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RHOBH Recap: The Curse Of Carlton The Witch!


We start tonight’s episode off with Carlton getting things ready for her annual pool party. Of course the theme of her party is “sex,” well it’s actually something America, but you can’t really tell. Kim is at a Hollywood Collectors Show, and she has a line of fans waiting to meet her and get her autograph. Kim looks gorgeous, and it’s really nice to see how much she lights up being with her fans. Kim runs into her childhood crush, who once walked by her and slapped her butt, while growling like a lion. LOL Back at Carlton’s pool party, the ladies are arriving, and of course Brandi shows up with the mindset that she’s 16 years old. She literally looks ridiculous. Lisa arrives and you can tell she’s completely out of her element and a little grossed out. Lisa continues to talk to Brandi about her hand, and Brandi immediately goes into spoiled brat mode and snaps that she’s fine and is going to the doctor Monday.

What I find odd is that Brandi says she didn’t go to the doctor right away because she didn’t have medical insurance, but yet, she drives a RANGE ROVER! Only in America! Brandi storms off and says she needs to get away before she kills herself, and leaves Yolanda and Lisa there kind of stunned. Brandi thinks that Lisa only mothers her for attention and to make Brandi feel like crap. Joyce and her husband arrive at the party and they greet Carlton, and Carlton makes a nasty face behind their back. So immature. The ladies have one of the pole dancers “twerk” for them, and Lisa shouts out, “That’s disgusting.” LOL Kyle arrives, and she’s supportive of Carlton’s party, but it isn’t her taste. I think besides Brandi, it’s none of the ladies’ taste.

Kyle and Lisa are inside talking and looking at the Hustler bags Carlton has for the guests. Carlton walks by and they ask her what’s in them. They then look at her new tattoo, and that’s when Kyle insults Carlton for the 48054704951549581 time. Kyle doesn’t get a good look at the tat and she mistakes it for the Star of David, which isn’t an insult, but of course Carlton takes it as one, and says, “Are you f***ing kidding me?” Kyle is thrown off by her comment, but is still nice to her. Some of the ladies are in the pool, and it looks gross. I think everyone needed a pregnancy test after swimming in that pool. When Kyle is leaving, Carlton admires Kyle’s necklace, so Kyle gives it to her. I think it was very nice of Kyle, considering Carlton has been nothing but rude to her. Carlton is shocked and considers that she may be wrong about Kyle. Yolanda is with her daughter making lemonade, and she’s such a good mom. Yolanda is setting things up for a painting party she is having for the ladies, so they can paint pictures for Gigi to have around her while she is away at school in NYC.

Kyle is talking to her hairstylist about her guest spot for Days of Our Lives. She’s sharing a story about how her mom taught her and Kim to remember their lines, and it’s so sweet. Yolanda is getting ready for the ladies to arrive, and five minutes before the painting party is supposed to begin, Lisa textes her and says she isn’t going to come. This upsets Yolanda, because she considers Lisa a good friend, and wishes Lisa would have texted her sooner, like Kyle and Kim did, who are not her closest friends. She then calls Lisa and tells her she’s disappointed that Lisa waited until the last minute to let her know she wouldn’t be coming. Joyce arrives first, and is excited to paint. Carlton arrives looking hungover. Carlton then showers Yolanda with all these compliments, with Joyce standing there, and I think it’s rude. I mean, she doesn’t even at least say to Joyce, “Oh, you look nice too.” Like say SOMETHING!

None of the ladies are going to drink wine, except for MAYBE Brandi, so Joyce asks Yolanda if she even needs to take it outside. Of course, this immediately offends Carlton, and she starts going off asking Joyce to not label Brandi. Can Carlton and all her imaginary drama please stop it already? The viewers see EXACTLY what you are trying to do, and it’s not working. Joyce is shocked that Carlton is making an issue of a nonexistent issue. Nobody wanted wine. So why would she carry the wine? Especially carry it for her not BFF Brandi? Brandi arrives and the ladies begin their painting. Yolanda brings up that Lisa canceled coming due to meetings, and in her TH, Brandi insinuates that Lisa didn’t go because Malibu was far. The ladies are having fun painting, and Yolanda’s husband, David pops up to say hello, and check out their paintings.

Carlton out of the blue, fills the ladies in on a “dream” she had about Kyle talking crap about her behind her back, and she asks the ladies, and they all give her an answer she doesn’t wanna hear, which is “No.” Carlton wants SO BADLY to have an issue with Kyle, that she’s desperate to turn anything into a fight. She even asks if anyone has been talking about her faith. How calculating can she be? Is that why she’s been bringing it up so much? It seems to me Carlton’s plan was to win fans over as the victim who was judged for her beliefs and it’s not working, so she’s inventing situations to make it look that way. Carlton says she wants Kyle not to talk behind her back, and yet she’s always talking about Kyle behind her back. The ladies are trying to switch topics, and Joyce tells Carlton she needs to talk about this with Kyle.

The ladies are trying to have fun, but of course Carlton, can’t stop talking about Kyle. Brandi jokes that Kyle was scared Carlton was going to cast a spell on her, and Carlton says she will if she f***s with her. What kind of loving, I only practice white magic, witch is she? She’s a fraud. Joyce thinks the whole thing is silly, and even makes it a point to say that spells can’t get to you if you don’t believe in it. Carlton gets annoyed, and starts cussing because Joyce has a strong faith in her God to protect her. I think it’s stupid that Carlton wants everyone to respect her religion, and just because they don’t fear her, she gets mad and wants to threaten them. Joyce stands by that you have the power to decide what effects you. The next day, Joyce is hanging out with Kim, and she tells Kim that her husband got really sick that night, and she thinks Carlton and her threats, may have had something to do with it!

Next week, Carlton gets the reaction from Kyle she’s been asking for all season, as they go head to head!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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  • When David was referring to the painting session as a “hen party,” Brandi came up with her predictable comment about a “cock” to David. Is it my imagination or did he seem the opposite of amused? He asked her to repeat what she said as if he hadn’t heard right, and left pretty abruptly after that. If I’m right, then I give him kudos for having way more sense than his wife.

  • Man, Carlton is an awful lot like KKB. She makes shit up and then gets weirdly defensive and paranoid. Next week looks like a slightly calmer version of Scary Island. Only difference is that Carlton is ONE MEAN BITCH. KKB is just dumb. And you know, dumb is more likable than mean imo.

    This broad is not playing with a full deck. If she was trying to get the audience to be more understanding of her religion then she has seriously failed. Because she’s making it look totally crazy.

  • This was a pretty good episode. I liked Kim and Kyle’s scenes and they were touching. Brandi is acting like a child, so no wonder she is getting treated like one. Carlton is REALLY stretching, and for her to threaten Joyce like that is sick. I hope they refused to film with her.

  • At this point does Carlton have any fans? I can’t find one thing to like about her.

    She had a dream, that’s the best she could do. Even Yolanda was trying to shut her down with talking about Kyle.

    And Kyle playing it up like she was Drew Barrymore as a child. It was cute though. While Kim’s hey day was before my time I at least recognize the names of the things she was in and can understand people being super fans. Because if I have a chance to meet the girl from Small Wonder or the cast from Alf, I’m on it, lol.

    • I do like that she’s not the typical glitz and glamour of BH. She does have an edge to her, which is refreshing. But it pisses me off that they chose an “edgy” woman who makes being edgy look totally fucking nuts and evil.

      According to a lot of older guys that I know, Kim was the #1 teen crush for boys in her day. They all wanted her to be their girlfriend 🙂 That’s pretty cute! Kim can actually act too. She was I think most recently in Black Snake Moan with Christina Ricci. She wasn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, I think this show has probably ruined her chances of rekindling her acting career 🙁 Very sad…

  • I missed WWHL. Funny how Yolanda has defended Brandi in every blog this season. Even defended current actions. Brandi did tweet recently she was going to see her also. Now Yolanda says they aren’t that close? Smh

    • It was no surprise to me at all. I have been watching Yolanda slowly backing off but still scolding Lisa which now seems very hypocritical. I hope it is just Yolanda being sick. I am ver sick & my mama is in the hospital & I am killing myself with worry. I am her caregiver & I got hurt when she collapsed & may have a gut infection like her. I am miserable so I try to give sick people the benefit of the doubt. But what she has said is not matching up when it comes to drinking, cursing etc.

