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Kandi Burruss SLAMS Chuck Smith For Hiding Behind His Wife When The Fight Broke Out On RHOA!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, is calling out Chuck Smith for hiding behind his wife on Sunday night’s episode, and she is referring to it as “Bitchassness.” LOL When a fan tweeted Kandi a photo of Chuck when the fight broke out, she had this to say

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

LOL Chuck is such a coward! I think him and his wife lucked out that night, ’cause you know both Phaedra and Kandi would have came after him and his wife if they tried starting something over that “part of the team” comment. Thoughts on Chuck hiding behind his wife?

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Ashley Rub

  • QB240

    I clocked that too, even his whole demeanour throughout the scene. Ge just sat back through the fight, even lil Todd was getting involved in separating the fighters. Chick just sat back and in the heat of the moment he just hid behind his wife looking scared as hell..what a big girl’s blouse..big pussy!

  • mtrae9

    Any man who talks about other women like that is a pig.

  • Egg roll

    Did you see the weaves on the floor? Not sure who’s they were!

  • Afton

    What a fool. I love ANY shade Kandi and Phaedra throw at him and his nasty, Sheree knock off for a wife Mynique have said about Kandi and Phaedra. He didn’t look like such a big homey that night. I mean I could respect him for staying OUT of the fight, but he could help break it up…and even better he could at least SHELTER his wife, not use her as a shield. My man would NEVER stand behind me while chaos is breaking out. I also really highly doubt, with as fast and quick as everything was going down, that they were thinking “don’t get involved, there might be a lawsuit!”

    I dont know what is with ATL this season. They used to never have all these extras, w/ the one exception of Marlo in Season 4. This season they are flying out of the woodwork! Carmen, Natalie, Mynique, Mallory, Marlo…its like STOP already!

    • Qpsilove

      He may have been told by the host to stay out of it. If she forewarned several people and since Gregg didn’t move a muscle throughout, she just wanted a certain person acosted and “handled”.

      This whole thing is crazy, period. If nene Leakes production did this, maybe they had a reason to avoid the whole thing.

      • Irish Tara

        OK, felt as if NeNe was playing Sadist Hostess with a too feckin personal version of truth…

        I thought, the next parlor game would be Russian Roulette..

        Seems like Greg was looking at NeNe as if, the b-oytch has Finally lost her mind.. I felt sorry for Greg..

        Apollo & Peter seem to have a bro-mance going on..
        I would have called the PoPo and had All those stupid insipid males arrested..

        Isn’t Apollo a felon? Man, he certainly feyesys Phaedra!
        He was so detached and casting all kinds of shade during Mr. President’s what the hell was that??? Was that his “Coming to America’ coronation??


        I wonder when Phadera will divorce Apollo?

    • TamaraJ129

      Hi, Afton. I was thinking the same thing about all the extras this season! I think the producers feel it’s time to add some new blood….and they’re testing to see who brings the drama best! Sadly, none of them are standing out in my mind…..

  • Mzjaii

    Not only was he hiding behind his wife, he was truly hiding behind the wall, with his eye wide open like he was scared! Dammmm!

  • Lightness

    Chuck is a fool for sure, with his reckless comments about Phaedra and Kandi. But I don’t see what the big deal is about this. It seems to me that both he and his wife were trying to stay out of the physical altercation, which is understandable given all the mayhem that transpired that night.

  • Kristina

    Kandi needs to stop throwing shade on others and focus on Todd. Look at your own man before you speak ill of anyone else’s man. Todd aint got me fooled I see his ass for what he is… Kandi thinks Todd is with her because she’s HOTT?? Bless her heart she believes that. HAHA Honey he with you for your bankroll and Your MAMA is right. One thing I have learned in life Mama is ALWAYS right.

    • Vita

      Love how your comment upthread totally contradicts what you are saying here about judging and not knowing the whole story.
      Do you know Todd personally? If you do I’m sorry, but you just came here and judged with your comment.

      • Kristina

        Vita Yes I know Todd.

