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Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Kim Richards’ ‘Hateful’ Tweets!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump, isn’t exactly too happy about her co-star, Kim Richards, tweeting about her, and she took to her Twitter to address the “hateful,” tweets. Check it OUT


Kim already mentioned that she’s going to bring it all out at the reunion, so I’m sure Lisa will be ready as well, now that she’s seen these tweets. Thoughts on what Lisa had to say? Whose side are you on?

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  • I am beginning to wonder if Kim will even be at the reunion?? Something is clearly up with the Twitter rants and her friendly blog this week (carefully written) and being a no show on WWHL right after the Twitter comments. I think someone else wrote the blog, deleted the Twitter comments, and decided Kim should not be on WWHL–damage control and trying to hide something. Time will tell if she shows at the reunion.

  • And Lisa IS a known fame whore – A selfish mean nasty creature who could give two craps about all you twisted women supporting her and making her richer- and those that knocked a poor woman struggling with recovery – shame on you and may your first born decide to run a drug ring 😉

    • Why is Lisa a famewhore? Cause she has taken advatage of lucrative oppotunities presented to her? Selfish? No, she has gone above & beyond to help those not as fortunate as she. Matter of fact she does care about us “twisted women” who are her fans.

  • I can not believe how many bored, frustrated women need a life ! These comments are pathetic ! Watch some Downtin Abbey or Modern Family ! Enough of this fake ass reality! Lol

  • Kim is pathetic and boring. Lisa is fun and snarky. Who do we want to see more of? Lisa. End of subject.

  • Everyone is so careful aroundkim and that is why I give ken credit for giving it right back. Kim like her sister has a vicious streak but because of her past everyone is afraid to tell her off. Yolanda was gentle w/her at the reunion even though Kim and Kyle threw Yolanda under thebus about Lisa. I like lisa and I cannt see her being as vicious as KIm,Kyle,Adriene,Brandi and Yolanda!

  • Here’s the thing: Brandi and Kim essentially bonded over their need to self medicate. Kim admitted to being an addict and went to rehab. Brandi has never admitted this, refuses rehab and continues to party like a D-List rockstar. So…what do these two REALLY have in common? Especially at this point when Kim is newly clean. Brandi is really the LAST person Kim should be around, an in denial, depressed, mess which makes it all the more irresponsible and YES suspicious that Kyle is encouraging this relationship and willing subjecting herself to it.

    Which takes it all full circle to the motives behind Kyle’s sudden friendship with Brandi. Again suspicious! Why would Kyle be friends with someone that clearly stated, ON CAMERA, with her wingman Yo by her side, “If we wanted to hurt you we would!” VIOLA! Instant friendship!

    Brandi has dirt on Kyle! No doubt! If not direct dirt on Kyle information that her old F-buddy Jonathan told her about Mauricio and The Agency. Now I’m not doubting that Kyle is enjoying hurting Lisa by bonding ever so immaturely with Brandi, but there is definitely a conveniently, “It happened off camera” piece to this puzzle that we will most likely never know about!

  • i thought andy already went to LA to film the reunion? anyway, it seems kim was supposed to be on WWHL last night and didn’t show up, hmmmm

  • The more they attack Lisa the more the fans are for Lisa, all of them will be off the show before Lisa. Kim is still high on something and what is left of her brain is fried. Kyle is just plain MEAN. Brandi is ungrateful after Lisa stood up for her this is the way she repays Lisa SMH. I am sick of all three of them and want them replaced.

  • Im sick of the BH “gang up” that is the wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, always doing her best Lisa and the majority of viewers against the other women. Its gross. They can’t even explain themselves or how they feel without the most disgusting things said to them on Twitter. Its one thing to disagree…even one thing, I guess, to make comments on a board like this…but of the stuff that gets said to the women is SO above and beyond sick, all just bc they don’t worship Lisa. And Lisa loves and encourages it. I wish NONE of the women would show up to the reunion, so the viewers could just get a 2 hr special of Lisa petting Giggy and talking about how fabulous she is and then everyone can be happy!

    • Every single housewives gets disgusting comments said to them on twitter. Twitter is a pretty nasty place

      • That’s true enough…but not really for Lisa. Search her name. At the most, she gets maybe a “Oh Lisa, I didn’t care for you doing such and such” (to which that person is typically promptly blocked by Lisa for daring to question her). Then search the rest. Kim gets called a drunk, a druggie, a loser, hurry up and ‘drink urself to death’…Kyle gets called ugly, big nose, fat ass, ripped to shreds for having a charity event on TV bc its her trying to “win points” (while Lisa gets acclaim and applause for just mentioning doing a charity)…Carlton gets called chick w/ a dick, a man, ugly, leather face, devil worshipper….Yolanda gets called ugly, straw head, plastic face, gold digger, faking her disease for sympathy, etc…Joyce gets called anorexic, whore, married an ugly dude for fame, bag of bones, etc…and Brandi…good grief I won’t even go there.
        Interestingly though a lot of it depends on their interaction w/ Lisa in the previous episode. If it was good, they don’t get much heat. If they aren’t nodding their head with her in every episode and tweeting their love for her, the most disgusting, vile hate is thrown at them. Yes I get it…they signed up for a TV show and opened themselves to our opinions…but a line is being crossed. Its like fine, tweet them “Im Team Lisa no matter what u say and don’t like you”…but being called fat and ugly or told to die is just sick.
        There is NO difference between the Brandi of this season and the Brandi of the past 2 seasons. Still acts the same, talks the same, same behavior towards other…only difference is that she isn’t Lisa’s minion anymore. Same with Yolanda. She’s no different than last season, she’s just not Lisa’s bestie and even though we haven’t seen their fallout yet, we know its coming so she’s hated on for everything she was loved and adored for last season. Its too much. Im not a Brandi fan nor am I a Yolanda fan…but the things getting said to them just bc they are “ganging up” on Lisa (which I still haven’t seen) is sick. I mean I kind agree with some of the things but to actually tweet to Yolanda “Fix your ugly straw hair plastic face” or to tweet to Kim “I have an extra bottle of downers, how many do u need to OD u junkie loser” is SICK.

        • If this is going on, why are you on Twitter? Why are they? Why is Lisa not the smart one if she is blocking these hateful people?

          • Ruth Im not sure if Im following what ur asking, but if ur asking why Im still on Twitter its bc I enjoy it and its actually fun – but I will not be tweeting or engaging in a BH stuff on twitter ne more bc its so nasty and vile, esp between the Pump Pack and the Brandi Barkers…as for why the ladies are on Twitter, u’d have to ask them.
            Im not saying Lisa isnt smart to block hateful ppl…but she blocks u if u as much as say u didnt like that color on her ladst nite. I saw a pump packer on twitter throwing a tantrum bc all they sd as “Lisa I hate Kyle and luv u but saying that in front of Portia was kinda rude” and she blocked them. Its kinda like how she is with thls on the show…she cant take any kind of criticism at all.
            My apologies if this is difficult to read…its like 2 degrees here and the weather is effecting my phone!

  • The hate for Lisa is purley down to the fact she is very successful & has a spin off show. Simple as that.

    • That’s probably part of it. But remember that when Lisa was a guest in Kyle’s home, she mentioned those stories about Mauricio in front of their daughter. I would not blame Kyle for being pissed about that.

