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Apollo Nida Charged With Massive Bank Fraud And Identity Theft!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks hubby is known for having quite the criminal past and Phaedra isn’t going to be very pleased with what her husbands been doing! Apollo has been charged with bold identity theft according to TMZ which has landed him in a federal criminal case.

Apollo caught the eye of Secret Service’s Counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad. So what has Apollo been doing? He’s been creating fake companies which then allowed him to access various databases that had information about people whose identity he ended up stealing. TMZ adds,

“He then allegedly opened fake bank accounts in the names of the victims and then somehow got hold of stolen U.S. Treasury checks, stolen retirement checks from Delta Airline employees and checks that were supposed to go to people who had unclaimed tax money.”

Apollo has been charged with bank fraud and identity theft and has already appeared in federal court. At least Apollo is not going to have to worry about getting a lawyer being that his own wife is one!

What was interesting is that when news broke out about Apollo being charged, his friend Peter Thomas spoke out about it and said that when he saw Apollo, none of this was brought up. Read the tweets below


Are you surprised Apollo has been charged with bank fraud and identity theft?

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  • Yay!! Maybe he can share a prison cell with Juicy Joe. Wouldn’t THAT be a sight for sore eyes!

  • I hope Apollo’s indictment and the lady’s plea deal help the victims of the ID theft to fix their situations and clear their names and debts. If APollo is guilty, which since there is a recording of him with the lady that seems very incriminating, I hope they throw the book at him!

    That said, I agree with someone, who said on another thread, that there seems to be a double standard regarding the G’s case vs. Apollo’s case. From what I’ve read, there seems to be many people believing that Phaedra is involved, even though she has yet to be indicted. Yet, Tre has been indicted and people are still proclaiming her innocence.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think these 4 are all kinds of shady, but in no way do I believe that one spouse is any less in the dark than any other. Nothing I have read, or seen, has led me to think otherwise.

    • Teresa knew something was up, and I swear there was footage of her wig of a false statement or sown next stuff. Her AND Phaedra knew about it and had a part. I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

      • i agree there seems to be a double standard. i said in another thread that i don’t necessarily believe that either tre or phaedra were as dirty as their husbands, but they definitely knew more than they’re letting on.

    • The problem is Phaedra is not only educated she is an attorney that is trained and versed in matters of the low. They have specific ethical standards that they are not only expected by required to adhere to or they can be disbarred. Tre was a makeup artist or clothing buyer, who only worked a few years. Phaedra was one of Atlanta’s new, high power Lawyers to the stars. I hate to admit but, she has represented several celebrities (though c list or less) and entertainers and was once considered the up and coming young attorney to the stars. It’s a big difference. She is not dumb by any means.

      • I agree, Phaedra is not dumb. In my opinion, she probably knew something was up. I also think Tre knew something was not 100% legit.

        My point was not whether or not these ladies knew what was up. It was simply pointing out that many of the people claiming that Ph was complicit, are some of the same people swearing Tre knew nothing. I just find that a huge double standard as there are actual indictments against Tre, many of which are solely against her,, and Phaedra is not facing any charges, yet 😉

        • Yet is correct. There is one system, I believe it’s called Lexius that is used by legal professional and individuals in the law enforcement and criminal justice area to get personal information for cases. Like when there is a divorce or child support case, they will do discovery and look at your assets and bank account information so they other party is getting the correct award. I don’t think Apollo would know about this without Phaedra. Or, she had is brother working at her office so maybe he provided Apollo with this into. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, as a high power attorney, why would you surround yourself with criminals. Clients are ok to be criminals, but hubby’s, office workers, people who you are being said to be involved in criminal activity…No.

  • Apollo and Phaedra appear to dislike each other.
    He resents her and she disrespects him.
    He holds over her head “I’m good looking and I’m going to take you to the bank” and she holds over his head “You are a felon and without me you are nothing”.
    And they are both right.

