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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Really Scared To Go To Prison; But Being Strong For Her Children!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has plead guilty to four counts of fraud resulting about two years in prison. While Teresa has revealed she is heartbroken, we are being told she is scared to go to prison but is being strong for her children

Friends of Teresa tell us EXCLUSIVELY how Teresa is doing after pleading guilty,

“She’s been very strong and her friends have been very supportive. Her parents are really worried for and have been stressing out especially her father. He does not want to see his daughter go to jail and both him and Teresa’s mother can’t believe their daughter is going to go through this. Joe’s mother has also been feeling stressed about her son and has been there for him through the entire process.”

So how does Teresa feel about about going to jail? They say, She’s very scared. All Teresa cares about are her children. They matter the most to her and she wants to make sure that they are okay at all times. She is trying her best to be strong for them so that they aren’t afraid of what’s happening.”

The source continues, “Everyone around Teresa has pushed drama aside and have been very supportive regarding the trial and Teresa is thankful for that.”

It’s no surprise Teresa is remaining strong. She’s always been that way.

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  • What was it Robert Blake use to say on that Tv show he had “don’t do the crime if you cant do the time .” They lived high on the hog for a time, now its over.

  • Hopeful – I just got a chance to read the entire thread, to this point. LMAO. Girl you’re on fire. I love it.

  • I really cant belive pepole are standing up for thease two crims i made a mistake no you stole makes you a thife . They have done the crime now pay the time. I felt so sorry for the kids long before drunk father stupid mother everyone calling them brats (and worse) hope their the ones too write a book my chilhood was hell

  • If she and her husband utilize their time correctly, they can reduce their sentence dramatically by taking classes and get into the work release program. These programs will reduce their sentence and they won’t actually do the entire 2 and 4 year sentence. Teresa and Joe may also teach while in prison. They have a lot of knowledge in life skills and television so that could also be a plus for them. The more productive they are inside, they faster they get back out.

    • Yes, agree @Rosalie Marie, great points for all non-violent, educated criminals, and in this case.

      I love your name, don’t know if you have seen other posts of mine telling you that. When I read your name, I start tapoing my feet for a fun Italian song! ;-)! Plus, the meaning of your name for our lady Ave Maria!

    • But, just a thought. Isn’t Fed time day for day, no exceptions for good behavior? Once sentenced?

      • Hi LaraM. I think someone has to serve 85% of their sentenced time, in Fed(cases)Prison.

        Don’t quote me, I could be wrong. I’m just going off memory now.

      • Anyway LaraM,
        No, she can work off really good behaviour time. Also, if she (and Joe to) work it out right, they can knock off time like cash. They both should immediately get in with the church on the inside because the Priest have a lot of power in prison. I’m talking good behaviour power. Working with the church can help get them jobs and the Father can keep them on the straight and narrow.

  • Teresa and Joe should have thought about their children BEFORE they committed bank fraud (etc.) 49 times. I feel sorry for the children, but I think they both should go to jail. The average person sure would, whether or not we had children. The fact that she is a “celebrity” is no reason to give them a sweet deal.

    • I agree, they didn’t think about their kids when they did the crime why should we think about them once it’s time for them to pay the piper.

      • Argument getting old, Buck! Say it to also those that smoke, drink, file bankruptcy, people with no college fund, savings….please! Or people that don’t go to college. I mean, c’mon. We know what Giudice’s did was not cool. Their love for their kids is undeniable! It is palpable watching the interactions with them like no other!

        Most people don’t “do” things to mess up our kids. I thought and felt what you said the first time the indictments came down! Enough, tho! This is not a witch hunt of parenting!!!!!

  • I hope Teresa gets out and make the best for her family financial wise. I’m debattibg on how the FCK am I going to watch rhonj w out her. Good thing dina is back and I hope her brother is now happy that his sister is going through this removed he said he wants her to fail smh. But believe me Teresa is a hustler and when she gets back and pays her debt she is gonna be better then ever you thought her books were best sellers now wait until she gets out of jail tre fans are going to make sure they buy and support her products tvshows and future endeavors because her fan base is strong like that I also like that Nene is keeping tabs w her despite all the bullshit she is dealing w on rhoa w Kenya whore

  • To everyone saying “they should have thought about….”, hindsight is 20/20. They are a million things they SHOULD have done. It’s DONE. The punishment should fight the crime that was done, not the crime of what they should have done.

