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RHOBH Recap: Brandi Glanville Believes Lisa Vanderpump Is Worse Than Bobby Fischer!


Tonight’s episode we catch up with Yolanda who is at Mohammed’s house discussing throwing a graduation/going away party for their daughter Gigi. Yolanda has such a good relationship with her ex and his new girlfriend, it’s so nice to see. Yolanda also brings up Lisa having a party the same night as her step daughter’s wedding. I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal, except according to Yolanda, Lisa knew the wedding was planned and scheduled to be held at Mohammed’s house, and Lisa even tried inviting Mohammed knowing he wouldn’t be able to go. I wonder why Lisa would even try and do that? Sounds fishy. Kyle and Mauricio are shooting hoops and going over rules with their daughter for a out of town trip she’s going on with her friends. Their daughters are so beautiful. Carlton is visiting her husband at work, and I am so happy she has fixed her hair. MUCH better. I’m glad she got rid of those awful bangs. Carlton’s husband’s company is getting ready for a party they’re hosting, and back at Kyle’s house, she reveals to Mauricio how Carlton has uninvited her to the party, but Mauricio is still invited.

Carlton is ridiculous for doing that. If she didn’t want Kyle there, fine. But to invite her husband still as if he would leave his wife and go, is just stupid. Over at Joyce’s she is working out with her current “Queen of the Universe” winner, Ivette. You can tell that Joyce doesn’t have to work for her tiny body by the way she’s working out. She’s exhausted after two minutes! LOL Yolanda is at home studying with her husband David for her citizenship test. They’re so cute, and Yolanda is so lucky to have such a supportive husband. It’s time for Carlton’s family’s party and Lisa and Ken arrive first. Carlton apologizes to Lisa for what went down at the party, and it’s funny to see Lisa trying to explain that Carlton might be wrong about Kyle, considering now she blames Kyle for that night. What is also interesting is Carlton bringing up how Lisa’s opinion hurt considering her opinion of Kyle in the PAST. Hmmm….Someone just revealed past episodes shaped her opinions.

Carlton starts crying, and I don’t think it’s because of Kyle’s comments, I think it’s because she’s freaking out that no one is going to side with her, since Lisa is siding with Kyle right now. Carlton is freaking out in her talking head because Kyle’s comment could destroy her family’s business. Carlton is shadowing Lisa throughout the party, and she really just seems in love with her. Lisa and Ken are leaving and they see Kim showing up. Kim is by herself and she’s joking with them why she didn’t come to Ken’s birthday. It’s hilarious. She’s doing the Lisa excuse with the accent as well. She sounds like a drunk pirate and it’s too funny. I think it’s nice that Kim went despite Carlton and Kyle’s issues. Brandi is there, and has another medical problem.

Brandi is sitting with Kim and they’re talking about the party with Scheana. Brandi tells Kim how Lisa wanted her talk about marriage with Scheana, and Kim is confused why Scheana was even there. Kim tells Brandi that there’s tension with Lisa and she has love/hate moments with her. Brandi actually looks terrified to talk to Kim about Lisa. I think they all know nothing good can come out of it. Yolanda is taking her citizenship test, and although she is nervous, she passes. Go Yolanda! Lisa is getting ready for a photo shoot for a magazine, and she has Stassi there to help the stylist. Kyle and Brandi are meeting up to go for a walk, and Brandi’s tongue is still swollen. I think Carlton’s spell missed Kyle, and hit Brandi instead. Kyle is telling Brandi about Joyce’s pageant in Puerto Rico, and Brandi tells Kyle that she can’t bring J.R. since they’re in another fight.

It’s so strange that Brandi is more worried about J.R. than forcing herself on a trip that JOYCE planned. AWKWARD. Brandi then starts talking about Lisa and asks Kyle how she moved forward with Lisa after Lisa accusing Mauricio of using people for listings. Kyle explains her and Lisa are not close, but she knows something was up because Lisa started calling her again in the morning, vs calling Brandi. Brandi makes it hard to see if how she feels about Lisa is true, only because of the timing. Last week she wasn’t liking Kyle and Lisa getting along, now this conversation with Kyle. Don’t get me wrong. I think Lisa is one of the sneakiest, but I do think the same goes for Brandi.

Kyle is actually shocked about Brandi agreeing with everything that Kyle has been saying since season 2. It’s weird to hear Brandi say all these awful things about Lisa, only because she tweets how much she loves her after saying it all. It’s an abusive relationship. Brandi’s like the boyfriend who puts down his girlfriend, and calls her every name in the book, but then says, “I’m sorry. I love you.” Brandi is scared that going up against Lisa means she is going to be ruined.

Next week, we see more of Brandi distancing herself from Lisa.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? What do you think of the claims against Lisa? Do you think Kyle has been right about her all this time? Let’s discuss!

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  • When Lisa sais “stand up for me darling, have my back” what she really means is talk shit about the person I’m in conflict with. I believe that’s how she got Brandy to do her dirt. She confided in Brandy about her feelings and had the same convo with brandy that she had with Kyle about backing her up. The difference is Brandy wants to be loved so much, plus she is uncensored, she went ahead and projected list’s feeling on others. Lisa is really smart, that’s what attracted me to her. But she most definitely has a lot of skeletons.

  • I do feel that Brandi and Lisa are two calculatif peas in a pod, and Kyle has her moments. I understand that Kyle know where her and Lisa’s relationship stands and giving up, but she should know that Brandi does anything to remain relevant, and she WAS a part in confronting her about the cheating. Her and Lisa did not like Adrienne and Kyle, and neither had friends in S2. Brandi is REALLY not trying to blame the shit she did to Adrienne on Lisa. It is very suspicious for Lisa to call Kyle constantly after they did not for the past year and so. Very unsettling the end of the episode was.

  • I have been reading this site for awhile and I have been following this RHOBH debacle and I Just feel compelled (but not manipulated by Lisa) to speak up.

    So my main issue with the “ladies” is that they lack maturity in relationships. I keep hearing Lisa called calculating, she knows how to act like she cares about you, um, they’re all adults who should know how to comport themselves in public and certainly on TV! These ladies are all dishonest/hypocritical because they fail to call their friends wrong when they’re wrong, and they can’t admit when their enemy is right. Also, anytime someone get’s their own spinoff, the other ladies can’t take it because it forces them to admit what their narcissistic egos can’t handle – someone else is more popular than them.

    Brandi is a rabid dog that is lulled by gifts and opportunity and then unleashed to attack. I think this mistake Lisa made was thinking Brandi could be house trained/civilized to stop doing that. As anyone knows, a rabid beast should be put down, not brought home. Lisa is the WORST judge of character and I’m seriously doubting how she can be such a mastermind if she can’t see how many people around her don’t like her. I think what they call calculating is just Lisa being a lady and not talking smack or behaving badly on TV – which makes sense to me as an adult with a job. No one acts the exact same everywhere they go. You behave one way at home, one way at work, one way around close girlfriend, and another way around strangers. There is nothing fake or manipulative about that to me. These people are confusing TV friendship with actual friendship. This show is a job, and certainly liking your co-workers helps. I think Lisa likes these ladies in a “I didn’t pick them, I have to be around them, I care about them in the universal sense, and my life it too great to really care about anything they say” kind of way. Which to me is how all of these ladies SHOULD feel about each other unless they truly started as friends (i.e. Lisa and Kyle) or come to care about each other (i.e. Lisa and Brandi). Lisa’s problem is that she didn’t recognize Kyle’s jealousy, or the fact that Brandi is uncouth and crazy.

  • I have been reading this site for awhile and I have been following this RHOBH debacle and I Just feel compelled (but not manipulated by Lisa) to speak up.

    So my main issue with the “ladies” is that they lack maturity in relationships. I keep hearing Lisa called calculating, she knows how to act like she cares about you, um, they’re all adults who should know how to comport themselves in public and certainly on TV! These ladies are all dishonest/hypocritical because they fail to call their friends wrong when they’re wrong, and they can’t admit when their enemy is right. Also, anytime someone get’s their own spinoff, the other ladies can’t take it because it forces them to admit what their narcissistic egos can’t handle – someone else is more popular than them.

    Kim – Kim is really a zany sweetheart. She doesn’t have the mental faculties to really be any form of threat (except to herself and Kingsley). I do think her issues with Lisa stem 100% from the fact that while Kim was dealing with her alcohol issues, Lisa behaved like the mature, caring big sister to Kyle that Kim should have been. Her issues with Lisa deal with 1) Lisa being dismissive, um Kim, everyone dismisses you as zany and loopy. You are. No one even really cares about your scenes and the most interesting thing about you is your dog, 2) Lisa closed the door while you were peeing, um Kim, she did you a favor, unless you planned on a scatological storyline next season, and 3) she didn’t attend your daughter’s event she RSVP’s NO to, um Kim, once someone RSVPs they will NOT be attending your event, they do not have to show up (and if fact shouldn’t show up since their attendance wasn’t factored in the planning process). Even if Lisa was at home not doing a damn thing, she didn’t have to show up once she RSVP’d no. Certainly her going to her business (which makes money for her) might be more pressing than attending a party she said she wasn’t going to attend. Kim doesn’t like Lisa, so Lisa can do no right.