  • The reunion will NOT BE 6 against 1! Joyce is on good terms with Lisa now! Very good terms! Carlton is not going to go against or after Lisa! Andy is NOT going to give either Yolanda or Kim the floor for very long! It’s going to be Brandi against Lisa with Brandi doing her best to pull Kyle in for back up. We’ve seen past reunions! Kyle never performs well! Not worried about Lisa at all! She knows when to fight back and when to sit quietly. The key to these disasters is if you say nothing Andy moves on to the next dumb question!;)

    • I agree Ellen, as far as I can see Joyce and Carlton get on well with Lisa, so it won’t be all against 1.

    • I often come here just to get the recaps for episodes I may have missed parts on. What continues to blow my mind is the fact that so many people truly hate on Lisa. Why? She is a class act, 30+ years married to a man who adores her and she is extremely successful, loves her children and animals and does an enormous amount of charity work. I have had the pleasure of frequenting her restaurants and she has been there every single time. She greets the guests as if they were life long friends and always makes certain we/they are happy. She is British and often britains come across as snobby or pretentious. Just because she speaks proper English, has a sarcastic sense of humor and speaks her mind in one on one interviews(these are done after they have seen the edited episode) does not make her a bad person. She, like everyone else, has the right to defend herself and offer her opinion. She has down concern for Brandi, class with Kim by sending a gift and her regrets weeks in advance and has, admittedly so, a passive aggressive relationship with Kyle. These women made fun of her fainting on DWTS, her accent, her business drive and her position in society. She truly is the only one we ever see working and developing. Why does everyone hate on her? She represents what the franchise originally started out to be. Kim has moments of clarity, which are few and far between, Jyle is always and I mean always showing off whether its her cars, the car they bought her daughter or the amount if money she donated to the hospital to parties and plastic surgery. A wise man once said…..the person talking about the money is usually shaking an empty box. Brandi is an embarrassment for not only herself, her parents but her children. Eddie forbidding them to be shown on camera was a very smart parenting move. Kim is appearing to be desperate to have a story line for next season because the rumors are out there that she isn’t coming back full time. Adrienne, came on a reality show with skeletons in her closet and thank goodness she publicly stated her now ex-husband never performed surgery on her because she is a walking billboard for what not to do. Joyce us irrelevant, Yolanda is all about love live life and god bless her but every episode her Lyme disease is mentioned but its about her and not what she can do for the cause. I’m so close to abandoning this show because every week it’s a stupid argument. In closing……those who stir the crap pot should be forced to lick the spoon.

    • I thought Kyle did well last reunion. She stumped Yolanda a few times and only cried when Brandi said she wanted Kim to fail. It’s going Lisa vs Brandi, Kim and Yolanda. And Carlton vs Joyce, Kyle, and Kim. I think Kyle will address her issues with Lisa and not get involved in Brandi’s fight with Lisa.

    • This was a tweet Joyce got
      @jerra_1: @joycegiraud Will you have Lisa’s back at the reunion or will you be on the Kim/Kyle/Brandi train?

      @joycegiraud: @jerra_1 I think we all know the answer to that??

      • Kyle is a fool to align herself with Brandi. And IMO they are both manipulating Kim to attack Lisa. If they think they’re going to turn viewers against Lisa, or run her off the show, they’re delusional.

        I like Lisa on the show, and I don’t care if she has issues with the other women off camera, or if the other women are jealous of her success. That’s their problem.

        • I don’t care either.

          Let’s face it: these women are NOT looking like true friends. Instead, they’re looking like what they really ARE….CO-WORKERS.

          So, that whole, “Well, Lisa has had issues with so many of the other women on the show. That means she’s a bad friend” doesn’t really fly with me.

          Instead, I see the show as an ultra-competitive “workplace” with backstabbing co-workers, all jockeying for the top spot with regard to opportunities that can be garnered from the show and that can be garnered from becoming a fan favorite.

          I don’t know whether Brandi and Kyle are manipulating Kim to turn against Lisa, but I do agree with you that Kyle is foolish to ally herself with Brandi (if that is what she’s doing).

          As time has gone on, Brandi has shown that she is a person who has NO loyalty to anyone but HERSELF. She will throw ANYONE, including her OWN family members, under the bus for attention or to make herself look like an unwitting victim or if she finds that they no longer serve any “use” insofar as whatever her agenda happens to be at that time.

          Like I’ve said before, I don’t know if this is who Brandi has ALWAYS been, or if it is who she has BECOME after she let some success and fame go to her head and turn her into a monster. *Sigh*

          • “An ultra competitive workplace.” I think that’s a more realistic way to view the show instead of pretending that they’re all “friends.”

          • Kim is and has her capable of making her own decisions and choosing her battles. She chose this battle with Lisa, which Brandi (and maybe Kyle) is loving. That is exactly what they are….. CO WORKERS. Brandi and Kyle wants the top spot (Brandi A LOT more than Kyle), and Kim wants to keep herself from being demoted, so she is gunning for Lisa at the reunion. Either way, the Richards are dumb for teaming up with Brandi.

            Joyce and Brandi will be at it and will side with Lisa. Carlton will be gunning for Joyce and Kyle, and they will be at her. The alliances and sides for Season 5 are SO predictable. Benefits? Carlton and Kim want to secure a spot, Lisa wants to look good (better than the others), Joyce have something to talk about, Kyle is a bit uncertain, and Brandi is to be THE most liked and the head boss of RHOBH.

      • When is it Kyle has ever said she is team Brandi? I haven’t seen it. Just because she is on the outs with Lisa and is playing nice with Brandi does not mean they are a team – such a bone-headed way of looking at things.

        If Joyce goes against Kyle, I’m over her. Kyle was the only one to have her back on their trip – she wants to remember that. IMO she’s no better than Brandi if she turn on Kyle, that’s what Brandi did to Adrienne. (Turn on the only person who defended her)

        • She doesn’t have to say “team Brandi” and announce it to those who are slow. Her actions speak for her.

          • What actions are these? Could you please explain and justify how you have come to your conclusion that she is on Brandi’s team? Perhaps she’s on team Kyle.

          • They all put their own interests first, so in that respect they are all on their “own” team. I’m not saying that Kyle approves of everything Brandi says and does, but they have a similar goal, and if Kyle can align with Brandi to accomplish it, she will.

            Why is Kim now hanging out with Brandi, tweeting negative things about Lisa? If Kyle disapproved of that behavior she’d shut it down right away.

            I think Kyle can manipulate Brandi, no problem if she wanted to. Brandi has a strong personality but she has no control over her emotions, and she is “in your face.”

            In your face works in the short term, but not the long term. All Kyle has to do is give Brandi some tacit back up and Brandi will be off and running against Lisa. She’s a fool like that.

            Kyle will benefit from whatever mess Brandi (and Kim) make going after Lisa.

  • I do not want Kim to hijack the reunion with stupid nonsense, when there are
    real issues to cover. Don’t waste anyone’s time with this.
    For all we know Kim may not even show up for the reunion.

    • @ inflight
      LMAO! At Kim Hijacking the reunion!

      It doesn’t matter what Lisa has done or hasn’t done. It doesn’t matter if she’s manipulative or calculating. What matters is that Kim is completely incapable of going toe to toe with Lisa!

