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Kim Richards Answers Questions On Which RHOBH Cast Member She Misses Being On The Show!

kim richards and brandi glanville

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards showed her support of co-star Brandi Glanville, and appeared as a guest on Brandi’s new podcast recently. Of course Brandi wanted an opportunity to take a dig at arch nemesis Joyce Giraud, so she asked Kim which cast members did she miss being on the show, and here’s what Kim had to say

Brandi asked,

“So, let’s talk about — a little bit about, this season. Um, is there anyone that you feel from the seasons prior should’ve been on the show that isn’t, this season?”

Kim said:

“You know I don’t think that’s really fair for me to say because I think obviously the producers make their choices for a reason. So of course, I miss you know sometimes the way it was, and yet I don’t, because I think there was a lot of controversy and stuff. So, I just kind of go with whatever they — they made their choice. I just gotta leave it with that.”

Brandi also shared her least favorite cast mate, she says

“I personally feel like one of the new girls makes me miss Adrienne and Taylor A LOT. I feel like bring those girls back. At least they have their own story going on and it’s not just ‘Let’s bring down Brandi.’ So that’s my personal take on it just because I think sometimes when you mess with the recipe, it throws the viewers off. People are like ‘Oh you guys are boring this year.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, you have to get to know — it’s like starting over, they have to get to know us again.”

Kim went on to say,

“There’s so much icky-ness.” And Brandi interrupted with, “Yeah, there’s a lot of negativity.”

Brandi is not an original housewife, so I don’t know why she turns her nose up in the air at the new ladies, when she too was once a “new housewife.” As for this “recipe” many think Brandi already ruined that season 2, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame it on Joyce. Besides, Brandi is only known for fighting, so maybe she should get rid of that negativity she dislikes so much. Also, I love how Kim didn’t feed into Brandi trying to gossip about Joyce. Thoughts on what both Kim and Brandi had to say? Do you agree with Brandi?

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  • “At least they have their own story going on and it’s not just ‘Let’s bring down Brandi.’ ” -Brandi

    Is Brandi really saying this when she was like, “Let’s bring down Adrienne Maloof.” All last season?! Jeez.

  • Kim approached Taylor head on about HER drinking, so why doesn’t she do the same for Brandi ? Brandi is clearly out of control. she doesn’t live in BH & is NOT a HOUSEWIFE ! She does not belong on this show rather a mental institution.

    • They tried to, but Brandi caught word and fled the intervention when filming of this season happened.

  • Brandi has been fighting with one cast members after another, since game night, ironically, Kim was the first victim.
    Season after season, episode after episode, zzzzz, nothing has change about Brandi.

    She has had a chip on her shoulder since day one, and has been extremely defensive ever since.

  • Wow so besides the article…i am looking at Brandi’s face in the photo and so shocked by how much botox she has had done that her face cant even move anymore.

    she looks freakish

  • I loved Kim’s answers in this “interview” ESPECIALLY her answer to “What do you think about the people online who keep saying your not really sober” … i also like how she kinda stopped Brandi from going on about Lisa and said “Can we not make this all about Lisa today?”

  • Kim never really answers a question directly which is a good strategy when it comes to RHOBH and dealing with psycho Brandi! But we all know that Adrienne left the show cause her personal life was becoming way too public and Brandi was a huge part of all that!

    • SA,

      For all intents and purposes, Kim is an actual actress and even though her communication skills are lacking from years of drinking, she was raised in the Disney Machine and shows considerable constraint when responding. BTW,
      I am loving how she has learned not to take the bait and answer, I am not responding to negativity!
      Kudos to Kim! She actually learned something during her recovery.

