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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Is Renee Graziano Scared To Break Up Her Friendship With Carla Murino?


Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has been having a bad season so far, and is not happy about how she is being portrayed. Well, now it is being said that long time friend, Carla Murino, is about to make things worse. Sources close to Renee EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH, that Carla is nothing but trouble, and she is taking Renee down with her.

Our insiders reveal

“The only reason Renee stays Carla’s friend, is because the two of them know too much about each other, and she knows that Carla fights dirty and will sell stories about her to bring her down. Back in the day, Renee’s father used to have a driver named Jack Dildabanian who was MARRIED, and both Carla, and her mother, (yes, MOTHER) Diane Murino, used to sleep with Jack, and that’s why in return, Carla won’t ever cross Renee. She’s scared will Renee will blow the lid off her pot of secrets.”

So what does Carla’s husband think of her being on the show?

“Carla’s real husband is not a “mob guy.” And after he seen how she was acting on the show, he was shocked. He had no idea that she had a reputation of breaking up marriages. He was in rehab and is now leaving her because he found out who she really is, and he even used pills to get out of their marriage. (so sad) Her and her mother have broken up more homes than a tornado in Oklahoma.”

That’s not all, Carla also has the SAME ex-fiance, as former Mob Wives star, Ramona Rizzo! Our source adds,

“Carla was caught by Joe, her ex-fiance who just happens to be Ramona’s (Rizzo) ex-fiance as well. She was caught with several guys, and that’s why he ditched her, so Carla has quite a track record of men leaving her, for her reputation.”

carla murino

I think Renee needs to ditch this girl Carla, and just stick with her cast members. Yes, they may fight with each other, but at the end of the day, they all work together, and they shouldn’t let this miserable person ruin the fun on the show. Do you think Renee should stay friends with Carla?

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  • It’s called editing…the show was filmed last year. The editor and producer’s job is to cut and paste basically, to put it simply. If you watch any “reality show” you will see the inconsistencies when people are, for example, having a discussion at dinner…just look at what’s on their plates. There is so much tape but it has to be cut down to just short of a hour an episode so you do the math. A tweak here, a paste there, conversations are even cut and pasted to look a little different. You have to take all of these shows with a grain of salt and not invest so much mental energy into them…as much of a guilty pleasure as it is.

    With that said it is Crystal clear that Renee (her eyebrows speak volumes, next time pay attention) is the worst offender and worst actress of them all. She needs to focus on her “disease” and stay away from her triggers. You are watching grown woman acting like they are in middle school & high school. It is very sad but we all seem to enjoy it…SCHADENFRAUDE :-). Whomever used the term deflection was completely 100% on point! When fingers start pointing and people know things then the guilty party will always turn the tables and Miss Renee is very good at that.

  • Ok Im rewatching shows here. Alicia is a lair and troublemaker. Think back : she went to Renee and discussed the “tapes:. In fact, she told Renee she was on them and Renee was surprised! Now things are leaked.. Was Alicia permitted or NOT to go to Vegas? Me thinks not- that is no one’s fault but her own she posted the pics. Its “confidential” surveillance she says on tapes, but she was the only one who brought up the tapes and discussed on TV what was on them. How is that anyone else’s fault? Now Renee can be coo-coo, we know that. But the bottom line is that Alicia is so worried about labeling others rats, but she went on a tv show called MobWives and broke judge’s orders. Now we keep hearing about a source with leaking info.. never happened until Alicia was on show. Someone may be talking alright, but I dont think its who Alicia thinks! Also, things have been reported, since before season aired.You cannot deflect and blame others when you are the one with open case, your hubby is a so called gangster who is already sitting in jail. Sorry!

  • So, this new Carla chick…she’s broken up alot of marriages??? Ok, I’m no hater, but she ain’t nothing to look at! She’s a beast!!!

  • I can’t take the Carla seriously after her blush job. I am no makeup artist, but she looked like a clown.

  • The more I read this, it was Carla Murino that Renee was talking about. Carla Facciolo always looked liked she had no idea what Renee was talking about. Renee was really talking about Murino & that is sad to drag Facciolo through the mud when all the time it was another Carla. Cuz if it was Facciolo wouldnt the story have come out about her doing this? But nothing about Facciolo having broken up no marriages ever came out! I think its awful!

