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RHOBH Recap: Everyone VS Lisa Vanderpump

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What an episode! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had all kinds of drama that focused specifically on Lisa Vanderpump. Before we get into that, let’s start from the beginning. The ladies are all getting ready to go to Puerto Rico and although Joyce’s father has passed, she knows her father would want her to continue with her life and not mourn over it. What I was really shocked about is that producers really allowed Carlton Gebbia not to come on the trip because Joyce and Kyle didn’t want her too. Then again, Carlton uninvited Kyle to her party so it makes sense as to why Carlton was not invited to this trip. Plus she says she can’t stand being in Kyle’s presence anyways.

Brandi Glanville is acting very awkward towards Lisa. And I don’t even understand where all this hatred is coming from.They all arrive and Lisa is checking out her hotel room and complaining that is bathroom is too small and that she has to share it with Ken. Come on, Lisa. We get it you’re used to bigger things but don’t be that guy!

The ladies all head to the beach and this is where it all begins. Brandi is just not happy with Lisa. She explains to Yolanda that she needs to speak to Lisa and that’s when Yolanda grabs Lisa to talk to her about the issues Brandi has with her. I felt weird about Yolanda initiating the conversation but Yolanda just seems like she doesn’t really like Lisa. Yolanda thinks Lisa is fake because Lisa is always saying horrible things about Kyle yet she later decided to be friends her without even talking about anything. Brandi has been questioning if Lisa was ever a real friends and I truly think Lisa was. I also think Lisa enjoyed Brandi saying the things she would want to but never did. Yolanda is throwing all kinds of shade towards Lisa even stating that forgiveness never comes out of Lisa’s mouth. Brandi chimes in and explains that she’s upset that Lisa has stopped calling her in the morning and is now calling Kyle Richards. Lisa denies this and is just not used to getting confronted. Kyle comes along and that’s when Lisa feels attacked and walks away from the situation. Brandi is annoyed because she feels like she didn’t even get to say what she needed too. Yolanda points out that walking away is not going to fix things. Brandi, Yolanda, and Kyle are now all sitting together and Brandi wants Kyle to know the truth about Lisa. That’s when Brandi reveals after Lisa saw some magazine covers of the rumors regarding Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage, Lisa pushed Brandi to bring it up in Palm Springs while Brandi didn’t want too. Kyle is shocked by this. To me it seems like Brandi wanted Kyle to be against Lisa once she realized Brandi and Kyle were getting close.

Kyle doesn’t even know how to feel at this point. Lisa runs over to her husband to tell her the ladies are being “mean.” Like I said, Lisa is not used to being on the other side and she doesn’t know how to handle it. This obviously upsets Ken as it would any husband. Yolanda then comes up to Ken and Lisa and wants to know why Lisa is walking away from the situation. Ken then doesn’t like how Yolanda is acting towards Lisa so gets involved and Yolanda and him start going back and fourth. This leads Yolanda and Brandi to walk away.

Kyle then goes over to Ken and Lisa and tells her what Brandi told her. Kyle wants to know the truth. Lisa denies the entire accusation and Ken is still getting very irritated. I personally think if Brandi was really lying about Lisa and the magazine ordeal, Lisa would confront Brandi in front of Kyle and put Brandi in her place…The truth is Lisa has never had Kyle’s back and at times, Kyle has not had Lisa’s back. Lisa needs to stop acting like she’s always had Kyle’s back. Lisa is denying the entire thing and back over at Mauricio, Kim is explaining what Brandi revealed about Lisa wanting the rumors to be addressed at Palm Springs. This irritates Mauricio because he truly thought Lisa and Ken were his friends. Ken notices Mauricio is upset and tells him that what Brandi said is not true. I understand Ken is sticking up for his wife but Ken wasn’t there when it happened and let’s not forget the conversation Ken and Lisa had where Lisa kept insinuating there could be a possibility Mauricio cheated on Kyle while Ken slammed those rumors. Lisa just wants them to forget about the rumors and not bring it up in front of Brandi..doesn’t that kind of tell you something?

Later that night, the group is having dinner and things are just awkward. Everyone is on the bus and Lisa wants to know what the hell is going on in Brandi’s head. She thought the two were friends. Brandi is now making it like her issue with Lisa is Scheana. None of this is making sense because Brandi was fine with Scheana up until now. Brandi says that a mutual friend told her Scheana said that Lisa was always aware Scheana had an affair with Brandi’s ex-husband while she was pregnant. Lisa denies being close to Scheana and Brandi states that she hears the opposite. I think Lisa is very close to her employees and should not be denying this. Ken is just getting upset that people are confronting his wife and again, it is understandable and sort of cute. Lisa is shockingly still being nice to Brandi when she was the one who started all of this. So it’s just not making any sense. I’m starting to believe the only reason Lisa is playing nice with Brandi is because Lisa knows Brandi will open her mouth about things Lisa has told her in the past and wants to avoid that from happening.

Everyone is at dinner and things are still just awkward. Kyle thinks it’s a good idea to just ask Lisa and Brandi together what the truth is regarding if Lisa really did want Brandi to bring those magazines to Palm Springs to bring out the rumors. Kyle asks, and this upsets Ken. He doesn’t understand why the hell Kyle is asking when they already brought this up. Kyle explains she wants to know who’s telling the truth. Lisa still denies and Brandi claims Lisa is lying about this. I’ll be honest, Lisa looks like she is lying. In my opinion, I think she is lying. Yolanda then questions why Ken keeps getting involved and Ken calls her stupid. Yolanda doesn’t take too kindly to this. Ken is just upset that this is getting brought up and Kim chimes in and just says Kyle wants to obviously know the truth. Ken is now asking Kim to stay out of this and this riles Kim up! Kim calls Ken a stubborn old man and starts bringing up her issues with Lisa and Ken. Everything is getting out of hand and Kyle now wants it to stop. Ken and Lisa have had enough and Ken thinks Lisa is being attacked so he makes them leave and shockingly, Ken still nicely says bye to Brandi who again, started all of this. Brandi is acting overwhelmed but she is the one who started all of this. As Ken and Lisa are going back to there hotel, Ken wonders if Kim is back to drinking again. Ouch. In the end, I think Brandi got what she wanted. Kyle and Lisa will never ever get back to being close friends again. Lisa doesn’t understand why Brandi has betrayed her and is upset. The best part of tonight’s episode, for me at least was the fact that Carlton didn’t appear on the episode. Thank you, Bravo for doing one thing right.

Thoughts on what went down on Monday’s episode? Team Lisa or Brandi? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I agree with your take on this episode 100%, right down to the best part being Carlton not appearing 🙂

    I think Brandi should have spoken directly to Lisa though, because the way it was approached did seem like it was blindsiding Lisa in a way. Why did Yolanda need to bring it up to her? It should have been Brandy. Then, Brandi is half-assed-ly telling Lisa what her issues are with her, why doesn’t she just come out and say ABC? I could see why Lisa would be a little confused. Not to say that the issues aren’t valid, but Brandi should have approached it differently.

    I also think that Brandi told Kyle this information to get her ‘on-board’ with the Lisa bashing.. I don’t think she actually cares about Kyle…

    I also think that Lisa and Kyle are both friendly with Brandi mostly because they are afraid of her tongue. They know she has a sharp one and I’m sure she has some inside information about both of them that they’d prefer to remain quiet, so they need to keep her happy in order to do that………

  • I don’t have any sympathy for Lisa…at all. She was all smiles and giggles when some of the other women were being ganged up on (especially Taylor and Adrienne), but now because it’s finally happened to her, she doesn’t know how to handle it. She is very sneaky and I do think she gets other people to do her dirty work, she thought Brandi was her puppet but then Brandi snapped back at her. Lisa never apologizes to anyone and as soon as someone tries to confront her about something or tell her their side, she immediately shuts them down with “Oh come on, I thought we moved past this” (just like Ken did last night). I don’t feel bad for her at all. She needs to sit down, have a heart to heart with Kyle, ACTUALLY listen to her and apologize.

  • I hate to admit this but Faye Resnic was right about Brandi. No matter how many Chanel bags she has (more like that same Stella McCartney bag she totes around), she will never be a lady!

  • I do not believe anything that comes out of Brandis mouth, and i think Kyle now realises she shouldnt have, Kim is a fool considering Brandi a friend. I think even Yolanda now knows Brandi cant be trusted. she has warned brandi in her blogs that Brandi better not take her kindness to Brandi for weakness.

    Brandi has a history of misrepresenting facts. For example,she kept saying the Maloofs were suing her, when in fact they simply sent her a cease & desist letter. Then last week, she claimed her ex was asking her for child support, when in fact, he merely overpaid & was trying to get the $100k+ he overpaid back. this is the spousal support brandi told the world Eddie never paid.

    None of us has forgotten her innocous conversation wih Kyle which resulted in her saying Lisa was filing for Bankrupcy and was living deep in the valley like she was living in some ghetto??

    Brandi has succeeded in making all the women look like fools and has cause irreparable damage among the relationships. Dont forget she is the one who rant to lisa and tole her she was to be ganged up on at the reunion. she is the real puppeteer.
    Now to Kyle, One thing i could see thru the show was Kyle was in fear of Brandi, she was determined to kiss Brandis ass no matter what Brandi did to her, even if Brandi is shouting at her across the table and cursing her out, she only turns around 2 weeks later to give Brandi a sympathy card, and goes on to explain brandis bad behaviour at Maurice and Kens party that she is only nasty as a defence mechnism!! its like what?? does she pay you??( the only reason is becoz she wants to appeal to the public i guess. Kyke keep coming off bad every year because she is not true to herself, she is either sitting on the fence but whilst her body language shows who she really hates or is faking love for someone because she things fans will like her for it.

    Brandi has tried to ruin this show! This is all very unpleasant, what we are seeing.

    • eolad-I agree with you regarding Brandi. Brandi is very calculating and manipulative and knows exactly what she is doing. Brandi is still trying to play the victim by saying she is afraid of Lisa. She just knows Lisa has more fans than she does. She wants to be the star of the show and will shove all the housewives aside in order to get all the attention. Brandi is a drunk and totally self absorbed. Why is she on the show when she can’t even talk due to all the botox she has had injected to her face. I will not watch the show until Brandi leaves. To be honest -I watched The Bachelor and The Voice last night. DWTS starts soon too.

  • I know this is going to get buried but I’d like to throw in my two cents.

    Just a few observations on tonight’s episode. I don’t know if anyone caught it or not. If you slow down the dinner scene you can see Brandi try to cover up a smile when Kyle and Lisa start to go at it.(Her microexpression) She is giddy and happy that she is getting in between them. She is beyond jealous that Kyle and Lisa can get past their issues and make up.

    Secondly you can see that Lisa is having a hard time “recalling” when she saw the mags. I think that Lisa saw the mags at Brandi’s house but is so deep in trying to deny it that she has painted herself in a corner. If she admits that the mags where there and she saw it then Kyle will jump to the conclusion that she not only saw it but tried to get Brandi to bring it with her. Kyle should be asking WHY Brandi bought the mags in the first place. Why would you pay money to such an organization? Why would you want to have a copy of it?

    When Kim went after Lisa and Ken, I was flabbergasted. Why is she interjecting herself into all of this. We get it, you have issues with Lisa. Lisa has not given her the time of day and she saw an opening to jump in and she did. I think she resented Lisa for having such a close relationship with her sister. And frankly Kim has been annoying me all season. I cringe at her every talking-head. I did love how Ken responded to her when she harped on Lisa for missing her kid’s graduation party. She missed so many of their events…a WEDDING. I think that missing a wedding is a bigger deal than a graduation party.

    I watch these shows to see if I can spot the lies. There are facial expressions and body language that can give a person away. The entire time Brandi is giddy and happy and excited that this whole thing is going down. The contempt for Lisa is dripping from her face. Lisa flashes both shock and fear in between trying to convey calm. (I was only focusing on Brandi and Lisa this episode. When there is a rerun I’m gonna pay closer attention to Yolo).

    I hope the truth comes out to all parties involved. None of these Ladies are innocent. (well maybe Joyce).

    • I totally agree! Great comment.

      I love Lisa but think you’re right– she saw the mags at Brandi’s and can’t cop to it now cause she’ll get blamed for everything. Not defending her if that’s the case necessarily (she could have just been honest with kyle) but again– kyles anger is misplaced — brandi is the one who bought them, put them on display, then brought this back up “out of the blue”.

  • Brandi and Yolanda completely ruined this vacation IMO. What the heck is Brandi’s REAL problem with Lisa other than it’s Lisa’s turn to feel her wrath? Also WTH is Yolanda’s problem with Lisa? WTF is up with her? Lol This is so disrespectful to Joyce who just suffered a major loss in her family.
    I get the feeling Lisa told Brandi a lot of personal things and unfortunately is learning the hard way that Brandi is a blabber mouth…and will basically have to walk on egg shells around her hoping she won’t expose any of her trusted secrets. Too late Lisa you trusted the wrong chick. She’s gonna nail you to the wall hard. What a shame a grown up woman (Brandi)acts like a middle school mean girl who apparently recruited “No skeletons in the closet Yolanda” as her new sidekick. Don’t worry Yolanda…your time is coming. I never thought I would say this but I’m having a hard time deciding who I want off the show more Carlton or Brandi at this point :O. Yolanda’s working my last nerve as well if she keeps being Brandi’s mouthpiece. Boy what a little hypocrite she’s become.
    Sidenote: I don’t think Lisa or Brandi’s hands are clean in this…but Brandi is trying to pin the whole thing on Lisa and it looks like Lisa wants to tell her to “STFU…you were just as involved.” lol But Brandi has manipulated Yolanda and Kyle and made them appear to be her 624th BFF’s along with only outing Lisa. This is one time Lisa probably wishes she wasn’t silent. Brandi took advantage of that. Even if they both are guilty, why would Brandi do what she did? To probably make herself look once again like the victim to have them feel sorry for her and it worked. I don’t agree with the plotting that Lisa and Brandi may have done…but with that said…obviously they must have realized it was wrong and never went through with it so it should have never been brought up.
    Lastly, I not liking what I’m seeing with Kim :/ I hope this shows not getting to her and she’s gonna start having issues again. JMO

    • Forgot. This was filmed months ago…
      FF to real time and from what happened on WWHL a few weeks ago, it appears Yolanda and Brandi are no longer BFF’s either. I’m guessing Mohammed & David…as well as Yolanda waking up from Brandi’s spell…put the breaks on that friendship after the Joanna drama. Looks like Brandi got her use out of Yoyo as well. She’s also apparently the only housewife who is feuding with housewives (Joanna & Kenya) in other cities as well. Lol
      Misery loves company. She appears to be so miserable in her own life that she doesn’t want anyone else to be happy. IMO She seems to be harboring resentment still from what her ex did to her and her co-workers are her target. Someone needs major therapy :/

  • Lisa probably said something in jest and Brandi twisted it to suit her purpose of driving a wedge between Kyle and Lisa.