  • Bring one of those ladies back? SURE! I know they would LOVE to treat Brandi like the garbage that she is and Joyce is doing it no differently. The only reason why Brandi is hating on Joyce is because Brandi got caught up in her own pile of shit. Brandi & Yo were throwing Lisa under the bus to someone they don’t even know (Joyce) and it backlashed on them and they “the real honest ones” denied everything, and clearly said on tape “they would never try to help joyce again.” which lead to Brandi’s drunk antics and behavior towards Joyce. If its anyone who has caused negativity for SEASONS its Brandi Glanville. This show (like rhonj) has become not fun to watch with great personalities who are ending up being dragged through the mud because Brandi is like that kid on Charlir Brown with the flies around him. Shes a negative heart & soul with PROBLEMS that a doctor needs to fix, not lisa or Yolo or a bottle of wine.

  • So Brandi misses Adrienne .. Lmao

    Why ? Maybe because Adrienne didn’t fight back and exited left instead of rolling around in the trash with B?

  • Of course she misses Adrienne. Adrienne was inarticulate and way to wary of her private life to get into a verbal smack down with Brandi so she would just let her rant and just opened her eyes with stupor but wasn’t able to put into words her grievances.
    Another thing that Brandi might miss is the editing that took Adrienne words out of her mouth to make the case for Brandi’s fake lawsuit, I bet she misses that a lot.

    • @Mary,

      I was wondering why Bravo actually edited what Brandi said regarding Adrianne’s Children. Obviously, this was morally reprehensible for Brandi to mention in any polite society, much less on reality TV.
      However, Adrianne & Paul signed the same contract and that contract basically states that they you are their b-oytch and they can edit or paint your character in any light they wish.
      So, they couldn’t actually sue Bravo.
      Also, since Adrianne walked off in the middle of the season isn’t that breach of contract?
      I am honestly curious.
      Do you think that Adrianne paid Bravo off?

      • Of course they did. Adrienne could have sued them, that is why NOTHING at the reunion was addressed.

      • Why do you assume that all the women sign the same contract? The smarter ones probably negotiate better contracts.

        • Lifetimemovie,

          I worded that incorrectly. Is there a standard contract? The reason I ask was that I read one for RHWOOC on line..It was frightening…

  • So she misses the woman who she made run from filming and the show? Probably because she knows she can walk all over Adrienne and make he look like a coward. Most people are complaining about her, so maybe she is the one who needs to go. Taylor could stay where she is at.

    • Seems an exaggeration to claim Brandi made Adrienne run. Adrienne made a good decision not to be on this mess of a show and have her personal life unravel before the cameras. If Adrienne had continued on the show, I could see Lisa asking her about the tabloids, “is it true that you’re getting divorced? One never really knows does one so one must repeatedly ask the same question over and over. I’m not a bitch I’m just English blah blah blah.”

      • Adrienne stopped filming and did not film with others in the middle of te season when everyone was talking about it, and skipped out of the reunion. She ran because she did not want to hear Brandi and Lisa run their mouths about her private life. Lisa does use the English excuse too much.

      • lisa wouldn’t of needed to ask about any tabloids and AM herself said it on the last episode that she was getting divorced

        • Oh Tweety!
          My UK, friend!
          Me thinks, we are in the minority of Lisa fans here? Yes?
          Shall we show our solidarity by singing a few bars of “God Save The Queen”? I am kidding! LMAO!

          • haha funny thing is i didn’t like lisa last season. i re-watched last season recently (were still on last season here in the uk) and my whole view on her changed, i was actually a kyle supporter

        • Forgot to add that it is ironic that out of the Housewives on RHOBH, the one with the most problems is able to give a very sensible and neutral answer.

    • That’s probably because Adrienne didn’t really fight back with her face-to-face and on camera (the way Joyce does).

      I didn’t like Adrienne, but it’s the truth.

      • Oh absolutely, I agree with you (and the rest of the comments here) about Brandi’s true intentions.

        That’s what makes her so sickening; she plays it off like the innocent victim who misses the good days when everyone played nice and got along.

        That being said –It’s really difficult to root for anyone on this show anymore…but brandi is a major part of that problem!

      • Oh absolutely, I agree with you (and the rest of the comments here) about Brandi’s true intentions.