  • Carlton is as unbelievably crass as Brandi and they deserve each other. She has mistaken Kyle’s interest in her beliefs as some sort of put down, maybe she needs to find a new religion if she is so touchy about people’s curiosity. After viewing this episode Lisa will be glad she did not go the Yolanda’s house.

  • I’m sorry but Carlton is an Ass. The woman is a freakin Hypocrite, Bitch!! She is a freakin fool.

    BTW, she kinda scares me..Jesus

  • I dont think she casts any spells.
    I do think she is just like every other woman , who sits and talks/VENTS about something bothering her. Why is it so different when Carlton does what they all have done? Its not. She really did not say anything wrong that was so terrible it should be considered treason for Christ’s sake!
    I think Joyce should really watch her fake I -can -degrade-you tone because Carlton will not engage you like Brandi has.
    Kyle- so all about “acting”.. I often wondered if she has been “acting” a role on BH? And I often ask, which one is REAL Kyle? This season? First season reunion? Past seasons? Many characters to choose from.
    Love Yolo. Lisa was so-so..I can see why Brandi gets annoyed with Lisa, but I feel she was acting like a child about it. This cannot be what the reason is they broke up- no way.

    • Carlton has no reason to dislike Kyle, she did nothing to her and saying you had a dream about someone insulting you makes Carlton sound like a complete moron. No wonder she’s close with Brandi, both of them are loose canons and both are stupid. Lisa treats Brandi like a child because she acts like one.

    • For me it’s how far Carlton will go to be so mean to others. I agree, they have all talked smack behind each others backs. I personally do not judge anyone by their religion or believes. I also think their is a lot more to the rift between Lisa and Brandi. I would love to know the real story but, doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen on film. When Carlton had her dream about Kyle and started asking questions at Yolanda’s painting party, that was a mind blower for me. Telling Joyce to watch out was way over the line IMO. Not sure what you meant up thread about “being like Kyle” but I’m nothing like Kyle. I hate gossip and drama. These ladies live for it. Again, this is just my opinion and we are all entitled to have one.

  • Carlton is her own self-tormentor. Any “spell” she casts out to anyone else only comes back to torment her ten times more. What a tortured soul she is. You can see the torment in her face and hear it in her voice. UGGGHHHH!!

  • I really am over this Carlton!

    Surely, there must be something more interesting to show than that low-rent wanna be Playboy mansion style party or anything else this Carlton does. So far we’ve seen her take her cat to accupuncture, try on lingerie with her mother inlaw and be really gross with her innuendos while doing it, show off her apparently unused sex toys and “dungeon”, get a sloppy looking tattoo, and audition sex workers for her party. Seriously??

    At this point,, I am starting to think there is something to this “spell” thing. I can think of no other reasonable explanation as to why ANYBODY would think this Carlton is interesting or appealing!

  • Carlton is vile and disgusting. Act your age you witch! You are not cute nor hot as you like to think you are.

  • Watched WWHL, and it sure seemed like Yolanda Foster was evasive about Brandi Glanville current friendship, and said when filming everyone is closer, but didn’t commit to saying her and Brandi are good friends now and see each other all the time. Hence, Brandi tweeted Andy about thinking they were closer and that last Saturday, Yolanda cancelled dinner at the last second. Yolanda seemed to be caught off guard, and then responded that yes she did, but it was a family emergency. If there wasn’t tension between the two, I now predict there will be, and the reunion should be interesting!!!

      • Not that I can recall. The only thing Andy did was read Brandi’s tweet about Yolanda. I believe that was the only time Andy said anything about Brandi. (I did miss a little of WWHL)

    • Read Y’s reply to that tweet, she scolded Brandi, telling her to back off. So glad to see her Lyme brain starting to clear and come out of its fog.

      • Both Y and Brandi must have deleted those tweets because I didn’t see them. I did see one tweet from Brandi saying (the spelling is hers), “Don’t tell me your a friend, show me.” And Lisa Vanderpump tweeted a response saying, “I did.”

    • A viewer called in and asked Yolo if her and Brandi were still close. Yolo said very close, see everyday when filming, now they just see each other.

    • I’m with you Lola. I’m starting to honestly believe she is totally out of her mind. I have never seen such a rude, nasty, delusional person.

    • Well, when one acts like a bitchy mean girl, there really is never a reason on this show, is there? I just dont understand when Carlton does what others have, why its a big deal? Is it because of her religion, her being a so called witch? If so, you are like Kyle and that is why she is a bitch to her.

      • I just woke up Michers. I had a dream.
        In it you were not nice to me Michers, not nice at all. I think you were out right rude.
        May I ask you why?
        Hm, to put a spell on you or not to put a spell on you…that’s the question now.
        I’ll wait for another dream, I suppose.

        On the serious note this is being delusional.
        You should not operate like this.
        I believe you do not operate like this, why are you surprised?

        • Haha! Im not mean or rude in real life, but in all honesty, sometimes these articles make me a nasty girl LOL!
          I mean, yes it could be considered weird to speak of that dream in public, but , that is how she is. I think because she is so into spirits, and spiritual things based on her personal beliefs, the BH ladies are not understanding her. To me, she was just venting like they do and its not a big deal! And I think she was pulling Joyce’s strings about spell-gate. Just my opinion!

  • Carlton is so tiresome, hypocritical, unlikeable and irrelevant that I hate even bothering to mention her. I hope she does not come back. Totally have no interest in her. So repulsive.

  • Yolanda is doing everything I knew she would on WWHL…threw Lisa light compliments (after chastising Lisa her entire blog) and downplaying her friendship w/ Brandi…looks like a new feud is beginning, Andy just read a tweet from Brandi where she said she thought her and Yo were closer than that AND made sure to throw in that Yo cancelled on her last minute for dinner last week. It was priceless – Yolanda looked MORTIFIED, totally busted as a hypocrite and stammered “but it was a family emergency” with that same face when she said “I never said Lisa was a fake piece of shit in Paris”…that was hilarious.

    I can almost see it now…in an attempt to win back lost fans, Brandi throws herself at Lisa’s feet and begs forgiveness, telling her that Yolanda manipulated her and got her to hate Lisa and promises Lisa she will bring all kinds of dirt on Yolanda to the reunion and put Yo on blast for Lisa since Yo dared to call Lisa rude LOL

    seriously though – that whole moment on WWHL was priceless and “The Dream Team” is completely in shambles…

    • I lived for that shade tree that Yolanda threw at Brandi.. It was seriously priceless. I wonder how many twitter tantrums are now going to ensue??

      • Yolanda – welcome to the wonderful world of Brandi’s twitter posse. Should be a fun night for you to read your twitter feed. Yo will definitely need a master lemon cleanse after she reads through lady-like threads ;).

    • Totally agree Yolanda is such a shady hypocrite the fact that she had the audacity to back peddle about the fact that she doesn’t like drunk women and tells Brandi about it all the time? PUH LEASE Yolanda always condones Brandi’s behavior and makes excuses for her. does she really think she is Lisa? Lisa is smart and knows how to keep her hands clean, Yolanda is just messy please stick to picking lemons and “keeping your marriage alive” and stop all your attempts at trying to be sneaky. She is just trying to discredit her friendship with Brandi because of all the trouble Brandi’s mouth has recently gotten herself into. Yolanda is barking up the wrong tree Brandi will not hesitate to expose Yoyo’s dirty laundry at the reunion. Can’t wait for her to blame her Lyme’s disease when she gets in hot water again.

  • Yolanda on WWHL basically just admitted she’s only friends with Brandi while filming lol. Fail. She’s so afraid to call Brandi out and admit she doesn’t actually like Brandi because she doesn’t want Brandi releasing more of her personal info like the whole Muhammad and Joanna mess.

        • Like I get maybe as a friend you don’t want your friend to express how they truly feel on these shows. Because the viewers/fans will still twist and polk holes no matter what. But I feel a true friend won’t lie to you, there is no need to be apprehensive in being honest especially behind close doors. And the person on the receiving end, while they may not like what that friend has to say at that moment, I feel they will still get something out of it later. That’s just me though. I like being real to those I care about.