  • You know I read all the replies and watched tonights episode and I’ve got to say I’m thrown by a couple things:

    – Lisa walking away and not wanting to resolve anything.

    – Lisa not calling out Brandi for anything…she mostly cried to Ken. But neither her nor Ken blasted Brandi. She must have some serious dirt on them.

    – Why is it ok for Ken to be the only man to defend his wife or get into the middle of a convo about issues he wasn’t around for?

    – I didn’t buy Brandi’s I’m nervous about Lisa and don’t want to be on her bad sad. Look at how quiet she was tonight…not an F bomb in sight. Wonder why?

    – Brandi just dropped that bomb with and assist from Yoyo and honestly I doubt Kyle and Lisa’s friendship ever gets back on solid footing…which really is the truly unfortunate thing.

    – Anyone watch the past couple episodes and doesn’t think Brandi is a headcase, a lying sack of bones, and all around horrible stuns me.

    – I’m not sure why Mauricio gets so much shade on here but tonight he looked really hurt, so did Kyle. I haven’t always been a fan of hers but considering both Kyle and Mauricio knew Lisa and Ken before the show…you have to admit hearing these things would hurt.

    – Why is Ken allowed to be pissed for his wife but Mauricio can’t be pissed about people trashing his name, reputation and his marriage?

    I like Lisa but even I have to admit she is far from innocent….and I harken back to season 1 aqnd the “kyle didn’t defend me” issue to me since then Lisa has said and thrown so much shade towards Kyle all stemming from that 1 thing. Why is it ok for Lisa to decide not to talk about Palm Springs and the magazine and get over it…..but she can’t get over “kyle not defending me” from season 1. Thats a LONG ass time to hold a grudge.

    – I for one am glad that maybe Lisa will learn she put her eggs in the WRONG basket with Brandi…seriously….

    • Oh Well – you are correct on all points!

      I can’t imagine any person in Mauricio’s shoes not wanting to defend himself. The comments that stun me the most on here are those that say Kyle and Mauricio have no business to defend themselves, question, doubt…it is absurd and every single housewife would have been enraged if they were in Kyle’s shoes and that goes 10 times for Lisa.

      I also find bizarre the comments that blame Kyle for the cheating rumors being on the show – she didn’t put in on the show – Lisa and Brandi did several times. Kyle and Mauricio have just been defending themselves and trying to get to the bottom of who to trust – not so cut and dry with these women.

      Lisa keeps defending herself over and over and bringing up the bankruptcy slam by Brandi. Lisa tweeted it many times, media interviews, brought it up in her blog again today, she brings up at the reunion… because rightly so Lisa wants to 1. Defend herself and 2. Get an apology or retraction. If I use the same logic being applied by Lisa fans against Kyle and the cheating rumors, then I guess Lisa now solely responsible for the continued focus on the bankruptcy rumor, she’s looking for sympathy or trying to get more air time and a story line, should move on, doesn’t require an apology…

      Lisa fans can’t use the same logic and theory two completely different ways just to benefit Lisa. Brandi is responsible for hurting Lisa with the bankrupt rumors, just as Lisa and Brandi are responsible for putting Mauricio’s cheating rumors on the show and causing whatever damage that did to Kyle, Mauricio and her children. In both instances the repsonsible parties should apologize for their role and the women defending themselves or wanting answers are not the guilty party or instigators, plain and simple.

  • I know I am the minority – I do not believe for a second that Mauricio cheated on Kyle..flirt yes.

    blech..we have watched quasi flirting between Ken and Brandi, but actually having sex with someone that is not your spouse..nope..not mauricio and Kyle.

    Kyle and Mauricio have been married for a long long time and – okay rumors from strangers – of course would make both angry – but to have a “friend” put out their story, that is a different animal.

    I do feel for Kyle and Mauricio.

    • I do think Kyle should had been more mad at Brandi though. Brandi has been withholding this information on the rags and only revealed it because Lisa won’t fire S. Marie! Kyle should know be seeing Brandi’s intent and why Kyle is only being used as a pawn to get back at Lisa. However Kyle was bleeding for any kind of truth since supposedly her and Mauricio were upset by it.

      • I think Kyle was stunned. Then Mo blew up. She never really had the chance to let it sink in and think about it.Lisa brushed it off so did Ken who wasn’t there. But i don’t think she 100% believed Brandi. I think she was trying to get to the truth. Maybe if kim stayed out of it she might have gotten somewhere. Seems Kim is just as jelly as Brandi as soon as Kyle and Lisa start to get close again.

    • That’s right Brandi purchase the tabloids and had them on the table in full view when the other ladies would all be there to mock Kyle

      That’s manipulating
      That’s being calculating
      hoping someone is going to say something BS she might be able to use someday when Brandi isn’t their BFF anymore

      Yep Brandi is despicable

  • Here is my take on these people
    Kim – has resentment toward Lisa because Lisa is ALWAYS so dismissive of her
    Kyle – I’m sure she isn’t sure who to really believe, but I’m also sure she remembers how she felt when Lisa did this almost exact thing to her last year. Payback’s a bitch!
    Lisa – good intentions with the Brandi friendship, I truly believe she felt motherly toward Brandy is a way and truly was her friend. But, she finds she has another spoiled rotten surrogate child on her hands. Rooting for the underdog, y’know the old saying – you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. She needs to use that love at the animal shelter where she will be loved back unconditionally.
    Brandy – horrible since she arrived on the show. Trashy – Tamra on OC could take trailer park lessons from Brandi. I’m sure Lisa made a joke about the magazines and she went along with it. Lisa created a monster.
    Kim – sorry but she makes me smile
    Yolanda – ick- could not stand her since she first sprouted up in the lemon grove. Ick! Ick!

  • Let’s be honest about cheating allegations here. I believe all women that are in a relationship with a good looking successful man would feel a bit intimidated by those rumors. The truth is you never know. Its ridiculous for us women and some men to act like we are just so incredibly secure about someone else’s dealings. You can’t control someone else.

    • Well, you may feel that way, but I don’t. My husband is fiiiiine. Srsly. He models. And I know he loves me and wants me only.

      I have no insecurity about my relationship with him. I trust him – it’s never crossed my mind not to and why would it? He loves me to pieces and I feel the same way about him. Coolest dude I know.

  • Lisa may not have tried to bring the tabloid, but she did make a point to bring it up to Kyle as well as discuss it with her husband. And let’s not forget she made a mockery of mauricio business ethics. That was on video. So is it in her character to do the thing that Brandi is accusing her of. You tell me.

    I believe Brandy was not against it if it happened. I bet all three of them were hocking about it, but they all knew how bad they would look if they brought it.

    Kyle believing brandy without questions is really stupid on her part. She should of been more inquisitive while brandy was spewing shit.

    Yolanda has issues with Lisa. She acts like Lisa slept with muhammad while they were married or something, and she is just holding that close to her heart. I think at some point Lisa did. In my mind Lisa is very freaky like that. I would love to think she sleeps around and is a vixen. I don’t want that plump booty to go to waist.

    Joyce is very smart. Stay out of that one chil’. My condolences.

    Carlton. Not present. I like that. I like that a lot.

    • I didn’t feel like lisa mocked Mauricio’s business ethic. She made it sound like he was more about business than friendship. But, that was at the beginning of the season, and Brandi had done worse to kyle since then, like call her names at Palm Springs. If Brandi “didn’t want to do that to Kyle” and bring tabloids to PS, why did she go after Kyle at the dinner table. Such a caring compassionate soul, our Brandi.
      On the other hand, I totally agree that Yolanda has jealousy issues with lisa over Mohammed. Mohammed’s tribute to lisa at the dinner at SUR was probably the straw the broke the camel’s back for Yolanda, and subtlety went out the window when it came to taking lisa down.

    • Thats ^^^^^ My favorite comment of all Tell it …MrsTellit

      Thats why i don’t believe Brandy. If Lisa had wanted her to she would have thrown the tabloid on the dinner table. NOT repeatedly taken them out of her suitcase. Sorry That i don’t believe ..

      Maybe there was a plan ? Who knows who was in on it? Brandi Yoyo Carlton possibly Lisa?
      It’s was ultimately Brandi who bought the rags

      It was Brandi’s house the other were all at with the rag on the table probably cracking jokes about it
      I wonder if they were being filmed at Brandi’s house?
      Honestly i would love to see how each of those woman reacted to the magazine with the rumor
      Then in Palm Springs something changed
      Kyle was distraught
      Lisa shut Brandi up about the tabloids
      Right there and then is when i felt Lisa and Brandi’s friendship show cracks and break
      Brandi looked at Lisa with such daggers when Lisa told her to stop with the Kyle MO rumor attack …and after ….IMO >>> Lisa and Brandi have never been the same .
      Only Lisa didn’t realize the friendship was done till Puerto Rico

  • Notice Lisa does acknowledge the fact that she defended brandy even when brandy was wrong, and she fully expected the same in return. That sais a lot to me.
    Not only did Lisa know brandy was wrong all those times, and never told her so, but she fully expected the underdog, the needy one, to support her own bad behavior.

    Does this mean she is in fact guilty?

    • Excellent thought MrsTellit. I also caught that…basically Lisa was saying. ..I knew she was wrong but defended her anyway…is this because Lisa needed Brandeis big mouth hmmmm

  • Brandi said Lisa and Yolanda were both present when the tabloids were at Brandi’s . Yolanda never backed Brandi. I generally try to defend Kim but she was out of line. This shouldn’t have been brought up on the trip, but Brandi and Yolanda just wants it to be about them. A of them need to grow up and act like high class women not gutter trash.

  • When Brandi accused Lisa of being strategic and planning things, Lisa did not deny it. That’s very telling. The only thing she denied was being close to Scheana and using Scheana for press. Even that was a lie. Not sure how many people on this blog watch Vanderpump Rule, but it was clear that Scheana was more than just an employee and Lisa was close to Scheana. Not only did Lisa buy Scheana a dress, but Stassi spent the a number of episodes complaining about how she was on the outs with Lisa and Scheana had replaced her and became close to Lisa. I don’t know many bosses who spends a fortune on a designer dress for someone who is just an employee and her daughter’s friend.

    • I’m fond of my neighbors teenage son. We get along well. But I am FRIENDS with his mother. Lisa has said she feels like the SUR “kids” are like a family, which is why she didn’t fire Kristen. Doesn’t mean she considers them friends, in the sense that they are more likely Pandora’s friends.

      • Do you buy your neighbor’s son expensive things? Didn’t think so. The point is, Lisa IS close to Scheana. That’s a fact and anyone can see it on Vanderpump Rules. That’s not to say that Lisa used Brandi for her own personal gain or that she picked Scheana over Brandi. Call a spade a spade, Lisa is close to Scheana and there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t lie about it.

        • lisa can afford expensive things. like upgrading Stassi’s hote in Mexico. Paying for their drinks, etc. She was trying to explain that they weren’t friends like she considers Mohammed or Brandi friends. Stassi and Scheana are friends of Pandora’s and treated more like pampered pets than normal employees or friends of lisa’s for that matter.
          Off topic… AAAARRRGGGGHH! My damn
          “l” s are acting up on this bloody keyboard.

          • Scatty, let’s stop pretending that Scheana and Lisa aren’t close. Whether Scheana is Pandora’s friend or not, Lisa treats Scheana and Stassi, as though they are more than just her employees. Stassi spent the entire season bitching about how Sheana is close with Lisa and Pandora while she’s left out in the cold. I know you’re a huge Lisa fan and want to defend her, but let’s not try to rewrite history, unless of course, Vanderpump Rules is completely fake and scripted, which Lisa swore up and down its not.

          • Not only is Scheana a long time employee and good friends with Pandora but she is also one the stars of Lisa’s other show. Does Lisa discuses personal things with Scheana..I doubt it.Do they lunch together of go on double dates Doubt it. I think they are friendly NOT friends.

  • In the long run, its not about whether TABLOID’S were put in a suitcase..or NOT.
    The real story is whether Mauricio Cheated on Kyle, he sits there all pissed off in a
    huff, acting so smug. Kyle would rather argue about magazines, than find out if her husband is a RAT. LOL, she’s sooo confused. ha ha ha ha .

    Kim is really doesn’t know anything other than Ken and Lisa didn’t show up for
    her daughter graduation, and she is going to hold onto that grudge …like forever.

    I hope Ken and Lisa were able to get the first flight out…………….adios !

    • Truthfully, I wouldn’t put it past Mauricio. Plus, he’s a go getter, do anything for a commission!! 😉

      Personally, Kyle seems so distraught because I think a part of her actually believes it might be true.

      Yolanda….ahhh I don’t know. Lyme disease must really be affecting her…she doesn’t seem to recall anything.

      Kim…desperate to hang on to that Bravo paycheck and stay in Kyles good graces. After all. Doesn’t everyone remember when Kyle (in season 1) said Mauricio treats Kim like a 2nd wife. I would surmise that means he helps to pay for Kims expenses. Course….maybe Kim is the “other woman?” Juuuust kidding. But yes, she does need the paycheck and bash Lisa storyline is making her relevant.

      Brandi…please go back to the swamp you came from. Be a queen there. It boggles my mind as to why you are on Beverly Hills. I think you are sometimes funny and witty, but not a good fit…maybe on Honey Boo Boo you could land a role. You said Lisa never told you to say or do anything in a previous episode….now she pushed you to bring up stuff at Palm Springs? Make up your mind swamp queen.

      Lisa, I’m a fan of hers. And perhaps she did do what Brandi says. But let’s be honest. All these ladies are far from innocent. I do believe they are all upset because Lisa is a fan favorite and was on dancing with the stars (who couldn’t have used an extra $250k?). What better way to vindicate yourself and to appear a “hero” than to take down the fan favorite, and allegedly expose them as being a “villain?” Hmmm…ladies it doesn’t make you more likeable…but desperate.

    • Are you married? Would you act like that If it were you? Just wondering because a lot of single folks seem to think they would know what to do if they were in that position, but the truth is you never know.

      • I am married actually. It’s not that I’m insensitive. If it’s true I feel for her. Howeve, Kyle states in interviews that nothing can tear them down, they are strong, etc.

        But why fuel it and continue on about it? If you really knew in your heart of hearts that it wasn’t true, and had an utter conviction about it, then why go and on about it?

        Because there is something more going on.

        • Yes. There is definitely something more going. Kyle is displacing her anger at Mauricio and directing it at Lisa instead.

  • How can so many people see that Lisa has had a manipulative side to her since season 1? And that’s not to say that I haven’t always likes her. Her actions tonight were very suspicious to say the least. I don’t think I need to list them…surely everyone saw for themselves.

  • @ladybear – co-sign everything you’ve said! ESPECIALLY about Kyle believing Yolanda and Brandi’s words now as dogma! Clearly she is seeing what she wants to see(believe).

