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Shahs Of Sunset’s Reza Farahan Says He Can’t Stand Joanna Krupa!

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Shahs of Sunset star, Reza Farahan, appeared on Watch What Happens Live Last week, and when the mention of co-star Golnesa “GG” came up, and the picture she posted with her and Miami Housewife Joanna Krupa, he took the opportunity to mention to host Andy Cohen how much he can’t stand her, and why he thinks she deserved to get hit in the face by fellow housewife, Adriana De Moura! Check it OUT

Reza says,

“GG seems to know everybody, she’s (bleeping) Jax (Taylor from Vanderpump Rules) she’s tweeting pictures with Joanna Krupa, who I can’t stand. She just gets on my nerves. Everything about her does.”

Fellow guest, Beth Stern went on to defend that she loves Joanna because she is a big animal lover and Reza responded by saying,

“But, it’s all good. I love her for that. But when my girl Adriana (De Moura) was walking away, homegirl (Joanna) went up to her, grabbed her, and that’s why she got ‘clocked.’ And don’t complain about getting clocked, if you’re gonna chase someone down.”

Thoughts on what Reza had to say?

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  • Adriana is a lying, jealous, wannabe, ugly human being. she’s just a horrible person!

    who died and made reza king? why is everyone clammering to be his friend? I, don’t like mj. she’s a skeeze if I ever saw none. lilly is the only one with class, altho so altered, it’s hard to take her serioudly

  • I don’t watch Miami and so I don’t care about any of them. But when is it ever okay for a person to lay hands on another person?

    Isn’t that one of the most fundamental things we teach our kids?

    Words and a shitty attitude a nasty (apparently drunk?) bitch are just that. Keep walking. You don’t need to lower yourself to that level.

    I don’t know if this nasty pretty chick pushed or shoved the other one, and I know it might be instinct to slap, but honestly: I can’t see myself lowering myself to the level of a sloppy drunk. It’s ridiculous. Adults know better.

    End of.

  • Johanna was the abusive one the entire argument. She butted into a conversation she wasn’t involved in. She was yelling and carrying on first. She pushed away Everyone who tried to calm her down. Adrianna walked away and she chased her down to keep fighting. She was drunk and obnoxious. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. She’s a beautiful woman, but only on the outside. Inside she’s nasty.

  • Joanna DID NOT grab Adriana… and you can CLEARLY see that she NEVER reached out to grab her in the footage. Adriana just slapped her because she kept hearing Joanna yelling at her while following her.

    Everyone’s trying to make something up that’s NOT THERE. Joanna NEVER grabbed Adriana and Adriana ADMITTED that Joanna did NOT grab her at the Season 2 reunion. Even Andy said, “in the footage, it doesn’t show Joanna touching you first” and Adriana responded “no, but I disengaged and walked away and she followed me”… and then she apologized… so all you fucking haters just keep hating on Joanna because the bitch looks fucking PERFECT. She’s the best looking housewife EVER and she has such a good heart and the hate for Joanna Krupa is just a PRIME EXAMPLE of fucking jealousy over how PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL someone else looks.

    Here is the footage, PLEASE stop making shit up and saying Joanna grabbed Adriana… even Adriana said it never happened.

  • very pretty girl, but not a fan of joanna at all, it just seems like shes trying 2 hard 2b noticed, n stay noticed. i appreciate her humanitarian efforts, but she is the only supermodel i can recall who acts so damn trashy n immature. n2 me that makes her very unattractive. i agree w reza on this one.

  • First of all Joanna never ‘grabbed ‘ Adrianna. She may or may Not have ‘touched ‘
    her arm, but is that a reason for someone to become violent and strike another
    person. Regardless Adrianna can rationalize and justify all she wants she was
    WRONG. That is disgusting behavior.

    Reza doesn’t even know what he is talking about and should just mind his own
    business. He just brought up her name because isn’t that what everyone does…
    hate on JoAnna, with the exception of the very classy Beth Stern.

  • I watched this on WWHL and Andy looked passed when Reza started talking about Joanna, he cut him off and changed the subject real quick.