      There is no way in hell that Kim is going to go after Lisa in a the reunion without making a complete and utter fool out of herself. Lisa will make her look like an imbecile without breaking a sweat. Kim is not witty, clever, or intimidating. She’ll be barking like a raving mad chihuahua while the viewers pray somebody put a muzzle on her looney ass!

      Joyce and Lisa are good, friendly even. Carlton won’t come for Lisa as Joyce and Kyle are her targets. Yolanda and Lisa won’t fight each other on camera, they know how to play the game. Brandi (who has lost ALL credibility) and Kyle are the only ones in Kim’s corner. The three of them combined don’t have the intellect to go after and successfully take down Lisa.

      I love Teresa, but Lisa is no Tre. She won’t get frazzled, she won’t yell at the top of her lungs, and she won’t try to yell or talk over people. Kim has accused Lisa of being dismissive and I’m sure her ass will get dismissed at the reunion.

      • In addition to all of that, there’s no way Andy let’s Kim have any time to address her supposed issues. There’s more dramatic things to address and none of them involve Kim.

        What will happen is Kim will try to interject any chance she gets regarding Lisa. They’ll have Brandi and Lisa arguing and then Kim will start chiming in out of nowhere.

        • Absolutely Johanna M!

          Even if she does ask Lisa questions and tries to engage with her, half of her lunacy will end up on the cutting room floor because Lisa will not engage with her. I doubt Lisa plans on acknowledging Brandi’s desperate antics too much.

          I will be following Kim’s tweets though so I can watch her try to explain and justify the idiotic, incoherent crap that is bound to come out of her mouth.

          • Hi Vee,

            This is what I want to know: if Lisa is this EVIL person who did such awful things to all of the people listed in Kim’s tweets, why was it so important for such a horrible person (namely, Lisa) to be at her daughter’s graduation party?

            I wouldn’t want some evil mastermind at my child’s event.

            I don’t get it, and it doesn’t add up.

          • Hey Miss LolaF!

            Hope you are well ? I would like to know the same thing. If I don’t like someone I don’t even acknowledge their existence, much less invite them to a family event. I hope Kim read Kathy, Paris, and Nikki the riot act as well.

            The fact is Lisa gets the most popularity from the show. These women are an example of your common variety, “basic bitches.” They all want to shine but no matter how many f bombs they drop, how many squirrels they pet, or how many times they do the splits in the middle of an engagement party, they just don’t get the notoriety they so desperately desire, at least not for anything positive.

            Someone being smarter than their peers does not make them an evil mastermind. Lisa is a businesswoman, and as the face of her businesses, she has to consider them in every move that she makes. Some call that calculating, I call it not going bankrupt.

      • Maybe ‘ hijack’ was too strong of a word in context to Kim, probably
        should have used the word side tracked. She does have a tendency to
        to interrupt and jibber jabber.That is all I meant.

        I for one second don’t think Kim has the brain cells to form a complete sentence. She’s afraid of her own dog. I realize Lisa is a much more formidable opponent. I do think Lisa will do what she always does with

        But HAPPY I can brighten your day, with a little levity about Kim.

        • I thought it was appropriate and hilarious. All of these women want all of the attention ALL of the time. Some are just more obvious than others 🙂

      • @Vee

        Also, may I add to your EXCELLENT post — Kyle has attempted to take Lisa down EVERY Reunion and it hasn’t work; so, now Kim the one who CANNOT put ONE cohesive thought together is going to attempt to do it? HA HA HA! Yeah, RIGHT!

        No, I will wait to watch Carlton vs Kyle and
        Brandi vs Joyce

        NOW, that’s the show!

  • It’s the same thing bravo did to Teresa as well. Thankfully though it’s not Lisa’s family. I can’t believe Yolanda though after the reunion where she believed Yolanda over Kyle.
    TERESA = Lisa
    MELISSA = Brandy
    Kathy = Kim

  • The only way that any of these women could best Lisa is for them all to gang up on her. Let’s be honest, there’s not an overabundance of brain power on this show. Lisa is the only one capable to standing up for herself without bursting into tears like Kyle, or becoming verbally abusive and then crying, like Brandi.

    • Yep.

      I think some of the other women resent those things about Lisa (her brain power and the fact that she can hold her own without making a plumb fool of herself).

    • You must have missed the season 2 reunion where Lisa did cry and Brandi came out to defend her honor. If Lisa was such a string person who can stand up for herself, why the hell does she expect her friends to back her up in arguments?!

  • I just happened to be at the keyboard when Kim’s tweeting went on. Kim accused Lisa of doing things to her, Kyle, Camille, Adrienne, Yolonda, Brandi, and even Cedric. When pushed for details of exactly what, she got defensive and wanted to know why the one questioning her didn’t like her. Kim also offered up that Lisa & Ken have no friends other than each other. It was implied that the reunion will definitely be everyone vs. Lisa. It was all rather juvenile.

    • Kim is nuts. I don’t believe for a moment she’s sober. By the time of the reunion she will probably be back in rehab, and not be able to attend, AGAIN.

    • Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t A, Kyle, Kim and the rest ALREADY go after Lisa on one of the reunion shows.

    • @ShePurrs

      uuummmm, the Lisa vs. Everyone at the Reunion. Oh, Ok. Well, haven’t we witness that same episode when Adrienne attempted to pull it off; and we ALL know how that ended.

      Let’s just see, I am pretty confident Lisa will be well prepared for the ladies; and this time Lisa will not be blind-sided.

      Yes, like you…I await this year’s Reunion as well. Besides, the show will be Brandi and Joyce…NOW, this is worth the price of admission!

  • Although I didn’t agree with the way Kim worded the tweet, I do agree with the sentiments behind it. It’s funny how Lisa has fallen out with almost everyone that she’s come into contact with since the beginning of the show but yet it’s never any of her wrong-doing.

    I’m so over her delusional fans blaming everyone else for all and sundry, Lisa is every bit as guilty as the rest of them.

    I hope Kim goes hard on her at the reunion. She’s been horrible to Kim since the start. Lisa’s biggest downfall will be that she under-estimates Kim a lot.

    LOL at people still coming with the accusations of Kim being drunk or on something all because she mean tweeted and has a quirky personality.

    • Thank you OAndrew. I agree. Lisa is every bit as guilty as the rest of them. Just like everyone knows that while we all love Teresa she was not completely innocent…Lisa is even less innocent than Teresa. Lisa has been horrible to Kim since the beginning and I actually have noticed that Kim is generally pretty much on target about most of the ladies.

    • Thank you! I admit that I do like Lisa but unlike her rabid fanatics I’m rational and use common sense. And common sense tells me that if everyone from the show has had a falling with Lisa one way or another, then she must be at fault and isn’t as innocent as she claims. I seriously doubt that all of them are jealous of her (except Brandi) like her blind followers love to say all the time. Some of them don’t even have a reason to be jealous of Lisa. Like Adrienne who has more money than Lisa, or Kyle who is perfectly happy with her life, family and marriage. Let’s use some reason and logic here for once people.

    • It’s really simple why they are coming for lisa. she has the star power on the show. her own spinoff as producer. her appearance on dwts. it makes the others crazy cuz they all think they should be the star. lisa has done nothing to them except show them up over and over and over.