  • Oh crap. Cute guy but apparently totally untrustworthy. The dude already did time. Now he could go back in for a longer stretch. Is Phaedra going to say she was completely clueless about this?

    • Yeah, but that site is very biased, and Is a part of Phaedra’s camp. The facts are something though.

    • 40 accounts found on his computer, all fraud names. I know a gal that worked in a bank and she used dead people’s SS numbers to run a 14 million dollar scam. 13 years is what she got, serving time in Texas Federal prison. Was the funeral home a front?

      • @chuckles, I said the same thing in the recap thread!!! i mentioned that maybe phaedra was doing more than embalming her clients..

  • Just a random thought. These women in Atlanta, accept hustlers, strip club frequenters, drug users (weed) because that is just normal activity in Atlanta. Everyone has a hustle. The only educated casemate is Phaedra and she is down for a hustle any and every day. All the others hustled their way to the top mostly by hard work and Kandi talent. But, nonetheless, it’s a hustle (music, modeling, clubs, acting, real estate). These are all hustles that can make you a lot of money if you work hard but, really requires no education. So, these men that are hustling is acceptable to these women and I believe that is what the prefer. Just like Kandi and many of the other ladies justifying their husbands/men being in the strip club. Kandi said that about her first fiancée owning a strip club. Yes is may be prevalent in Atlanta, but, it is a dangerous environment to be in and it is not normal for you husband to be in the strip club every night. But, because everyone else does it, they sit around and accept this type of behavior. Serious business men make deals at a conference table or even on the golf course (respectful environments). No a slimy strip club. And if your husband is in the strip club every night, he has a sex addiction, an ego problem, or he is not happy at home. I’m saddened by these ladies excepting this type of behavior from their men. Out of all the ladies, Phaedra seems to be the only one that had her father in her life on a consistent basis and he was a pastor (which does not = holy). But, she seems to hold him to high esteem and has not said anything bad about him yet.

    • I wouldn’t limit this to Atlanta, Free Kroy.

      The majority of the husbands on RHONJ are NOT educated either and all of them seem to work some kind of “hustle” and play fast and loose with rules and legalities also. Further, I’ve heard mention of many of those men also frequenting strip clubs on the regular. And there are constant rumors about nearly ALL of those men having “side-pieces/jump-offs” (mistresses, either short-term or long-term).

      And many of the women on RHONJ seem, just like many of the women on RHOA, to turn a blind eye about their husbands’ shady dealings and about their husbands extracurricular activities involving other women.

      So, it’s not just an Atlanta thing in my very humble opinion.

      • You are very correct Lola. Yes, Joe, Joe, Richie and Chris are hustlers. So is Jim B, Eddie (don’t know if he has a law degree or just a paralegal at his adopted parents practice), Vick’s boyfriend, Slade (every and anyone was in the mortgage biz that was booming back a few years ago), not sure what Frederick does, Roman (he looks sneaking), Mauricio (didn’t he steal Kim’s house and flip it?), Marisol’s ex hubby hustled her for his citizenship, and so on and son on. Seems to be a trend with all the cities. You are correct. I guess getting a degree and building an enterprise is obsolete now. Even Donald Trump is a big advocate of education.

        • Good points about some of the other husbands/partners on the other franchises too.

          I wonder if it’s something about the personalities of the types of women that would go on a reality show in the first place that tends to attract a man/partner that is shady somehow. Interesting.

          • I really believe some of these women and men are sociopaths. They are fame whores and some are really gold diggers, especially some of these women that are with Rich man after Rich man. ie, Yolanda Foster, Kim Z. the lady from Miami that was with the drug dealer for so many years, and sadly Porsha. It’s more about a lifestyle and image than anything else. They are obsessed with it and seek those me that are considered high profile, powerful men.

      • The husbands of NJ are A LOT worse. ALL of them have been involved in some sort of MANY sheisty lawsuit, MANY reports of mistresses, not that bright, failed businesses, etc. Don’t know who is more hood. The crew of RHONJ or RHOA.

