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PHOTOS: Joyce Giraud Gives A Sneak Peek Of Her Latest Cover Shoot!

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If there’s anyone who can work a camera like it’s a panel of judges for a pageant, it’s Joyce Giraud! Joyce recently shared a photo on her Instagram of her glamming up for a cover shoot, and she looks gorgeous as usual. Check it OUT



Joyce is really naturally pretty, and doesn’t even need a lot of makeup — LUCKY! LOL By the way, is it just me, or does Joyce look a little like Real Housewives of Miami’s Karent Sierra? What do you guys think?

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  • I’m not trying to be rude, but wtf is going on with her belly button in that first picture?? I know what your belly button might look like when you bend over, but it shouldn’t look distorted. I remember her being in a bikini on an episode, but she was laying down. I wonder if she’s had botched surgery before? I don’t like that people compare her to Karent. Karent was classy, she wouldn’t have had her man take a woman down at dinner. And I am not a Brandi fan. But men should NOT talk to women like that, they should not take on a woman. I would be humiliated if my husband ‘took up for me’ with another woman and argued like a catty little girl like that.

  • No matter what, Joyce always sees the glass as ‘half full’. She has such
    a wonderful outlook and perspective about most things. She is articulate ,and
    If you crossed her, she has just enough feistiness and class,
    she could tell you to go to hell, and you
    would take it was a compliment.

  • I don’t think Joyce is going nowhere, she is a fresh and real person, Its nice to see true Ladies on the show. I think she is why I’m still watching this show and I think her a lisa would make a good team,because she is nice and sweet just like Lisa.

  • What is the deal with her stomach in the top picture? I do not get the diagonal situation around the belly button. Lippo?

    • Hi. Maru, I noticed that too which leads me to believe she hasn’t had any work done but might’ve have a couple of c sections. I am slim, but after having 2 c sections, a laparotomy, and an emergency appendectomy, your belly just doesn’t look the same. For example, my belly is flat as hell first thing in the morning, but after I have breakfast, I kinda look like I’m 4 months pregnant until I digest. Lol sorry for the TMI.

  • She is an amazing human, she continues her charity and works with physically and mentaly challenged children, she is smart as a whip.

    I think I read that her mom is in town right now, I really hope it is a “rumor” that Bravo usually starts at the end of each season on all RH.

    I still think both Joyce and Carlton have not shown us what they wanted to ..I think (please don’t clobber me) both should return.

    But since auditions are on right now..someone is leaving.

  • I think she is a breath of fresh air. Its nice to see someone who is happy on these shows. Especially BH, you have beautiful families, homes, all this money but are miserable and only trying to take people down. Get a life (looking at you Kyle and Yolanda). Brandi has no real money and appears to delight in misery so she’s not included.

    She wasn’t born upper class, got an education, gives back, married a man that appears to adore her, is a mom. I feel like this is what these shows should be about. Maybe its because I’m not a miserable person but I actually enjoy watching shows about people who enjoy life.

    • I feel the same way I’m not a miserable person either so watching Brandie’s behavior is sickening, I can never relate to Brandie so much aggression inside her I want no part of that!
      Joyce on the other hand I totally relate to her!! Joyce has a beautiful spirit about her, Joyce is truly an example of what showing our inner beauty before our outer one.
      People said this and that about her flipping her hair, but I do the same thing with mine. When someone has super long hair like that it’s a habit we develope. Except Joyce you are so lucky your hair isn’t so curly like mine, your hair is beautiful!!

      • I’m sorry, I sounded ungrateful in my last comment about my hair I’m truly not it’s just a lot of work!

        • Awe thank you for saying curly hair is beautiful Hopeful!
          Took me a long time to accept it. God showed me it was beautiful.
          My husband likes very long so if he’s happy I’m happy.

          Joyce has such beautiful hair and such a beautiful inner beauty. Joyce is the most beautiful on the outside and the inside out of all these housewives!!

  • Happy Friday everyone!

    Bravo needs to give her a second season. She’s proven to be a worthy contender against Brandi and she actually lives the BH lifestyle. Please don’t continue to trash up the shoe, class it up! I want to see her beautiful home and go behind the scenes of her photo shoot and wouldn’t mind seeing her cut about 5 inches off her hair. 🙂

    • Me too. They need to get rid of the pile of garbage glanville and lets leave the ladies who have real money on the show, PLEASE bravo!

    • Totally Bravo needs to keep Joyce and get rid of Carlton, Yolanda, and Brandie and Kim!
      Carlton for obvious reasons, Yolanda is the most fake of them all, and Brandie and Kim really have no storyline. Well I take that back Brandie’s storyline is ” my husband cheated you have to feel sorry for me, and I will destroy you if I don’t get my way” . Kim’s storyline was about her dog going to obedience school. It was like watching paint dry!

      Joyce thanks for representing all of us women with such grace!!!!! Please get your own show!!

    • Happy Friday Guy! 🙂 I agree I would love to see Joyce back with a hair and cloths makeover She doesn’t need makeup Something understated , glamorous and powerful … Old Hollywoodish

      Team Bring Joyce Back

      I want to glimpse her Hollywood Live