      • I am not disagreeing with anyone that says Lisa has some fault in the demise of her friendships on the show.

        Lisa is the type to say “ok you did this to me ” or whatever …” i have no use for you..I don’t have time for that”

        And being on her bad side is not fun. Ask Kyle.. She is practically begging to be Lisa’s friend again

        I wrote a question on another thread : What is so bad about being compared to Bobby Fisher? Wasn’t he brilliant?

      • I almost hate to jump on this bandwagon but I do think this a valid reason. Adrienne had the $$ but not the popularity or charm that Lisa has. Same as Kyle. I really think Kyle and A thought they would be the “star” of the show and Lisa out charmed the viewers. Not the whole reason..but I think its a big factor in their fall outs. And Lisa just road it for all it was worth. DWTS, spin offs, commercials etc. as they all would have given the same opportunities

        • Actually Adrienne and Lisa fell out over money.

          I don’t think they care about her popularity, after all during season 2 Adrienne had the ‘it’ girl spot on the intro.

          I just don’t see why they’d be jealous. Why would Kyle be jealous? She has everything she wanted (and before anyone comes with that “Lisa has a bigger house that Kyle would want” BS, Kyle could afford a bigger house if it was what she wanted. Her husband was named the number 1 realitor in California so he must be making mega-bucks.

          The fact Adrienne walked away from the show and has never looked back or even acknowledged the show shows that she doesn’t care for it. Adrienne done it to promote her products and not for fame – that was obvious from the get go.

          • I still think that was PART of the prob. I think A was well liked first season but she fell out of favor 2nd season and Lisa popularity grew. I think Kyle thought she was a shoo in for most popular. I thinks Kyle resented Lisa popularity and opportunities that was presented. I thinks she bits with ever convo that she has w/Lisa. Lisa bites back for sure in her own way. I think other things compounded their issues. But..just my perception.

    • @TheOriginalAndrew

      “I hope Kim goes hard on her at the reunion.”

      HA HA! Oh, PUL-lllleeezz!
      Now, that would be funny to witness, considering Kim CANNOT put ONE intelligent sentence together. So, yes I would LOVE to see Kim even attempt to call someone out with HER PAST.

      No, what she should do is have a seat and just be quiet! Yep…that’s what she should do!

  • It is clear tht Kim is gonna use Lisa to secure a spot on Season 5. The articles about Kim on the chopping block was surfing the net last week, and since that, she is in a turn it up on Lisa at the reunion. Kim is riding with Brandi, and hoping that will help her. At the end, Kim WILL get burned.

  • It should be interesting watching Kim at the reunion especially if she is going to “bring it all out.” She didn’t / couldn’t even attend the prior season’s reunion. She babbles and babbles without really saying much.

    Kim has attempted to call Lisa out on camera a couple of times this season with Lisa shutting the door on a half dressed Kim and the recent Wisconsin or was it Michigan fiasco. Kim looked poorly in both situations.

    Now this twitter rant….oh, Kim. It looks like family will have to start paying your bills again. If these are Kim’s attempts to secure her spot for another season, she is in trouble. Furthermore, if the ladies will call Kim out on a poo pillow, I cannot imagine what else will come spilling out about Kim’s actions this season at the reunion. Kim should just zip it.

    • Final acts of a desperate woman. Kim is trying to secure her spot for next season and has dubbed Lisa as the one she’ll feud with. She has no other income, no man as ken loves to say, and Kyle and Mauricio aren’t eager to support her again.

      She has nothing on Lisa. No one has anything on Lisa except that Lisa is snarky and dismisses propel. Boohoo. Oh and she calculates ahead of time so she doesn’t look stupid. There’s nothing shocking she can reveal and she’s going to fail and come off as barely lucid.

      • Lisa’s been snarky since Season 1. It doesn’t bother me, though, because she snarks on herself and on Ken too.

        • I like Lisa’s snark, too. She is funny and mischievous. It works for her.

          I also agree that Kim is desperately attempting to stir up the drama and it is turning into an epic fail because Kim is incapable of playing the production game of creating entertainment for the viewer.

          The rest of them can do it. From Teresa, Ramona, Tamra, even Brandi and Melissa are capable of creating enough drama to keep us talking and blogging about it. Good or bad – they do it. That is their job. Kim cannot. She is incapable.

          • Yeah, Lisa’s snark is entertaining and part of her charm to me.

            I think some of the other women get SOOOOO offended by it because they take themselves too seriously.

            Also, it’s like there’s a double standard when it comes to Lisa and some (or all) of the other women.

            Every little thing Lisa does is nit-picked to prove that she is EVIL and must be DESTROYED, whereas, when it comes to some of the other women, some of their more egregious behavior is excused away.

            For instance, Kyle gets her digs in and can be VERY snarky (Her snark is usually accompanied by a VERY loud and annoying CACKLE). But when Kyle does it (often, according to Kyle), she’s “joking.” When Lisa does it, she’s being “manipulative, cunning, and taking jabs/getting her digs in.”

            *Big Sigh*

        • Lola, I agree!! I really don’t get why she is getting all this hate. Especially when Brandi is clearing losing viewers left and right. I was a HUGE Brandi fan, but I just can’t get behind her most recent antics and comments. I don’t always agree with Lisa and what she says or does, but in my eyes she has remained the same since day 1.

          And frankly, she doesn’t need this show. At all.

          • I don’t get it either.

            Lisa’s no innocent, and I (and many of her other fans, I’m sure) NEVER thought of her that way.

            But the other women are not innocent either.

            The problem I’m having is the fact that some of the other women clearly want to make Lisa “the Bad Guy,” acting like she’s twirling her mustache in an evil way, when they have NO room to talk, considering their poor/irritating behavior.

          • I actually like it when Lisa can be her snarky self, and Kyle can be her catty self back and they make digs with each other, but then laugh and maturely let it go.

            Last night the clip of them at lunch seemed just that – Lisa saying, “you’ll know if we aren’t fine when I say so,” and Kyle laughing saying, “wait when you say so, don’t I have a say too”–then they both laughed and moved on. This seemed real to me without all the anxious glances, or walking on eggshells.

            Kim is crazy for cocoa puffs right now. If she is off the wagon, she will go after Kyle next. I understand Kim and Lisa were never really friends, but Kim is just making up b.s. about Lisa.

            I think both Lisa and Kyle have done things to each other that were below the belt – Kyle’s chess and weakness comment/Lisa attacking Mauricio’s business and wrongly bringing up the cheating rumours repeatedly on air. But Kim, that’s the total sum of it and there is no other dirt you can pin on Lisa regarding Cedric or the other housewives.

            I really don’t still understand what Lisa did to Brandi – Lisa seemed to be genuinely worried for her and caring about Brandi. Lisa mothers her friends and that is who she is. Does this all come down to Scheanna? I also did not like Brandi infering that Lisa was a snob and wouldn’t know how to act around her family–it wasn’t said as a joke but as a harsh thing to say about Lisa’s character.

          • @ Happy Day,

            If Lisa and Kyle became friends again, Brandi would probably implode. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling she has a VERY vested interest in ensuring that this does NOT happen (for some strange reason). Maybe I’m wrong, but I do get that feeling, and I cannot tell you why.