  • I just read yolondas blog and she admitted to NOT seeing Lisa put the tabloids in the bag!!! Wtf! All these people on here are saying Lisa lied about the tabloids blah blah blah when Carlton and yolonda are saying it didn’t go down like brandi said! Why didn’t yolonda say that when they table blew up about the whole issue?!

    I’m sorry, but people are saying how Lisa looked they think she was lying? Obviously perception is everything because to me it looked like Lisa had enough of rehashing an issue that already came up. Kyle obviously had an answer she specifically wanted to hear in her head, as did everyone else! Why didn’t she question brandi even having the magazines to begin with? With this thirst to want to believe these two hags who aren’t very partial to her any way! Kyle has named them both as liars in the past, but now their word is taken as dogma?

    Also, yolondas blog was ridiculous. She said she initially pulled Lisa aside to speak about her personal issues with her, but I mainly recollect her speaking on behalf of Brandi’s issues of Lisa and Kyle getting close. I don’t blame her for walking away. I walk away from people’s bull shit all the time. Im an adult, I don’t have to sit and listen to nobody’s whines about not being called enough when the other day they were complaining about being smothered or people inserting themselves in my relationships with others!

    You want to work on OUR issues? That’s fine, but it’s not a team sport.

    Perception is everything, but I understand when people talk about a slant. I agree Lisa can bitchfest with the rest of them, but seriously? It’s obvious the sour puss and whine-o are not credible in the least with their tall tales and shit stirring. This episode was pure pig swill. Straight up.

    • @ladybear – co-sign everything you’ve said! ESPECIALLY about Kyle believing Yolanda and Brandi’s words now as dogma! Clearly she is seeing what she wants to see(believe).

      • Yolo and brandi are going to devour the others and each other! Kyle and the rest better watch Lisa and take notes, cause they’re next. And honestly, I can’t wait. Kyle can believe all she wants…she’ll get burned like the rest either way.

    • @Ladybear

      Co-sign. If you’re talking on some stuff that I don’t give a damn about, I’m walking… End of story

      • Right!!!!

        I’m like who the hell are these people who are thinking she should have stayed? She’s not a child and she doesn’t have to listen to their BS! Obviously, that wasnt enough so they had to ruin dinner.

    • Kyle WANTS to believe Brandi because its plays into the picture that she’s been trying to paint of Lisa since season 2.

      • Kyle fell right into Brandi’s snap trap as soon she parroted all of kyles opinions on Lisa from previous seasons.

        She’s a fool not to catch that she is a means to an end in the grand scheme of things cooked up between yolo and brandi!

  • Has anyone read Joyce’s blog? I’m still neutral on her on the show (although her moment with her mother tonight was lovely).

    Seems like she has all these women’s number, and even admitted she spoke out of turn at dinner because she realizes now she didn’t know the whole situation. I know a lot of people hate Joyce for whatever reason (ridiculous since she has hardly done anything meriting that response, only reacting to Brandi), but her blogs read like the hard, honest truth to me.. and she is very fair to everyone including herself.

  • Lisa’s blog was enlightening. Brandi was acting like she and Lisa were BFF’s during the season 2 reunion when it turns out that they barely even saw each other. Brandi then told Lisa that everyone was plotting against her to bring her down in order to get in Lisa’s good graces since she was the only one who didn’t have a problem with Brandi. While they were filming this past season, Brandi saw that kyle and Lisa were on the road to their old friendship, so she purposely drove a wedge between the two of them and sided with Kyle bc let’s face it, Kyle is a bit of a moron and would believe the sky is green if you tell her enough. I think Brandi knows that Kyle is easily swayed and when you tell her something enough, she starts to believe it, so she took advantage of it. That said, I do think Lisa may have been involved in the magazine issue – their were rumors that Lisa had told Brandi to bring the mags, or at least knew about the mags, to Palm Springs while they were shooting in Palm Springs.

    Hopefully Kyle and Lisa will see what a miserable, jealous bitch Brandi is and make up. I miss their friendship!

    • I’ll never forget Brandi’s TH from last season talking about friendships are a competition for her. She said she was winning with Lisa. Brandi is a horribly jealous person. People like that are just miserable & want to make others feel bad.

    • Not to disagree with you, but I am , LOL. Lisa herself said her and Brandi became friends and bonded, over a rescue dog that needed help ASAP, so if she changed her story again, again she is lying ( Lisa). I do still think that the ladies back then very much so were trying to paint Lisa in a negative light, its too easy to discredit Brandi for your own benefit( How convenient).. so everyone listen to Brandi or the group? That sucks because I feel even though emotional at times, she is telling more truth then others! Too late for a real friendship, they both made that clear last 2 seasons. How would one ever trust the other? They all have their jealous moments as I said above, which some seem to forget!! Lisa in re to Kyle/ Taylor, Kyle in re to initial Brandi/Lisa
      In real life, if I felt someone close to me was a liar, backstabbing, just used me, etc.. I would question the authenticity of their character and the friendship. Why is it such a problem that Brandi has done that with Lisa? You guys kill me with everyone but Brandi can say it, think it , feel it.. Remember there were issues with some of these ladies before Brandi even joined the show.

    • Just think if Lisa would have listened to Kyle, Camille and Taylor that Brandi was lying and their was no meeting to take her down. Enforce the season 2 reunion, and only Adrienne was being a bitch, then things might be very different today.

      But the fact is that Lisa did choose to believe Brandi over her much longer friendships and it came back to hurt her in a bad way. Both Kyle and Joyce also warned her of Brandi and Yolanda at different times, but Lisa wanted to get back at Kyle and could not see reality – Karma, Karma, Karma

  • Well, LOL, its only the first full day in gorgeous PR, (they haven’t even been on their
    cruise), and the mini vacation is ruined. Gawd forbid anyone ruin Gigi’s party, but
    this entitled bitch, Yo, doesn’t care that she is going ‘wreck’ Everyone’s stay.
    Just like Palm Springs, disrespecting the hostess and (host), once again.

    Age and gender have nothing to do with the way Yo spoke to Ken, so rude, out
    of line, and uncalled for. Maybe if her husband was around, she would not be so
    inclined to fight other people’s battles, or sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

    Kyle hangs onto Mauricio like a barnacle on the bottom of a ship, she never lets go.
    Its ok …….no one wants him ….echo echo echo echo
    Kyle you are not a victim, even though you love playing one tv/ real life??
    Same goes double for Brandi!!

  • I don’t find it hard to believe that Lisa said something about those magazines at Brandi’s house (she admits to being there) She was dishonest about the necklace and what she said and I have no problem believing that she could lie about her involvement in trying to get the magazines to Palm Springs. I’m so sorry that people honestly believe this woman who JUST LIKE THE OTHER WOMAN…joined this show, doesn’t have an agenda to bring the drama and make herself look as good as possible. I don’t blame her I just hope she can give an apology because really..she does owe them out just like the other ladies do.

  • IDK why some of you here are surprised that Lisa is being shown as maybe not so innocent! None of them are, they all end up getting no so good airings on film. Its not all hate; Im disappointed in her, but they all give reasons to bitch about. So she is not 100 % classy with clean hands? It happens. The others know her- we do not personally. I actually liked Joyce for 5 minutes tonight when she was with her Mother!
    People get mad at each other, their friendships ( if you want to call them that) are not all shits and giggles. If the majority of them are peeved at Lisa this time around, maybe there are reasons for it? Some pretty harsh things being said and brought up that I as a real human, would question also if I were them. If someone was making me feel some type of way that is supposed to be close to me, it needs taken care of, point blank! No one wants to wander around questioning if a BFF is a poo head with ill intentions!

  • Where do I start?

    I don’t feel it was Yolanda’s place to approach Lisa about Brandi’s issues with her. Quite frankly, Brandi’s issues with Lisa are between the two of them and should be resolved by the two of them. If Yolanda has issues with Lisa, she should sit down with her separately.

    Why did Brandi have these tabloids to begin with, I wonder? Why would she leave them out where everyone would see them, if she’s Kyle’s buddy?

    Kim & Yolanda were not present when Brandi & Lisa supposedly had the tabloid discussion, but are quick to take Brandi’s side and join the fray. Kim doesn’t like Lisa because Lisa has called her on her sh!t in the past. So much for making amends, Kim.

    Brandi has a history of misrepresenting facts. For example,she kept saying the Maloofs were suing her, when in fact they simply sent her a cease & desist letter. Then last week, she claimed her ex was asking her for child support, when in fact, he merely overpaid & was trying to get the $100k+ back.

    I think the other women are jealous of Lisa’s popularity & want to bring her down a notch or two, housewives style aka via lowbrow high school mean-girl behavior. So much for keeping it classy in Beverly Hills.

    Love Joycita – tried to dislike her & just can’t. She’s a lovely person inside & out. I’m sure Brandi will target her next.

  • Ugh WHY does everyone think Lisa is so perfect?! Brandi is a train wreck and YoYo is the last thing from a “girls girl” but Lisa is a bitch a lot of times…I don’t get why everyone acts like Lisa can do no wrong…annoying.

    • I don’t get it either. I guess we all see things differently. Lisa has not been a Kyle fan and has said some hurtful things the past 2 years, including her husband and her character effecting their business…why would she believe her (not that I would believe Brandi either).

    • I agree!! I guess it can be hard to take a nuanced view of these things. It’s like a modern-day soap opera, so people tend to want to have a Good Guy and a Bad Guy.

    • Yo’s tagline: Don’t tell me you’re my friend, act like one.

      Translation: Are you a Hollywood friend or a real friend?

  • I am very confused. Brandi says Lisa wanted her to bring the tabloids, so they confront Lisa who denies this. Then, at dinner, it’s “I want to give lisa another chance to tell the truth.” It seems as if Kyle already had it in her head that she thought Lisa was lying, and did she think the best place to bring it up was at a dinner with everyone there who she knew was on Brandi’s side?

    Whether or not you believe Lisa, the situation was handled very poorly by people who are supposed to be her friends.

    And as a side, Brandi thinks Lisa “enlisted” Scheana to start something with Brandi. The girl has worked for Lisa for 5 years, way before Lisa even knew Brandi so I’m not entirely sure how that makes any sense?

    Idk I feel like this episode was just insanity all around and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wrap my head around it until the season is over lol

    • Read lisa and ypyos blogs. Lisa not only burns yolanda but gives a detailed timetable of schaena and brandi. Yoy also cops to not seeing lisa put the tabloids in the suitcase. Evn if u buy lemons lemonade about not stating this because of ken THERE IS NO REASON why she couldnt have mentioned this to kyle. And if she did say this to kyle thn shame on kyle for siding with brandi. Yoyo is lowlow loco and foolo shito.

    • I think Lisa fibbed about her knowing Scheana, and “knowing” Scheana their relationship had way more to it then Lisa let on to Brandi, and Brandi was questioning things, ya know like Lisa and her hindsight does? Then she was always making Brandi feel like she had to be nice to the mistress ( be the bigger person), for business sake, knowing full well what Scheana had done! That is shitty.

      • Neither of them began a friendship on good grounds. Brandi is only on this show becuz of her PR stunt with cedric, a man that seriously abused his relatio ship with the pumps. I dont beleive lisa knew before pitching VPump rulez about schaena but once she found out scheana had to join the show. Schean worked for lisa BEFORE brandi came around. Lisa also told carlton that the necklace ring crown may hav been a peace offering. Those words came out of her mouth. Lisa’s hands are definately NOT clean. But they are nowhere near as muddy as some of these other ladies. But thats why i watch the show. By the way. Yoos blog states she never saw lisa try to put the tabloids in the suitcase in an attempt for brandi to bring them. This whole end season is because contracts are up. Negotitations are in order after this season and if any of these ladies want a raise they have to bring down lisa who is not only on rhobh but has a more successful spnoff in vpump rules and a potential spinoff for the new restaurant lisa’s been working on.

        • Daniel, Cedric has ZERO to do with getting people on this show, so I disagree that she is on because of Cedric. Kyle is the only one who has any ties with production.

      • Ehh, the Scheana thing to me loses credibility for Brandi because

        a. Lisa has stated time and time again she knew Scheana before she became friends with Brandi
        b. Brandi surely jumped at that lunch with Scheana Lisa set up because it gave her camera time and played into her sympathetic-victim storyline
        c. if she went along with B she can’t be pissed at Lisa for her motives now (business)— Brandi had the SAME motives for going to lunch with Scheana (camera time = business move!)

        like someone else said… it’s just a big mess and who cares at this point? Why is Brandi harping on this NOW?

        She keeps accusing Lisa of befriending her out of convenience and using her blah blah blah… Um, why do you think BRANDI befriended LISA?

        • sorry my third point (c) was confusing… What I meant was.. If Brandi went along with Scenario B (the lunch with Scheana) then her friendship with Lisa with based on business motives too partly!

          woof, Michers I admire your loyalty to Brandi at this point! 🙂

        • Scheana, is the new Lee Ann. There has to be
          someone to blame for all of Brandi’s ‘woe is me’
          moments. She knew we were tired of hearing about LAR.

          Brandi oh Brandi ………happy people
          pass your way……you can’t wait to take that all away, oh brandi.

    • Maybe Kyle wanted to see Lisa tell Brandi it wasn’t true .Maybe she wanted to see which one is more believable when they are discussing it together.

  • I don’t always comment but I cannot stand Brandi. What it all comes down to is her hate for Shaina sp. If she hates her everyone must hate her. Since Lisa employs her Brandi feels like it is only to hurt her. News flash Brandi, the world does NOT revolve around you. I doubt 5 years ago Lisa sought out Shaina just to make Brandi miserable. That is the reason Brandi is hating on Lisa because Lisa won’t fire Shaina. And YoYo is in on the fight because she has nothing else to offer. Kim needs to shut up.

    • So why does;t Brandi HATE BRAVO and ANDY They employ Scheana too??
      Or did Brandi forgets who really makes the rules?

  • Yolandas blog is up. In it she states she NEVER saw Lisa put the tabloid in the suitcase. Why didnt you speal up???? Yoyo is seriously DISTURBED.

    • Bottom line is if Lisa wanted Brandi to bring the Tabloids Brandi would have brought the tabloids.
      Maybe Lisa saw the tabloids and asked if she was bringing them to Palm Springs? AS A JOKE ( still cruel if true)
      We know how Brandi twists shit

      • I dont for one second beleive lisa didnt see the tabloids. Shes caught btwn a rock and a hardplace. If she admits to seeing the tabloids shell be pinned to brandis lie. However brandi bought the tabloid. With her hard earned child support. Yoyo says lisa never put the tabloid in the suitcase. Yoyo also doesnt say she heard lisa say bring these to palm springs. Kyle really should be looking into brandi and yoyo on this issue.

