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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Scheana Marie Denies That Lisa Vanderpump Objected To Having Her Attend Ken’s Party Plus Calls Out Brandi!

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Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie has had quite some issues with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. Years ago, Scheana had an affair with Brandi Glanville’s husband while Brandi was pregnant. Brandi and Scheana have since moved forward but Brandi wants absolutely nothing to do with her. In a recent episode of RHOBH, Brandi Glanville questioned why Lisa Vanderpump brings Scheana around when Brandi is present considering Brandi and Scheana’s history. Things got heated with Lisa and Brandi when Lisa had Scheana attend Ken and Mauricio’s party.  Lisa had gotten so much backlash that she recently revealed that the only reason Sheana was present at Ken and Mauricio’s party was because of Bravo and claimed she objected to having Scheana present. AllAboutTRH got to the bottom of it and spoke to Scheana Marie herself who denies that Lisa Vanderpumo objected to having her present. Scheana also calls out Brandi Glanville for bashing ‘Vanderpump Rules’ plus more! Check it out below


AllAboutTRH: What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump saying that your invite to Mauricio and Ken’s party was orchestrated and that she tried to object having you there?
Scheana Marie: I love Lisa and I work the parties at her house often so I don’t think she objected to having me there. She is trying to keep the peace with Brandi and doesn’t want it to look like she’s throwing me in her face. And that’s exactly what she didn’t do! Lisa hired a private catering company to work the dinner that night so I wasn’t at the table. I was organizing trays of food to be passed and was in the kitchen and house the entire night. I was never once at the dinner table.

Do you understand why Brandi Glanville doesn’t want to be around you or do you think she goes too far?
I get why Brandi doesn’t want me around. She doesn’t want a reminder of her past. My advice, don’t come into Sur! That’s where I work. If you don’t want to see me, then stay out of the place I work at.

What are your thoughts on Brandi claiming Vanderpump Rules is scripted?
She will say anything to trash our show. She thinks SHE is the reason we even have a show. She’s been on our show maybe 3 times? Sorry Brandi, we don’t need you to keep our show going. Our show isn’t scripted. The drama is real. We have literally put blood sweat and tears into this show. It’s the real deal.

Do you think Brandi’s a good friend to Lisa?
Absolutely Not!

Will we see you on another season of ‘Vanderpump Rules?’

Thoughts on what Scheana revealed?

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  • Hi guys and gals, Check out Femme fatales and Sheanas name in your google box. Sorry, phone won’t let me share the link. I was in total shock! Its the 16 minute trailer. A commenter on Reality Tea posted the link. I think I was the only one who watched it as I didn’t see anyone comment afterwards and believe me, they would have. I don’t know if its her in the video but if so, sure makes me see Miss Sheana in a whole different light!

  • I’m a HUGE fan of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, have been since first season & never miss it or if I do, I watch it On Demand…… Love all the crazy, zany characters just as I did with ‘Laguna Beach’ & ‘The Hills’…. Different era, differet characters, different trials & tribulations…….. Love ‘VPR’…:)

  • I really like Sheana. She is young and pretty and on a more popular reality show(VR)with younger viewers than Brandi is on. Brandi is so jealous of her.

  • Lisa: “Sheana, can you work at my party where my good friend who’s husband you had an affair with will be there?”
    Sheana:”yes. why not? I am not at all ashamed or embarrassed! I know that when I get married soon to the only man that will ever marry me that will never happen to me!”
    Sheana’s fat fiance’: “All I know is I can finally tell everyone back home in Oklabooby that I showed them! I did NOT marry my cousin.”
    Brandy: “I only drink when I breathe! Get off my back!”