            As for Brandi’s motivation with regard to Lisa, all I can do is speculate. I get the feeling that Brandi decided to change the “rules” of her friendship with Lisa WITHOUT informing Lisa of this.

            I mean, when Brandi was persona non grata, Lisa fully accepted her and got Ken to do the same. They took an almost parental and protective liking to her. Brandi seemed to REVEL in it….

            ….when she NEEDED them.

            Once she gained some success and the friendship of what she MIGHT have deemed as an “even bigger FISH” in Yolanda (and, via Yolanda, David), I think she saw Lisa (and Ken) as being no longer “useful” to her and “disposable.”

            Also,because her resentment started to build over Lisa’s relationship with Scheana and because she seems to want only enablers around her who will NOT, like a TRUE friend, pull her coat and call her out on her bad/inappropriate/unwise behavior from time to time the way Lisa does, I think Brandi finally decided to get revenge on Lisa for these things (all the while, Lisa is sitting there completely unaware, still behaving with Brandi as she has ALWAYS behaved, not really understanding the depth of animosity Brandi has developed for her).

            It’s also looking to me like Yolanda developed some type of animosity for Lisa as well.


            I don’t know. I DO know that another thing I read in that “Confessions of A Sociopath” book was how the author loved to have “friendships of 3,” where she would manipulate and get one of the other women in that group of 3 friends to turn against the other one and gang up on her. Is this what Brandi’s doing? Maybe. Maybe NOT.

            It also looks to me like Brandi had an agenda from the VERY BEGINNING of this season, to influence opinion of Lisa in a very NEGATIVE way with the new cast mates (at least with Joyce, if she is to be believed, and I DO believe her in that regard) and with the viewers (hence, her constant Lisa-bashing Twitter and interview campaign for months DURING filming, before the season started airing and after the season began airing).

            Like you, I don’t see WHAT Lisa did to Brandi that was so horrible that it justifies the way Brandi has turned on her; stabbed her in the back; and set out on a campaign to ruin her reputation.

            If Brandi was tired of being “mother-ed,” all she had to do was have a FIRM conversation with Lisa where she expressed this and told Lisa that if she did not STOP the “mother-ing,” she would end the friendship and followed through on ending it if Lisa didn’t stop (NOT go on this bridge-burning campaign where Lisa is concerned).


        • I like her snark too. She’s always been that way and if the other women don’t like it, they should’ve just decided not to be friends with her. I don’t know how many times they can bring it up as a complaint about her because she’s always been this way. Kim acts like she’s going to drop some bombshell when all she’s going to do is whine about Lisa being rude or dismissing her.

    • Kim was at last season’s reunion. She is gonna become Brandi’s pet, and is gonna leech to her to secure her spot next season. This reunion is gonna be the most drama.

    • “Everyone loves a comeback story especially when its staring ME” I think she wants to live up to this hype. She would have faired better if she came back and just acted sane and rational and cleaned up her act. I think a lot of ppl were pulling for her but she is so erratic now. She lost me.

    • Yeah, she is something that Kim! On one hand, I get her finally to have something to bitch about because lets face it- her plots are pretty much insignificant on a show like this .On the other hand, Im like , really Kim??? You finally open your mouth and this is what you have? And also, so much back and forth, fence hopping, friend switching story changes going on this season the question for me is who is REALLY friends with who, if anyone? Do you think they all hate each other, friends for camera ( friendly) friends to spite others? Do any of them know what it is to be a friend? Such a shame.

      • I honestly don’t think they know how to be long term friends.
        Maybe fair weather friends? Or friends when it befits them?

        My friendships have always been years and years. I don’t have one person that i considered a friend that i know consider an enemy . Maybe cause i pick well and so do they ?

        Maybe cause we don’t talk shit about each other? Seems simple to me


        • I k now! At their ages also, it should not be hard to be an authentic person. I myself have friends still from school, met many people throughout military moves, and the good ones I still am friends with for years!! Maybe the camera brings out the devil, LOL????? And the claws… Many have changed /flip flopped and became a bit hostile since being on HW’s- on all franchises.

  • So where was Kim last night? She was supposed to be on WWHL, but didn’t show. I suppose Kim will get a break because she is a poor victim, an addict, and not responsible for her irresponsible acts. Good Kim, PFFT.

    Lisa on the other hand didn’t attend a H.S. graduation because she was at a CHARITY event. Bad Lisa, NOT.

    • She did not attend the silly event because she didn’t want to. Nothing wrong with that but admit it, darling.

      • Wonder when she RSVP’ed??? I hope someone asks that of her and Andy reads it to her on the reunion.

        I still so much Lisa hate on this blog…..frankly, I am not sure where it is coming from….. but that is just me. I don’t see her actions, comments, or behaviors is the same way as other viewers. Having said that, I think in this particular situation, Lisa handled herself accordingly. It isn’t stated anywhere that you must go when invited to someone’s house. At least she had the decency to decline. Did Kim give her the same courtesy on several different occasions??? No.

        • just my opinion but…Lisa is one of those people who do their dirty work behind closed doors. Then she can deny it when the object of her dirt cries foul, and can pretend that she is above all the nasty. If you’ve ever dealt with someone like that, you know how frustrating it is because they are so good at hiding the true intentions of their actions and always have “plausible deniability” allowing them to portray themselves as the noble “victim.”

          • Hey guys! Just stopping to say hello! I hardly ever you see both anymore. Missed you 🙂 @camms and srt_3

          • hiiiiii mich! I am always here, but don’t always comment because I gave up watching all the HW shows-hard to throw in my two cents when I haven’t really seen what went down for myself. I don’t miss the shows as much as I miss talking to YOU GUYS!

          • Hey Camms ! I feel like I say often Im quitting watching, but then I watch.. For real I think I may stop- causes too much drama to even talk about lately LOL..But I do like back and forth mostly with people on here.

          • Hi ladies….
            Nice to see you both. I continue to read this blog but don’t comment as much. I am kinda over the bullshit. I think the franchise is completely ruined. It just isn’t the same as it once was and while I do watch, it isn’t the same for me.

            BUT… is nice to see you two here! I don’t recognize the names anymore….

            Cammie…..GO BRUINS!!! I sat right behind the bench once and was so close to Zdeno Chara….omg, I love him. My poor hubby was looking at me saying, “umm, hello, here I am….”

            Michers, when I see your name I will comment more often!

          • @cammierari

            Clearly I must have missed the PuppetMaster (Lisa) getting ADULT women to do her bidding.

            Please remind me the dirty work Lisa has made ADULT women do behind closed doors.

          • @TEAM FAIR-
            In your zeal to defend Lisa, I think you misread my post. Nowhere did I say that Lisa was a puppetmaster, or got others to do her dirty work.

            Just got back from watching the B’s lose to the Hawks in Chicago-but what an experience! Hope to run into you at the Garden during the PLAYOFFS!! 🙂

          • @cammierari

            This is exactly what you wrote:

            cammierari says:January 21, 2014 at 2:33 pm

            just my opinion but…Lisa is one of those people who do their dirty work behind closed doors. Then she can deny it when the object of her dirt cries foul, and can pretend that she is above all the nasty. If you’ve ever dealt with someone like that, you know how frustrating it is because they are so good at hiding the true intentions of their actions and always have “plausible deniability” allowing them to portray themselves as the noble “victim.”
            No, I did not misread your post, this is why I re-posted what I was responding to.

