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Is Carlton Gebbia Getting Fired After Only One Season of Appearing On RHOBH?

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills adding newest housewives Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia for season four but it looks as if Carlton may get the Bravo boot! According to Radar, because Carlton hasn’t been a fan favorite, Bravo is considering firing her after only one season!

Sources reveal,

“Carlton just hasn’t struck a chord with fans of the show this year. Producers are planning on firing her after this season…they are planning on revamping the entire cast like they did with the New York franchise of the Bravo show. With ratings down, it’s absolutely essential that the show get back to it’s original theme. Over-the-top lifestyles, parties and an influx of celebrities would also be good. Carlton’s witch storyline is just creepy and weird. Viewers have sounded off on social media against Carlton, with some saying they are just grossed out by her sex room and lingerie. It’s just so forced.”

Do you want to see Carlton return next season?

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  • I vote…..BANISHED! She is a creeper, doesn’t stand up to any of the other wives…..lets bring back the glamour!

  • Here’s my wish list of returning Housewives of BH if I’m to tune in next season…they can’t really fire too many so I’m trying to be realilistic and fair about it

    Kim for cameo apprences
    Brandi ( if you go to rehab and get off what ever your on ) if not forget it , your f u’s were tiresome and too disrespectful anyway…you hurt people without reason…

    Carlton you’ve got to go / Housewives viewers have a higher level of standards…yuk to you and how you live…
    Yolanda …you’ve got to go. You are dishonest when it suits you and have a very iratating, condescension to your personality, too ccusatory, bossy and rude, i’m just not interested in being aggravated nor hear your points of view any further…Shut up !!

  • Carlton Is a freakin psycho with her mixed media excuse for a religion. If you want to be Wiccan then be Wiccan stop acting so defensive and freaked out about it…..WHO CARES!! Get the stick out of your but, stop blaming Kyle for everything under the sun or better yet BRAVO PLEASE GET RID OF THE POCK FACED FREAK.

  • Carlton needs to go. She is one crazy woman. I love Kyle she is into family & a good role model for young people. On the other hand Carlton is a very bad role model for this kind of show. Yolanda needs to go too. I feel she is too fake.

  • Carlton’s biggest sin is that she’s boring and way too trashy! Not what you want to see on a show that has the words “Beverly Hills” in it’s title . Her cheap clothes, tacky house and gross husband are not interesting at all!!

    And, she never makes any sense!

    Bravo, get rid of Carlton!

  • Get rid of Carlton fast! I’d like to know who even hired such an unattractive skeletor face of a woman, with a disgusting classless storyline.. She’s repulsive and trashy NOT what a beverly hills house wife is. I fast forward her every segment she is in just gross and unappealing.

  • Please, Bravo get rid of Brandi Glanville and Carlton the evil witch who has cursed the entire show. She is a horrifying,creepy, over-sexualized she-male. Nothing interesting about these two. They are ugly on the inside and such ugliness gets turned off in my home.

  • So, I was informed by “My Space” generation that lol is not cool! It is haha! I say show us 35-55 yr old respect and deal with it! Our generation first to use a computer, asswipes! Lol. That is to my smart ass 30 year old step-sisters.

      • So I teach teenagers, who apparently set the parameters for which language is cool and which language is not cool.

        LOL is cool.

        Certified by generation whothefuckknows.

        • FTR: let them know ‘My Space’ was cool for about a week in 2006.

          Generation X has been awesome for 30 years.

  • I just do not see Brandi ever getting a spin off at this point. Any chance she ever had of that (if she even ever did) is gone. Brandi blew it with all those racist and molestation comments. Which I think is a very good thing. The only housewife that is safe is- Lisa. I think that Brandi just might get that boot. The viewers negativity towards Brandi is effecting the ratings of the show.

  • It’s hard one, but clearly with the decreased ratings this season, RHOBH has to have some cast changes. Carlton is hard to think about letting go for me, simply because she’s currently the only Housewife who is friends with both Yolanda/Brandi and Lisa, BUT she has been very boring and hasn’t gained traction with fans. Both Brandi and Yolanda have come off pretty despicable thus far, Lisa seems over the series, and Kim has been delightful but boring.

    My guess at this point for the RHOBH Season 5 cast would be:
    Kyle, Lisa, Yolanda, Joyce, New Housewife, New Housewife, with Kim in a recurring role.

    Brandi gets a spinoff, and Carlton gets the boot.

    Just for fun, for Real Housewives of Atlanta, I predict a season 7 cast of :
    Nene, Kandi, Phaedra, Kenya, New Housewife, New Housewife with Cynthia in a recurring role.

    Porsha gets the boot.

  • I think Carlton will either be canned or “friend of housewives” the storyline About her flirtation with Brandi is boring. Either sleep with her or shut up already. Kim seems to me to be a sad,fragile woman who quite frankly is boring and depressing. Whenever her time comes up I change the channel she really depresses me and why the hell am I watching housewives to be depressed ?

    • Debbie you are not alone. She makes me cringe. I see her with a real mean streak and also on a dry drunk. She just is hard to watch.

  • Carlton an her witchcraft book of spells really needs to go far far way ,she comes on the show thinking that she’s the god of the goodness of shadows an then Carlton takes out the Sex Toys an does the Sex pole thing with Brandi an her assistant I mean really are you kidding me I’m watching this on my TV an I just can’t believe this BS clearly Carlton has a few screws loose up in that head of hers, I would really hope the Bravo see what everyone is seeing what she is an get her out off the show she’s so gross an about the whole thing with the sex thing. She needs too grow up it’s not a good lOOk at all for the show what was Bravo really thinking putting her on the Beverly Hills she’s so far from that ………

    • Me too Aussiegirl,

      I just think with all that has happened this season, even if she contemplated
      coming back , the B would have to go before that would ever happen.

      I can’t imagine what she thinks about that witch, but she does have an open mind
      about that elctric cigarette smoking psychic, so who knows.
      I think the witch is too vulgar for Camille’s sensibilities,though.

      • I just think now Taylor is gone, and now her horrid boyfriend is out of the picture; now she’s dealt with cancer and come through it so well, it would be WONDERFUL to have her back! She could be such a positive force on a show that seems so hellbent on screwing itself.

        Camille would be an upper. I just think she’d give everyone a lift. Plus, she’s kind of gotten along with just about everyone who is left of the originals at some point or another. And of the cast she worked with, even she and Brandi were pals once.

        Who knows: maybe she would be a good role model for Brandi? Maybe she could straighten her out (God. Is that possible? Jeeeeeeeeez………….)

        I can tell you this though: she’d inject some class and style back into the show.

        (As long as she left her idiot psychic friend puffing away in the background 😉 )

    • I do too. And she has a real story line going on with that creepy Greek looser who beat her up. I love how she dresses. She has the best taste out of any of others. I could watch her and her fabulous clothes all day….

  • No self respecting Beverly Hills house wife is going to willingly ruin her reputation,
    (and possibly become one of B’s targets), to become a cast member of this show.

    The very fabulously wealthy, would not have time for this nonsense, they live a much
    more guarded and private life.

    B, has pretty much dragged the Hills to the gates of hell. [ — ]

    Being fired from this show is NOT the worst outcome, at least they can try to restore their sense of self worth and any shred of dignity.

    Firing Carlton is just a band-aid, B needs to go as well, otherwise this franchise
    will never be the chi chi fabulousness it has the potential to be.

  • Carlton leaves me a bit confused. In one TH, she’ll state that she’s a Wiccan. But then during the show, she states that she’s a witch. Other episodes, it’s vice versa. The thing is, Wicca and Witchcraft are two separate, distinct religions and are not synonyms representing one religion. There are differences between the two and Carlton should be aware of these in order to inform the viewers just which one she is. If she doesn’t tell us who and what she is, how are we to ever really know? I think maybe that’s the big problem with her…she isn’t sure yet who she is so she has no clue what to portray herself as to the viewer.

    As for the other wives, well the show has grown a bit more tawdry and trashy with each season ever since Brandi hobbled into Kyle’s Lollipop Theater Benefit with one stiletto, a cast and a pair of crutches back in Season 2. Keep Lisa and Kyle…dump the rest.

  • This show will never be what it was in season 1, and Bravo and the producers need to accept that and cancel it. They can’t fix this with a “cast shakeup” because they basically already did that for this season and it didn’t work! I believe that if this season had Camille it would be doing better – I’d certainly make more of an effort to keep up.

    • It could work if a different person had final say over the casting (not Andy). I think any of us here could do a better job of casting!

      The key is to find somebody interesting who has something going on in her life besides the show.

