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RHOM Returning For A Fourth Season And Alexia Echevarria Says Joanna Krupa Shouldn’t Be On It; Joanna Responds!


Alexia Echevarria, confirmed to E! News that The Real Housewives of Miami will be back for a fourth season, and she also had a lot to say about her co-star Joanna Krupa, and the many rumors about her wanting to be apart of the Beverly Hills cast. Check it OUT

On Miami returning, Alexia says,

“There will definitely be a season four, for Miami. I have spoken to producers and they are currently working on dates for taping, since we usually begin taping this time of year we were told taping is being pushed back a little. The producers spoke to all of us and told us all the same thing.”

(A rep for Bravo had no comment)

So why is Joanna it’s not happening? Alexia explains, “Joanna has poor comprehension and lack of understanding as to what [the producers] said because what she is telling the media is not what they said.”

“Honestly, at this point I really feel very offended by her careless comments towards Miami and her fellow cast mates. She has no loyalty and I do not believe she belongs here or in any of the franchises. She doesn’t belong in Miami because she doesn’t really live here and she doesn’t belong in BH for obvious reasons.”

(Brandi Glanville)

Joanna responded to Alexia’s comments saying,

“Alexia needs to fact check before trying to put words in my mouth that I have never once said. I love Miami—it’s one of my homes. I appreciate the show as it saved my relationship and led to a beautiful, fairytale wedding. That’s why I love Bravo and the show’s producers: they made it happen.”

While Joanna has never said she doesn’t want to be on RHOM anymore, she has made it clear that she would love to sit down with Brandi and put her in her place.

Also, remember when we reported how Andy decided the seating chart for the reunion? Well, Alexia was asked about it, she said it wasn’t her, but sources say it was actually Adriana De Moura who wasn’t happy about the seating arrangements! LOL

I personally would LOVE to see Joanna on RHOBH. And I honestly can’t believe that RHOM is getting renewed for a fourth season! I honestly thought they were done. What do you guys think? Do you agree with Alexia? Or Joanna?

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  • Faux Reality has a new blog up about Dr. Lenny, Lisa’s husband. He mad a dumb remark about women’s weight.

  • Please please please put her dumb ass on RHOBH, let them devour her! She wouldn’t survive a season. She is such a self-entitled
    C u next tues., not to mention, shallow, extremely vapid and really ugly on the inside.

    Ahhhhhhhhh, that felt good.

  • I 4 one stopped watching HWOM because of Drunk joanna They way she treats people is horrible And I like adriana she’s just hot headed when she’s crossed joanna, as 4 lea she is so full of herself it’s unreal her and joanna needs 2 be let go and 2 more brought in preferably with alittle Miami cuban in them it is Miami u know I love Alexia and Ana is fine 2 as 4 marisol an moma Elsa I think their alright they do need new Blood flowing 4 sure this francise as 4 lisa Lord she could go 2 no storyline she’s always whining about a baby so get off the show and make one but I seriously don’t have nothing against lisa so I guess we’ll have 2 wait and see I’m hoping joanna,lea 4 sure don’t return

  • I promise you I don’t watch Miami, but MY GOD: chick on the left has the shittiest hair extensions ever.


    • Hey, @Aussiegirl, OT. Since we love hair, and have talked about it. Check out Stassi from VPR on WWHL with Yolanda. I have been chicken to cut off long hair, but that to me is the cut for eavy hair. I rescheduled to a good stylist. 🙂

  • None of these women belong on this franchise, especially Alexia and Adriana. They should fire them all and start over again.

  • Alexia & Marisol both need to get the boot! I am SO glad Ana is gone, they should go hang with Ana, off camera 🙂 None of these ladies have a story line, and they are SO annoying!

