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Mob Wives Star Natalie Guercio Calls Karen Gravano A Pig!


Ever since being fired from the show Mob Wives, Karen Gravano has been trying to use the new ladies on the show to keep herself relevant, and this time she went after new cast member Natalie Guercio! Karen tweeted Natalie calling her a rat, and even attacking her family, but of course, Natalie responded to her claims and even called her a PIG! Check it OUT

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I think it’s pathetic that Karen has to fight with people on Twitter (just like she did on TV) to try and stay relevant. She needs to move on, and grow up. What’s even more disgusting is that her teen daughter follows her on Twitter and sees her mother acting like this ALL THE TIME. Thoughts on what Karen had to say about Natalie? Do you think she’s using the new girls to stay relevant?

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  • Karen calling anyone a rat when her own father owns the crown of King Rat! You’d think the term “Rat” would not even be in her vocabulary! I could never stand Karen, she’s a disgusting pig..Natalie on the other hand is the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen..

  • First I would like to start out with saying I personally know Natalie Guercio. All of this crap out here about her is NOT true at all! Her and I went to high school together. Yes she may say what is on her mind and it may be hard for her to bite her tongue, but hey at least she isn’t fake and you know how she feels about you. I know first hand that Natalie is not a racist at all! Her son is mixed with Puerto Rican for crying out loud! London, her current boyfriend is Puerto Rican and Phillipino. It is all just gossip and “haters” trying to give her a bad name. Last but not least, Natalie dated black men in her past. I know she was young when that happened, nonetheless she did date black guys too! From all I know about her one thing I can say is she doesn’t discriminate!!! If your real with her then all is good!

  • Natalie does not belong in the show. She’s a cute girl with a horrible mouth but not a mob wife, girlfriend, baby mama or relative. Now when she appears on the show it says under her name “cousin of a crime family, allegedly” Not the cousins name like the rest have names on theirs. It wasn’t there in the beginning but since people complained that she’s not in the lifestyle they now added that. Just because her grandfather held services at his funeral home for a few “made men” does not make her a part of the lifestyle. Hell, I had a cousin in a biker gang. That doesn’t make me a biker wife. They cast her because she’s cute & young where as the others are older. She doesn’t belong, PERIOD.

  • Here’s my take on Natalie’s ” UNDER COVER BROTHER!” If it”s true, Karen just killed him! HOW ABOUT THAT? DAYUM!

  • I think Natalie is a big time s***t starter and it’s starting to get played out. I do think she probably said something like that on recordings because look at the way she talks on TV. It’s obvious when cameras aren’t rolling it’s even worse & I could are racist comments being thrown out when she’s pist about sonething. Girls need to quit sucking her a** & get back to basics with renee

  • FIrst off, I am stuck watching this show with my GF and I tell her the same thing. People watching this show are idiots.. now don’t get made I say that lightly because after all I know my GF is not an idiot, but the fact that she watches this show is humiliating. I mean these so-called ladies act like men.. disgusting sociopathic and narcissistic men. Why are we as a human race even interested in this total garbage ? I mean, the interesting thing for me is to see how people from a different culture in NY live, but they are beyond disgusting. Old women acting like tough guys with more drama then prepubescent teens. Renee has multiple personality disorder, she is wack-O .. borderline belongs in an asylum. The way they all talk just make my skin crawl, like YO TONY, Eh, EYE USE DOIN!!! Natalie saying, “Act like a lady and grow some balls!” says it all .. i mean need I say anything else ??? With all that said, it is entertaining, I admit it… though I hate it and am annoyed by it with every bone in my body.. What’s there to be said for our children’s future when people are so superficial and materialistic.. are there any normal people left out there that know intimacy does not mean sex, that a relationship is not just about what you can do for me and how you make me feel about myself .. what the heck happened to validating yourself and finding finding happiness within yourself and affirming that comes from your partner ? Get what I am saying ? Why our divorce rates quadrupling every year in the USA ? what is happening to our society ??? Not to continue on a tangent but, the bottom line is this show makes me lose faith in humanity.. it is sickening this stuff is worse than porno.. k, i am now finished.