  • Carlton has to go. She’s an old, creepy, ugly bag of bones. Adds nothing to the show. Brandi can go with her. She’s washed up & totally pickled. I like Joyce. She is a breath of fresh air, intelligent, seems to be a great mother, wife, as well as a mover & shaker with all the good work she does. Give her a chance to develop. She’s an asset. As far as Yo goes, the only thing she contributes are strawberries infused with Grand Monier (sp?).
    OMG. This is my First ever comment. Ciao

  • Get rid of Carlton? PLEASE DO IT. She is repulsive. She adds nothing to the show except Naseau. Truly she is the worst mistake that Bravo has ever made.. If they have any sense at all they need to write her out. Joyce and Kim can go too. There are much more story there without these “space fillers”. Carlton is just plain dirty..Licking a pole, that room, her adoration for Brandi and her Nanny? Please, stop insulting me. I don’t watch anymore..It’s painful..Kim the ultimate “space cadet” needs to find a life aside from the Housewives. Really, her dog? That Graduation Party? Driving in a race car? All of this had no bearing whats so ever in the Grand Scheme of things…Who writes this drivel?
    Please the viewers need something with substance..Not cartoons with creepy characters…

  • Praise be to the witches ! This woman is a creepy hot mess… Actually the whole RHOBH needs to be pulled from BRAVO Kim Richards is the only one with a soul….. Lisa Vanderwhatshername is a rich snobby greedy phony who treats her BRAVOHOLICS like trash…. it amazes me that anyone still likes her….. Her husband is a greedy fake…. they are all pathetic !

  • I like Carlton. Love her. But she doesn’t gel with the show. Or the group. Cool chick. Fun. But not for realhousewives of Beverley hills. Just. Not the shi shi shi dahhhhling lifestyle.

    If they do an actual re vamp. It will be a cut of the newbies and the Richards sisters. I don’t even think they will keep Joyce. Yolanda. Lisa. And Brandi will be the only ones they keep. Kyle and Kim will go because Kim is obviously being fired and Kyle will go with. And Joyce and Carlton sunk like rocks.

    • I think they should keep Joyce because she actually has a Beverly Hills lifestyle, but they didn’t show it. For instance she and her husband have been at all the awards shows these past few weeks. I would give her another chance.

      However, I would fire Creepyton, Brandi and yes, Kim.

      • I am not being a smart ass, serious question? If Joyce and her husband built recently their dream home, why did they put carpet (maroon) in their master bath and bedroom? They are loaded. Tile, Hardwood?

  • I still think the most awkward BH moments were as follows:

    -dinner from hell with Alison and Faye in attendance at Camilles.
    -all of Kim’s slurring.
    -Taylor’s “tea party” for Kennedy, and the tension we felt with her and Russell.
    -Kyle’s many White Parties.
    -Game Night
    -Dana, who?
    -Faye, period!
    -Lisa and Kyle.
    -Palm Springs
    -SUR dinner

    They are all not innocent!

    • Your right Lara, not one of them are perfect. The dinner at Kyles when Faye went after Brandi is one episode that stands out to me. I have to say, when Faye started in on Brandi, Brandi handled herself very well. She got up and left. I was proud how she handled that situation.

  • I’m on the fence with Carlton. At times I like her but I wish she would film with someone other than Brandi. I would be curious to see Carlton and Lisa befriend one another. Brandi brings the whole show down, including her cast mates.

  • The may fire Carlton. They’re right about fan reaction to her. They may fire Kim too. She doesn’t bring much to the table for them. I don’t know if they’d fire Brandi although from my sense of it, a lot of people wish they would right now.

  • This is highly predictable….every season since Season 1, an article that Kim is being fired comes out towards the end of the season. Literally every year.
    I can’t stand Carlton but I kinda feel like everyone should get 2 seasons before its decided if they go or stay. Things change so fast, Carlton could be the fan fav next year….ok I doubt it but anythings possible.
    I found the timing of that DISGUSTING made up article by that trashy wanna be Housewives “gossip site” about Kim kinda suspect…it suddenly pops up everywhere the day after Kim made the ultimate no no in BH Housewife Land (dare to question The Queen)

    • They like Kim because she was a child star. She has had a pretty good attendance record this year.

      Interesting she has been send hearts and kisses to Joyce today for giving her the idea of the luau themed party.

  • Samael, I agree.

    Carlton might bee stupid, boring and creepy, but she isn’t the biggest problem of RHOBH.

    Bravo ruined the franchise with Taylor, Kim, Kyle and Brandi.

    I believe Kim is relapsing. I said over a year ago that rehab isn’t a joke. And Kim should have been left alone and concentrate on her recovery. I also believe she destroyed a lot of her brain cells with alcohol and drugs. It’s irreparable.

    Yolanda, IMO, should leave the show as well. I follow her on twitter. I saw some of her MRIs. I think she had pretty bad brain inflammation and serious morphological damage has been done to her brain. She is now going through some experimental treatment trying to recover what she can in her brain. She doesn’t need the show and all the stress.

    Kyle is so jealous and obsessed with Lisa that she will never let it go. Boring and annoying.

    Brandi. Like I said, no words. She killed the show.

    Bravo needs to either cancel BH or completely recast.

    Brandi must be fired now.

    • Hello Masha

      I would not mind a 100% recast of RHBH,clearly RH is no longer a priority for ass cohen and Bravo.

      If Bravo/cohen even tried to care, I also would not mind keeping Lisa,Kim Kyle.

      Yolanda – yes you are right her health and well being should be her priority

      Joyce – hit and miss – she went nuts with her gifted storyline

      Carlton -just doesn’t know how to play the game, she does not see that what she taped and her blogs are connected dots.

      I actually like Carlton – please don’t lop my head off. I just think this is her first go at scripted vs guided taping. In her acting past the most she did was give interviews, and now she has to deal with:

      face book
      end of season reunion’s

      All of these venues lead right to us…if RHBH is not tanked already I think Carlton will blossom next season sans dark wiccan.

      • Creepyton She has a nasty, foul disposition. I don’t care to know about her icky private life that she keeps displaying in a desperate bid for attention. With all the interesting people out there, why did Bravo choose her? Please fire her ASAP.

        • hi lifetimemovie

          Oh I agree 100%

          I am grossed out by the sex garbage too, and I am not interested in watching her and her employee inferring the sexual part either.

          I would rather Carlton grab her story line as an awesome mom and her relationship with her husband and blabbing about her acting experiences etc.

        • Oh totes. Go away Carlton.

          In Australia, Carlton is a brand of beer.

          Carlton United Brewers.

          It’s all I can think of when I look at her.

          That, and the fact that her skin looks like a 40 year old leather hand bag.

          She is the best advertisement for 30+ sunscreen I’ve ever seen.

          And she’s also an enormous pain in the arse.

          • yeah, I think I read about your feelings on the 30+ 40 year old leather hand bag, (designer yes?).

            I still think Carlton has one more season in her..somewhere,clothed and not in her sex dungeon.

          • I just think of an old alligator laying by the swamp,
            with one eye
            open, waiting for its next prey to happen by,
            that, or something
            you see laying by the side of the freeway.

          • Darling, that Gucci is as fake as Faye Resnick’s everything.

            Donatella Versace is made of more convincing leather than fucking Carlton Fucking LabiaIMeanGebbia.

            She’s vinyl through and through.

            The only next season she’s going to see is the Sales season at the bottom of the Bargain Basement Bin.

            Trust me: ain’t nobody buying that shit again.

          • Aussiegirl

            I super missed your penchant for the descriptive narratives!!

            but I still think she has one more season in herself for RHBH – if RHBH is not cancelled.

            I really think she can revert to who she actually is, which is, instead of trolling around filled with tequilla and licking poles.

            To me I think Carlton just mixed up her definition of what RHBH actually is, she ASSumed it was like one of the soaps she was on Young and the restless.. smell the fart acting galore.

          • I also don’t believe the predator thing, that is an act.

            Carlton could only get “one line” out to defend her pole licking bud brandi…WTH is that about..she can’t even shit fight.

            it is a really bad act..

      • I still don’t see how Kim can be a full time HW after this season. A dog her storyline? She needs to be a FOTW.

        • Hey jayden213

          I never even thought of Kim having that as a story line..funny.

          I thought her story line was being sober. and being introduced to the people she offended last season while drugging and drinking.

          • Hey Samael.

            I swore that was her storyline last season. The most we saw of her this season was about her dog. I like her, bu she is the biggest liability.

    • Hi Samael))

      Well I don’t hate Carlton…she is just nothing…Nothing horrible and nothing interesting.
      And obviously she is not the biggest problem on the show.

      Right now Brandi and Kim are the biggest problem and liability for Bravo. They need to deal with that situation.

      • Hi Masha

        I understand your thoughts about Carlton, not the first time that I have read that about Carlton. She needs to own her blankness.

        I just watched the latest episode of RHBH this afternoon, and I read what bonehead and walks with foot in mouth Brandi said, but what’s up with Kimmie?

        I thought she was just p.o.’d about lisa not making the grad party of kimberly, yet Lisa sent RSVP and gift.

        • Yeapp.
          I saw the video.
          Kim and Co annoyed the hell out of me.

          Lisa replied 2 weeks prior, sent a gift.
          The party wasn’t in her plans anymore.
          Even if she got back in town earlier, she wasn’t obligated to attend. Lisa had the right to go have dinner at her restaurant and then go home and relax.
          That simple.

          And besides, it was nothing grand and important,just a graduation party. Geez.