        That’s what makes her so sickening; she plays it off like the innocent victim who misses the good days when everyone played nice and got along.

        That being said –It’s really difficult to root for anyone on this show anymore…but brandi is a major part of that problem!

      • I didn’t like Adrianne either, but she didn’t lower herself to have pointless face to face chick brawls with Brandi..
        Joyce, keeps on blogging away. Brandi handed her a Storyline. Now Joyce won’t let it go
        Kind of backfired..

        • And what’s Brandi’s storyline? She’s the one who created the negativity this season, and she’s the one keeping it going by making ethnic slurs every week. Brandi is smart enough to know that those comments are controversial.

          Brandi brings nothing interesting to the show. No big house, no dinner parties, no hosted trips, no shopping sprees, no business to promote, no glamorous life….nothing but mud slinging, drinking and playing the victim.

        • Adrienne didn’t have face to face brawls with Brandi? I remember Adrienne and Paul screaming at the top of their lungs at Brandi at one of Mauricio’s events. Adrienne and Paul cussed her out and called her every name in the book.

    • It as bad as Brandi pretending she was in it from the start.

      Brand handed Joyce her storyline and now complains about it. Brandi loves being in the spotlight and by repeatedly attacking Joyce she secures more camera time-first her own storyline and she hijacks Joyce storyline to add to hers.

      She is correct-Adrienne is a heck of lot more interesting than Brandi these days. As to Taylor she couldn’t wait to run her off and then point out how isolated Kyle is.

      • i actually listened to her podcast last night when i had insomnia (soon got sleep)
        funny thing is brandi and kim saying that they have had it the worse on the show, i have to disagree with them on that one

        • @ Tweety..

          Are you jesting?
          Where they speaking about this season or past seasons?
          Did they both agree on this together?
          This takes delusion to an entirely different level.

          • Kim has had it hard on the show? She’s very lucky even to be on this show at all because she’s very boring.

            As for Brandi she really needs to stop complaining. She has no education or skills and she’s very fortunate that she gets paid to basically get drunk and cuss. What would happen to her if she had to get a real job?

        • Tweety, I so loved commenting back with you and Tara, in Night of January 1 (lol, I produced/directed a play in Highschool, Night of January 7th). You guys, helped keep me up for my all nighter to wait up for a call from Africa. Love your posts, @tweety!

    • Omg, Brandi is truly delusional. Brandi misses Taylor and Adrienne because hey were the bigger a**holes, and as long as they were worse, Brandi’s bluntness and f-bombs would be more acceptable. Please. Taylor was writing a book about her husband before his body got cold, and Adrienne was throwing her weight around when attacking Lisa at the reunion didn’t work as well as she planned. Adrienne DID try to bring down Brandi and Lisa last season and during the promo for last season. Joyce is just defending herself after being attacked by Brandi’s RACIST comments.

      The problem is, all of the villains are gone, and Brandi’s feeling her balls now that she has some fame and money so she thinks she say whatever she wants to anyone without any repercussions. It’s a good thing her career doesn’t require fans….oh wait.

      • The funny thing is what you said about Taylor is the same thing Brandi went after her for on the reunion! She said it had been a hot minute since Russell’s death, before Taylor wrote the book, which enraged Taylor, plus she kicked Taylor out of “her party” at the beach house where Kyle & her nearly got into a physical fight as well as DeDe, Camille’s friend also nearly got into one with Taylor. Now she misses Taylor & wants to bring her back when she hated her! Adrienne brought Brandi into the group & defended her so I never understood why Brandi ended up hating her, but now she wants her back after the ” lawsuit” Brandi complained of casting herself as the poor single mother against the Maloof riches! Again, Brandi does not like Joyce because she was the youngest & saw herself as the “hot one” Joyce is younger & thin like Brandi. At the fitting they were the “thin ones” that nothing fit, both turning & posing & saying look it’s just too big, it doesn’t fit. Then Joyce says you can never be too rich or too thin! Brandi has a melt down because even though she is thin, she isn’t “rich” like Joyce & has pointed that out, just as she has in the past about not having money like the other women. Now she has. Burned Lisa who has been nothing but kind to her & try to guide her from embarrassing herself, but instead of appreciating Lisa she now goes after her as well. I hope it backfires. For me it already has. She thinks this drama will assure her paycheck & secure her spot, but we have seen this backfire on all the HW shows.