  • I can’t help it, I like Adrianna. I thought her wedding dress was beautiful. I loved her reception dress too. I used like Lea until her skeleton’s came out & I was glad Ana brought them out. Lea is embarrassed about where she came from. She married & lived with guys to climb up to finally snag Roy, & now she is rich & famous. It blew me away when she said they discuss conversations like legal cases. Really? I guess she thinks because she was a juror on a high profile case, & married one she can give strategize. I don’t know how she had their son in her forties & Roy being as old as he is. Because old sperm can cause birth defects. Maybe he froze his & she froze her eggs & a surrogate carried it. I felt so bad for Roman being so horribly a abused, that is why he is with a “castrating female” which is a psychological term for an emasculating witch that is insecure. JoAnna definitely ran after Adrianna with her vein popping out of her neck as Adrianna walked away & she grabbed her arm. I think Lea knew about Frederic & Adrianna & gave them money. He makes a good living. He doesn’t overcharge refurbishing hotels. I think he charged $800,000 for a renovation of a Miami Hotel & won an award for his work. I think Adrianna & the other women know Lea will go after you if she feels slighted or overlooked or isn’t getting attention.her Balls are ridiculous. She needs to take a page from Marlo Thomas & give every penny to the charity instead of trying to impress people & pay celebrities to appear. Marlo Thomas said if she ran her father’s charity for sick children like that she would not have any money to do what they do. My fiancé buys tickets every year, & my family asked for donations to them instead of flowers. Lisa went off the rails & I don’t know why. Lea gave her such crappy advice encouraging her to buy that Birkin after Lenny had just bought her a $400,000 necklace for not being able to carry their child. I think Lea did it on purpose & I think she is not a nice person. I don’t get the dynamic between Alexia & Herman but maybe he is good to her & her children. That is all that matters, she married a bad guy when she was very young, so I think she wanted stability over looks.

    • @ Trishibebe,

      I like Adrianna, as well. She reminds me of a friend of mine..

      Not much into the “Fabulous in her own mind”, Lea Black..
      I couldn’t stand how disrespectful she was to her lovely Family in Texas.. She was so vile and rude.. It just turned me off..

      I hope that the new season isn’t like the last season!

    • “Older parents” usually have healthy children . The rest of you rant was riddled with misinformation.

  • I really like Miami too…I do however think Andri-liar gives Latinas a bad image. Bravo please get rid of her and Joanna and bring on Latinas with class!!

  • Alexia is right they need to axe Bor-ana, she is physically uncomfortable anytime she has to interact with the other ladies.

    They need to bring back Ana!!

  • Alexia- that is the best thing you have said for awhile. I have to say though Im surprised Miami is coming back.

  • Also, I don’t agree with people saying Joanna doesn’t belong in RHOM because she doesn’t live there full time. I’m sorry but NeNe lived primarily in L.A. during Season 5 when she was filming Glee and The New Normal… and Larsa from Season 1 of Miami lived primarily in Chicago and was only in her Miami home for the summer (which is when they filmed Season 1)… she wasn’t a full-time MIAMI housewife… Yolanda Foster lives in Malibu so she should TECHNICALLY be on Orange County Housewives… NOT on Beverly Hills… yet they have her on RHOBH… and honestly, these shows doesn’t really ENFORCE the title to be quite honest. There are SO MANY women on these shows that are NOT “housewives” like Bethenny Frankel, and so many others who actually work and have businesses/careers… It’s stupid to say Joanna Krupa doesn’t belong on RHOM when she CLEARLY lives in BOTH L.A. AND MIAMI and her husband lives in Miami and they have a home in Miami. Joanna brings sexiness to RHOM. I’m sick of Adriana’s trashiness. I think Lea has a more “star of the show” quality than Adriana… I think Lea is more “the face” of RHOM than Adriana… Lea is like the Vicki, Ramona, NeNe, Teresa, Lisa Vanderpump/Kyle Richards of RHOM. I don’t think Lea will be going anywhere anytime soon. I’m sick of Lisa honestly… her whole storyline for 2 seasons have been the infertility. Alexia is the typical Miami housewife but I don’t really like how she interacts with this group of girls… I think the only ones worth keeping are Joanna and Lea. They should bring Cristy and Karent back.

    • Why should Yolanda be on the OC? Malibu, is in Los Angeles County, just like BH:s
      Orange County is idk three hours away?
      Malibu, is no where near, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, etc..
      The Pacific Coast Hwy is a long hwy..