    • Brandi tweeted:

      “@Andy @YolandaHFoster I thought we were closer I guess… We had dinner plans Sat. until she had 2cancel last sec.Hmm I guess 1never knows”

      Whoops guess that little slip up of not calling Brandi a friend pissed Brandi off. Expect her to go on about Muhammad and Joanna this week.

      • Oh, no – Yolanda might be kicked off the Brandi couch at the reunion. Kyle wasn’t bullshitting when she said this week all the friendships were a revolving door.

        • Maybe Brandi can get her on couch? I think it’s getting pretty lonely over there. Carlton will be thrilled! Less people on the couch, more room for cuddling. Guess they’ll shove Kim over there…she won’t know the difference.

          • Yes – it will be Carlton, Brandi and maybe Yolanda on one couch and Lisa, Kyle and Joyce on the other. Kim is the wild card – with her sister/Lisa or Brandi, hmmm.

            No way they will put Carlton on the same couch with Kyle and Joyce and I think they have to have Lisa and Brandi separated too.

      • Carlton hates ppl taking behind other ppls back. She thinks Kyle is talking about her behind her back cause she had a dream LMAO

        .Everyone says NO she isn’t .. Meanwhile Carlton continues to talk behind Kyles back.

        I agree with the poster above that said something is mentally wrong with Carlton.

        I mean come on.. I hate ppl taking behind ppls back and yet i will sit here and talk behind Kyles back for a half hour even though no one is engaging me in the conversation.

        What was up with that pool party?

        Was anyone there besides the hired help?
        Those worker were gross..
        I feel all the workers where in the pool to make it look like there actually were guests at the party.
        And WTH was carlton wearing?
        NO CLASS at least wear a nice swim suit or cover up . Was there any food there?
        Cause i wouldn’t eat a thing if i was there with those gross servers…Ewwwww….
        That party was distasteful to say the least.
        Carlton is distasteful to say the least.
        That hand and tongue gesture she made was all kinds of wrong for a woman or even a man to make. ewwwwww

        Brandi GMAB Lisa showed concern for your hand and you are mad at that? Lisa pointing out your hand needs medical attention is not pointing out your weaknesses.

        Carlton saying Joyce was labeling Brandi ? WTH was that?
        Everything is good and Carlton wants to start stuff.
        Joyce didn’t say one bad thing about Brandi or anybody no less try to label anyone SMH Carlton will say Joyce was looking for attention.

        It was nice seeing Kim with her fans and other stars from way back when.
        Kim looks very good. I am glad she is sober. That was a touching scene when a fan gave her a family heirloom and it was nice when Jimmy was giving her compliments. Who knows maybe she will finally date him?

        YOyo’s house OMG .. That view is out of control. I must say Yoyo looked very fit climbing the stairs that everyone else was having trouble with. Good for Yoyo, She must be feeling much better.
        David seemed creepy tonight. Showing up to say hi to the clowns.
        The three sided kiss Carlton gave him was ridiculous .
        I mean she met him what ? Once before. ? Why does she look so disgusted when she greets Joyce?
        I notice Joyce has been wearing her cross around Carlton LOL
        Carlton is an oddball and a bad fit for this show and these women

        • Hey Hopeful, You did good job telling it like it is. I know Carlton’s house is massive but, you are right. It looked like she had more employees than guests. I don’t know how old Carlton is but it looks like she has been in the sun way too much. She looks older than any of the other HW’s.

          Yolanda house has the most beautiful view. I also love the view from Lisa’s house.

      • Recent update, Yolanda just tweeted to Brandi, telling her to think before she speaks and to back off, something involving her child’s privacy. Friendship definitely on skids.

        • I used to like Brandi…but this season IMO we are beginning to see the real Brandi. She was very rude to Lisa. What kills me most about that is I am a nurse…and Brandi’s mother was a nurse…so she should have told Brandi that a fracture just doesn’t mean fracture. Sometimes the bone can be broken in such a way where it can cut off blood supply to that area if the fracture compresses a vessel. Um loss of blood supply=dead muscle/tissue=bigger problems!! Lisa was right to worry. Brandi’s just being a whiney bitch becuz no ones taking her “ooh poor me” sympathy b.s. anymore.
          Now that Yolanda’s been steppin up a little and kind of making Brandi accept some responsibility she’s gonna get the Brandi wrath.
          As long as you play along and coddle Brandi when she pouts and don’t question her behavior when she f**ks up everything’s good. It’s Brandi’s world and we are just living in it. I felt sorry for her early on…but she let all the sympathy she got go to her head. Now that she’s got some coin her bank account swelled. Unfortunately, so did her head. I was so disgusted when she walked away from Lisa, basically grasping her pearls with her nose in the air like how dare she. Take a seat Big Bird ;p

          She reminds me of the mean head cheerleader in high school that walked the hallways with her two sidekicks…being mean. I hate when she puts on that high pitched whiney baby voice. Remember where you came from. The peoples ass’s your kicking on the way up are gonna be the ones your kissing on the way down.

        • But they all say and tweet whatever they want, speak on WWHL, and when Brandi says anything she is wrong? Im getting sick of this same old ” I can do it but you cannot crap”- from all of them.

    • Yeah, I saw that, and I was actually very surprised that Yolanda said that. It’s like Yolanda kind of put her head down and quietly said, “Well, we only really see each other when filming” and then looked away.

      I just thought, “Wait. What? To hear Brandi tell it, the two of you are BFF’s? What happened? Has David DEMANDED that you change or end your friendship with Brandi? Has Mohammed? What gives?”

        • In any case, Yolanda getting uncomfortable, something must have happened.

          I think Brandi should have called her, and not put it on Twitter.

      • She’s tried to stay so diplomatic on Brandi lately. She never responds to anything. Andy put her on the spot, and I think she screwed up trying to stay diplomatic. Like she knew she HAD to answer but she knew she couldn’t say they were best friends.

        I think David put an end to it. Yolanda’s lyme-brain said too much about Muhammad to Brandi and Brandi, of course, put it out there for the world to hear. He doesn’t want Yolanda letting their business out to the woman that blabs everything she hears.

        And I could tell David can’t STAND Brandi lol. He thinks she’s a bottom feeder and I think she was the main one he was talking about when he spoke out about the other women on the show being desperate.

        I also just had a thought lol…I wonder if him asking Joyce to do the prayer in Spanish and giving her top attention was a way of digging at Brandi. Yolanda had to tell him what happened between Joyce and Brandi. And I’m sure he thinks Joyce is more of the type that Yolanda should associate with on the show.

        • Good post, Johanna. I think you are right about David. I’m sure he doesn’t want Yolanda associating with Brandi or Carlton.

        • I agree also. Brandi’s got a big mouth sober or drunk. She blabs everything you tell her. She is one chick I would never tell anything to. I don’t believe 1/2 of the no filter excuse. B.S!! She knows exactly what she is doing. She likes to stir the pot. I don’t blame David. I’m sure Yolanda caught a lot of shit from Mohammed & David about the Joanna scandal. They are classy people…well David at least who deals with well respected artists like Barbara Streisand for example so I’m sure it was very embarrassing for his family drama to be out there. I think David didn’t realize the impact this would have on his privacy. He probably thought it would be something fun for his wife to do since he’s on the road so much. Mark my words I’m sure David told her she’s finished when her contracts up. Lol I can totally see David telling Yolanda that Brandi is persona non grata after embarrassing them like that. That may also be why Yolanda said they are only friends filming. I saw that on WWHL also and yes she looked uncomfortable saying it…but probably cuz she was put on the spot and knew Brandi was going to bring on the oh poor me sympathy card again and didn’t want to deal with it. Too late!! Big Bird is all over it

          • It is also obvious that Yolanda is crazy protective, a real mamma bear, over her kids, which is a good thing. That sene were Brandi was trashing Joyce to Gigi – I have a feeling Yolanda did not appreciate that one bit.

            Yo does not want her kids in the middle of any of the nasty housewives drama (and they should be off limits), and also I think Brandi influence on Gigi’s thinking in that scene probably scared the crap out of Yolanda and Mohammed. Caring for Brandi is one thing, but having her influence your 18 year old daughter is quite another.

