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Andy Cohen Reveals How They Pick Which Housewives Get To Sit Next To Him At The Reunion!

andy cohen reunion

The King of Bravo, Andy Cohen, recently answered fan questions for “Ask Andy”, and one of the questions (which came from Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy) was what everybody always wants to know, which is how do they decide who sits where at the reunion, and if there is a lot of drama about it among the ladies? Check out what he had to say below!

“That’s a good question. There’s — Sometimes among the women, I think they want — I think, I’ve heard, that they want to be seated next to me. There was someone from the Miami Reunion was furious that she wasn’t sitting next to me, and she said, ‘Just fire me now. Fire me now. It means I’m getting fired.’ Usually we put two women next to me who had, kind of big stories that year, or who have a lot to say, or who are in any kind of conflict with each other, or have a lot going on who we are going to be coming to a lot during the show, that’s how we do it. But, we talk about it a lot. It’s definitely — We tinker around with it a lot. It’s one of my favorite conversations by the way.”

Well, that sums that up. If you are not the star of the show, or season, to the end of the couch you go! LOL Thoughts on what Andy had to say?

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  • I could care less about who sits next 2 Andy but I don’t think Brandis going anywhere joyce yeah probably I just wish backstabbing Kyle would be put off the show cartons Well she will probably not be ask back!!!!!! Kim it’s time 2 go and Lisa’s not going anywhere her spin off has better ratings then BHHW take that girls any I think Yolanda is safe

  • Last year’s Beverly Hills reunion was quite interesting. On one side there was Lisa, Kim and Taylor with Kyle, Brandi and Yolanda on the other side. You would have expected Lisa and Kyle to be on opposite couches considering that’s where alliances had been all season. But I think Lisa’s placing was quite telling – she was on the couch with Kim who has never really slotted into the group comfortably, and then Taylor who was on her way out. I think it was a calculated move by producers to hint viewers towards the story for Season 4…

  • Has to be Adriana that Andy was talking about. She’s so annoying! Lisa and Joanna were at the heads of the couch because their falling out is obviously going to be the main point of Miami’s 4th season. If they get one. We should be hearing about something soon.

    I do think seating is more about the fighting than who is coming back. If you know there is going to yelling going on between someone and someone else you obviously want them on opposite couches. It gives better vantage points rather than sitting next to each other. Especially if there is more than two on a couch.

    I see Beverly Hills’ reunion seating going like this: Kyle, Brandi, Carlton and Kim on one couch; Lisa, Joyce, Yolanda on the other.

    For Atlanta, I see it being pretty similar to last year’s reunion: NeNe, Cynthia and Phaedra on one. Kenya, Kandi and Porsha on the other. Possibly Porsha and Phaedra will be reversed.

  • I bet the Miami housewive was Adriana. It wasn’t right her not being next to Andy. All for the sake of dullard Lisa. I think Adriana had a right to think that though because Jill was next to Andy and the one time she was bumped for Luann she got fired.

    The Beverly Hills one will be interesting seeing as no one really likes each other all that well. Maybe we will need 3 couches. lol.

    I think it will be Kyle (next to Andy, Brandi, Kim, Yolanda on one. Then Lisa (next to Andy) Joyce, Carlton on the other.

  • I bet you this year for RHOBH it will be

    From Left(farthest away) to Right(close to andy)

    joyce-kim-kyle-Lisa -ANDY- Brandi-Yo-Carlton

  • I think RHOBH reunion will be quite interesting. I think on one side of the couch it will be Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda and on the other side it will be Lisa, Carlton, Kim, Joyce. With Lisa and Kyle sitting near Andy.

    • I think Carlton is going to sit with Yolanda and Brandi. Joyce is going to sith with Kyle. I think Lisa and Brandi are going to be near Andy.

      • I have a feeling that Brandi will take Kyle’s place sitting beside Cohen (unfortunately). I predict that Carlton, Kim, and/or Yolanda will be on the end.

    • Brandi (sit next to Andy)/Carlton/Yo/Kim might be on the same couch.

      Lisa (sits next to Andy)/Kyle/Joyce I have my solid one couch, unless Kim ends up there.

      • I agree CherylTN! I’m not sure where Kim will be sitting, but most likely at the end lol. I have a feeling that she might be sitting across from Lisa, Joyce, and Kyle.

        Kim/Yolanda/Joyce/Brandi Cohen Lisa/Joyce/Kyle

        Prediction might be right haha.

  • I think RHOBH reunion will be quite interesting. I think on one side of the couch it will be Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda and on the other side it will be Lisa, Carlton, Kim, Joyce. With Lisa and Kyle sitting near Andy.