  • I’m sorry but for one Alicia wants to start all this shit about Renee talking about her yet the very First episode she trashing Karen and renees friend.. So my question is this is it right for her to do it but when Karen defends herself its wrong and she’s trash its not right if anything alicias a gutterbucket all she does is cry and play victim its getting annoying to me I love mob wives and Natalie but that’s what I think if anything alicia wouldn’t be getting a check if it wasn’t for Karen and Renee paving the way for her!!! IJS..

  • How can Natalie be a racist when her boyfriend is part “boricua”?
    If things don’t work out, I’d like to ask her out 🙂
    Does she dance salsa?

  • God I hate Natalie. All bark no bite. Karen would knock her teeth out as would Drita. I get why people don’t like Karen but honestly when the show started no one knew who Renee, Drita and Carla were but everyone knew who Karen was. I hope they bring Karen back at the end of the season. Natalie and Alicia leave a bad taste in my mouth. Natalie thinks she’s a gangster and all Alicia does is play the woe is me card. You knew what your husband was and what he did. You hate Karen because her dad put a hit on your FIL who you never even met? GTFOH

  • Omg! Just watched today Season 4! Now I have to catch up with 3 more! Don’t love Natalie yet, and think Alicia is lying for her sentencing! But I like the show!

  • Please don’t tell me Natalie is a racist. I like her and Alicia. I even thought she had a little black in her.They don’t back down from anybody on the show. I would have liked to see how they would have interacted with Ramona and Karen. I wonder how that would have went!

    • I don’t know if she or not, the rumor is she was going off about something and making racist remakes and someone recorded her. Somehow Karen ended up hearing the recording,and posted it. Natalie called her a rat and they had some exchange.

      Natalie seems to fall in line with whatever Alicia says or does.
      Alicia has to me, proven she is a liar. She keep the books for the trucking company, that is what got her charged. She also sold knock off items in her store,(she said she didn’t know).
      Alicia is the one who posted those pictures on her social media sites.

  • Karen has the right to say what she wants. If she heard Alicia making racist comments and she wanted to bomb her as@ go for it.
    Karen was a good part of the show. She came to make peace with Renee and Drita.
    Drita didn]t want to make peace because Lee was against it.
    Alicia and her husband don’t want to be around Karen for a reason, what is it really? Alicia did not even know her father in law. What could Karen say or do that has them so scared?

    • The reason is Karen knows truths that they do not want her speaking about on tv, where his wife is trying to get sympathy…

  • Umm, Karen is not using anyone to stay relevant- she comments when she is brought up or someone insinuates or lies about her . Im glad Karen called her annoying ass out by the way. Hope she is coming back because she was just out with Jenn and Renee recently! I would be happy and forgive Jenn for this season if Karen comes back- at least she was real, backed up what she said and was no fake. And I do not hold her accountable for the Mob or her father; she is her own person. Natalie is freaking ridiculous! #keepherinSPhila.
    Im from East coast not far from S Philly originally and I cannot tolerate her and her BS.

    • Hi michers, I don’t hold Karen responsible for her father’s actions either. But I think she continues to perpetuate the whole Mob/Gangster thing. So does Renee (who I like).

      They should make up their minds: Either they’re out of that life, or they’re still expecting people to treat them like Mob Princesses. How do you have it both ways?

      • Karen makes my skin crawl, what a thug. Get a life outside of this crazy. Her child must be horrified every time she gets into it with others on social media. All of these women are starting to bore me..this show should end soon, the story lines are getting old.

      • I feel that Renee really thinks people have to treat her like a mafia princess, but it makes me laugh! Those days are gone honey. I think Karen only has that side of her life come out when people back her into a corner.