  • That’s just too bad. Teresa should have thought about her family and the possibility of going to jail before she and her husband engaged in so many acts of fraud. What an idiot. This sympathy ploy won’t work on people who have common sense and can see past her fame.

    • I agree.

      Teresa is a truly disgusting person for constantly using her children and sick father for sympathy gain and as a way to escape the prison.

      • Teresa has always doted on her girls; sending pics of activities and what not. And, as for her dad…she’s always felt the sun rose and set on him. So, this is no campaign to get sympathy. She loves her family for goodness sake!

  • I will go a step further and say she will even be allowed to leave her house to work if given House arrest JMO

  • Over at Crazy Days and Nights, there is a post saying Teresa will not be able to film at all if/during house arrest. The article does not say where they heard this, wonder if it is true.

    • It can’t be true because it hasn’t been decided that she will receive House arrest. You can’t put the cart in front of the horse. One thing at a time. If she gets house arrest it would be up to the judge to deny her working. That is rare. I believe if she is under house arrest she would be allowed to work JMO

  • I have been saying since day one that my money was on house arrest for Tre. Based on @entylawyer mentioning that Prosecutors won’t allow her to film during house arrest, I would say that it is definitely on the table. However, I think they should let her film, and have her proceeds applied to whatever money she owes.

    • The prosecution has nothing to do with her after giving recommendations at sentencing .
      They can NOT keep her from earning a living . They might be able to make a recommendation to the judge but that recommendation would be counter productive to paying restitution
      It’s not up to the prosecution if she can film during house arrest if that’s her sentence . They are done.

      • Actually, in the last few years prosecutors have gained greater leverage to extract guilty pleas from defendants and reduce the number of cases that go to trial, often by using the threat of more serious charges with mandatory sentences or other harsher penalties. There is a good possibility that her not being allowed to film under house arrest (if that was her final sentence) was part of the deal.

        • True if it was part of the deal Yes But that would mean the prosecution is going to ask for T to be sentenced to house arrest if they added that to the deal Right? Am i making sense?
          Lemme try this

          Why would the prosecutors add that she not be allowed to work under house arrest in the plea unless they where going to recommend house arrest to the judge ? I think it goes hand in hand.

          I can’t see the prosecutors saying in the plea …”Oh yeah and if T gets house arrest she can’t work …It makes no sense.

          • See, and it makes sense to me because there are 4 young children involved and this is not a violent crime. They want to punish T, but they do take the interests of the children into consideration. I base this on a relative who got in trouble with a fairly large amount of weed, across state lines. They should have gone to jail because it wasn’t their first time in trouble with the law. However, just before the hearing their spouse was in an accident and ended up in a wheelchair. This situation, combined with the fact that there were still two young teenagers at home (another two in college), the judge gave my relative house arrest.

          • No No i agree with the premiss and that it makes sense . That’s not what i don’t get..
            I don’t get why the prosecution would put that clause in the plea unless they were going to recommend T gets house arrest . It doesn’t make sense to add that unless they believed it was a strong possibility that T would in fact get house arrest. Which maybe part of the plea? A judge could still overrule it but that’s the only way it makes sense that they put that in the plea IMO

      • The jackass journalists and prosecution that think that T’s sentencing of no jail time, but banned from TV, apperances, etc…have some more crack you assholes!

        The goal is for T to work, and make as much money to pay back people and Feds, while being ankle bracelet/chained under probation. She has to work and raise those babies!!!!! If there is restitution, which should be the end result! Idiots do not understand how much more people will lose and pay if she doesn’t WORK and

        • PAY back in a scale to match their business tax losses/write offs…And the lovely crooks of the IRS, which isn’t even regulated! Thank you for that Feds! You all know the Rothchilds Biz Plan controls the IRS and Treasury Dept., Right?

          • I wish someone would print how much taxes T has paid in the past few years since she is making money. I bet a small country could be fed with the taxes she does pay.joe needed hedge fund manager to direct his money into tax shelters to avoid taxes like the wealthy do. Both avoid taxes but the wealthy do it legally ultimately the Guidices broke the law and will pay one way or another for many years to come. Now let’s catch some terrorists Feds. Ok. Thanks.