    • I caught that! Awkward! And then Brandi has to tweet and call out Yo for cancelling on their dinner plans! Does Brandi ever shut up? I predict that the lemon queen is going to start distancing herself from trainwreck Brandi.
      On another note, Yo and Stassi had great haur tonight. I chopped off my hair into a long bob last summer and I cant stop cutting my hair! Lol

      • Brandi, shut up? That’s when we know the apocalypse is here 😀

        They both looked great with their hair. Makes me want to chop mine off. Although, at least I’m not at Kyle’s and Joyce’s level. Yolanda needed that BADLY.

    • Joanna, did u read Yolanda’s blog. Omg. She is going to look like an idniot. She calls Lisa “Hollywood” and says she is only a “friend “and for the cameras. Do these women even bother to read what theyre writers write for them?

      Brandi is getting what she is due.

  • How the hell can Carlton get mad at someone for not believing in spells. No one HAS to believe what you believe. Should an atheist have to believe that prayer works? No, they don’t have to. So no one has to believe the damn spells work. She demands “respect” for her religion and confused respect with agreement.

    • I don’t get that either.

      I have friends of all religious backgrounds. I also have friends that are atheists and agnostics. We respect each other’s differences and choices.

      And I think you are totally right: Carlton confuses respect with agreement.

      Just because Joyce does not believe that any of Carlton’s spells can have an affect on her does NOT mean that she disrespects Carlton’s religion. All it means is that Joyce respects HER faith as well, which tells her that her God protects her from those types of things.

      • Carltons just looking for any excuse to pick at Joyce like she does with Kyle. Remember at Yolanda’s when she jumped all over Joyce saying she was labeling Brandi as adrunk. All Joyce did was make a harmless suggestion.

  • Wow… I can’t believe the spin/flip Carlton just made about Kyle’s peace offering. Like Kyle was actually trying to bury the hatchet with her and still she continues to want this in-less grudge to continue.
    Even The Dream Team was looking at her like a damn fool about her problem with issue. She is real hell bent to make it seem like Kyle is a villain. Maybe Carlton isn’t as secure in her religion as she claims.

    And why, if it’s real, she casting spells on people? Wouldn’t that be the same as a Christian throwing bible verses at people’s faces who didn’t believe in God or if an Atheist went into a deeply religious home and disrespected them for having a religion? Don’t practice your Wicca on people you hate that’s wrong, Carlton. And I’m sure some Wiccans wouldn’t appreciate you practicing your craft like that on others.

    • Seriously, isn’t casting a negative spell on someone to “prove to them” that it’s real the same thing as someone praying for harm to come to someone else? That’s disgusting.

      • Plus wouldn’t that be a form of black Wicca? Someone who’s Wiccan educate me. Because hasn’t Carlton said she’s the white part of Wicca? I’m confused. Nevertheless, I find that, maybe misusing her practice to form.

        • IMO it is. And Carlton said she used to practice black magic but that she would never go back. She’s a hypocrite on so many levels. Maybe what she did isn’t THAT bad as some of the stuff she used to do but it’s still wrong.

        • @CherylTN

          so, back when I was in fourth grade, i thought i was a witch. that’s just a fun fact because i was having fun with my imagination and casting fake spells left and right after learning about the witch trials and visiting salem, buying spell books, etc.

          irrelevant. CARLTON did mention in a previous episode that she FORMERLY was involved in the “dark” parts of wicca, but no longer practiced or embraced them (i think she said after becoming a mother, actually)….anyhow, her threat to Joyce, in my personal witchy/wiccan expertise from childhood struck me as VERY DARK

        • white witches are not supposed to practive black magic. white magic is all about peace, love and respect for the earth. wiccans have a serious rule called the 3 fold law. if a witch casts a bad spell to harm someone then that spell will come back to that witch 3 times and much worse. carlton is not only threatening another person but is also threatening herself. she’s stupid for even saying it. I seriously doubt she is a white witch. so far all I’ve seen her is be negative.

  • When listening to a radio show this morning, Yolanda admitted that this was “their job”; as in job to start drama. She basically said all of it was petty and they are getting paid to be such. Which is very apparent with all the mess talking in interviews and in the blogs. Every little thing is being blown up. I’m sorry saying someone isn’t your true friend because they didn’t come a painting party for you teenager daughter who is leaving for college, who by the way wasn’t even present at said gathering?? That’s extremely important to Yolanda now, since Lisa has appeared to show up at all other gatherings. I’m sorry, I would have probably bailed too. Shoot, I’ll get a painting made and sent to you. Then she’s trying to say that Lisa only visited once, when someone that runs RealityTvBliss pointed out in a previous blog that Lisa had stopped by MANY times. Which is it, many or only once?? Its getting to unbearable for me to watch anymore which is unfortunate since this used to be one of my favorite casts. I guess I’m stuck with ATL where the drama is all the way real and not over petty “who didn’t come to my painting party, my best friend is treating too good, my dog is going to training camp” foolishness.

  • Omg I just watched the preview for next week’s “don’t you dare command me” scene. Carlton is delusional! LOL She’s saying that Kyle is talking shit about her because she didn’t want to use the bathroom at the party!

    Carlton she didn’t talk shit, she just didn’t want to smell someone else’s when she went to use the bathroom.

  • Yo’s blog is up and boy does she bash Lisa for cancelling on the painting party. Geez! Lisa has a job just like Yo’s husband has a job and meetings do come up. What does Yo do all day besides squeeze lemons. Unbelievable.

    • Hmmm. I hate to hear that bc I like Yo and Lisa.

      OT-just watched WWHL after show from last night. A viewer called in and asked Cynthia if Peter attacked Brandon. She said no, “Peter was suppose to control Brandon, and ‘another guy’ was suppose to control Apollo, but it didn’t happen the way it was (suppose) to”. Andy looked pissed.

      How much of these feuds are fabricated?

    • Besides squeezing lemons all day, Yo sits around and drinks her master cleanse! It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! 😉

    • Lol such drama over such a small thing. Maybe she should’ve canceled earlier but it’s not that big of a deal

      1) perhaps Lisa’s meeting that she had to be “in the city” for popped up last minute.

      2) they were painting…was it really that crucial to cancel well in advance? It’s not it was a wedding and she paid for a meal or something. Like what was the issue? She made Yolanda use 2 extra lemons?

    • I like Yolanda, but I’m starting to see that she is a “score keeper”-type of friend. She keeps “score” of what a friend does and does NOT do for her.

      Those types of friends can be rigid, high-maintenance and a little exhausting.

      Those types of friends can also be very difficult for someone who has a much busier work schedule and lifestyle.

      • I think her rigidness is a Nordic trait. Have some in my family. Very big on schedules. Doesn’t look like she is next week’s bday party for Ken and Mauricio, but I think Production knows her schedule with treatment and David’s events.

        In any case, she can seem cold, but like I said, it is cultural. I think she has a big heart, and is a giver. At least we didn’t hear her bash Lisa on cameras for the rest of episode like other HW’s do.

        • I have to say, I heard Yolanda two times during her painting party tell the others (paraphrasing) be nice, that’s enough, knock it off. She was doing her best at that point to put a stop to the backstabbing.

        • Don’t put rigidness as a trait for any part of the world as I think it’s in everywhere and depends on who you are and your parents are. I’m from Sweden and some are like me, go with the flow (but are in time for meetings) and some are more about schedules.

          Have anyone read House of Hilton? I just read it, downloaded from ITunes (about 10$) and Kim, Kyle and their half sister Kathy Hilton’s mother was a piece of bit## and very interesting reading. I’m not surpriced Kim is a mess with drugs and boose, more surpriced that Kyle and Kathy isn’t like Kim

  • Hilarious that Carltons “big party” received about 5 mins of air time LOL. She is a foul piece of work…love or hate Kyle, you can’t deny this crazy woman is obsessed and reaching for any problem she can literally dream up.

    I enjoyed watching Kim at the autograph show…those things are SO much fun to go to and despite all the crap Kim gets from viewers for not worshipping at the Lisa alter, the woman does have a large fan base that goes back decades.

    I thought what Yolanda did with the art for Gigi was cute. Yolanda will no doubt be receiving the wrath of the Mighty Pump and her Pump Pack after daring to question her tonight…wonder if she’ll get it as hard as Kim did. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Yolanda downplays any issues w/ Lisa on WWHL tonight bc she sees what happens to u when u aren’t Team Lisa at all times, no questions asked.

