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Cynthia Bailey’s Husband, Peter Thomas Responds To Cheating Allegations!


Real Househusband of Atlanta, Peter Thomas, isn’t too happy about about the cheating rumors that he’s being accused of, and he is taking to his Twitter to reveal that the “mystery woman” he was seen dancing with, was actually his 30 year old daughter! Check it OUT

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Well, I’m glad Peter cleared that up! Thoughts on what Peter had to say?

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  • WHY is infidelity always such a commonly used theme in the Real Housewives franchise? How are we not sick of this topic by now?

  • sorry guys just off topic again but i find it hard for phaedra not to know what was going on or she must’ve had some sort of doubts questions

    Phaedra IMO is also shady

    • Summer, go read TT and the comments. I think you will enjoy it. If what one commenter said is true, Pha Pha’s law practice hasn’t been doing good for at least 3 years. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • well n the media’s defense…if he wasnt such an asshole 2 his wife publically, on numerous occasions, ppl wouldnt want 2 jump 2 conclusions about him n think the worst. its not like hes univerally loved either. i wouldnt put it past him 4 cheating on her because he is that selfish. cynthia can do a HELL OF ALOT BETTER THAN PETER THOMAS!!!

  • Surprised you aren’t running the story about Phaedra’s husband being arrested for bank fraud and identity theft? I wonder if they will run this story in the show? I like Phaedra, but her husband is dodgy

  • Hi Lola. Going to wait a minute to see if this goes through. I hate sending duplicates! I am trying to respond to you!!

      • So, my Sista Ms. Lola:

        When will YOU start a blog? Your critical analyses causes one to deeply ponder and certainly redirect an errant thought. I would be a fan and support it.

        IF Phaedra, knowing his past, never questions his income, where he goes every day, how he purchased a new car not using HER money and just “let him be a man”, then why all the drama of Kenya text-gate? If he’s shady about that he’s surely shady about other things. Seems that the leash would have been tighter after that incident. In other words, she must have been aware what he was doing and never questioned the legitimacy of it? Hmmmm…………..

        But, my prayers are for no implication if there is guilt; if no charges they need to live quietly, even if he has to work fast food. SS a matter of fact, they should franchise something with ?Kandi. Those kids needs their parents, both of them!

        Lastly, Malorie……no way ANY of my family, not just in-laws shows up unannounced and squats at our house for two weeks, let alone months! Personally, I embrace family, biological and the one I married into. However, R E S P E C T! Find out what it means to ME! Though I am head of household, that position is one of responsibility, not power. Therefore, discussion AND permission is required. Not a surprise like that ESPECIALLY if you don’t respect me!

        Love, love intelligent interactions from you and others here.

    • She does look like a model, doesn’t she? I’ve actually seen pics of all 5 of his kids on another blog, and they are all cute/attractive.

      Although I don’t find Peter particularly attractive (and I don’t know if his nasty attitude influences my opinion about his appearance in a negative way), he DID contribute to making some attractive offspring. Go figure.

      • If it weren’t for his attitude, I agree. He is very handsome!

        He and Cynthia are a gorgeous couple, sand the fighting and bickering!

  • This man, if you can call him that, is a disgusting pig!!! IMO its is worse that it was his daughter he was grinding up on…gross! He will ruin Cynthia!

      • I hope Phaedra has very clean hands so we don’t end up with another Mommy & Daddy set of indictments.

        • I was thinking the same thing, they both were involved the last time. I would hate to see those 2 cute kids with no parents.

        • Yes agree, the only difference. Phaedra can’t play the uninformed, just spending the money housewife. She is a “high power attorney”, according to her. And even represented Apollo in some of the charges of his first trial. She is very aware of what is illegal and not. And also aware of the type of person he is. Tre can say she married her childhood friend and knew he to be a family oriented man. Phaedra can not say this. She knew who she was marring and his charges. She also has to have know that getting straight out of prison, Apollo did not have the skills to immediately start a legitimate, profitable asset recovery business. I’m not sure if Apollo even has a high school diploma. But I do know that Phaedra has several degrees. Let’s pray that she is not involved at all and just turned a blind eye or he was lying to her about how he was making millions of dollars….yes the informant said that he was making millions and they have him on wire tape explaining the scams that he’s been doing since 2009 (right out of prison). Someone in the Fed prison much have put him on to this. The brag and share their secrets. But Apollo should have taken a moment to think, if they are here in prison, they were caught, and I could be too. I’m not sure if I have as much sympathy for them as I have for Tre, which is dwindling every time she post a pic of her fabulous life style.

          • I’ve been saying for a while now that Phaedra is as shady as an oak tree.