    Carlton – Carlton just didn’t like Kyle from the jump. It happens, sometimes you just don’t like a bitch. It is clear though, that Carlton is hyper-sensitive in her dislike, Kyle can do no right as far a Carlton is concerned. Rather than making up reasons or taking every action from Kyle as an intentional slight, Carlton should just admit that Kyle’s existence irritates her and leave it at that. Carlton’s overtly sexual commentary was incredibly uncomfortable for me watch. I believe she lives her life that way (and more power to any couple that has made their marriage as much a priority as raising their kids, I love couples that are dedicated to being in love and attracted to each other), I think absolutely no one enjoyed hearing/seeing it every Monday night in her hyper-aggressive displays. JMO

    Joyce – I absolutely have fallen for Joyce. I was completely indifferent initially but I love that she didn’t fall for Brandi’s and Yolanda’s attempt to manipulate and trick her. I think everyone forgets that in an unseen scene (as reported on Joyce’s blog), Yolanda invited Joyce to her house to “warn” her that Lisa doesn’t take criticism well. Brandi also called Joyce and made a similar comment. To that I counter, Lisa doesn’t take kindly to her alleged friends/alliance insulting her character behind her back. I think most people don’t respond well to that, so calling it “criticism” is inaccurate. Lisa doesn’t take friends backstabbing her well. Now, I don’t like people touching my hair under any circumstance, so in that hair flip situation, I would have behaved worse than Lisa. Yes, Joyce was trying to be nice, but don’t touch strangers’ bodies without their expressed consent. In every situation since, I have agreed with every action, reaction, and comment made by Joyce. She really comes across as the ultimately pageant girl – very articulate, thinks before she acts/responds, and seems really nice. Her life is awesome and I think that’s why she is so happy and bubbly all the time. If her worst crime is touching her hair, I think we’re officially in nitpicking territory. People have quirks, certainly you can still see she’s a decent human, even if she hair flips. Her accurate description of Brandi’ MO, really opened my eyes. Brandi wanted to manipulate Joyce, when Joyce made the mistake of telling that to Lisa, Brandi had to make Joyce look bad so Lisa wouldn’t be aware of the snake in her rose garden. By the time Brandi attacked Joyce at that dinner, I think Joyce AND her husband should have called her every name in the book, threw wine in her face, and left (that’s how I get down, and that’s probably why I’m not a beauty queen!).

    Kyle – dear Kyle, stop trying to be the Queen Bee of this show. Queen Bees are always attacked (I mean you know this because you’ve attempted a coup TWICE now). You have an awesome family, a sexy husband, a fake job designing/selling luxury caftans, just be a sideline player living it up in luxury at home, occasionally being filmed being awesome. You are whiny, you are calculating (you’re no Bobby Fischer, but you play chess too, or checkers, or chutes and ladders), you are everything you accuse Lisa of. Your issue isn’t that Lisa is all those things, your issue is she does it better. She gets more attention for it and it galls you. And I understand – that’s human nature. It sucks to stand near someone who is shining just a little bit brighter, especially since I’m sure Kyle thought that since Lisa was an older lady with no young children, she wound’t be that fan favorite. Kyle, fans are fickle creatures, they will betray you, critique your every action, judge you harshly, and align against you at the first opportunity (in that regard, you and Brandi and Yolanda are some real Lisa fans!).

    Yolanda – I liked you initially. I think now that you are the most calculating. I believe your husband. You only came on this show as a platform for your own lifestyle platform (babe, I don’t think that’s gonna work. All you eat and recommend people to eat is almonds, lemons, and master cleanse, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!). You’re home is lovely and tasteful, and you did seem to have a strong sense of etiquette and an actual mature view of conflict (go have coffee alone and talk it out), but you’ve veered from that this season, maybe this is Lyme disease related? Any issue you had with Lisa should have been discussed with Lisa. Yolanda’s issues with her also come across as petty. Lisa couldn’t come painting (which she again RSVP’s NO to, so why was Yo pretending Lisa had just informed her – according to Lisa’s blog), Um Yo, I know marrying well has prevented you from working outside the home at this stage in your life, but Lisa still has multiple full-time businesses to run. Whether she is getting permits for her businesses or filming her other shows, any and all of those obligations trump painting for an adult who is leaving home (even if that adult is Yolanda’s daughter). I also hate that when you needed Lisa to get you on the show, she was a dear family friend you’ve known for so long, now that she didn’t make it to Malibu enough to comfort you with her lack of medical knowledge, she’s just not a good friend. I get that it hurts to feel forgotten when you’re sick, but again, Yo should have had coffee and told Lisa that she didn’t appreciate that, at least giving Lisa a chance to fix the situation, instead of Yo commandeering Brandi to attack. And to be clear, from the moment Yo gave Brandi those shoes in Paris last season, I stopped trusting Yo. From then on, Yo began her subtle campaign against Lisa, she DID talk shit about Lisa to Kyle and Kim and she did lie about it at the reunion (or her Lyme disease messed with her memory). To say Lisa was wrong for hosting a party on the same day as a wedding Lisa wasn’t invited to is crazy. If Lisa hadn’t invited Yo or Mohamed, I’m sure Yo would have found a way to complain about that too. It’s clear by the many and consistent digs made by Yo against Lisa in her blogs, that Yo hasn’t liked Lisa for quite some time and is finally getting to let it all out. Maybe Yo wants to be the only sexy older lady in charge? Also, Yo knows to be careful around Brandi, at this point, Brandi has betrayed and revealed the private intimate details of every cast-mate, so when Yo was on WWHL, she knew to quickly assuage Brandi’s feelings or prepare for Brandi to twitter assassinate her. Brandi and Yo worked together to try to slander Lisa, and after the WWHL situation, Yo had to realize that Brandi could/will turn on her just as easily.

    Brandi – Brandi is beyond ignorant. I hate when someone says “I tell the truth”. First off, we all lie, or inherently downplay our actions, miss how the things we do hurt other people, or flat out don’t want to get in trouble for our mistakes and errors. At best, we tell OUR VERSION of truths which is still commendable. Brandi came out with nothing to lose. She didn’t have money, she didn’t have social standing, she needed this opportunity and went for it wholeheartedly, for which I initially commended her. I used to think her intent was pure, but her execution was sloppy. Now I think her intentions are pathetically desperate and narcissistic and her execution is pathological and disgusting. Everything she did to Joyce was cruel. She went after Joyce with a vengeance when Joyce refused to be used in her attack of Lisa. She has systematically shown every housewife (exposing Adrienne’s surrogacy, Kim’s falling off the wagon, Kyle’s fear of being being disliked by fans) that her lack of a filter can and will be used indiscriminately to intimidate. Lisa’s biggest flaw is her belief that Brandi wouldn’t turn on her. Frankly, you can’t turn straw to gold, a whore into a housewife, or Brandi into lady. A lady ultimately has to show restraint and discipline, and Brandi has made it immensely clear she lacks the ability or desire to improve herself by showing either trait. Brandi knew she messed up this season, and I think that’s when she decided she had to deflect by blaming someone, anyone else for her actions. It’s called accountability – get some Brandi. She is a mother with two kids, she should know how to accept responsibility for her own actions. I don’t care if Lisa was calling her to gossip every morning – we all do it and that’s fine. That was done in confidence and for Brandi to use that information to tear down people, then blame Lisa for providing her the information and at no point hold herself, the person who keeps spewing other people’s information is pathetic. Kyle was pathetic for eating it up. This episode we got to watch Brandi and Yo attempt to rally their troops (Mohamed shut Yo down, but the RIchards sisters have never been accused of being too bright so they promptly fell for everything Brandi fed them). And frankly, Kyle loved it – she was finally gonna get to take the Queen Bee down and get the title (somehow I doubt it’ll work out like that). The most telling scene about Brandi to me was the dinner at SUR when she argued with Joyce. Everyone defended Brandi when she left and Brandi has ended up betraying the confidence every person at that table – even the ones who were defending her to Joyce/Michael (Lisa, Ken, Yo, Mohamed – she hasn’t said anything about that last guy, but give her time, I’m sure she’ll get around to him).

