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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Are Melissa Gorga And Teresa Giudice Getting Along While Filming Season Six?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently filming it’s sixth season and while we’re used to seeing Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice go at it, we’re going to see just the opposite this season!

Sources reveal to AllAboutTRH exclusively that Melissa Gorga and Teresa are getting along this season,

“Every time the season ends, Melissa and Teresa barely see each other and communicate but since they are filming, they have shockingly been getting along. Melissa has had Teresa’s back throughout the season but the drama still continues.”

So what will we expect this season?

“Everyone was aware that viewers were getting tired of seeing the same arguments occur with Melissa and Teresa so season six is a bit different now that there are new wives. Nicole and Teresa Napolitano are the newest wives and they have been involved in a lot of the drama. This season is going to be a lot different from most especially with Caroline and Jacqueline no longer being on the show. Viewers will also get to see a much more personal side of Dina Manzo who has been estranged from her family for years. Teresa is also focusing on her children and bigger things considering what she and her husband are going through regarding the fraud charges.”

Well I’m glad to know that there will actually be a change because I was sick and tired of seeing family make each other look so horrible on national television. Are you excited for season six of RHONJ?

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  • I feel badly still for senior Gorgas, and the kids. This family is whacked! Just for camera, and end results. Way too stubborn, just like Ms. Wakilie and Giancento Gorga as siblings. Too bad. Over it, but yep, will be nice to see them fake it ’til they make it.

  • and PS, I believe he followed his wife’s lead the last three seasons, so if she’s playing nice, he has no choice. I’ve said before, an angry Melissa must be a real chore to live with.

  • What I REALLY don’t want to see is Joey finally acting like a real brother (not to mention man), because in his eyes, Teresa had to fall, and now she did. If he uses that stupid reasoning to be good to his sister, I’ll gag.

    I wonder if Teresa’s problems are severe enough for him to start behaving like a human being.

    • Girl…. see ya in the nursing home, LOL ( God forbid) or.. when you hit the lottery? because that will most likely happen first.

    • I already got Joey’s talking head played out in my head, “I love my sister. I’ll always love my sister. It’s wonderful that she and Melissa are finally bonding. That’s what a family is suppose to do. Bond.” LMFAOOOO.

      • If he says anything even close to “now that she has fallen, and is humbled, off her high horse” blah blah, I will be needing a new flat screen.

        • Hey RealNJ, Best Buy is having a huge Super Bowl sale. Run and get one now, because I think you took the words right out his mouth (it sounds disgusting, I know, lol).

  • Oh, Pul-leezzzz; of course, Melissa and Teresa are getting along. What did you expect, ALL of Melissa’s co-conspirators have left the building!

    There is no, Jacqueline, Caroline and Ms. Boring; oops, sorry, my bad, Ms. Kathy (has been demoted to friend of the HW) to back her on her foolishness any more. Let’s just see if Kathy is in the cast photo.

    Melissa had no other choice but to be friend with Teresa. Now, let’s see what her troll of a brother will react to know the show is not about his stupid-ness or lies he so like to tell in “his” one-on-one interviews!

    • Like I mentioned upthread, he will have his hand on his heart blubbering how much he loves his sister and a lot of other bullshit.

    • Good post @Team Fair. Countess from RHONY was featured in this season’s casting pictures, despite being demoted. So there is a tiny, slim chance Katfish might as well.

  • Like I said, I really don’t care if these two get along anymore, I just don’t want to see it on my TV anymore. And thank goodness they and the network has finally gotten the message. I am looking forward to seeing it play out on camera. How fake or authentic it’s going to look seeing them at least play nice, mainly going against twins.

    I am quite interested seeing Dina’s side of things when it comes to her family issues , especially with Caroline/Jacqueline/Chris and hopefully tells why she truly left the show. I kind of want Danielle vindicated for the first 2 seasons, even for just a little bit. Danielle caught holy hell for being the villain for years, but it was someone close to her feeding her the information on Dina.

  • Although Messy is a self centered fair weather friend and fake as can be, I do look forward to the show and reading this blog. Messy loves to play victim and it will be interesting what her talking head will say between the scenes.

  • NJ has been boring the last few seasons. A fake storyline of the now friendly Mel and Trev is so Zzzzzzzzz.
    Who can believe this crap. Seems too scripted to me.

  • Ok, they’re getting along. No surprise, this is said at some point everytime they’re filming.

    I think it is kind of sad that two adults, co-workers, not to mention family members, actually getting along is a big deal, Sheesh, lol. At some point, these two have to realize that “getting along” is in their best interest. Neither of them benefits if one leaves the show or if the show is cancelled. Before people start saying Tre doesn’t need Mel, I think it has even been said here that Tre became MORE popular after the conflict with her family was shown on the show. Regardless of you are a fan of, there is no denying these two depend on each other for their popularity.