    I did watch Vanderpump Rules for the 2nd time ever (please dont judge me, Im sick and dont feel like getting up to find the remote). I kinda wanted to see it so I could see just what it is that Lisa’s cast members are supposedly all so jealous of. If thats it then thats a joke and a half. What boss on this planet involves herself in so much drama amongst her own staff and is ok w/ a staff memeber assulting another staff member and “getting even” (just as long as its not at SUR). And talking to an employee, saying “your dick effects my business”…classy. And by the way, what exactly is Lisa’s storyline on BH this year?? Everyone is so hyped up about “oh Joyce uses Brandi for a storyline” “oh Brandi uses Joyce for a storyline” “oh Kim has no storyline” “Ahh Carltons storyline is dull”….whats Lisa’s?? Being Brandi’s mommy??

    As much as I dislike Lisa, if the reason that her and Brandi had this “falling out” is bc Lisa “nags her too much” then thats BS. If nothing else happened than that, then Brandi is reaching for a feud w/ Lisa as much as Carlton is w/ Kyle and Lisa is better off w/out her.

    I still can’t get over Carlton. She holds her religion so closely and its so sacred and she’s so horrified at the thought of people having the wrong idea about Wicca…and then she turns around and threatens Joyce that shes going to cast a spell on her??? All while she complains about Kyle shit talking, while she shit talks! I just can’t! And then next week she freaks out when questioned about it?? After she THREATNED the woman! Good lord..

    • IMO I don’t think Brandi was necessarily angry at Lisa for “nagging” her, I think this season she was just starting to realize Lisa’s ulterior motives behind everything and how calculated she can be. Brandi realized she was a puppet in Lisa’s little manipulations, (ie the whole Palm Springs magazine situation) and generally when you start to dislike multiple things about someone every little thing they do strikes a cord in you. To the point where everything that person does annoys the crap out of you.

      • Oh Chanel I agree 100% and couldn’t have said it better, I feel all those ways about Lisa…Im just hoping thats the reason why Brandi and her truly fell out and that Brandi comes out w/ some good evidence to expose Lisa FINALLY. I just hope she doesn’t fall back and say it was that and just fake that she wants to make up in an attempt to grab viewers back

      • I was one of the rare ones, who knew Branid and Lisa would have a fall out, just bc I could see Lisa is a manipulative person. I am not excusing Brandi, but Brandi did do what Lisa wanted her to do — go after Adrienne and Kyle, and to some extend, after Joyce.

        I guess, now Brandi got it, that she was used by Lisa and she is sick of it. And sorry, I don’t buy Lisa’s concern for her “wrist”. Lisa is just worried that Brandi will turn on her and tell the “truth”. Lucky for Lisa, Brandi is very unpopular now.

        • Nora Im with you…I started 2 say it here on this very blog towards the end of last season and after last seasons reunion recap I said that Brandi and Lisa would fall out and Yo would be on Brandi’s side in season 4. And I agree…Im in no way a Brandi fan or excusing her…I also think Lisa is VERY lucky that Brandi has such a big mouth and talked incessantly about them falling out before the damn season even started. If she had let it naturally unfold, things might have turned out differently. Now I think she’s screwed bc Lisa played it quiet and moved the players around the board the right way and now no one is going to believe anything she says

        • again I don’t see what every anti lisa person sees. I don’t see lisa being manipulative. I see her as a smart business woman. what exactly has lisa been manipulative about? everyone keeps saying and yet I have seen nothing that she has done that warrants such accusations. I think everyone wants to use lisa as a scapegoat. it’s just easier to blame lisa then take responsibility for their own problems and bad behavior. if lisa is going to be accused of being manipulative then all the women on the show should be accused of it as well because they all seem to use each other as pawns and lie to each other. no housewife is completely innocent. some are far worse than others. lisa is practically a saint compared to the others.

          • Totally agree with rukidding. Lisa is practically a saint compared to all the other woman. Interesting that some people take so much time to try and trash her…hmmm?

          • @ rukiddingme? – I’ll answer this. But first I’d like to say that 9 times out of 10 I refuse to engage in any debates about Lisa bc it typically results in a Pump Packer cussing u out, saying the most vile nasty things about the other girls and insulting the hell outta whoever isnt Team Lisa. So I’d like to thank you for not being nasty and aggressive and insulting just bc we don’t agree.

            For me…and this is ALL IMO…I have felt that Lisa was fake from the first 5 mins of the first eps of BH. Itwas just my gut instinct. My first thoughts on her was that she was going to be really funny, have good one liners but was guna be the most concerned w/ her image and controlling how she appears on TV.

            I did, at the end of S1, like Lisa a little bit … i felt like her and Kim were the only 2 that were able 2 see thru the BS, bc they had Taylor’s number from the jump. Not a fan of Lisa or Kyle at the S1 reunion. I felt like they were both being manipulative (when I say manipulative, I mean controlling how they appear)…I felt like they were using each other to get out things they didnt want to say themselves (i.e. kyle brining up Lisa filing a police report against Cedric and Lisa pretending she didnt want that to be known, Lisa repeatedly bringing up Kim’s alcohol problem while Kyle pretended she didnt want 2 discuss it). I didnt like that it…it was clear Kyle had Lisa bring that up THREE times after refusing to talk about it be didnt want viewers to be mad at her for saying that about Kim but wanted to get it out “hey there is a problem here, please back off me.” I use this as a specific example bc I’d like to make it clear that I thhink they are ALL manipulative to a point, except maybe Kim who I honestly think could careless.

            Season 2 – is when I started to feel like Lisa and her popularity was getting to her head. Adrienne and Lisa were the favs and wanted to take each other out I think. I lost respect for both of them. I don’t like the way that Lisa puts something out there and then hides behind that “oh but dahhhling its a joke.” Some of her jokes turned around on her would cause her to explode. I also didnt like her constant need to pull people aside on camera to make statents that she wanted IMO put out there. Such as “Taylor has no friends.” Her digs towards Adrienne and her shoe line weren’t cool…again she can al it jokes but if they teased about SUR it would be a HUGE deal. I equally felt Adrienne was shitty to bring Brandi on, which was clearly supps to be against Lisa, but Lisa was just smart and ignored her. At the reunion, I felt it was ridiculous how Lisa was acting like she was so ganged up on. The only person who called her out was Adrienne…Kyle expressed how she felt when asked a question and that was it. Taylor and Camille said nothing negative and Camille even backed Lisa up saying “yes that guy says Lisa sells stories but I think he just says that to try to get us to talk.”Lisa played right into the “poor victim” role and I just wanted to throw her in a Jersey reunion in Teresa’s seat and see how she could hangle that! Lisa also said 2 blatant lies at the reunion – she vehnemently deied telling the paps that Kyle is desperate for attention (she did so, I saw the video) and she claimed that her and Brandi became friends dung Haw trip. I think Lisa scooped Brandi up as a friend when she saw how popular she was becoming. The HR interview, which was done in August, well after the vacation at the end of S2, Lisa was throwing shade at Brandi … At one point in the interview, it says th Lisa enters the room and runs to Kyle and whispers in her ear “They asked me about Brandi and I said ‘who?'” and they both laughed like school girls. Lisa’s S2 blogs also suddenly started talking about Brandi and all hearts and flowers only AFTER the game night episode aired and Brandi gained overwhelming viewer sympathy.

            S3 I just felt like Lisa was on the war path and Brandi was her ammo. And again, the pulling people aside to repeat stuff on camera. Example…at the White Party, pulling Taylor up to the cameras and saying “Ok now say what u said to me last night”, having Taylor repeat that she felt Adrienne shouldnt be allowed there. That disgusting conversation about Paul and Adrienne and their personal life and finances that Brandi and Lisa (who claim to NEVER discuss the other womeunless its to the face) was so calculated.

            This season is more of the same, although it doesnt seem she has too many willing puppets anymore. She says little “innocent” tweets and statements that send the Pump Pack off on a frenzy and she knows thats whats shes doing. Tweeting, re-tweeting and tweeting again a promotional flyer about that charity event was ridiculous. All it was was an event announcement a MONTH before the vent, si ply saying she was scheduled to come for the wknd. Why not tweet the press release from AFTER the event, which still verified she was there, but said she only stayed 24 hrs and lef Sat AM after the walk?? It still showas she was there (which NO ONE, Kim included, was denying), it just didn’t paint the picture the way she wanted and left it open for ppl to say “well u did leave Sat am…”…

            Vanderpump Rules is to me another example of how she enjoys stirring the pot and backing away. I still can’t get over her complaining of “character assasination” when she has a TV show that shpws the staff of her restaurant havi sex in the bathroom, being more interested in each other than customers, hitting each other, etc.

