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Production Assistant For The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Puts Nene Leakes’ Lies On Blast!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes, recently tried blaming Kenya Moore for the fight that broke out on the show, and she even went a step further and blamed housewives production as well. Now, an assistant for production is speaking out against Nene’s claims, and is setting the record straight! Check it OUT

A source tells The Fame Driven,

I work as a member of the production staff on BRAVO’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and I wanted to clarify for people what was not aired during the brawl in last nights episode since Nene Leakes has slandered us, the True Entertainment production staff, and editors of the show. For one, Nene’s erratic behavior was simply because she felt Kenya’s tardiness to her event was a devised plan for the producers to make Kenya the new star of the show, and it was NOT! Before Kenya arrived Nene was ranting, pacing, and cursing us out about how she is the star of the show, she is the relevant actress, she made “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” the success it is today, and she should not have to wait for Kenya to arrive to her event. Two PA’s were verbally disrespected and threatened by Nene when they simply tried to diffuse the situation by telling Nene that the scene could not wrap until all housewives (Kenya included) were present, we didn’t air any of that footage.

When Kenya arrived to the event Nene was already pissed, but we the producers told Nene beforehand that Kenya was going to be running late. Nene then reverted her frustrations towards Kenya and that’s when she thought to bring up the Christopher Williams and his “common law” wife rumor that Kenya stated at the winery, so that the room would gang up on Kenya, and it didn’t work out as Nene had originally planned. Prior to that night, Nene and Kenya had no issues, it wasn’t until one of the housewife husbands blurted out at Nene’s pajama party that “we have to wait for the new star of the show to arrive”, which triggered Nene’s anger, and entailed what the viewers witnessed leading up to the melee. We didn’t edit, manipulate, or conjure up a devious plan to sabotage Nene like she would want people to believe. We cannot provide or present footage that a housewife does not put out of themselves to be recorded. So for Nene to blame poor editing on the production and editing staff is the furthest from the truth, and showing no accountability on her end.

All the threatening sounds like Nene. LOL What do you guys think about these claims?

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  • Kenya was not the cause NeNe take responsibility. If my memory serves me – you went after Kim and pulled her wig – but yet you condone violence – you are so plastic – you can tell NeNe has no couth or class – when you close your eyes for good NeNe – do you think God cares about how many red bottom shoes you have or what neighborhood you lived in or the type of designer bag you have? Oh I forgot that’s not important to you – you are a plastic & materlistic being who does not take responsibility when you are wrong – get over yourself – when you are nasty & think you are better than others & the success you have is because of you – God will begin to take things from you to humble you to let you know I am the reason – lastly the definition of couth is cultured, refined, and well mannered – can’t say that about NeNe – We come from a culture of supporting each other but we are still wounded by slavery & the mentality of field against house is still there & it’s unfortunate. We are the only race of people who can’t work together – but that’s because the slaves masters made sure of that by pitting us against each other – Willie Lynch – it still exists – every other ethic group works together to build empires but what do we do?

  • I can’t watch anymore. The fight is stupid. I can not believe they think it is entertaining. It is on all of them. Everyone is fighting. I think Bravo encourages it for ratings. I know I am only 1 person but I am done.

  • I am surprised someone from production spoke out about NeNe, but I can see what they were saying. NeNe has always been top dog, and now that RHOA is her only gig, she is going to be especially protective of it. However, I still think Kenya contributed to the problem by charging at Chris’ wife (or whatever she is).

  • I find it interesting the 2 personalities Nene possesses, The Hollywood rational thinking Nene and the Ghetto Atlanta Out of control Nene. In my opinion The Real Nene is the latter, my husband helped build the first house she appeared in on the first season of RHOA and she was evicted from that home, she was trying to portray something she is not. The neighborhood which is very diverse has residents that don’t behave in the manner Nene does, needless to say she did not fit in nor was invited to neighborhood functions (so I’ve heard 🙂 ) Now she is trying to convince everyone she is Hollywood glam, I think Nenes going to fall real soon and fall hard at that! Just my input on the whole Nene saga! Lol

  • I can’t stand that ugly man with the super white beard which looks really ridiculous against his super dark skin. I will not mention his name because I don’t want Bravo to think they’re getting ratings because of that horrible bully who spends his wife’s money. The wife is a classic case of a pushover wife. She’s the woman I DON’T WANT my daughters to turn out to be. And then he tells her he wants a man cave clear across the other side of town!!!!!!! How she didn’t get up and curse the living daylights out of him is beyond me! Control, breathe in, out… Pray!!!! Can you tell I’m working on not hating! LOL

    • And puleese, this has nothing to do with color. He looks like Papa Smurf. He could be blue skinned. He just looks all wrong.