    • No that Carla ( Facciolo) did have affair with married man. Wife is Toni Marie Ricci! She defended herself against that Carla’s lies on twitter .

    • I like the new cast members & I do not see them as the type of women to jump someone like Ramona & Karen did to Drita. I really liked Karen in the 1st episodes because Renee harassed her about being a rat & would not even come & have a drink with her when Drita had invited her. She made a big scence & tried to yell down Karen, then she tried to get Drita involved by yelling in her face, while Karen smiled saying that she had seen Drita fight. Renee got off with a warning, then Karen was there for her after all the things Renee did. I do not like when Renee acts like she is a gangster, forgetting her father is an old man & probably ignored all her rants anyway. And she always screamed for Junior when she wasn’t getting attention. I always believed that the Graziano’s did set Drita up with the Karen/Ramona/ Drita fight. I rewound that tape over & over to see what happened. It was 2 against one on Drita & she still managed to punch Ramona in the mouth & draw blood while Ramona tried to deflect it on one of the men trying to pull them off Drita. She knew exactly who hit her in the mouth. Drita got poked in the eye when the male friend was trying to help her. Then they almost got the guy killed by telling the men he had hit Ramona & of couse Junior conveniently believed this & threatened to kill the guy & Renee seeing what she had done suddenly starts crying & begging both Junior & trying to convince Drita, because she knew Drita had screamed “you set me up & that Renee was going to get a beating from Drita. I do believe Drita is the only one that can fight, & was picked on because of her size. She did live in a very poor housing complex which made her an easy target. I like her because she cried about a mentally retarded child having a cheese burger pushed in his face & how she wanted to fight for him. She cried about that & her therpaist said her anger was from a place of empathy, that her crying over this boy showed how much she felt for basically a stranger & she had a strong sense of what was right, & picking on a disabled child was not ok. Clearly, she was a fighter due to circumstance & not because she wanted to. It can cause long term PTSD for a child. I never understood people who have big mouths & “trash talk” with the veiled threats. I was a silent deadly fighter, & was not messed with once word got out that I would not back down that if challenged I would injure my oppent even if I lost. As soon as their mouths opened I was strategizing how I was going to lay them out. I worked out & could squat 180lbs. I had my brother teach me French foot fighting. I never fought fair because street fighting is dirty, it is not a boxing match or a fair fight. I was using MMA tactics before it even was known in the US. I feel that Renee is a spoiled brat as Drita said. She sees herself as a mob princess. I think growing up she was used to adults being afraid of her father & so everyone catered to her. But now she is a grown woman & it is a tired routine. I can’t believe Ang & Drita have been so understanding & I wonder how Ang feels about Renee allegedly accusing Ang of being the rat, & involving her daugher calling her basically a whore that slept with Eddie, Alicia’s husband. I would be livid if I were Ang. Remember Ang may seem like a teddy bear, but she said don’t fight on Twitter “go break their face in person”. I think she would do that if someone attacked her family, especially her daughter. I think Renee is afraid of her friend Carla because of the way she tip toed around her as if she was afraid. It was like Carla was acting like a “wise gal”, not Alicia. I do believe that Renee works people up & spreads gossip & anyone she gets mad at eventually ends up in a fight because of Renee lighting a fire. I do feel sorry for Renee, I think she is very lonley. I want to see her leave that stuff behind & create her own life like with her clothing & shoe line. I feel the worst for A.J. because he is not the parent and has been deprived of his childhood being one. I hope he gets therapy so he won’t be attracted to woman he needs to help or fix, because that is what he is used to or get involved with an emasculating female. He deserves some peace & happiness. For Ang to be a felon & start her own business & learn from her mistakes makes me like her. She needs to have a breast reduction for her health & to make her look better. Even Drita’s breast are too big for her frame. I admire Drita for starting her own business though I cringed when she let Lee back in & cringed when she & Ang lost all that money. I do think Renee ruining their trip over “delicious” probably would have drove me to gamble too. The whole scene with bringing “her date” to a girls night to show him off then getting angry & humiliating herself was just painful & embarrassing to watch. I do not blame that guy for running like hell. From the get go when she disclosed way too much info on a first date I was like for God’s sake get a dating coach Renee! I am sure he knew she was on Mob Wives although if he saw her on the show I doubt he would want to date her. I was so hopeful & wanted her to find a normal guy. I was just disappointed in her again. I hope she can really get it together, & even though I think Patti Stanger’s millionaire club is gross, she does have good dating coaches, therapists etc. & has taught people how to attract healthy relationships. Renee could use it as practice like the people from the Bravo shows have done.