        • I’d say RHONJ and RHOA are neck-in-neck when it comes to having “hood-traits,” behaving in “hood-ways” and being “hood-rich”. JMHO.

  • Well aren’t people dumb?!

    It seems like this bloke has a pretty water tight case against him – federal charges don’t just materialise out of fat air – and yet he has been parading around on reality tv like he’s some kind of supahstaaah for the past few years.

    Dumb as a rock.

    • Apparently he is Aussie! I should have went with first instinct of not caring for him when he opened his mouth and heard his voice.

    • Lord is he ever! Reminds me of some other arrogant a**holes from NJ. He seems to have started up his life of crime again pretty quickly after he got out of prison too. He ripped off Delta employees retirement funds along with all his other crimes. I keep thinking of all those poor old flight attendants not receiving their retirement checks and then finding out what was spent at strip clubs. sheesh..

      • I share your concern for all the hard working people that have paid there dues, to make the airline the success, that it is today.

        Those poor old flight were, and are fortunate to have the flexibility to pursue other opportunities and still see the world.
        Most of us have established a career well beyond flying.
        We are lawyers , nurses, teachers, doctors , international financier,
        psychologists, veterinarians ……………..etc.

  • Again, as I said in the RHOA Recap…What honestly terrifies me as a consumer is how on God’s green Earth was Apollo “A convicted felon” able to gain access to protected databases that contain personal banking/financial information? I would hope you would have to go through a thorough background check to gain access to these databases?? :/
    Phaedra had to know something. If Kenya asked last night where he got that kind of money from…You know Phaedra his wife had to have asked as well…and I do not see her accepting Apollo telling her none of her business.
    I’m also sure Phaedra had Apollo followed or at least went through his phone or laptop because of the texting b.s with Kenya. She had to have stumbled upon something. Maybe she didn’t participate in any of it…but just my opinion she had to know something.
    Plus Where is he getting all of these fake ID documents and stolen checks from? This is way bigger than a 2 person operation.
    If Apollo and this lady are gonna turn snitch he’s putting his family in danger also. What is wrong with these people who already have a lot of money??
    SMDH it took this long and probably many lives financially ruined to catch up with him. Guess the parole board better monitor convicted felons a little closer if they are released less than 1/3 of the way through their sentence. One thing in particular make them prove and be accountable for every dime that they make. If they would have done that he would have been caught right away…or wouldn’t have committed the crime at all knowing he was being monitored.
    Lastly, he brags about dropping $5000-$8000 at a strip club like it’s nothing…and IT”S HIS MONEY!! Explain that to the feds now Apollo. Where did you get YOUR MONEY from? Someone may have needed to put food on their table. If these allegations are true I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel for the children again. Another set of greedy parents. Again, this is just my opinion based on the court documents because they have to have proof if coming after him. He’s looking at minimum 13 years cuz I believe if you get into trouble while out on parole they make you finish out your last sentence. SMDH the greediness and stupidity of some people. With the hustle Phaedra has he didn’t have to make extra money. She brings in more than enough for them to live comfortably…maybe not Kandi comfortable…but dam pretty comfy.
    Part of their punishment should be that they should be forced to watch their victims lives and how they destroyed it like the victims got to watch in horror how their money was spent on national TV. Sorry for the long rant. I just feel so bad for the people whose lives were destroyed by people who don’t need the money.

    • This should be a public trial for all to watch, including the Jersey crap too. Maybe if more people saw what these real( so called above the law do) cough, it might stop.

      • Nonetheless, you are spot on with Phaedra questions Apollo and at lease hiring a PI. And they keep saying they new each other since 1997, well, he was involved in criminal activity since then and she represented him after they were dating. They did not meet when he called her looking for representation. They meet on the highway and then he got caught and then charged and then she represented him. So, not sure why she would not be suspicious with the kind of money she knew he was making, according to him, she showed her the strip club bills. So you have to wonder if he was ridding in a BMW and “balling” the first time you meet him and you found out that he was involved in illegal activity then, this time, he is riding around in a BMW and “balling”, why wouldn’t you think it was from illegal activity. No one let’s your past go that quickly.