    Lisa – Brandi is a rabid dog that is lulled by gifts and opportunity and then unleashed to attack. I think this mistake Lisa made was thinking Brandi could be house trained/civilized to stop doing that. As anyone knows, a rabid beast should be put down, not brought home. Lisa is the WORST judge of character and I’m seriously doubting how she can be such a mastermind if she can’t see how many people around her don’t like her. I think what they call calculating is just Lisa being a lady and not talking smack or behaving badly on TV – which makes sense to me as an adult with a job. No one acts the exact same everywhere they go. You behave one way at home, one way at work, one way around close girlfriend, and another way around strangers. There is nothing fake or manipulative about that to me. These people are confusing TV friendship with actual friendship. This show is a job, and certainly liking your co-workers helps. I think Lisa likes these ladies in a “I didn’t pick them, I have to be around them, I care about them in the universal sense, and my life it too great to really care about anything they say” kind of way. Which to me is how all of these ladies SHOULD feel about each other unless they truly started as friends (i.e. Lisa and Kyle) or come to care about each other (i.e. Lisa and Brandi). Lisa’s problem is that she didn’t recognize Kyle’s jealousy, or the fact that Brandi is uncouth and crazy.

    I apologize for the length of this post and switch between grammatical tenses. I just had a lot to get off my chest! Feel free to disagree, but let’s not attack each other as ultimately, what these women say and don’t affect our actual lives!

  • So Brandi & Lisa are sneaky but Kyle is always innocent?! not buying it for one minute..Kyle has been manipulative for 3 seasons and just spent this last one trying to restore her image!! All these ladies play the same game and it’s all equal hypocrisy!

  • I think Lisa is friendly with whoever will have her back. The minute they step out of line, Lisa turns on them. Let’s all stop pretending that Lisa was defending Kyle to Carlton bc she genuinely thought Kyle was right. She defended Carlton bc she was distancing herself/on the outs with Brandi and Yolanda, and knew Kyle was pathetically chasing after a friendship that had dissolved. When Kyle made the comment about being friends with Lisa is like playing chess, she’s absolutely right.

    However, I’m 100% team Lisa when it comes to Brandi. Even if Lisa was using her as a mouthpiece, even though she never out right told Brandi what to say, Brandi is the dumbass who spilled the beans! Sorry, not sorry that Lisa is 100 times smarter and is the sneakiest of all. Even if all the things Brandi is accusing Lisa of is true, Lisa still looks innocent and her hands are still clean bc Brandi was an idiot.

    I do think Brandi was the wedge between Lisa and Kyle. I feel like Lisa and Kyle would have made up and been good friends again after the season 2 reunion had Brandi not lied about Kyle being a part of the secret meetup group to take Lisa down (which Brandi later retracted). I think she was whispering stuff in Lisa’s ears when Lisa was still at a vulnerable stage in her friendship with Kyle and now Brandi is doing the same thing to Kyle about Lisa. Brandi opened a can of worms when he brought up Lisa’s accusations of Mauricio only befriending people for business purposes. I like Kyle but I think she really is naive. Clearly, she can’t see what Brandi is doing by driving a wedge between her and Lisa!

    • I totally agree that Kyle is naive not seeing how Brandi is driving a wedge between her and Lisa. When they were at Lisa’s home when Brandi and Joyce were trying to squash their beef, Brandi commented that it was strange to see Lisa and Kyle have fun together. I think at that point she decided that because she no longer wanted to be part of the Lisa camp she would make sure that Lisa and Kyle didn’t get back together so she would not be left out in the cold.

  • Brandi needs to get a grip. How can she blame Lisa for everything when she can’t control her own mouth. Now she wants to say that Lisa subliminally caused her to say things. Give us a break, her throat is swollen from all the venom that’s in there, her poison has finally made her totally toxic.

  • The whole show needs to be made over. RHOBH is awful. Kyle and Lisa and Joyce can stay and the rest could easily go. I did enjoy seeing Yolanda’s ex husband Mohamed Hadid’s house. It was beautiful and so nice of him to let BRAVO film at his home. Nice to see a couple that had divorced get along so well for the sake of their children. Brandi needs to take note of that. Boy did Brandi burn the wrong bridge with Mohamed. I can see why he hates her after what she said about him. That guy is rich and powerful in BH. He is worth over 200 million. Brandi is stupid and she looked and sounded terrible in that episode of RHOBH last night. Brandi needs to go.

  • Carlton came from nowhere, and she is low class. She worked at her husband’s firm, and then of course, she put the moves on him. I’m sure all the sex crap and such is how she got him and she must continue it, or he’ll be fooling around for sure.

  • Oh Brandi! Her crazy jealousy of Lisa’s relationships with Scheana and Kyle played right into the Richards sisters’ palms tonight. Talk about power-play chess moves! Kim and Kyle double-teamed Brandi, and she’s too dumb to realize it. Kyle had the self-satisfied look of a fox in the hen house on her face. She has been talking about how much she wants her friendship with Lisa back and now she misses it for years now. She’s always crying to Lisa about what she has to do to get back into her good graces. Yet every single damn reunion, Kyle always tries to form alliances against Lisa to launch a hostile takeover (first with Adrian, then with Yolanda, and this year with Brandi). She may finally get her way this year; Brandi is certainly the vindictive crazy ally that Kyle would need for a coup. But beware the fan backlash Kyle! It happened to Jill when she went after fan-fave Bethenny.

    The ironic part is that Kyle’s original attack on Lisa was fueled by jealousy over her friendship with Brandi, and now she and Kim are playing Brandi’s insecurities and jealousy against Lisa. Yes, Lisa is probably calculating to a certain extent, but that is a charge that can be leveled against every one of the housewives (except for the ones that are too dumb to calculate anything). But she has still been a tremendous friend to Brandi and stood up for her well-before she could have possibly stood much to gain from the friendship.

  • Brandi was using the Scheana storyline to get Kim to start trashing Lisa. But according to Lisa’s twitter: Lisa Vanderpump?@LisaVanderpump
    Yes you’re right @jennymccarthy, production orchestrated Scheana to be there,I objected & they is what it is @BravoWWHL #wwhl

    • Im sorry but it’s hard for me to believe Lisa objected Scheanas appearance. Considering she tried to get Brandi to congratulate Scheana. What’s that about?

      Off topic

      I was watching Vanderpump rules reunion and the staff are not good looking at all except Arianna. They are suppose to be this sexy staff but hell no. Maybe it’s just me

        • I hate to admit I have watched VR a few times and I totally agree!

          Although… I do have to admit that about 50% of the time I find Stassi an attractive girl… The other half of the time she is like Chelsea Clinton.

          Of course, her spiteful nasty kindergarten mean girl personality pretty washes that percentage down to a 2%.

          Anyways, Brandi’s just mad that Lisa knows how to play the game and will come out smelling like roses regardless. If the Scheana thing is her biggest beef, seriously? Let her apologize, admit it was dumb and move on. It’s not like Brandi’s never said anything tactless to a “friend”!

          The talking out of both sides of her mouth to Kyle infuriated me — so Lisa NEVER told you to say or do anything but you were manipulated to saying things AGAINST your will?

      • I think Stassi is pretty and Scheana would be if she ditched the raccoon makeup. Arianna looks like Tanya Harding back in the day.

  • Its so transparent that Brandi is doing this for publicity for her book. She doesn’t know how to get publicity any way except for being the victim or the “loose” one. The reason why Yolanda is on the bash Lisa train is because she’s helping Brandi with the publicity knowing that Lisa will likely come out unscathed. Brandi was NEVER Lisa’s friend. As far as the Schenna at the party, Lisa tweeted that BRAVO was the one that required Schenna to be there, which of course Brandi knows.. That bitch is so simple it blows my mind. She’s in Tamara Judge category for me know. I can’t watch without having a visceral reaction. I have to tap out until next season.

    • Thanks for the tweet info, I am just learning how twitter works so I am trying to read people on shows I watch etc. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out production wanted Sheana there. Also Andy’s dad loves Brandi because she flirts with him, in fact I think his mom loves her too, so I do not think Andy favors Lisa, I think the fans do. Plus, Vanderpump Rules is for a young audience like 19 through 26.

  • Wow, I keep remembering Yolanda’ successful grasp at idiocy and lunacy ..her “this is the Dream Team”

    – calls ALL cast clowns
    – is slamming Lisa – isn’t she part of the Dream Team?

    – her head would spin off its axis if she ran into a wall of honesty
    – hates people that ask her questions about anything to do with her
    -lies as much as she can possibly squist into 42 minutes
    – not one peep about what a wicca is from her- but she is able to slam other religions via speach and tat’s

    – what hasn’t Brandi done

    – her biggest sin is the company she keeps

    Some dream team ..

  • I’m so confused with yolonda’s hate with Lisa. What is the deal there? Even Mohamed looked uncomfortable when Yolanda was going on about something so insignificant. It just trips me out!

    • You’re so right. Poor Mohamed looked like he wanted to crawl under the table. Yolanda is from the Neitherlands, her husband David is from Canada as is Justin Beiber. I think we’re being over run with douche bags. Let’s deport all three of them. LOL

      • Where’s the petition!!! I honestly feel like Yolanda is using brandi to get to Lisa and I cannot understand why. She’s the biggest hypocrite of them all and is just reaching so hard for a problem with Lisa it’s so pathetically transparent. What is her problem?