        • house arrest makes no sense if it means she can’t leave the house? Yet placed under house arrest to take care of girls? I don’t understand..girls go to school and expensive extra curricular activities (yes dance team, modeling all expensive activities) How can she take them or even go to school for girls?

          • I agree. O R E. Yay. Let her work off her debt and take care of her babies. That’s all I have been trying to saying

  • No sh*t they’re stressed, kids or not who the hell would be fine knowing they are facing jail time?

  • Feel sorry for the girls but absolutely zero sympathy for Teresa or Joe. Shame they did not think about their children when they were defraud banks and other financial institutions.

    • @ Jarlath,

      I understand where you are coming from.
      I live within the laws of my adopted land, as most of us do.
      I feel, it’s a privilege to live here and although I whine around tax time, I am happy ( well, sometimes not doing a happy dance, well, Never doing a happy dance)

      I pay my dues, as most of us ” common folk” do!

      I wouldn’t wish prison on my worst enemy.
      Aside, from Murders, Rapists, Child Molesters & those rat bastards on Wall Street..

      Certainly, not a housewife with small children.
      If the goal is paying back the $$$ then keep Joe in prison &
      Let Teresa pay it back & then give her a bit of time, to sell houses and such.


  • I do congratulate Roxy for creating this post. She has worked very hard to be able to be trusted by several HWs, which is exceptional among pop culture bloggers.

    But let’s consider what these sources will say and not say. It’s very obvious that no matter who Roxy interviews regarding T and J and their legal situation, any source will only give her shallow and obvious quotes.

    Great job, Roxanne.

    • I love this site and almost all the postings, even if some are slanted –sorry Ashley Rub (writer for Roxy) but I can read who you tend to side with…

      However, most articles do not come from straight interviews directly with the HWs…I’ve seen the same article material from other sources/ blogs/ medias… This is just “news” being cirrculated, not direct interviews, right Roxy?

      Please don’t turn all Bravo on me now and not post this–ha ha ha

  • I do have a very strong gut intuition that after Teresa serves whatever time she is given, she will emerge stronger and will do good things.

    She has grown and matured quite a bit since the first two seasons. I feel she is more even keeled. I also do feel that her remorse is genuine, and that although she may be scared sh*tless, she is ready to accept her fate.

    She may not retain the high-profile reality TV career when she is through her sentence, but she may still be able to capitalize on her RHONJ time, and probably in a benevolent way.

    • Good morning Honnie Badger

      Thank you for stating the positive future that Teresa has available for her.

      I can see Teresa succeeding in everything you stated.

      RHNJ is not her only option.

    • Excellent post @Honnie Badger.

      BTW, Brandi’s last podcast with Maria Manunas and the Honnie Badger guy, she thought your twitter was him, lol!!!

      • Hello to my two sweet friends! Lara,I’m not on Twitter, and had heard that somehow, there is another person using this handle and spelling and I believe had it first — I never saw it!

        I LOVE that “honey badger don’t give a sh*t guy” — I think he is brilliant and I want to see him do so many more funny nature videos from him. He cracks me up unlike anyone else! My name is my homage to him, but in female form!

        Samael, for sure, we all have choices when faced with the consequences of our actions. I just have a strong gut intuition she will make the best of this. Her whole manner now when she is interviewed is one that is more humble than ever in the past.

        There are some who decry her family photo opps, but I believe that is part of what is in her Bravo contract regarding her responsibilities for promotional/PR activities. These photo opps, such as a skiing day, during some event signings, are exactly what is required of her, and I feel she has held her own knowing that her legal travails are national gossip.

        • So true, @Honnie Badger. I didn’t think that was you, but eondered (not on Twitter myself, and will only be professionally if required to per business).

          In any case, I thought you just loved the animal. My son’s told me when they were laughing their bums off what they were wat hing, then I heard the dude on Brandi’s podcast while driving a distance. I have never heard her, and a guest laugh so hard.

          Thought that you may be famous with the faux pas! Lol 🙂

          Agree with your post, in any regards, as usual!!

    • @ Honey Badger,

      I feel the same way as well!
      It’s a lesson & she can grow from this experience & hopefully help others!