  • Any story about Scheana makes my skin crawl. I agree 100% Michers that she has no right to make any demands. I can’t help but think that every time Brandi has to see her she must wonder why her nasty husband would ever choose to spend time with such a trashy and annoying person. It must be terrible to have a cheating husband. And even worse to have a husband that cheats with someone like that. Ughhhhh.
    Lisa should NEVER have asked Brandi to say a single thing to her about her impending marriage let alone something nice. Send that chick back to Villa Blanca. Both shows would be better without her.

  • Lisa negotiated w/Bravo to keep Sheana in the kitchen. If Brandi saw Sheana she must have gone into the kitchen. Sheana did state in her interview that she was coordinating the trays leaving the kitchen. Brandi is shown with Ken and Sheana. Brandi seems to be drawn to other wimens husbands, which leads me to suspect that her “open marriage” with Eddie was open for them both. Brandi has stated
    their marriage was “open” in interviews. If you nose around Youtube, you’ll find an old
    interview from an appearence on Wendy
    Williams show at shows a very different Brandi then we have seen on RHoBH. She was introduced as a make up artist, not a model. I suspect there is a lot about Brandi’s history as presented by Bravo that is pure fabrication.

    • To the left, to the left…in Beyonce’s words. Tom, Scheana, Kristen, Jax and to all you SUR employees, that would be my song for you, and your f’d up relationships (esp. With married people).

      • And, I don’t want my kids to have friends like you all nor turn out like you in mid twenties to thirties, I won’t ever eat there, may have a cocktail there to see Lisa’s designs, but you did add humor to Bravo. Drop jaw humor, that single twenty/thirty something year olds with no responsibility but your bills and Career goals, act like that and date each other.

        The corporate world would have spit you out. No offense, just the truth. If it doesn’t work out in Hollywood, be an adult assistant or Page in D.C. For Congress.

  • I don’t get how rhis SUR staff that are televised acts and thinks that they are co-owners of Lisa’s restaurant.

    I know it’s a show, but the smoke breaks, the coming in late, sex in restaurant or walking off shift…their asses would be so fired if my employees. Kristen would have been long gone.

    Scheana acts like she Kim Kardashian now, with mama bear Lisa. Lol. (insert eye roll)

  • Scheana seems to be biting the hand that feeds her (Lisa). She should not have commented on this issue whether it is true or not, because it makes her employer look bad. Also, I think Brandi needs to grow up. Scheana is not the only one Eddie cheated with, and Brandi is bound to run into her, so she should just move on. Forgiveness can be very freeing.

  • I am going to keep this short and sweet…

    Why is it that everyone is willing to believe ANYTHING anyone says BUT Lisa Vanderpump? Like she is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings.

    Everyone’s word seems to hold water but Lisa is always lying and manipulating situations? Everyone else is a victim of Lisa’s diabolical plan?

    I don’t buy it! Lisa may not be completely innocent but she is certainly not the evil genius everyone wants to make her out to be.

    • Amen!

      So many people believe the absolute WORST about Lisa and NEVER give her the benefit of the doubt when every single one of those other women have MAJOR flaws and pull all kinds of underhanded, sneaky, manipulative crap too.

      NONE of them are any better than Lisa is.

      On WWHL, when a caller asked why everyone was so intimidated by Lisa, Brandi responded, “Because she’s the smartest woman on the planet.”


      Lisa being incredibly intelligent is what’s so intimidating? I mean, I’ve said for a while now that Lisa is smarter than all of those women put together.

      Why should she be penalized for that? Also, what’s wrong with carefully considering one’s words before speaking (particularly when you are on camera in front of the entire nation)? What’s wrong with paying attention to one’s image, particularly if one is a business owner and involved in promoting those businesses and in promoting 2 t.v. shows?

      Some of these other women need to get a clue and stop focusing so damned much on Lisa Vanderpump and blaming HER for all of their damned problems.

      Lisa is human and, as such, of course, she has flaws. But, like you, I simply do not believe she’s this evil mastermind sitting around wasting time trying to manipulate everybody and ruin everybody’s damned life.

      PLEASE! It’s ridiculous.