      • I also believe Renee’s friend Carla wants Eddie & that her marriage may not be as in tact as Renee said. That is why I think she is the “wise gal”.

  • She was talking about Drita & Ang. Shes mad cuz they arent mad at Natalie & Alicia. Karen & RaMona wouldve been mad at them cuz Renee is. Drita & Ang arent doing that so she is mad! So, she is coming with these ignorant tweets. Many times as she has set people up, now she is scared shes being set up? Karma has got this woman running scareed!

  • Well this is a hot ass mess and I guess thats why renee knows all this dirt and wont tell alicia. Because its probably all coming from carla marino. They dont wanna stab each other in the back due to knowing so much shit about each other. Maybe thats why renee fought with alicia, because she cant break the code wwih Marino. Hmmm…fishay fishaaaaay

    • I did read Love is under a non-disclosure agreement regarding her departure. Ramona has talked a fair amount and she says it is about money; “I like to get paid.” Is a direct quote from her, but Karen spoke as well and she freely admitted that they, Love, Karen and Ramona were all fired. She did not provide a reason though.

  • I wish someone could start at the beginning and explain this better, and by someone, I would only trust Drita or Big Ang’s side at this point. I’m confused, bits and pieces keep coming to the surface.

    First, please explain why Karen, Ramona and Carla were not on this season. All we ‘know’ is that it was for financial reasons. But 3 of them and at the last minute? Really? I’m not sure I buy this. It’s a popular show, there has to be some money here.

    Secondly, why were the two new gals from Philly and not local Staten Island ladies? Why Alicia, I liked her on this season, but if her friendship is so flimsy with Renee, then I don’t understand. Within a few months Renee hates her?

    Third, why did Renee and Jenn have dinner with Karen very recently?

    Fourth, why are we hearing so much gossip from years ago while the show is currently airing? Sure its juicy, but I don’t see any dots connecting. Who gains from this? Why isn’t the show or VH-1 shutting down this extra talk?

    Fifth, is there a gag order on Karen, Ramona and Carla from telling us their side of things? And Drita and Big Ang? You know there is more that happened behind-the-scenes this year than what we see.

    I’d like VH-1 to do a Behind the Scenes special right now and tell us the real story.

  • So the tweets Renee sent after seeing Alicia were really not about Alicia. The text msg about a set up in Vegas was not really about Ang and Drita. Tell us Renee – who are you referring to then?????

  • And Renee talked about Carla Facciolo. Maybe instead of talking about Facciolo. She shouldve been talking about Murino! DAYUM!

  • Now this only makes last week’s episode between the two talking about Alicia and her paranoid about those leak calls all too interesting. Great reporting once again TRH!

  • Yep holy … They are a messy bunch of women. So does this mean Ramona isn’t marring the guy in jail? The story says its her ex

  • Renee loves the deflection. Using Carla to explain her own bad behavior that is causing her problems. She is paranoid and needy.

  • Damn these ” stories’ coming out are freakin juicy!

    I don’t know that I believe all this shit coming ( yesterdays blog, and todays) out, but damn it’s messy!!

      • I agree. messy/ not sure if true. Again history very long and deep with some of these ladies, and its just very odd to me that now, this season someone is a “source” with all of this gossip and accusations!! Im sure if any of this was true, Ang would not be friends as close to Carla Murino, Renee has been tight with her for many years and Renee hates men stealers.. things are not jiving. Someone is very pissed and spiteful toward this cast, that is for sure. Never had “issues” like this in any other seasons…

        • ITA Michers – things are not jiving. Someone is very pissed off and lots of dirt is being told now, more than ever that I can remember. Is one person pissed off or more? Whoa.

          • I mean really, it could even be one of Alicia’s besties that may be jelly she is on tv, who knows? This is sandy. And I disagree with Renee’s methods at times, but I think its wrong right now to blame her. Alicia and her hubby should have thought better before going on national tv.

    • Who’s Jenn?

      Why does this woman Carla have SO MANY ex’s lovers etc she’s ugly and fat I don’t get it.