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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano And BFF Use Big Ang’s Daughter For Affair Rumor With Alicia DiMichele’s Husband!

renee and alicia mob wives

Renee Graziano and her friend Carla Murino are up to their old tricks. Apparently, since last Thursday’s episode, they came up with a plan on how to get the heat taken off of them, and it’s by using Big Ang’s daughter, Raquel Donofrio! Sources EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH that Renee and Carla are using Raquel to clear Carla’s name of the cheating rumors with Alicia’s (DiMichele) husband Eddie, by leaking false stories about Raquel and Eddie having an affair. They want people to think that Alicia was blaming the wrong people, and want her to direct the blame towards Raquel!

Our insiders reveal,

“Renee and Carla are disgusting. They are so obsessed with Alicia and mad about all the negative feedback they got from their ‘pretend’ sit-down on last week’s episode, that they are desperate to put the blame elsewhere. They are betraying Big Ang and her daughter Raquel, which is sick since Renee’s sister, Jen Graziano, is Big Ang’s manager. After the episode Renee gave a fake statement to VH1 about feeling bad about how she treated Alicia, so she doesn’t look suspicious planting fake stories. They are two pathetic, bitter, women, and stooping this low shows that.”

Below is a picture of Ang and her daughter Raquel and a snippet of the “cheating article” by celeb dirty laundry which Raquel is being accused of cheating in

We have spoken to a source close to Carla Murino, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend, and have learned that is not the case at all. Alicia was right, someone in her circle was trying to “bring her down,” but it wasn’t Carla Murino and Renee Graziano. Alicia had every reason to be paranoid, someone close to her was sleeping with her husband and “trying to bring her down,” but it wasn’t Carla and Renee. It was actually Big Ang’s daughter, Raquel Donofrio
Big Ang threw Renee and Carla under the bus, to protect her own daughter Raquel, and her discrepancies.

big ang and her daughter racquel

Now it makes sense why after all this mean tweeting about Alicia, Renee released a statement saying she feels so bad and blah blah blah. I guess she’s keeping her enemies close, and letting Alicia think they’re “friends,” while she does this shady stuff behind her back. I feel so sorry for Big Ang. Her and her daughter do not deserve this. Renee and this gross Carla person should be ashamed of themselves. I hope Big Ang gets a new manager, because it’s clear these Graziano’s are nothing but TROUBLE! Thoughts on Renee and her friend using Ang’s daughter to clear their names?

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  • Jenn is obsessed with ratings n those numbers she’ll throw anyone who is naive enough out in the wind..especially Renee. I’ve never liked her n her manipulative actions. I KNEW she was the turdstirrer between LoveM n Carla; starting rumors to get Carlas ass kicked cuz the G sisters were PO’d at Carla..sent renee out of state to keep her nose clean..what a crock of crap THAT was! LMAO renee is twisted n jenn is worse. The deflection is a wise move on jenn n renees part..too bad for them no one is falling for it. True Colors Shining through. Great Article

  • great reporting ..
    she is a rabid POS & i had her number from the start ..
    what she does to her son is sick ..
    hope he gets away from her ….

  • I think Renee’s niece is named Cecelia . She was Angs BFF for years and years. She is the one that got Ang on the show. Ang has even said she never hung out with Renee, Karen , Carla, Drita, or Ramona They are all younger then her.

    • Ok I don’t recall her particularily but I’ll take your word for it. I realize Ang did not “grow up” with the rest of the girls due to her being older, but they did know of each & I believe there was closeness there.Thanks for that

  • Ok,first of all, how & when would Big Ang’s daughter Roxanne even know Eddie ? Eddie lived in Philly & Roxanne lives in Staten Island. Next, Eddie has been in jail for the last 3 years. I just can’t believe that Renee & Carla would not just come out & say Roxanne dated Eddie, it makes no sense. I don’t think Renee would #1 Do that, #2 Jeopardize her friendship with Big Ang in that manner. So to me, this story is full of crap, or a rumor started by someone else. Nothing makes sense here ?

  • I don’t believe it’s Renee. She has nothing to gain by causing trouble for Big Ang or her daughter – it would cause her more hassle than it’s worth.

    The whole thing sound far-fetched. I have to admit that when I first read it, I thought of Natalie. Let’s face it, she has everyone on her side against Renee apart from Ang. So why not stir crap up between them so she can go in for the kill at the reunion without anyone stopping her. But like the story, my initial theory is a bit far-fetched.

    Regarding the stories around Alicia – that was definitely Jenn and not Renee but Renee clicked on at the table that she was going to have to take the heat for it because she couldn’t ‘break the 4th wall’ and call out Jenn.

  • As others are saying, things aren’t adding up, but then none of these reality shows make sense the more you look into them.