      Malibu, the Palisades are not that far from BH, depending upon traffic..

      Brandi lives in the Valley..Where she lives is still L.A. County. If, she lived any farther North she would be living in Ventura County..

      Sorry, just curious.
      Lived in Southern Cali for a long time. Just wondering what your reasoning was?

      • Yolanda should not be on OC, lol. She should have her own show in Santa Barbara! With horses, polo, and vineyards. With Lisa chucking it up there. 🙂 but, no to OC with Yolanda, unless she tore down and built in Del Mar.

    • I agree with you on many points.
      Such as, what defines a Housewife?
      Shouldn’t Brandi be on the X-Hollywood Wives or whatever it is called?
      Kim Richards isn’t really on enough to be an actual Cast Member and she isn’t married..

      I like RHOM. IMHO, it was best in the first two Seasons.
      I loved learning about the Culture..Love the fashion.
      ( I have only spent a few days in Miami on business.)
      For me it is a treat to view the diversity of culture plus the incredible architecture..

      Joanna? She is the married Brandi Clone..
      Please, don’t send her to BH’s..
      Please, send her away..

  • I think it’s odd that RHOM wouldn’t stick to the whole “latin” vibe and culture that comes with Miami.

    Just like Orange County is mostly blonde white plastic surgery town… and Jersey is mostly tan tough Italian family girls… and Atlanta is an all African American cast… I think Miami should’ve gone with the “latin” vibe and cast a whole latin cast.

    They had Cristy, Alexia, Karent, Ana, Marysol and Adriana… but they mixed them with Lea, Larsa, Joanna, and Lisa who are NOT latin girls… which results in taking the “latin vibe” out of Miami… the show doesn’t really give us much of Miami and it’s latin culture… it’s just petty drama and that’s why we don’t get as into RHOM as we do with the other cities… Honestly, RHOM started off good with Season 1 and talking about what Miami is about and it’s history and culture… but they fired one of the major typical Cuban Miami girls Cristy and brought in some white girls… Now Ana is latina but she doesn’t really act it much… she seems more American like Joanna and Lisa.

    The recast really helped the show for Season 2. It was one of the best housewives seasons ever in my opinion… but Season 3 was just a DUD… They could’ve recast Season 2 the way they did to make it better (which worked for S2) or they could’ve just promoted the show more and tweaked the production team and the intro and everything they did but kept the Season 1 cast and maybe added or replaced a few more Latinas into it.

    I love Joanna, and I wish Cristy, Larsa, and Karent never left. Perhaps bringing them back will make the show better… OR firing the American girls and hiring brand new Latin faces will change the dynamic of the show… because Season 3 was boring as hell.

  • I don’t mind Miami, but I certainly don’t want to see Alexia and her despicable spawn (the older one) get any more air time. Out of all of them, she is the one I’d like to see get the boot forever, like her buddy Ana.

  • I really liked the 1st two seasons of Miami – still surprised it’s not popular – they brought the drama. I didn’t like the way the last season was produced however – to manufactured and soap opera like. I hope they bring it back – but I would be happy to see Joanna go.

    I for one love to watch Adrianna – she is a hot mess I find completely entertaining.

  • I don’t know much about alexia, and barely remember her from the show. Only thing I agree with is that JoAnna has outgrown the Miami franchise and should be upgraded to Beverly Hills. Lol of course she says it with vinegar and jealousy.

  • I honestly am not surprised. I was hoping it would come back and I was right. To be honest, I don’t think Bravo would cancel a “Real Housewives” franchise. It’s such a great show and idea. The D.C. housewives had better ratings than the Miami housewives, and the only reason D.C. was cancelled was because of the whole White House Crashers controversy. If that hadn’t happened, D.C. would’ve continued. So, I understand why they’re bringing Miami back. Miami is such a BIG and MAIN city like New York and L.A. it would be puzzling as to why there’s a franchise in every other BIG and popular city but not in Miami. I don’t think Bravo would allow a city to fail. They can always just recast, hire a new production team, and go about making the show better a new way… that’s just what they do when a show is failing… RHONJ was getting old and tired by Season 5 so they fired 3 girls and brought in 3 new cast members. RHOC was getting old with the same cast and drama so they fired 3 girls and brought in 3 new cast members. NYC was getting old and repetitive with same old feuds and drama so they fired 4 Wives and recast. Bravo has many tricks up their sleeves to make sure their shows don’t fail. RHOM will not be going anywhere for a long time…