      • Seriously? I haven’t commented for months but happen to be one of thousands (millions?) Of Canadian who has been living legally in the US for years (my case 14 years) and have contributed significantly to the US economy through TAXES, jobs, intellectual property, rent, 2 house mortgages, cars, insurance, appliances, elecronics, groceries…. How about David Foster’s contribution to the US ecenom? Beiber? Granted Justin B has some serious issues but what is your problem with DF? You don’t LIKE him on a reality show(s)? GOSH!!! You oftened me enough to contribute here. 🙁

          • ^^ offended
            And don’t tell me you just said deport 2 Canadians (as in born in Canada) not me. I was offended by “overrun by douche bags… And I don’t get offended often 🙂

        • @KatieA, I love Canadians, and are drawn to them as friends and literal neighbors whichever lower 50 State that I was born/raised/moved to. As an American, Canadians have contributed so much to our economy, and my friendships.

          And anyone who uses Natural Gas to heat their homes or cook in the US, need to thank our neighbors to the North.


  • @Brandi commenting on Kenyas dark makeup and saying that she looked ashy on wwhl last night smh I can already bet shes gonna be labeled a racist by morning Brandi seriously needs to choose her words more carefully.

    • But Kenya does have ashy days- we see it on ATL. Porsha even called her out for that last season. But you are right because Brandi said it, she will be a racist tomorrow. What pisses me off about this is that if anyone else said it, no one would pay attention. She does need to choose her words as so many seem to be oh so sensitive all of the sudden when the truth is, hypocrites are everywhere!

    • Well she may be labeled a racist for even remotely talking about “skin tone,” but in this instance she’s right. Kenya’s makeup is WAY too dark for her . . . . Meaning her face doesn’t match the rest of her body and it makes her look really odd, especially with her blue contact lenses. There is nothing racist about it, she looks weird.

      • I do think Kenya’s makeup is too dark. She uses a darker color to try and cover up bad skin. I have seen a lot of women do this.

      • Absolutely. It’s like when Caucasian women wear ORANGE foundation.

        Ummmm….are you auditioning for a role as an oompaloompa? Or do you just think ‘Tandoori’ is a lovely natural shade?

        Ugh. Learn how to a) blend and b) select colours

        • Wth was up with Brandi’s pink makeup and dress on WWHL? She made Jenny McCarthy look as classy as Mrs. Obama or Mrs. Kennedy!

          Agree! Shade and right colors!

          • We don’t get WWHL so I will take your word for it.

            They all wear too much makeup.

            It’s gross.

            Mousturise and let your skin breathe ladies

    • Kenya’s makeup isn’t the greatest, I have seen improvements in her make up looking at recent photos and even how she looked on Sunday’s WWHL.

    • I agree, I feel the same. Just like I have not given up on Brandi yet.. Dont condone some of her choices, but I still like her.

    • I am team Kyle and Lisa both too. They both have done nasty stuff to each other and have not had each other’s back at times, so I look at them as even and not like Lisa is some attacked victim in this friendship in the least. Lisa has given to Kyle just as good as she got and more.

      I actually did feel a little bad for Brandi this episode because I do think she is so damaged that she was freaking out when Lisa stopped calling her daily and turned to Kyle instead. Brandi obviously felt abandoned and “cheated on” again and should have spoken to Lisa about it, but I do get her asking Kyle how she handled the fall out.

    • Bunnyluv: you can luv who you want to luv 🙂

      I luv Lisa, I hate me some Joyce. I still have feelings for Brandi, and this season, I have fallen for Kyle. Which kind of makes me feel dirty, but clean at the same time.

      I miss Camille.

  • Lisa is so calculated. I see it especially in VR. She brought Arianna To the show to create drama. She didn’t want to keep Kristen around because kris went against her on tv. She keeps Stacy around even though she was violent. Little did she know Stacy learned from the best and doesn’t need her anymore. She quit. I never believed that Lisa believed the hype about Kyle lying. She wanted to ruin Kyle, because Kyle was the fan favorite in season was really her and Kyle. I used to love Lisa and her bountiful bouty, but she is really slick. My husband actually was the one that noticed her ways first, which is funny because he really only watches in passing.

    Kyle has been my favorite from the beginning. Even she has done things wrong and I cringe at some of her comments. I Feel LIKE she is the most real and down to earth housewife, other than Kandi.
    I like joyce.
    Carlton is no victim.
    I don’t usually like yolanda, but i totally loved her tonight. That side of her is awesome. I love how her and Mo and his fiance Can get along. That shows so much maturity.
    Kim is kim and I like her for her.

    I’ve never disliked brandy, but i didn’t like her either. I just always felt sorry for her. She is such a broken oerson. I believe she does tell her truth.

    • huh?? Kyle was a fan favorite for about two episodes before she started in with Camille (Showing the video in the limo – typical mean girl). By the end of the season Kyle pretty much lost her fanbase, but Lisa still had her back. Hello!! Kyle outed her sister as an alcoholic to millions of people!!

    • I’m lost. Who are Arianna, Stacy and Kristen? Are we behind you guys? Or did we miss a few episodes :/ ?

        • Oh right! I know Stassi!

          Is Kristen the tall brown steak of misery with the boyfriend who SHAVES HIS FOREHEAD?

          And I have no idea who Arianna is.

          • Yes, Kristen is the miserable one. Her boyfriend is now her ex-boyfriend and he is now dating Ariana who was the female bartender at Sur who Kristen was accusing him of sleeping with.

            I think that dysfunctional bunch gives better reunion than most housewives.

          • Lol, Kristen is that one…and don’t forget shagging her exboyfriends band mate, with ex’s condoms in his bed. She is something else!

          • What the FARK?

            What is going on in that sleazy dive?

            Who in their right mind would eat there? How do you not end up walking out picking public lice out of your teeth and sweating out STDs?

  • Joyce’s blog is up on Bravo and as much as I wasn’t sure about Joyce, her blog has hit the nail on the head! If only she would realize that Kyle is just as manipulative as Kyle claims Lisa is, I would totally be Team Joyce.
    Did anyone else notice on the show tonight how Mohamed was not letting Yo get away with talking bad about Lisa. I think that is one of the problems Yo has is that Mohamed genuinely likes Lisa and Todd and has a lot of respect for them Yo is jealous.

    • Steam damn near came out of her ears when he shut her down. It’s hell trying to get licensing done when city council wants to lolly gag! He said himself she has a lot going on. Heaven forbid someone isn’t bowing and scraping to the lemon queen.

  • Carlton crying…hahahahahha! She’s afraid that their Jewish clients will be offended. No Carlton not because of what Kyle said. They will be offended by you, your words, attitude, and own vile behaviour. I hope they leave your business! No-one should be paying your mortgage with their own money. Power to the consumer!

  • This episode sickened me in so many ways. First hearing Lisa defend Kyle’s character, then hearing Kyle having nothing good to say about Lisa’s character. It was soooo obvious that Yolanda and Brandi had cooked up a campaign. First Yo tries to get Mohammed to criticize Lisa. Then Brandi pulls Kim aside to talk about Lisa. Then Brandi gets to Kyle, bringing up all the reasons why Kyle shouldn’t renew a friendship with Lisa. And the flashbacks showing history repeating itself with Kyle (as she sat and contributed to Taylor’s complaints about Lisa) made me cringe to think how hurt Lisa must feel watching this now. Kyle is just a rotten shallow person. Lisa needs to realize this about herself: she is a ROTTEN judge of character.

    • Yes, BUT Lisa was only defending Kyle as she was trying to make amends because she knew the other two were turning on her. Just like she befriended them as soon as she & Kyle had problems. Lisa is always one step ahead & viewers don’t often see how she is manipulating.

    • I seriously think Yolonda had it out for Lisa to begin with. I think somehow she reeled Brandi’s dumb ass on her bandwagon and enabled all of her nonsense while it suited her needs. With all of these strong personalities among these women I can honestly say I don’t see any of them being that pathetically weak to succumb to Lisa’s so called “manipulations”. These 40+ women are too damn grown to be blaming their irresponsibility on someone else. Lisa isn’t darth vadar, there’s no Jedi mind tricks, she’s not going to chop off Brandi’s hand… It’s all bull shit.

      And brandi’s baby talking voice is annoying as hell! Just like Yolanda’s condescending ass thinking that anyone should shift their schedule to suit her needs. Those two are the biggest clowns of them all!

        • I wish you could hear me mocking that stupid voice. Sounds like she’s trying to talk softly with balls in her mouth!

          • LOL Lady Bear….Lisa and her jedi mind tricks! So freaking hilarious! Brandi is so good at playing the victim. There she goes again, and she is stupid enough to think people will fall for it. That woman takes no responsibility for her actions. I am so over her already.And her baby voice is soooo annoying!

          • @slut pig, I really cannot stand her cry baby act she’s been having recently. Maybe it’s to shift the attention off of being so prejudice towards Joyce and her sloppy drunk antics.