      • Hi, Irish Tara! I absolutely believe that people endure such experiences that can truly bring them out of a once dark place, that can grow them into something wondrous.

        Personally, in my love life (which has never been anything to write home about because I always seem to choose men with huge problems), I am having a very challenging situation. I know it’s making me grow, I’m learning.

    • I agree with every single thing you said. I get the feeling that Teresa is going to, not only survive this, but use it to become a better and smarter person and THRIVE.

      She’s a fighter. She’ll be o.k. when it’s all said and done.

      This is off the subject, but I can’t get over how AMAZING Teresa’s been looking through all of this. I’m a VERY strong person, but if it were me, I’d look like sh*t on a stick and like I was ready to be committed for a nervous breakdown. Hell, I’d probably pull a Michael Jackson and head to Court in a pair of pajamas with my hair in a messy hairclip a time or two.

      I’d be a WRECK (and LOOK like it too).

      Just sayin’…..

      • To be honest, I would be having a breakdown knowing I have to walk out in front of everyone. I really don’t know how she does it. My eyes would be so swollen from crying, knowing I had to tell my children what I did and what is most likely going to happen. Also, could be a good chance that their father might be deported. I can’t imagine the closer it gets to July 8th how she will be.

        • Me too, miami.

          And you’re right, there’s no telling how Teresa will appear the closer it gets to July 8th. I would hope that she keeps looking as strong and wonderful as she has been looking, but I would totally understand if she looked like a nervous wreck (and even a “hot a*s mess,” because that’s what I would look like if I were in her position).

      • Oh, hell. If you were going through it LolaF. I would be there in my fleece sponge bob square pants pj bottoms that my son’s picked out for me 7 yrs ago. For You! Lol.

        If I were going through it….I truly think I would spirt the black widow, old school Catholic or Greek Orthodox look and wear a black lace veil to grocery store. I am not making a joke. My humility and Pride would collide, and I would be ashamed and humiliated, I fear.

    • IMO, I think she’s grown because she’s making her own money now and it’s all legit. I think she was well aware of joe’s doings and everything she signed and she went along with it and didn’t have a problem with it. Now she’s got her own money that she alone has made. As long as she can support herself, she’ll be fine. She won’t have to resort back to crime.

      Joe, on the other hand, is a career criminal. He doesn’t have any other marketable skills than his “business savvy” which we’ve learned is nothing more than lying and stealing. He has an attitude that he’s above the law.

      • True, and it makes me sad, bc I really wanted to like Goofy Joe, but it is complicated.

        As much as I am a T fan, I also feel for the contractors and families of alll! Each side!

    • Oh No Don Caro was right, Teresa will write a book on how she survived and triumphed after all this.

  • I bet Bravo is loving this, I can just see it now on the finale episode of RHONJ when they freeze the housewives and say whats going on in their lives since the episodes have aired “Teresa Giudice has been found guilty blah blah blah”

    • Good morning Chanel

      Yup Bravo/Cohen pushed back taping the new season to fit in with court date of Teresa and at each court date Bravo now has footage of Teresa and Joe walking to court and Leaving court.

      Bravo/Cohen doing the “cha ching let the cash register ring” dance.

      • Did you notice how uncomfortable Andy was last night when Jeff Lewis tried to talk about Teresa? Andy would not engage in the conversation and moved on.

        • YES!!

          Guess he is not so comfy being outted as a pimp.

          I missed flipping out!!! gotta look for it.

        • I deleted it so I can’t tell you exactly what was said or how it came up (watched it at 4AM before I had coffee … lol) anyway Teresa’s name was given in response to a question Andy asked Jeff about housewives. Jeff’s response was Teresa and then he said let’s talk about Teresa. It started as a joke (not a funny one) with Jeff saying that Milania is behind all this, referring to Teresa’s troubles. Andy was holding his dog and leaned back in his chair with a look on his face as if to say, stop it! Jeff was trying to get a response and finally Andy said he so didn’t want to talk about it.

          I just went to see if last night’s show was up on BRAVO and they have it split into segments and of course I do not see the clip with Jeff mentioning Teresa. I wish I hadn’t deleted it so I could tell you exactly what was said.

