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Bethenny Frankel’s Show Might Not Be Canceled Despite Terrible Ratings!


We’ve all been hearing the rumors of whether or not former housewife, Bethenny Frankel’s show, is being canceled. It’s less than stellar ratings have been struggling ever since its first renewal, but this may not be the end for her career as a talk show host.


“Staff will be informed this week or next if the show gets renewed, however, sources tell Rob it will be coming back!”

Check out which talk shows are ahead of Bethenny in the ratings below


1. Ellen (WBDTD) 3.0 -6%

2. Dr. Phil (CTD) 2.8 -15%

2. Live with Kelly and Michael (Disney-ABC) 2.8 -10%

4. Maury (NBCU) 2.1 NC

5. Dr. Oz (Sony) 1.9 -10%

6. Steve Harvey (NBCU) 1.8 NC

7. Katie (Disney-ABC) 1.7 NC

8. Rachael Ray (CTD) 1.4 NC

8. Steve Wilkos (NBCU) 1.4 NC

10. Wendy Williams (Debmar-Mercury) 1.3 -7%

10. Jerry Springer (NBCU) 1.3 +8%

12. The Doctors (CTD) 1.1 -15%

13. Queen Latifah (Sony) 1.0 -9%

14. Bethenny (WBDTD) 0.8 -11%

15. Arsenio (CTD) 0.7 NC

16. The Test (CTD) 0.6 NC

16. Trisha (NBCU) 0.6 +20%

Maybe they have a different strategy that they are confident about that would make them renew Bethenny’s show? What do you guys think? Would you like to see Bethenny’s show stay on air?

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  • I like Bethany, you guys are all haters because she found a way out and now has money. She will be fine wether they cancel her or not.

    • I agree that they’re all haters. I continue to pray for the success of Bethenny’s show. She deserves our prayers and not our scorn. She’s a giver and has helped so many people through her talk show.

    • I continue to pray for the success of Bethenny’s show. She deserves our prayers and not our scorn. She’s a giver and has helped so many people through her talk show.

  • I find it unbelievable that this show will not or has not been canceled by now. Every time I try to watch it, I have to quickly turn it off. It is so bad in so many ways that I don’t know where to start. Horrible (non existent) interviewing skills, shrieking voice, arms flapping around (in the opening monologue while attempting to describe the theme of the show)…Awkward introducing of guests. School girl outfits instead of her past hip or chic fashion choices. The same ‘old’ relationship topics droning on and on. The other day, I tried to watch again, as she introduced a diet expert, stating “it is good to have a guest that might have differing opinions from your own diet beliefs”, etc., etc..Well, each time she directed a question to him SHE completely took over the answer..all I heard, as I was doing other things in the room, was her voice, on and on and on. She has become a shell of her old, real wisecracking and sometimes funny self, because this type of show is completely out of her comfort level and expertise. Bethenny is far from stupid, if she took a break, stepped back to think about other things she could do in the world of ‘entertainment’, I wonder why and at what cost to her celebrity future, she feels the need to continue in this horrible example of a talk show.

  • HELL NO !!!!!! Don’t want to see her continue. Who is she to talk advice or anything for that matter. She is vulgar, and the way she talks about Jason is horrible. His family must be mortified. I can’t understand how she got the show in the first place. Jason, if you read this, go on “The Bachelor”. Now that would make great t.v.

  • Cancel it! I liked Bethenny much better before I saw her everyday on TV. She gets on my last nerve now.

  • Love Ellen, and respect her confidence in Bethenny, as I use to be a fan, even her neurotic behavior, until her spin-offs, the way she treated Jason and his family, now her horrible talk show.

    And, I have zero respect for Naughty But Nice Rob! Gross!

  • Honestly- who the heck will Bethanney have on for her guests. She has had nearly all 30 past and present Housewives on the show (except the three biggest draws she desires- Jill, Lisa and Teresa) and some of them 2 and 3 appearances. She’ll need a new strategy to keep ratings because the HW well is running dry now B,

    • Yep @HD she needs to get off her high horse and her dislike for Lisa, Teresa & Jill. If she wants to save her show, that no one watches, sometimes you have to let whatever beef you have subside in terms of business. Although one of her best shows was when Omarosa burnt her up. It was everything, lol.

  • I’ve seen her show and don’t care for the segments or her line of questions for the guests and most of all her opinion on everything!

  • I think the only reason it’s being renewed is because Ellen DeGeneres has some “pull.”

    If Bethenny’s ratings don’t improve, however, I can’t see this show lasting another season.

    • The woman can’t even read a telepromter (don’t know if I spelled that right.) It is torture trying to watch her show.

      • Totally agree! She is the worst reader. How hard is that? Does she even prepare before the show? Horrible voice, so unnatural on camera and vulgar. I have canceled the show at my house!

  • Well so far everything is “sources” said, and this naughty dude is worse than a “sources” said.

    I can’t imagine Bethenny visibly failing so violently and wanting to continue to fail so publicly for the sake of being in front of a camera and for the sake of hearing yourself screech at RH 24/7.

    I can’t even watch for more than 2 minutes before muting her.

    she has created her own brand

    – fill audience with 100% women who boo guests – 90% of them male guests.

    – eagerly watch Bethenny bash and argue with guessts

    – invite all your enemies and try to shame them and fail publicly

    Who is she going to invite next season?

    • Queen Lahtifa just won Fav new talk show host!!!
      Awkward for Bethenny, very few cheered when her name was mentioned.

    • I think Bethany’s show is equal to all other day time talk shows but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably not be Bethany. I often think she needs a new stylist she dresses like she is 13. She is tiny and looks cute in some things but most of the time she looks terrible in the selection of clothes shes wears. She needs to wear clothes more appropriate for her age. I do feel sorry for Jason for the way she treated him on camera but we probably don’t know the whole story and frankly I don’t want to know he is better off now.

  • I don’t think he ratings are that bad and obviously she always can improve. Probably her ratings are okay in the demographics that matter.

    I would be more worried if I was QL who has been in the talk show business for years and years and is barely making it above Bethenny, that would be worrisome.

  • Don’t know, don’t care. Don’t watch her show. Never will, the way she used her husband to become BRAVO famous is despicable.