    • Omg LoveShackAus, that individual is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen and for that certain housewife to be with HIM of all people blows my mind!


  • I read today that NeNe and Gregg owe almost $200,000 in back taxes. Combine that with her losing her “acting” jobs in Hollywood and the woman has to be stressed out beyond belief. If she also fears that she’s losing her spot to crazy Kenya, I can see why she’s going mental and its FUN, FUN, FUN to watch!!! LOL

    • And the pizza place that that Italian guy set her up with is no longer on her twitter page . She owed $25,000 in back taxes. This is the begining of Nene problems. All the lies she has been telling about her and Greg and how they really met. It will all come out. She just did that show and put Greg’s children in it. But the truth to be told Nene does not like his children. She just tried to cover up the truth. Nene has done a lot of people really really bad. So she will have to face all of these evil deeds.

  • All I have to say on this is that I was a PA for theater, and then Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber. We had to sign strict confidentiality contracts in ’90’s . I don’t buy this Source, but NeNe was full of herself and whacked.

    • In other words, if the PA is telling truth, and as much as I love breaking 4th Wall, he/she needs to be fired, if not already. Sounds like Kenya’s camp to me.

    • I din’t believe that buddy! NeNe won’t give up Fame or Infamy, unless she has a gig going, and blaming it on Kenya. Those two, smh!

          • Just looked at it, I saw the Marlo/NeNe thing. Will look more tomorrow.

            Cool site! Never heard of it. Is it British?

            Anyway, upthread to buddy @Aussie, wasn’t doubting you, just Production. You have a golden word in my heart, and reputation.

            Thanks, again, Jayden. Heart you as well, even if we disagree on Jersey, love your posts!!

          • Dude! I totally know 🙂

            I’m not bothered by stuff like that btw. I know what you meant. We’re friends!

            And who knows if it’s true anyway? It’s just a headline from a from a gossip site. It may very well be bullshit 🙂

          • Thanks. I like you two as well. Jersey just gets a bit too hectic and dark for me at times. While I don’t like Teresa, my dislike for Melissa is growing. MTO (Media Take Out) is American, but I think it is more for African Americans. He careful though, since people call it Media Fake Out.

          • Hey jayden:

            Dude! Jersey threads do my head in :/ I don’t even watch the show because I think they are alllll gross. 😉

  • I don’t think production wrote this, but it does sound true.
    Nene blamed Bravo for their editing and posted her blog on twitter vs Bravo.
    Hey it might be true approved by Andy. They might be over Nene now that they know the viewers are not on her side this time.

  • Aah don’t they sign a contract meaning they can air what they want?!? They had no problem showing a unedited veiwing of Teresa’s table flip. Lies they tell!

  • Now production is thinking about giving NeNe an even BIGGER bad edit (though I doubt she is being edited to look bad. The production company tweeted about NeNe acting like a BIGGER fool to production at the Bailey Bowl (where she fought with Marlo in October, and it was reported where she hit a producer in the head with a bottle). She is gonna get it.

    • Hey Jayden, I don’t believe it. See below. Just reading your comment. Andy is so in love with NeNe, as he even gushed and spouted the other night on WWHL (Henry Winkler).

      She is a Diva, but I don’t believe this Source. Now that he has become Exec. Producer of HW (even the new polls and shows are His doing), he loves his NeNe, Lisa, Vicki, Ramona and Teresa for his “cash cows”. He also loves the antagonist of Kenya, Tamra, Kyle, Brandi, Melissa, etc….

      That is his perogative, and game for ratings., Imho

      • Hey LaraM

        What I was referring to was the tweet below. When I mean production, I mean the camera crew and such, not Cohen.

        Speaking of Cohen, he CLEARLY has his favourites and does anything to keep them. It is probably why there is still at least an original on every single show. NeNe has been reported countless times on flipping on production over the years, and from the tweet, if is giving an stronger implication that she got into it with a producer at the Bailey Bowl. It sounds like NeNe.

        I would hope she gets the can, but that will probably not happen. If someone else that Andy does not care about did half of what NeNe or Kim did, they would be gone.

        • Jayden, True that! His favorites are $ in his pocket. I think he is a natural on WWHL, though. Hey it’s his gig amd creation.

          I do agree (can’t open the link you sent), with production. They seem to hire the cheapest. You would think that Bravo, whom we all know is NBC owned, would put more effort into competing with other Reality Networks…they are non-union, and basically have created the shit storm with these ladies we watch. Lol.