    • Just read the comments on Yo’s blog(couldn’t bear to read her self-delusions, just read the comments)and I was SHOCKED. She got 2 supportive comments out of 93. What is wrong with those two people?? 😉

  • This season is completely toxic and I’ve lost all respect for this show if I’m quite hounest brandi just attacks everyone she’ll drive lisa off the show if she’s still on next season and then pick her next target time to fire brandi and bring back some decent housewives otherwise bravo the sinking ship of Beverly Hills will sink more and more

    Fire kim, brandi and Carlton

  • Ok I have had a bad day, so Yolanda is full of shit. Lisa is not the bad guy. Brandi is also full of shit. I do not even want to watch this crap. Kyle has to be the queen bee, & has had an agenda Yolanda. Oh, the insult on Lisa’s age. Yolanda is a witch. I cannot believe this crap. I cannot deal with this with having real problems. These idiots look for problems. How perfect they are. I cannot believe I actually wish Carleton had gone & find it perfectly suited for Kyle, & Brandi & the perfect Yolanda to bring up this crap. Kim needs the job so the drama to keep the mom is very ill, I am ill. What a waste, I’m out.

    • I caught that insult about Lisa’s age (“a fifty-five plus woman…”) too!

      Of course, everyone will say Lisa was being too sensitive.. BUT there’s no way Yolanda didn’t know Lisa was 52 when she said that comment!

        • it’s not really about how old Lisa looks — it’s that Yolanda, who can’t seem to talk about anything but Lisa, made the comment that she’s a 55 or older woman when I’m sure she def knows her real age is closer to 50 than 60

          Anyways, it’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.. just another example of Yoyo the lemonhead’s passive aggressive treachery.

          • YES, Yolanda said that to Lisa for a major dig. I have no doubt in my mind, like several have said, that she is jealous of Lisa and Mohammed’s friendship. What else could it be? Agree with all that said Yolanda had no business starting this conversation with Lisa, It was Brandi’s place.

            I didn’t miss Carlton at all tonight.

            I don’t blame Kyle at all for asking about the magazine’s when both Lisa and Brandi were together. I would of done the same thing.

            Kim is so angry with Lisa. This is why she told Mo that mag gate was a fact instead of saying, this is what I heard from Brandi.

          • it was just an honest observation.

            Maybe she did mean it as a dig, idk, but I think Yolanda’s point was: “your wife is old enough to handle this/speak for herself.”

  • Kim made me laugh when she spoke Spanish.

    Brandi acting like she needs Lisa’s queen bee approval was laughable.

    I do not understand Yo’s point of view at all.

    I do not understand why Kyle and Mo take what Brandi says at face value. This is the dumbest scandal and borderline insulting to the viewers intelligence. This season is such a let down.

    • Sorry, posted too soon. I meant to say – I wonder if part of Ken’s anger is because Mauricio seems so quick to believe the others. It always seemed like they had their own friendship separate from their wives.

      • I agree, when people might have had questions, doubts, or suspicions
        about Mauricio, Ken had NO hesitation, he trusted and believed in his
        I think Ken was a little more than surprised to find out that the value of
        their friendship was not reciprocated.

        This isn’t the first time Mauricio has turned his back on Ken.

  • Brandi has admitted she has sold stories about Eddie and Leeann to the tabloids, why would anyone believe that she is not doing it now. When these came out she was against Kyle. Now that she is against Lisa she is blaming it on her. They all know what a lying bitch she is and if they did’t they should know it now after all the crap she has tweeted about and said on her podcast.

  • 5 years from now, both Yoyo and kyle will be divorced, brandi will be writing a book called botox and restalyne, 50 ways to fill your face and kim will slurring about how her dog has to go off to college

    • And 5 years from now, Lisa’s new pet project will turn against her and say she’s manipulative and calculating.

      • @Michelle you’re so right! Even tonight she made a comment about rooting for the underdog… and then getting bitten by the underdog.

        I actually love Lisa but a part of me admits that she likes playing the Lady Bountiful, supporting the underdog…. til they turn on her. But that doesn’t mean she’s evil, just vain. And I don’t believe her intentions are impure either – just because she enjoys playing the part doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t genuine, I believe she was a true friend to Brandi.

          • Ha, I re-read your comment and realized that after I posted (and felt like an idiot)….

            I actually don’t disagree with anyone who says Lisa can be calculating. Ughhhh DUH – that’s why these women HATE her… she’s smarter than them and plays the game better.

            However, I don’t think she’s evil and I DON’T think she manipulated Brandi into doing anything she wasn’t begging to do already. And I just like her the best because, hell, she entertains me!

          • I don’t think Lisa is evil or anything. I think she’s manipulative and calculating and that’s why she’s a fan favorite. She knows how to make people look dumb and how to make herself look good, but most don’t see Lisa is the exact same as Kyle and everyone else (except maybe Brandi. Lisa can never be on that level of trash). I think you would have to be like Lisa in order to survive reality TV.

          • Actually, I think Kyle plays the game better. At the beginning of the season, they were treating Kyle like crap, and now the whole group has turned on Lisa. Now she’s trembling, smoking cigarettes.

            Don’t make comments about Kyle’s marriage in her house in front of her daughter! lol

          • Lifetmemovie, not sure if it’s Kyle who’s playing the game better or if it’s Brandi. Kyle is easily swayed and wants to be liked by everyone. She doesn’t like confrontation and that’s why she bitches about people in the talking head or behind their back. Lisa and Kyle were fine until Brandi started hanging out with Kyle and whispering in her ear about Lisa.

          • I don’t think Lisa and Kyle were fine. They just know how to act civil towards one another, and can put aside their differences to throw a birthday party, etc.

            Brandi has overplayed her hand, and I doubt that she and Lisa will ever be true friends again.

            I think Kyle and Lisa will eventually make up, which is what Kyle has wanted all long. Of course, this will make Brandi go nuts. I hope Kyle hasn’t told Brandi any secrets!

      • Dead right. Total pattern here. First taken in by grifter Cedric, then grifter Taylor, who’d even tried to take her down, then Brandi … I don’t think Lisa can change, but I hope she does.

        • Lisa also defended the indefensible, morally bankrupt Stacci. The way Lisa defended and vouched for Stacci’s horrible actions at the first VPR reunion stunned me – I believe in loyalty but not sweeping horrific behavior under the rug and excusing it.

          Now Stacci walked out on Lisa and SUR without a word and Lisa said again she got hurt. I really don’t understand the pattern Lisa has of befriending and defending tooth and nail people with sketchy pasts and rancid behavior- Cedric, Taylor, Brandi Stacci… What does Lisa get out of it – total adoration then the inevitable betrayal. Doesn’t make any sense.

      • OY i need to get offline before this episode turns me into a raving Lisa fangirl!

        I swear, only a month or two ago I was pretty neutral on all these women…

    • I highly doubt that Kyle and Mauricio will be divorced, they have been married for 20 years 🙂 They seem to have a great marriage and beautiful family.

        • I agree and many of Kyle’s. family scenes seem so staged. For example, the basketball scene. I get bored with them

      • I agree @debbie1, it seems to me that they have a solid and real marriage. I love their interaction, beautiful children, and she seems like such a good mom.

  • I totally think Lisa was in cohoots with Brandi about the magazine gate but Brandi is trying to pin it all on Lisa. I’m so over Lisa’s “I’m such a victim” act. She spent the better half of the season trashing Kyle and the latter half acting like they were BFF’s again. Lisa is as fake as the rest of them.

    The dumbest person is Kyle. Firstly, she and Brandi aren’t really friends, so I’m not sure why she’s taking Brandi’s words over Lisa’s. I’m not sure why Kyle isn’t questioning Brandi’s motives. Kyle and Lisa are in a good place and out of nowhere, Brandi feels the need to be “honest” with Kyle? She had how many months to “warn” Kyle about Lisa but she chooses the moment where their friendship is back on track to bring up magazine gate? I love Kyle, but she’s so stupid, it’s hard to feel bad for her. She’s being played like a fiddle by Yolanda and Brandi.

    Lastly, Ken has been hanging around Yolanda too much bc he’s taken the “how to be a hypocrite” page right out of her book. Remember when he bitched about Michael defending Joyce at Lisa’s dinner party? He’s doing the same now that his wife is the one being attacked. What happened to men shouldn’t get involved in their wive’ fights? I guess that applies to everyone but Ken.

    • Kyle is dumb. Brandi is jealous. Yolanda is nosy. Kim is weird. Lisa acts like a victim. That about sums up the whole episode.

    • I don’t feel bad for Kyle one bit. Nothing else can exain this but dumb. Then she is gonna cry when Brandi attacks her. Girl bye.

    • Kyle is a moron, but Brandi played the percentages. The person who admits they played a role in it is always going to be believed over the one who’d never admit she had anything to do with it.

  • Crap! My Lemon Yolo came across as more nosey and bitchy?

    Show came on an hour ago in my town, waiting until later to watch. But by the looks of the posts, I may have to watch it sooner than later.

    I always pick the wrong ones on these shows, Lol.

    • I only liked looking at Puerto Rico, and a different side of Joyce (for me). Sooo sick of mean girl shit. What happened to picking up a phone or going for coffee. I felt sorry for Mo, and even Ken. Jmo!

      • I felt sorry for Ken and Mo too. I think they have always liked each other for many years and the drama between the ladies keeps hurting them.

        Let’s face it- Ken really did defend Mauricio even when Lisa yelled at him and insisted thar “she really didn’t know if Mauricio did it, he could have.” Ken knows that what Lisa said crossed the line when he was defending Mauricio as she said it — but he also knows that will be hard for Mauricio to forgive and trust Lisa again (after the business slams too.) Ken was hoping it had been swept under the rug and they could pretend it never happened, no apology needed.

        Ken will always stand with Lisa, as he damn well should, but I think he wishes his wife never brought this storyline to the show too.

  • I hate Brandi and Yolanda with the heat of a thousand white hot suns. Yes, I AM that invested –any supercilious scoffers that might be tempted to say that. And I despise Kim and Kyle and even Mauricio as well. They all kept claiming, they wanted to know, but then they didn’t like the answer and kept asking. The answer is not going to change. Ken was right, they just have to decide whom to believe. They are contemptible. I’m too mad to watch any more. Thank God it’s over. Brandi looks so pleased. I hope she gets what she deserves in life. And it won’t be pretty boozy bitch.

    • This whole thing is a hot mess. Lisa needs to own up to throwing shade especially when it comes to her talking heads. Yolanda co-signs to anything what Brandi spits out her trap. Brandi and that botoxed cheshire cat smile, yeah, she was pleased! Kyle all of sudden believe people shes hated for 2 years straight! And Kim, yeah, Kim.

      The people who are looking good in this whole situation is Carlton because she was at home and Joyce because she was a spectator.

      • Eggzactly! Whether Lisa was behind the magazine scandal or not, why is Kyle believing Brandi or Yolanda, who she called a liar, over Lisa?! I can see Kyle’s point on Lisa still being mad at her and still wanting to punish her and maybe she’s right, but WHY WOULD SHE JUST TAKE BRANDI’S WORDS AT FACE VALUE?! Kyle is such a moron sometimes, it’s aggravating.

        • Mhmm… Kyle was in desperate need for the truth. Brandi and Yolanda was feeding her what she thought was the 100% truth. I still say Brandi and Lisa knew about the rag magas, but it to say Lisa put them in her suitcase, I don’t believe. I think Brandi has been waiting to take down Lisa for a while, it’s how she took down Adrienne. Kyle best watch her back in befriending Brandi. She’s a snake!

    • I don’t blame Maurico for getting angry. In the past Lisa said that he only befriended her for a listing. This season she brought up the cheating rumors in his house, in front of his child. Now it’s coming up again. I don’t blame him for demanding an answer. It’s his character they’re talking about.

      • Exactly @lifetimemovie
        I wouldn’t know who to believe in this situation either. Lisa has been pretty shitty to Kyle the last 2 seasons & especially at last reunion. Definitely don’t blame Mo for wanting an answer…Lisa trashed him more than once.

      • Mauricio aggressively defended Adriene for her listing. That was obvious to anyone who was paying attention and not totally biased.

        • Mauricio and Paul were good friends and still are good friends. Just because Lisa makes an inflammatory statement about someone does not mean it is true or her fans have to take it at face value. Since Paul and Mauricio are still good friends, Lisa’s point is proven completely false anyway. If Mauricio only defended Paul & Adrienne to get the house listing, then why didn’t Mauricio drop him as a friend after the house was sold. Paul was just one of Mauricio’s guests at the joint birthday party at Lisa’s house in fact as shown on the episode.

          And it is not a stretch to defend and stand for someone when Brandi purposely hurt children by putting the surrogacy information on the show – that was only Paul and Adrienne’s information to share about their innocent children and young children should never be collateral damage just for some vengeful act by Brandi. Even Lisa admitted what Brandi said was wrong and she should not have done it, so why wouldn’t Mauricio think it was wrong too. That Lisa and Ken didn’t drop Brandi after the that cruel act against children was ridiculous and now they are paying the price and too know what if feels like to be targeted by Brandi.

    • I agree. The best answer was when Ken told them that they had to decide who to believe. The matter should have ended there?

  • Im sorry butt Ken has said over and over that men should not get involved…hes also said…if a woman does have a man backing her a man should not attack her (verbally) hes done both…he is being a hypocite..he thinks his wife is perfect…he should. Thing is… she’s not.

    • The man is there to back her when it’s a gang up. Like he was there for Brandi when he though she was being ganged up on. If it’s one on one, fine. If it’s civilized, fine. But if one party wants to end the convo and the other insists, and won’t leave you to sunbathe in peace and invades your space, then bring on the backup.

      • But Brandi was not getting gung up on. Just because Mauricio was giving his opinion on the matter, he is married, and a man, that it is automatically a gang up? Paul and Adrienne had every right to say what they said to her. The “she is a single mother” is a BS excuse. She is a grown ass woman with a mind.

        He did not seem to have much of an issue when Joyce’s husband defended her, but he is being a hypocrite, for what he said about Paul and Mauricio last season, when he is more harsh than the latter was.

        • just like maurico was a hypocrite at that dinner when he was arguing with brandi, and he said to lisa ‘ who cares what stories people say about you’
          everyone of them has their hypocrite moments

      • Yeah, & I noticed that Lisa made sure to tell him to never take up for Brandi again. You do a nice thing & like Lisa said they felt she was the underdog & they got bit. Ken adores Lisa & she him.

    • AGREE!! I think the fans seem to forget that he is indeed the one who said that. Lisa is a grown woman and should have talked to Kyle one on one, Kyle deserved an honest answer from her.

      • Kyle got an honest answer. She wouldn’t accept it because she wanted to milk it in order to make Lisa appear evil.

  • Still have a lump in my throat, Joyce is so very strong and her mom is beautiful and Puerto Rico is beautiful.

    Wow, and Lisa kept this under her hat for this long? wow

  • Sad!!!!!

    I will join the chant now that Brandi needs to go. I remember how fun this show was in season 1. It has changed so much that I understand the low ratings.

    Lisa needs to move on with her life. Not sure what upside she is getting from it.

