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Joyce Giraud Slams Brandi Glanville’s Claims That She’s Anorexic!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie, has a lot to be mad at these days regarding her co-star, Brandi Glanville, but the new issue at hand is Brandi’s insinuations that Joyce is ANOREXIC! Joyce spoke with Star Magazine and shared how ridiculous Brandi’s claims are. Check it OUT

“In the entirety of my life, I have never had an eating disorder. It’s disrespectful of Brandi to accuse me of such an ugly disease. Anorexia and bulimia are serious problems, and for her to just throw that around so easily is hurtful, not only to me but also to those who watch the show.”

So how does Joyce stay so thin?

“I honestly eat chocolate all day long. I do realize how blessed I am to be able to eat what I want and not have to live in the gym.”

On her and Brandi sharing a fast metabolism, Joyce says,

“The thing is, Brandi is extremely skinny for her height, she’s skinnier than me! She should know what it’s like to have a fast metabolism. I don’t know why she targets me.”

I think it’s hypocritical for Brandi to complain about labels being thrown around about her, due to her behavior, and then she throws around Joyce being anorexic. Joyce hasn’t done anything but be skinny for Brandi to say that. Thoughts on what Joyce had to say? Do you think Brandi should be commenting about her weight?

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Ashley Rub

  • ThatOtherChick

    They BOTH look like they’re anorexic. I can see Joyce’s ribs in that photo.

  • LaraM

    For the love of God, shut up you two! You were both blessed with high metabolism and tall stature! Brandi, you might want to kick up the Pilates, and add strength training, bc you look skinny fat with loose skin, and so does Carlton. Fair skinned people it happens to, but not a good look! Do some weights, and kick up the protein…not Del Taco and french fries as your diet!

    • Shipp

      Or get lipo, 😉

      • LaraM

        Seriously, she looks like a chicken cutlet…ok, I can’t touch chicken skin without gagging. I am gagging. Lol

  • Joyce should just Ignore Brandi. It is not even worth her time to engage in such
    nonsense about who is thinner. Besides Joyce’s tag line is “you can never be
    too h o n e s t ” , NOT , THIN…

    Brandi’s obsession is showing…again.

    • myinfo

      They both are nuts. What next? Brandi will call Joyce bald. Joyce will go crazy and respond that Brandi is making fun of bald people and Brandi will tweet she was joking and on and on and on!

      • Lola Falana


      • CaTface

        This made me LOL! So true. Joyce needs to give it a rest, Brandi is self destructing all by herself and Joyce is looking ridiculous with the back and forth. Ugh they both are annoying, but I gotta say Brandi doesnt have any right being offended by ANYTHING any of the other women say at this point especially with the disgusting crap that comes oh of her mouth.

    • jenni

      wrong. her tag line is “you can never be too young, too thin or too honest.”

      • Thanks for the correction, but I was only commenting about the ‘THIN’ vs ‘Honest’ portion of the tag.

  • Lola Falana

    Both of these women need to eat several SAMMIDGES (translation: sandwiches) and STFU about who eats, who doesn’t eat, etc.!! They’re BOTH too skinny, in my very humble opinion. Don’t get me wrong. I think they’re both attractive, but I’d think they’d look even better if they gained some weight.


  • cammierari

    since when is making fun of someone’s weight acceptable? Oh yeah, it’s only wrong if you’re calling someone FAT, which is apparently against the law. If someone is thin, feel free to make fun of them all day long! Feel free to assume they have an unhealthy obsession with “being skinny”, and that they suffer from anorexia or bulimia-especially if you’re as skinny as they are, because that will make everyone else think you are better than them…lol Brandi. Time to grow up.

  • Aunt Sadie

    Brandi is the one on a diet. Her skin sags because she is nothing but bones.

    • Shipp

      Sadie, I see that in Carlton…much worse.

  • myinfo

    I agree. The Brandi and Joyce fights are getting dumber by the day. I now feel they are both nuts. Will we get comments from them daily? This now seems scripted and we are falling for this drama.

    • Jarlath

      YOu’re supposed to pick sides, not see it for what it is! LOL

      • myinfo

        Conflicts by Bravo. Without this fight we have the following: Dogs,a boring clothing store; VPR ;sex dens and singers. ZZzzzzzzz

        • Jarlath

          don’t forget puking, dinners and tweeting (it just take a second!)

          • BM Barbie

            I will second, third, and fourth that “ZZZZZZZZZ”

            I now hate this show. Last week I watched a woman in her forties getting her bikini waxed and another one licking a stripper pole. Isn’t this Beverly Hills? WTF BRAVO?!?!