          I do have a problem with the sub-contracted Production companies.

      • Andy is not all that in love with Nene. Besides Andy’s job on RHWOA is becoming smaller. They have BIG time producers working for the show now. I think Andy will tire of Nene Leakes. Andy asked Kenya Moore after Pheadra could not make it on WWHL Feb 9, it is because of all the legal problems. He did not ask Nene Leakes. That speakes volumes. I saw the footage of the media who went to Pheadra Parks home. They were saying that there were all these luxury cars parked in the drive way. That pheadra you almost didn’t know who she was. With no makeup. They wanted to speak with but Pheadra took off so fast in her car. She looked terrible Pheadra Parks all these legal problems are getting to her.

        • I think Phaedra is gonna bail on the reunion, and she might leave the show because of the legal issues.

  • I never could stand Shanene. It just proves that you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but can’t take the ghetto out of the girl.

  • Nene should have never blamed the brawl on Kenya. I think she thought all the viewers would agree with her opinion, but instead 90% or more of the viewers think Nene is at fault.

    If you check out Nene’s facebook page the comments are all negative. I would take my FB page down if I were Nene.

    • The sad part is that even after all the viewers said she was wrong, she couldn’t own up to it. If she was smart, she would’ve said “looking back at the footage, I can see where I played a role. I think it was a group effort. We all played a part in leading to what went down.” But she’s got too much Pride to even remotely own up to fault.

  • What is it with these people from the RHOA production posting their tea in the comments instead of sending this info directly to the AllAboutTRH’s email?

  • I believe this…seems plausible to me. Nene is jealous of Kenya because she is stealing her spotlight, and I’m glad Kenya is not afraid to stand up to her.

    Might I also add that Kenya looks gorgeous in that photo above. 🙂

  • No, I am from the Production Company

    This is what happened

    Kenya was in her hotel room with Brandon waiting for us to tell her when it was her time to arrive.

    All the women have been late to events in the past but since Kenya acted crazy when the ladies were late in Savannah we promised them Kenya would arrive late to this event.

    The “being late to events” is determined by Production.

    Just an FYI we didn’t pick out Nene’s nightgown. We are not taking the blame for that. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    : )

  • From my family to all of the beautiful commenters here: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

    May the love and grace of God be a peaceful reminder that each of you are sufficient and relevant! You have anonymously blessed me each time you share your ideas, whether agreed or not. Know that each day you matter! Your thoughts, and its diversity therein makes a difference.

    I thank you for sharing our common bond of RHOA. Should romance find you, make it thankful that it did!

    Heartfelt love, fam….


  • I do continuity on RHOA, making sure if there are interruptions in shooting that force us to ask the wives to re-enact some portion of the filming, that the pillows, glasses and everything else is back in place. I was there during the filming of the pillow fight and was kept very busy putting things back in place that night.

    Yes, Nene was angry because Kenya was late. Production had not held her up. She decided to go pick Brandon up at the airport and his flight was delayed. If she had called to let production know she was running late, we would have told Nene to go ahead, but she did not call anyone.

    I am not sure who posted that information on a web site, but anyone can do that. I could be anyone. Just because I told you who I am, there is no reason for you to believe it. I am surprised that an anonymous web comment can generate a story that spreads across the internet because it really could come from anyone.

    Now you can decide whether you are being punked once, twice or not at all.

  • Even if you are Team NeNe, ask yourself……does this sound out of character for her? Has she threatened production before? Has she cursed people out before? Does she feel like SHE is the star of the show and shouldn’t be made to wait?

    Even if you think Kenya inspired this, answer the aforementioned questions. Sure the unnamed source can challenge the veracity of the content. However, the content is plausible and consistent with NeNe’s blogs, which can also drag this thing out.

    While I personally hope NeNe is gone, I think this keeps us glued, excited about the reunion. However, the timing of this response is necessary to refute what NeNe has created and SHES the only one to blame production! I suspect BRAVO should have had an immediate response making this unnecessary. But when you see these reactions and BRAVO having reduced Andy’s role, this, as I have said, is plausible.

    • To answer your questions, Q, I will answer is with an ultimate YES. And this is coming from someone who likes Nene. She has her flaws like anyone else and they shouldn’t be ignored even if one is a die-hard fan. I still have small doubts if the network would ever fire Nene over this, even though, she’s walking a very fine line now since crossing production. If they were to fire Nene they better equally fire Brandi from RHOBH for several things she has said throughout this whole year on and off camera. It would definitely put all the other HWs in every franchise on notice, that they wouldn’t be putting up with the too much over the top diva behavior thinking they can attack production or thinking the network finds them untouchable. Look what happened with RHONY, Andy wasted no time dumping Jill and Alex on their tails.