  • I’m surprised Miami gets another season. The show has all the ingredients to be good but for some reason it’s boring. I’ve tried to watch it, believe me.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Joanna on RHOBH. They need to do something to help that show too. Seeing Joanna go at Brandi might be fun.

  • I love Alexia for laying it out and and letting the tabloids with their rumors of RHOM’s cancellation and Joanna have SEVERAL seats. I think she’s on point. Joanna needs to disappear. Her antics along with Adriana’s are hard to watch especially in this past reunion. They both bring the show and franchise down to the dumps with their stupid remarks about one another. They both have no substance.

    I’m so happy though Miami will be back! I love the glamour of the show and I think Bravo has a really good chance at showcasing a latino subculture that has yet to be discovered. The reason why ATL is super successful is bc its diverse and people are fascinated with diversity. I can’t recall a reality show prior to RHOA that sensationalized the city of ATL. Same goes for RHONJ, which is also why its so successful. I think RHOM would bring in a different group of viewers and that being said they need a cast renewal BIG TIME. More latinas please!

    I would keep Alexia for sure, bc she is the quintessential Miami housewife. She’s cuban, has substance and a story to tell AND she’s fabulous! I would also keep Lisa bc she has a house on star island and is married to a plastic surgeon…VERY miami. Plus Lisa is such a fun girl to watch, gorgeous, and the levels of fabulosity are just good eye candy. I would bring back Ana bc she’s also cuban, good friends with Alexia, witty and real. Although that will probably never happen. Ana has stated that she was so badly backstabbed and betrayed by Marysol and has no interest in joining the show. She’s definitely better off, but her story would be great to watch.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Joanna and Lea. Joanna for obvious reasons (vulgar and superfluous) and Lea bc I think Bravo has tried to make her the HBIC of miami, but it hasn’t worked and they should just try a different direction. Plus she’s too old school and just doesn’t fit the mold. I can’t even recall her galas. Not so interesting to watch and her story line last season was Adriana. Lame.

    I wanna say get rid of Adriana, but I feel like she’s the Kyle Richards of the show. They probably wont get rid of her. She’s been on the show for 3 seasons and is kind of the face for the Miami brand of the franchise. But, I don’t like her personality and she goes for the jugular all the time and its hard to watch. Plus she also sang the into theme song of RHOM so Bravo clearly loves her.

    • I agree with you. I miss Ana! She was my favourite. I didn’t watch last season because I despise Lea Black. She is just a nasty vindictive person imo and her very voice makes me want to hurl. pretentious and hurtful. I have always suspected that is why Ana didn’t come back. I only did Twitter once in my life and it was to Ana and she answered me back. It was right after the reunion where Lea had that big melt down and the editing was so poor it was hard to follow what was truly going on. After living in Florida before moving even further south I enjoyed this franchise.

      • Me too, @Sandy! I think Alexis is a kind person, tho–and for reality tv makes her boring. Leah, JoAnna and adrianna why I only watched a few.

      • I also believe Alexia needs to be on as well as Ana, Adriana and even MamaElsa/Marisol as well. Joanna is incorrigible but tolerable. I do not like Lea, never felt she was the HBIC just that she is a horribly rude bitch and too ‘old’ for the franchise. Lisa annoys me. Her desperate housewife routine coupled with her continually altered features are unsettling. Leave your face the phuck alone and be lucky your husband works. I’ve known Plastic Surgeons and they live quite active lives and do make social engagements. I think Lenny ‘chooses’ to miss many of the soirees and she lies for appearances.