    • I’m proud of Ken though! The nerve of Yolanda telling him to stay out of it. Like that is his wife and her person to defend her on the trip! All of them have their person(S) to defend them. Yolanda is being gross tonight.

  • Brandi talking about Lisa’s spell?!

    Next episode she’ll be accusing Lisa of boiling live schoolchildren from the Valley in a cauldron and blame it on Carlton.

    YES I KNOW she wasn’t literally talking about witchcraft.. oh now Yolanda’s talking about LIsa’s “power over Kyle.”

  • I have always enjoyed Allabouttrh twitter and website but have to say that I am not visiting this site as often anymore because I don’t like the constant pro Kyle anything slant. I recognize that it’s a difference of opinion as many feel the same way about the pro-Teresa slant, which I do like. I just can’t stomach it with Kyle and I remember when it started…. Kyle is the manipulator not Lisa and I’m done reading about it. There are plenty more sites who are not pro Kyle like this one. Sigh…guess I’ll be back more often when RHNJ comes back on…

    • Wait…don’t leave!!!! There are many of us out here that feel the same way you do. Now, while I have always liked Lisa, I don’t mind Kyle as much as I used to…..But I HATED her prior seasons and I can’t believe she is believing Brandi over Lisa….I just can’t believe it. But, stay…..I will agree with you…

    • This site is pro Kyle? Golly. Just because Rox and Ashley are not the biggest Lisa fans, go to Kyle for exclusives because of their personal encounters with them, and people here call BOTH of them out, does not mean all of us are Pro-Kyle.

      You also just said that you have no problem with the constant Pro-Teresa because it suits your needs? WOW. Hypocrisy.

      Kyle gets called out A LOT here, and MANY do not like her here, and almost NO ONE sees her as a victim, which is not the case for Teresa. I am sorry if this site is less enjoyable for you, but this site is not all Pro-Kyle, and she is not getting praised here. You want Kyle to be ripped a new one, but when she is not and Lisa is not getting praised, it is an issue?

    • I don’t find this site all pro Kyle when Kyle is acting like a doofus. I can not stand Kyle. I despised her after she picked Taylor over her sister. And threw Lisa under the bus also for Taylor and then Adrienne. And I don’t buy her pitiful “I don’t know whom to believe” act for a minute. I totally agree with you that she is manipulative. She sooo knows what Brandi and Yolanda are up to. She loves it. And loves trying out her acting chops on us. Well, don’t expect any awards Kyle, because I’m not convinced. Just the opposite.

    • And I’m sure you loved this site when they were 100% pro-Lisa and constantly bashed Kyle the last 3 seasons. Just because Lisa’s true colors are starting to show and the writers’ opinions of Lisa are changing doesn’t make this site any more pro-Kyle. If you want a blog that constantly kisses Lisa’s ass regardless if she’s right or wrong, go to reality tea or stoopid housewives. You won’t feel like the minority. 😉

      • @michelle right on!

        reality tea commenters are a bit too harsh and invested for my taste. SH is NUTS herself and the commenters there seem like they’re all going through hardcore menopause (no offense to anyone going through menopause)–so i’m personally thankful for this site and its regular (and some lurker) commenters.

        And I’m a kyle fan who has had to read mad shiz about her, but don’t complain about it. Rather, I engage in dialogue and debate.

          • OH and she definitely hates all the women! except for Camille. She weirdly loves Camille for some reason (no dig against, Camille – I like her too!) it’s just random…

          • I miss Camille! She needs to return so bad because all these females are a mess and can’t deliver the good drama like she could.

          • the blogger for SH is a straight up bully. it’s one thing for her to voice her opinion about them from what’s being shown, but it’s another when she personally attacks them and call them names. i totally get people not like Kyle or Brandi, but to refer to them as “hagface” or “drunkotis” all the time is disgusting. the blogger, seriously, needs help. her hatred for the housewives, whether right or wrong, is borderline creepy.

          • @Nicole totally agree!

            Also – she is SO rude to her commenters! I saw someone ask a completely valid question once and she ripped their heads off. Hard to respect her opinion when she has zero respect for anyone that takes the time to read her stuff (we’re not talking about allabouttrh here so no one freak out!)

          • I once wrote a comment there and she completely changed my words around in the comment box! I asked a question regarding why she wrote something about Yolanda’s daughter and she wrote an entire paragraph making it seem like I called her Yoda. It was super weird. What the fuck is she on?

          • @Gimme I’ve been about to comment a few times… then decided not to because I figured it’d either get deleted, attacked/misconstrued, or… (and I admit this is ridiculous) I’d start getting some kind of weird hate-email/spam!!! I’m not kidding… that site is bananas.

            Also, I have been meaning to say this for a while but I ADORE your username. I loathe NJ and Teresa, but that Milania is GOLD. I would seriously watch a show just about her terrorizing her family.

          • Ugh, I haven’t visited SH since she went on a totally random racist rant on a RHOA article about a year ago. It wasn’t about anyone on the show, it was just a rant about “those people” and it was disgusting.

          • I was a commenter on SH, but stopped after I saw some patterns over there that you commenters were saying here. SH is VERY harsh, and it is a complete different level when you are captioning on HW pictures, and editing them.

            I am shocked that NO ONE brings up Tamara Tattles. I and others have been attacked for simply having a different opinion, and the commenters and TT rip someone apart for the dumbest reasons. You have to kiss ass over there so much, and everyone is so bitter. A lot worse than Stoopid Housewives.

            I am glad that I have been welcomed by you all with open arms. We are allowed to have differing opinions on here with one another, and the bloggers. It is nice to debate and to read insightful comments.

          • @jayden I have never been to tamara tattles.. sounds miserable and somewhere I’ve been lucky to avoid!

            I can understand angry commenters/posters, but it really baffles me when the bloggers themselves jump in like SH! like.. talk about biting the hands that feeds you.

            Anyways, like you I am grateful for a site like this one that keeps the malice to a minimum! I feel like even the people I disagree with the most here are civil and we all can joke with each other.

          • Hands down, worst blogger is Ilana Angel of the Jewish Journal, she is a POS! She is so far up Brandi’s ass, she even calls Joyce “Jacqueline” and has a dirty mouth like Brandi. However, Danielle Henderson at Vulture is great and hilarious!

          • Had no idea SH did that with RHOA WarOnTara… not to say one can control anyone’s blogs and opinions, but I didn’t like how the person did a whole political rant about Obama about a month or so go. I’m thinking “I came here for housewives shade not this mess.” I havent posted since that mess appeared on that blog.

            As for TamaraTattles, I have had no issues from her. I tend to like her dish when I come around to reading it.

          • Agatha, it is terrible over there. There are rumors that TT herself created a sockpuppet comment, so she can be even more hostile, and bully all the other commenters.

            SH was banned on WordPress, but I think they took her back.

          • @cajsa I get the impression “ms sh” dislikes Lisa “vandownbytheriver”pump as she calls her just as much as the others… she seems to have disgust/contempt for all of them. Some of this rightly deserved, I’ll admit.

          • She attacked me and banned me after making my very first and last comment. I defended Johanna when she was attacked and received a barrage of ridicule from her. I wonder what she is like in person.

        • I agree. That tea site has some over the top Lisa fans.

          Stoopid HW has some of the strangest articles, specifically, the photoshop pictures. It is childish.

          I kind of like all of the housewives but I am firmly on Brandi, Yolanda’s, and Kyle’s side of this.

          Also, so many posts are about magazines . . I think the Scheanna storyline is a bigger story.

          This forum is balanced.

      • I agree Michelle. If you need to majority to be in your favor you could try reality tea who does love Lisa to bits.

    • Hi El

      I heart Kyle and I can tell you – there is no way this is pro Kyle site.

      She gets called out for being a bitch, etc. I mean really?

      So when Kyle gets a story or two in her favor – I love it. Seriously when Kyle has a zit – WW6000 starts.

      All of this cast now, have been put through their paces on this site,cuz we look at RH from every possible angle..

      Taking a break is a good things sometimes.

      But really this site is no where near pro Kyle – and even if it was WTH cares.

      Post whenever and whatever.

    • Thanks. You have stated perfectly what I have been thinking about this site. There are so many Kyle loving shills here. Kyle has demonstrated from the very beginning that she is a mean and jealous person, but so many bloggers here think she and Mauricio are perfect human beings.

    • Why is Kyle vile for wanting answers — everyone dragged her marriage rumors threw the mud this episode and season, including Lisa. Why is it so beyond awful for Kyle to want to know what happened.

      With the shoe on the other foot–Look how angry and defensive Lisa has been the last two weeks about the false bankruptcy rumor. Yes, Lisa had every right to defend herself against Brandi and put Brandi in her place and demand an apology–which Lisa has done all of the above. Therefore so does Kyle because Lisa trashed Mauricio to Ken on air. Neither Lisa or Brandi’s hands are clean since both ultimately brought the rumors on the show. Lisa demanded an apology from Brandi for spreading false rumors –will Lisa and Brandi show some class and also apologize for spreading false rumors or does the double standard continue.

      • You are absolutely right! Lisa tells everyone to “get over it” and claims to never tweet, but let one negative thing about her come out and BAM…she is tweeting up a storm in defense of a silly rumor! Lisa’s fans cry foul & say Brandi’s BK rumors could hurt Lisa’s business but, seem to forget Lisa’s little luncheon where she slandered Mauricio’s business. If Lisa can dish it out….

        • I agree Debbie, and also if I may add here something about double standards and how ridic they are at times here: pretty much EVERYTHING Lisa says, so conveniently is said to be in jest or a joke. So what is real that comes out of her mouth? That is like saying for last couple seasons she has done nothing but joke, even about serious topics? But if anyone else, and ( I hate to say this but Brandi) thinks they are making light or joking, they are crucified???? The dishing out and not taking it is killing me with these ladies!

  • STFU KIM!!! Mauricio asks if the story about about the magazines was true and that dimwit says yes. Like she was there. Dimwit is just as nasty deep down as her sister. So how does Kim suddenly become one of 3 peope saying the same thing about Lisa? She only knows what Brandi and Kyle and Yolanda said. Dimwit is just as nasty deep down as her sister. And if Mauricio can’t see what Brandi and Yolanda (who Kyle already previousy labeled a liar) are up to, he is as braindead as his sister-in-law. Sucker.

    • I caught that too and it really annoyed me (when Mauricio asked if it was true and Kim said YES). What she SHOULD HAVE said was – “That’s what BRANDI said.” Then she could have added that she believes it’s true, that Lisa is awful, that the sky is green, etc… But the way she said it was a misrepresentation.

      • of course – asking for a lucid, coherent response from Kim is like asking for your change back from a broken vending machine…. you ain’t ever gonna get it.

        • I loved the way when Ken asked Kim why she wasn’t at his daughter’s wedding and she replied she was moving. Oh….ok… that is a good reason to miss something, but being out of town just isn’t.

      • I think Kim is out for blood with Lisa. I don’t think she wants Kyle and Lisa friends anymore than Brandi. She’s always been uncomfortable with the relationship between them two.

        I also hate to say this, but I don’t think she’s sober and obviously not following the 12 steps. The show is not the place for her. Especially with all the stupid insipid drama she involves herself in.

        • @ladybear I agree with you on Kim’s feelings about Lisa and Kyle.

          I don’t think she’s sober either. Obviously no one can really make that call except her Kim herself, but I certainly don’t think she is following the 12 steps. She has yet to take responsibility for her actions while she was drinking– even tonight she said she missed the wedding because she was “moving”!

          Also, you’d think someone who has fucked up (let’s call a spade a spade) so much in the past and let so many people down would show a little more grace another person’s failings. When I watch the clips for next week with Kim basically salivating the fact Lisa and Ken have fled the trip — all I see is a vicious “mean naughty little girl” like she called Brandi last year at the reunion. What a nasty piece of work… Baby Jane and her sis.

          • She’s taken no responsibility what so ever! And I think she was doing a little bit more than alcohol.

            I am just disgusted with how that whole situation blew the hell up and Kim jumping in as if she had all the facts and not second hand information!

            David foster is right about one thing: those chicks are all clowns and he goes home to the biggest one with a hypocritical red ball on her pompous nose. Kim needs to get her ass into a real rehab ASAP and knock it off with the rest of these dingbats!

          • Lol ladybear love your comments on David foster and Bozo (Yolanda)… You called it! She’s the biggest fake of them all.

  • So they are mad at Lisa but why did Brandi have them to begin with? This is such bs. Brandi bought the friggin magazines. And now it’s evil Lisa. Lisa was the first person to defend Kyle in Palm Springs against Brandi’s attack, but I guess we forgot about that. And why not bring up the magazines in Palm Springs? Because that ish didn’t happen.

    How many more minutes until rupaul’s drag race comes on?

    • Exactly! Kyle is such a moron if she genuinely believes this. Like I said above, she just “believes” Brandi this time because it suits her agenda (hating Lisa). Last season she consistently called Brandi a liar who couldn’t be trusted… now Brandi is telling the truth about what happened? why did she have the tabloids in the first place at her house?

      So over this season – ready for the reunion!

      • Loved Lisa bringing up all the names Kyle, Kim & Brandi have thrown at each other, now they are best friends. I wonder how long David will stay with Yolanda if she stops kissing his ass.

    • From a fellow bear: hell yes you are a 100% correct!

      Since when is Brandi such a credible source of information? And why is Kyle rehashing a conversation that was already had? And why the hell is yolonda the starved inserting herself and speaking for Brandi? Yolonda is the worst to me because of her arrogance, hypocrisy, and no real reason for having an issue with Lisa, but picking a fight any way!

    • I have seen this question quite often. If your friend or coworker we in a magazine wouldn’t you buy it and read it for yourself.

      Assuming none of us have famous friends, if there were comments about your friend or coworker, wouldn’t you read the comments for yourself? I know that I would and I wouldn’t apologize for it.

      • At the time I wouldn’t call Brandi and Kyle friends. She full on attacked her at the dinner table. Plus if it was so awful all of them have been around each other numerous times since that happened. Why wait until now to bring it up if it really did happen? She could have told Kyle on their hike.

        And in this day and age, I can go online and get the articles if I’m going to be that nosy. Covers your tracks better. If I was Kyle I’d be suspicious that all of this was happening right now that it seemed her at Lisa were getting along again.

        Additionally in Brandi’s first season it was made known that Schaenna had been working for Lisa for a while. So her beef with that is null and void.

    • The fact that they do might tell you that there there’s more to this than meets the eye?

      Maybe despite what everyone thinks Brandi is more truthful than we all give her credit for, and these women know it – because they know the full story behind the scenes.

      So they deny deny deny to save face, but when it comes down to it, they know that what comes out of Brandi’s mouth, blunt and sometimes not as precisely or eloquently put as it should be pretty much amounts to the truth.

      A lot of the time she probably thinks she’s spot on with it actually but just doesn’t know enough about fine details to realise her mistakes or misinterpretations until she’s blurted out her take on the truth. And then she will stick to it because she doesn’t know how to admit being wrong.