      • Exactly, Ms. Cheryl! I just read via MediaTakeOut that, as expected, NeNe has given BRAVO an ultimatum: fire Kenya or she quits! So far, they have resisted. It is being suggested that Marlo would come on to replace her if she leaves. Supposedly, she will launch her production company projects, along with a clothing line and other business ventures. Just a thought…….if she tries to play them against BRAVO she will surely lose! She has no other million dollar paying venture yet! Likewise, she will quickly find no one will come just because she builds it. She is truly not interesting beyond RHOA, which is an ensemble cast!

        What will she produce, a cooking show? Films? She CANNOT act, so nobody would want her beyond a cameo! With all the new movies, especially “black” projects, you would think somebody would want to add her to sell their project?! Quick answer…..she’s no longer relevant and her popularity is being replaced with disdain.

        With her projects dwindling and the fact that, by leaving BRAVO she has to foot her own expenses, Ms. Rich Bitch will get a reality-sized slap to her enormously misguided ego! She is oh, so close to getting her n-word wake up call. Without her ready made foils, she will have no one to pick on, so how interesting will she really be? She never takes accountability for anything! Soon, will she see how fast she can go from a million a year to zero. Hope she saved well. She has lost perspective and humility. The gay bashing she has done will come back when she sees how strong the gay dollar is in entertainment.

        I wonder how much humble pie will she stomach while keeping it all. The. Way. 100?

        • Ugh, didn’t she do the same thing 2 years ago? File an ultimatum to fire a “Small” or she quits. Blame production for making her look bad? Flipping out at Bravo and production? There IS that rumor of her getting Sheree fired. NeNe also retweeted a tweet of a fan saying Kenya needs to get fired.

          NeNe will not leave the show. She has that fashion thing (which she needs the show to promote and to get a storyline). If NeNe DOES leave (which I hope), Marlo BETTER replace her. She wants the BOTH of them fired, but I hope Bravo refuses.

        • If nene quits because they won’t fire Kenya, she’s a fool.

          Nene has added nothing to the show for 2 seasons. The million they are paying her is a courtesy. She has no other income outside of the show. She is NOT going to become a successful actress. She can’t act. I know she’s twisted it in her head that she can but all she can do is play herself and it isn’t working. She’s only been hired by a housewives-loving producer who has stated before that he’s open to other wives playing in his shows. She’s not special. The show can make it without her. They’ve been doing it for 2 seasons.

          You look at Teresa from NJ and you see she’s done a good job at not getting a big head from her reality fame. She pushes other products for side income. She doesn’t treat bravo like she’s doing them a favor. Nene is her counterpart in terms of popularity and nene’s head has gotten astronomically big. She’s going to crash.

          • that true Johanna. Teresa despite not liking her fam on for the last several yrs, managed to make it work. she’s also had some issues with editing the last few seasons (ie the horseshoe cleaning in s5). but never have I at least heard her cutting up at production during tapes of scenes like nene tends to do.

          • Ironically, and I’m relying on memory, but didn’t she pull a similar stunt on Celebrity Apprentice? That is, quitting due to a beef with Star Jones, after which she trashed the show?

            This time it would/should cost her as she will have no secondary income source.

            Girl BYE!!!!

          • What I WILL give Teresa is she have class, dignity, and accomplishment in Apprentice unlike NeNe who proved to be a punk and made herself look like a fool.

          • LOL @Jayden… Teresa acted professional on CA, something Nene can’t say. And placed 5th out of 20 contestants. Bethenny before there ever was a Housewives made it to the finals on the Martha Stewart edition Apprentice.

        • You are right. Not only that Nene and Greg would have to move out of that home they live in. Because Bravo pays for that. Nene and Greg were evicted out the home from first season. They don’t pay their bills.

  • Hmnmm It’s funny how the production lady didn’t deny Nene’s claims of writing the questions which I believe they did. I am just over this, the fight happen an ep ago and in real life it happen months ago. I am over people trying to drag it out.

    • Which makes it more credible IMO. Sounds like they wrote the questions but nene alone brought up Kenya saying they weren’t married. That’s what sparked the fight and nene did that all on her own

      • I’m not a Nene fan so I do believe she went off on the production crew and went crazy when one of the husbands tried to stir the pot by saying they were waiting for the new star of the show. Nene has always been the star so it is probably driving her crazy to know that Kenya could rise up and take her spot ( hope to goodness that doesn’t happen). With that being said I do think the production crew wrote those questions to get drama started because they never denied it and who to say that if Nene wouldn’t have brought the Natalie/Chris situation up herself that the production crew didn’t have a question alluding to the whole situation. They just didn’t get to it before Nene did. I think Nene put Kenya on the spot like Kenya always try to put others on the spot.