        • Vita

          Umm k.

    • Hate to say it & I didn’t because I like Kandi, but when I saw that smirk on Todd’s face about Peter seeing him in the strip club,,I wonder how much money HE IS spending. Mama’s are usually right, mine always has been, bless her she is in the hospital & now she is my baby, I’m her caregiver. The way he acts bothers me, especially when she was crying I think that job opportunity was made up. He is slicker than people realize. Kandi has millions, not an easy thing for any woman to achieve, don’t think that isn’t appealing to some men. I hope Kandi won’t get taken. She has worked to hard for her money. I also worried about getting Phaedra into her business affairs. Kandi is too trusting.

  • There was also a scene where Apollo was holding Kenya back and to me it looked like he was rather pressing himself on her rather than hold her back. Idk maybe i saw it wrong but that’s how it looked like. This guy APollo creeps me out……don’t know wat Phaedra is doing with him. Plus did anyone see when he called his wife bug ugly eyes? Omg!!!

    • twitterfiend

      That wasn’t Apollo holding Kenya, that was someone from production who just so happened to also have on a green shirt. I hit rewind and pause to make sure. LOL

    • Moe

      Yeah, I thought that was Apollo too. I was like how you go from fighting to holding people back. Then I saw it was some producer

  • Free Kroy

    1. What does Kandi have on her head? Is that a gang rag from the dollar store? 2. I think Apollo really wanted to put his hands on Chuck but opted for the gay in red silk instead, but, he is clearly slow, so maybe he thought he swinging and missing on Chuck. I think any man in that room could have beat up Apollo except Todd and Gregg. ATL is getting worst thank NJ (flash back to the Joe & lil Joe fight).

    • twitterfiend

      Hahaha! Heyyy I have one of those on my head right now, but in black. It works perfectly for my wrap. 🙂

      • Free Kroy

        lol. I have them too. But, I would not wear it on national TV.

    • Texas thoughts

      At least there wasn’t any black dye smeared over everyone! Joe Gorga will never live that one down! Remember him biting Juicy’s nuts? Hahaha
      Could u imagine Appollo doing that?

  • Hey Hey Wait A Minute

    let’s be REAL KANDI. He did attempt to get up once the fight actually started to begin but his wife did NUDGE him with her elbow for him to stay seated. he at least did attempt to get up and get involved but HIS WIFE kept him down. Now once they were up he did hide behind his wife, which I also noticed and laughed at BUT he did attempt to get up and get involved. I guessing she didn’t want him to be involved in a possible legal matter like the Housewives of NJ went through with their videotaped brawl last year.


    • Fan of the Show

      Yeah he tried to get up to get out of the way!

      • Jarlath


  • staub_love_light

    i don’t think it’s shady. he basically said that kandi was his groupie to avoid telling his wife the truth. she wasn’t lying. #bitchassness

  • jayden213

    Damn Kandi, you kind of shady for the tweet. I don’t know why he was hiding behind her as well. Either way, no one was checking for them anyways.

  • Andrea from Alabama

    He was hiding from Apollo; from Sundays episode, it’s obvi that Apollo would’ve beat him down and took his ss#. Lol.

    • That is funny. I think we have some of the wittiest comments ever. Are some of you guys comedians?

  • zoeysmom

    Surprising there weren’t questions for Chuck about his comments about Phaedra and Kandi.

    This photo is perfect.

    • staub_love_light

      oh, i’m sure that NeNe had MANY more obnoxious and pointed questions for the couples in the room….they just didn’t get to them because of the f*ckery that ensued.

      • Nonnie

        To: staub_love_light I think you invented a new word….and I love it!! I will put the word “f*ckery” into my official “Potty-Mouth-Is-Me” dictionary!! Thanks!! Lol!

  • Moe

    I don’t get why he was hiding behind his wife. I mean it wasn’t like anyone was coming from him. As his wife I would look at him differently after that. I also don’t know why Kandi felt the need to point it out. Kandi goes hard for her men but with all the rumors swirling about Todd she has to wonder if it’s true and if she being made to look out like a fool.