    • Do you really think Mel is that important? With Dina back, I don’t see the point in her staying. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t bear another second of their feud, but watching them pal around will seem so phony & forced.

      • No. I really don’t think that Mel is that important.

        I am just saying what many have said, that much of Tre’s popularity is/was due to the way her family treated her. If that whole underdog thing goes away, more of her fans may go too. Unless,of course, the whole new vs old thing plays out and Tre becomes the new girls’ target.

        In my opinion, I think both Tre and Mel realize what is at stake and getting along s in both of their best interests.

  • Of course Tre and Melissa are getting along even Melissa couldn’t pull off being anti-Teresa with her upcoming legal struggles.

    Unfortunate picture of Teresa she needs to learn how to sit like a lady.

  • One thing I enjoy watching is all the cooking and joking around that this family use to do while taping.

    I could care less if it is fake – this seasonal love for Teresa serves a purpose for all.

    I hope this season there is no:

    – nut nibbling
    – no inferred and never proven “rumor”s about M cheating and or him cheating – so far M is the only one spreading this lie

    – no created brawls by Bravo/cohen
    – update on each cast member’s trial situations
    – stop leaving the conversations the viewer’s want to see on the editing floor
    – bravo/cohen stop inviting guests, then creating storyline to get that guest beaten on film

    Family gatherings – business ventures – children’s activities as background “noise” would be awesome.

    • Morning Samael

      Sunday funday dinner! Let’s hope Mel and T are this team because it would probably be more watchable now they have the twins to go against. I’m still predicting that Dina will square off at Amber or will go against one of the twins.

      • Good morning Andrew

        Dina is a question mark for me – I truly hope she does square up and stand up for Teresa come hell or high water, takes more than cool tweets to stand up for Teresa.

        Change is never easy, look at why M decided to latch onto RHNJ, so yeah I am sure Teresa is a tad tentative to the newbie’s, nice but tentative.

    • Jeez, sam! After reading your summary, its so obvious this past season was downright disgusting. Since they have hit rock bottom, they have nowhere to go but up, but don’t hold your breath hoping they don’t talk about the trial, buddy. This isn’t the Hallmark Channel!

      • Good morning eggmitit

        yeah who knew bravo and ass cohen could mambo that low huh?

        The trial comment was a dig and a big WTH at bravo/Ass cohen.

        Cohen grilled Teresa like a sandwich at the reunion, and yet never brought up

        – M driving without driver l. and not bothering to have her child in a child safety seat and something about her insurance

        – because of the charges against Jac/Chris and Ass Gorga (nut nibbler) were dropped ( can’t remember outcome) John went the “civil” court way and I want to hear about their court outcome – not just Teresa’s

        I know rub a lamp right?

        Apparently only Teresa’s stuff is addressed 24/7 season after season.

    • hey Samuel, have you heard if the case JTG brought against TB and the Luritas has been ajudicated? Actually, anyone know what has happened with this case?
      Thanks all

  • I am not surprised at all.. Without the don and the Whacko and Teresa’s two face cousin to back Messy up she needs to kiss T’s butt>.. hahaha

  • Is this even a shock? Tsil squidward did everything possible to land a spot on the show even I for meant putting her sorry excuse for a man against his family. By now, most of us can see what a conniving, exhibitionist, malicious viper that this little tom’s river shore really truly is. Teresa needs to cut ties since that tanned piece of shit gave Monica info.

    • Omg Steff, Melissa does look like squidward tentacles! Lol especially when her hair is greased back into a ponytail! You are hilarious and I will forever see her as squidward!

  • I’m glad there’s a different storyline. Like why would Andy/Bravo allow three seasons of the same shit? No other franchise does this.

    Melissa and Teresa together, when they do get along, might be a powerful duo. That makes me happy. I wonder though if Dina will get in a fight with any of the ladies, personally? I have a prediction it’ll be Dina vs Amber.

    • Andrew, believe me, I am very happy there is a new storyline. I just can’t swallow Melissa being “Team Tre” after what I saw these past three seasons. If they truly mended fences, then good for them. I still don’t like her and don’t plan to start anytime soon.
      Dina will definitely fight with someone, just not sure who yet. It will be fun to watch!

      • I totally agree with you eggmitit! I don’t trust Mel. I don’t want her to throw T under the bus or blame her for the feud against the twins. As for Dina, as much as I think she’s a hypocrite for coming on the show, I’m excited to see what she’ll bring on the table!