    • @Jenn2013,

      I see what you’re saying and I also made this comment in the recap thread from last night, but it’s more than likely that there is some person or multiple people without criminal records who were interested in this scheme for monetary gain. I would be willing to bet money that Apollo and this Gayla St. Julien woman had people working with them who have squeaky clean records but needed the money or were just plain greedy.

      I don’t think it’s really that easy for someone with a background to open a business, or a couple businesses dealing with finances (especially when your past crime also involved theft) that would allow you to gain access to other people’s identities and funds.

    • I hear you Jenn2013, How is a felon able to get his hands on this kind of information. It’s scary for us honest people.

    • Hi Ladies 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my long arse post. If Apollo was paying all the players scraps like he was paying this Gayla chick…they are probably gonna sing like canaries…especially if 1st time offenders to get minimal sentences. As one of you pointed out Phaedra is probably gonna get investigated and not off so easy this time. If she wasn’t involved, she had to know something based on his ballin’ BMW previous lifestyle. What a shame because she busted her butt taking care of her children, going to school, plus holding down multiple jobs working RHOA, funeral parlor, law firm, DVD, tazer promotion etc. If she knew something she will be kickin’ herself in the arse cuz she can kiss all of that goodbye. No more presidential $15,000 naming parties.
      On a side note if someone could answer this for me… Phaedra comes across as a very independent smart business woman. BUT with that said, Does anyone else feel like Apollo is her Achilles heal and she would risk either helping him or if not that, looking the other way because she doesn’t want to lose him? I just get that feeling. I can’t think of any other reason with all of the success she has that she would risk throwing it all away. I gotta give it to her raising an infant and toddler alone is hard. I don’t know how she has the hustle to work as hard as she does on all of her business ventures with them.

  • I remember the first episode I watched of RHOA and I thought to myself this girl Phaedra is smarter than her husband. Cynthia’s family hiding the marriage license on her wedding day. Todd not wanting to sign a pre-nup. Where are the good men in ATL?

  • And where did Fake-tra get all of that cash for “Mr. Presidents” Blessing Ceremony???? If she and Apollo mingled their assets in anyway she will look guilty as sin. Southern Belle my ass!

    • You stay on tv long enough, your bad habits come to light. I would like to hear more specifics about this though- is this what he initially went to jail for, or is this new? * he did time already..) Im sure Miss Phae Phae has her own money so she most likely foots the bill for everything so he can make it rain on the strippers! ( with his own legally/illegally obtained dollars)

      • michers I think so. Angela Statton was befriended by Apollo and Phaedra. She went to prison also and according to her (there is a video and she is extremely credible) Phaedra was supposed to represent her, instead she dropped her. Statton wrote a book also but I haven’t read that yet. She comes across accepting her responsibility in her criminal activities but maintains both Apollo and Phaedra were the brains behind the scam. False identities stolen from women that Angela would then go to banks and pretend to be that woman. Shifty, very shifty. Phaedra bought a new house and it is her name only. Interesting. I don’t know if I can mention it on here but there is a site SandraR. (not her full name as I don’t want to get in any trouble here) and she has all the documents etc. Pretty interesting.

      • Michers, I think he was in prison for a very similar crime. Something to do with stealing automobile vin numbers. What he was doing after getting the numbers, I’m not sure.

        • Wow… and here I thought he had reconciled (and reformed )and enjoyed his life he made with Phae Phae.. what a shame.

          • It is truly a shame that he returned to the life of crime. He had a educated wife and two beautiful kids to think about. I’m sure Phaedra had enough connections to help him get a legitimate job. Poor kids.

    • I believe Bravo pays for alot of the parties we see on the show, they know over the top parties bring viewers.