          • Geez

            Kim is actually making a thing of this? That is so lame, didn’t this get cleared up on a Lisa twitter?

            Well what is the use of the RSVP and sending a gift, if Kim is just uses it as her new “pillow”..sorry..

            I like Kim by the way, and I think she should stay, kind of a pennence for everything she put the crew/cast through last season.

    • How did Kim and Kyle ruin anything?!?! They were both original housewives and Season 1 was pulling in big ratings!

      • Taylor, Kim and Brandi are nasty disgusting drunks. They’ve ruined it al for me. Kim and her pooped pillows, blah.

        Kyle just can’t stop whining about Lisa. Move on, get a new reason to complain. who cares. And I am not eve Lisa’s fan.

        • Yep, I can’t believe, tho, that Brandi and Carlton are getting the bad rap—though we all agree on Brandi’s words.

          Do people forget watching Kim and Taylor? Kyle begging Lisa to be a friend? Seriously, they were painful to watch.

      • Yo put her MRI’s out for her big Lymes sufferers, followers to show what it does to the brain. I have no problem with her having cash to raise awareness, and all treatments.

    • LOLOLOLOL. In what world is Kyle jealous and obsessed with Lisa?! Seems like only the hardcore Lisa fans think that. Kyle may not be as well-liked as Lisa but I’m pretty sure she’s okay with that.

      • Hi michelle and LaraM

        I am always willing to learn, I thought Lisa and Kyle were frolicking in the shallow end of Lisa’s pool on the last episode.

        Kyle ( who I am nutz about) hasn’t wailed about Lisa in a while… and she even kept out of the Palm springs fiasco and the latest no comment …literally when brandi giggled about child molestation.

        Is her silence, which I find disgusting, the reason for the distaste for Kyle?


      • I meant in Season 3 how Kyle had to grovel to Lisa. If somebody doesn’t want to be my friend, okay–their perogative. But Kyle was visibly trying and upset that Lisa stood firm, and not forgive her. Imo, nobody should grovel!

  • I can’t stand Carlton and I can’t imagine why they would bring her back. I think her and Cindy Barslop were the two biggest fails ever.

    • OMG! I completely forgot about Cindy!


      As in slop from a bar?

      That is TOO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!

      I revel in it!

      You have brought much joy to my day, RR XXXX

    • Wait – biggest fail was Quinn from the RHOC, season 3, the weird single housewife that used to wear the weird pink wig and costume dresses to go to bars and pick up men and role play-even talking in a different tone of sexy voice (ewwh!)

      She was really religious, but then dressed up like a hooker for dates and threw herself at them and they look terrified. She also had no money. That was a bizarre addition everyone pretends never happened.

      • Lollol! Yeah, she was ridic, and pissed me off that I have a son named Quinn. Well, James Quinlan, but my “Mighty Quinn”. She was a kook!

      • @Happy Day: omfg. I had absolutely erased her from my memory. Not even kidding!

        How do they FIND these twats???

        • LOL!!! I just read your hilarious comment and snorted the water I was drinking!! I have missed you Aussiegirl!! Sounds like you are having a ball traveling.. My bff just spent her birthday in Paris and then she is off to London. I will make it to Europe one day. Italy has long been a dream of mine.

  • Carlton is always quick to spot what’s shit about everyone else, but then: seriously? SHE TAKES HER FUCKING CAT TO ACUPUNCTURE?

    Yeah. Fly away lady.

    You’re needed on a Quidditch team somewhere.

    • Hey our Aussiegirl

      I had to google Quidditch – geez

      If Carlton does leave, she needs a shot of some sort, ewwe..who licks a stripper pole!!! Maybe even if she stays too..blech

      • Hey Sam. Yep Potterdom comes with the territory of being an English teacher 😉

        Actually, while in Edinburgh Aussieboy and I had lunch at the Elephant Cafe, which is where JK Rowling wrote ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ all those years ago, before she was rich and famous. Great soup!

        • Hey Aussie girl

          that is so cool, I think Bonnie and I are the only two who have not seen one minute of potter.

          Wow, cool that you went to elephant Cafe. do you think JK Rowling went there for inspiration or atmosphere?

          • Hey Samael, I have three kids and have never seen Potter. Lol. They have with their dad, and read the books.

          • She went there (so the story goes) for the cheap coffee and the heating! Because she was so, so poor at the time.

          • …and read the books first. They are fab. But try to get the English ones: HP and the Philosophers stone (for some reason in the states they changed the title to the sorcerers stone?)

            Maybe they changed other stuff in it too…

            And for your edification: a ‘jumper’ is a ‘sweater’. (They all wear school ‘jumpers’ 😉 )

          • Hey Aussiegirl

            Yeah, I really go nuts for Lord of the Rings, just didn’t like reading it in school.

            I read JK was very poor. Wow what a difference one book makes.

            Good for her. I also read that every year she would say “this is the last book”..then didn’t the main character ensure that to be a fact cuz he dared to do a nude scene in another movie?

          • Nah. The books were done before the films. And she had always planned that many: so the readership grew up with Harry. Smart move.

            And Daniel did Equus, a stage production with a nudey scene 😉

          • Same here, Sam and Lara I haven’t seen one sec of Harry Potter. My hubby and boys have read the books and go see the potter movies.

    • HEY Aussiegirl………….

      ^^^^That and golden snitch in her mouth, and she is set…….or one up the
      who ha and she could be jet propelled…

  • If Carlton doesn’t return, it will be less ffwding for me. Beyond that, I think it makes no difference to me if she stays or goes. I find her boring and usually tune her out. The few times I have heard what she has said, I found her to be ICKY. To be honest, she gives off an overall vibe of ICK!

  • Well this is Radar of lies, so it is weird that they are creating this about a RH cast member instead of calling out Bravo’s and Ass Cohens’s disgusting business ethics.

    Apparently the new template for RH is

    – if you are hinting that you are friends with another cast mate – new storyline will be back stab/lie/spread rumors about that almost friend

    – if a RH is visibly emotionally breaking down, most TV companies will stop tape and the next headline story is that said RH is entering rehab

    – if a RH is being posed as a RH on her podcast and giggles about child molestation victims and Bravo and Ass cohen still decide to “let it roll” for US..”Let’s use it” so why bother releasing the RH or statement.

    So yes lets talk about Carlton

  • Her hatred towards Kyle is OVER THE TOP.

    Its like the producers told her before filming to purposely hate on her.

    And she made my Wiccan neighbors cringe.

  • I think the show will be much better without her. Bring back the glitz and glamour and over the top lifestyles. I love the ppl on the show but it’s pretty boring this year.

  • Keep Lisa,Brandi,Yolanda and Kyle. Get 3 new people.
    Kim is boring
    Carlton is creepy
    Joyce is boing. If she was not fighting with Brandi every day she would be a bore too.

  • I believe its vh-1 ,( anyway one of those networks), its a brand new show
    (not making this up) called HOLLYWOOD HILLBILLIES. I think that would
    be a perfect venue for the likes of Brandi and Carlton.
    So if this door should hit them in the a&&, there is always another opportunity
    waiting. This new show, I think would be more up there ‘alley’.

    • Carlton can be Granny and jump right into her cee-ment swimming pool with ball gag on.

    • Good afternoon inflight

      Can you imagine!!

      VH1 is the station that is trying to hype LR/eddie show! That would be brutal putting brandi on VH1.

      Brandi needs rest and relaxation and as Aunt Sadie said a long time ago tweehab..or any rehab would not hurt Brandi.

      • Hi samael

        How are you?
        I need to make a correction about the station, ‘Hollywood
        Hillbillies’ will be on the REELZ channel.
        Getting the B to rehab or any kind of help, would be an act of God.
        She will not go on her own/or willingly, which is so unfortunate.

      • Hey inflight

        (using my tony the tiger voice) I am grrreeaatt!! thanks bud.

        Wouldn’t that be an awkward pause, having Brandi and LR/eddie working for the same company!!

        Yeah I can see Brandi swilling the moonshine and Carlton stirring the “kettle”

        Viewer’s cannot be the only ones that can see that Brandi is a breathing emergency 911! wow not the first time I have said Bravo sucks logs.

  • Oh.. THAT is what is forced, LOL? Her likes with her hubby.. OMG..Of all things ( on this show)that is whats forced.. Oh my.

  • Yolanda, lisa and Kyle should stay I mean I love lisa she’s always had that fun edge and I do like yolanda too! I just can’t stomach brandi and Carlton! Urgh tacky

    • I too like Carlton. I suspect she is really pretty ordinary and boring in real life. She seems to be trying to be interesting and fun and she probably is with her real friends but it seems forced with this pit of vipers shes been thrown in with. She seems to be a good mom and wife. I like how she bashes on Kyle most of all, I admit.

      • I have heard her say a few funny things but honestly, I am so bored watching this season that I usually fall asleep.

  • Here is what they need to do. They need to demote Kim (if your dog is your storyline, you should have been demoted A WHILE ago), and completely remove Carlton. Brandi is not really rich or have the lifestyle that any of the others have, an immature, stupid, repulsive, offensive in many ways, trashy housewife who makes NeNe look high class. Those two (mostly Brandi) are bringing a trashy, unlikable feeling to the franchise.