    Renee’s cover story either needs to be 100% the truth or she is a very big fool. Big Ang, next to Drita, are the 2 favorites of the show. It doesn’t make sense that she’d try to throw the popular one under the bus. The fans won’t stand for it. Plus Big Ang is Renee’s sister’s best friend, her sister won’t like being in the middle of this. That is how she was cast on the show. Big Ang wasn’t part of season 1, they brought her on.

    Renee still needs to explain why she was so nervous and acted guilty when Alicia asked her at the table with Dria & Big Ang about the leakes, unless that was edited from some other concersation?

    Would LOVE to hear what Karen, Ramona and the original Carla could tell us about the behind-the-scenes. They must be thanking their lucky stars they weren’t part of this mess.

    • LOL, no. She’s still not a rat. She didn’t tell where or from who she got the info. In Renee’s thinking, you can give info, but if you don’t tell where it came from, you’re no rat, lol 😉

  • I’m trying to understand this. Why would Renee and Carla just randomly decide to lie and anonymously put out stories that Big Ang’s daughter, Raquel, is having an affair with Alicia’s husband (BTW, I don’t know how true it is, but I read that Alicia divorced her husband a while ago. Why she is acting, on the show, like they are still married is beyond me? Maybe what I read isn’t true, though. Who knows?)?

    I mean, why Big Ang’s daughter? Why wouldn’t they just name some other random woman? Big Ang has been a close family friend of Renee’s entire family for YEARS.

    I don’t know if I believe this. Something smells fishy.

    • Strategically, implicating Big Ang could be a good move. She is the most popular of the group. This could be an attempt to take Ang down a peg while taking the heat off Renee and Carla. I think it will backfire, though.

      As far as being a friend for years, we saw the Grazianos allow Karen to be raked over the coals. I have no doubt they would do the same to Ang, if they saw a benefit.

      I do agree, though. Something is off here.

      • Actually as far as the most popular Drita has it over everyone.
        Watch her tweets. Where Ang gets 35 likes Drita gets 3500 likes in seconds.
        I doubt Jenn will mess with Drita. I don’t think Jenn would play Drita that way.
        Jenn seems to have Big Ang firmly under her thumb.
        She alienated ANG from some of her family and friends because she ( JENN ) didn’t like them
        I think Jenn Graziano took Big Ang down a few notches with that crap Miami Monkey show last summer.
        Why take Big Ang out of her element and fan base and put her in a Jersey Shore type show In Miami where no one knew who the heck she was?
        What is Jenn thinking ?
        IMO That show was unwatchable. And i love watching Big Ang Those girls on Miami Monkey made the cast of Vanderpump rules look like high society . Ang came off looking like the madam in a cheap whore house. Or the head mistress in the bad girls club.
        They couldn’t get anyone into that bar even giving the drinks away for free
        Jenn is just copying the HW franchise ?
        Did she put the Miami Monkey on geared to the VPR fans? As trashy as VPR is…It is great compared to Miami Monkey
        Ang was so much better with her sister and family and friends and Louie. Not the misfit cast that Jenn put together for the Miami show.
        Jenn seems to have Ang firmly under her thumb.
        Lets see how Big Ang deals with these allegations that her daughter was Eddies girlfriend?

        Let’s see what Alicia comes out saying about this story?
        I read that Alicia showed up and supported Big Ang at an event last weekend. Now this .. WOW

        On another note Renee is blaming PRODUCTION lol for making her look bad this season LMAO

    • I believe, correct me if Im wrong, that Karen predicted or called this out a while ago- someone was “fake” and faking it to make it for the show. Gee, wonder who that is? I so agree that something is fishy girlfriend!

    • That’s right Lola. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of Big Angs “past/dirt” starts coming to the surface now that Renee feels betrayed. There is plenty of dirt there to be unsurfaced.
      And i think we know who is behind it surfacing .

      That’s not to say it isn’t true
      Just we know where it’s coming from. The Grazianos

      • Ang already had her past come out, unless there is more but it was no secret and she owned it all. What she was arrested for, her son using drugs, etc.

  • I seriously doubt these accusations, simply because if BigAng was trying to deflect Alicia’s suspicions off of her daughter, she would have pushed Alicia alot harder in another direction. Or pushed Alicia to forget about it, not bring it up to the other ladies and Alicia.

    I think a line has been drawn here and the Reunion is going to be crazy! I think if Renee and this Carla wanted to cause drama, they’re going to get it.

    • Not just that, Ang is very level headed when it comes to loyalty and ” Omertà”. Whether she agrees with Renee or not, she never denies their friendship and history of many years, along with Carla and Eddie. Something is just so shady when it comes to certain things this season and info.

  • What??? I’m sorry, but this ” story” from celeb dirty laundry..Really?? Come On!! ” Big Ang throwing Carla and Renee under the bus to protect her own daughter and her discrepancies.”

    OMG, what a freakin crock!!

    • Yeah, Im with ya Holy…shit is getting too silly and far fetched if you ask me. And really, IMO, if anyone is a deflector and common denominator this season its Alicia. Sorry to anyone that likes her.