            I can’t say whether or not she was involved in this scheme with Apollo, though. If it were me, and I’d married a man fresh out of prison, I would want to know every single place from which his money originates just so I could make sure he is now on the up-and-up and living a clean, straight, legitimate life.

            Maybe Phaedra’s different, though. Who knows?

            I DO know that it does NOT look good AT ALL for ol’ Apollo, though.

          • My hope is Apollo didn’t involve any of the underemployed men for RHOA.

            Like you I hope Phaedra is taken completely off guard. I just don’t see how one wouldn’t notice an extra $3,000,000.00 coming into the home. Maybe Apollo leads a double life.

          • @ zoeysmom,

            I hope Apollo didn’t involve any of the other husbands either.

            Like you, I don’t see how Phaedra could NOT have noticed an extra $3,000,000 coming into her household from Apollo. However, like you say, he might have been living a double life. Maybe only a portion of that money made it into her household and did not arouse her suspicions. Maybe Apollo put the rest somewhere else to use for his own benefit.

            I DO know that Mr. Apollo is in a WORLD of trouble, though.

          • I really at this site but Stoopid Housewives has the detailed court document listing all the different scams. I just can’t with this Apollo guy. Why did Phaedra have him speaking at that men’s group about redemption after you have fallen? or better yet, why would he go knowing that he was involved in all of this stuff??????

    • Thanks to this smoking hot tea, I’ve been sipping the entire toasty Saturday morning. It’s so so good. This sight and SFTA needs to blog this. The research is done, it’s a valid story.

      • I think the blogger that runs SFTA is very close friends with Phaedra. She always has pro-Phaedra stories and anti-Phaedra-enemy stories (Kenya, for example, gets dragged in that blog).

        So, she might wait a while before putting this story up. JMHO.

          • It’s an abbreviation for this Atlanta-based urban blog, “Straight From The A.”

            I always check it out.

            Other good ones that are Atlanta-based are “Tamra Tattles,” “Sandra Rose” and “Necole Bitchie.”

            Outside of Atlanta, other good urban blogs are “Rhymes With Snitch” and “Bossip.”

            Oh yeah, “Lipstick Alley” is ALWAYS filled with tons of information about celebrities. If you want to read what they say about various Housewives, just Google, “real housewives lipstick alley,” and click on the link. It will take you to a forum with all kinds of topics.

            Lipstick Alley is where I first heard about Apollo being arrested yesterday.

            I hope that helps. 😉

          • Tamara Tattles is a mess. While her blogging is good, the way she treats her commentators are BEYOND disgusting. If you go there, don’t comment, especially if she has a differing opinion than she does. On this site, we are allowed to have differing opinions and the bloggers have respect.

            Funky Dineva, Necole Bitche, and SFTA are some good Atlanta ones.

          • Jayden…another site that I habe been on, we probably all have peaked and looked, is same way….if you disagree, watch out…sent to moderation! Or publically humiliated by her.

          • And was a poster, Jayden. There are control freaks with their blogs out there. Roxanne and Famewhorgas aren’t.

            Thanks guys. Will check out the others.

          • I don’t know if you are talking about SH or not, because I know that has been brought up a few times here. I did commented there, but then I stopped. I still read, but I see why people say that about her. I have never seen a blogger so unprofessional as TT (I have personal experience, and it was so ridiculous). SH is kind of the same, but still a lot nicer. I have never commented on FW. Even the commenters here are a lot nicer and more respectful than other blogs (and we disagree a lot).

          • Hi Kroy, very interesting. He said they have known and been in dealings with one another since 1997. I’m thinking also that something is going on with Phaedra’s law practice. She put many years and a lot of money into becoming an lawyer and now she’s starting a mortuary business. This whole thing is weird.

      • I LITERALLY drank some good hot tea when I read the story. I explained above as to why they will skim over it. If it was Kenya, SFTA would have been all over it. She waited to put the Stanton story up and glimpsed over it as quick as she could. I have no worries that Rox or Ashley is writing up a juicy post about it.

    • Found a interesting piece of information regarding the name of one of the fake business’s that Apollo opened. Reliance Recovery and collection. I remember in one of the episodes (or maybe it was Andy who was asking) Phaedra was explaining what kind of work Apollo did. She said he is in the asset recovery business. Makes me wonder.

      • @Bryn, do you think Apollo is also tied into check cashing schemes/collections that Feds and States came down on this past year?

        • I think so Lara. I’m really shocked about this whole Apollo thing. He was in prison for pretty much the same thing he was recently charged with, then goes back into the life of crime the second he gets out. I watched the video about Phaedra’s involvement with this Angela chick and I’m thinking Angela may be telling the truth. Watch it on SH and tell me your opinion. I also think something is going on with Phaedra’s law firm. Maybe she is afraid of loosing her license or it’s not doing that great. Why else would she spend all that time and money on law school then decide to start a second career in the mortuary business. I do believe it was more than just two people involved with Apollo’s scam.