      She’s not anywhere near as savvy as the rest of them. She uses the word ‘bright’ to describe Lisa for example when what she clearly meant to say was something more along the lines of ‘canny’ or ‘calculated’. It was obvious that she just didn’t have the vocabulary to express herself. I think that’s half her problem-she says what she THINKS she means, and then she can’t back-track because she can’t save face.

      Anyway, I digress. I think the truth of all of this probably lies somewhere in the middle. Lisa probably did bring those mags along – she was probably encouraged to do so by production, or thought it would be a something production would want. And Brandi would’ve probably gone along with it because why not? Bitches gotta get paid.

      They all need to wake up and smell the coffee. They signed up for reality tv and they know the deal. Things have taken a turn for the shittier for sure, but they’re the ones who have been prepared to sacrifice their friendships for storylines and put their lives I the spotlight for paycheques.

      I personally think it’s sad that genuine friendships seem to have suffered, but if they are going to be dicks about it and try to maintain their entire relationships in the public eye INCLUDING resolving disputes that arise, well, is it a surprise that their friendships fail at the first hurdle?

      In my opinion, they should ALL stop keeping score against each other, forget about being bitches and realise that it’s them against the people who want to bring them down. Paparazzi, gutter press and arseholes who knock them for making a quid. Instead of fighting against each other, they should join forces and be amazing glamazons who are fierce and fine and own Beverly Hills. I want to watch that.

  • I will cop to the fact that I like Lisa more than the others.

    However, this episode is PISSING ME OFF regardless of who I like. Everyone is acting like what Brandi says is The Gospel Truth. Everything Kim is repeating is based on what Brandi SAID. How is Brandi’s word more credible than Lisa’s? They certainly didn’t believe what Brandi said (and called her a liar) when it didn’t suit their agenda.

    Such BS.

      • Hello srt_3!

        I mostly emerge from hibernation when these bitches piss me off! 🙂

        I’m holding myself til the end of the ep….

        • Omg, is it really sad that I am a 40-something women whose blood is boiling over this friggin dinner!!! Isn’t that awful?? 🙁

          • @ Lara M,

            Hey Cuz,
            Check your e-mail! At my office, lot’s 2 share!

            Back to The Blood Bath!

            1) The Worst acting award goes to
            “Brandi Grandville”..

            2) That was difficult to watch.

            3) I’ve witnessed better conflict resolutions on ” Rupaul’s Drag Race”.

            4) Kim is a vicious little viper and she needs to read her Big Blue AA Book, and focus upon some of the steps.Especially, the ones regarding rigorous honesty & about harboring resentments..

            5) Yolanda? I knew that Lemon Sucking, Almond chewing shrew was a snake in lemongrass.

            6) No wonder they didn’t want Carlton there because she would have told the truth about PS…
            Oh No, am I beginning to understand why Carlton hates Kyle?? Oh, it must be the Energy Drinks!!

            7) Mauricio? Seriously? Methinks there might be a crumb of truth to the cheating rumor. A cheating rumor would not affect his livelihood and I believe he protested a wee bit too much.
            If the rumor was so bothersome they should of demanded a retraction. Why is Kyle dragging this on? Isn’t she used to nasty press? Her Niece is Paris Hilton!!!

            8) Honestly. I am blessed with Amazing Friends..

            Note to Self:

            Send Lisa a plethora of Roses & Case of Rose and a copy of the book, ” The Sociopath Next Door”..

            Speaking of cases, the cans of empty Monster Energy Drinks are stacking up!
            I am no longer on Deadline!!

            Until, later..

            After, watching this episode? I wanted a double Martini & I have never even had a Martini in my life!

        • ha, I did get a kick out of Lisa puffing on a cig in the preview. Even at her lowest she still radiates Alexis Carrington — this is why I can’t help but like her!

          • @ Agatha & @ Lady bear!!

            The one comical moment was watching Lisa & Ken, passing around the ciggy, like a bit of the herb in their Club days!! LOL!

            I wanted a Xanex after that episode..
            Stuck on an Island with those lunatic bitches?

            Can you imagine??

  • Ok, I read this blog daily and I see many posters don’t like Lisa…..but I do and I still do and I think she is being treated like shit for no real reason. The so-called manipulations that they think she is doing, they all seem to forget that they ALL do it!!! It is ridiculous.

    I think Brandi and Yolanda are turning into the mean-girls and it looks bad on them. I used to really like Brandi and Yolanda was ok, but wtf……They are making mountains out of molehills….

    • I like Lisa & think she is the only sane one. I love how “mo” perfect name by the way acted like a girl. I think Ken is the only one that loves his wife & it kills the rest of them.

    • I still like Lisa too. I also think Mauricio is a cheater. Remember Camille hinting how she heard he likes the ladies? Also remember Season 1 when their nanny up and left in the middle of the night without a word? My first thought was Mauricio was messing with the nanny and now them being on the show he had to get her out of there, LOL! I’ve always thought he seemed like a cheater. Who gives a shit if he is? I think Lisa knows he is and that is why she wasn’t keen on defending him while talking to Ken about it. She probably thinks it’s bull to keep defending him like he’s Mr. Perfect Husband when she knows he’s a cheating douche. Just my opinion. Also Kyle would burn all her mumu’s before wanting anyone to know her home life wasn’t perfect like she tries to portray it. Any hoo….TEAM LISA

      • What does a cheater “seem” like? There has never been any proof of him cheating. If we are basing men cheating on being flirts, then Ken must be cheating too! I have never seen a husband flirt the way he did with Brandi all last season.

        • I guess Debbie1 a cheater seems like someone like Mauricio. He comes across to me as sleazy, car salesman type. Always full of compliments that don’t seem genuine. In particular I remember him kissing Kyle and her saying he has lipstick on his lips and him saying, I love lipstick, then correcting himself and saying he loves HER lipstick. Plus where there is smoke there is usually fire. I don’t need “proof” of him cheating, I said IMO i think he is one based on what I’ve seen.

          • Wow. That’s the dumbest logic for making someone ‘seem’ like a cheater.

            And I’m not calling you dumb.

            Just your logic.

            Because in this instance: holy shit.

          • I just don’t see it that way. I see Mauricio as a successful business man who genuinely loves his family and friends.

      • You are right on! Mo’s reaction is not the reaction of a man who didn’t stray. If the rumors were so far fetched he would simply denied it and then laughed.

    • But a lot of the posters do really like Lisa, even the ones who are open to judge her when she too makes mistakes. Just because we think Lisa is chi-chi fabulous, doesn’t make her infallible.

      In fact in this episode I thought Yolanda and Brandi were unjustified in their attacks on Lisa 100%. While I also believed it was more than fair for Kyle and Mauricio to be allowed to ask questions and have doubts–their marriage has been dragged through the mud in the show and Lisa and Brandi are ultimately responsible for putting it on camera where Kyle was forced to respond- that is just the facts. Just for that I would expect anyone who wants to be my friend moving on to apologize.

      It isn’t so cut and dry- Lisa can be your favorite, but a blog is to call out all the drama, agree or disagree, even for your favorite at times.

  • Kyle forgets who called her names at Palm Springs. Brandi. In support of Yolanda. Both Yolanda and Brandi were rude to Kyle and then to Joyce who stuck up for Kyle.
    And now Kyle is willing to believe Yo and Brandi. Those three are vermin.

    • Great point!!! They all just want to make Lisa the villain, regardless of what others have said or done…. It is exhausting to watch. Brandi has turned into this vicious person.

      • Personally i don’t think she wants her “friendship” with Lisa to be over for good. She still wants her friend back JMO

        • After all of this, if this is what she stuck around for, she is an idiot, just saying!!! Lisa has made it clear, hints and all for the last few years about obviously NOT being a friend-then thinks they moved forward already, LOL!!! Kyle has been passive aggressive since saying Lisa preyed on weak.. ” you are my friend”, ” how can we move forward”.. I can’t with them!! If after yet another ridiculous season, you still are begging/looking/hoping to be friends again, you have issues, IMO

    • Agree. She is vyle. She gets pissed at Ken for standing up for his wife??? She would expect the same thing from her “love,” the guy who has been married 4 times.

      • And don’t forget David Foster thinks the Ladies are all clowns. Only he said it to the media not to their faces

    • I believe it was Brandi who introduced those gossip rags to Lisa and now trying to pin it on Lisa. What a b****!

      • You can find them at any store across the U.S. and what is that saying about a lady who protesth too much? Sorry, but Lisa has been odd about the Mo cheating thing from jump…Kyle handled it /addressed it wrong, Lisa was being un-friendly, covering up, and inauthentic, IMO. And NO Im not a hater…

        • I think mo and Kyle protesteth too much. Mo acts like a man who is guilty of philandering and Kyle knows its true.

          • I just love that he was called Mo last night on the episode!
            Most of them protest too much and keep giving attention where its not needed!! I kind of agree with you about he and Kyle, but I also feel that Lisa was wrong with a few things speaking about it or whatever she did.

  • I think Kyleknew it was true but as much as I dont like Kyle she’s still saying “if” its true. I dont think she really wants to believe but she knows its true

    • I now believe all Kyle’s “if” pattter was just bs. She was lapping it up playing victim. Yolanda and Brandi read her perfectly. Kyle couldn’t wait to pick up the ball and run with it. UGH. I have no respect for her at all. I can’t believe I’m going there, but Carlton may be … no, I can’t go there yet… oh well, maybe right … just about Kyle.

      • What if –Lisa already did bring up the cheating ON camera many times- not too far of a stretch from there for Kyle to believe it was planned since her and Brandi did it back to back episodes. Say Lisa did not say a word about tabloids, but just the fact she did bring up the story alone and even got mad at Ken for defending his friend Mauricio is slimmy enough in my book, whether tabloids were involved or not.

    • I think Kyle knows exactly what really happened . It probably was a joke to Lisa. But it was still hurtful .

      • And perhaps all of Kyle’s “nipplegate” comments are hurtful to Lisa. I’m sure, at minimum, the constant reminders of this ancient history is embarrassing to Lisa. But Lisa takes it as “ribbing” and laughs along with the rest of them.

        • Lisa initially introduced and brought up the nipple joke in the press and has repeated it in many interviews when asked about the nudity in her movies in her acting days to diminish “the scandal of it-” it was not rumor and there was some nudity of Lisa on film, period. It was a witty pr trick Lisa executed well.

          Kyle did not bring up cheating rumors in the press or the the show- Lisa and Brandi did. Not comparable when one thing is true and the persons uses something as their own punch line, versus a slanderous, unproven rumor.

  • Commenting while episode is airing so not everything may be true.
    loved how yoyo let out the “gang up” is premeditated and Brandi’s reaction were priceless.
    brandi “OH… you’re going to talk with lisa TOMORROW? LOL

    • Exactly, and Brandi’s many smirks at the dinner table while everyone else was doing her dirty work for her. She was quite pleased with herself.

  • Geez Yolanda is such a follower.

    Why does Brandi all of a sudden care for Kyle? She was with Lisa when they were laughing at her and Maurcio? Same with Yolanda.

    • What it really comes down to is the fact that Brandi feels left out. Plain and simple. She felt Lisa was replacing her with Kyle and couldn’t take it. That is where this all is coming from.

      • Yes. I absolutely agree. Brandi made two comments about Kyle and Lisas friendship. She took down Lisa. She’s playing the worst victim. However, I don’t believe Lisa when she was saying she was against the tabolids.

        • Well, I don’t know what to think about that. I think the issue is what she considers “funny.” She doesn’t get that others might take that stuff to heart, for example when Lisa made the comments about Mo in their kitchen. It was clear to me she was kidding, but didn’t realize she shouldn’t go there, considering the stuff was still raw.

          Re: the tabloids, Lisa has gone after them recently, considering what Brandi has released. If anything, I bet she joked about bringing the magazines. Brandi and Yolanda probably laughed. But, now since it suits them, they use it to their advantage.

          • I feel like even if you’re joking especially if you’re not close with that person, you shouldn’t go there. Lisa made that comment at Carltons towards the beginning of the season.

            I’m honestly blaming Yolanda, Brandi, and Lisa for the comments they have made towards the rumors.

            I feel more for Kyle and I rarely do because just now all she wanted was the truth from.both sides. I honestly thought that was the perfect time for her to bring it up

          • @Andrew, I feel badly for Kyle, too. That somewhat surprises me, because I haven’t loved her before now. But, who is she to trust…..regardless of the issues she has had with Lisa, Brandi has said vicious, vicious things to and about her. But, she believes Brandi?

          • Yeah, why is Kyle jumping the Brandi train? She should be concerned wigh both of them.

            And in my opinion I think both of them are lying. I feel like Lisa has no idea what to do when people are ganging up on her.

          • That’s kinda what i am feeling too srt_3.. IF anything was said it was a joke not meant to go any further then the 2 friends. What backstabbers Yoyo and Brandi are.

            Discuss your own issues bitches. Why did BRANDI make it about the tabloids and why on this beautiful trip?

            Again one of my shows is being ruined by the cast bringing up and harping on tabloids Grrrrrrrrrrr

          • Hey Michers I didn’t mean Brandi was jealous of Scheana I think she is jealous of Lisa’s relationship with Scheana or the relationship she thinks they have.

        • Brandi has given me Jac Laurita flashbacks trying to talk in circles and claiming someone has been caught when Lisa didnt even say much about the S. Marie.

        • I don’t think she is jealous at al; it is just her victim story of the week. She loves no one but herself, and didn’t value friends when she had them- just ask Adrienne, Camille, etc, etc- she uses whatever suits her purpose of the moment, which is always about furthering herself and her “victimhood.” which , we know, includes trashing friendships by sharing private information shared by people who thought she was a close friend, only to be betrayed.

      • In all fairness though @srt, Kyle used to be the same way with Lisa, when her and Brandi were new friends, and Lisa felt that way about Kyle and Taylor. I think, that it boils down to some simple things; Brandi felt hurt and betrayed by Lisa, she has listened to Lisa speak bad about Kyle for awhile, so when Lisa goes back to acting normal and BFF-ish with Kyle ( to whom she never apologized to) I think it was a weird wake up call for her! I would question someone’s character that was close to me if they have behaved that way! Guess Brandi got some “hindsight” and looked back on things for once, like others do. What stinks though is that I think outside sources may have been involved with stirring pots ,miscommunications and hurt feelings resulted instead of grown women simply talking things out and addressing them.

        • Hi Michers

          I think Lisa and Kyle deep down want to be best friends, but there are so many underlying issues and I feel like people can’t understand that. Brandi was jealous, she didn’t like that Lisa pushed the issues between her and Kyle away, while Brandi and Kyle didn’t really resolve their issues.

          I think both Brandi and Lisa as well as Yolanda made a lot of rude comments about the tabloids. I think Kyle needs to stop trying to think Lisa is this terrible person. Kim needs to step back. You are right these women need to grow up.