  • Personally I don’t miss Karen one bit. She should be on a show called Serial killer”s daughters or American drug dealers …..Not mob wives. Her father was the biggest rat in history. Yes she brought notoriety to the show because of who her father is….but she thinks she is a gangster. No Karen you are not Mob Royalty. You are a rats daughter that helped him run one of the country”s biggest ecstasy rings. Please take a seat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Karen was the one planting stories about Alicia in the papers. The apple doesn’t fall far…..

    • @ Disgusted

      I so agree..Freakin Rats daughter, thinking she’s all that..Sorry, you are not Karen, and you should never ever be bustin on anyone, sayin they and or their family are Rats.. She really has some freakin nerve!!

      • IKR Not to mention if Natalie”s brother is a undercover police officer Karen could have jeopardized his safety WTF ?

        Hey Karen..There is honor in being a police officer you can’t compare that to being a serial killer stool pidgin

        The only think she should be saying to Alicia is ” I’m sorry my father killed your FIL but that’s not me. So leave me out of it”
        Not go on attacks!!

        By rights she should be somewhere in the witness protection program or in prison for selling X.
        Agreed her name shouldn’t have been brought up on the show but that’s Jenn Graziano that allowed that so i agree this might be the brilliant idea of Jenn to leave the door open for bringing Karen back

        After all who’s going to kiss Renee’s ass?

        Karen is delusional I think the show is so much better without her and everyone kissing Renee’s ass.

        • POOP on you 2 , LOL! We are in disagreement here 🙂 I still love ya’s though! I always liked Karen. Look what else we have and had on that show.. Honestly I think Karen was the most down to Earth out of the bunch.

          • I love ya @ mich. Yea we are in total disagreement. I can not stand Karen, never could. Although I have to say I didn’t like that she was talked about on the first episode and feel she had every right to talk/ tweet about THAT and clear HER NAME. also about her book.
            But but but. she was tweeting shit before the season, she is no innocent and in my opinion certainly not down to earth at all!

            Also that bitch referred to police as f’ing pigs etc.( not just Natalie’s family) when she was fighting on twitter with Natalie.. F’ing Bitch!!! So not cool, now I really can’t stand that fat bitch. F her!!

          • OMG Holy LOL! Tell me how ya really feel girl 🙂 See, I could not stand Nat from the minute she opened her damn mouth ! Alicia I can tolerate, even though there is something not 100 about her.. But Nat.. ugh.. she is an idiot. The twitter beef is ridic but Karen has no way to defend herself not being on show, so it does not bother me too much. Natalie reminds me of being antagonistic/instigator/annoying/attention getter.

          • See mich . I get Karen’s beef with Alicia, but Natalie?? Seriously WTF? In my opinion Karen went after Natalie on twitter for no reason.. Who the F is SHE of all people to say anything about Rats?? Why even start that shit?

            I did say up thread that I’m not sure if I like Alicia or Natalie, but I do like that they don’t keep their mouths shut. They say what’s on their minds, they could give a shit.

        • I immediately thought the same thing about Natalies’s brother. What a rotten thing for Karen to do. If God Forbid Natalie’s brother gets hurt (or worse), it falls directly on Karen, IMO.

          And how do you call anybody a rat, when you’re the daughter of the most famous rat of all??

      • IKR Not to mention if Natalie”s brother is a undercover police officer Karen could have jeopardized his safety WTF ?

        Hey Karen..There is honor in being a police officer you can’t compare that to being a serial killer stool pidgin

        The only think she should be saying to Alicia is ” I’m sorry my father killed your FIL but that’s not me. So leave me out of it”
        Not go on attacks!!

        Agreed her name shouldn’t have been brought up on the show but that’s Jenn Graziano that allowed that so i agree this might be the brilliant idea of Jenn to leave the door open for bringing Karen back

        After all who’s going to kiss Renee’s ass?
        I think the show is so much better without everyone kissing Renee’s ass and without Karen

    • My very first thought when the “tabloid leak” came about was that it was Karen…and that she was getting her “info” from Renne.