  • Apollo is all I could say last night. When that fool took to his feet and proclaim to spend his money on strippers and when he was so adiment about it being his money; I knew it something in the buttermilk that wasn’t clean. Angela Stratton; she’s sorta kinda sounding legit right about now. Sorry, I love phadrea, but it’s no damn way she didn’t know what this fool was up to; unless he’s smarter than I think he is, and I don’t think he’s that smart. Good looking, but not that smart.

    • And to announce on camera how much he spends on strippers? The Feds will most likely confiscate all his footage. Wonder how he will explain how he got the money for all his shenanigans?

      • Yep. And who in the hell would be dumb enough to spend $8000 on strippers on a day, she that money could have gone to many things……..his children’s school funds in the future…..investing in REAL businesses……….help his parents out……. Just dumb.

        • Not to mention…why would a good looking married guy have to spend 8k in a strip club in one night? That not only speaks columns about his marriage…but it speaks volumes about his view of himself.

        • One that I would never want putting his fingers on me EVER again! I used to think she was so opposite of him, WTH did she see in him? Then I started kind of liking him over the seasons and them together.. now I cannot get over dropping that money, as a married man, at the strip club. I love my hubby unconditionally , been together for many years. There is no need for him to go to strip club – that is single man territory IMO. If he ever took our money for that, I would call Renee Graziano for a desert trip LOL

          • Married many years myself, only accepted my husband going to a strip club once-many years ago, part of a bachelor party. Very different from repeatedly visiting and dropping major bucks at clubs for years. Totally unacceptable.

            Married guys, wanna see a naked woman? Go HOME and give your WIFE the attention. You might be surprised at how receptive she is when you reinforce that SHE is the one you desire.

          • Hey KuKu 🙂 Yes.. show your wife- totally agree! And if you are not satisfied with the one you took vows with, get a divorce!

          • I went to strip clubs a couple of times…once with my ex husband when we were engaged, brother and his fiance. We were in Nola, and wanted them to show us what the big deal was…she and I heckled the entire time bc they looked like Heroin/Meth addicts and it was sad.

            The other with women in LV on a business conference. Again , was sad when we left and spoke to many of the dancers about their lives.

            No married or single man should drop cash to support that, imo. And 8k??? Oh hell no! My husband would get it handed to him! Peter was also a tool, last night!

          • But I forgot when I had my current husband who hates strip clubs bc of many reasons, I also made him when we were dating take me to one at a bike ralley. Lol. I forgot about it. I heckled also. Surest way to make your man or others feel like a fool when you make fun of it, and that it is just Plain sad and stupid. I think we lasted one drink before my now husband said, ok, let’s leave. Lmao!

          • I feel the same way about married men and strip clubs. This must be very hurtful for Phaedra and Cynthia. Why would a woman put up with their husband going to strip clubs. SMH

          • Bryn, when hubby lived in Vegas, he swore, as did his friends…he never went to strip clubs. Would say, ‘though I am single and live near the Strip, why in the hell would I spend my hard earned money on someone that wouldn’t be girlfriend or wife material? I was in the Navy for 21 years and didn’t do it, why now? I will rent a video as a single man, but no skank is getting near me nor my hard earned money”. Lol

      • You all should be smart enough to realize anything said on these shows means nothing in a court of law! Everything on these shows is fake! They don’t set up or pay for anything you see them take credit for on here! It’s all either comped in return for advertising or its paid for by production! You cannot take anything said on these shows and assign reality to them! They’re actors playing factionalized versions of themselves!

          • @jayden213,

            THANK YOU. i was literally going to comment that if there was zero validity to any of the statements made on camera for these shows or footage showing the lavish lifestyles these people paid for with money that is not their own, there would be no reason for courts of law and law enforcement officials to be asking Bravo for copies of the footage to review.

            not sure what @Mohammahurley is talking about or what shows you’re watching, but perhaps you should review the tapes…i know the district attorneys will. (sorry, tre and all the others). if you know you’re using money that isn’t from your legal income, don’t flaunt it on national television. not to say that Teresa or Phaedra are entirely culpable, but they also aren’t ignorant enough to see all of this wealth coming into their households in the form of receipts from strip clubs, thousands of dollars on birthday parties, etc. and not ask any questions.