    • Oh I agree with you big time. Bravo not tapping into the Latino market especially with RHOM is seriously a stupid move imho. It should be so easy. They don’t have to make it trashy either. They need to get some sophisticated types like Ana and I think this show could be gold. Imo, it is very similar setting to RHOBH with breathtaking scenery, beautiful women everywhere, beautiful homes rich culture. UGGHHHH!!!! It just upsets me that Bravo can’t get it right with this series!

      • I know, would be a huge market! JoAnna, lost the Polish Catholics that I know in Chicago bc of being a biotch! This shoud be the Miami that people want to see…more old Miami from 50-60’s (Mama Elsa), and Cuban, Carribean and Latina wealth!

        • So, you have your finger on the pulse of the Polish catholic population in Chicago ,do you? I’m impressed!

          • Um, just was baptised, communion, married at St. Pascal’s on Irving Road. 3rd generation. Irish, German, Polish, Italian neighborhood over many generations. Now mostly Polish. :-). I actually grew up in a different neighborhood, but came home to my immigrant family for special events. Andersonville was where my swedish grandfather grew up, and the Patch for my Irish grandmother, until they moved to that neighborhood. A lot of our friends came from Poland, and one is my God Mother. 🙂

          • Do you know where St. Aloyisus and St. Benedicts are? Well, Pascal’s and Portage Park is where my grandparents moved after WW2, from Lincoln Park. Same hood, and a lot of Polish for last 4 decades. :-)! Second to Warsaw!

  • The ratings are low in comparison to other franchises but on a whole with Bravo shows they are smack in the middle.

    Alexia needs to think about getting a storyline and learn to read. Joanna may not live in Miami full-time but people with money tend to leave in the summer. So if Lea and Joanna want to be on they may have to sacrifice LA living in the summer.

    As long as they don’t bring Ana or Marisol back I’ll watch another season-if nothing else to see if Adriana stays married.

    • Adriana has been married for quite a while. I don’t know why, but what’s his name seems to really love her. I think she’s smart enough to know there’s not too many men who will put up with her bs. Not in Miami anyway. Plus do you really think she’ll give up the possibility of living on that houseboat one day? LOL Hmmm now that I mentioned that you’re right… I guess I do question whether they’ll stay married.

  • I personally feel that Alexia shouldn’t be on the show. She’s 2-faced and hypocritical. She reminds me of Kyle, but more feisty. Adriana needs to leave the show because in my opinion she brings the show down and from what I saw on numerous blogs, majority of the viewers do not like her. That’s just my 2 cents. If Adriana is back, I won’t be.

  • A little shocked that this franchise is being renewed considering the ratings but I digress…. I agree with Alexia. Joanna continues to give interviews saying how she’d love to be on RHOBH and give Brandi a piece of her mind so I say RHOM should let her go. She seems to live mostly in LA anyway and she’s vile. I cannot sit through another season of her whining about her sex life or lack thereof (pathetic) or attack Lisa regarding her fertility issues!

  • I actually love and enjoy the show. And I do agree with alexia. I think joanna shouldnt be on the show or any of the others ones. Im suprised alexia is actually making a statement like that considering how they both liked each other. But glad to see she finally knows joanna really has no loyalty at all, not even to her own sister let alone lisa. Joanna is a user for her own gain and profit and what shes doing with brandi is a way to keep her annoying ass in the media. Its ridiculous and as a fan of RHOM and all the other shows, I am nothing but annoyed by this broad. Shes fugly inside and out. Hope she isnt on the new season, I would love to see new faces and hope alexia, lisa, adriana and lea return.

    • I agree with Alexia too, totally LOL’d her comment that Joanna lacked comprehension skills!

      Alexia is trying to say in a nice way that Joanna shows no loyalty because she has been acting as a ‘try hard’ being photographed with ladies of different franchises and floating stories she is joining them. Everyone sees through her.

      She wishes she had a scene with Brandi! Its the only real publicity she’s had in months. Give it up Joanna!

      • Alexa uses the term “comprehension skills” a lot. She isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box ,herself.