            Lisa must’ve magically tapped into her brain to make her stumble drunk and nude around Hollywood with her tamp-tail hanging out! That Lisa sure is trying to shift her over to the dark side! Oh the magic powers she wields!

      • At Ladybear I agree I think Yoyo started the campaign against Lisa through Brandi .

        Did you see her face when Mohamed defended lisa. LMAO Mohamed must have said something to Yoyo that we didn t hear cause if looks could kill . Yoyo would have buried Mohamed with the look she gave him

      • Yes and yes to Vee and Ladybear. And lol at Lisa wielding magical powers to get Brandi to do all the crap she pulls. Lisa’s fatal flaw has always been adopting the pathetic needy people she finds who take advantage of her generosity and then being surprised when they turn on her like the wounded animals they are.

    • Okay, let’s not pretend that Lisa was being a good friend to Kyle bc she thought Kyle was right. Lisa and Kyle were still having problems and Lisa only reached out to her once she realized that her friendship with both Yolanda and Brandi was dwindling down. That is why I don’t really like Lisa. She is calculating and always thinking one step ahead of everyone.

      • I think that Lisa started distancing herself from Brandi after tampongate – and I really don’t blame her.

        Watching the montage of Kyle backstabbing lisa kills any good will I built for her this season. Kyle calls that being a friend on her terms? WTH is she talking about – that is not something a friend does. Which is why Fayke Resnick is her best friend – they are perfect for eachother.

  • Hmm… the only manipulations that I saw, were from Brandi’s pathetically, transparent, ass. All of the sudden, she is a victim and she is so hurt by the manipulations that she was privy to during her friendship with Lisa. Also her saying, “Sure, I’d love to go on vacay with Joyce and y’all! Joyce and I don’t really get along but we can be civil”…SINCE WHEN? Because last I checked you hated most things about her and had your fingers crossed that Carlton, the middle aged witch, would cast a spell on her! But now that you’ve decided to be friends with Kyle it’s, “we’ll never be best friends, but we can be civil.” Clearly Brandi is looking for new allies, too bad Joyce isn’t stupid enough to buy what she is selling.

    Also, if you have a problem with a friend, how about discussing said problem with that friend. Instead Brandi goes and speaks with people that already have issues with Lisa, thus creating more issues! Then on the previews for next week Lisa is saying she doesn’t know what Brandi’s issue is, ugh. It’s simple. Brandi is mad at Lisa for constantly bringing Scheana around and asking her to interact with her. That would be a justifiable reason to be upset, IF she discussed it with Lisa but she is far too adolescent to handle it like a woman. Instead she is punishing Lisa by once again playing the victim. She even takes this specific tone of voice while she is being poor, innocent, Brandi, it is so freaking transparent.

    All of those flashbacks just reminded me how nasty Kyle has always been. She’s looked pretty good this season, but my memory is not that short and seeing her speak of Lisa like that WHILE they were BFFs reminds me exactly why I’ve never liked her. My issue with her issues with Lisa, is that if Lisa is all of these things, why did you chase after her begging for forgiveness? Why would you want to maintain a relationship with someone while having that knowledge about them? Lisa seems like the rational one because the second Kyle said how she felt about her, Lisa put distance between them and kept it moving. Who in their right mind would say that somebody is manipulative and calculating, that they prey on the weak, that they have a large ego, and that I just wish our friendship would go back to the way it was again? If Kyle believed the shit that came out of her own mouth, she would have created that distance, not Lisa. Also S/O to editing for showing Lisa defend Kyle’s character in her talking head against Carlton’s cuckoo antics. This, “the tides are turning” US vs. her crap is so tired and played out on HWs. They need to come up with some better storylines.

    • While Kyle has said some nasty remarks about how she felt about Lisa, Lisa has said some very vicious things about Kyle and even Mauricio too, from the cheating scandal 4 different episodes to attacking Mauricio’s business. Lisa also sided with Brandi and Yolanda every time against Kyle the last 2 seasons. Let’s not act like Lisa is all innocent here. She can play just as dirty, especially against Kyle and that is coming from a Lisa fan.

      However besides the Sheanna issue, I see no reason for Brandi, Kim or Yolanda to have any real issue or complaint with Lisa at all. Lisa has done nothing to them. The only person Lisa had done or said legitimate offenses to the last two seasons, the reunion and on twitter is Kyle.

      • @Happy Day

        I agree that Lisa can be nasty but I would limit it to when provoked. She is very passive aggressive when she is upset with you and doesn’t let things go easily. I certainly don’t see Lisa as innocent, but if I had to choose between the two as a friend, it would be Lisa.

        My point about Kyle in those flashbacks is that she was friends with Lisa when she made those comments. For me, it reminded me of all of the reasons I didn’t like her. I think she’s learned not to be so candid about her thoughts and opinions as she has been in the past. The whole Bobby Fischer thing, though clever, backfired on her, she wasn’t commended for her honesty and Lisa took it as a betrayal, I would have too. Kyle has spent the past two years on Lisa’s bad side and that’s not a good place to be, but her mouth put her there.

        I’m not saying that her opinions of Lisa were invalid, I’m saying that when you’re friends with someone you don’t express those opinions publicly, not if you want to remain friends with them. If there is an issue then you discuss it, if it can’t be resolved, well at least now you know. She was palling around and joking with Lisa to her face and saying things about her behind her back all throughout season 2. Then after she expressed her opinions on Lisa she expected Lisa to have no response to them? Did she think that her candid comments would make their friendship stronger? Surely she knew that there would be consequences for her comments. Kyle is not dumb just as Lisa is not innocent.

        I agree that Kyle is the only one with a legitimate grievance against Lisa. Maybe the others are bored?

      • You are absolutely right. I agree. Lisa has said some shitty stuff to Kyle as well. I see the way she favourizes some of her evil staff in VPR which makes me not like her anymore.

    • Preach on last paragraph.

      However, I don’t think Brandi can complain about what productions wants – Schaena-Brandi interaction.

    • Exactly! Because of Carlton and Brandi antics Kim and Kyle are coming off as sweet normal HW. Ha! They are the original mean girls (how quickly Brandi forgets) with Kyle stirring the pot always.

      They all manipulate and they all do what Bravo wants them to do.
      I am team Lisa and I actually think it is a real part of her personality that she tends to befriend those in need of a mother figure. Bravo has jumped on this character trait of Lisa’s and it is coming back to haunt her.

      Brandi has ticked Bravo off a bit by her big mouth –giving away story lines before they aired and numerous other things. She should be glad there is a Carlton around who is worse than she is. JMO

  • Ok here’s something I don’t get Lisa blamed Kyle in her blog last week about the party at her house…
    BUT tonight she seemed to be backing Kyle?
    Im confused

    • I read that blog and I didn’t once get the impression that she was blaming Kyle for anything as much as she was trying to understand where Carlton’s issues with Kyle stem. I think tonight she gave her perspective on the issue and in her blog she addressed Carlton’s (totally unwarranted) feelings?

      But it’s totally possible to read the same text and interpret it differently. I work with contracts, I see it everyday 🙂

      • Lisa blamed Kyle for bringing up nipple-gate…twice in her blog.
        Lisa did not back Kyle in her blog at all like she did tonight.

        • I took it as more citing nipplegate as the reason Kyle and Carlton didn’t get off on the right foot. But like I said, I understand how you or I may have interpreted it differently 🙂 Though I am certain that she wrote that blog after watching tonight’s episode… so who knows?

    • I noticed that too. That’s why I think a lot more went down between Lisa and Kyle since that episode aired and the blog which is in the present. I heard that before the reunion, they get to see the remain episodes. Maybe she saw Kyle stabbing her in the back like she did in tonight’s episode. If I was Lisa, it would have made me think twice about my assessment of Kyle’s character and motivations. Not that I like Carlton; she is still a vile, despicable nutcase that needs to get cut from the show.

      • That’s what I was thinking also @Scatty
        Now she watched the episode & tried to change things around. I try to like Lisa but I definitely think she manipulates a lot.

        Brandi is just dumb & was awestruck with Lisa. Brandi was for sure Lisa’s mouthpiece. Brandi was just to stupid to realize it.

      • Lisa and Kyle had reconciled during the taping, but stopped talking earlier this season and have not talked since Lisa sent out the retweet that said Kyle was fat. Kyle said she was very hurt and angry Lisa did that on her twitter and said it was below the belt.

        Kyle also watched the scene for the first time when Lisa threw Mauricio under the bus on the cheating accusation when Ken defended Mauricio while Lisa would not let up on the accusations. In return, Lisa said she was upset about about the fainting scandal comments. Since they are not speaking now, Lisa is not as supportive of Kyle and it shows in her blogs versus how she felt at the time.