  • Carlton is without a doubt rather unique; she has a potent character and personality.

    I think it’s way too early for any discussion on who stays or who goes; they haven’t even filmed the reunion yet.

    • I agree. Im just tripping over the statement saying “its forced” with her “things” with her hubby! Have they not watched the rest of the cast since season 1 until present?

    • More like impotent. Will she wear a tux to the reunion? Might as well look impotent as all season long she has been impotent.

    • i don’t feel like we have seen much of any of the housewives this season, the whole bandi- joyce saga has dominated the season up to now

      • Which I believe was Joyce’s intent! She came in the went straight after certain women dropping small statements that has d bombshell potential then say back like…”who me? Poor me I’m a victim” etc. Yes Brandi has been awful! She took the bait hook line and sinker! That doesnt excuse Joyce in my eyes either! Joyce is trying to be the center by creating controversy and she won’t let it drop! I really don’t care for her or Brandi! But Carlton just turns my stomach

        • Momma- love this comment! Thought I was only one who thought that is what happened! Im not giving Brandi a pass per se, but sheesh! But I dont dislike Carlton.. I can tolerate her and I felt she brought individuality to this hot mess! She has not been unnecessarily cruel or caused unusual punishment LOL. And she spoke up when she felt it was needed. I hate that alot of peeps dismissed her, based on her personal preferences.

          • Ooops, @mommahurley.

            Michers, I agree, Carlton isn’t the worse we have seen. I like her Wtf attitude, but I don’t like her storyline as it is kind of boring. And her TH about Kyle, whom I have never been a fan of, a little over the top..

        • Thank you!! I love your comment! I thought the exact same thing regarding Joyce. And yes Joyce and Brandi are behaving beyond badly. However, I don’t think Carlton is at all as she seems. I think her own life is as a typical housewife and mother. In other words pretty mundane, boring normal stuff. All of this sex talk does seem forced like she is desperate for a storyline. But it too is boring the $hit out of me. The only thing imho she has going for her is her dislike of Kyle.

          • I agree, Sandy. She seemed very shy on WWHL, and in some interviews. Maybe, she really is out of her element. Doesn’t she seem forced and awkward in scenes?

  • Have no idea what they saw in that woman. She is not attractive. She is vulgar. She is pretentious. She is ruining the franchise. I do not care to watch her. However I cannot wait to see her at the reunion when she is confronted head on instead of her attempts to “put up” with her cast mates to their face and pretty much skewer them on the behind the scenes comments. She will not do well on face to face. Lisa will chew her up. Can’t wait. Bye Bye

  • I’m a Witch and I’m embarrassed by Carlton. She is a disgusting pig. I was watching the show the other night and hubby walked in and was like omg, she’s just nasty lol.. Looms like she needs a bath LMFAO I just about fell out of my chair litterly lol.
    She just gross . I think she is trying to come off sexy and mysterious and instead is coming off creepy and desperate.

    • ITA. She AND Brandi looked like they pole danced in the ExxonValdez oil slick yet a certain blogger continually makes reference to Joyce have greasy hair. Like WTF. Both of these curds showed up unkempt and grimy to a graduation party. Not very Beverly Hills AT ALL!

      • Way too much time of Carlton not interacting with the other housewives. She is betting on her leering and lewdness with Brandi to save her.

        it seems she timed out while filming.

    • You know, I was wondering about that…Carlton and Puerto Rico…it seems she didnt go, but I could swear I saw a paparazzi video of them all in the airport headed there, Carlton included….maybe she just stayed in her hotel room the whole time, doing chants and incantations over a lock of Kyle’s hair…

        • Ewwww lol…not a VISUAL I want!!

          i love using the word VISUAL w/ Carlton on Twitter…god it pisses her off. It just cracks me up how disgusted and grossed out she was by Michael’s joke about a naked room, when this crazy bitchs entire storyline for the season is BUILDING a SEX ROOM! Its too much…and hysterical at the same time. And every Wiccan I know find her offensive and stereotypical.

          • I know right! Michael was making a joke referencing the movie Failure to Launch and Terry Bradshaw’s naked room.

            Carlton is building an ACTUAL sex room/dungeon. Hypocrite.

            And BTW, why does the word ‘visual’ piss her off? I don’t twitter.

          • @A Real NJ Housewife: BC I used it over and over and over everytime she’s on the screen doing her sec stuff, talking about her hubbys big c–k, lap dancing her mummie, humping her nanny, etc and tell her its not a VISUAL I want and remind her she used the word 80 times when bashing Michael and is a hypocrite. Shes like Brandi – she tells u to fuck off. Which, Id tell somone to fuck off too if they were ignorant to me BUT I was NOT at first…before BH started, I found Carlton so nice on Twitter…she talks to and responds to just about everyone. But then I very nicely asked her if she could explain the difference between a hypocritical response she made and she rudely called me a name and to fuck off. I dont like that…Kyle drives me NUTS sometimes, but I like that if u respectfully tell her u dont like something she said or do, she’ll engage w/ u and agree to disagree if u still dont see her point.

          • Wow, Afton. Thanks for the tidbit. Am not on Twitter but that is interesting that she changed after the show.

  • All I can say is……there is a God!!! Thank you God!!! I’d rather Taylor to this witch any day and it’s not bc she us a witch

  • I don’t want to hear about anybody getting fired unless they fire Brandi first. A comment from Bravo acknowledging the viewers outrage would be great but so far nothing, it speaks volumes that Bravo is not addressing this issue.

    IMO it is irrelevant who stays and who goes at this point, even in Lisa, Yolanda and Kyle stay, if Brandi stays I am done with RHBH and Bravo altogether. A network that condones jokes about child molestation is surely not the kind that I need to support with my viewership.

    • I’m not sure they will fire Brandi. As another poster pointed out they didn’t fire Ms Marco for writing a book that condones marital rape.

      • Well, the viewers’s response to the book was punishment enough, Melissa became the laughing stock of NJ and the book was crown the worst of the year. I am sure that hurt Melissa’s ego like hell.

        Brandi on the other hand has already written about the trills of being rape and how no means yes, yet there was no backlash to her for that, so it is hard to say what the viewers reaction will be

      • Brandi had already written rape was funny, when no means yes. Melissa assertion was tame by Brandi’s standards. Melissa’s was more about role-playing and being taken-plus Melissa is an idiot.

        The problem with Brandi’s statement is she made it sound as if not being molested was unfair because she was so pretty. She sexualized young girls.

        How do her co-stars respond? Another stupid statement by Brandi?

      • Wen though this is a challenge, you cannot even compare Melissa to Brandi. It was her HUSBAND who said the infamous quote, and while she is shallow, she does not throw out inflammatory remarks, racial remarks, drunken, overly trashy behaviour, outing people’s family secrets, and joking about wanting to be molested. Brandi is an abomination compared to Melissa, and I am sure I am missing more in my description about Brandi.

        • jayden, I agree the comparison of Brandi & Melissa is nuts. Imagine if those 2 were on the same show??????

          • They have more in common then we think..

            They both don’t poop. The only two people i know of that don’t LMAO

          • @Hopeful: OMG

            How do we know they don’t shit? That’s too much!

            On the one hand though, it DOES narrow down the people Kim can try to blame re shit pillow.

            ….shiiiiit piiiiiilllllow…. o_O…..

          • Hey, Aussie! Hopeful was referencing Brandi’s own words on last week’s PodcastOne, and what Melissa wrote in her book. The same shit, lol!

          • Holy (pardon the pun) Shit!

            That’s too funny 🙂 !

            And Hopeful: FTR, I was asking for REAL how we knew. I was genuinely curious. I wasn’t doubting for a minute that you were telling the truth 😉

          • We know, @aussiegirl. I just wanted to make certain that you knew you could pull up PodcastOne:Coulture and Society (I know, funny title as you are in Europe), then hit Brandi Glanville for last week’s podcast with the shit storm that has happened.

            Bless me with Holy Water in Italy btw. Xo, 🙂

          • Hi Aussiegirl Well they both are full of shit LMAO Besides that ….Yes to LaraM That is what i was referring to 🙂

          • Hi Aussiegirl Well they both are full of shit LMAO Besides that ….Yes to LaraM That is what i was referring to 🙂

            Still enjoying Europe ….Lucky … 🙂

          • @hopeful:oh good! I don’t make it my mission to go round offending peeps 😉 I’m nice, I promise 🙂

            And yeah: still here for a few more days, then bloody well back home 🙁

            I don’t think we have talked much in the past but I’ve probably bored you shitless with my stories of cruising round the continent too. SOZ!