  • I don’t care either way. The only thing I do like about Miami is the glamour they show. The Gala, Leas home the fashion, shoes bags etc. But really I don’t get attached to any of them. Joanna is just a filthy mouth, and is a bad drunk. Adriana is just a social climber full of lies with absolutely no class, and Alexia is just no better.

  • I’m also shocked rhom is getting a 4th season. I’ll be lying if I said i was a huge fan I only watched when i read or saw previews they would be having catfights and watched their reunions.

  • Even though I cannot stand Joanna, she brings the petty drama. I actually like RHOM and I’m glad it will be back for another season.

  • If anyone shouldn’t be on it, it’s Alexia; she added absolutely nothing to the show and she rode the fence all season, I hope Lea no longer speaks to her. They could also get rid of Lisa too, I’m tired of hearing her whining all the time about how her husband is always working and she has nothing to do (meanwhile I’m sure she wouldn’t want hubby to quit his job to spend all day with her).

    Andy is not getting rid of Joanna because she bring too much drama and is very opinionated. I wish he would get rid of Adriana, but he’s not getting rid of her either for that same reason.

    • I agree with you on all points. Alexa has a poor sense of humor and she is not interesting. Lisa is whiny mean and stupid. Adriana is a lying aggressive low class witch!

      • It’s also disturbing to see how horrible of a mother Alexia is. She allowed her oldest son to party to the late hours of the night when he was still in high school, and instead of condemning his son for what he did to that homeless man, she keeps making excuses for him, even using her youngest son’s accident as an excuse for the oldest’s actions.

        I also agree that Lisa and Adriana need to go. They don’t add anything. As for Joanna, she reminds me a lot of Tamra- she’s boring if she’s not fighting with anyone and being a horrible person.

    • Adrianna is never going away. She brings just as much drama as Joanna. Plus Adrianna understands how the reunions work– and brings it. That’s why she said “fuck it” to the truce between her and Joanna at last year’s reunion, and starting with all that Yolanda and Mohammad shit.

      • Adriana will be gone with the wind when Miami is inevitably canceled. Joanna however, will always be popular because of her friends in Bev Hills and Miami.

  • If they seriously are considering having another season, they need to fire some bitches and get in some fresh blood. I know technically the cast changed last season, but that was just bumping Alexia back up to Housewife.

    If Joanna’s seriously going, they need to also get rid of at least Lisa. It’s obvious no one hang’s out with her outside of shooting the show, and there’s nothing going on in her life. And if Adriana or Lea are both still on, they better not rehash the “Adriana lied about her marriage” storyline that was the entire last season.

    What I think they need to do, is do a Lynne Curtin from OC and have the housewife’s bankruptcy issues happening ON CAMERA, instead of all the juicy stuff (ex. Teresa & Joe’s indictment, Apollo getting charged (And maybe possibly Phaedra), Every single issue revolving around the rest of the NJ cast, Vicki getting sued for Vicki’s Vodka, Ramona filing for divorce from Mario, etc) instead of OFF camera. All of the really juicy stuff that happens in the lives of the women always happens off camera, or after the show has wrapped, or Bravo refuses to show it (In the case of Al cheating on Caroline last season).

    Let all that shit air on tv! That’s the stuff we want to see! Not donkey booty videos, not the weddings, not someone taking a bow off a cake at a party, not petty fighting about who got a call from a tv show to have a guest spot- but the real, ACTUAL troubles in these women’s lives, probably BECAUSE of the fact that they appeared on the show.

    If Miami is seriously returning for a fourth season, then there needs to be cast changes, there needs to be fighting, there needs to be real conflicts (Although I will admit the Adriana/Lea fight was definitely authentic) and there needs to be INTERESTING women.

  • If they want better ratings they need to put it on after another big housewife show.

    Put it on after RHONJ or something ratings might start to rise

    However I am surprised I feel like joanna should go on Beverly hills

  • If they do get renewed, I know why. They bring it during their reunions. The season is kind of slow but they make up for it with the reunions. I also knew it was Adriana complaining about where she sat because she got exposed as a total fraud, having Bravo foot part of a bill on a re commitment ceremony.