      • You both make valid points, however I dont fully agree. Brandi has been getting the most crap and I think that is only because she says things in a way people dont like. Who is telling the truth on this show? Or do they all embellish? IDK.. If what one says is a lie, then I guess they all lie?! Just because one is “classier” does not mean she is almighty truth teller either, juts as some feel Brandi is “poor and trashy” does not mean she is. Meh.. whatever I guess.

        • Hi michers,

          Brandi’s getting sh*t because she’s been acting like a major a*shole (for MONTHS now) who feels like she can go around saying whatever she wants whenever she wants regardless of who it might hurt. And, when she’s called on it, she defiantly refuses to apologize and usually makes it worse by adding an insult instead of an apology (Lisa’s apologized several times in her blogs and has acknowledged the error of her ways).

          And there’s no way Brandi’s been getting more crap than Lisa when it comes to the other women. The other women — with the exception of Joyce and Carlton — have basically joined Brandi to bash Lisa constantly.

          No offense. JMHO. 😉

        • Lisa has a classy personna,, which i like. But she likes to stir the pot in a very subtle way. Or throw a dig, in a British humor kind of way to soften the jab.

      • ITA….And I hope Lisa fires Scheana, everybody is replaceable. I would not take kindly to an employee talking about my business and personal relationships/business as if they are “in the know”, not cool in my book.

  • Just when I think Scheana is mature and grounded like Pandora and her husband, Scheana gutters herself with gossip and twitters about Brandi. You need to let it go Scheana. Grow up.

  • Bravo needs to answer this question it seems like. If Lisa hadn’t wanted her there she wouldn’t have been there. Brandi needs to toughen up. Seems like she has played on everyone’s sympathies long enough.

    • No one should even care at this point. I agree ginny… I don’t have sympathy for Brandi any longer. Everyone has their crosses in life to bear. Brandi is making out pretty good because of all this too. Now she gets to sleep with whoever she wants… she says she doesn’t want to get married because sleeping with the same person for the rest of her life would be boring. She’s getting what she wants too now.

  • Scheana is the slut that assisted Eddie in blowing up Brandi’s home life and the two boy’s home life.

    Scheana still doesn’t want to own her slutty behavior.

    the other solution is: is Sur the only restaurant in California..Scheana herself could easily find another job.

    Doubt Lisa will be happy about the slut telling Brandi to stay out.

    • Why should Scheana have to get another job? She’s been working for Lisa since before Brandi was ever in the picture as Lisa’s friend.

      The Scheana/Eddie thing was years ago and she did apologize for it. If she were constantly running around with married guys that would be one thing but she’s not. She’s marrying a nice guy now and I don’t think this one mistake should disqualify her from the human race.

      • I don’t think looking for a new job = disqualifying her from the human race.

        Apparently the problem solving that Lisa encouraged, with Brandi and her did not take, some people would want to look for a solution, not do interviews that slam the ex wife of her ex boyfriend that she was having sex with while Brandi was pregnant.

        • No, people act like the affair disqualifies her from the human race.

          Okay so Scheana finds a new restaurant to work at. Suppose Brandi gets the urge to eat there. Does she have to change jobs again? This could go on forever.

          • is there anything in my post that infers that looking for a job=disqualifying her from the human race?

            since she is the one who had sex with Brandi’s husband at the time – it is her responsibility to create change and encourage change – not do interviews that slam the person who had a husband and a family intact..Brandi thought.

          • hey Katelyn

            by my posts you would think that I am a Brandi fan – nope

            I don’t appreciate this person eagerly tweeting and completing interviews to bash Brandi.

            I don’t watch VPR not interested, but so far at minimum brandi has had to watch in real life both people that blew up her life- given reality shows.

            And to add a cherry to what these two expect Brandi to swallow, twitter wars and interviews slamming and giving attitude to Brandi.

            That behavior does not create or encourage change for anyone.