          • Thanks for the recap DebV – LOL, of course Bravo doesn’t have the clip up! So why do you feel Andy tried to hush up Jeff? Does Andy have sympathy or he is just worried about associating with her and her legal problems?

          • @Maru … I thought it was extremely rude of Jeff to try to make a joke of the situation. Andy was clearly put in an uncomfortable position. He may have been instructed by BRAVO not to talk about it.

        • I think Andy is actually trying to protect the kids and not engage Jeff going this route mentioning Malania–leave the poor kids out of this mess of trying to blame them–funny or not–NOt funny jeff.

      • I was wondering if they gave her an additional money to film that or supposedly when they are telling her daughters about what is to happen.

          • Radar of lies have a story on there site how Bravo was running film while Teresa was telling the girls that mommy and daddy are guilty!!

            Teresa already tweeted private moments with the children have not been taped.

            There are so many rumors out there..some rags don’t even bother with “sources said or friend of family said”

          • You already said it yourself…..Radar of Lies. I don’t know if it was filmed, since it would have been more widespread on more blogs.

        • Are you saying that Teresa allowed Bravo to film her telling her girls about going to prison? I really hope not.

  • Well this is sad on so many levels

    – of course the parent’s are in fear for their daughter, and I am positive her dad’s health is also on Teresa’s mind, the stress of this is unimaginable.

    – good to hear that all family members are pitching in for Teresa

    – sounds like the Giudice’s/gorga family are surrounding the girls and teresa and joe with love.

    Yeah I am sure that since Teresa was served notice to appear, she hasn’t had many good sleeps.

    It’s one thing to say the words “doing jail time” it’s a whole other thing to accept that it may be your reality.

    Based on recent actiivity, Teresa and Joe are actively doing everything they are supposed to do.

    ie: taking a plea deal is not an overnight decision to make everything needed to be worked out in advance.

    Because we did not hear the “I screwed up” in interviews does not mean it did not happen behind closed doors to their family.

  • It would be nice to see some public supportive acknowledgement from her brother and SIL. But I guess silence is better than subtle shade being thrown like they used to.

    • I thought silence would be better because if they said something, people would jump on them claiming it was fake sympathy.

    • maybe the Gorgas are respecting Teresa’s wishes if she insisted they do not speak to media about her…THIS shows support.

  • If only she would have been “strong” enough to get off her entitled behind and get a real job instead of basically lying to get millions. Do the crime do the time.

    • fyi–Teresa did lie to get $$–FRAUD, etc..but she did get real job–branding herself, selling cookbooks, marketing herself / hair products, fabalini, etc..and made $$…too bad she chose not to pay back bad debt that we know of–court papers indicate the ex-partner whom Joe stole from hasn’t received his judgment money from them either.

  • I feel her brother and Melissa are responsible for feeding stories to their accountant and in turn told Monica Chacon. This was filmed on a episode of real housewives. I am not condoning what the Guidices’ did, but unless who are forced to talk in a court of law don’t go against your blood voluntarily.

    • That Monica is a rat bastard ugly bitch. She was sitting with Messy and Katfish at a Poche fashion show before she showed up at Messy’s Christmas Party . So even though Messy said she didn’t know her she is lying. I think she fed her info for sure. JMO

      I wonder if strippers/dancers claim every hundred dollar bill they made for “serving old guys a drink” On their taxes ? I wonder how much unreported income did Messy make at lookers?

        • LOL. And what proof was there that Mel and Jo leaked the story to Monica, who leaked it to the Feds? That shit was filmed in 2010, and they get charged 3 years later? This story is just too fishy.

          • i know jayden but some of these teresa fans are legit crazy.

            she could kill someone and theyd find a way to blame melissa or someone else..

          • Jayden there was a blog that had so much info with pictures and timelines everything to back all the allegations.
            It was shocking .
            And IF it’s true. It’s so disgusting so hurtful that family could do that to each other for no other reason but Jealousy it makes me physically ill to think about it

          • I kind of remember that, but they were just pictures and a few closing docs Monica performed for JoeGo and Rich Wakile.