            Yes, I will defend Lisa or any other HW that I feel is receiving a raw deal, IMO. And your exact words were:
            “Lisa is one of those people who do their dirty work.” (Puppet Master)

            You call it zeal. I call it being fair, hence my name TEAM FAIR.

            Now, I did not say you called Lisa the Puppet Master those were my words.

          • TEAM FAIR

            Just to be clear, a puppet master controls other people.

            Cammierari said that “Lisa is one of those people who do their dirty work”… That’s saying that Lisa herself does dirty work. That’s not an insinuation that Lisa controls other people.

            You read it wrong.

      • Why should she have to admit anything! Why did she have to attend? If someone said a mean tweet to me I would respond. Is she a robot?

        Now saying all that she should of said she when asked ”
        I just got back and went to my restaurant for a note to eat”. Why lie! That was Lisa’s mistake.

        • Oops. Meant she should have said ” I just got back and got a bite to eat and ck on mu restaurant “

      • I wonder when the last party was the last time you got up at 2 am flew cross country. Walked in a 7 mile event then did the rest of the charity event then flew home arriving at 8 pm and had to check on your business and eat dinner? That’s 18 hours of travel and event plus work right after ? Kim started her talking head saying the party was originally a day party! Lisa sent her regrets at this time! eND OF STORY! Kim does not own Lisa’s time! Lisa is not obligated to attend! Kim was completely off her rocker and slurring her words. If you all truly care for Kim you should be concerned about her state! Before she turns up dead from an overdose if something like so many other celebrities with addiction problems have! It’s good that she got sober last year but Kyle said many times Kims been through rehab and gotten sober many times and relapsed many times! Pull your heads out if the sand. Kim is not well again! It’s glaringly obvious!!

    • Where did you see Kim was supposed to be on WWHL? I didn’t see her in the line up for the week Sunday night.

    • That’s right Kim Richards was to appear on WWHL, but didn’t, and after those rants on Twitter, my guess is something is amiss with Kim, and she wasn’t in any shape to appear, and no one wanted her to appear. Plus, she would have brought this up or been asked about it, and Bravo or the Richards’ family did not want that to happen.

      I don’t think it is a coincidence that she didn’t appear. In her Twitter rants, she accused Lisa of messing with her sobriety — that is hateful and delusional, as no one can do that, but her. Kim definitely has something going on.

      A week or so ago, it was reported that Kim had spoken to freely to Brandi, and Brandi tweeted something about being drunk, passed out and found by producers half naked, which I think refers to Kim Richards at some point. It was also reported that Kim unfollowed Brandi on Twitter. Seems to me there is a lot going on there, and then Kim defends Brandi–someone else is managing Kim’s blog and twitter account at this time as nothing rings true, especially her blog. Something is going on with Kim, and someone is trying to cover it up. Hence, the recent Bravo blog, and the no show at WWHL. I don’t think Kim is in control, and her actions started wreaking of it, and someone has intervened. Just saying.

      • She actually accused ME if messing with her sobriety! Just a point of clarification! Which only further serves to prove she’s not thinking straight!

  • I saw Lisa tweet and was wondering what it was about. I thought someone was sending her hateful tweets. I never put 1+1 together this time.

      • Hey THE TRUTH!!!

        thanks for asking, this one little tweet cleared up everything, as opposed to Kim picking up the phone and saying “I’m pissed you didn’t come to my daughter’s graduation party”.

        No innuendo
        No stabbing
        No twitter war
        No ranting

        Lisa already sent a RSVP explaining she would not be able to attend

        Lisa already sent a gift…event for Lisa – off the list of things to do.

        Just cuz Lisa is able to grab some downtime Kim decides it is an slam against her daughter and tries to slam Lisa.

        • Hi Samuel, I totally agree with you. I really don’t understand how Lisa is seen as being in the wrong about this situation? It wasn’t like she said yes I will be there and didn’t show up! Lisa continues to get blasted about everything and I, for one, don’t think it is fair.

          Especially considering the shit show Brandi has been putting on lately…..

          All I want to know is if Kim daughter sent a thank you gift….

          Umm, I am guessing no.

        • Hi Samuel, I totally agree with you. I really don’t understand how Lisa is seen as being in the wrong about this situation? It wasn’t like she said yes I will be there and didn’t show up! Lisa continues to get blasted about everything and I, for one, don’t think it is fair.

          Especially considering the shit show Brandi has been putting on lately…..

          All I want to know is if Kim daughter sent a thank you gift….

          Umm, I am guessing no. If I ever didn’t send a thank you thank you card, my mother would kill me.

  • How does she find the time to stay abreast of the inanity when she’s running a business empire! Oh sod off Lisa, really.

    Kim’s latest feud with Lisa is stupid yet Lisa feeds it. Both are lame.

      • She clearly states in her tweet that she read all the ‘hateful tweets’, meaning it took more than one second. She’ll be dwelling on these ‘hateful tweets’ forever, knowing her capacity to carry grudges.

        • This just seems like such a non-factor situation. Lisa must be bored. These 2 were never really friends, were they?

          • Exactly, she’s always telling Kim to shut up and can’t be bothered with her but she’s taking the time to read the “hateful tweets” and to respond. I’m assuming she’s also taking time to talk about it and dwell on it (she loves grudges) … so she’s investing more than a second on it. She’ll probably talk about at the reunion. Gosh, all that precious time wasted when it could be applied to running her business empire! Gee whiz

            Golly, I hope Kyle has time to make that single tweet Lisa demanded, it only takes one second and she’s not running a business empire. Come on Kyle!

          • Well I’m sure someone brought the tweets to her attention, so, therefore, she took the 2 minutes it would take to read them. Kim has been rude to Lisa since Season 1. Remember the finger pointing and telling Kyle “she’s not your friend” comment. I’d dismiss Kim too, she jumps in convos without any solid comments. I don’t believe she has every been completely sober.

        • Let say for arguments sake that it took her 5 whole minutes..does hat really make or break her on the way to building her empire? I think not. The lady surely have SOME spare time. They ALL are devouring the blogs to say what everyone is saying about them. Come on now.

          • Lets just say this: They were never fiends! And if things are “silly or BS didn’t Lisa say ” ignore it”? I mean, I dont care for Kyle, but she did want Kyle to ignore cheating tabloids, yes? But responds to Kim’s simpleton tweets.. thats funny..and they were NEVER close, so why bother responding yet again to pettiness?

        • @Jarlath

          So, let me be clear, you have issues with the person who made ONE comment, but the person who actions started this stupid-ness you have no problem with. Am I correct in what you are saying?

          Oh, Ok…because that makes perfect sense.

          • This goes beyond Lisa’s single tweet. I’m looking at the bigger picture. And yes Lisa has every right to respond (I think Kim is wrong on this one) but my issue is with the Lisan fans who claim she’s above it all and doesn’t have time for nonsense … yet she’s always there stirring the pot.

        • @Jarlath

          Ok, that makes sense. I didn’t realize you were looking at the bigger picture, because your post did not imply this.