  • See this is why you don’t f*** with production. They will put you on blast like you tried putting them on blast.

    And I’m pretty sure it was Peter who started it and said “The new star is late.” He knew that would make Nene fire hot to start that drama.

  • I am so tired of the word slander. Who even knew the name of the production company before this? People blame Andy and Bravo. This didn’t really tell me anything new. Nene was clearly ranting and raving on the show.

    The one part of this I do believe is a husband (looking at Peter) saying Kenya thinks she’s the new star of the show.

    And honestly, the producers didn’t conjure up a plan. This entire franchise is based on producer driven drama. So you can miss me with that lie. It might not have been to set up Nene but the fact that Chuck and CW were there to begin with is a set up.

  • At least this story is reported in the first person. The main storyline for Atlanta seems to be all about who and how late someone is to a taping.

    Nene has no storyline other than to create discourse amongst the rest of the cast.

    She is a star without a story.

    I find Kenya far more credible than Nene at this point.

    How boring it must be to have to be around Queen Nene and hear how important she is.

  • I can’t stand Kenya nor Nene . One thinks too much of herself the other is doing too much . Very disrespectful in both cases …

  • Not suprised. It has been reported before of NeNe being rude to production. We have seen countless times of her diminish others because she “is the show”. We all know about production making stars late to grab attention. NeNe hates being overshined, and she is threatened. This season is not going in her favour. This is why she should have humbled herself.

    • The ratings are not even reflecting on Nene’s impact like they have been in seasons past. It’s really Kandi’s storyline that has driven her and the all the whole cast into frenzy that brought the ratings. So if anyone deserves the credit for all the huge numbers coming in it’s Kandi! Nene is like double dutch this season she’s jumped into a late storyline to make it seem like by the reunion it was all her who brought the monster ratings.

      • Nene has not really contributed to ratings since Season 4 (maybe Season 3). Kandi definitely deserves some credit for the high ratings this season, but Cynthia actually gave the show 2 of the highest rated episodes (which is weird, since she is considered boring by many). I would say everyone but Kenya, NeNe, and Porsha contributed to the high ratings this season.

        • I think Kenya has actually contributed to the ratings as well. She seems to play the role (part of me wonders if it’s production influenced) of the one that doesn’t let things slide. She’s the “well, actually you said/did” person. The role she plays is a strange one but it makes sense. She plays a role similar to Brandi without the lying and revealing of damaging info. She brings up things that have nothing to do with her but without it, they’d never be discussed.

          It’s really Kandi that has been driving ratings and doesn’t get credit for it. When Cynthia’s storyline doesn’t involve nene, she actually drives ratings as well because none of us can stand Peter so i guess we’re all praying for the day when she wakes up. At least I am.

          • Johanna, LORD, I cannot stand Peter. So happy to find someone who can’t stand him either. Cynthia is such a fool. He is just like Kordell. Cynthia is such a coward. That fight most likely cwould not have happened, if Cynthia had kept to herself what was said about Todd. She repeated it on the bus, knowing Kenya is jealous of anyone who has a long term relationship. Peter was the one who used the term “opportunist”. Neither Cynthia nor Peter owned up to it. Cynthia did not want to question Peter about his past, so she misrepresented what Kandi said. He went to the PJ party with an attitude toward Kandi. Peter WAS up in Kandi’s face. Cynthia and Peter are not innocent in this fight. Had Cynthia kept her mouth shut, Kenya would not have had anything to snow ball. Cynthia’s mother and sister are right about Peter. Ctnthia is a big fool. Her daughter has Leon, who is a terrific dad. Peter is bringing her down. What husband, goes and purchases a brand new car without discussing with his wife. I cannot stand Peter’s a**. LOL

          • @indigo, I cant stand him either. I dont know if Todd is an opportunist but I know Peter and Apollo are camera hog gossips. The money those two spent at strip clubs is disgusting. For Peter Im sure that car and tittybar money comes from his Bravo pay. We know Apollo had other sources of income. How that jackass could brag about it is hard to believe. I hope they ask Phaedra about that at the reunion.

            Peter is a repulsive husband and Cynthia acts like a doormat.

            Not only that, because she does let some ppl walk on her, she has a tendency to take it out on others. Kandi,,then Sheree. I will say,Cynthia knows how to play the Bravo game that. Bring it baby or say bye bye.

