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Is Brandi Glanville’s Publicist Is Now Trying To Do Damage Control?!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville, has remained in hot water week after week, for the racial slurs she made against co-star, Joyce Giraud. Brandi has since tweeted, blog, facebooked, and even spoken to different media outlets to try and redeem herself, but it’s not really helping. Many fans have questioned why her publicist isn’t doing damage control, and it looks like the message was received! On New Year’s Eve, Brandi posted a sexy photo of herself on Twitter, and it now has been deleted. Find out why below

This is the photo Brandi posted that has since been deleted

photo 2

photo 1-1

I don’t see anything wrong with the photo Brandi posted. I mean, compared to all her other tweets she has posted, this is definitely PG! LOL What do you think? Do you think Brandi’s publicist should have deleted the photo?

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  • How about Carlton’s kids who will see the picture of their stupid mother with the ball gag in her mouth which she uses for sexual gratification. How humiliating is that. And some kids find their Mom’s jeans embarrassing. There isn’t enough therapy in the world for these kids, either.

    • Mego, “mom jeans” that was hilarious! I agree with you about the ball gag; that was really not necessary. Carlton seems nice, but trying way too hard. My guess is she will not be back next season. Hopefully, she and Brandi will ride off into the sunset together. Ball gag and all!

  • What the heck is wrong with these women dont they know their children will see all these pics at some point and they all claim to be such good mothers her boys prolly get teased at school also I feel sorry for them I think her boys are better off with LeeAnn

  • I wonder if her Mom and Dad has ever tried to talk to her about getting some help. Not saying she would even listen to them. So true, you have to want the help. Hopefully one of these days Brandi will WANT help.

  • Brandi will do anything for attention and she is now 41 years old so it just looks desperate. However, because she has no talent so this is the type of behavior she goes to.I think she is mentally unstable and has addiction issues to alcohol, drugs, attention ect. I just do not understand how this woman ended up on the RHOBH and how she has any fans. Makes no sense to me at all. Brandi can’t even keep a man and you can clearly see why she can’t. I would not want to be on her PR team. She is a talentless trainwreck whose 15 minutes of fame are just about up.

  • Brandi is in trouble mentally. She needs some tender loving care and psychological care. She has an illness that needs help. Instead of attacking her someone should love her enough to say come on, I want to help you and be there for you. I believe she has no one close enough that really cares about her. I don’t like what she is doing but it is classic screaming out for help and saying I’m lonely. She is self medicating and she thinks being the bad girl is the route to go. I wish someone would care enough to get her some help before she self destructs and loses her children.

    • Until Brandi decides she needs help there are not enough BFFs, bottles of wine, prescriptions for anxiety and depression, cover stories to ever help Brandi.

      Brandi thrives on being “attacked” because without her bad behavior, inflammatory statements and tweeting, she would have to suffer from her biggest addiction of all-addiction to fame. Being a sweet good person and a good mom yields no news stories.

      It is Brandi’s sole responsibility to seek help -no one can help her if she doesn’t want it.

  • So she’s going to show her body off to the public on her side. Because we all know sex(y) sells in times of crisis.

  • Do you know what Bravo’s official title for last week’s episode is? Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

    It’s on their website in the Episode Guide (9). Wow. Don’t tell me that Bravo isn’t behind this race baiting storyline. Shame on them.

      • One of reasons that I was near to be done on this HW BS we are fed, and spend time of in, but I really enjoy and care about commenters here and another site.

      • That was an excellent movie, I have watched it several times. Tracy Spencer, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn. Cant beat the older movies.

        • Yeah, they’re better than what’s out there today, that’s for sure. It would interesting to rewatch Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in light of the changes in our country.

          Have you noticed that most of the movie stars today are plain or ugly? I watched a few minutes of Rebel Without a Cause when I was channel flipping, and Natalie Wood and James Dean were so gorgeous. In the scene when they are alone at the Observatory, the camera just lingers on their faces and you can’t stop looking.

    • The one thing the entire HWs franchise had going for it is you didn’t have to have any discernible talent just great camera presence. Now it seems Brandi has decided to hijack the show and try and take it to her emotional age group. There are not swarms of twenty-somethings watching RHs shows. And for those who do watch them the last thing they want to see is women twice their age trying to act like them.

      • Hence, the beauty of the idiots of VP, actually stealing the show by their facial responses to middle-aged, successful men and women acting like monkeys, at a dinner party. Now that, as I said Monday and Tuesday was entertainment because I can’t imagine that in reality. Smh!

        • There were some pretty funny lines-most of them in talking heads. They are about to stab each other with diamonds, I thought funny.

          Brandi is dropping f-bombs on LaToya Jackson. Although I think Joyce is much fresher looking than LaToya.

    • …not actually an adjective, I calls it.

      Sorry to point that out. How about ‘meretricious exhibitionist’? That’s a phrase, I know, but the adjective I’m going for is ‘meretricious’. Love or hate her, I think we all agree she’s a bit of an exhibitionist! 🙂

      (I feel I should point out that I still have a soft spot for Brandi. Probably because I’m a wanker. It’s been remarked upon before 😉 )

  • I’ll say it again, I am sick of hearing about this bitch ! Lets please stop paying attention to this lowlife then she will shrivel up & dissappear !

