

        I don’t know if you’ve read my post but i also said their last house was barely furnished.

        And if this how it was advertised for rent whoever is the agent has staged it very poorly i don’t mean to sound like a bitch but the furniture is all wrong in every way the positioning the style the colour just everything.

        Their very lucky to have rented the house Vic way it was staged.

        And i agree with Buck Henry i believe this just maybe the Gorgas furniture & the furniture in their spec house was rented either way TBH i didn’t like their spec house furniture anyway what little thaw had

      • Hi Buck Henry

        I tend to totally agree with you.

        I don’t know if you’ve read my post but i also said their last house was barely furnished.

        And if this how it was advertised for rent whoever is the agent has staged it very poorly i don’t mean to sound like a bitch but the furniture is all wrong in every way the positioning the style the colour just everything.

        Their very lucky to have rented the house Vic way it was staged.

        And i agree with Buck Henry i believe this just maybe the Gorgas furniture & the furniture in their spec house was rented either way TBH i didn’t like their spec house furniture anyway what little thaw had

      • Yes.. I bet it’s Melissa’s stuff. She has horrible taste and even the other house was decorated pretty badly.

    • Im not a Melissa Gorga fan but what the hell is your problem people? You make fun of and criticize this family for having to much and not being able to afford it you talk as if you know what their personal finances are and what was negotiated as far as this home. Now you go after them by asking about their furniture from the other house. Uh people a lot of the time people will sell the furniture with the house. Seriously those of you criticize no matter what! Geeese get a life worry about your own finances and statuses. Talk about being nothing but busy bodies who bitch no matter what. I don’t have to be on anyones side to recognize nasty gossip and an intense need for you people to get into others lives through media! By the way those who get offended by this post are the very ones who I’m referring to! I hope these families blow your posts off because I would. You feed off each others negativity and seem to engrose yourselves to deeply into the lives of people who you do not know and will never know. Ugh.. im just like the rest of you in that I can post to and shovel back the same shit you have been shoveling onto these housewives. Nothing but a bunch of busy body kbow it alls who should spend more time being productive with their own lives than on social media.

      • STFU Who’s this Melissa or one of her witch looking smelly ass sisters? Please. We all know WHorega has no fans. It’s disgusting how this lying goldigging hooker blamed Teresa for moving when it’s very VERY obvious the reason they moved is bc they CANT AFFORD the other home! Btch wishes she could!! They moved in to the manse to get on the show. Period. That’s a fact. Their living arrangement ended to he THAT huge bc the producers weren’t interested in the midgets at all.

        Does anyone realize how many lies Melissa WHorega has said on national TV??? This btch will lie to you about what she are for breakfast.

      • Btw honay, nobody here “engrosses” themselves into anything Melissa Whorega. We comment, read a post & move the fuk on. Yeah, we don’t like the Whoregas. Normal well adjusted sane people usually DONT LIKE stupid ass lying, manipulating losers. So now that I wasted an extra 2 minutes of my life I’m over it lolol and Melissa WHorega was, is and will always be a shore whore.