            Again – they all can be manipulative. I just think Lisa’s the best at it and does it more behind the scenes and fights the hardest to make us all believe that she never does anything wrong.

            I keep seeing ppl say “oh the gang up on Lisa” w/out examples…how has Lisa been ganged up on? Kyle has had issues with Lisa for years. Kims never had a close relatnship w/ Lisa and has only poked fun at her for not showng up 2 something, which Lisa has done 2 her a million times. Both Kyle and Kim haven’t said a whole lot in the media regarding Lisa unless asked…no more than Lisa, but she’s just more clever about it. Joyce and Carlton are both on good terms with Lisa. I can believe that Yolanda and Brandi teamed up against Lisa, but still I guess we have to wait for these last episodes to air. Which, theres only 5 or 6 episodes left and so far Lisa has had barely any drama, so where this gang up thing comes from is over my head. I think Lisa WANTS to be the outsider bc she is smart and knows that typically secures u as that citys favorite. Which is another point…if all the other women are so manipulative, they would know better than to pull the “team up” move because its been proven time and again to only make the target enduring to viewers.

            Again this is all my opinion, and ur entitled 2 urs and I appreciate u conveying urs to me w/out being nasty. Sorry if this is difficult to read and full of spelling mistakes, Im sick and the weather is so disgusting here that my phone keeps freezing up 🙁

      • Chanel- what machinationa did Lisa pull in palm springs? Lisa told Brandi to get drunk and cvurse everyone out and swing a bottle like a drunkard on tv??
        i believe lisa is smart yes but you cant blaim her for that. If she is smart enuogh not to make a fool of herself on Tv thats not her fault. They are all upset that she is way smarter, they should put more energy into smartening up. They think they are smartening up by gangin up on lisa which only shows how foolish they are. I am yet to see Losa manipulations. I have seen Brandis manipulations all through the show and heard of Yolanda stage managed scene trying to get Joyce to slag Lisa off and have seen Kyls’s manipulations by trying to get on the right side of Brandi at all cost looking like a forced friendship and yet to see Lisa’s. she has remained the same.

  • Carlton makes my head spin! I want to understand where she’s coming from and why she feels the way she feels but the reasons she give just don’t make sense! She doesn’t want anyone talking shit but she doesn’t she she’s the only one talking shit at the painting party.

    That face she made when Joyce went to hug her hello… WTF was that about?! I felt bad for Joyce because she obviously didn’t see that until now. And what was up with the spell threats? Bad girl, Carlton.

    • yeah,the spell threats is ridiculous. how in the hell does carlton expect people to respect her religion when she uses her own religion to make threats?! that is off the wall. carlton is also an idiot because if she is a true wiccan then she should know the 3 fold law. a witch should never and I mean NEVER cast a spell to do harm to others because that spell will come back to bite them in the ass 3 times harder. so carlton better watch out herself.

      • Thank you, I wrote a long comment about how I did not think she knew any history about her religion since it is a new religion it is not hard to research. I basically said the same but I have always been put off that she said she practiced “black Majik” that should have bitten her in the rear already. Witches that have done that said they paid a heavy price for trying to summon up demons etc. or do harm, In one documentary a witch said to even start to make a pact even if you don’t go through with it, can cost you. She herself had suffered years of bad health etc. In fact she said old books were set up to make it hard so you would have to think about what you were doing & it could take months.

  • Carlton made Yolanda’s painting party for Gigi all about herself. She is so selfish.

    Kyle invites her to the Chamber party and she is bored.

    Kim invites her to the graduation party and she shows up drunk and talking to a closet.

    Stop sending her invites! Make her stay home!

    • Yolanda is a bore. The painting party was a silly set up by the producers. (Carlton’s dirty pool party on the other hand… I can believe that really happens every year.) They really must re-do this show. None of them have chemistry anymore. Joyce and Brandi and Yolanda and Carlton sitting together painting? It was a joke. Yolanda’s husband is starting to creep me out. Why does he need to walk up there just to be seen by the cameras. Isn’t it embarrassing for him that he also used to do a reality show five minutes ago with his other wife (Brody Jenner’s mom)?

      • Even though he calls the others “clowns”, I really think he wants to be one of the “clown”. I rather have David the next housewife than Carlton.

      • “To just me “. I agree with everything u said. The whole show last night was disgusting. Between Carlton, Brandy and “know it all Yolanda”, the show is going down the crapper.

      • Oh, he is creepy. I did not get it either. He reminded her about dinner, & it was weird. Why do you have to remind your wife to be at dinner at 8:00. I mean is it her memory problems, or was he keeping her in check. The “my love” stuff & the way she puts him on a pedestal convinces me he has to be worshipped, adored & thanked because he is an egomaniac. I mean Linda Thompson was trained by Elvis who I loved but also trained his young wife & lovers. I bet she did the same thing & his other wives & girlfriends. I would be exhausted. Maybe he makes her keep everything perfect like that Julia Roberts movie “sleeping with the enemy” where the husband beat her if the cans were not turned perfectly. The ocean is right there maybe Yolanda can fake her death & swim back to the Netherlands.

    • Did you notice though how everyone kept painting looking down basically yes’ing Carlton though? No one appeared interested in what she had to say. They haven’t filmed with her much lately. I think the only reason they go to her events or invite her to theirs is becuz they have to for filming.

    • You think Kristen did it? Jax is pathetic . Stassi is a HORRIBLE person! OMG.. insecure much???? She makes school yard bullies look like angels! Katie is a total follower but her Tom is adorable. This group is all ridiculous. Tv ruins people! ( more then they were already ruined…)
      Im not commenting yet on Bh, Im still watching! I caught the 10 episode.
      Back To Vandertrash- I would not put it past Stassi that she texted Jax from Kristen’s phone and set her ass up. I think its pathetic that Lisa keeps some of these people employed.

      • I felt for Tom Sandoval, like he was my son :-(. But, no, I don’t want a daughter like Stassi! Or any if them, lol.

        • Me too Lara. When he was talking with Jax on the beach and kept saying ” I don’t understand this” my heart went out to him.

      • Stassi is a true narcissist (sp). Agree she is horrible. And who is that sycophant with the longish brown hair that is constantly hanging all over her like a pathetic puppy dog? I hope she got a police report for that slap. Especially after the proof is right there on screen.

      • Something’s going down next week. It almost looks like in the previews like Tom was saying he got “punked” by Jax. That would be really messed up if Jax comes out and basically says “sike” never happened. Not sure all will be so forgiving then. If that’s not the case…then I’m gonna go with my intuition that Kristen and Jax did sleep together. Also, not to be mean but she’s a nut case and not very attractive (JMO) to warrant ruining a friendship over so why would he lie about it.
        Yes, Stassi should hang out with Carlton the other mean girl.
        I think the only reason 1/2 of these kids still work at SUR is…as you say…Vandertrash…is cuz of the show. I think Peter and the other Tom (Scwartz) should run far away from the rest of the trashy staff and never look back because they seem to be the only two who are normal.

      • if Kristin did do it with jax then she is a freakin hypocrite. isn’t she the one saying ariana is a homewrecker and whore? yeah, I guess she should know.

        I sort of believe it but then again jax will say anything to please stassi and plus he has this strange desire to create drama. he gets off on watching everyone suffer. jax needs to get some balls because right now stassi has them. she really controls him. he’s willing to lose a 10 year friendship with tom for stassi. that is sick.

      • No offense Michers, you are one of my favorite commenters. But if you hate VR then why do you spend an hr watching it?

      • A lot of people on the blogs have been saying what you said Michers. I mean why Jax when she could find other guys, if he is really got bad hygiene that is so gross. I remember having to hold my breath around a guy with bad breath ugh! Plus, there is a new strain of syphillis with no cure.

    • Kristen is gross. I can’t believe she spent the whole season complaining about cheating when she hooked up with her bf’s friend. Pathetic.

