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Phaedra Parks Was Offered A Spin-Off But Due To Legal Issues, Bravo Has Pulled The Plug!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, and one of Andy Cohen’s favorite housewives, Phaedra Parks, has been dealing with a lot of drama lately surrounding her husband Apollo Nida lawsuit. According to Wendy Williams, it appears that before Apollo’s most recent legal issues came to light, that Phaedra was offered a spin-off from Bravo. Check it OUT

Wendy reveals,

“Phaedra and Apollo were doing a spin-off show, which is called ‘Rich People’s Problem’ and it was supposed to premier later on this year. It follows Phaedra as she does the legal eagle thing for rich people in Atlanta. She’s perfectly boring on the housewives, so God only knows why they would give her a spin-off show. Now that Apollo’s facing up to 30 years in prison, for bank fraud and identity theft — Bravo wants to wash their hands of that little spin-off show.”

Wendy also questioned why Phaedra would even want to be on reality TV, and whether or not Phaedra knew the whole time about Apollo’s illegal activities.

I for one had no idea Bravo had even offered Phaedra a spin-off, but I am not surprised considering Andy loves her so much. What are your thoughts? Would you watch a Phaedra spin-off?

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  • I’m not sure why Bravo would be interested in filming a show regarding Phaedra on TV. I would not have watched it, very glad its cancelled. She is not genuine and America doesn’t want to see “fake” people. She is the least interested person on the show. I wonder who made the decision to film her and WHY??? It appears Bravo need a new producer…

  • I am not saddened at all. That’s what’s wrong with reality shows these days everyone thinks they could do a better job with their own shows. It’s an oh well for me.

  • If this is true then they need to pull the plug on a few other HW I know.. kind of messed up.. I mean if u want to be fair about it.. just saying!!!


  • I personally like Phaedra on TV. I am SHOCKED that Bravo is not licking their chops for this to play out on TV, like they are with the Giudices.

    I wish Phaedra well. She has the MOST beautiful babies. Thank God they are small (unlike Teresa’s girls) and have no idea what is going on.

  • I get a kick out of Phaedra; she’s sassy and I enjoy her activities. I wish her and Apollo well – God knows they will need it -and I can’t say that about Wendy Williams.

  • I know she mad and kind of glad about that if she is sticking with her husband which I am sure she will do. I didn’t think out of the remaining cast members she would be picked to do a spin-off

  • Bravo should just do a show about Housewives legal problems! Phae Phae and Apollo, Juicy and Tre (and everyone on NJ), probably Peter. I could go on forever. Between all the tax evasions, frauds, identity thefts, evictions…NONE of these people are clean, both present and past cast members. Bravo better have a Plan B in place when they lose half the people under contract to jail.

    • Hahaha so true! Go ahead and throw the Laritas in there too. For good measure add Slade Smiley as the dead beat that can’t pay child support.

      The Real Criminals of Reality TV

  • I remember Bravo confirming the spinoff in April of last year. It would be smart for them to pull the plug on this, especially if she is involved in the fraud and it turns to be a colossal flop. It would have been risky anyways, but it is about time we got confirmation on this. Wendy and her constant shade to Phaedra. I don’t even know if she’ll return to the show next season.

    • Phaedra was not charged with anything, so why take it out on her! Also, Bravo didn’t remove Teresa and she personally has 41 federal indictments. Kind of hypocritical of Bravo to pull the plug on Phaedra! Like her or not, fair is fair!

      • ITA! I like Phaedra and would have enjoyed a show about her, not her husband. I don’t think Phaedra is involved in any of her husbands mess.

    • I think their lawyers know that Phaedra is in it up to her eyeballs and they decided to pull it because she is done.