        Lisa has said many times she will be friendly with Kyle but she will not be as close with her, and tonight Kyle admitted the very same thing about Lisa that they can be friends but she knows now who Lisa is and the games she plays and they will be friends but she is not stupid to forget the past insults and attacks by Lisa.

        Frankly, they both have done hurtful things to each other and need to both agree to move on, or just forgive and try to be friends again.

  • Ok…Carlton talking about Lisa And Kyle’s former friendship and how she doesnt understand. ..sure you NEVER watched the show Carlton. .whatever…she totally loss me with the crying and I would NEVER…most of our clients are Jewish and I grew upn in South Africa…and im spiritual and non judgemental….whatever she totally has been awful with Kyle…and Joyce. She made me like her even less after tonight.

    • Completely agree about Carlton
      I loved her TH line “I just don’t get hating someone for no reason”
      I mean really bitch…I hope she was looking in a mirror when she said that.

    • Cannot believe Carlton has the nerve to try and make apartheid about her! She was followed home from school for having black friends? Self obsessed much?

  • Brandi is so pathetic. All of her actions are not anyone’s fault but her own. She is just desperate and grasping at straws at this point trying to take the heat off of herself. I really wish she was not on the show, she makes me not want to watch. I only watch for Lisa, everyone else can be replaced as far as I am concerned. Team Lisa!!!!

    • I agree Mamarules

      How many times have we heard Brandi say she can’t be filtered or controlled ? A lot.
      She refused to change or grow .She is who she is right?

      All those things she said about herself are all direct contradictions to what she is saying now about Lisa manipulating the things she said.

      Lisa didn’t tell her to say anything (according to Brandi)

      Brandi just repeated things Lisa said in private

      Either way its Brandi who is despicable

  • If Carlto is back next season im done. Brandi talks more about her ex than any other housewife in the history of television. Damn your husband cheated we get it. At this point i don’t blame him get over it he’s married and you’re dating find another storyline Puhlease. Also Brandi just admitt you had fillers done.

  • OMG I cannot stand Carlton. I hope she’s not allowed back next season. There is nothing she could do to make me like her or care about anything she has to say.

    I can’t believe Kim is still bitching about Lisa and Ken missing the party. They told her when they got the invitation that they would NOT be there. They don’t owe her any more explanation than that. She does look sober though, so that’s good.

    If Lisa did manipulate Brandi, it couldn’t have been too difficult. It was nice not to see Brandi falling down drunk this episode though. I just hope one day we don’t have to hear about how she was cheated on. WE ALREADY KNOW!!! Get over it.

    • I’m beginning to think she’s addicted to sympathy of being a victim. Which was something I never would have thought brandi would be when I first became a fan. I always thought of her as a survivor, but seeing how she carries on with this whole woe is me thing just bothers me. She’s dated and been with other men since Eddie and even though everyone copes differently, it’s no excuse to self destruct and take no responsibility for it or the people you want to bring down with you. I don’t think she’s manipulated as much as she’s lost and can’t figure out how to climb out her hole.

  • This is my problem with BH right now. I feel like I’ve literally been writing the same comments over and over and over since Episode 1.

    Again, Carl’s hypcorisy just overwhelms me. She is the epitome of hate and negativity. She has done nothing but label, judge and condem Kyle and Joyce from the word go. It’s so obvious she watched the show, wanted in on last seasons viewer favs “The Dream Team” … unfortunately for her, she must not have researched HW enough to realize how fickle HW fans can be. I believe that’s why she was so tough to Kyle’s face from the jump and fake nice to Joyce’s face and nasty comments behind her back…because in the beginning, she didn’t know if Joyce was “Dream Team” or not. Her tears were outrageous…she acts so “flippant” towards everyone elses religion and has been accusing Kyle of being Anti-Wiccan ALL DAMN SEASON LONG, and the second she gets it back (which she so rightfully deserved due to her nasty reactions to other religions) she cries and we are supposed to feel sorry for her? Sorry but no.

    Another example of Carlton’s BS would be disinviting Kyle to her boring business party (you know, the ones Carl complains about nonstop) but making sure to say Maurico is still invited. Knowing full well that he is NOT going to come w/out his wife, how childish and immature.

    Its still so irritating to me that Kim can’t joke around with Lisa and Ken without it being an “attack” or “ganging up” or whatever…the #1 rule in BH is obviously that Lisa can “joke” about whatever she wants, no limits, but just a taste of it back and it’s like a bomb just went off.

    Is anyone else confused by Brandi’s constant medical issues? She should clearly live in a bubble.

    The whole ending…I’ve waited for this day for 2 years and now that it’s here, I’m not interested at all. As much as Faye is hated (and as much as people forget how much they cheered her on when she was VS. Alison and Camille) I’ve always felt that Faye was very on point. Brandi isn’t saying anything that I haven’t seen through for a long time now. Listening to Brandi explain how she felt about Lisa becoming friends with her made me understand a little more what the problem between them was and I don’t think it’s anything we will ever see, which is kind of unfair to Brandi. However, I also don’t think it’s fair for Brandi to lay ALL the blame on Lisa. I’m sure Lisa did plant a lot of seeds, but that didn’t mean that Brandi had to water them and dump a pound of Miracle-Grow on them.

    I think Kyle said it best when she said we all have to be around each other and I’d rather get along but I will always know who Lisa is. Unfortunately, Kyle will get slaughtered for that comment I’m sure and called fake, which is annoying because that’s pretty much the same thing Lisa has been saying about Kyle the past 2 seasons. So they are finally on the same page now. I’m glad Kyle is done begging for Lisa’s friendship. Since they are on the same page, they should be able to have fun again together because they know where they stand and have the same expectations of each other.

    I hate this “poor Lisa, she’s being ganged up on” crap because I don’t see it, but I’m starting to see that Brandi is the one who got that going. Kyle and Kim have longstanding things they have issues with Lisa, but who the hell wants to address them when you can’t tell Lisa that you don’t like her shoes without having your life ripped to shreds. Watching Brandi pull Kim aside to discuss Lisa and then go hiking with Kyle to discuss Lisa…it just seems like Brandi is over Lisa and she’s scared to death of going up against her alone, so she’s going to those that she knows has problems with Lisa and getting them fired up. I think she’s doing the same with Yolanda. I wish that Brandi had never opened her big fat mouth about her issues with Lisa and just let this season roll out naturally and discuss it as it happens…I think things would have turned out much different.

    I’m kind of excited to see next week…did we finally actually catch Lisa in a lie on camera??

    BTW – While I do think Lisa is manipulative and a chess player and can’t take anyone calling her out on the simplest of things, I did have to laugh out loud when Brandi said that Cedric has been exiled to France and can’t come back to the USA LOL…damn Lisa must REALLY have some power!

    • ITA about the Carlton. She feels hurt? Is she that delusional that she didn’t do anything? I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s sick. Kyle tried and Carlton beat her every time. Same with Joyce. She talks so much crap about them. and no if Lisa was in your shoes, I’m sure she wouldn’t be like you in anyway.

      About the Brandi and Lisa feud? They are both manipulative. So I’m not rooting for either or.

      • Totally agree and Im glad u mentioned Carlton discussing the “history of Lisa & Kyle” and their “behaviors” in ur earlier post. That didn’t register in the moment with me, but very true – she slipped and showed that she did in fact watch the show and know a lot about the women.

        I’m with you as far as Brandi & Lisa – they are both manipulative and I’m not rooting for either. I do feel like Brandi is getting the rawer end of the deal but she has no one to blame but herself and her big fat mouth.

    • I see right away everyone is jumping on “Oh my god, can you believe Kim is still bitching at Ken & Lisa about not going to the graduation party?!?!” …. Ummm when did Kim bitch at them for that in this episode?? THEY got that jumping off asking her why she was late and why she wasn’t at the birthday party….and as much as I don’t care for Lisa & Ken, I don’t think they were trying to be mean to her, I think they were joking with her and Kim was joking right back with them about getting out her pictures and video – they were all laughing together. What Kim said she was still pissed about was Ken jumping in to “defend his wife” during a simple discusson (1. After just complaining about Michael defending his wife against an actual ATTACK and 2. After going on the past 2 seasons about the outrage of a man getting involved in women’s issues, especially when the woman has no man beside her). And she said she still had a problem with what Ken said, directly to his face – not behind his back. Would it have been better if she said nothing and then ran inside and complained about it to Brandi?

      • Kim, I wish she would realize that she’s being a double standard. Why can’t she just say that she is mad about Kens comment? I agree she shouldnt of ran and told Brandi what she should tell Lisa and Ken. Also why the heck is Kim still mad at Lisa and rubbing in their faces that she was doin stuff? Honestly if it was Lisas party, maybe I’d understand, but this was all her brother in laws party too so Lisa and Ken have the right in my opinoon to wonder where Kim was.