        • Definitely, Andrew! I hope she comes on with guns blazing, without the Zen crap. Seeing her and Melissa interact will be interesting. I can’t see them liking each other, even if Teresa wasn’t in the picture.

          • Omg I think maybe at first Dina might not enjoy Mel as a person, but you have to be careful bc Mel could say Teresa is telling people about me.

            Overall, I’m happy that the cast is changed. The storyline is possibly different. Also, I really hope Joe Gorga doesn’t act like the 7th housewife when Melissa is fighting with the twins and Amber.

      • Hi @Eggmitit. Dina never gave me that impression she’ll fight someone. She too jittery. Look at the “Last Supper” episode even Teresa and her nephew Chris made the comments that Dina kept moving around and conflicts are not her thing. Dina seems like she’ll be more of a peacemaker, but who knows.

        • Hi Cheryl. I think Dina likes starting trouble, but you’re right, she’s not big on confrontations. It will be interesting to see. Her daughter seems really sweet & grounded (unlike her cousins). Nice change of pace.

    • Plus, Messy knows if SIL goes to prison, she needs to secure her spot for the next season too. If she can get on Teresa’s good side and get back in the good graces of her lost fans and get some of SIL’s fans too, she’ll be a lock for another season. It’s all strategic. Like many, I can’t buy she’s or Teresa are fully team each other but for the cameras, they have to. @Andrew

      • Cheryl, I never thought of that! I can see Melissa scheming to take over the throne. I felt like her warming up to Teresa is fake, fake, fake, but I didn’t even think that this might be a long con.

        I would like it if their reconciliation is genuine, but I have doubts about that. I still remember Melissa saying if Teresa is a “good girl” they can stay friends. If somebody said that to me, I’d be pissed.

  • I wonder what miracle occurred during the filming that caused Melissa to suddenly “have Teresa’s back”. It couldn’t be the scripted storyline, could it?
    If they are getting along in real life, that’s great. I just have a hard time believing its true, as they claim to be moving forward and in a better place between filming every season.

    • MeHo needs Teresa in her corner now that Jac and Caroline are gone, and bug-eyed Kathy is only a friend of the housewives. Dina is back so MeHo will kiss a lot of ass! She’s fake as hell so I’m sure she knows how to act around everyone. As for the newbies, I’m sure MeHo would fake being nice, but “pretend” to be a good sister-in-law for Teresa just in case those newbies bring out some shit about her. Lol. Plus, those 41 charges… Yeah, if MeHo and Joey didn’t support her… They’ll lose more of the few fans they have left.

      • I definitely agree that Mel needs to start playing nice with Teresa and Dina now she doesn’t have her gang.

        Lmao bug eyed Kathy. Love it. My family actually knows one of her brother. He’s a dentist in northern jersey. Really good guy!

        • Her brother is a dentist but they use and promote a dentist in Parsippany, Dr. Rauchberg. Nice way to treat your family!!

        • Melissa is smaller than Teresa in general. So Is that really a valid point? No. Teresa does have 41 nasty counts of fraud. But that is not what Texas is talking about. Melissa DID lose in her attempt to defame Teresa and bring her down. It didn’t work and in turn she actually gained more popularity. If it wasn’t for Teresa’s fraudulent behavior her fan base would be even larger than it already is. So yes, Melissa did lose.

  • I hope they are getting along.
    I know Messy has not thrown any shade at Teresa on Teresa or in interviews, so to me that’s a really good sign.

    I still don’t know for sure if these women mentioned ^^ are on the new season of Jersey. I’ll wait and see when the season starts or Bravo makes it official. The only thing I know for sure is that Caroline is off, Jacqueline basically confirmed she was off. And that Dina is back.

    • Hi holy

      Nope, she hasn’t thrown any shade. I’m still looking to see if the twins and Amber have a facebook/twitter. So far Amber has both which now she uses her twitter actively and Dina Manzo follows her. Teresa N has a FB and Nicole has neither.

    • Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner!! Ms September24 nailed it! Messy realized that Tre is the show so now must “act” sweet. After all the hate she spewed now she is all playing nice? Fake! It must make Messy so mad but she’s perfected being fake so nothing new here.

  • Great exclusive; this confirms that it will be the Oldies vs Newbies this season. It is no shock that Tre and Mel communicate and talk when they are filming, and they both want to keep it interesting so they don’t lose more fans. While I cringe with Dina being back, is the exclusive saying her reuniting with he family is her storyline?

        • Lola, I think they are going to try to sweep the past 3 seasons under the rug. The opening scene will be Teresa & Melissa hanging in the kitchen saying “I’m so glad we’re in a better place”, and then cut to Then Joe Gorga’s TH, where he will blubber uncontrollably about how much he loves his sister, blah, blah, blah. Agree?