            Again, no proof that anybody provided anything other than gossip. Unless others had access to the G’s BK disclosures and were able to provide property and bank records to dispute the G’s, I am pretty sure the Feds made the case simply by comparing properly records and IRS supplied 1099’s. Not to mention, per Tre, they don’t talk about money so who would be able to provide ACTIONABLE facts to anyone?

          • hopeful

            how do you think teresa feels when she sees comments from people like you claiming her family are the reason their going to prison?

            shes already going to be scared of prison and her family will be all she has.

            im no teresa fan but shes taking responsibility why cant you just admit this is T and joes own fault.?

            rather than spread poison about her family.

          • We’ll said CJ ! Hopeful is having a very rough time with this and I think Trashing Melissa & Joe somehow makes her feel better . I don’t get it . Spreading crap about Teresa’s family certainly isn’t being a good “fan

          • Me spreading poison about poison Joe or his Messy wife LMAO that’s freaking hysterical LOL

            I don’t need to admit anything I got nothing to do with it . I wasn’t there and neither where you. In fact i haven’t heard from anyone that was

            The Guidices needed to admit what they did and they have as far as i am concerned and the federal government is concerned . That’s not good enough I don’t know what to tell you??
            Now what?.. Wanna call me an idiot again? Crazy ?? LOL

            Where is poison Joe by the way?

            You know him?

            You think he is supporting his sister?

            The one and only sister he has in the world , The sister that helped him get started in business.
            He must of used all the same tricks( wink wink)

            Melissa we pay our bills Marco LMAO sold out her dead father for a buck fifty

            Is he around showing support ? Is she ? Getting to know their nieces?
            Doubt it.. He is too busy spreading his poison .

            Oh that;s right .. The brother that moved into a spec house that he lived in under false pretense to what? Play super wealthy and make his whore wife a celebrity like his sister.
            . The one that lied to the banks by living in a home with a building loan cause he was supposed to sell it not live in it to look rich to get on his sisters show

            Messy’s dream home LMAO
            The one she had to sell so her kids wouldn’t be bullied by their cousins LOL

            The poison brother and sil that desperately tried to f up his sisters life.. NEVER HAPPEN his wife will always be Messy the former stripper ..
            the whore that gives BJs in parking lots . And he will always be poison Joe POG

          • hopeful

            to answer your question il go with crazy.

            all the poison you just listed is unproven so i dont know what your trying to achieve?

            i think you need to take a break.

            Teresa needs her fans right now.not people spreading lies about her family.you can support her without tearing others down with unproven malicious lies.

          • Really bj what wasn’t supported The house was a spec house?

            It was built with a construction loan that specified he was to sell it when it was complete Not live in it unknown to the bank LOL

            Messy’s BFF saying she blew her ex in a parking lot and the guy backing that shit up.

            Messy saying on national TV that she was selling her dream home (the one that Joe surprised her with the plans for on Christmas ) Because she was afraid T’s kids would bully hers.

            We all know that Slojo lost his father’s house to loan sharks to build a recording studio for the whore on display at lookers’ non existent singing career Want more ?cause there is plenty..We all saw for ourselves

          • where you there when melissa was apparantly giving bjs in a car park? when joe borrowed from loan sharks?because you just said we werent there regarding the guidices.. hypocrite much

            you can have the reason for moving house if that makes you feel better.

            like i said support teresa but dont tear down innocents like Melissa,joe or kathy.She needs her family more than ever not people spreading bs stories.

          • Nope But the guy that got the head and the friend that covered for her were there They say it happened I believe them.

            Joey parents don’t have a house do they? But Messy had a recording studio

            Kathfish Don’t get me started on her crook husband. He has more lawsuits then anyone on any HW franchise LOL Plezzzzz. He even stole mirrors off a bathroom wall LMAO

          • yeah def Crazy…by your logic i could say joe guidice is a peadophile and its true just because i said it.
            im my world i go by evidence not bitter statements plucked from the sky.

            Wakilies and Gorgas are decent people.Teresa is going to need them.