  • PREDICTION: I think Karen is going to show up at the end of the season. They handled her departure differently than the others who left (making a point of saying that she’s living in Arizona now). With Alicia saying she refuses to be in the same room as her, Karen’s return would make for some gooooood TV…. and a guaranteed return for the show to do another season.

    • I’m leaning that way too.

      Maybe all of this was part of Jenn Graziano’s Master Plan all along, and maybe Karen was in on it (knowing she would eventually come back to the show).

      • Yes ! Me too ! They could be doing a fill in or walk on, after filming has totally wrapped & Karen would not be filming with Alicia I could see that happening, especially if Alicia does actually go to jail.

  • This is really random of Karen to start beefing with Natalie. I know Alicia called out Karen and her pops in the first episode about her father. But why mess with Natalie?

    But I love the rat cheese icons by Natalie in her 2nd reply, lol.

  • Why is it okay for those women to say whatever they want about Karen but Karen can’t respond? These ladies 9especially Alicia) came right out of the gate trashing Karen on the first episode when Karen isn’t even on the show to defend herself. If these women can speak their mind, Karen should be able to as well, but of course, Alicia refused to film with Karen. Not cool.

    • I agree, Karen should be able to speak for and defend herself. I have always thought she should be allowed at least a talking head to give her side on what Alicia said about her.

      I do think the twitter wars are beneath her, or should be. In my opinion, Karen really should not be discussing anybody being a rat.

    • I agree Queen. It was dues to Alicia’s hubby that she cannot be around Karen. Karen knows truth that Alicia does not, and her hubby, from my understanding, wanted her on to gain sympathy from judges on their cases. Cant do that with people around who know things 😉

    • I agree, Queen. I am really hoping they bring Karen and Carla back. I would like to see this show stick with original cast, even if it is a small part.

      Karen’s life story was kinda the backbone of the show, so I hope there are plans to include her moving forward.

      Also, we need some more men on the show. I love watching Ang and her man, and we all liked Carla’s ex and Karen’s ex. Even Junior was hot till he turned into a rat. They need to bring Lee on the show!!!

  • Wow! Karen has hit a new low. Gutter trash. What happened to being an author and working in the skin care industry. Karen, like Renee, take mob life too seriously and are trying to hold onto a lifestyle that isn’t theirs anymore.

      • Well to be fair, there are have been divorcees and single women on the HWs series too. Not everyone is going to be a housewife or a mob wife, adding one who isn’t stirs the pot and keeps things interesting.

  • I couldnt understand it either. But, for some reason, she has a problem with both Natalie & Alicia?

    • Thanks I glad I wasn’t the only one.

      Yeah Karen has not let up about these 2 for freakin months.. Jesus!

    • Alicia did name drop Karen’s name first tho. Natalie hasn’t said anything about Karen until Karen did. If Karen has a problem with anyone she should take it up with Alicia, not Natalie.

    • I’m not sure if I like Natalie and Alicia yet, but I do like that neither one of them are” afraid” of Renee. Let tell her exactly what they think, they don’t back down at all!

      Btw.. I like Renee always have, but damn she thinks everyone should bow down to her.

      • I am so with you on that one. Renee is not a boss like she thinks she is. Renee said Natalie embarrassed her, talked down to her etc., & She a boss & that she can’t talk to a boss like that. Well I never saw where Natalie ( at that time) did this to Renee. Renee can’t say in one breath “there is no mob” & in the next “I’m a boss ” etc etc.

      • Same Holy. I like Renee myself but I do like the dynamics of what Alicia and Natalie bring in as new castmembers. Can Renee be coo coo for cocoa puffs? Absolutely! But Renee needed new people who were going to challenge to make that good tv since Carla is gone and Karen and her squashed their drama a few seasons prior.