          • Yes, I agree.

            Then the cameras will leave, and Teresa will not hear from Joey and/or Melissa again until they come back (Joey and Melissa are all about what’s in it for THEM).

      • I doubt it now. Would be nice to see MeHo get all the hell she deserves. You never know with Bravo, though… I would laugh my ass off if they flip the script and amp everything up about her, and later give that puttana her karma. Lol.

      • Hi tabby, it would be great to see some overt evidence of Melissa getting some of her own back. But maybe she already has got what she deserves, being such an empty void inside that she has to show off and lie constantly. How about that latest picture of her awful little husband waving that ugly picture of the gaudy house they are going to build (wink wink). She is probably dying inside that it is common knowledge that they have been forced to live in a regular house now (which they probably can’t afford to pay the rent on). Imagine being so empty and ungrateful – hat is not a happy life she is living there.

        • “that” I mean – not “hat”.

          Although Melissa does like hats. She was pretty quick to shove one on her horrible little husbands head when he was slapping and biting poor old Juicy last season.

        • Lot of Melissa haters here….guess Melissa is getting what she deserves–watching Teresa and joe’s “day in court”, right?

          Al’s fair in blog and post, right??

          • Rotten Egg, not so much a hater as an observer. Are you implying Melissa will enjoy watching Teresa and Joe get thrown in the pen? If so, I respectfully disagree. While Melissa seems sad and empty, which may have lead to her being so desperate for fame that she bagged out her in-laws to get on TV, she does not seem like the kind of purely evil individual who would revel in watching those same in-laws thrown in jail. She has got on with them from time to time, especially when she thought she had got the same level of fame as they have. Even if she did provide information to the authorities re T and J’s financials, as has been suggested here, I would suspect that would have been in an impulsive fit of spite, no doubt egged on by her unintelligent husband, and she wouldn’t have had the level head to really think about where that might lead. Plus she has a connection to T and J’s kids and even if she isn’t exactly interested in them, and is competitive about them, she does seem on occasion to actually like them. I doubt she would really love the jail thing.

          • @SaltySulk–just trying to have that playing field more even….seems like there’s a lot of smack against Melissa as if she reported to Feds! caused the problems I the family, etc….when it’s all said by Melissa haters without proof and only relying on Teresa’s word. I’ve seen this show since he beginning and I used to be a fan of Teresa’s until Melissa came on. Then I Saw how Teresa talked about her and treated her.

            I’ve read the commentaries, etc. This is my opinion Melissa isn’t as bad as people make her out to be.

            And by the way–Melissa looks more in shape in the pic than Teresa.

          • Hi Rotten Egg. Fair enough re the playing field, I get where you are coming from. I haven’t heard that T said M gave the Feds info, although that has been theorised here and on other blogs. I scrolled back up and looked at the picture above – they both look in decent shape to me – different body types definitely. I tend to look at it like – someone is healthy in their body shape, or they are not. They both look in shape to me 🙂

    • Maybe Dina will tell her more of her side of the story why they are estranged? Or maybe she may be more dramatic now that she’s filming with friends and strangers

      • It is funny that in the summer, she said that she did not want to talk about her family or the show (and she was saying this since 2011) and now she is back on as a full time HW and she is making it her storyline. She is just a hypocrite, and full of it to me.

        • It does make her a hypocrite for both talking about her family and being back on the show. She was so sure that bravo was evil and yadda yadda. I mean that’s the first time a housewife who quit is returning, but don’t outright say how bravo is terrible.

          • Actually, Laurie Peterson from OC returned last season. There’s no way Jill, Alex and Kelly wouldn’t come back if they were asked although they didn’t quit. Some blogs have claimed that Dina didn’t leave voluntarily either. If you think about it, not many have quit… most have been fired and Bravo allowed them to say that it was their choice to leave. There was a blog on it a while back although a lot has happened since.

            I’m also kinda confused… where does it say she’s going to talk about her family? It says that we will see a more personal side of Dina “who has been estranged from her family for years.” I’m not sure where this info is from, but as far as Dina has claimed, the only ones she’s had a problem with is Caroline and Chris, because of Jac. I’d be curious to hear what Dina would say about the statement that she’s been estranged from her family for years.

            Also, in Dina’s defense, a lot has changed since Dina was on last. The only one left from her season(s) is Teresa. I’m glad she’ll be back if only for Teresa’s sake. I’ve both liked and disliked Dina. Time will tell whether I’m going to like her or not… lol. I’m not even sure if I’m going to watch this year. I didn’t even get through 1/4 of the season last year.

          • dsc60 yes Dina is returning to a different playing field. I am curious about her and how this season will play out.