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Kandi Burruss Reveals Her And Nene Leakes Mainly Only Talk During Filming; Plus Dishes On Her Fiancee Drama!

kandi and bethenny

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, stopped by Bethenny Frankel’s talk show to chat about everything from how she feels this season is a “conspiracy,” and how Mama Joyce does not speak to her fiancee Todd Tucker! Plus Kandi reveals she only talks to co-star Nene Leakes during filming. Check It OUT

“It felt like all year, people were coming at me for some reason. To me when I look at it you know, I’m like okay, all the new people that came on the show, had something to say about me or my relationship. So I was like,’Did they bring everybody to come at me like this? Was this on this purpose? This is a conspiracy!'”

Kandi also revealed that her Mom (Mama Joyce) and her fiancee Todd (Tucker) don’t speak at all. Mama Joyce was later phoned in and when asked about if she would have a relationship with Todd in the future, Mama Joyce says, “Well, I decided to let Kandi, do Kandi.” (Which everyone in the audience laughed, ’cause it translated into, “NO”) LOL

Bethenny also asked Kandi where her and Nene Leakes stand today

Kandi says,

“I mean, we’re cool. I mean, we don’t hangout like I do with Phaedra. Phaedra’s my girl. Nene and I, we’re cordial. When we’re around each other, we can laugh and joke, and have fun when we’re in the group, but like when we all break off, we don’t really keep in touch with each other. I hear from Kenya throughout — all the time. You know we text every now and then, you know.”

I’m not surprised that Mama Joyce is still being cold towards Todd, or that Nene pretty much only talks to Kandi during filming. Thoughts on what Kandi had to say?

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  • nene pride wont let her be friends with Kandi for the simple fact ne ne is always trying 2 claim she is so rich,and its a known fact Kandi got that money. Kandi dnt run around bragging about her money so that shows the rest of the world that nene full of shit.

  • Nene is an arrogrant envious individual. She can dish out shit and get a big mess started and very defensive it something is said about her. She talk down on the other housewives and make herself look like a big tall gompy bully. If she must wear that ugly blonde weave that is distastful and clashes with her dark complexion, at least perm the back of your hair (what a mess for a bitch who claim to be so rich). Maybe Kandi could teach her how to have style and class…..ummmmm, maybe not, you can’t teach an old gorrilla intelligence and graciousness!

  • I think nene it’s a jealousy thing between nene and kandi. Kandi is more wealthier than nene and nene don’t like anyone to out do her. But if pay close attention to some of the episodes that’s all nene ever talk about is what the othe housewives have and don’t have. Nene needs to stop because how she got her fame it can all be taking away from her in a blink of an eye. I love Kandi the simple that she doesn’t goes around throwing her wealth in others face. Keep doing u kandi and keep banking those dollars….

  • I love Kandi ..
    I can’t stand Bethanny ..
    But Bethanny looks sooooo much better without the schoolgirl outfits.

    • @ Hopeful!

      Love your new Name! It suits your personality and your beautiful spirit!

      BTW: there is another Tara so I changed my moniker to Irish Tara!

    • Kandi has tremendous talent, is innovative, grows with the times and is brilliant business woman.
      Kandi has paid her dues and learned her lessons. Unlike, NeNe, Kandi had learned from the ebbs and flows from her career. Kandi is a Professional.
      NeNe is a novice. She is not an actress. She is a TV curiosity.
      Her ego has replaced all logical reason. She is so snarky and combative this season because she has to hold on to the head B-oytch Crown and secure her 1 mil paycheck.
      This season, I am bothered by her fake laugh.. The he he he..Please..

      Team Kandi.
      Also, Phaedra has the intellect to parlay her Rhpa fame into extending her brand and planning for her future. Look, everyone dies.. It’s a creepy choice but hey, she will be cja-chinging all the way into the embalming room..
      Not found of Phaedra.. But respect her ambition…

  • Nene and Kandi just never clicked. And when Nene started the war of the talls vs the smalls, well that was that. Anyway, I love Kandi, my only fault with her is how tight she is with Phaedra who is one of the biggest phonies. Always looking for another get-rich-quick scheme but somewhat legit since she doesn’t want her man Apollo back in jail. Yet. LOL

  • Of course Kandi would not talk to Nene outside of filming, Nene is a hater and is jealous of Kandi’s wealth and success.