      • Yep holy I love that they don’t bow down to Renee. Even the OLD BLOOD is getting tired of bowing down

        • I love it too @ Disgusted.. These 2 could give 2 shits about Renee Graziano, who the f is she, ya know? Although it will be interesting if either one of these newbies will be back next season, one thing Renee is, and that is the boss’s sister.

          I do like that Drita and Big Ang are speaking their minds too..I do not look at it as them being ” disloyal” I look at it as them being honest and real. I love it.

  • Karen posted some kind of recording of Natalie on her twitter..It was something like Natalie talking and saying something racist.. I listened and couldn’t understand WTF Natalie to me saying..
    Anyway I think that’s what started this shit storm between those 2 on twitter.. I don’t know.

    Karen has been tweeting shit about these newbie and the show for a long time.. IMO she needs to quit, to me she looks stupid.

    • Holy, I saw that tweet with the link to Natalie’s conversation on the phone with some guy on twitter, he actually sent it to Janine, Big Ang’s sister to prove Natalie said it. The guy is some sort of blogger & a sh*t stirrer.I listened to it several times, and at times it was difficult to understand. But CLEARLY Natalie said “I hate fu$$ing N***ers ” It was clear as a bell. Karen was insulted because her daughters father is black & that’s how the twitter war between the two came from. Now the meeting with Karen, Renee & Jenn was about future biz, I believe a possible movie is in the works. Karen Jenn & Renee have been friends for over 20 years. Karen left the show not because of money, but Alicia & her hubby would not film with Karen being on the show, because Karen’s father put the hit out on Alicia’s father in law,killing him, it was Sammy’s last hit. So the decision was made for Karen to leave. a low down dirty move on Jenn’s part. But they all 3 do still speak, & say there is no bad blood between them. Karen’s story line started this show, she is the daughter of Sammy the Bull !Without Karen being on this show there would not have been a Mobwives ! I feel like most viewers that Jenn really screwed Karen over, but hey not my call. As we all know, Sammy later turned RAT with the Feds, so naturally Karen is carrying that label too, it’s like it handed down generations. I think the aminosity between Karen, Alicia & Natalie, is just to draw attention to the show, because there is still something else to come.

      • Wow great insight, JM. I remember someone telling me on twitter Natalie made a racist remarks towards a black person (people). Had no idea it was deeper than that especially since it could be linked to Karen.

        • I have hung out with Natalie in Atlantic City, and we both had a great time just chilling in VIP at HQ night club in the now closed, Revel Casino. She was very pleasant, had great conversation with her, sweetest personality, honestly. If I could I’d display the pics of she and I together at my table in VIP, and btw, I am black. I have her on Facebook and twitter, and we do chat here and there. I couldn’t characterize her as racist, just from experience.

      • I swear to God, I can not make out what Natalie said on that recording. But damn if she said what you say she said..Holy shit!

        I do agree about Jenn G, completely!

        • LOL Holy ! I know I think its the accent. But after you listen over & over you begin to understand it . Also it may be that Karen may return @ the end of the season, for ratings, but I don’t know

        • I couldn’t either holy. Plus how do we even know the recording was real? It was obviously altered and how do we know if it was Natalie?

          • I don’t know @ Disgusted..
            Like I said I swear I can not make out anything she said. To me it was all mumbling..

          • Guys, someone that was BFF’s with Nat put a recording out not long ago, he was all over her twitter- then he went private after arguing with her at or after the Mobwives party recently, where Renee and Nat and IDK who else got in scuffle. He sent it even to Janine Detore, .. apparently there were many recording of her going off about shit and racist remarks were made. May be the same on that Karen has?

      • Well…Renee tweeted that Mob Wives are still filming (about a week ago) so maybe Karens coming back. I hope she does.

      • I have to hear this, I didn’t know anything about this conversation. It is bad that they fired Karen because they wanted Alicia and her hubby.