        • You’re calling her a slut over something that happened years ago. When she’s 60 and has grandchildren is she still a slut? There has to be an end to these things. This isn’t ‘The Scarlet Letter’.

          • I agree Katelyn. Scheana did a terrible thing. It was bad. However, it was Eddie at the end who didn’t value his marriage by sleeping with any woman he could.

          • Exactly. She also says she didn’t know he was married and that he lied to her also which would make her a “victim” also. Now we can say we THINK she did know, but there’s no way we can know that for sure. I don’t understand why Scheana has to wear this scarlet letter. It’s time to LET IT GO! Sorry… but I don’t agree with holding onto something that doesn’t do you any good. Brandi is holding onto it because she’s also benefiting from it. That’s not Scheana’s fault.

          • clearly you are more forgiving than I am, Scheanna did break up with him once she found out he is married, but when he returned and gave her a song and dance about being separated-not divorced- she went right back to him.

            All she had to do is not have sex with him – she was not an unsuspecting 16 year old – she was 27 – after having sex with him again, some time down the road she decides perhaps she should investigate, sex still going on by the way – Brandi pregnant at home – this is when she finds out that he is married and nailing LR as well.

            What does she decide to do – she goes to a rag and weeps about how ER lied to her and took advantage of poor little Scheanna…by the way, until she reported this..still having sex with Brandi’s husband.

            So, she needs to close her yap and stop taking shots at Brandi who was pregnant while she had sex with her husband, she knew he was married..she was mad that ER cheated ON her!!

            So yes she is a slut and eddie is a butt head slut ass wipe who knows not how to respect a life partner.

        • I am forgiving for the simple reason that no one is infallible when it comes to human relationships. Everyone makes mistakes in life and what really counts is how you handle them and learn from them. To be any other way means there is no such thing as redemption. You can never atone for and overcome a mistake. I could never go through life with such a rigid attitude because no one is perfect.

      • She could go back to Villa Blanca. Where she worked for Lisa initially before the opportunity to whore herself out to the world on reality tv because she slept with her boss’ friend’s husband would ensure they would constantly bump into each other on camera occurred

        • I agree! I don’t understand why Lisa put up with Sheana or Ariana being hired at Sur! Both could’ve stayed at Ville Blanca. They were both after men who were taken and Lisa would not hire a woman who was hanging or sleeping with Ken. I wonder if Sur was made for Bravo as its so trashy. I think Villa Blanca is Lisas high class restaurant and the other one going up is for production purposes as well. It really has me wondering as she more than likely makes more money from production as most would not want to eat at this place with a staff that are walking disease carriers. Good for Lisa for making the big bucks but sadly I think it tarnished her image. I know its a show but Sur has a reputation of these stupid, selfish employees running around having sex in the bathroom.

  • So she basically is calling Lisa a liar, while kissing her ass and trashing Brandi- yep that works! And also, when she was having fun chiming in with Tom the other day, a tweeter put her on blast to hush up because she did porno WHILE she was with Shay and provided a link. Her words mean nothing to me because 1) look how she got her 15 minutes 2) she also used Brandi ( sorry but she did) to have SOMETHING to whine about 3) she is bragging about being an employee at SUR 4) wannabe famewhore trying to make it as a pop tart. A young woman who wanted to redeem herself from being an adulterer, is still trashing another woman. Ad loves to “joke” about getting gang banged! What a peach 😉

    • PS: can we please acknowledge once and for all that Scheana only moved over to SUR once VPR started. So yeah: she kind of DOES owe the fact that she slept with Brandi’s husband and played a huge part in breaking up their family in getting her opportunity to be on a reality tv program. Because otherwise she would probably still be working as a waitress at Villa Blanca instead of getting engaged at her boss’ house and taking swipes at the woman whose husband she rooted while that woman was pregnant.