  • Good she recognizes the contrivances as they come for her. Yes, it’s a conspiracy! Her life is a storyline and she is interesting on her own. She doesn’t have to create “life” to be interesting, including drama.

    Excellent representation of strong, beautiful, intelligent and independent sistas! What a joy to observe!

  • I’m not surprised at all , Kandie is Kandie she knows how people can get an why. Kandie is a very smart intelligent woman and she knows who her friends are she don’t have to go out of her way to make or be friends with no one an I’m sure the feeling are the same on the.other side as well. <3

  • I love how real Phaedra and Kandis friendship is. They are always together supporting each other. Id love it if the show never changes that

    • I do too Bobby. Kandi is adorable and Phaedra has the best one liners and is hilarious. Atlanta is my favorite HW show. The women are actually people I would hang out with and I can’t say that about any of the others.

  • I’m not shocked that NeNe and Kandi don’t talk outside of filming. I only think she talks to Porsha and NeNe only talks to Cynthia outside of filming. Well, at least Mama Joyce is letting her do her, but she should at least attempt to try. Oh and Kandi, OF COURSE it was on purpose that Natalie and Mynique came on to come at you. She looks nicer with long hair.

    • Nene is jealous of Kandi pure and simple and she knows that eventually she will have no more bravo money to rent her mansion. Nene is hood rich.

      • I agree 150%! I have thought from Day #1 that Nene was NOT happy with Kandi joining the show. Yes its true that Nene, Bethenny and Teresa are the three HW’s that EVERBODY knows…but really thats all Nene has going for her. When HWs ends what will she have? Certainly 6+ seasons of HWs will not allow Miss Rich Bitch to retire comfortably. Most of Nene’s outside ventures have been epic flops….her book was a flop. As much as she denies it, I guarentee it enrages her to this day that she wasn’t on Tardy For The Party. Her show got canned after 1 season. Her appearance on Celeb Apprentice made her look like a bully and an asshole. Its so annoying when she throws out “Well Im a recurring castmember on Glee, I aint go no time guuurl” … i looked her up on Glee and she appears in a couple of episodes a season – thats it. I’d call that a guest role. When HWs is over, Kandi will always be rich and fabulous and Nene is still going to be Nene.
        And another thing I don’t like about Nene – she is like Lisa V where she cant take ANY criticism at all without labeling you a “hater”. I actually like Nene when shes being normal and doesnt have her little superior attitude. Like the last time she was on WWHL, she was getting some heat on Twitter and you could tell it was all she was focusing on bc she had her “supertude” on and repeatedly talked about “haters.” And I couldnt believe when she said “Well as you guys see Kenya talks about me in every episode”….umm def NOT a Kenya fan, but I think Nene talks WAY more shit on Kenya in every episode!

        • Great post Afton. All your issues with Naynay has been what I bern saying for sometime now. Like her, I really do, but she def. deserves to be called out just like anyone else.

        • I agree totally NeNe portrays a rich bitch but her debut in TV that she said she was so good at bombed now what? She has little good to say about anyone. She has always been jealous of Kim, Kim doesn’t have to work, Kim is beautiful, Kim’s husband has money and plenty of it. NeNe bagged on some of the women for renting their home then had to top Kim’s ring sad but Kim will have more in life than NeNe ever will. Some may not like Kim but she is not lower than NeNe she is very much and equal it most eyes.

      • @Buck Henry

        So, if the ladies do not speak to one another when not filming they are jealous? Oh,Ok.

        Many of the HW’s do not speak until filming or hang-out with one another. It doesn’t mean they do not like one another or jealous. Question: Do you speak or hang-out with work associates during the weekends. Most, likely no; but, are you jealous?

        Seeming to me this is nothing and people are attempting to make it something.

      • I agree! Nene is jealous because Kandi always had money in the beginning before Housewives of Atlanta! Yes Nene accept she is a rich bitch FOR REAL!