            Anyway. Poo stories aside: both of them need to SHOOSH. AMIRIGHT????? 🙂

    • I feel the exact same way Lexy. I wrote an email to Bravo & to PodcastOne asking them to fire Brandi, that I would no longer watch Bravo, support their advertisers,etc. If enough people do this they will listen. I am outraged that either of these entities would condone Brandi’s behavior. She has insulted every man woman & child that has ever been a victim of sexual abuse. I am done with Bravo unless they take action. I don’t even want to see her on the re-union show, Fire her a$$ now ! And to the topic of Carlton, she’s disgusting, dirty looking has no class, and yes she needs to go too. I hope she Brandi will be very happy together.

      • Why wouldn’t you just stop watching the show instead of trying to get people fired? That’s a little odd, don’t you think?

        • Of course I will stop watching the show also Sara,that’s a given. And in my opinion, Brandi should be fired. If you want to support molestation, then you keep watching.

          • So anyone that continues watching the show “supports molestation”? That’s ridiculous. For me it has nothing to do with supporting molestation, It has to do with the fact that this is a free country and people can say whatever the hell they want whether it’s tasteless or not. It was obviously a joke and it was a joke told on an adult podcast, not on Sesame Street.

            Brandi, poor thing, is a hot mess and apparently not particularly bright. Having said that, I think the bigger issue here is that today people in this country seem to feel that everyone on the planet has to act the way they want them to act, believe what they want them to believe, apologize when they tell them to apologize, conform the way they want them to conform.

            What gives you the right to decide what she can or can not joke about?? Do you really believe that your opinion is that important?? If so, it’s a bit narcissistic. As tasteless as you may have found it, others… with thicker skin and a sense of humor… might have found it funny. It’s not for you to decide. You have no right to try to get someone fired just because you don’t like something they said.

            Grow up, stop thinking that the world revolves around you and your opinions and just change the damn channel.

          • You need to grow a thicker skin. Brandi was just doinitfertehlulz hatorz. umad, brah? U need to get a sense of humor and stop trying to expect people to respect ur opinion because no opinion is wrong on the internets and no opinion is right. This is ‘Murica we haz free speech here so that means we can say whatever we want, duh. ysosrs? *insert lame troll faec with Uncle Sam beard and tophat image here* She hurt ur feelings? Gonna cry, princess? *insert ripped crying baby gif that’s been around since 2005 here* Were u offended? Nut up, buttercup. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. *insert lame troll faec wearing cool shades images here* Cry moar, n00b. Lrn2sukitup. No1 curr. #1337 Where the HELL have people gotten the impression that is suddenly so rife on the innertubez that free speech (which FTR has exclusions under law) ever has or ever SHOULD BE synonomous with consequence free speech? Or that it ISN’T the greater communities responsibility to enforce societal mores and acceptable codes and forms of behavior? Isn’t that just how living in a civilized society WORKS -or is supposed to work at least? WTF.

          • @Maze….I could be wrong but I am ASSuming that JustMe is not part of a consumer advocacy group.

            Either way, you are correct….to some people it’s weird, to others it’s proactive. I’m one who finds it weird.

            Of course, I also support molestation so you can’t go by me 😉

        • Ask Paula Deen about the effect of viewer and sponsor outrage. Seems she lost her shows, book deals and endorsements. These shows revolve around viewer input.

          • These shows revolve around viewer input because viewers in this country have become so narsisstic that they think people should have to care about their opinions. You may have the power to destroy someone’s lively hood with unsolicited opinions and threatening boycotting sponsers but that doesn’t mean you should use it.

          • @Sara: If I have the power to destroy someone’s livelihood? Than they should be careful not to step too far outside the lines of conventional behavior beause THEY are the ones relying on my continued consumption of their product/service/entertainment for their livelihood. That’s how consumerism works. The customer is ALWAYS right. Always, even if they’re wrong. Narcissism would be being the entertainer who thinks they are too big a star to have to worry about offending their fans/customers and can do say whatever they want in thir publc life regardless of societal behavioral restrictions. It’s not narcissistic to expect people who make money off consumers to take consumers into account in their public behavior. Bravo is a network that tries to appeal to women, it’s not rocket surgery to figure that joking around about child sex abuse might go over like a lead balloon with a large subsection of the target audience. I get that she said this on her podcast not Bravo, but to borrow the Disney analogy? You can’t do pr0n while working for Disney and expect not to get fired by Disney if it comes out. It wasn’t a private joke, it was a public one. Everything she says or does in her public life reflects on Bravo. It doesn’t matter if it’s saying stupid, ignorant racial shiz on RHBH, making light of child molestation on her podcast, or getting snapped by photographers falling on her azz drunk. It ALL reflects on Bravo. She’s THEIR creation, their product. Their lack of response to her antics is a tacit endorsement of them. Everything else aside? That’s pretty stupid for a network that targets a female demographic so heavily and pretty damn arrogant to not curr about teeing off large portions of their target audience.

          • I don’t disagree Maze…..I do not believe that free speech means free from consequence. And the consequence for Brandi’s behavior (or anyone else’s on these shows) could very well be that viewers who don’t agree with her can tune out. Obviously the more that tune out due to her bad behavior, the more ratings drop and once they drop enough and Bravo starts losing money, they will act. She will get replaced and she will then live with the consequences of her thoughtless comments.

            What I take issue with is people who feel it is their responsibility to take time out of their own lives to contact the employer of some reality star whom they have never met and campaign to have them fired.

            I think it’s weird and I think it’s wrong.

          • @Sara: Ehhh, if someone feels that strongly about an individual cast member of a show that they otherwise enjoy, why not? I don’t judge how people want to expend their energies. Weird for one person is proactive to another. Most consumer advocacy groups would not kick off a full on boycott without offering the company targetted a chance to redress customer grievances first after all. Letters, emails/fb posts and/or petitions calling for the review or removal of individual products are fairly commonplace in the business world.

          • OOPs….I replied in the wrong place above. That oughta cause some confusion. DOH!

            @Maze….I could be wrong but I am ASSuming that JustMe is not part of a consumer advocacy group.

            Either way, you are correct….to some people it’s weird, to others it’s proactive. I’m one who finds it weird.

            Of course, I also support molestation so you can’t go by me 😉

          • @Sara: Ooops, I forgot about that bit.:-P That was kindof harsh, I don’t support personal attacks. Okay, maybe sometimes but only if they’re really funneh. All I can say is that child molestation is a subject that elicits very strong feelings and anger can often be displaced. I’m sorry you had that implication directed at you. Although, that doesn’t invalidate MY argument which was almost FLAWLESSLY constructed and quite reasonably communicated. *preen*

          • @MAZE….lol. I’m glad you get my humor. It appears you have a pretty good sense of humor yourself. Perhaps even similar to mine? Could be…

            And no that doesn’t invalidate your argument which WAS almost flawlessly constructed and quite reasonably communicated. :p

        • I’ve never understood people writing to networks begging to have people fired or to cancel the show altogether. It’s so simple to me; if you don’t like it, don’t watch.

          And I don’t think Sara or ANYbody on here supports molestation. I mean, come on.

          • But that’s the point – ratings have sunk to huge lows for Bravo because people have stopped watching and are voting with their remotes. They don’t like it anymore and don’t watch!

            Bravo should listen to people writing and fire some of the wives because clearly viewers will keep switching off

          • @Sara: I do get your humor aaaand I appreciate it. It could be. I love to laugh at the random and ridiculous. Why, thank you. 😀

    • hahaha lexy I seriously doubt you would give up all the anti Brandi commenting you here and stop watching rhobh. be real now.

      and can I say I’ve been avoiding Ashley Rub articles and I actually like this blog again. Allabouttrh is a much better writer with more objective and professional articles.

      • I am not saying that I will not comment about Brandi, I will always comment about her trashy ways but I don’t have to watch bravo to do that, most of her outrageous moments have happened outside of the filming of the show anyway. As far as viewership I think that Bravo already knows they have problems in their hands with the ratings going down as opposed as Atlanta.
        Brandi has managed to ruin this show for me because now I can’t but measure all the other ladies due to her interactions with her and so far this season the only one to look for is Joyce. Next season with Joyce being Lisa’s new pet project it probably will be hard anyway.

        I stopped watching NJ after I found out about the indictments, I stopped OC few seasons ago, never got into Miami and I was going to watch NY but now I am not sure. Indefinitely finish this season of BH but will notngetbinvested in another season with the likes of Brandi. She has managed to get ahead of all the others, Melissa, tamra, Danielle, Aviva, Kelly, JZ, none of them can hold a candle to Brandi, she is by far the worst abomination that Bravo has released and I am done with that.

        • @lola: I agree Brandi has toes gone off the rails this season.

          But I beg you: think of Gretchen.


          She who latched onto a man who was terminally ill. Dying of cancer.

          For money.




          Pez-head wins hands down in the gross person of the RHW stakes of the century.

          Unless we are counting FAYE RESNICK as a real housewife. In which case, COME ON DOWN, WE HAAAAAAAAVECA WINNER.

          • Oh god: I meant to say @lexy. Sorry. I’m an idiot! 😉 sorry lola and Lexy. I clearly need to wear my glasses 🙂

          • I’m sure Gretchen wouldn’t spin her life story that way, even though I agree with your assesment. She probably thinks she added something to the man’s life.