      • Amen sista 🙂 Its like she came out of ” no where” ( cough cough Villa Blanca to suddenly appear on our televisions!! And didnt Lisa herself say “Sur is where you bring your mistress and Villa Blanca is your wife”.. How fitting.

      • That’s possible. But Brandi is also on RHoBH for the same reason. She’s known for being Leann’s husband’s ex-wife. If not for those affairs… we would have never even heard the name “Brandi Glanville.” Damn Eddie and Leann!

  • I don’t understand why you need to put “blood, sweat and tears” into a reality television show?

  • I thought that famewhores and home wreckers were supposed to go into hibernation until the spring when the cameras start rolling. Oh well, wrong again.

    You were confined to the kitchen for a reason. Lisa didn’t want to you or need you to serve. She obviously had arranged for the catering company to bring the waitstaff even though she had originally told Kevin Lee that she wanted the dinner catered, but would bring in the servers herself.

    And this isn’t even true, you were serving the hors d’oeuvre when you showed Kyle your ring. Stop biting the hand that feeds you, look where that got Brandi.

  • I can’t help but to agree with Scheana, if you don’t like my face don’t come into my work area or place for that matter. Why should Scheana run and hide everytime Brandi comes into SUR.

    • Why should she expect a woman that is a friend with her boss to not go there as a paying customer? Sorry this chick has no right to make demands .

        • Hold on now, Eddie didn’t just sleep with Scheana. Let’s not act like this the only one woman he had a good time with. Scheana seems like an easy target for Brandi because she’s the only one (besides LeAnn) that has remotely come forward having sex with Eddie while Brandi was married to him. Not to mention, Scheana has taken her beaten from Brandi for sleeping with a married man and now she’s moved on and now engaged. It is Brandi who is not trying to let go, it’s probably for emotional reasons because here are the two women LeAnn and Scheana who slept with her then husband now both are about to be married. I know that stuff hurts but Brandi has to find a way to move forward because it has been 4 years now.

      • Agreed… Scheanna is out to lunch. I fast forward thru every scene she is in, regardless of what show is on.

    • Hmmmm…did I see a different version of the show??? I thought Lisa went up to Brandi and told her to congraulate or *say something* to Scheana??? Anyway, don’t see what the fuss is all about? Just another Bravo scripted party for those who still have NOT figured Bravo out!! 😀

    • I agree with you CheryITN. If I really really dislike someone and I know they work at Restaurant XYZ, I would just not go there. What is Scheana supposed to do? Give Brandi her schedule so that Brandi knows when to go or not go?

      • What is Brandi supposed to do? Not go where she is invited where her friend so happens to be co-owner? I like Lisa but lets face it- she makes out on this deal. Has the mistress working where her friend comes to join her for dinner and parties… with cameras…

  • Scheana didn’t deny Lisa objected to having her at the party – she gave her opinion. She said she didn’t THINK Lisa did – there is a big difference..the implications are very different..And in the end – Scheana wouldn’t really no…

    I am completely exhausted with Brandi, no longer a fan in ANY way – but I will never side with Scheana in this. She should not speak about Brandi – I believe she knew Eddie was married and she is playing dumb. She has no right to speak about Brandi – and her behavior towards her at the party was ridiculous.

  • I didn’t see this story at first and wrote on another thread that Scheana gave a interview and said Brandi was very drunk that night and the exchange between them lasted longer then was aired and Brandi hurled insults and obscenities at Sheana

    • Yeah, I’m not sure I believe that. Brandi didn’t look drunk at all when she was talking to Scheana.

      Or for the rest of the night. Plus she turned back that massive drink.

      Scheana is a bit of a Bitchface. Not sure I trust her just because Brandi is also a bit of a truth stretcher…

      • I agree Aussiegirl. Brandi did look clear headed that night from what was aired. I even remarked on her Not being drunk

      • Really? I thought Brandi looked totally wasted when she was talking to Scheana. With that said, I think Scheana is a kiss-ass and needs to just stop talking about Brandi because she was in the wrong to sleep with a married man with a pregnant wife. She earned every ounce of hatred that Brandi has for her. Had I been Brandi, I would have told her that I hoped no bimbo fucked Shay while she was pregnant and blissfully unaware.