          • @Bryn, I do believe so! Stanton did not appear with body language what so ever to be lying. Very articulate, and makes a lot of sense!

            I can’t believe Andy/Bravo does no “vetting”.

  • Fail on the media. His daughter is very pretty. I also does not help that he has been caught going on vacations with loads of women without Cynthia and wanting a bachelor pad-like place.

  • What cracked me up was when Cynthia said ” Peter has been accused of a lot of things, but no-one has ever accused him of being an opportunist.” CYNTHIA ! Have you been on planet Mars ? Thats all EVERYONE has said about him ! Wake up girl & smell the realism before its too late ! It’s such a shame to see such a smart, beautiful, successful & well traveled woman be taken down by such a scumbag.

    • Delusional! I’m glad it was just his daughter because Cynthia doesn’t deserve to be cheated. And his daughter is gorgeous.

      I know the accusation sucks because it’s his daughter but Peter should get the f^*# over it considering he said on national tv saying he was close to feeling like he had to step out for sex…when his wife had MEDICAL issues. And that he wanted his own place to “get away”…from his gorgeous supportive wife that he stresses the hell out because he can’t make a cent off his failing businesses.

    • My mouth dropped open when I heard Cynthia say that. It’s like, “Ummmm….hello, Cynthia! Why do you think your Mom and Sister tried to stop the wedding? Because they think Peter is an opportunist who is going to run you into the poorhouse! Do you have amnesia?!?!”

      I like Cynthia, but….come on now… *Sigh*

      • Hi Lola, Wanted to ask you if you have heard anything about Apollo getting arrested? I heard it had to do with bank fraud and identity theft.

        • Yes, I actually heard about it yesterday and mentioned it on yesterday’s thread related to Peter and Cynthia.

          Sandra Rose was the first blog to provide the news, with others shortly following suit. It looks like it’s hitting the other blogs and actual news outlets today.

          • Yes, all the blogs have the story. Just google Phaedra or Apollo. Tons of stories will pop up. Disappointed that this blog and SFTA is not reporting this. I believe Phaedra is SFTA’s attorney or good friend so, she is biased. But, not sure why this site is not reporting it.

          • Hi Lola….. I thought this didn’t have merit from the beginning. But…..everyone gives Cynthia a pass because she looks good? Wow. She could still be hell to live with! Every time I see Peter driven to rage in their dialogues I’m reminded how she knows his buttons and willingly pushes them to avoid her own accountability. Just because she looks good doesn’t mean she IS good. See how slyly she starts a fire and steps aside? Yes, Peter is the bad cop, but don’t give Cynthia a pass.

            Likewise, I will believe the Apollo situation when a reputable agency reports it. A $25,000 bond for that crime seems awfully suspect…….

          • SFTA is from Phaedra’s camp, so ATLien will skip over it, and she does not blog on weekends. I guess the bloggers here were too busy today, but I am SURE it will be published and it will be huge.

            I don’t know why he would think he could get away with this when he is a reality TV star. I think that Phaedra had SOME knowledge on it. It only made Kenya’s bday better. He needs to go to jail and if Phaedra helped conspire this, she needs to go to jail as well. Do y’all think she will leave the show from this?

          • @ Free Kroy,

            I think the woman who runs STFA is friends with both Phaedra and Kandi. I’ve noticed that she only highlights positive stories about them. If she does report anything negative about them, she puts a positive spin on it and moves on VERY quickly from it.

            @ Qpsillve

            You know, I really like Cynthia, but I have to admit that I saw a different side to her this past episode.

            In last week’s episode, she quietly and sneakily stirred up mess and then threw her friend, Natalie, under the bus when it all blew up in her and Natalie’s faces (not that “Nasty Natalie” didn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus for bringing up 20-year-old B.S. about Todd simply to try and get some shine on the show, but that’s beside the point).

            I don’t care for Peter, and I think Cynthia can do better. But maybe they are more alike than shown on camera (just in different ways). Who knows?

            Oh yeah, speaking of those 2, for some reason, Mallorie just chaps my a*s! I don’t know why, but I don’t care for the way she just rolled up at their house with no notice like she owned the joint. Also, even though I don’t care for Peter, I don’t like the way Mallorie blatantly disrespects him and boldly sticks their nose in Peter and Cynthia’s business.

            Cynthia chose Peter as her husband, and Mallorie needs to respect that (and she needs to talk about him BEHIND HIS BACK, like any woman that was raised right would do…not TO HIS FACE. He’s family for God’s sake. 😉 ROFL. *Tongue Inserted Firmly In Cheek As I Typed That*).