        • OK this is totally backwards from what I was saying LOL

          I’m saying Kim did NOT make a big deal and bitch about them not going to the graduation party. Ken & Lisa were the ones who kinda brought it up and they were doing it in a jokey way with her and she was joking right back with them. I don’t think any of them were being malicious with each other. And Kim DID say TO Ken’s face that she was still pissed at him for his comment, but she laughed and made it pretty clear that this wasn’t going to be some big fight they were about to have, but maybe something they’d clear up later. I was saying for everybody freaking out and complaining that Kim started bitching at Ken & Lisa again that she did NOT, she just said Ken wasn’t off the hook for his comment directly to Ken and that I felt that was much better than faking to Ken and Lisa’s face and then running into the party and instead saying it to Brandi (kinda the way that Brandi pulled Kim aside to discuss what she wasn’t happy about with Lisa, instead of Brandi discussing it with Lisa)

        • Oh and Kim was not at the birthday party because she had taken Kimberly to San Fransico to college, which was explained in the last episode.

        • Kyle told Lisa where Kim was. She told her that she was going to San Diego with Kimberly (her daughter) to set her up for school. Kim even talked about (On Dr. Sophy show) how she went to San Diego for a week with her daughter so she told her sister she wouldn’t be there…Kyle told Lisa and Lisa STILL asked Kim where she was. She knew. The end.

    • I am totally probably going to get slayed for this, but Brandi’s kind of making sense to me on WWHL and not acting as awful as she has lately. She seems a little more confident too. Due to all the “apology at the reunion” talk and then Brandi saying she learned how to apologize and then stick the knife back in from Lisa, I’m going to assume that they half-heartedly made up on the reunion and are right back to a bad place.
      I love Jenny.
      Andy’s blatant favoritism drives me INSANE. He’s so ignorant – even if he favorited MY personal favorite it would still bug the crap out of me, because he always claims he doesn’t. Could he be jammed any farther up Lisa’s ass?
      I did think it was funny when Brandi called Vanderpump Rules the “best scripted show on Bravo.” Andy’s face was priceless….

      • Brandi is just trying to keep her job.

        As for Lisa manipulating her, LOL.

        Brandi said all those things to secure her spot on the show. Now that she’s a regular cast member with a successful book, she no longer needs Lisa and is playing the victim, yet again. YAWN

        Frankly, I don’t care how Lisa allegedly treats these women off camera. That means nothing to me. I like Lisa on the show. Does Brandi really think she’s going to run Lisa off? LOL

        • I agree lifetime movie . Brandi was adamant that she was retaliating against Adrienne for some unknown mean thing Adrienne did to her.

          Also the whole lawsuit , being sued and paying 10 15 20 thousand dollars OMG

          Bottom line Brandi isn’t the honest Abe “I don’t lie” person she portrays

          And she is a backstabber of the highest caliber

    • You lost me when you started talking about Faye making sense. Like, I WANT to read the rest, but dude,

      It’s the HELLSPAWN….

  • I love Lisa, I really do… but I’m taking Brandi’s and Kyle’s side on this one… every single thing Kyle and Brandi said was backed-up by a flashback… FROM THE WHOLE PAST 3 SEASONS.. I’m just in shock… even the Faye part, Lisa knew she was on to her and she made sure she was kicked out of the show… i feel played by Lisa too for the whole Beverly Hills franchise! hahahahaha! i feel personally victimized by Lisa Vanderpump! hahahahahaha! xD even in the Vanderpump Rules reunion she says things to stir the pot and then yells “stop it!” …wow with Lisa! hahahaha! like I said, i love her so much… but to me the evidence is crystal clear… she’s even stirring the pot with Carlton and the necklace on the next episode!!!

    • See, I totally didn’t get that impression. I felt like all those flashbacks basically showed peole like Kyle and Taylor badmouthing Lisa. I felt like it was Brandi stirring the pot, bringing up all past issues again deliberately to Kyle, and Kim. Very calculated on Brandi’s part. Makes me think that she and Yo had a campaign to destroy Lisa’s standing and any friendships that might be improving (Kyle and Lisa)

    • I totally agree with you! I like Lisa on the surface, but I recognized her manipulation tactics since season 2! She is very smart, and she uses it to puppeteer at times. I don’t like Brandi, but I gate with what she’s saying.

      • Jessica B,

        thanks for seeing my point! i thought i was the only one! feels soooo good! i thought i was crazy!


        im not a big Brandi fan nor i condone her actions, and incertainly do not excuse her behavior an all the things that come out of her mouth… but i do think Lisa was the one being calculating when she was working Brandi up so she could explode and call people out like Lisa wanted to… and Faye quickly caught up to that.. i used to absolutely HATE Faye… but now i see everything crystal clear and how Faye was seeing this whole Lisa/Brandi situation!

      • It was interesting to see on VP Rules that another “pet cause – Stassi” of Lisa’s betrayed her and ran out on Lisa without a word. Lisa appears so intelligent, but she really is a bad judge of character often and the people she chooses to trust and champion (Brandi, Cedric, Stassi) and those friendship she bails on for much, much smaller offenses (Kyle) that would be so much more beneficial for her.

        Something tells me she is making the same mistake all over again with Carlton.

        • Off topic Happy Day:

          Whenever I see your name I smile and start hearing the ‘Happy Days’ tune in my head and sometimes I pretend I am the Fonz.




      • michers,

        thanks for the compliment! hahahaha! to me this is just a show and it’s about entertainment and about having a good time with it! I really enjoy coming here and voice my opinion because it is fun to see all the different perspectives… so i like to joke around at the same time… and as much as i may dislike someone (in this season Carlton, and in this particular episode Lisa) i still love that they are on the show because they bring drama in the show and within viewers! …anywho! hahahaha! i went on my trip! thanks for the compliment again! 😀

  • Kim can’t let go of Lisa and Ken not attending her daughter’s graduation. Yo can’t let go that Lisa had a party on a night she had a conflict. Brandi is planting seeds of blame on Lisa.

    It is the Lisa show…hahahahahaha! Team Lisa!

    • You’d think they would have learned from the other franchise where everyone teamed up to take down the popular one — I mean, we all see how that worked in Jersey, right?!

      I’m not even a Teresa fan at all, but one thing I know for sure; the more everyone there ganged up on her, it just made her fanbase and support stronger.

      • Key word HER fanbase. She has a lot more haters than fans, but her fans are very persistent and strong, that is what I will say.

        I don’t think fans are falling for this Everyone vs Lisa storyline.

        • In all due respect, Jay, I don’t think T has more haters than fans. The chick aint selling all those cookbooks and hair care products for nothing just by having only haters. Unless there are some uncover fans buying her stuff. 😉

          But I do agree Brandi must didn’t watch what happen on NJ when you try and build an army on one person. And considering a lot of viewers love Lisa already she’s already messed up. Again Brandi was taught how to work people by Lisa.

          • I am not saying she had a ridiculously small fanbase, but outside of this blog, she has A LOT of haters. There are always those haters or people to claim to want nothing to do with Real HWs, but buy their stuff to somehow get dirt and whatnot (especially when it was a plot point on the show).

            About her products, she is from an old school Italian family and people heard some good stuff. I know she had a big following in season 2-beginning of 3, but from what I have seen, she had a lot of haters too. Her latest book was not as successful as the others.

      • How about:

        “Who’s the Real Bobby Fisher?”
        “Calculate the Next Move”
        “No More closeUps, Please”

    • I am team Lisa too! I would take the chess playing thing as a compliment, since it is not an easy game. I doubt Brandi could win a game of checkers or Chinese marbles. And I am sick of Yolanda harping about coming to her painting party. I commend Lisa for going to Missouri to a kid’s camp for Alopecia. I say get over her not attending your daughter’s graduation Kim. And I was really hoping Kyle would let things go since Lisa invited Mauricio & her over & defended her to Carleton. It is called class. And it is something the other women need to learn. I was shocked Yolanda brought it up to Mohammed but glad he took up for Lisa maybe that is why they broke up. It cannot be about you all the time.

      • Im sick of hearing about the painting party too. This never even made sense to me. for one it wasn’t a party just a handful of ladies over to paint. Another thing is if these paintings were so Gigi could remember her loved ones and friends when she moved ot new york….why were her mother’s “friends” painting them…I doubt Gigi wants a painting by lisa or brandi or joyce or carlton when she barely knows them.

      • Yolanda has unreal expectations. Stuff happens, other people have lives too. She comes off as not being in touch with reality and completely bratty.

  • And I’m so damn tired of Brandi going on and on about how Lisa was wrong for having Scheana at the party. They know production puts the people they want from Vanderpump Rules as servers based on promoting the show. Of course they could have someone else do it but it wouldn’t promote the show if it’s not one of the “stars” and unfortunately for Brandi that is Scheana.

    Lisa was wrong for telling her to talk to Scheana about the engagement but she did at least admit it was wrong.