          • Your trashing of Gretchen is shameful and unfair. You have absolutely no evidence for anything you say. She went through the devastating experience of losing a fiancé to cancer. Imagine how you would feel if something so terrible happened to you. Hasn’t she lost enough without you judging her and so cruelly? I’ve seen all the episodes. There is no basis for attacking Gretchen. Vicky’s accusations always sounded deranged to me, even more so now that we have seen how she seeks out sick, abusive relationships, one after the other, no matter how much she embarrasses her daughter. Vicky’s opinion counts the least.

          • @Virtually Real

            My trashing of Gretchen is my opinion of her. I think she and Jeff engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship. I think he was happy to have her attention and I think she latched onto an older guy who, sadly, as it turned out, became very ill and ended up passing away. I don’t think she planned for him to pass away, I think she planned for him to be her meal ticket.

            But when she realised he was terminally ill, I think she realised she was going to need to get all she could because there probably wasn’t going to be much around afterwards for her. So yeah. I think she used the situation to her advantage. It seems pretty obvious to me.

            And I think she’s gross. And that’s my opinion. And pfft. I’m allowed it. And what do you care?

            And for the record, I’m not basing my opinions on that idiot Vicki’s hypothesis. She’s about as emotionally stable as a two legged chair. I’m basing my judgement on what my good friend Captain Obvious and I think.

            So, chill out. Love her if you want. I don’t care. I just don’t. And that’s okay too.

          • You are a hoot, Aussiegirl! I like how you break it down into small bites. You must have been or still are a teacher.

        • @tweety: my fingers have broken out in a rash after typing it. Lucky I’m in Italy and surrounded by churches and holy water 😉

          • haha just do not repeat the name inside a church, would not wan’t you going up in flames
            hope your enjoying your tour of europe aussiegirl, italy is one of the places i want to visit one day

          • Oh totally do it! Every time I come here I wonder why I don’t do it more frequently! Greatest place. Seriously. If I could afford to do it every year instead of every couple of years: MAN! Bliss 🙂

          • Right?! Great teachers are the best!

            Ok, you all better stay or visit in Portofino, La Meddolina and Sardinia when my hubby gets full Navy accommodations for Rentals.

          • Oh wow! Portofino is BEAUTIFUL! It’s not great at this time of year, most of the region is closed off apparently due to lack of tourists, but last time we were here, in the early Autumn even: WOW.

            Sorrento is another AMAZING place. I love it. In fact, just tick box the entire Amalfi coast 😉

            Hurry up and get over here! You’ll love it!

      • I can tell you without a doubt I will quit watching. If Kim and Kyle go I will not watch BH…hell even if Lisa left Id quit watching and I dont like Lisa. I dont like seeing new girls season after season. I think one of the reasons ATL is so successful is bc they dont mess with the formula constantly…they’ve had 4 out of the 6 same girls for 4 seasons now. I like that…even if I dont care for someone particularly, I still don’t want to invest in their life and then just have them fall off the face of the earth (Except Caroline Manzo…she can fall off and float to space). I think BH had the perfect formula w/ Kyle, Kim, Lisa, Adrienne, Camille and good grief even Taylor. BH has been on a downward track since the ugly Brandi/Adrienne cease + desist/lawsuit/letter/whatever. I gave it another chance this season and I like Joyce (Carlton no bueno) but its missing that “spark.” For example, no matter what, if Lisa truly needed Kim for something, she’d be there. If Kim truly needed Lisa for something, she’d be there. They came together at the end of the day, kinda like ATL and now its so hateful thanks, IMO, to the big mouth (Brandi) and the subtle snake (YoYo).
        Im done w/ OC…I will not watch one second of the new season. I’ll give the new season of NYC a shot bc I actually liked Season 5. I didnt watch the last 5 or so eps of NJ and will give the new season a chance just bc they dropped the Manzos and brought back Dina. I will NEVER watch Miami again.

        • I like Lisa, and not a fan of Kyle, but I agree. Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same.

          Miami sucks, imo!

          • Except Mama Elsa. I still think they should do a housewife show in Miami, LV or LA with seniors, having lived in the Glory times in those places. Would be awesome.

          • Hahaha Laram that show would be amazing! Maybe you should pitch it to bravo, they have had some outrageously bad shows lately. What was up with that show about watching people watch tv? That was the worst idea ever! Who in their right mind wants to watch people watch tv, it sounds so stupid just typing it out lol.

          • Lol, @CaTface! That couch show was horrible! Still, lol. To think the same Network that introduced us to James Lipton is crazy!

          • If she’s not spreading cheating rumors or planning Teres’s demise, its a step in the right direction, no?

    • I so agree with you Lexy. Bravo not making a statement against Brandi’s comments only further proves how trashy and classless they are and they just don’t care. I no longer want to support them after this. I’m just going to quit Bravo altogether now, I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile anyway.

    • The whole show’s reputation is in the gutter at this point, I don’t care what they do because id they don’t get rid of Brandi I won’t be watching.
      This season has been horrible, just horrible. Boring as hell. They have a lot of problems.

    • I really do not care for anyone at this point except Kyle & Lisa. Yo is a hypocrite. As her husband says, she only wants her own show out of this. Joyce is nice but we have not gotten to see her home or much about her because Brandi dominates her scenes. Carlton is a phony. I would love to see Lisa & Kyle bring in more friends.

        • Yes, Kyle and Lisa ARE the show. I can even tolerate Kim. She’s goofy, but I think she is sober- at least a lot more sober than last year. Cannot take YOYO- such a liar & so fake and so full of herself & her husband. Geeze- you come to their house as a guest and must QUIETLY watch a performance and applaud. Plus she thinks all the other girls are clowns & she’s a cut above? No, no a thousand times no. She and David are the biggest narcissists. As the genius stated above,she shows her refrigerator like its a museum piece, while millions of Americans are starving. Not cool, so over the top & David really thinks she s going to get her own show doling out advice to others? And last of all, who can really support someone who continues and continues to make excuses for BRANDI? Stand up for what is right Ms. DREAMTEAM QUEEN. Yoho’s got to go too.

    • I will start by saying that I am a totally fair person without any particular favorites, except perhaps Lisa who has dropped in my favor ability scale this year but not gone off my list…other than that I have issues with each and every one if the ladies some more than others. I do t choose sides I judge each I. Their own actions and so far I’m not impressed at all with this woman , I’m supremely a muted and disappointed in Brandi, but won’t go so far as to throw judge mental names like racist…more like completely stupid and unbalanced with no judgement! I don’t like Joyce because as far as I can tell her only storyline e has to become a victim and try to start fights with every housewife except Kyle! Then grabs I to whatever action she’s been able to elicit and clings to the victim / attacker role as if there’s no tomorrow. Kyle has been very quiet except to so her typical showing off begging for camera time and stirring the out! Kim is a co
      PleSe waste if film and her need to try to create a reaso. To attack Lisa is very transparent. Yolanda is ill and struggling but I do admire her strength and what some see as arrogance I see as just trying to be above the nonsense! Good for her! Unfortunately her brain is affected by her illness and a few things she’s said came out wrong and those that feel the need to pick teams have jumped all over that! I think its and unfair and u wise characterization if a woman struggling for survival and it kind if sickens me when I hear people attack her. That brings me to Carlton! Euck. Is about all I can say about her. She just reminds me of a creepy dirty person! She may have money but she appears like a trashy tacky ex prostitute might appear! I really can’t stand her. She makes me feel like I need a bath each time I watch her. All if this said…I believe that the only way Bravo and Andy will take offence and begin to put the brakes on Brandi is when she begins to make stupid comments that offend the Gay community. I don’t like those kinds of comments either, but I do t reserve my dislike to ONLY those comments as @bravotv and @bravoandy do! It’s really rather sad and it’s one of the reasons I’ve lost my love of these he shows. Each one is a carbon copy if the next. It’s like watching 5 different versions of the same show with different actors. Pole dancing, fighting over misunderstandings , who out out false stories, trips by housewives that are actually planned and paid for by bravo, dinners planned by the housewives with the same three sheds catering all of them! “I decided to invite her…to be fair”. When we all know they all have to be there by contract! It’s all just so predictable! @bravotv needs a new influx of producers with new ideas because these are just so trite and boring ! Overdone! And overused!

    • I am already done, tried watching a few times and just couldn’t. These shows seem to top out year 3 and it just becomes tiresome. Who will watch NY after all this time? I wish Bravo would send the wives to other cities for laughs, that would be great tv. I want icki Vicki in NJ and the Lisa in Atlanta.

    • I really don’t think Brandi will be fired. I think we’ll be getting Joanna Krupa on RHOBH next year and a Yolanda/Brandi vs Joyce/Joanna storyline. Joyce just posted a picture today hanging out with Joanna (idk if the picture is from today, but it is definitely posted today) and after the Joanna/Brandi mini feud, I think Bravo will milk this for all it’s worth.