            Teresa to Danielle (season 2): “so, what? i live in a $5 million home now, bitch!”

            Apollo (season 6): “I spent MY OWN money” referring to the $8K he dropped on strippers in a single visit to the club!

          • @staub,

            So true about the Tre and Apollo quotes. To be fair, neither are very smart.

            While Reality TV is highly meddled by producers, it is not ALL fake.

        • I guess we are all smart enough to realize that passages from the shows can be used in Court and have been. Check out Joe Giudice’s recent defense filing wherein he is asking for copies of all footage from RHONJ the AUSA is planning to use a trial. Again with the snark.

      • If your going down, bragging seals the final deal. Phadrea should be so ashamed, you know the southern lady and all, but I feel she was in on this. Those $8000 dollar strippers hopefully got real bills in their G-strings.

    • You are right A from A, why would he do that knowing that it he was getting it illegal. If he had not been investigated, that would have surly sent up red flags. And when Nene said, where the hell do you get $8000 a night to spend at the strip club, that was so classic. That is what Phaedra should have said when he was showing her the receipts every night. She clearly knew, or was in delusional land and it was more important to her to keep up image than ask her husband where the hell was he getting this kind of money and then hired a private detective to see what he was doing. I am sure she has one on speed dial for her clients that she is representing.

  • I am praying for this family, no one who commits crimes and has children should have to go to prison. It’s just no fair.

    I guess that’s how he was able to spend $8,000 on strippers.

    • Apollo is idiot. Not only did he embarrassed Phaedra throughout this whole episode but they seem to have some serious issues surrounding their marriage as whole. Who saw how he pushed Pha out the way to just beat the hell out of Brandon. He does not seem to be that happy anymore being Phaedra’s trophy husband. And, to me, Phaedra might want to go ahead and cut her losses. Because if he’s not happy anymore and he’s steadily staying in jail over the same charges, why keep that around her and her kids.

      • Also, what man goes to the Strip club every night when he has a beautiful wife at home. I mean, you come straight out of prison. Get hitched Phaedra after only being out a few months, when you’ve said in the past that you guys did not date while you were in prison (you had another support system, which means another women putting money on your books and sending you letters). This was clearly a business transaction for Apollo, I think Phaedra was blinded by his puppy dog eyes, nice looks, and the fantasy of being married and being a reality Tv star. She produced the Toya and Tiny show so, she had inside information of how much these reality stars were ranking in. Phaedra is in fantasy land and I’m going to need her to wake up right now!!!

      • Gotta agree with you Cheryl.
        He saw light at the end of his tunnel and she saw a good looking guy who was needy.
        He got his insurance policy and she got her sons.
        Apollo is kind of a punk and so is Pheadra.
        Be careful what you wish for.

    • I’m sorry, but ANYONE who commits crimes family or not, deserves to go to jail if proven guilty. Why shouldn’t people go to jail? If they want/need to be with their family, they need to think about what they are doing before they commit crimes.

      • AMEN!! If this was a average Joe on the street, they would be in jail, not being able to post bond. Bravo hired the best crooks, what a joke this franchise has become.

    • I am sorry -what about the victims of the people who commit crimes and their children? Being parent is not an excuse for not doing times if you are convicted of a crime.

      As a parent one should consider the consequences of their illegal actions and the effect it will have on the children.

    • Is that a joke Jarlath? Why waste your prayers on a thief? If he was stealing your money I doubt you would have the same outlook.
      So are you telling me that a rapist or a murderer who has children should just be given a slap on the wrists? That is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

  • No, not really that shocked. I am actually blown away that he would do this as he was on his 4th year on Reality TV. How dumb must you be to commit a bunch of fraud since you came out of jail 4 years ago and think no one is gonna find out? ESPECIALLY when you are on Reality TV.