    • well… in Lisa’s defense she is promoting her show too… so… hahahahaha! i don’t know… i can see why she did it… i’m not saying it is right… just that i understand why she did…

    • I agree. And I hate when people pass blame when they know it’s a production related decision because the ladies take the blame and never pass it on to production in those scenarios.

    • Lisa WAS wrong. And I think the whole point is that there is waaaay too much crossover this season between VPR and RHOBH and that probably Brandi felt like Lisa was using their friendship to facilitate a storyline. And be fair: she kind of is. I’m sick of those VPR dickheads showing up on bevvers, and I don’t care what production have to do with it, Lisa was benefitting from the crossovers of the shows all season and all the hype. That’s putting your friendship last knowingly.

      And before anyone gets all up in my grill, I LOVE Lisa. She is my favourite housewife other than Ken. I’m just looking at this objectively.

  • LOL @ Brandi saying Lisa manipulated her as she is going around to Kyle and Kim playing her own little game of chess and they ate it all up. Brandi, through manipulation, is rounding up the troops to try to take Lisa down. It’s so obvious.

    So let me get this straight…Cedric was exiled out of the COUNTRY because of Lisa?

    My God, Brandi come on.

    • I believe the Cedric issue stems from him threatening Lisa and Ken. Lisa made reference to it on one of the reunion shows. It doesn’t sound like Cedric was a US citizen so he may have had to leave the country due to the threats.

      • Cedric also attempted to blackmail ken and lisa. we never got any concrete details on the manner but lets not forget Brandi used Cedric to get on the show then dumped him to be friends with Lisa. So who’s really calculating?

        • This is all true -the situation and threats of blackmail by Cedric were very serious at the time. Last season everyone downplayed how much Lisa disliked and was worried about Brandi at first and that she shared her fears and anxiety with Taylor, Kyle and Camille when Brandi joined the show.

          Although the women were especially catty, there was a reason they were cold to Brandi and it was because they were supporting Lisa who had just called the police on Cedric. Everyone always says nobody has Lisa’s back, but in that instance they all gave Lisa support (it is all in the recaps and blogs still on Bravo online from season 2). Lisa did not give Brandi a chance until a month or so later after Game Night. In this instance Lisa should have trusted her instincts and not have chucked her friendship with Kyle overboard for Brandi.

    • Yep. It’s ridiculous.

      All the while Brandi is describing Lisa’s alleged manipulations, there she goes “planting seeds” and doing everything she accuses Lisa of doing.

      Projection much, Brandi?

      • Projection is the perfect word Lola. Brandi says Lisa never told her to say anything . She would just talk about Adrienne.

        I guess she then projected telepathy to Brandi to repeat whatever she heard

        Give me a break

  • Brandi is blaming everything she has ever done or said on Lisa. Did Lisa tell Brandi to get so messed up and show her ass and tampon string to the world? Did Lisa make her attack LeeAnn and Joyce? Brandi is so pathetic! Blame everyone but Brandi.

    • The way she was talking, she was acting like she was scared for her life of what Lisa would do to her. Unbelievable.

    • For the most part this episode was dry, but Brandi is manipulative cookie.  She’s using Richard Sisters as ponds to her chess game to go up against Lisa.  Brandi is totally using Lisa’s manipulation tantics to plant her own seeds so she can water them to watch them grow.  Kyle should see that Brandi is driving another wedge between her and Lisa from being friends.  Brandi all of a sudden bringing up things in the past season she shouldn’t had done with Adrienne.  Now that’s funny.  No one told Brandi to fight Lisa’s battles or speak in her behave.  You was kind of using Lisa too.   Because getting close to her would mean you’ll be an favorite among viewers.  I’m not saying Lisa doesn’t have a way about her but Brandi is no different because look who taught it to her – Lisa.

  • I love how the interaction with Carlton and Lisa where Carlton says in her talking head, “Between Kyles and Lisas past behavior” hmmm makes me think that she watched the show.

      • Carlton thinks that Kyle’s comments will hurt her family business but doesn’t think these things she does 100% on her own won’t effect their business instead like:

        – Having a tattoo of a cross with Fxxx you on it (A deeply religious person of various faiths might just take offense) and jumping out of her skin with disgust because Kyle thought she dare have a Star of David tattoo

        – putting your sex life on full display with ball gags, whips, hand cuffs, lusting over the nanny, feeling up your friends on a pole, grinding on her mother-law, building a sex dungeon…

        – treating people like crap and casting spells on them just because they didn’t say they believed in her spells

        – saying you had to cleanse a gift that was given to you after you pretended to accept it graciously (I don’t think I would want to be giving Carlton gifts in the future based on her actions)

        – insulting someone because they didn’t want to go in a stinky bathroom and making a personal issue out of it

        – taking dreamed offenses and turning those dreams into real offenses to be vengeful about

        Bottom line is that people are doing business with David, not Carlton so I don’t think even her actions will have much effect on their family business except like most everyone else just thinking Carlton is just plain crazy and mean. However on the slight chance a major client or sports figure is a very conservative Catholic or Christian they may be offended enough by the f-u cross and having sex in a confessional comments to not want to do business with her husband, but it is unlikely.

    • It was always obvious, Carlton was desperate to be on the dream team. She pretty much confirmed it on this episode.

      • And Carlton shows yet another new disgusting low and first for a housewife tonight – bragging and crowing about how much money she has. Really Carlton! I bet even Lisa and Yolanda were horrified by Carlton’s out of control crassness.

        Carlton has not even an ounce of class in her body. Carlton is one of those women who thinks by being rich it gives her the right to be cruel and treat people like crap. I hope she is enjoying all the backlash and negative comments that have been coming her way by the thousands.

        Luckily most people see trash for what it is no matter what a bank statement says, so karma rules in the end.

        • Totally agree @Happy day….to see her in her talking heads….”how can you hate someone for no f-ing reason”…that’s a question she should ask herself because that’s exactly what she’s doing with Kyle…

          Between the fake tears and those freaking bulging eyes, she was awful…poor witch…she wanted Lisa to say she was on her side so bad..

          • I couldn’t believe my hears when Carlton said in her th ” I cant believe someone can hate someone for no reason” She just won the prize for the biggest hypocrite of all the ladies. What was she trying to prove by inviting Maurico and uninviting Kyle. Sorry, I can not stomach Carlton.

          • Me either, Bryn! Could you imagine? Talk about growing the hell up!

            She must have been a huge loner growing up, even as an only child.

      • Interesting article especially since Carlton is now bragging about how much money they have. Since she has so much money why doesn’t she do something with that fugly ass face of hers.

      • WTF? i thought Carltons family was into Gyms or Gym equipment ??

        What’s with the shady investment firm?

      • It should surprise nobody that Carlton is a habitual liar.

        She said she met her husband at a bar and how she fought for him and in last night’s episode she said she met him at work.

        Today on Twitter she clarifies that she met him at work first and saw him at the bar later.

        Wtf is it? Why would you want to lie about something like this?

  • Ahh! I’m not going to be able to watch it until next week! LOL Looking forward to the recap and comments! 😀

      • Lmao Daniel
        Brandi claimed on WWHL that she overdid the fillers this year. She isn’t admitting to surgery

    • Not just her face! Her hand (the brace), her speech (the lisping), and her knees (the scabs). And that was all in one scene!

        • Okay. Way back when I was in college. In a sorority. In the middle of LA. I may have partied and dabbled in stuff I would never admit to now. Brandy reminds me of my friends and me back then. Shit happens when you’re messed up. Accidents, mystery bruises, random oopsies, and lots of drama. The difference is, we all grew up and moved on.

    • I don’t know about Brandie’s face but I bet
      she has Munchausen Syndrome. It means
      a person with this syndrome constantly
      has a medical problem. It seems like every episode
      Brandie has a medical problem, a broken finger,
      an allergic reaction, etc. People with this syndrome create these illnesses for sympathy,
      and attention. It’s her way of being a victim.
      If we remember Brandie made her grand
      entrance wearing a cast on her foot. Brandie
      has got to be the most pathetic hypochondriac
      of all the housewives franchise!

      • Now, I by no means am no Brandi fan. But, are you saying she showed up in the cast and pretended to have a broken foot? Are you saying that she magically made her tongue swell up so that she couldn’t speak properly? Are you saying in the self defense episode when everyone heard Brandi’s bone crack, that she made up her broken hand?
        A bit much if I do say so myself.

        • The broken bones aren’t “made up,” but normal people don’t get injured that often. Something is up there.

      • I thought those with Muchauser’s Syndrome inflicted illnesses and made up symptoms for their children for example so they could receive attention indirectly from their children’s suffering.

      • Let’s see…

        Broken foot from walking in high heels and falling
        Broken hand
        Constant complaints about TMJ on Twitter requiring Soma
        Mysterious swollen tongue
        Benign breast lump biopsy made into major surgery on Twitter and interviews

        Can’t fly without Xanax
        Permanent bruises on her knees, arms, etc

        Yep something’s up. I just assumed she likes to have excuses to take super potent meds.