          Although, I do not agree with you regarding Lisa, I do see why you responded in the matter you did.

          Carry On. LOL!

      • Lisa. Told Kyle..respond…put it to rest! Say it’s not so then carry on and ignore it! That’s exactly what Lisa is doing. Acknowledging she saw them..and that she had nothing to say in response! I think that says clearly to Kim! I heard you and I’m not impressed ! Good for you Lisa! A person dies not have to take abuse without saying “stop it! I don’t like it!” In order to be above is not stirring a pot when the Pot is boiling over with hatefulness toward you! She put a lid on it! Period!

        • Kim can be fully deluded at times –something unfortunately her family has dealt with for many, many years of her highs and lows. Now Lisa appears to be her new obsession/target and Kim is making stuff up out of thin air (or a vodka haze).

          Kim frequently rewrites history, something Mauricio and Kyle have pointed out over the years when viewers sometimes take Kim’s accounts of the past as gospel. The scary part is that Kim always convinces herself her version of the past is true.

          I remember the first season when Kyle would get so frustrated with Kim and the other ladies like Adrienne would be like she is not so bad, and why are you so critical of her — well, she lived the hot and cold and the crazy that is Kim.

          Lisa’s not her sister, so a simple, “Take a hike, darling” should put an end to things for Lisa.

    • I was able to find and read them on a blog called “Reality TV Bliss.” I don’t want to put up a link because I had problems the last time I put up a link. So, no more links for me.

    • I follow Kim on twitter and never read any hateful tweets. Anything she tweeted would have been on my TL so, even if she deleted them, I still would have seen them to begin with.

      • Believe me she ranted on and on. I know this because many if them were directly to me! I tired to nicely ask her if she was having trouble again because her behavior was erratic and she was hanging on to things that happened a long time ago and tembering them quite differently than they happened. She went off in me saying I was attacking her sobriety! I told her that I have nothing at all to do with her sobriety only she does then asked her if it was wise to be hanging out with a woman who drinks as much as Brandi does? Was that good for her sobriety. I told her that she should go back to AA and get some support because she was not making sense- she went on a rant about Cedric and Kyle Camille and Adrienne saying how everything was Lisa’s fault because if the way she used them! And mistreated them! It made no sense at all! It was so random. When u asked her a question she would agree with you then go off in another direction with wild claims. She is clearly not behVing in a normal sober manner! J

        • LOL. Who the hell are you to be passing some serious judgements like her needing to go back to AA (which you don’t know if she doesn’t attend) on someone else you don’t know. SIC.

          • I have to say to ‘THE TRUTH’, how come you can cast aspersions on Lisa’s character but are very angry if someone does the same to Kim or her family, you state that those you are replying to ‘don’t know’ whoever they are talking about,usually Kim …so I ask you, are you Kim or another family member? Your double standards are highly amusing & your coming across as being intoxicated with your angry caps lock ….

  • Ok, Team Lisa on this, she gave you notice weeks prior, and so what she was home. She sent a gift, what the heck does Kim wants, is she drinking again?

    • On a different website I commented on something and someone replied to me. This person is a recovering alcoholic and said that he didn’t believe she was sober. Ever. I haven’t seen this tweets, but I personally think Kim is making way too much over Lisa not going to this party! I mean, seriously, it isn’t like she didn’t respond at all…..

      Kim is so in the wrong here. Especially considering what she has missed in the past.

      • I tweeted to Kyle saying that I think the anger was because she really mad her sister Kathy Hilton wasn’t there. And Kathy tweeted me back saying her sister knew she wasn’t going to be there. I said yes she knew Lisa wasn’t either but that didn’t matter did it?

      • Kim is deffo using SOMETHING. Prayer and medication bby; it’s an AA joke for a reason. Poor Kim, she shouldn’t be on reality tv, she never had a chance at staying sober. Does she even HAVE a sponsor? Her diatribe against Lisa was funny though, in a nutty kindof way. I wonder if she’s having a bad (as in cuckoo) reaction to antidepressants? Or mixing alcohol and antidepressants? Or major hallucinogenics? LISA DID IT, SHE IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. IT’S ALL LISA. LISA IS SUPER VILLAIN, SHE’S LIKE LEX LUGER BUT WITH PINK. I actually like Kim FTR. I hope she gets off BH and starts working a serious program.

    • AGREE. Ridiculus. Why did she HAVE to attend. I can only imagine how many weddings etc she is invited to. Now if she was family… Ok. Give everyone a break! Kim is being stupid and I don’t use that word often!

    • I don’t believe that Kim was wrong at all. Kim was angry because Lisa lied about being out of town. Lied. That would give me reason to be upset as well first of all.

      Secondly, in Kim’s blog she said the reason why she was upset, she wanted all of her daughters favorite people there for her event. When you have a child that you care about, if its something that is important to them and will make them happy, then it is twice as important to you. Kim has said that Kimberley loves Ken and wanted him there.

      Once again Lisa has gotten caught in a lie, and when it involves your child you are rightly upset. It is not just about a gift. Kim admitted she missed events in the past, because she was ill (alcoholism is an illness)… since then you can she she has been to everyones events these last two seasons.

      • I am sorry but she didn’t lie. There is photo evidence that she was in Missouri. Regardless, Lisa RSVP’ed and sent a gift. It doesn’t really matter why she didn’t go. She responded no. If she got back on Saturday, it was her choice not to go, especially since she already replied that she wouldn’t be there. I really don’t know why she is made to seem in the wrong.

        I think Ken made a great point to Kim when she kept at Lisa about this. How many things has Kim missed in the past? Like Pandy’s wedding, which she replied YES to and didn’t show up. Give me a break.

        I wonder if Kim’s daughter sent a thank you card for the gift…..

        • Lisa did in fact lie. Lie. She told Kim that if she came back in time for Kimberley’s party that she would be there. (Lie#1). She was back in time and was not at the party but at SUR. The second lie was when Kim confronted her about being at SUR, Lisa said that she was in Missouri all weekend, when in actuality she was only in Missouri for a few hours (Lie#2).

          The question was never about why she didn’t go, it was about her lying about her being out of town and not supporting Kim’s daughter. Of course Lisa had a choice not to go, in fact Kim said that in her interview, what she was hurt by was the lie.

          Why would you make a dig at Kim’s daughter’s politeness, that was a low, unnecessary blow to someone you hardly see. That shows your character. I’m done.

          • @THE TRUTH!!!

            Let go over those “lies” you believe Lisa told.

            Lisa came home from an OUT OF TOWN event, which tells me she was tired and wanted to eat and go home. UUMMM, isn’t that exactly what she did. She ate at HER restaurant and went home.

            Now, let’s put yourself in Lisa place, you got up early, took a 3.5 hr flight to worked an event, had to fly home another 3.5 flight home; so the LAST thing you want to do is go and be social at a party.

            The second lie; Lisa was only in Missouri few hours? So What. Clearly, you must have forgotten that Lisa did tell Kim there might be a chance she would Not be able to make the party?

            Also, let address Kim for a hot second. This Chica has no RIGHT to call out ANY HOUSEWIFE!!! She NEVER kept her word — and no I will NOT give her a pass because of her drinking problem. This only tell me she should be a little more forgiving of others, because the other HW’s had her back.