          • you could but we know that’s a lie

            But rumor has it Slojo raped a underage girl and his parents paid to get him out of it.. What a disgrace

            So you’re close .. you just have the wrong Joe

            If teresa needed those PPL she’s Fucked cause they never did anything but try to hurt her. How did that work out for them? LOL not so good.. Fishy is coming out with a crapolli book soon.. Let’s see how many fans care. I saw the cover and even the picture looks like crap LOL Decent PPL don’t make me laugh … Google Richie LMAO

            But that’s not true right ?LOL BYE BJ

          • im going to leave the conversation now as a decent person once said ‘when you associate with scum you become scum’

            but dont worry about T..im sure Kim d will get on the show and you can support her because she is a bitter liar too.

          • All I know is that Monica gleefully was quoted on TV, and in print taking ownership of giving Feds evidence.

            I truly hope after sentencing, there is some ramifications on the prosecution’s end of obtaining evidence, and by whom. Monica, ethically, should lose her Bar license with this, as her husband was involved as an attorney!

            I do not give a rat’s ass about Kim G. She is a piece of crap. Monica, on the otherhand, took an oath to uphold the Law, and it appears that she professionally dishonored the ethics of a sworn in member of the Bar!

          • hey laura

            respect your opinion if you think this girl monica was being unethical.

            but at the end of the day they committed the crime..if she was unethical she did it because they were guilty.

            agreed, kim g is disgusting.!

          • Thanks @cj! I know we disagree normally on this show, and see eye to eye on other shows.

            At this point, it is not going to trial, so in the Judge’s consicous and knowledge.

            I do think that Monica violated her Bar ethics and Standards. However, that is for the defense to take up another time. She is as bad, if not worse as Kim G. In my book, because she took an oath as an attorney for Ethics, and abused it…

            You are correct, tho. If they did the crime, or one of them. Yep! Serve, be done, and grow. I know people that will never be caught whom did the same thing. Are they close friends anymore? Nope. Were they ever. Nope. But, I would never rat on them! The government needs to get their shit together with where they put out money to fight crimes, and it should start at top!

    • I agree, Teresa’s sister in law along with shoe polish stump and jackleloon most likely fed stories to Monica raton. No doubt. Teresa and joe committed crimes and need to face the consequences but we all can figure out that those “closest” to her fed info out of hate and greed. The funny thing is that those people try to act all moral when jackleloon and co steal from charities and mini bob the builder is a miniature con artist as well. The girls do not deserve this but they can learn from their mistakes. It is unfortunate but that’s life.

      • @ Steff–I will respectfully disagree with you. After all, it was Teresa who was dishing out $$$ in cash paying for furniture to fill her mansion house because getting a used one “was gross”…it was Joe who admitted to the viewers the guidices were paid $$ to sell stories to the tabloids…it was the guidices who filed bankruptcy, claiming income/assets, yet Bravo was paying $$ and may have been forced to disclose income as well as publisher for books.

        Just because there you don’t like Teresa’s sister-in-law and brother is no reason to believe they are the ones who got them in this mess–the GUIDICES themselves did this–PERIOD.

    • Are you all serious!!! Now it is Melissa and Monica’s fault with Kathy backing them up! So you are saying it was OK for Teresa and Joe to commit 41 FEDERAL counts of FRAUD. Living their life off someone else’s money and not paying their bills. Living a lifestyle they didn’t earn! When they applied for separate bankruptcy, they lied and hid assets. They amended their BK request and lied again. Ding Dong, Ding Dong, the FEDS and honest taxpayers don’t like that…it was a light bulb moment and the FEDS investigated. Why do you thing Teresa and Joe pulled out of their BK request. Melissa, Monica, Kathy, etc., had nothing to do with it! YES, you are condoning what they did because you are blaming others for tattling. Sorry, your QUEEN will have to pay for her crimes and it is no ones fault but hers! Unbelievable!

    • The only thing that is known is that when they filed a BK they filled out financial disclosures. When they lost the judgment to Mastrope and could not pay it in full, they had to release their financial docs to the court and Mastropoles. attorneys. These docs were used against the G’s and not hearsay.

      Do I doubt people related to the G’s were saying things like “I can’t believe they filed BK, look at the clothes she buys” or they have a shore house” blah, blah, blah, No! However, nothing that was said about them was more damaging than video of them throwing an elaborate party, or sporting all that designer stuff a short time after filing BK. Sure, it’s looks shady that relatives were talking/seen with Monica, but nothing was more damaging to the G’s than their own actions.