  • WTF is Carlton on? Is she really accusing Kyle of talking shit based on a DREAM she had?? She is insane and desperate for a story line. I’m actually embarrassed for her. She is completely delusional and craaaazy. Wow.
    I still want to go spend an afternoon with Yoyo. My God, that view is amazing. I love Malibu so much…its beautiful! She gets to take in that view every day…sigh. I hope she appreciates it!

  • In the year I have been posting on here this is probably the first blog post where I think everyone wants one person gone.
    This nasty witch (literally-not mocking her religion)…not one thing I look forward to seeing about her.
    I hope someone at Bravo is reading this and see’s she is not entertaining at all…but rather a nasty two-faced creepy hypocrite. I think I speak for all when I say nobody wants to see her tongue used like that. Ick!! Would not miss her one bit.

    • Yuck, the tongue. Really? She is gross, and has bored us for weeks with a stick up her ass bc of Kyle’s questions. Please.

    • Hey Jenn2013

      Yeah gotta say, I have been giving Carlton the benefit of the doubt, I really believed that this twit needs one more season to blossom.

      You got that right Jayden21013 – this witch needs to grab her broom and head off to never never land.

      Seriously warlock could easily be VH1 material or what Bionic Me said – the spice channel.

      Bravo/Ass Cohen have dropped the ball the bag of wet cement or the bag of WTH cares. I am not interested in seeing any female/male nude. I am not interested in soft porn.

      Fly away dark wiccan…follow the yellow brick road…and nestle in the bosom of Hustler.

      Kudos to this woman for having a sexual life – I am not interested in watching this wiccan act it out! ever! I would never ever choose this human..ewwee.

      Fly away to Salem!

    • Carlton’s Bravo blog each week is the same – – finding a positive comment about Carlton is like finding Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

        • Funny you say that. I’m about to indulge in a 7-11 brownie with a nice cold glass of milk. Just what I need before I go to sleep. Either that or take a last hoorah dip into my kiddies leftover Halloween candy I’m getting ready to toss.

  • Thank you everyone loved your comments, not watching. Bravo has hruined my favorite of all the HW franchises

  • I cannot stand Carlton! She goes off on Kyle based on a dream she had? WTF! And, in one breath she says she doesn’t like when people talk shit then in the next she’s talking shit about Kyle. How she justifies this in her head is beyond me.

    This is turning into single white female stuff. It’s like she’s obsessed with her or something!! She’s out of her mind!

  • Carlton is the new Kelly Bensimon, completely insane and having dreams that Kyle is talking about her behind her back. She’s insane and annoying.

    • YES! i wrote that a little earlier in the thread.

      except kelly is pretty…carlton is an unattractive waste of space.

  • Brandi is one silly witch. If all that she can say that Lisa did was mother her? If they caused the to fall out that shows they never were true friends. Bravo Andy needs to hurry and get rid of Carlton, I can’t stand looking at her I record the site do I can ff thru her scenes.

  • ok, now she’s threatening people. really she needs to STFU.

    and for the most part, i find joyce to be annoying, but she’s spot on tonight with her thoughts on Carlton’s hypocrisy.

    • Yeah WTH was that? Did she really threaten Joyce? Carlton just really bothers me…her hair, her clothes, her attitude, her hypocrisy just UGH

      • and they wasted about half of the episode tonight featuring Carlton and her party, Carlton and her delusional ramblings…I sincerely hope she got so much airtime because they intend to showcase her now and get rid of her in the next season. she’s disgusting in so many ways

        • ^^ This^^
          One can only wish and hope.
          Only Housewife I 100% wish this for…and she’s got some close competition.

  • carlton is as deluded in her dream as i feel as a 27 year old subjecting myself to menopause sex pill commercials for the sake of a bunch of boring twits cackle over religion.

  • OK did Carlton SERIOUSLY just start this bullshit up again because she HAD A DREAM????!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? I just cannot with this idiot anymore. She is reaching beyond reaching. And again, being the hypocrite she is…complaining that Kyle could be talking shit on her (based off a dream) as she sits around talking shit on her! I guess if anything you gotta give it to this crazy woman for being a consistant hypocrite

    • Kyle might possibly need a bodyguard for the reunion because Carlton is basically whacko now and who knows what delusions she will whip up. They need to have lots of garlic and sage on that reunion set.

      How unbelievable is it that Bravo and Andy now use about 20 different witch and witchcraft puns to tease Carlton’s story lines now and mock her outright, but Carlton has not said one critical word about this in her blog, twitter, media or to Andy himself on WWHL. Talk about picking and choosing when you are offended and by whom.

      • No, I think, Andy should have Carlton in a cage at the reunion. That woman can be dangerous! I don’t know how she is free to roam the streets!!

  • 1. Brandi, you don’t get points for showing up to Yolanda’s in spite of your broken hand. granted, Lisa probably should have said something to her “friend” Yolanda sooner than she did, but Brandi, your dumb ass should’ve taken your broken bones to the hospital like a normal person. NEXT!

    2. Carlton, you delusional bitch. “I woke up thinking she was talking sh*t about my religion”. Really?! I can’t with you. Are you Kelly part two? “Bethenny was standing over me with a knife”? Cast a disappearing spell on yourself and remove your psycho ass from my television screen. PROMPTLY

  • Is Carlton fucking kidding me??? Kyle gave her a necklace as a peace offering & Carlton liked it. But then crazy ass has a dream (not real life) & now she hates Kyle again. It is beyond obvious that Carlton just does not want to give Kyle even the slightest chance.
    As I have said before SHUT UP CARLTON!!!

    • She’s bat $h!t crazy! What the hell is she talking about? She’s literally making all of this up in her own head…. I agree SHUT UP CARLTON, you psycopath!

    • Yes!! ^^THIS^^
      I’m not a Kyle fan. I don’t like nor dislike her…but c’mon Carlton seriously??
      What is her problem with Kyle? I actually feel sorry for her. Lol I hope this season is the last we will see of her. She is textbook mean girl hypocrit. No matter what Kyle does, she will always find an excuse just not to like her. She’s so rude creepy and immature. Even to Joyce. I tried to give Carlton a chance, but after what I have seen so far this season IMO…Nothing likable about her. Only housewife I can probably say that about.

        • Yes, insecure as well! but she’s going about it the wrong way if she’s looking for attention. The embarrassment her poor daughters must feel at school…and she doesn’t need the money. I think this is a pathetic cry for attention and is using Bravo as her “coming out” platform. Which is fine if that’s her thang…but at the expense of other people’s feelings. She thinks her behavior is funny…but nobody’s laughing but her and well her paid employee’s.

    • And when Kyle says she doesn’t say anything about her, Carlton wont believe her either way. Kyle is screwed either way. Honestly, I think Carlton is just trying to cause drama to remain relevant because viewers don’t really love her.

      • I agree, but at the same time, I think she is mentally ill. I mean this woman thinks everybody is talking behind her back, and that is bc she is always talking behind everybody else back.

        I think Andy needs to let her go. The same way I felt about Danielle from RHoNJ, and the same way I feel about Kenya from RHoA. I draw a line when it comes to mentally ill. However, with Carlton, I am sure she also hears things that nobody else does.

    • I know. I mean, Kyle gives Carlton a gift, which seems to be a peace offering that Carlton appreciates.

      Then, she has a damned DREAM (a DREAM, mind you!) that Kyle is talking sh*t about her behind her back, and she hates Kyle again…..based on a DREAM….without even talking to Kyle about it?!?!

      That’s ridiculous!

    • She’s batsh!t crazy and desperate for a storyline. My god. I’ve never heard a housewife angry because she had a damn dream.


    • Carlton is one of those women who is mean to be mean. It gets her off to be angry, miserable, shocking and constantly offended while also giving her some sick power trip in her own mind over the other women.

      There is no point calling out Carlton’s ongoing bad behavior, because she has no self awareness anyway and zero interest in apologizing or changing no matter how two-faced and hypocritical she has shown herself to be on camera. Ignoring Carlton is by far the best option.

      Carlton should just sit and spin in her F-off shorts at the reunion, and in the meantime lock the door to her sex dungeon so we are not subjected to her miserable personality any longer. Give me 10 Brandi’s over Carlton any day – at least Brandi has a heart and can be humble and funny.