          • Why is Cynthia so subservient? Peter is an Oppurtunist , he was broke and using Cynthia for a step up when they married. I can’t stand him. That time Peter threatened to leave Cynthia I was “BYE BYE PETER”. Cynthia is Such a fool,I would NEVER choose a loser man like Peter over my family. Cynthia is Sneeky. She had a lot to do with that BRAWL, oh but every one wants to blame Kenya or Kandi. NeNe was the ultimate one to blame. Nene thinks she’s a Legendary movie star now! Like how dare people make her wait! I wish they would fire NeNe and her FAKE Barbie hair do which BTW makes her look like an Ass Clown!

          • Peter’s ego is almost out of control as Nene’s! He struts around like he is God’s gift to women and gossips like a teenager. I predict he will break Cynthia’s heart and drain her financially. Cynthia has changed this season and I no longer enjoy watching her.

        • I’d say s4 for me. When Nene went through her drama with Gregg. Plus it sure hasn’t helped that Kim or Sheree isn’t around for her to have regular fights with. Hadn’t not been for the talking heads I don’t know where would be at thus far on show.

          Also I do believe Kenya deserves a little bit of the ratings cred. Hadn’t she not outed Christopher’s common law marriage along with Cynthia being oh so messy before hand.

          • agree with this… nene is funny… when she isn’t acting conceited. But she is really jealous deep down. Things are okay as long as everyone remembers she was first, and still is.. very possessive of her position.If this report is true,, then just that supposed statement about the “new star of the show” would have pushed her buttons. Kenya is big like Nene and touch of cray cray. she does upstage her.

          • The drama with Greg was season 3, but it was around then that NeNe was not the main drama starter. There was Marlo and now Kenya.

            I read on MT that Kandi and Cynthia are practically confirmed to come back, but Phae is undetermined. She might quit to save face and to avoid the legal issues being in the next season.

          • People must have forgotten look it up. There was story about Marlo and NeNe getting into a fight on the set. This happen last year in the summer when filming first begin. That Nene was getting upset. That producer’s had invited Marlo on to shoot. Anyway Nene kept cursing out everyone. Her and Marlo had a fight. And Nene lost the fight. Marlo jacked her up. Nene slapped the producer. For a very long time. Nene has been very disrespectful to the producers. Raving she is the star. Forbidding producers to bring who they want on the set. When I read Nene’s twitter that day. She had said she was going to call the police. However the article said that the producer was going to call the police on Nene for hitting the producer in the face. I believe their is some truth to this. Nene took down the logo for RHWOA. Either she was fired for attacking the producer. Or Nene is doing this to get Kenya Moore fired. Nene has a history of bad and violent behavior on the set to get other cast members fired. Nene lies so much about the truth. She is not so important to that show. That any producer would tolerate being hit, cursed, or disrespected. And remember. Andy does not have the power he use to. They brought on New Producers for the show. Their has been a lot of changes as far as producers for the RHWOA. Don’t be surprised if Nene Leakes was fired. The Producer’s have been putting up with this LOUD Ghetto unprofessional Nene Leakes for a long time. The show has to grow. This means to allow other cast members to take the lead sometime. Nene Leakes wants everything to be about her. That is not how a actress operates. She does not know what she is doing. This is why she will never have a real acting career. Marlo says that her and Nene are no longer friends. Something happened.However she would not say.

        • It has been Kenya. Cynthia has not anything on this show. Neither has Kandi, Porsha can only use Kordell but so long. It has been Kenya Moore since she came on last year. I check the ratings. There has never been 4.1 and 5.1. Ever.

          • First of all thanks for dropping so much tea on the incident. I thought the cop cars they showed as a preview in episode 1 was because of the brawl and might very well be because of Kenya’s charity in regards to Marlo and Nene.

            As for the ratings, Kenya while she has played a big part in ratings, I’m saying had it not been for Natalie telling Cynthia about Todd, as it pertains to Kandi with her storyline and Cynthia being messy about it, then all what has happened the last 4 episodes or so wouldn’t have erupted in to huge ratings. It’s both Kandi, Kenya, and dare I say Cynthia’s impacts have kept things entertaining.

      • I think it’s Momma Joyce!!!!!! It was something About and elderly fiery momma taking off her mule to throw that got me tuned in!!! Momma Joyce needs to get a check.

    • I’m not dismissing this at all. This sounds like nene. And there’s clearly a lot of footage they left out prior to Kenya arriving. Something happened. Because she didn’t just start prancing around out of nowhere. If they waiting as long as nene claims, there’s a lot of footage of them waiting for Kenya that wasn’t shown and you have to wonder what happened because she was clearly amped up.