      • I don’t think many people feel invested in Alicia ?? I do think its possible that Carla got dumped for Big Ang’s daughter.

        Renee is a bitter person. I don’t put anything past her and her sister as far as planting stories.
        Last weeks episode where Carla announced to the world that Eddies family doesn’t like Alicia was staged.
        Not nice to say that to the cameras that Eddies family did’t like his wife. The mother of his kids, The woman who might go to jail because of him.
        People/fans believed that they were trying to take Alicia down.
        Now Renee is taking the heat off them by outing the fact that Big Angs daughter was having an affair with Eddie?? Very interesting

        I kind of believe it’s true and i believe Renee/Jenn and Carla gave that story too

        Shady all around

        • What is odd, is that no one ever had “planted” stores that Im aware of prior to this season. Maybe Jenn G as producer had ratings motive but that aside, I really as of now do not think her and her sister would do that. I would not put it past the newbie with all the case chaos regarding her and her hubby, to do these odd things. She can use all of this as some morbid excuse for sympathy and $

          • I don’t know michers? Ang is tight with the newbies. But Renee feels Ang has betrayed her since the Vegas trip. Remember her saying she wasn’t being loyal?

            The only one that ever went up against Renee in the past has been Carla. And look where that got Carla

            Same kind of rumors about her dating a married man came out.

            It’s a low blow to bring the daughter into the mix but if she dated Eddie thats the reason Renee would bring her into it. She didn’t look good for hanging out with Eddie and Carla and she didn’t look good talking about Alicias case.
            Alicia seems to be out to prove Renee was behind the stories.
            Throwing Angs daughter into the mix throws everybody off balance.

            I wonder if they are still filming?

          • With Carla, that was all on her and Jenn why she did not come back and I think all the drama with Love- it later came out that Love and Carla both reacted to things they were told. Renee also knew Carla for over 27 years . The rumors about Carla were true, and Renee did not like when the other girls brought it up at reunion. She only ran her mouth about to Carla because Carla took a BF side over Renee, she did sleep with a married man in her past, and apparently flirted with other’s men in front of Renee ( allegedly). Sorry if Im all over the place!

          • No doubt Carla had a affair with at least one married man. Mickey Scars . I just don’t think the newbies came on looking for a fight with Renee.
            But unless you bow to her and be very careful you don’t say something that in her crazy mind is disrespecting her you will have trouble with her .
            Once you have a problem with her she becomes obsessed or possessed whatever?

            At that obsessive compulsive point, I feel she will say and do anything to prove you don’t dare get on her bad side. And i believe she will use others to do dirty work on her behalf also.

            I have always believed the only reason Love was ever brought on the show was to get even with Carla for Renee.

            Her bashing Carla’s face in was her whole storyline.
            Yet her and Carla never met. WTH is that?

            That’s why Carla was blindsided at Drita’s party

            I was never a Carla fan . She seemed like a very cold and self centered stickup bitch.
            But she WAS set up last year.
            As soon as Love cracked her Renee was done with the feud.

            Until the reunion when Renee’s bulldogs (Karen and Ramona) went after Carla again . Again with the same cheating rumors and This time saying her uncle was a rat.

            Maybe it is true?
            Maybe the new store about Big Ang’s daughter is true too

            But its clear what direction the stories are coming from IMO SAME MO

          • I am not fooled by the goodie goodie “i didn’t know he was part of that life” persona Alicia is putting on.
            But i kinda like the newbies …SO FAR Anyway

            I love that Karen isn’t on the show this year and i hope she never comes back unless its just to say hi and bye LOL.

      • @Michers, I think if anyone is spilling Alicia’s dirt its alicia. She is the one who posted those pictures and has been the one releasing information about what she heard on the wire tapes. Alicia want people to feel sorry for her and her husband, so they will get lighter sentences.

        • @Redd- I have thought that from beginning. Like I said, I read about her prior to season airing when it was announced she was joining. None of it was good press! And on the show, she runs her mouth and flaunts pics freely, so that is on her. You put it out, people are gonna talk! ( and dig!)

  • Renee is used to Karen, Ramona, and Carla being the heavies. Now with them gone we are not so distracted and we clearly see Renee’s behaviour.

  • I think this is disgusting. Renee & her friend are disgusting.. Why do this to Big Ang & Raquel? They dont deserve this! DAYUM!

    • I agree. Renee is a addict not only to drugs and alcohol but to drama itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Carla spread that rumor. She doesn’t seem to understand the consequences to her actions and doesn’t seem able to hAve empathy for others. She justifies her next action in her mind and goes for it regardless how it can hurt others. I am curious how Big Ang is going to handle it. You just don’t mess with someone’s child no matter how old they are. Not right.

  • I find her disgusting. I totally think she would do something like this, jus to take the heat off of her. Renee hold others to standards she clearly doesn’t hold for herself.