      I think it’s time to stop blaming who outed the G’s when it is now clear they outed themselves. Just my opinion.

      • ITA rhfan. I remember when Jax and Don Caro pushed Teresa on the deck ambush about her spending…nice bag comment. I always believed the Guidices kept spending and hoped to file bk and it would all go away.I think that is why the others were so angry with them. Its time to pay for your sins now and I think a huge change in lifestyle is in store. At least you will be able to sleep nights after all this. I could never relax knowing this was hanging over my head, but I pay my bills and live within my means!

      • I am not blaming the rat. She went on TV and took the credit. Wonder where that’s going to get her? Unethical lawyer with a grudge. I bet ppl are lining up to hire her and her husband. Lol. They can always work for Joey and Ritchie. They can defend them against all the law suits and judgements they have. Maybe messy will invite her back on the show ?

        OT. Remember Kathy Rosie and Melissa saying who are these Greeks? When all along Kathy’s daughter was bffs with the Greeks niece and dating the Greeks nephew. Lol

        What a family.

    • One aspect that I find troublesome is the need to blame someone else for Joe and Teresa’s decisions. I do not believe for a hot minute that Melissa popped on one of Joey’s black burglar caps and heisted documentation about Teresa and Joe. I don’t believe Melissa and Kathie met Monica in the parking lot of Lookers and gave Monica the goods. LoL.

      Let’s say that really did happen. There are actually people out there that would be applauding Monica, Joey and Melissa; and thanking the federal prosecutor.

      There are innocent families out there who were negatively impacted by the Giudice’s greed. Along with owing the government a lot of money, they owe everyday people money and businesses, too. There is a fertility clinic along with subcontractors example. Let’s say that a plumber worked exclusively for Joe as a subcontractor for a month and Joe never paid him. Now look at your own financial situation. What would not having income or financial support for a month do to you and your family?

      When Teresa and Joe pled guilty, people like the plumber received some vindication. They may never financially recoup a dime, but these people finally received some satisfaction and don’t they deserve that?

      As these hardworking people struggled to make ends meet, I bet it really sucked to live in the same community as the Giudice’s, watch them on tv or see them in a magazine. As these people struggled to make car payments and buy winter clothes, Joe roared around New Jersey in a shiny sports car and Teresa doesn’t really follow Princess Kate’s trend of recycling outfits for public appearances. They live in a McMansion. She posted pic after pic of parties and vacations and the Shore House. I wonder how many of the Giudice’s financial victims had a hard time buying Christmas presents for their children the year Joe and Teresa screwed them.

      I know emotions are heightened on the RHONJ blogs. Nevertheless, I am actually glad some plumber in New Jersey may feel just a little satisfaction today…..and Joey, Melissa and the gang have nothing to do with it.

  • Again, Joe and Teresa obviously was not thinking about their kids, parents, or family when they committed 41 counts of Federal fraud. This is just PR propaganda to the public to feel sorry for them and hoping the judge goes easy on them. I am surprised we have to wait till July for the judge’s decision. Maybe I’ve watched too many TV shows, but I thought once they pleaded the judge would have made his/her decision right there and then. A Federal Judge was on The View the other day and said they would get prison time because no judge during her career has ever just given probation for Federal fraud. Time will tell!

  • I don’t see any grand revelations in this “sources said” story. I really hope we don’t see too many more of these stories unless the source is willing to go on record and are actually telling us something substantive. Personally, I would prefer to wait until after July 8 to hear what T & J have to say for themselves.

  • Funny how there is no mention about her brother. Anyways, it is definitely scary even thinking about the possibility of going to jail. I feel bad for the family members and friends.

    • Good morning jayden213

      “Everyone around Teresa has pushed drama aside”

      I took that to mean Joe and Melissa and Kathy.

      might be wrong.

      • I thought the same-thing when I read that sentence. That’s the way it should be in most families…

        I saw on ROL, that Gia wrote something about what is going on. I wished she wouldn’t do that, it only adds more fire to the ones that hate TRE so much.

  • Here we go with the sources. Now theyll be coming out of the wood work so much we are really going to be sick. This is nothing that nobody couldnt figure out on their own though.

    • And this blog keeps repeating everything said about Teresa going to jail and you all keep saying the same things about it! Let’s move on!