    • Please make it so!!!!!! We need a breath of fresh air, so yesss, hell yea shes just a painful thing to watch. She will now have more time to pursue her affair with bimbo brandy!! What does her husband say about her lust for bimbo brandy! And brandi needs to leave or live and let live! Im so tired of her being mean and harrassing poor joyce, who i cant wait to get to know once she is done defending herself against the ravages of bimbo brandi, the bully, thats what it looks like feels like and its old and brandy is always the center of attention. She needs to give up the show so we can enjoy the other people. That woman is a cancer and needs to be cut off! If bravo doesnt do it i will turn the other channel! So sad it used to be my favorite show down the toilet!!

    • IMO, they will get rid of Carlton, Kim, and make Brandi “friend of” again, until she gets help. I don’t think Bravo will ever get rid of Kyle or Lisa. Yo, I don’t have an opinion because she really brings nothing to the show and needs to focus on her health at this point. Actually, Brandi, Kim, and Yo ALL need to be off the show and focus on their various health issues.

      • DD had the blind loyalty of an army of fans that were willing to ignore the garbage that Phil Robertson spewed because “ZOMG! they pray at the dinner table.” Probably most of their rabid supporters either secretly or not so secretly agreed with Robertson’s stance on homosexuality and race to some degree. Ugly truth. His views fit within the wider Conservative social agenda. So he had a built in support system that was willing and able to organize a campaign and apply pressure on A&E to lift his suspension. Brandi doesn’t have that kindof support. She has fans, but they aren’t organized and don’t share any wider views or beliefs besides being fans of Brandi. Her whole ysosrs? no boundaries schtick is not connected to any broad social movement unless you count internet communities like 4chan that pride themselves on creating an environment where it’s bad form to be offended by anything said in the name of lulz and lolikuns are just another segment of the community as a social movement. Has internet culture taken on a rw life and influence over the greater culture as a whole to that degree? Iono. From a sociological perspective it is pretty interesting. From a humanistic standpoint it’s pretty depressing. I am not in ANY way asserting that Brandi has an connection with 4chan FTR, she’s about 26 years too old to have a serious fan base there, I’m just saying that that’s the kindof environment where her brand of “humor” is socially acceptable. Hell, she’s pretty tame by their standards. That those standards are invading mainstream rw culture seems like a vaild thesis. Contrast that with the Robertson case and his supporters who seem at face value to be diametrically opposed to the fortehlulz crowd but on a deeper level BOTH are arguing for a lack of consequences for public figures for their own wildly divergent reasons. Chat about pc all you want, there are things you can say that just aren’t decent or civil, and if the greater community stops enforcing that than does the whole world becomes a poorly modded image board? Mind = blown.

      • Bravo isn’t going to do anything about it. If the ratings dropped because people were so appalled by Brandi Then and only then would they do anything about it. Until then, her job is secure. because they don’t care what the viewers want. They think they know what is best for our viewing pleasure. And they have some pretty decent ratings despite the fact that the show sucks this year, everybody wants to see Brandi and Carlton gone and Kim has nothing going on in her life.

  • I see this happening like RHONY with mass firings. The only people I could see returning for a season 5 reboot are Lisa (duh), Yolanda, and maybe Joyce. If Kim is fired will Kyle follow her sister out the door? Hmm.

    I feel like Carlton will be outie. Like the source says her every week her storyline is about sex with her. I don’t mind when housewives talk about sex, but I don’t care for it being their only storyline. Like we get it, you are sexual person! Is there anything else interesting about you?

    • Kyle has pretty well confirmed she is returning. She and Joyce seemed pretty confident in their interview on Access.

    • Why would Yolanda return over Kyle and the others. Actually, I do somewhat understand with Kyle wanting her sister to be a full time HW, and Yolanda being one of the richest of them all.

      • Again @Jayden it’s a rumor that I read, I believe from Radar. The article stated that Kim could def. be a goner after this season is done airing and if she is Kyle might follow if they fire her. I doubt this highly because who don’t want to keep getting those large paychecks.

          • FINGERS CROSSED! Hopefully Radar is right this time. Carlton is creepy and gross. She’s a dirty lech who dares to be judgemental towards others. Much like Cindy Barslop aka Cindy Who before her, she picked the wrong team and should be off our tv’s for good.

          • Exactly jayden. Either ROL sources are completely unreliable or they just make it up as they go along. They’ll print whatever sounds good at any given time.

        • I sooo agree!! She;s over sexualized and just plain weird!! I Really dont like the witchcraft storyline and she looks like shes capabalr of some really DARK things..makes me worry for kyle and anyone else she decides not to like for no reason. She only likes Brandy because she wants to sleep with her. I actually miss the original cast. I really dont care for Yolanda either, shes two faced and shes only there because of her husband. I think kyle & lisa would make up if it wasnt for yolanda causing trouble!! Actually just thinking about it, she has caused trouble between several of the ladies!!??

        • No way Kyle and Mauricio are anywhere near as wealthy as Yolanda and David. You are obviously not aware how lucrative the music publishing business is? Mauricio earns a good living as a real estate broker but nowhere near what David earns on royalties alone per year. For comparison Kyle’s home is worth between $4-5 million, Yolanda’s bluff top estate in Malibu is worth $25-30 million.

          • Not everyone who’s a millionaire likes to live in huge, luxury homes that are worth 25 million. Also, according to an article last year, Mauricio’s networth was almost 100 million whereas David’s was at 30 million.

          • According to Celebrity Networth both of them are worth $30 million each.

            Yolanda is worth $15 million. (Her salary from RHOBH) and Kyle is worth $30 million.

            BUT Yolanda also has a hefty divorce settlement, and Davo gets cash rolling in from publishing rights and deals constantly on top of his earnings. I think that’s where most of his $ comes from.

            Still, they’re all pretty loaded. But nothing like Lisa and Ken. Lisa is $65 million a year and Kenno: he’s on $85 million a year.

            That’s cash…

    • Actually this “source” had more details about it if you read it on the site. The source wanted to revamp the cast to being Lisa, Joyce, Yolanda, and Brandi (the only explanation for that stupid reason is they feel the bitch is entertaining) which is ironic because Brandi does not bring “over the top” parties. I have a feeling that Carlton and Kim will be going and Kyle will be friends of the housewives. I think Lisa will be the OG of BH.

      • I would much rather see Yolanda go than Kim. Maybe Kims story could be one that ppl can relate to if they have the same struggle. I just hope shes strong enough to be round the drinking and bickering. They sure dont seem to care about her struggle when they constantly drink in her presence. I couldnt believe Carlton even wanted a drink at a highschool grad party in Kims own HOME!! WOW!!

    • There’s no way Kyle is leaving unless Bravo forces her out. She loves the camera way too much to leave with Kray Kray Kim. Altho I do think it would be in Kim’s best interests to leave. What’s she gonna do for money????

        • Damn, my next life I am marrying for love and money, maybe an old guy with a heart condition. Just Joking. $20k? holy crap!

  • Yes, yes, 1,000 times yes! Get rid of her, Andy, she’s unbearable and unwatchable. I fast forward through every scene of her and have been doing ever since she sided with the bee against Kyle–who’s allergic to it! People allergic to bee stings can die from bee stings. Their throats close up. Gebbia’s house/body/sex room/face/personality and sick/weird relationships with pretty young girls all turn my stomach. Most the RHOBH is unwatchable and I never watch it live any more. I’m bored to death with fake Ken/Lisa interplay–they’re clearly over each other–and Yolanda is dumb as a rock, treating her refrigerator like a museum piecce while people in America go to bed hungry.

    • Oh Virtually Real, what genius…. “treating her refrigerator like a museum piece, while people go hungry.” A+ for that! And screaming about that bee. HER face (Carlton’s) looks like a fricking allergic reaction to a bee sting.

    • Carlton is totally repulsive! She behaves like a rabid pit bull, looks like a ghoul and lives a truly bizarre lifestyle! The show has descended into a pit and is a misery to watch. New blood is needed….and pentagrams need not apply.
      PS- Joyce and Yolanda are no bargains either!

  • Let’s hope this is true….yes, she does not fit into the BH housewife franchise…she was rarely filmed with the cast so she won’t be missed….Brandi can go to her home off camera to be felt up along with the nanny while they entertain themselves in the sex room…

    • WHHappened what you said made me LOL. Brandi did say she wanted to be felt up as a child, so the Nanny is as close as she’ll get to it.

      On another note, Carlton brought bad juju to the show especially to Brandi. They need to burn anything they got from her. It’s a medium C can use to demonize them n Bravo. Don’t believe me look how fast the show is sinking.

  • This woman hates attending events, doesn’t like anyone who asks her a question, likes to be called a C U Next Tuesday, and she spends her days lingerie shopping and licking a pole dancing. I won’t miss her at all.

    • Carlton doesn’t belong on this show. I’ve said it before, she is better suited for Rock of Love. Ugh….she is so so trashy. I wanted to like her but she is too vulgar and cheap!

      • Hahahah Rock of Love! That was he most amazing/hysterical show. She would have totally fit in and then bashed everyone in her confessional when she was wasted.

        P.S. Is/was she a smoker?