          • @ Andrew:Should NEVER be this much work or drama to be a real friend!! Especially at their ages!! They are not long lost lovers that fought through many breakups to rekindle…. this is utterly ridiculous at this point.

          • Nothing to apologize for though- she made a comment about Lisa, about how she was treating Kim or not treating Kim, she told Lisa ahead of time, Kyle just blew it up to benefit herself.

          • Yep! And Yolanda was nasty to Kyle in her blogs all year, not just the Paris fight.

            How can that be Yolanda- you didn’t apologize, you just moved on with Kyle after trashing her for a year. Where is your moral compass Yolanda. (Yo’s compass is dug in Lisa’s back. 😉

    • Ok – I agree 100% Yolanda and Brandi were awful to Lisa. But a couple repeated comments and the double standard of it are cracking me up tonight.

      1. How can Kyle even believe anything Brandi or Yolanda says–

      Well, the last two years Lisa believed everything Brandi and Yolanda told her. Lisa defended Brandi and the “lawsuit” story tooth and nail and got angry at those who questioned it, even her close friends I also just read so many Lisa fans say a few days ago how acceptable it was for Lisa NOT to believe Kyle when she told her about Yolanda speaking badly about her in Paris. All the comments were how Yolanda’s is more believable and credible….blah, blah, and Lisa had every right not to believe Kyle because their friendship is shaky. Yeah, exactly-that is why there would be doubts in reverse.

      2. Kyle should trust and believe what Lisa told her.

      Why is it a given. Lisa recently told Kyle she did not believe her, so why would it be a given in return. Also, Kyle did see Lisa bring up the cheating rumors on camera – wouldn’t that at least make anyone concerned, confused or even question motives?

      3. Kyle and Mauricio should get over it or why do they care.

      Hello, it is their marriage and Mauricio’s credibility as a husband and father. All weekend was comment after comment how Lisa had every right to defend herself regarding the bankruptcy rumors (which were not even on the show), to correct the record, to demand a retraction and apology… (Which I agree.) So don’t the same rules apply for any other housewife/husband who is slandered. Why can Lisa defend herself, ask for apologies, but Kyle is not allowed to or is bitch for even discussing it.

      I know–banging my head against a wall expecting a consistent standard to judge all the housewives. By the way I think they all are drama queen, pot stirring, looking out for #1 hypocrits who flip flop friendships like a Romanian gymnast.

      • @Happy day

        I always look forward to reading your comments. You are always fair and tend to see the bigger picture.

        I’ve always agree with every comment you’ve written.

        Thank you

        • Thanks Ms. Torres! Since I have watched from the first episode I do try and judge the big picture, and at least try and keep the judgement standards consistent.

          Some weeks I like my favorites less and less and get a little sympathetic for others because facts are everyone on this show has played the “who me” to perfection while pulling a knife out a pretty back.

          I’d rather save the sainthood crowns for people who earned it– and I believe even on this show attacking any of the kids or trying to hurt marriages should be the line the ladies have no right to cross basically just a human decency thing and all.). Unfortunately some of these woman have a lot of loose springs in their feet.

      • lisa had no reason not to trust yolanda and brandi as they had never done anything wrong to her, where on the other hand they have done wrong to kyle, and wasn’t it kyle saying that lisa shouldn’t trust brandi and yolanda last season? but now all of a sudden she believes them? that’s what I find hard to understand.

        • Kyle never said she believed Brandi Even though Brandi lied and made it look like both her and Yoyo were there for the exchange with lisa over the tabloids.
          Turns out Yoyo didn’t see or hear anything Neither did Carlton who was also supposedly there

          Wasn’t Lisa the one that told Brandi NOT to talk about the tabloids in Palm Springs.

          So now Brandi brings up the tabloids in Puerto Rico?

          Brandi picked something that would really hurt kyle to throw a wrench in Lisa and Kyles friendship , Yep Brandi is despicable

      • They (Yolanda & Brandi) keep saying that Lisa talks behind Kyle’s back and wants to take her down, but all the remarks they are talking about, Lisa has said to Kyle’s face also.

        However, the same cannot be said for Kyle, and all the remarks she has made behind Lisa’s back. Nor, can the same be said for Yolanda and Brandi. They have all three made many remarks behind Lisa’s back, without talking to her about any of it. This is why Lisa is so hurt and taken aback, as she has no idea that there were even any issues, especially with Yolanda and Brandi. They have blindsided Lisa with all of this, and that is why she is walking away from them, because she is extremely hurt and has admitted that she doesn’t like anyone to see her cry. Shame on these women, at their ages, to do this to one of their friends and peers. Yolanda and Brandi are especially despicable, particularly to do this when Joyce is still mourning her father’s loss. This is so disrespectful and classless of them to take this drama there.

        • That’s not true. The only remark that Kyle has said that wasn’t said to Lisa’s face was when she said Lisa preys on the weak. Everything else, Kyle has said to Lisa’s face. Case in point: Lisa is manipulative, Lisa is calculating.

    • She doesn’t care about Kyle. She was jealous that Lisa and Kyle were working on their friendship so she wanted to throw a brick in.

  • I’d love to know why the status of Lisa’s friendships with Kyle and Brandi are any of Yolanda’s business. And I’d certainly love to know what right Yolanda has to confront Lisa about said friendships that have nothing to do with her.

    • Yolanda follows Brandi, copies her pretty much.

      I love how the both of them say there’s a shift when they both caused that shift!

      • Brandi and yoyo are jealous of Lisa. Trying to stay relevant on the show.

        I like the “lemon” jokes I’m reading on here, hilarious:)

      • What a shit starter Yolanda is. What a bitch Brandi is. Why isn’t Kyle even slightly upset that Brandi has the tabloids on her coffee table for everybody to see?

        • Exactly!!! No one questioned that at all…… I used to like them, but now…..nope. No way. They have turned way too ugly…

        • I just went over to to read any of the ladies who had put up blogs. Lisa’s blog is an example of the way she operates…she says…who do you belive, Brandi or me. As if one has to be lying and so that means the other is telling the truth. My take is that they are both lying to some extent. I’m sorry Lisa lovers..Lisa has not changed from season one. She has been the same. She doesn’t say sorry (mayhap she will at the reunion) because I strongly feel that JUST like the other woman. she does have apologies to make. I’m sick of reading how everyon eelse is crazy and jealous and rude…everyone else is crazy and Lisa is not. I LOVE Teresa and while I absolutely atree that her sister in law and cousin and Jac and Caroline were trying to bring her down…I don’t feel the same in this case…I feel some of those woman have legit issues with each other and for the most part Lisa brushes off any issues people bring up with her…your word against mine she says…forget about it…I thought that was over. Just never I’m sorry. As far as Kim being rude to Ken..she was but he’s been just as rude with her and at that point he was doing the EXACT same thing with everyone that Kim was doing. Talking about something that had NOTHING to do with him…and if you want to say..oh but it’s his wife..I’ll come back with Oh but it’s her sister. Let’s get real people…they all have behaved badly.

          • I agree – I think the truth lies some where in the middle and if Kyle has her eyes open, (and the viewers with their heads in the sand should too,) to realize the facts are that BOTH Lisa and Brandi brought up the cheating issues on their own on camera, and Lisa many times and even bitched at Ken for trying to defend Mauricio–Lisa is no innocent flower and any decent friend would apologize to Kyle maybe not for the “tabloid-gate” since who knows what is true, but for telling Ken Mauricio could be guilty.

            Lisa said in the press this summer she defended Mauricio 100% and thought the story was baloney, but the fact is she said something completely different on the show. Own it, apologize and move on Lisa. That is what classy people do because everyone makes an error or stretches the truth at some point.

            I also don’t doubt that Yolanda and Brandi were unjustifiably trying to stick it to Lisa. Per Yolanda it appears that Lisa has trash-talked Kyle and Mauricio with her and Brandi alot (Who wants to see the full video of the lunch with Brandi, Yo and Lisa when Lisa was saying nasty stuff about Kyle to hear all of it), and since it really was all they had to use against Lisa, they went for it. Kyle’s feelings were collateral damage.

            What is Yolanda’s beef with Lisa? Last season Yo trashed Kyle in every blog for reason viewers never understood either. Yo is shady!

          • Of course she is going to say, who do you believe, because that is what is being done to her. None of them have “legit” issues with her. Its made up in their mind. You will have an issue if you make one. You’re right in the sense that Lisa doesn’t focus on pettiness, which is in the land they seem to reside, so she would come across as dismissive because she doesn’t have time for that BS. We know Brandi likes to paint a story in which she is the victim… There probably had been conversations amongst the group about the tabloids, but the extent that Brandi is going to is extreme.

          • @mzbrb, None of them have legit excuses to be upset with Lisa? You have got to be kidding me or watching an entirely different show. Maybe Brandi and Yolanda don’t have real reasons to be mad at Lisa, but Kyle 100% does! Not only did Lisa insult Kyle and her husband by claiming they are users, she brings up cheating allegations IN FRONT of Kyle’s daughter, and has yet to apologize for it.

          • @Lysel yes–Lisa is a wordsmith!

            Lisa’s blog is such BS IMO—and she only barely mentions Joyce’s father passing at the very end. #self-centered #diva

            She can’t even say “Puerto Rico” and calls it “Costa Rica, or wherever it is we’re going”. She gets to PR and goes off on the “casitas”, and complains about the bathroom…”giggy’s bathroom is bigger than this”. And she apparently leaves (as it seems from next week’s previews?) the next day…well, I’m glad you left, because Puerto Rico doesn’t want you there anyway, you rude, insensitive, liar. (It’s scary how good she is at it, really, i’ll say it again, she needs to get into politics…only there will she meet her match.

            Lisa, you are NOT a comedienne and I’m offended by by your dismissive and pretentious attitude.

            Lisa kept dancing around the question and wouldn’t give Kyle a direct, sincere answer—this was obviously a big deal to Kyle and Mauricio.

            Why did Lisa give brandi a kiss at the table after brandi supposedly “lied” about the magazines? Was it to pacify Brandi? I think so.

            It’s only OK for Lisa to attack other people’s livelihood, “just put your house on the market, and you’ll become friends real quick”, about Mauricio…I find it disgusting.

            Ken…just EW! The way he spoke to the table and Kim, was the antithesis of what he has portrayed. He lost it under pressure, and showed his true colors. I do admire however, how incredibly devoted and protective he is of his wife, but he is also enabling her chess playing…and btw, I thought they’re words about being “check mated” were gross too, further proof of their entitled, i’m-better-than-you mindset. “There’s only one winner,” Ken said. Yes. Ken. And her name is KARMA.

            Note to Kyle: Lisa is NOT your friend.

          • *their

            Forgot to add what ken said about being check mated at the end: “there’s only one winner”, referring to his wife.

        • Ugh……Brandi acting like an innocent victim. Oh no, she wouldn’t instigate with those tabloids……not our innocent poor Brandi.
          She is so full of shit, her act has gotten old already.

          • @Nicole, no they do not have legit issues. Its stuff that they have decided to blow out of proportion. Kyle is the only one who may have an issue; and in that case Lisa could have an issue with all of them as well.

          • @mzkrb, Blown out of proportion or not, who are you to decide what is or is not a legitimate reason to be upset with someone?! What doesn’t upset you doesn’t mean it doesn’t upset someone else.

    • i disagree with all of you, Yolanda has the right to question Lisa about certain things that don’t make sense. They are all supposed to be a group of friends so issues in the group concern all of them. If I was Lisa’s friend I’d be concern about her loyalty toward me as well.

      • My issue is that Yolanda told others to mind their own business in past episodes when there has been drama…..Like she did tonight with Ken. However, she didn’t do it. If she wants to get involved, so be it. Then others can be involved when they want to.

        • Yolanda only told ken to stay out of the women’s drama. She’s been pretty consistent with that. Ken last year made a big deal about Mauricio arguing w Brandi and defending what’s right which was that Brandi was wrong about talking about Adrianne’s surrogacy. Just my opinion.

      • Love, I agree with your take about them being a group of friends. Some of these ladies have known each other for years outside of this show; especially Yolo and Lisa! Its funny because when tables are turned, others question, butt in, want to know truths so why can’t Yolo and/or others? I could slightly understand if they were strangers, but this group is not.

        • I agree. When the issue is about other people Lisa wine drop it, but when it is about her she’s quick to say drop it. This episode showed her hypocrisy.

      • I agree with you Love, Yolanda has known Lisa (and Mohammed) and it is better to go straight to the person and ask them instead of just listening to others.

        Yolanda said she was at Brandi’s house when Lisa asked her take the magazines, so I believe Brandi & Lisa.

    • I was thinking the same thing Rach. It bugs Brandi so much that Lisa inserts herself in things that have nothing to do with her . Brandi and Yoyo do the same thing.

      • I was also thinking why didn’t Yoyo back Brandi up about the tabloids? Brandi said she was there Right?

        • That’s because yolonda didn’t see it how brandi lied about it going down. Omission is easier for yolonda instead of out right lying like brandi.

          • When Brandi brought up the tabloids, Yolanda stayed quiet, other than to say she was there and saw them on the table. When Brandi said Lisa asked her to take them and even put them in her suitcase, Yolanda never backed up Brandi. Now in fact, in her blog, Yolanda says she did not see Lisa put them in Brandi’s bag, and would have said so at dinner, but Ken got involved telling her off, so she didn’t get the opportunity. If you remember when they went to Palm Springs, Yolanda and Brandi went in one car, and Carlton and Lisa went in another car. Carlton in the previews said she did not see them in Brandi’s suitcase-which Brandi says she took them out.

            I don’t believe for one minute that Lisa told her to take them or put them in Brandi’s luggage. If so, Yolanda would have been more than happy to confirm immediately, and now she is saying she did not see Lisa do it. As much as Yolanda dislikes Lisa, if it had happened as Brandi said, Yolanda would have been delighted to call Lisa out on it, and call Lisa a liar. She did not, which speaks volumes to me. I think Brandi made that up at that moment, and while Yolanda wouldn’t call Brandi a liar, (for obvious reasons) Yolanda was silent on the issue of the tabloids. What boggles the mind, is why Kim and Kyle jumped on believing Brandi, and even though Lisa denied it, they kept asking her to tell the truth and not Brandi. Lisa does not yell and start cussing, but Brandi does, and Lisa is saying Brandi is not telling the truth. Why didn’t Brandi go into her usual rant with the f bombs flying? This is why I don’t believe Brandi, and think that possibly Kim and Kyle were in on acting like Brandi was telling the truth, just to make Lisa look bad. It is Kyle and Kim’s and Brandi’s style to start screaming and cursing, but they didn’t-why? Because they all wanted the audience to believe this lie about Lisa and make Lisa look bad on national television. It is not Lisa’s style (too classy) to get into this kind of argument with the out of control screaming and cursing. However, Ken did because Lisa was being accused of lying and doing something very malicious. Other than Kim’s outburst, the screaming argument never erupted from the women because it was their plan to take Lisa down and humiliate her on camera.