  • Simply put, Nene is jealous that Kenya, with her countless lies, is fast becoming a fan favorite this season. Meanwhile Miss Bloop is getting sidelined. Not only does she not have Hollywood anymore, the has been dethroned and her ego cannot take it.

    • Completely agree Jarlath
      NeNe thinks she is someone that she is not. She’s a reality TV D-list star. Not an A-list Hollywood actress. I think she is SUPER jealous of Kenya. Kenya is stealing some of NeNe’s thunder & NeNe doesn’t like it.

      • well one way would be to bring Kim back in the picture to play off of each other…

        isnt there whispers about this out there?

        • Oh I’m not sure pinkie
          I believe you are correct though- I think there may have been a story on here about Kim returning or not but I do not remember

      • I so Agree with you T ! Ne Ne is so JEALIOUS of Kenya, you can see it on her face. I think NeNe thought she was getting a Spin off show like WIG Zociack. When that never happened I think she’s pissed. NeNe does think she’s a ” famous A- List celebrity”. Ne Ne you are NOT even a D- List celebrity Hun. I hate to break your spirit, but you are a washed up, middle aged reality”” star”. I called you a star to make you feel better, but a star you are NOT! You had a couple BIT parts in a show that I’ve never even seen either one, cancelled show. Even NENE’s confessionals I thought she was Joking. She REALLY Thinks She’s ” a STAR” ” Biiiiiiiiiiittcccchhhhhh plezzzz!” It’s HILARIOUS how she thinks she’s the Star, the NE Ne show’ Kenya has more talent, than NENE could ever hope for. Kenya would be the spin off show I would watch. Kenya is exciting, I hope she doesn’t have a baby because that could make her life turn into snooze ville. NeNe’s 15 minutes are played out. Nene better Stock up on those . 99 cent frozen pizza’s DARLING, because your Star days are OVER sweetheart. Perhaps WIG will let you do a guest appearance on her show if you need the money to make your mortgage payment. Perhaps by then Kenya will have her spin off , you can guest spot on her show for a few bucks. Look at the bright side, at least those HERMES plates will make those.99 cent cardboard frozen pizza’s look good !

    • Agree, Jarlath…especially when people are quoting, “Gone with the Wind Fabulous”, not, “close you legs to married men” BLOOP!

      I believe it is someone from production–possibly someone who is sick of Nene’s demands.

  • Another “source”. I refuse to accept anything anyone claims until they show they have the balls to state their name, credentials, etc.
    Happy Valentines Day to all. I don’t have a sweetie anymore, so I bought my kids some cookies, and made heart shaped hamburgers for my dogs. So you don’t need a sweetheart to celebrate.

    • Happy Valentines Day to you as well.

      I love your idea of a heart shaped hamburger! I don’t eat meat, but I think I will make a heart shaped piece of salmon for my puppies!

      My husband is in the army and is stationed overseas right now so I am missing him today. But, your post reminded that I have love all around me, my family, my step babies, my fur babies, my co-workers! Hope you have a great rest of the day!

      • To EJJ: Heart shaped salmon is so cute!!! Thank your husband for his service to the country and thank you too for your sacrifice. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

      • Happy Valentines Day EJJ! Thank your hubby and you for your sacrifices for this great country! I like your heart shaped salmon idea for your fur babies! I just rescued a Valpino doggy,4 weeks ago. The temp was – 20 degrees below zero( actual temp). She was frozen to the road and I think hit by a car. I rushed her to the vet and she is doing great.She still has blood covering her right eye but it’s improving .i think I’ll make her a valentines day treat too! My new doggy ” Coco” and my Shih Tsz seem to love each other. Thanks for your fur babies treat ideas! PS- I guess it’s Happy Belated Valentines Day!!

      • Well, did say that she heard Nene from outside of tge door. She also said that someone had told her everything that had been said; Im willing to bet that it wasnt one.of the housewives that told her what was said. Maybe it was this “PA.”

        But I wouldn’t be surprised if this were Kenya. After the debacle of season 4 of New Jersey, you’d think that Bravo made production is confidentiality agreements. But then again, Cohen always say dont believe a majority of the things that you read about the behind the scenes going ons of the shows.

        • @Andrea from Alabama

          Well, let’s see which HW would that be considering not one of the HW have conversations with Kenya except for NeNe.

          Now, let’s do the math, shall we —Now we know that Porsha and Phaedra do not speak with Kenay…How many scenes to Kandi and Cynthia have with Kenya. So, that’s leave only NeNe…Now, I am willing to bet it wasn’t NeNe.