        • Brandi needs to grow up and realize being angry with Sheana is misplacing her anger. I’m very sure Eddie wasn’t hog tied and forced into bed by Sheana. Brandi needs to place all this anger where it belongs, on Eddie’s head. He saught out Sheana and seduced her. She may have been willing, but I doubt that anything would have happenef if he had not pushed her harmless flirting which, BTW,is part of her JOB.

          Anyone who has ever worked as a server or host(ess) in the hospitality business knows that a bit of flirting is what makes the difference between making a decent living, and barely paying the rent.

          • Brandi needs to release her anger completely. Staying angry at someone or HATING them is giving away your power. The only person Brandi can control is herself.

            She said herself that she doesn’t want to be married because it means sleeping with only one person for the rest of her life… “how boring.” So why is she holding on to hate and anger that someone broke up her marriage?

          • I need to clarify… I shouldn’t have said “someone broke up her marriage.” I should have said “that her marriage broke up.” The only one who broke up their marriage is Eddie and Brandi who has said that Eddie wanted to stay with her but wouldn’t give up Leann so she kicked him out. She made the right decision. She needs to own it.

  • Also, she’s saying that even if bravo wanted scheana there and she ok’d it, Lisa at least tried to keep them separate by not having scheana serve.

  • That’s not scheana denying what Lisa said. She’s saying she doesn’t “think” Lisa objected since Lisa likes having scheana at her parties usually. In ther words, that’s her opinion and she has no idea what Lisa did or didn’t do. That’s more of her trying to say “it’s not that Lisa doesn’t want me around.”

  • Lisa doesn’t have to a explain one damn thing about who she invites, or has working her parties.

    If Lisa is paying for the party she can invite whoever, it’s her house.

    If Bravo is paying for the party then Bravo does the invites, using Lisa’s house.

  • Poor amuck Scheanna, she is just being honest and knows that there is no way that Lisa objected to her presence, if anything she salivated at the opportunity to have more ratings for her show.
    Does Lisa care about Brandi or Scheanna’s feelings at all? Of course not.

    Lisa only cares about Lisa.
    Scheanna is terribly naive if she doesn’t know that she is just another disposable pawn in Lisa’s game.

      • she isn’t privy to production decisions as Lisa is. But she is right about Brandi not being a friend to Lisa. Brandi is no one’s friend and I have to question WTH is wrong with Jennifer Gimenez that she can’t seer what a head case Brandi is and get her help. BTW Jennifer G. still smokes cigarettes so is still dealing with her addictions.

      • Of course she is, she is not that dumb.

        But if you really think that Lisa objected to having Scheanna at that party and if you actually think that Lisa was forced with a knife in her back to ask Brandi to go and congratulate the woman who screwed with her husband while she was pregnant then I have a bridge to sell you for a very reasonable price.

    • How would Scheanna know what Lisa discussed with Bravo production? The only thing Scheanna would know is if she was told to attend or not.

    • Lisa doesn’t have a game. Lisa has successful businesses and a non-public-drama marriage and jealous people can’t handle that.

      Scheanna said she *DOESNT THINK* that Lisa objected to her being there, but she has no idea.

      • Scheana says she was only in the kitchen. So obviously Brandi is lying about her flirting with her boyfriend all night… unless her boyfriend was in the kitchen “all night.”

        Funny how she says that Brandi has no problem seeing her at Sur.

    • Um…don’t worry, it won’t be long before Scheanna too will hate on Lisa. She will see how she was used by Lisar. Lisa doesn’t care about anybody, except her sad show. She didn’t make it as an actress when she was younger, and this is the best she can do with VPrules, or whatever.