  • Well I love Reza. The Shahs feels real to me. And he seems fabulous.

    I like that he shoots from the hip. And he has an amaaaaazing mo.

  • I dislike Reza but he is absolutely right about Joanna, I for one cannot stand the kind of person she comes across as.

  • I’m wondering if he knows more info about her from that whole Mohammed situation, but can’t say.

  • Although I don’t really care what Reza says, he is right. If you grab my arm to spin me around I am going to clock your a$$. Period. But JoAnna was not grabbing her to start a physical fight, she was just trying to get her point across to Adriana, who was totally out of line beforehand & had no reason to call JoAnna a whore.These 2 women are both low class, but not as classless as Brandi.

    • Johanna is a mean drunk and when she is not drinking she is a mean dry drunk regardless you dont follow and try to grab someone that you are arguing with also a women that So easily says unsensitive things is not an animal lover

  • Reza gets on my nerves but hes totally right. If she wants to chase someone and grab them then she deserved to get hit.

    • Joanna didn’t grab adriana. I’ll bet that Adriana has been involved in many physical altercations. She grew up in the favelas where people communicate with their fists.

  • Reza comes across like a slimy douche. Why is he always involved in female conflict? … (it’s a rhetorical question)

    • Did you notice the words he uses instead of calling a woman by their sir names hes calling all women bitches and whores, get a grip he hates women, and hes a whoremonger, he will screw any old hole on men who are so selfish all they think of is their lust. It drives me crazy that hes so simple and a whore! Go away, weve had enough.

    • Yes she did and I cannot stand Reza but he is right… If she wouldn’t have chased her down she wouldn’t have gotten hit. She was walking AWAY her back was turned…Joanna grab her back to turn her around and that is when she got hit. Had she stayed her drunk ass in the kitchen she would be fine…

      • marehoop, i totally agree. I dont care for either of those girls, but Adrianna quickly removed herself from a situation and drunk Joanna chased her. She asked for a slap.

      • I actually don’t mind Joanna, although that might be because every time I see a picture of her I’m amazed by her body lol. But it is true that she ran after Adriana, reach out and grabbed her (albeit not an attack grab but certainly a grab), and Adriana felt the grab and flung around and hit her. If you grab someone from behind, don’t be shocked when they turn around and hit first and ask questions later.

      • I’ve never seen Shahs, but I agree with him too.

        I’m not one to defend violence. But when things get that heated and someone touches you, sometimes your REFLEX is just to slap a bitch. It wasn’t like Adrianna stood around continuing to fight with her and THEN clocked her (like you see in Mob Wives). She walked away from the situation. Joanna is lucky she only got smacked, tbh. A tougher broad may have broken her nose.

      • NO!! Joanna did not grab Adriana. she just pointed her finger at her. Joanna was in the wrong for not leaving Adriana alone and following her and Adriana was wrong for attacking Joanna. the look on Adrianna’s face clearly showed that she was raging and didn’t like what Joanna was saying. basically she flipped her wig.

        if anyone asks for a slap just for following someone to talk crap then I guess we all must get slapped and that includes REZA since he likes to talk a lot of shit.

      • Can’t stand this creep he’s more me a bitch than any HW.

        Rezza remember how you attacked MJ at the last reunion accused her of being a drink & pill popper then called her mum a whore, all because you found a new barbie doll to play with now you on’tlike the barbie (Lilly)

        take a long hard look yourself Rezza ur far from perfect dude in fact you’re the complete opposite.

        Plus your so unattractive maybe if you shave that mustache you might look a litter better.

        also not to mention you talked Mike to working together but refuses to help him & show him the ropes

        Rezza you have on idea how to be a plus you’re so superficial you make my skin crawl you look so greasy all the time EWW

    • Joanna didn’t grab Adriana. Reza is an idiot. Maybe he should think about befriending someone like Adriana. Cancel his much needed friendship with Mohamed. First he calls the attendees at Mohamed’s party skanks now this?

      Reza is a worthless excuse for a human being.

  • I don’t watch this show (or Miami really). but he does have a point. If I walk away from an arguement and you run after me and grab me I’d probably hit you too. Lol