        • Gimme, don’t know if she is a smoker, but she looks like one! Her face looks so rough for a 40 year old!

          • Too much sun will do that too. True Brits are usually quite fair skinned so it would likely show on her much more and much quicker than on someone with darker skin.

            Maybe she does both. Her skin does look awful leathery especially for her age.

          • Get OUT! 40?

            I don’t believe it!!!!!!!

            She can’t be?

            That would make her 3 years older than me, and I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, but for real: I do NOT look anything like that.

            I assumed she was in her 50s. Late.

            And I’m not trying to be awful, or a smart arse.

            That is some serious sun damage :/

          • Aussiegirl, i was shocked when I read somewhere that she was 40!!! She is only a year older than me, yet she looks like she’s in her 50’s. She looks so leathery and worn out. She should have stayed out of the sun! Yikes!

          • YeGads, that thing is only 40?
            Oh my, she has been ridden real real hard. Shocking.Even more shocking is that she thinks she looks so good!
            Everything about her is fried- her hair, her face, that body is frightening!

      • Come to think of it, Carlton is perverted for saying that her young boy should be surrounded by beautiful women. He shouldn’t be thinking of crap like that and she shouldn’t be putting it in his head. She just got creepier. I think she is a genuine pervert.

  • Even Bravo can’t bear watching her. She is boring, stupid, ugly and repetitive. She brought nothing to the table.

    • Agreed. I really disliked how she has an inane dislike of Kyle, and this is coming from a non-Kyle fan. It’s creepy how she get’s in a lingerie type thingamajig and then proceeds to lap dance her mother in law.

      • I know this won’t happen, but I wish the core cast could put aside their differences when it comes to thirsty newbies. Like when someone shows up and starts hating for no reason to pursue a certain storyline, all of them would just not go along with it.

        • Yes! But as you said, it won’t happen. You have people looking to for others to be on their team rather than keeping down the thirst with people like Carlton.

        • I don’t like the way she dislikes people for no reason but, I don’t think she’s that bad and think it’ll be a bad move to get rid of her only after one season. I mean, let the viewers get to know her! Look at how Camille Granmar redeemed herself. If they keep firing people after 1 season, then they’ll never get the formula right and viewers will get tired of a Bravos flakiness. Some people a NEEDED to go after 1 season but, I don’t believe Carlton is one of them.

          • I can’t stand Carlton and won’t watch another season of RHOBH if she’s on it next season. The ONLY one I really tune in to see is Lisa anyway, and I can see her on HER own show Vanderpump Rules.

    • She’s vulgar and everything about her makes me nauseous plus and including her flirtatious teasing with Brandi. I hope Bravo dumps both of them on their sorry asses!

      • Brandi AND Carlton both are the very reason that ratings have swung to such a low point.
        I havent watched the last two episodes becaue I was so disgusted with these women, as well as Yoland who is a mean,lying pt stirrer too. Plus she’s over the top stupid. I say get rid of Yoho, Brandi & Carlton. Sen them all aon a girls girls vacation and let them suck up to each other, out of our sight. Its way too gross anymore.

        • You are correct about everything you said! I fast forward thru Carlton and Brandi and unfortunately, that is almost the entire show now. They need to go! I cannot believe there are people gullible enough to buy a book written by Brandi. Was my favorite HW show but I can barely watch anymore. If there is not a cast change, I am done!!

          • Agree to both posts. I have been a huge bravo fan and used to love RHOBH. Brandi and Carlton are classless and their over the top sexual story lines are so inappropriate. Yolanda well she just needs to go also. To get the true viewers back…Bravo…get rid of these three and bring classy crazy Beverly Hills wives back with all their over the top drama…that is what the show is all about….

        • I completely agree. This whole season started of sucky because Kyle was giving digs to Lisa, Lisa tried being ‘funny’ taking jabs at Kyle. Brandi was a drunken mess who was extremely mean towards Joyce for no other reason because she was jealous of Joyce’s beauty and her family life. Then she stabs Lisa in the back implying that Lisa was manipulating her to say mean things about others which is such bullshit. Then we have Kim taking offense to everything Lisa does or doesn’t do. We also have that wicked witch, Carlton who hates Kyle and Joyce for no reason and is such a two-faced back stabber I can’t stand her. She really gives me the willies. She’s nauseatingly gross. It’s not a fun show anymore. At least last season Lisa and Brandi were the fun ones even though we had to deal with Fake Faye. But I think Brandi let the fact that she became the fan favorite because of her friendship with Lisa and Ken, go to her head and she has turned on Lisa. Now Brandi’s an angry miserable woman. I lost all respect for her, and I can’t stand her either. I hope Bravo takes her off the show as well. I don’t need to look at trash, I throw out trash. I looked forward to this season since last season and it just stinks.

      • I’m watching the latest episode and Carlton disgusts me! She looks like a strung out heroin addict. Her husband is a closet case gaylord. On the streets sge would get the crap beaten out of her.

    • I had high hopes for Carlton but she doesn’t come across well on camera… I’m disappointed in Brandi’s grand public crash & burn… Some folks just can’t take the pressure of a public life and worse; they drink their own Kool aid. However, I would live to see Joyce/horse/Jacquelline either get a story, get a grip or get the hell off my TV.

      It takes a really f’d woman to play the victim while constantly baiting an obviously damaged attacker. More so, I’d like to watch real time footage of Joyce …Possibly through a nanny cam, so she would stop posing and flipping her hair a’la sweet valley high. I bet then we’d see just how she dissects every possible comment of others to create a story line. Being called the wrong name is not bullying, nor is being acknowledged for your racial heritage.

      Everything about Joyce strikes me as not dissimilar to Anna Quinones… Being Latina just ain’t gonna cut it… And every statement made isn’t cause for labeling… Especially in the context of too many drinks.

      I’d love to see the franchise return to the wealthy over the top lives of admirable women versus fugly bad girls club types.

      • I’m not buying Joyce as the poor victim. I agree that she’s been baiting a damaged and self-destructive Brandi. And I don’t excuse Brandi, she’s responsible for her own actions.

        I did think Joyce egged on her husband at that dinner.

      • Halle frigging lujah! Thank you, Beyonce Shabazz.

        Joyce, get out of town with your bullshit. I’ve been saying it since I clapped eyes on you. She’s playing this for all it’s worth, and it’s shitting me to tears.

        If she overplays her hand now, and tries to take advantage of the whole Brandi fucking up with this recent disaster (for which Brandi is entirely culpable) and tries to be all ‘I told you so! And she’s horrible to me too!’ About it, it will just be further proof that she’s been using this ridiculous storyline to put her in the spotlight.

        And it will be gross.

        And now I will settle down, because

        a) I’m ENTIRELY speculating right now
        b) I’m beginning to sound far too invested in this shit and I read back over it and come across like a moron or a loony toon
        c) pffffffffffffffffffffffft. I’m ultimately too lazy to get too fired up. Plus, I think there’s some left-over salami and cheese in the pantry. And I’m peckish…

        • *I come across like a moron or loony toon.

          My hunger is literally making me forget myself.

          See what I did there ;)?

          • @ Aussie Girl!

            Hysterical Post!

            I alas, feel the same way! I dislike the Combative Prom Queen.
            I am a tab bit embarrassed that I find myself emotionally involved iin the pretend life of a group of superficial actresses on a shady network..

            Geesh, it is great fun to watch but I long for the days of lavish parties, fundraisers instead of botch- fest, 2013-2014..

          • Very funny. Thanks for another laugh. You are just passionate not a loon. I think this gives us all a place to let off steam about people we don’t really know & I don’t think it’s a bad thing since they signed on a show that promotes us to react.

    • What a troll of a personality !!
      Couldn’t Andy find anyone else with money in B Hills besides Carlton ??
      Not only a vile mouth and grisly body…but the fact that she was allowed to procreate..
      Please save the show and let karma do its work by removing that nasty excuse of a human being.

    • Yes getting rid of Brandi and Carlton would be the best thing for the show. I am so tired of the way Carlton and Brandi act.

      • Yolanda is nothing more than a gold digger who believes her marriages to 2 men of wealth/fame have made her royalty. Her husband, David, is a petulant, self-involved narcissist who will probably dump her in the future for someone younger like he has in the past.

        • I totally agree. I find Yolanda to be such a hypocrite. She says one thing and then out of the other side of her mouth she says something altogether different. While in Palm’s Spring, she states that there are not in high school and there’s not ‘teams’ but the very next episode, the place cards with Brandi, Lisa, Ken, Carlton had hearts on them and when Kyle called her out and asked why some people had hearts and others didn’t SHE stated out of her own mouth that the ones with the heart were the DREAM TEAM. Really? So damn tacky. Now she blames her Lyme’s Disease. How very convienent for her. I am so sick and tired of listening to her say one thing and contradict herself either during the same episode or the next one. I wish she would, as Brandi would say. STFU!!

    • I would love to see her go. She adds nothing to the show and is such a contradiction. I think she is trying to cause so much trouble in hopes that she will stand out. Well, she does stand out but in a negative way. Hope they do not bring her back.