            Oh yeah, that $25,000 bond for Apollo made my eyes widen. I mean, he’s being charged with some SERIOUS stuff. $25,000 seems VERY low. I could be wrong, but it smells to me like Apollo is going to cooperate (hence the low bond) and snitch on some other people involved. Hell, I don’t know how the dude is still walking around, free as a bird….TWEETING, no less (like a DUMMY! I don’t know WHY he’s still on Twitter. *Sigh*).

            @ jayden213,

            I don’t know how Apollo thought he could get away with this either (IF he’s guilty. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s innocent until proven guilty). So, I’m with you there.

            However, you and I probably don’t “get it” because we don’t have criminal mindsets.

            I don’t know whether Phaedra will leave the show. Part of me thinks she will. Another part of me thinks she won’t want to give up the income and the platform provided for promotion that the show affords her. Time will tell.

          • Hey Lola Falana. Really like your commentary.

            I think Phaedra married Apollo for HIS benefit, and I think she wanted to be on RHOA, so she got married right beforehand to secure her spot. Helps that he makes her moist ????. You know how Phardra is; all about her image and always camera ready. She NEVER adressed the Angela situation on the show and even when it was brought up, she completely ignored it.

            Cynthia always had a bit of messiness in her but I noticed whenever Kandi does it, it is almost always ignored. ATLien has been called out COUNTLESS times only posting positive stories for Phaedra and Kandi. I don’t know if Phae is behind some of the negative stories that she published about Kenya. I know NeNe was the one behind the one about her and Marlo beefing, and how we was an opportunist and all of that.

          • Hi Lola, I just read on bossip that Apollo’s bail was 250,000 not 25,000. makes more since considering the charges. Who knows?

          • this is the same reason he. & his brother and this girl went to jail for the first time and apparently phaedra was in on it or knew bout it

            SH. has 3 short videos wit she’s writing a book bout heh the girl being interviewed she writing a book bout her life and this subject will be in the book.

            but who knows how much of it is true. I personally believe her coz it’s the same scan they pulled and Apollo was sentenced to 3yrs

        • Good question, Bryn. Lola told me site to go on. Disgusting and discerning! Yes?

          For Bravo not to do vetting on each year of characters….just stupid!

          How are you doing sweet @Bryn?

          • It really is beyond ridiculous that so many of them are getting exposed for criminal activity. Someome from BH or NY is gonna get charged with fraud next.

          • Hi Lara I’m doing great, glad to see you posting.

            Hi Summer,
            You are right. The first page on bossip said 250,000 then when I continued reading their story they said 25,000. Who Knows.

      • gotta agree Jenn

        he’s just too controlling & seems secretive about his business but if it works for them well that’s gr8 but i certainly wouldn’t couldn’t put up with it but that’s just me

  • HAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love when the media is WRONG!!!! and love it even more when the TRUTH is put out there!

    • How funny they accused him of cheating and it was actually his daughter. Which reputable source ran with this cheating scandal ?

      I just heard Cynthia will be on wwhl sunday night.

  • His marriage will end cause he does not know how to run a successful business. He will drive Cynthia’s finances into the ground.

    • Why worry about his marriage? After this picture fiasco, I have to agree with him. We all have a pot boiling on our stoves so worry about that one. I know they do reality tv and open themselves up, but when they first married you all said it would last 6 months. I think its time to let this story rest and move on to something else…

      • No one is worried about his marriage, but the purpose of this blog is to discuss the show. He and Cynthia have made their marriage the focal point on their storyline so of course people are going to have and voice opinions about it.

    • I think Cynthia needs to run. Peter’s business dealing are shady and Cynthia does not control or even a good partnership with him to know where the money is coming from or being spent. He just takes the money and does whatever he wants, buys buildings, cars, ect without her approval or even simply her knowledge. Apollo was arrested back in Sep (just reported last night), and there is a rumor that their is wire tape that includes another ATL house hubby. Has to be Peter or maybe even Todd (Phaedra and Kandi are really close). Cynthia and Kandi need to run from these guys with no jobs and ambiguous careers.

  • His daughter is very pretty. Goes to show people need to get their facts straight before slinging accusations around.

    • What I want to know is why all the hoopla about Uncle Ben when Apollo Nida just got arrested on federal fraud charges?

      Cynthia seems to have her eyes open in regards to her marriage, but poor Phaedra’s situation is much more intriguing.

      • Honey I’m with you! This means nothing! Tell me about Apollo! And the other husband he stated would help while being taped… Probably was Peter…

    • True, @Jules (black women’s skin, gossip)

      Still want to like Peter, but too controlling with Cynthia for my free-spirit, and her finances.