          You are right, we should not to believe everything from the internet; but, does that stop viewers from believing the worst about Kenya. We cannot pick and choose what we believe it to make our opinion sound better.

          Although, I understand you don’t like Kenya — I get it; but, let’s not let that dislike cloud our common sense.

          Ask yourself…what if the Bravo production staff member is correct Just Saying….
          Then What….

      • I agree. Can’t have been from Kenya. It had to come from someone present.

        And I’ve never heard this kind of detail about what went on behind the scenes.

        I give this a lot of credence even though it’s not attributed. I just hope the blogger didn’t get fooled by someone claiming to work on the crew and had the chance to actually verify the source worked production.

        I watch Atlanta but I don’t really follow it that much, but I am definitely not team Kenya. I find it very interesting that someone would go after Nene like this. I thought she was the queen of all queen bees. Surprised.

          • NeNe is her own worst enemy, period! Nobody else but her. She blames EVERYONE but loses her mirror.

            She is a classic emotional vampire! That is, she’s the person who will come into your life and by the time they leave, you have been negatively transformed and the person you were is changed and not for good! In the movies, a vampire never sees their reflection in the mirror. An emotional vampire like NeNe never sees the mirror!

            Hold on…..what’s that I hear?! It’s NeNe’s fifteen minutes dwindling down!

      • Exactly. This production staff is so unprofessional. They should also put on blast the thousands of set ups they creat for drama and ratings. They should be thanking Nene. This is exactly what they want to happen and ATL ratings are through the roof.

        • The reason this was put out there was because the blog Bravo allows the Actors to use would have been filled with lies by NeNe and they put a stop to that. It’s not unprofessional for a staff member to enlighten you on the truth and not some fabrication the way one person sees it. You don’t hear Kenya accusing the staff of dirty deeds. Because, she can hold her own against these Ladies and is not afraid to square off. When things don’t go NeNe’s way, she starts to make threats. Remember back when Kim first got her show and NeNe threatened to leave if she didn’t get her own show? Well she is still there.

    • If this was from Kenya there would have been more digs at Nene, for sure.

      This doesn’t surprise me because Nene more or less acts like this on camera anyway.

      • LOL! I thought it, you said it! (She did seem on something… The pacing, the sweating, the super-fast talking)… I mean that what it used to make me do! LOL

        • I think anyone watching could see that Nene was acting seven kinds of crazy! She seemed to be hyped up on something. I re-watched the episode and paused it, Kenya was telling the truth, Chuck grabbed her arm.

      • You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. NeNe acts like a low class Stripper! Nene wants to blame every body else , and throw a little ” Diva fit” because How Dare they keep the Star waiting! I Do believe NE NE was Snorting some white ” Princess Powder” because she was acting like a ” Coke Whore Stripper” . Time is money pacing and acting a Fool! Why do they let this Washed up middle aged reality character act like she a Diva? Nene would never even make the D List celebrity status. I used to like Nene before her head blew up and she became a Super star( in her own mind)! Even her conceited confessionals she has changed into this ” super Diva” which I totally thought was a joke at first, then I find out she is serious, it’s halarious! Go on Grandma NeNe go bake cookies and learn to crochet with your Ass Clown. Granny hair do that was out dated from the 80’s!

      • @Mrs.B

        First, I am a HUGE supporter of NeNe; and Kenya may not be my favorite HW; but, please let me know which lie did Kenya start about NeNe?

        Again, I am not here to defend Kenya; but, I will not put all the blame on her.

        Let’s not be blinded by our like for NeNe; and our dislike of Kenya; where one is always right and other is always wrong.

      • Don’t talk about Kenya, Were you there? Let’s talk about NeNe’s low class stripper behavior. How can she scream at the producers and make unrealistic Demands. She thinks she’s a world wide know A list Actress. Her 15 minutes are dwindling down . Kenya on the other hand is an exciting REAL actress, unlike NeNe who is a wanna be. Kenya has class , she’s young and gorgeous . NeNe is so JEALIOUS of her it’s so obvious.

    • Are you serious? This sounds exactly how someone who isn’t getting all the attention she thinks she should be getting acts! Since her Tv show was cancelled and who knows about Glee ,I don’t watch either, Nene ‘s only acting like a washed up housewife that she is . Get over yourself Nene you’ve turned into such a bitch fame whore like all the other Housewives that got to much attention and people get tired of it.

      • Right on Spot Tre’v! Excellent comments you said it so accurate and perfect! Good Job Tre’v !