            That said, I am shamelessly excited for New York to start. Ok, there is some shame.

  • jayden213

    Gosh, this is so tiring. Joyce did say that you can nee be too skinny, so she opened the can of worms. Brandi needs to shut up and go back to college. She is beyond ridiculous. I don’t see a difference between their bodies.

  • Johanna M

    We have absolutely no reason to believe Joyce is anorexic. and it’s a rich accusation coming from someone just as thin who clearly doesn’t work out and we just saw throwing up after eatig a burger.

  • CherylTN

    Both Joyce and Brandi are the exact frame in my eyes, with Brandi having a few pounds more. So the tic for tac stuff is a tad silly.

    • barb

      Tic for tac. lol. I’m sure you weren’t being funny.

      • CherylTN

        You spotted my sarcasm, lol.

        • Shipp

          CherylTN, hahahaha tic tac’s. A seven course meal for the model/pageant types.

  • Taisha Smith

    Joyce has always been thin. Even in her acting days. Brandi is an idiot. I think this may be the last season for Brandi. Andy likes drama but she is too much. Has Brandi not noticed how beyond skinny she is? Even with all her drinking she still stays thin. Her legs are so thin that they look like they can break at any minute. Brandi is a mess.

  • September24

    Brandi will comment on any subject matter to stay relevant. Sad.

  • Steff

    I actually find both of these clowns to be idiots. Brandi has zero tact or class while the other is just an old version of the typical mean girl beauty queen.

    • Shipp

      Steff, well said.

      • BM Barbie

        ITA. They’re both pretty terrible. I’ve realized no one on this show is not completely narcissistic to the point of psychopathy, or they wouldn’t subject themselves to this shit.

        Hi Shipp!

        • Jelly

          Hey BM Barbie are you back again? It’s been awhile since you’ve been around!

        • Shipp

          Hey Barbie. Great to “see” you.

        • Shipp

          Hey Barbie. Great to “see” you.

    • Bobby

      Joyce has been mean when??

    • eggmitit

      And they both look like skeletons with tennis balls in their bikini tops.

      • bc (Slut Pig)

        Eggmitit, yes, they both have bad boob jobs!

  • Bree

    Brandi needs a psychiatrist. The stupid crap she spews all day is unreal. She needs a muzzle

  • Nicole

    I’m pretty sure that Brandi’s comment about Joyce being anorexic or bulimic stems from the fact that Joyce said “you can never be too skinny”. Even though it’s a BH thing to say and she was actually quoting Neiman Marcus, it was stupid. Brandi took it and ran with it.

    • michers

      She did, just as any other women on that show would have if they had issues with Joyce. And in the pic above they look exactly the same in their body type! Joyce is using deflection here to take away from her own words. A beauty queen should know better, especially with young ladies looking up to them. Brandi is getting herself in trouble on her own this week I see; doesnt need Joyce and her hypocrisy.

      • michers

        She did, just as any other women on that show would have if they had issues with Joyce. And in the pic above they look exactly the same in their body type! Joyce is using deflection here to take away from her own words. A beauty queen should know better, especially with young ladies looking up to them. Brandi is getting herself in trouble on her own this week I see; doesnt need Joyce and her hypocrisy.
        * If this posts twice Im sorry. I messed up my own info AGAIN LOL*

        • michers

          Oh poop! This was for Nicole way up there. Sorry 🙂 ^^^^

  • Fan of the Show

    Brandi has a lot of nerve, has she looked in the mirror lately. I have noticed how the skin sags around her knees. For me I think they are both a little too thin, but being anorexic is something else. Next time Brandi goes for plastic surgery maybe she can get her mouth permanently shut!

  • Lexy

    well, so far the only one who we have heard actively puking after eating has been Brandi so if there is any suspicions in my mind about anybody having an eating disorder that would be Brandi and not Joyce.

  • Just stop

    I hate it when people bash other people for their weight. Joyce looks naturally thin and seems like a person who eats. Brandi is a moron.

    • heather

      Hmmm, the only person I’ve heard puking up a burger in the bathroom was Brandi.

      • Cesar

        hahahahahaha! touché, Heather… touché… hahahahaha! you made my day! xD

    • katie

      In all fairness, Joyce was just on Access Hollywood Live with Kyle and said Brandi could be the one with the eating disorder. While I agree that it is horrible to accuse someone of something so serious, she can’t play victim then turn around and start the same rumor.