            Yolanda now says in her blog, she never saw Lisa put the magazines in the luggage, but didn’t say it on camera. She stayed quiet because Ken was completely right when he said the four of them planned the attack. I believe that is exactly what happened, and that is why Kyle was not more upset. She says she brought it back up at dinner, because Mauricio was upset at her, feeling like Kyle had not defended him more vigorously with Lisa and Ken on the beach (said on WWHL). She wanted to show her husband that she would defend him more, and hence the questioning at dinner. However, they did not get out of control, and we all know the women have gotten out of control over far less in the past. Makes me wonder why, especially when it comes to Brandi, and why wasn’t Yolanda confirming the tabloid issue?

            This was a planned attack by the four of them of Lisa, and to take place on camera, to make the audience question Lisa’s integrity and tactics. On their hike, Brandi clearly stated that Lisa had NEVER asked her to say or do anything, but now she is saying that Lisa not only asked her to take the tabloids, but when Brandi said no, Lisa put them in the bag. They claim Lisa would never get her hands dirty, so Lisa would ask Brandi in front of Yolanda to take the magazines, and even put them in the suitcase herself. This is not believable by the admission of the women, that you don’t catch Lisa being nasty or getting her hands dirty. Lisa is too clever to do that, but then we are to believe that Lisa put the magazines in Brandi’s luggage. As I said, I don’t believe it, and let’s remember there would be footage that Bravo could pull out and make someone look like a liar, so this is why Yolanda would not confirm Brandi’s accusation. She wouldn’t lie for Brandi, for fear the footage would be shown during the reunion or lost footage episodes, and Yolanda was not willing to take that chance. Since it didn’t happen and Brandi is lying, Yolanda now states in her blog, that she didn’t see Lisa do any of that.

            This was about confronting Lisa on camera and humiliating her, and the four women were in on it. Ken vehemently defended Mauricio saying he wouldn’t cheat, and then we have Mauricio saying if Lisa did that, he wants to know who his real friends are. Brandi is your real friend and she is believable all of a sudden with all that she has done and said in past seasons. Mauricio, in a previous season, said he did not like Brandi and even called her a bitch, and mainly because of the way she was talking to and about Kyle, and they want us to believe she is telling the truth now and they believe her? I don’t think so!

            I am glad Ken and Lisa walked away, and I am glad they left Puerto Rico, I would have done the same. In previews, they say it is typical because Lisa doesn’t want to answer their questions and have honest conversations. We know this is bs, and Lisa is very hurt, and is too classy to have all this drama play out on camera. I hope Lisa and Ken are done with all of them. Kyle says I don’t know how we can move forward from here, but I truly hope that Lisa and Ken choose not to trust any of them and decide that their friendships are not worth it–as they aren’t. I applaud the class Lisa showed, as I would not have been able to. They have hurt her badly, and Ken rightfully defended his wife. I have no respect for the other women, with Joyce being the only exception. How these women could go to Puerto Rico with their agenda, and Joyce’s father had just died==shame on the four of them, but especially Yolanda and Brandi. David Foster should be ashamed of his wife for her actions-she is tarnishing his reputation as well.

          • I agree about a gang up but i don’t believe Kyle was involved. Why would Kyle want the tabloids brought up again on TV? She wouldn’t.
            YoYo and Brandi were in on it and Kim jumped on board cause she has always felt Lisa dismisses her plus she is jelly of her sister and Lisa’s friendship when they are tight .
            Why did Kim run to Mo with the story and tell him it like it was absolutely true? Funny Kim wasn’t so happy being labeled a Meth head by Miss Honesty Brandi.

            Also i agree that it was atrocious of Yoyo to start this crap on Joyce’s trip especially when Joyce had just lost her father . Couldn’t they all be civil and have their confrontation at another time?
            They put the issues on a back burner at Yoyo’s going away party for GiGi

            Joyce lost her father

            I am not buying it.
            Now Yoyo says she didn’t see Lisa put the Mags in Brandi’s suitcase. Speak up then Biotch.

            Also Carlton says she was there and didn’t see it.

            I think possibly Lisa said something jokingly about the tabloid that she didn’t want to admit and no one but Brandi heard it or its a complete fabrication

    • What I don’t get is this, is Brandie that crazy and strangely that possessive of Lisa that (Brandie) thinks Lisa can only have one friend and that friend has to be Brandie and Brandie only!!
      Brandie is so damn possessive that she confronts Lisa about calling Kyle in the morning and not calling her (Brandie), and if that wasn’t enough Brandie has the nerve to confront Lisa about Lisa and Kyle being friends again!!!

      Lisa needs to cut Brandie out of her life if that’s how Brandie thinks! Brandie has a very sick fatal attraction towards Lisa if Brandie is really that much of a nut job to even think Lisa can only be friends with Brandie!!!

      You know what I am beginning to think is Brandie is the one who made up those rumors about Mauricio cheating to drive a wedge between Kyle and Lisa, Brandie was low enough of a person to out Adrianne’s secret why wouldn’t Brandie start those rumors!!!!!
      Brandie is another Cedric a user of anyone for her own advantage.
      I can’t understand how really unstable Brandie is thinking in her warped pea brain that Lisa can only have one friend!!!!!

      I’m just saying Brandie actually told Lisa ” I feel that you are Kyle’s friend again” what idiot says that!!

      I’ve had people in my life tell me bs like that and I dropped them out of life quickly.
      This is free country Brandie Lisa can have as many friends as she would like!!

      Brandie is possessive towards Lisa in a very very scary way!!

        • Hi Ladybear,
          I don’t know if Lisa has a bunny but she has that sweet Jiggy! And, we are talking about Brandie here. That whole attitude Brandie has towards Lisa that Lisa can only be her friend and not Kyle’s is scary on so many levels! Brandie is the biggest narcissist even worse than Danielle Staub, and totally has histrionic disorder. Lisa needs to protect herself from that thing, restraining order comes to mind!

          • I know girls who are like that. (Which is explains why 75% of my friends are gents, and the ladies are as tomboyish as me…kinda)
            It reminds me of Tamara. There’s some some women who can only have one friend at a time and expect the same out of others, which is insane and unrealistic.

          • Hi Ladybear!
            100% of my friends are guys straight and gay.
            A few years ago a had a couple of friends that were women who were a carbon copy of Brandie, possessive, same MO as Brandie’s sick head and I tossed these two loosers to the curb honey!
            And just like Brandie telling Lisa tonight she’s hurt because she’s afraid Lisa and Kyle are friends again my two friends were identical! My husband helped me realize these bitch*s were way beyond crazy and he was right! Like I said I kicked these two narcissists out of my life what a relief!
            I love my male friends there’s no cattiness, no competition because we are all married. And men don’t tell you who to be friends with lol
            My male guy friends are my best friends and my family even though we aren’t blood related and no telling me who I can be friendly with or not like Brandie does Lisa!

            BTW I just read that head cases blog that dumbass admits it that she was mad and hurt that Lisa and Kyle start to get close again. What normal person admits to that?
            Girl Brandie needs a padded room!! This girl is dangerously crazy!

          • The bigger irony is, this is the same Brandi who, two episodes ago, was saying Lisa was too involved and interested in her business. She was sure Lisa was mothering her too much. Which is it?
            The only answer possible- Brandi is a lost soul who changes her mind and makes up new ways to be a victim and blame Lisa for it, every single week!

            This whole conversation is absurd-and they are each using it for their own purposes. Yolanda obviously has been jealous of Lisa for years, Kim clearly has not had a role and needs to fight with someone,- her talking heads this week were scary again- she comes across as very drugged and out of it- and sadly, so insecure.

            So It fed everyone’s agenda to follow Brandi’s newest victim story – Kyle, Yolanda, Kim, – it worked for each of them. Lisa has had the success that Kyle wanted with Bravo, etc., etc.

            I agree with one of the posters above- Lisa probably did say things they’ve heard that didn’t make the screen, and probably does owe Kyle an apology- but the list Kyle owes her an apology for is longer still=-and I remain convinced that there is back story with Yolanda /Mohammed /Lisa and Ken , that we will never know. Yo HAS NEVER been anything but negative about Lisa.

            SO I’m sure LIsa now sees it as her turn in the storyline progression, and know there is nothing material here- unlike the ugliness visible from the others.

      • Penilane, I didn’t think about that with regard to Brandi starting the rumors, but you might very well be on to something. Interesting notion, especially since she was the one warning Kyle, that she knew people who warned her that these articles were coming out. Maybe she knew because she was behind it. With everything she has done and said lately, I wouldn’t put anything past her at this point.

        • Hi Melinda!
          I am more and more convinced that it was Brandie that started the whole Mauricio rumors!! Brandie had everything to gain from starting those rumors! It’s also a known fact that Brandie was selling stories to the tabloids, she still is for all we know!! Brandie has proven time and time again she will do anything it takes to make sure Lisa and Kyle don’t become friends again, that’s exactly what these tabloids did they helped put a wedge between Lisa and Kyle! Brandie played us all! And just look at all the lies Brandie has has put out the last two weeks. I knew she was lying about Cedric, now she is lying about the whole child support thing.
          And so what if Lisa knew Sheana Lisa didn’t make Eddie cheat and Sheana cheat. Brandie drove Eddie to cheat all by herself. Lisa can be friends with who ever she wants. Like I said before Brandie has a very scary fatal attraction towards Lisa!

    • Hi Rach,
      I said the same thing what business is of Yolanda and Brandie’s who Lisa is friends with!
      Yolanda is just trying to stay relevant and Brandie is just being a physco. I can’t believe they actually questioned Lisa about her morning phone calls. It’s none of their business!!

      I’m not even shocked that Brandie thinks Lisa can’t be friends with Kyle again because Brandie is a wackjob and a half no wonder Eddie left her! If Brandie is this possessive of Lisa imagine how much more possessive she was of Eddie poor guy!
      Brandie I know you read this blog so read this you wackjob you can’t control whether or not Lisa is friends with Kyle, Brandie you don’t have ownership of Lisa or anyone else for that matter!! Brandie get some mental help you reallyneed it based on your actions!

      • The friend ownership thing is so immature. Brandi said on twitter none of the ladies (no Kim, no Yo, and not even lusting Carlton either) came to her book signing at the Grove- burned one too many bridges lately.

        • That’s very telling, Happy Day! At this point, they are trying to distance themselves from trainwreck Brandi.

    • Why has no one clocked Yolanda on the fact that her husband said that Yolanda said all the other women are desperate?

      They all know she thinks she’s better than them yet no one says a word.

    • Ken smacked Yolanda good though… Yolanda was the one who started the bs and being Brandi’s mouthpiece! Let Brandi talk to Lisa, don’t do her dirty work, Yolanda.

        • Yolanda has done nothing this season but talk about her Lyme Disease and Gigi’s modeling career… she needs to plant mark in someone’s storyline. If I was a betting person production probably told her “Now, Yolanda, you have been kind of boring lately you need to talk to Lisa and get some drama going for us.”

      • Yolanda had her own issues with Lisa; she was sick of the “Hollywood Friend ” treatment. She mentioned this in an earlier blog. It was not about inserting herself inside Brandi’s issues.

        • Brandi and Yoyo said they both have issues with Lisa. Well why didn’t the call her and meet up for lunch and discuss their issues?
          . Why wait till a beautiful trip organized by a gracious woman that had just lost her father , then not even discuss their issues? Instead Brandi tried to hurt Kyle about a very serious hurtful situation for Kyle and Mo.

          Nope i am not buying it. Especially cause Yoyo and Carlton were supposedly at Brandi’s house and didn’t see or hear anything. Wouldn’t Brandi have told them all Lisa says i should bring the tabloids to Palm Springs?

          I am also not buying that Lisa asked Brandi to do something and Brandi didn’t do it

          Brandi was very happy to cause this rift in Kyle and Lisa’s relationship . She admits she was/is Jelly of Kyle and Lisa.

          Lisa was a friend to Brandi . Brandi double crossed her

    • I just read the blogs that are up so far and WOW people finally opened their eyes and now see Yolanda for the wolf in sheeps clothing that she is! It seems that in this episode and this episode alone Yolanda has lost a magnitude of fans!
      Finally people see this woman for what she really is a fake!

      If I could ask that lemon head one question I would ask Yolanda what business is it of hers who Lisa is friends with! Also why is she so dumb blinded by that wackjob Brandie that she has to speak for her! bucks tells me Yolanda wouldn’t answer the questions!

      • Yolonda wanted the puppet she claims Lisa supposedly had. So, she whispered all sorts of nonsense in Brandi’s ear and enabled her hideous behavior…then VOILA!

      • I have to disagree. Yes Yolanda can act like her shit don’t stink, but she’s been pretty consistent. She fights her own battles. She goes straight up to the women she has issues with. She’s a straight shooter. Right or wrong. She was having a civil conversation w Lisa. She was talking low. Did not raise her voice. Did not name call. Adults can have conversations. Lisa ran away bc she was guilty. That was pretty clear to see. The only person I felt bad for was Kyle. She looked clueless and genuinely hurt.

        • All that is true, but that wasn’t the point. The meeting was clearly preplanned, as were the discussions in advance, on camera, as they tried to sway their audience that their intent was sincere.
          But she carried Brandi’s issues, not her own, she did it with all the women circling around, to make it a group vs 1, and she has clearly had her own issues with Lisa for years, which she neither revealed nor was honest about. Yo has her own agenda, which hasn’t been disclosed, but she is happy to pile on Brandi’s and Kyle’s when she can, for effect and carrying her grudge. Ugly, mean-spirited, and so ludicrous- when Brandi’s problems with Lisa vacillate day to day. Last week it was she was mothering too much, Now she isn’t close enough0-which is it? .

      • IKR People hate Yoyo.. But i couldn’t read any comments under Brandi’s blog. Can anybody see the comments for Brandi’s blog? My guess is they are as bad as Yoyo’s or worse

        • Hi hopeful!
          Yes I read some of the comments left for Brandie, they weren’t pretty! Brandie brought all the backlash to herself all on her own.

          And I must say it’s was so nice to not see leather face Carlton! Last night’s episode was the first one I watched since Carlton started spewing her hate!

    • Hi there, why does anyone ever believe anything that Brandi says? Why does she go to SUR if it bothers her to be around Shena? The way I remember it was that she came into Lisa’s life, not the other way around. Why is Yo so upset at being called stupid when sbe has supported Brandi and Carlton calling others names? Also, when did Brandi ever need anyone to speak up for her?
      One more thing, I too was very happy not to have to fast forward Carltons scenes.
      I so enjoy all of your comments.

      • IKR but the witch is back next week. Unfortunately !
        I wonder if she puts out a blog about Kyle this week ?

    • Yolanda really really disappointed me. I thought she had integrity and class. She has neither. Her behavior was indefensible.