    • Vita

      A fan tweeted Kandi the photo and she then commented on it. It’s not like she brought it up out of no where.

      • Moe

        She could have not commented on it but I guess she upset about what he said to Mynique about their relationship

        • Vita

          Yes, I get that. My point was, she did not bring it up, just to bring it up. It was brought to her attention.

        • Kristina

          I agree Kandi commenting on it just makes her look bad. And First of all we don’t know why there could be a reason he did that? I mean really everyone making fun of him for not getting in the middle of a bunch bullshit. I know people who freeze during violence because of past abuse. Could be the case. Until you know his story you really shouldn’t judge him by his actions.

          • EJJ

            Call me a shitty person, but I don’t think it makes her look that bad lol. Considering this man has tried to spread false information about her.
            I get what you are saying about Chuck, but usually in a fight a man would have his woman behind him, shielding her/protecting her from the fight.

  • CherylTN

    If that was the only thing I laughed at was him hiding behind Mynique. Even Gregg was pressed against the wall.

    Guess the Big Homie isn’t so Big after all. More like the Big Chicken or hiding from Apollo, lol.

    • Mego the Lying Stripper

      Gregg was waiting for permission from Nene for his hot chocolate.

      • Lola Falana

        LOL. Gregg sure does seem like he’s turned into Nene’s servant.

        • CherylTN

          Ha! He is her maid.

          • LA Cooper

            Nene got the money for now

        • true grit

          Bingo, did you hear nene and greg talking about sweeping the floor, he handed her the broom and she didnt take it and told him she dont do that anymore! Poor greg is in a vise!he needs his food and water! He better or nene will replace him with all her money!! Shes just crossed the line from friendly housewife, to arrogant fool. What the hell is she wearing at the pillow fight?? That was horrible and she looked like a hag! How old is she anyway? 50? 60? Thats more like it. Remember nene,,pride goeth before the fall!!!i think carlton put a spell on you, and yolanda had her blacklisted, hahahahaha

        • true grit

          Bingo, did you hear nene and greg talking about sweeping the floor, he handed her the broom and she didnt take it and told him she dont do that anymore! Poor greg is in a vise!he needs his food and water! He better or nene will replace him with all her money!! Shes just crossed the line from friendly housewife, to arrogant fool. What the hell is she wearing at the pillow fight?? That was horrible and she looked like a hag! How old is she anyway? 50? 60? Thats more like it. Remember nene,,pride goeth before the fall!!!i think carlton put a spell on you, and yolanda had her blacklisted, hahahahaha

    • Buck Henry

      I think it’s funny, but I think I know why he was “hiding”. It’s because of the possibility of lawsuit and being sued. He may or may not get out there and fight but if he he hits the wrong person get sued. And remember they aren’t financially stable as they try to portray.

    • I hate what he said about Phaedra & Kandi. It was beyond crass. But if all that was happening I would have told my husband or boyfriend to stay out of it. I remember my ex stalking me after he broke up with me in front of our counselor. I finally moved on & actually forgave him & said it was for the best. Well he found out the grass was not greener & proceeded to stalk me & my date. My ex was violent so when he blocked our car & came to the window I locked the doors when my dat wanted to fight him. My date had a son & if anything had gone wrong I would have felt responsible so I said no leave it alone & calmed him down, because I knew what my ex wanted & he did not fear jail. I thank God I made that decision & my date was not hurt. Now when he broke into my mother’s house my attack dog went for his throat & the security guard at my work was armed with a 356 magnum & was a vet & he was told not to come back. The police were also called. I feel bad that the guy’s rib was cracked that was with Kenya. It was a bad scene.

  • holy cannoli


  • Larry

    Chuck is a piece of arrogant, conceited trash. He may have made money playing professional football, but he’s still the immature goon.

  • LVP

    that is just hilarious!!

    • NanNan

      What a wonderful husband hiding behind his wife,now that’s a real woman 🙂