  • If they go by screen time it will definitely be Brandi. Lisa hasn’t had a lot of issues-yet so he might even go with a Joyce Brandi combo. My preference Lisa and Kyle net to Andy.

    I don’t think Kim, Yolanda, Carlton have a chance.

  • I also believe the seating arrangement is based on who’s the most likely to come back next season, and who’s most likely to fight. With the RHOC season 8 reunion, Vicki & Tamra seated OPPOSITE of Gretchen because it was for sure that they both would get into a fight with her. With RHOATL, Kenya & Phaedra would obviously get into a fight so they were placed opposite of each other.

    Anyone who sits next to Andy are for not only the stars, but they’re for sure going to appear next season. The farther away you are from the couch, the more likely you’re going to get axed.

  • I don’t believe that entirely. If that is the case, then this year for BH, we should see, Brandi, and Carlton on either side of him, but I’ll bet, it’s Lisa, and Kyle. Brandi has been a mess as has that wacko Carlton. Let’s see if they are next to him.

    • I was thinking about that. I have a feeling on one side it’ll be Brandi, Carlton, and Yolanda. On the other side it’ll be Lisa, Joyce, Kyle, and then Kim. Brandi and Lisa will be near Andy.

  • That will put Brandi,Yolanda and Carlton out in the alley behind the studio!Hope their taxi (not a limo) is waiting to take them far away!

  • Well, even at last year’s reunion show from Atlanta… when Kim DID show up for a little bit in her real hair & beautiful long green dress. She sat NEXT TO ANDY. LOL. They made Kenya scoot down and they sat Kim right there. Haha.

    For EVERY SEASON of Atlanta it has been NeNe and Kim next to Andy though.

    For every season of New Jersey besides Season 1, Teresa has sat next to Andy.

    For every season of Beverly Hills besides Season 1, Lisa Vanderpump has sat next to Andy. Kyle has sat next to Andy for EVERY SEASON of Beverly Hills.

    Joanna has sat next to Andy for BOTH seasons of Miami that she was on.

    New York City & Orange County are pretty inconsistent with their seatings… Sometimes it’s Tamra, sometimes it’s Vicki, sometimes it’s Heather. and for NYC– sometimes it’s Ramona, sometimes it was Jill, sometimes it was LuAnn.

    • Danielle from Jersey sat twice near Andy as well as Melissa (s4 when she moved and when Teresa moved and s5)

      • because danielle (note: my username) was batsh*t crazy. but i loved to watch her paranoid delusions. she was definitely never boring, THAT is for sure. she had higher ratings than lady gaga on WWHL, three years AFTER her housewives career.

        my idol! ok, not really, but maybe you understand a little bit why i’m so in love.

        • Danielle will always be my 2nd fav after T on NJ. I miss her so much on the show. Even though it’ll never happen, I’d really wish both she and T follow each other on twitter and at least be civil. @Staub

          • From the interviews and blogs written by both T and D, they are on good terms. I think they are civil to one another. I just don’t think they’ll ever be friends. Although I was hoping for Danielle to make appearances on season 5, I’m glad that she’s not dealing with Jacqueline and Caroline.

    • I think Camille was beside Cohen in the Season 1 reunion. I forgot about that. LOL at Kim making Kenya scoot over.

  • No shocking at all. Pretty much Andy’s favourites and the most known ones. With ATL, it is always NeNe and Kim (but it was Kenya last year), for NJ, it is either Teresa, Melissa, Caroline, or Danielle, and for BH, it is Kyle and Lisa. Not hard to figure it out.

    • Caroline only sat near Andy once which was on season 3. Teresa, Danielle, and Melissa have been the three housewives on NJ that has sat near Andy more than once.

      • Oh, there was Jaq at the Season 4 reunion as well. And Dina in the Season 1 reunion. Teresa has been beside Cohen the most.

      • Melissa only sat next to Andy this past reunion. Believe it or not, the first RHOBH reunion Lisa sat on the end!!

        • Season 4 reunion Melissa moved her seat when the husbands came so she was near Andy there and when Teresa moved to sit near Caroline.

        • Well, Andy, this is nothing new and we could pretty much all figured that out. Heck if you are the most talked about housewife, if Andy has a favorite housewife, and/or your storyline(s) got fans talking; of course, you will be sitted next to him.

          Usually if you are sitted at the end, that’s DOOM most of the time. Either you are getting demoted, fired, or you are leaving on your own terms. No one should want last chair unless if you re a newbie and fan fav.