            Last issue I want to address is Kim’s daughter who has yet to even acknowledge Lisa & Ken’s gift. If I were Kim I would worry about my ungrateful daughter who clearly miss the lesson on manners when people give you a gift….A NICE GIFT instead of Lisa.

          • @ TEAM FAIR

            If you read my comments, never did I say that Lisa was wrong for feeling tired and not going to Kim’s event. I said that she was wrong for not telling calling Kim and telling her that she was back in town but however, I’m too tired to make it. The ONLY reason I think Lisa should have called Kim is only because Lisa said that if she made it in time then she would go to the party. Now if Lisa never said that and just said no I’ll be out of town, then I don’t think it would have been necessary to call Kim.

            To your second rebuttal, yes I do remember what Lisa said, as for I repeated her words in an earlier comment. As I said, yes she told her that she probably would not be there, but she also said if she made it back in time then she would show up.

            And as for the “few hours” that was mentioned because Lisa said she was gone for the entire weekend, when she wasn’t.

            You’re right however she should be more forgiving of other people not showing up, however I do think she shouldn’t be held to the mistakes that she made when she was ill for forever.

            Wait I’m sorry, now how do you know that Kimberley didn’t acknowledge Lisa’s gift? Ohh I forgot, she’s supposed to make her thank you public for everyone to see. And calling someone ungrateful that you don’t know… Really… Ridiculous.

          • she flew out friday and arrived back saturday evening, she also said to kim that she thought the party was a day event

          • We are getting into semantics here, THE TRUTH…..Lisa did not LIE. You seem to be a little more involved with this than you should, which leads me to believe you are personally involved. Lisa RSVP’d NO. So, she didn’t have to go AT ALL. She was out of town, regardless of when she got home. Give it a rest. It wasn’t like Lisa went to a different party or something…. You are reaching.

            And, the fact is, Kim was all pissed about this because she sees it as being rude or whatever. Well, had her daughter not send a thank you card I see that as rude.

          • I’m sorry sweetie, you replied to my message, not the other way around. I was in response to JD, everyone has their own opinion. Don’t get offended because mine doesn’t align with yours.

          • Lisa was dining at SUR in the evening. Lisa thought that Kim’s daughter’s party was during the day, and not at night. Lisa thought that the party was over by the time she got back from Missouri.

          • @THE TRUTH!!!

            Yes, I did read your post, hence my response. Just because, I do not agree with you, doesn’t mean I didn’t read your post. Now, I didn’t say you said Lisa was wrong (I should ask you the same thing about reading others post) I said, you called Lisa a liar. But, why should Lisa even be held accountable tell Kim that, it’s pointless….Lisa send her REGRETS in regards to the party; therefore, she owed Kim NOTHING. How come Lisa couldn’t have changed her mind about going once she returned from her flight? That can’t be an option? What we can’t change our minds without being label a liar? WOW, so we come to that, Oh, Ok.

            When Lisa said she was going to be gone for the weekend, couldn’t that have been the truth when she said it? So, plans change…it happen…again, plans must stay the way there were written, situation changes all the time. However, it does not mean Lisa is a liar, again, I say Lisa owed Kim NOTHING.

            I will ALWAYS hold Kim accountable because she is not considerate of others, when EVERYONE had her back; she should be be considerate; but what does she do when “sober” nothing but say what a “bad” friend Lisa has been. Really, Kim! No, passes will be giving, and I make no apologies.

            Funny, how you call me Ridiculous for calling someone I do not know ungrateful; however, it’s that what you did when you called Lisa a Liar; and you do not know her. I call Kim’s daughter ungrateful, Lisa said that she sent a gift; and I believe her 100% she sent the gift; and besides, Kim didn’t say Lisa lied about the gift being sent. Because if Lisa did lie, Kim would have said that at the same time she called Lisa a liar for not coming to the party.

            Yes, I called Kim’s daughter ungrateful; and I will say it again, ungrateful. You used the correct word, Ridiculous, however, I will attribute that to Kim’s who is attempting to make this situation bigger than what it really is. Kim is on the chopping block she knows it; as well as Kyle; Kim is doing and saying ANYTHING to stay on the show; and this is Really… Ridiculous.

          • @thetruth I like your name by the way and honestly think u want to say the truth but you are not. Let me help clear things up. I’ve stayed quiet until I read Kim’ delusional tweets abt Lisa. That’s when I wrote some tweets to her hoping she would read them. You say lie #1 was Lisa saying she wld be at party if she was back in town. Thruth: Lisa was still in Misouri

          • @thetruth lie #2 is Lisa being in Misouri a few hours. That is innacurate. Lisa flew out of lax fri at 4am. Arrived in Misouri early afternoon. Was put “to work” right away. Didn’t get done till very late and was up at 5am (L.A. time) to do walk. As far as her being in town earlier than expected, I can clear that up. Her original plan was 3 days(departing Sun) When I showed her schedule, she saw we really had nothing for her to do sunday(its one long drawn out goodbye) so she & Ken decided to catch an earlier flight then and only then. Why all this animosity towards Lisa? Can we give her a break? She did this on her own time(no cameras/publicity) and her own dime. And she had also confirmed to come many months ahead b4 she even knew of Kim’s party. No she didn’t put me up to this. I think it’s wrong for her to get flack when she was so gracious and kind to the attendees. And trust it wasn’t for show.

      • Also, her using the alcoholism as the reason she missed things?? What about Lisa’s reason of having a job or supporting a charity?

      • No Lies–just an overly tired Lisa who said she was gone when Kim confronted her and when Kim had her “ahha” moment. Lisa stopped and thought and then said yes–I did get back but was very tired and went an ate then to bed.

    • I agree and I’m team Lisa. She RSVP’d that she would not attend and sent a gift. You don’t have to give a reason for not attending when you RSVP. Kim is acting like a 2 year old. She acts like she traded alcohol for valium. It was only a high school graduation party for heaven sake!

    • Did you see the tweets? I didn’t see them and really don’t know what this story is referring to. Can you give me a brief synopsis?

      • There isn’t that much to them and they were not hate filled. Kim just said to ask Kyle, Adrienne, Camille and Cedric about the treatment they received from Lisa.

        Oh and Lisa is to blame for things that happened to brandi.

        • It didn’t help that a blogger on Twitter is obsessed with Lisa being perfect and attacks these ladies no matter if they are joking or not. Kim has the right to her opinion and she sees behind the camera s too. I am proud of Kim and hope she keeps up the good work. Lisa can be a good person and times I admire her . I do think if Lisa put as much energy into caring about Kim as she wasted on Brandi, they would get along. I was a single mom for 12 yrs and never acted anything like Brandi and was 19 with my first child. Alcoholism is a disease and Kim needed more support than Brandi ever did. Watching my dad drink himself to death makes me root for Kim even more.Lisa has made many comments about Kim over the yrs, she deserved it!

          • Kim never really liked Lisa so why would she be the one to look out for her? She has her sister. And Brandi IS an alcoholic too. Whether she admits it or not,and she needs just as much help if not more. I’m happy Kim got help there’s a big difference but I don’t believe shes totally sober. The way she looks and acts is like someone on too much medication. I’ve seen it before and I recognize it. But at least she put the booze down.