        • Actually, without her Baby, Joyce isn’t that far ahead of Brandi.Kyle alone has more cash on her own than Joyce. Brandi is richer than Kim.
          Carlton is richer on her own than Kyle & Joyce.
          Lisa is the richest on her own.

          • What do you mean on their own? Joyce, like Kyle, has been married to their husbands for years! They would be entitled to half of everything their husbands own. Lisa ONLY has money because of Ken, she was a bit part actress when she met Ken with no money! Ken already had nightclubs when he met Lisa. Joyce and her husband are the richest couple on the show by far.

          • I meant w/o their Husbands. I am quite aware of Community Property laws LOL! . I was only pointing out that Brandi complains about money and she has more than Kim.
            That most of these Ladies have achieved their own fortunes.

          • i’m curious did joyce have money before marrying money?
            when ken married lisa he didn’t have as much money as he does now,lisa has worked with him to build their businesses

          • @Debbie1

            You may want to check your facts before you label Lisa broke. Granted, she didn’t have as much money as Ken;(who made in fortune prior to marrying Lisa); she was not broke.

      • Off topic, but speaking of Taylor, did you see her on Couples Therapy? I started to watch, but as soon as I saw the opening preview where she’s bashing poor Russell who can’t defend himself, again, I had to switch channels. Not before I saw her gleeful (that’s the only way I can describe the weird look on her face) account of how she wanted a divorce and “then I walked in and found him hanging.” It rubbed me soooo the wrong way, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

        • Scatty,

          I watched “Couples Therapy” last night. Taylor wasn’t bashing Russell, as of yet anyway. She was talking about her PTSD and about having therapy before making a commitment like marriage to make sure she was making good descions. However, it seems as if her Lawyer, fiancé didn’t seem like he was really into the whole being filmed for the masses TV therapy ( which I really don’t understand either.) He seemed like, I’m here because her issues from her first marriage are ruining our relationship.
          I saw the scenes you mentioned and it looks like Taylor has some “Stop the Camera- Diva Moments”..
          Hey, I guess Vh1 is better than Bravo?
          I am sort of kidding but I don’t know, really.
          However, Taylor was gracious to the “Pregnant at 16, Teen Mom turned Porno Star & now Sex Toy Mogul’, Farrah, showed up alone because her bf dumped her in route to the show.

        • Even if she really was “bashing” Russell, who the hell cares? Dead or not, he’s a piece of shit for abusing the shit out his WIFE! Just because a shitty, terrible piece of scum dies, doesnt all of asudden make them some outstanding human being all because they died!!! You sound like a moron showing any kind of sympathy (poor Russell) to someone that obviously had no problem kicking the crap out if a woman…. ugh “poor Russell”my ass! Men that do shit like that should have to suffer the same way they’ve made everyone else, like sit in solitary and have to endure whatever they’ve put others through daily, with absolutely no possible way of taking the easy way out and being able to kill themselves (which by the way how fucking selfish to his daughter) plus all of lawsuits because he was shady asshole that he left for Taylor to have to deal with on top of everything else he put her through!

          Again that man is a scummy puece of shit and just because he was a coward a decided to hang himself and died changes ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THAT. You dont have ro like Taylor, i dont, but she has every right in the world to say anything she wants about a man that put her through hell and back. Your digging to try and find something to talk shit about is so pathetic…

          • @Ladyluck

            OUCH! So, I see you have issues with expressing yourself!

            No, seriously, I do agree with you. Sad that Russell committed suicide; however, he still was an abuser.