    I think Phaedra knew about it. There is no way that she would not either know extra money was coming into the house, and I am SURE she manages the money in the home. They need to investigate her. And I BET very one is believing Angela Stanton now.

    It is funny how Phaedra’s camp (Straight From The A) is the ONLY one who is doubtful about Apollo and his fraud, though the proof is right there. She is getting called out and read on her blog for her bias, and trying to tuck the story as quick as she can.

    Did anyone notice Phaedra posing her first blog in about 2 months on Saturday? It is about how she wants a WONDERFUL 2014 and did not even mention the show. Failed attempt of damage recovery.

    Next, someone from RHOBH or RHONH will be charged with fraud. Goodness.

      • I thought so too Jarlath. Not sure what exactly but remember hearing something about him not being able to pay back investors? Ponzi scheme? And Taylor was right there with him.

          • She had to give her diamond ring up, probably bought with credit card that was no good. Hot mess she is on VHl Couples Therapy. Her love is a lawyer, how low do you go for a few bucks. He must not have any clients either.

      • Oh shit, I forgot about that…… Well it is Taylor, so it makes sense. I guess RHONY is next. RHOM is probably cancelled, so it is NY or RHOOC. Place your bets everyone…..

      • Russell along with Mohammed were involved in a fraud scheme-something about securities. Russell plead guilty and got probabtion.

        Russell last scheme of his life did not get as far as a criminal investigation level, as Russell and his business partner committed suicide.

        • Can I ask where your information is coming from. I know Russell committed suicide but I did not hear that about the business partner. Also never saw anything implicating Mohammed! Wasn’t it the business partner who settled with Taylor by taking her ring and two Berlin purses which turned out to be fakes? I’d love to see links to your assertions as that’s interesting news…if its correct!

        • Mohammed???? Please dig up that info if anyone has read that in the past. Yolanda makes me sick with her better than thou attitude. I know he is her ex, but, she is still deep in his pockets and seems to be proud that she had all those babies by him.

          • I don’t know about Mohamed, I do know that Sly sued him for unfinished and shotty work. But that is Sly, lol. And I know Mohamed beat The Donald in acquisitions…which good for him if legal.

          • Why wouldn’t/shouldn’t Yolanda be proud if the children she and her then husband created? They are gorgeous children & Yolanda did nothing wrong (at least that’s been exposed), in her marriage… You can NOT like her for her, but not liking her because of her ex or who their father is.

            As for Mohammad… He was NEVER implicated in fraud with or without Russell. He wouldn’t allow them in his home after he found out about Russell and Taylor’s grand theft and the fact they were defrauding associates of his by squatting in property.

    • Phaedra was involved along with other people who are being investigated even now. Also you have to wonder, truly wonder if Peter isn’t involved in this also. He got those new cars and remember he was needing money. Apollo would recognize a kindred spirit in Peter and may have approached him in helping with something like this for money.

      • OMG. Dude.

        Why stop there? This probably goes all the way to the PRESIDENT.

        He drives fancy cars too.

        Calm down…

      • I do want to say that Cynthia acted like she was not to happy when Peter bought the car, she didn’t know anything about it. Just a couple episodes ago they were talking about how bad his bar was doing. FF a few shows, here is a very expensive car that Cynthia did know he was going to buy.

      • ITA with you Buck Henry! Phadera knew what Appollo was into. I hope they do investigate her too! I can’t imagine having her as a funeral director! I seriously would hire a guard to make sure Aunt Tillies ring gets buried with her and doesn’t end up on Phadera’s Jewerly Box. I just don’t Trust her At all! I think Peter went from losing money to buying a luxury car in a few weeks time.FBI take note! You are so Right Buck Henry!

    • Apollo said that he was in asset recovery 2 seasons ago… He failed to state that he was recovering everybody else’s assets (lol). I want to budge that Phaedra wasn’t involved but she’d have to know his income and question the source. #theyNtrouble