      • Happy Day – I seriously just read your post probably 10 times. You put and summed up everything about Carlton perfectly. And LOL 🙂

    • Carlton is Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi 20 years from now. Once she gets a husband and can afford a house, she’ll be burying crystals in the backyard too.

      • Amen sister! I think she should be a Carleton coven devotee in training. But I think witch is the wrong word for those two. The word that rhymes with witch which describes a female dog in heat.

  • Carlton is looking for a story.
    Carlton is coming on to Yolanda.
    Carlton is making a big deal about what Joyce said.
    Carlton is an idiot.

    • Yet, sadly, she thinks she is hot or popular! That creature is gross beyond repair!

      Gosh, someone, please, burn that witch!

      • Someone call Salem, this witch truly needs to burn! Carlton even treats her children like little pawns. Joyce NEVER did anything to Carlton , I think it’s like evil going after goodness. Carlton is Such a FOLLOWER much like Yolanda. They both want to be Brandi’s BFF. All 3 need to be off the show. Carlton is a gross , HIDEIOUS , immature, ugly woman. I wonder what Carlton’s husband see’s in her? Carlton must be a good sex partner because I see nothing about her worth anything. It almost seems like she likes women more than men? She is just disgusting in every spence of the way!

    • This deserves a ‘like button’ so I could hit it at this moment.

      You pretty much summed up Lysel. I’m sure she taking some producer direction and they might have told her she’s a bore and now she wants to spice things up making enemies and using her religious to cause tension.

  • kim and kyle with their acting careers, seriously if they weren’t on RHOBH would anyone know them, except for being parasite’s aunts?

    • Actually Kim & Kyle are the only 2 housewives from any city that I recognized and knew (from Escape To Witch Mountain, Hello Larry, Halloween and Watcher In The Woods 🙂

      • Yes! Kim was the It Girl of the 70’s for child actresses. She had beautiful long hair down to her waist.

        • Yes she was! She was very popular!
          What the hell with that scary “were baby” ? That thing was frightening!

          • I was around in the 70’s but I don’t remember any of those shows or movies? I remember Brooke Shields, Farrah Fawcett but I never even heard of any of those movies Kim or Kyle were in.?

    • Actually Kim and Kyle both left the spotlight for motherhood at young ages and they both have some really beautiful grown children, so while they love the spotlight of the show now, as all the housewives equally do, they haven’t spoken about regrets or quitting acting for motherhood.

      Instead, they have said they regret not going to college, but continuing acting not so much. With how many camera hog/craving the spotlight teens and young adults who have used the franchise to promote their own spotlight and launch careers (hello all the many OC young offspring, Manzos, Ashley…) Kyle and Kim’s girls have not used the show for a stepping stone for their own career or for the spotlight while they easily could have.

      Compared to how Caroline, Vickie, Jenna, Laurie, Lynn…teens and twenty something’s were heavily featured in their mother’s story lines, Kim and Kyle must have insisted early on their kids private lives, problems, careers, relationships and dating would stay off the show and they would be included sparingly.

      • Excellent point! I have much respect to those kids for that.. Also something Kyle said really amazed me. Kyle said one of her old movies will be playing on a Chanel and she will ask her kids ” want to see Mom back in the 70’s in this movie? Kyle said the kids will say ” NO , I’LL PASS , I’m Good”. I respect those kids for being like normal kids. I respect Kyle for raising them to be so normal. I was very impressed at what an awesome mother she is!

      • Yep Laurie, we are giving are age away. Loved little house on the prairie. Leif Garette was the one that I had posters of all over my room. Last time I saw him he didn’t look too hot.

    • I had never heard of them before. Last October I re-watched Halloween to see Kyle. So had very few lines and the camera didn’t really focus on her face much. I think her only line was “I believe you, Tommy” or something like that. Eric face was hidden by a lot of hair.

      • R u kidding?? I’ve seen Halloween 900 times and Kyle has A LOT more than “one line.” She’s actually in quite a bit of the movie.
        Do u have kids?? What u really need to see is Watcher In The Woods! LOVE that movie, Kyle has a starring role (and creepy) and to top it off the fabulous Bette Davis stars…I highly recommend. Its like an early 80s horror film (altho its not too scary bc its a Disney movie)

  • Carlton is so foul
    Her face when she hugged Joyce & Michael was so rude & juvenile. Then her lovely tongue & finger motion was just ick

    • I saw that too! So immature. These are guest of yours and you’re going to make a face when they greet you with a hug?

    • Agree!! She is beyone hypocritical!! As much as I don’t love Joyce, I thought she made a great point about Carlton talking smack about Kyle behind her back when she has explicitly stated she doesn’t want people to do that…..

      • Yeah, that’s the MAIN thing I’m getting with Carlton: she is the BIGGEST effin’ hypocrite in the world!

      • Carlton coming up with the Kyle talks behind my back crao came so far out of left field, I almost suspect it was producer-fed. It was so random and paranoid.

        That woman is so unbelievably putrid and hateful, hypocritical and narcissistic! If I could, I’d make like Endora and make her disappear back into anonymity.

        • I too believe it was producer fed. That was the first thing that rang into my mind. Such a damn shame Carlton is such a bitch to Kyle and Joyce unwarranting. I don’t mind the witchcraft and slutty who cares attitude. I think she’s bad ass and would be a favorite of mine if she wasn’t so up her own ass in blind hatred

          Joyce is SOOO beautiful I LOVE her. She’s done nothing wrong at all IMO except being too forgiving to Brandi

          • Remember what carl said women could be ruling the world if they’d just get out of the way of themselves. We’ll honey this ones calling your name.carlton is so unhappy, i wonder why?? Just like brandy, theres no good side of a slug.

    • Carlton is vile! Her pool party was so gross and trashy! Brandi seemed to fit in nicely with this type of crowd…
      Again, Carlton is so out of place on this show…she needs to go!

          • Me either, but love palladian shaped pools. I will take the pool! :-), just no body paint or body-ya know, in it.

        • That wasn’t a pool it was an Olympic size petre dish..
          Me Thinks, that Carlton is Larry Flint’s ” Love Child”..
          I love gift bags at partie

          • That pool was disgusting looking! I can’t believe Yolanda ( Such a Follower) jumped right in. Oh yeah , she must do what her BFF Brandi does. Carlton is beyond TRASHY! Bravo needs to edit Carlton right off the show! If she DiD Put a Spell or Hex On Joyce, all Evil will come back at her and her family 5 Times Worse , so I have Heard . Brandi wishing a bad ” hex” or karma on Joyce, back at you Brandi. Remember how evilshe was to Joyce then ” house envasion( probably an insurance job) then Chika goes missing. “KARMA” ( in Brandi’s twisted mouth and skanky voice!)

    • I really think Carlton is mentally challenged. There is just something off her. Just not right. She is grossed, yes, but mentally not stable either.

    • She doesn’t know any other way. She’s a giant hypocrite with her head so far up her ass, I’m shocked she can breathe.

  • What a throwback at Kim’s autograph signing! Jimmy MacNichol…wow! Reminds me of saving my pennies to buy Tiger Beat Magazine!

      • Anyone remember Champions:A Love Story??? Loved me some jimmy circa late 70s, good for him, he still looks the same.

      • Hi Cuz!
        (( Irish Tara ~ waving)))

        ~ you have mail!! A 3: page novella!! OMG!

        Reply when u can! LOL!! It’s juicy shyte..

        I have County Cork & Galway City in my Home.. Son’s left yesterday for Boston & Palo Alto.
        My Bro:s r staying in a friends loft in town. MybDa is staying in my guesthouse, happy for the peace & quiet! lOL..
        So, it’s my Pups, my Aunties, my SIL’s, a few Cousins and me Mum!!

        Mum & my Aunties are having a Ladies Telly Nite!
        Have 29/ minutes until the RHOBH..

        I bought PJ’s & slippers & bought a bunch of yummy deserts & ordered in Thai good! I will give you guys the Irish Women:s ” Recap” later! My family watching my guilty pleasures is more comical than the series!”

    • OMG….I had the biggest crush on him when I was in the 4th/5th grade…I used to kiss my JM poster all the time. I was going to marry him one day, lol….

    • You couldn’t even see my flower wallpaper in my bedroom when they had centerfolds of Ricky Martin from Menudo or Matt Dillon ;p