  • Brandi was always one of my favorites, but this season she’s definitely out of line and control…. but I really hope her PR/Publicist can help her redeem herself… I know it’s a long shot, but as Kim’s tagline says, “Everybody loves a come back story”… Brandi will have to do a lot to make amends, but I hope she’s realizing her out of control b.s is not endearing anymore, I’ve said before Brandi has to know and realize she became a FT HW b/c of her crazy antics, therefore she seems to think she has to keep getting crazier to stay on the show and relevant, but .. time for a new story line and to see a new and improved Brandi Glanville! So hurry girlfriend, save let yourself get saved beforw it’s too late!

    • Zoey, everything you said is so true. I would love to see Brandi redeem herself, if that’s possible. I didn’t have much of an opinion about her until this season, she really messed things up for herself.

      • Bryn- thanks! Even if this is her last season, I’d love to see her find true happiness and be in a good place… I know everyone loves to rip Brandi to pieces, but every woman deserves to love herself and be loved, and that’s what I think Brandi is missing in her life.

        Tara- I do agree with everything you said regardimg Kim, however I just don’t feel as if Brandi is this evil uncaring person, I think she’s built her brand around the “shock factor” and now feels she has to keep topping her outrageous behavior to stay relevant. She’s really crossed the line, but I see a single mother trying her damnest to stay on the HW and keep that paycheck… Joyce… ehh, they both need to just chill, they’re looking like jr high girls and making fools out of themselves.

        • Zoe Y.

          OMG, I don’t think that Brandi is a bad person. On the contrary I think she is very damaged and wounded. That the alcohol coupled with this competitive quick fame is throwing her over the edge.
          I keep forgetting she was kind of a stay at home Mom, I know she had a previous modeling career, but I don’t think anything could prepare anyone for instant fame.
          I just think that she takes all her feuds to the mat way, beyond what the norm.

    • Drunken Kim was more of a sympathetic creature, even when she was arguing it was more nonsensical and frightening, than say combative and hurtful to other people.
      We watched Kim make mistakes, stagger & end up with a creepy man.
      You had the sense that Kim was wounded and was very lonely, sad and child like.
      Brandi, is a mean nasty hit below the belt swearing hot mess. She does have witty one liners but she is taking everyone down with her in her drunken rampage.
      I don’t think anyone really wants to see Brandi go to rehab and return as a character on RHOBH.
      Me thinks, Brandi should seek help and go into seclusion..
      I for one am Brandi-ed out and sick of this Storyline. I am also Sick of Joyce keeping all of this going in social media.

    • But you are forgetting that Brandi is stupid and stubborn and has no self awareness. Why would she get her parents to give the finger to Bravo fans on her twitter feed? That was so crazy, and during the holidays, no less. Yet it is still up there. She’s not right in the head.

    • Oh and I mean, **save yourself before it’s too late!
      typing on a tablet SUCKS! I loathe bad grammar, but with today’s auto correct and touch screen b.s… it’s inevitable.

    • :-)! Zoe Y, Bryn and Tara! That’s what I’m talking about, Michers, Rabble, Ellen…we all see her flaws, she needs help. She doesn’t need to be picked apart and production to concentrate only on this storyline, when Bravo doesn’t care, and left one suicide in the path of exploiting another. Just saying.

        • Oh my goodness, I know… Brandi gets sooo much backlash, and yeah, some well deserved, but she’s human and idk, I personally couldn’t handle all the hate and criticism, I’m a SAHM and I put myself in her shoes and I’d probably be a wreck if I had any of that happen to me, not to mention having it all air out publicly… the humiliation and hurt… so I do feel sorry for her. I really hope she turns things around… look at Britney Spears!! That girl went nuts for a hot minute and now look at her, she’s stronger than ever. (Not a huge Britney fan, but she’s the only person I can think of right now as an ex.)
          And Lara M…. I know the suicide should be a huge wake up call to Bravo, this may be just a show to us and them, but these are real people and have to live with this 24/7.

  • I personally don’t think it’s a very flattering picture of Brandi. The angle it’s shot at makes her look like she has two chins….not to mention the tongue doesn’t look seductive…it looks like an old woman eating pudding.


    I am in EDINBURGH!!!!!! I haven’t been able to watch any RHW for aaaaggggges (who knew that in Paris these chicks weren’t chic?) and I miss my regular injection of slop!

    I’ve no clue what’s going on in RHOBH right now, but it looks like Brandina has fallen down and can’t reach her beer.


    Ohhhhh, the shenanigans.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got whisky to drink and Highlands to fling before I fly off to ROME IN THE MORNING!

    Love you all!!!!

    Keep me posted. Shit looks like it’s getting real. AND I CANT STAND NOT KNOWING WHATS GOING ON!!!

    🙂 xxxxxxx

    • Hey Aussiegirl!

      Good to see you again. You’ve been missed. I’m glad you dropped by again.

      Happy belated New Year!

    • LOL BITCHES!!!! Happy NY TO YOU TOO 🙂

      Or, as they say in Scotland, HAPPY HOGMANAY!

      Holy shit I’ve been having a right old time 🙂 🙂

      Chrimble in Paris (FECKING DO IT: it’s BRILLIANT)

      NY in Edinburgh (CAN YOU SAY £15 for a PET SHOP BOYS CONCERT IN THE PARK??? OMG !!!! The whisky was flowing! The people were INCREDIBLE!!!! The weather was COLD, but WHO CARES?! IT WAS FABOOSH!!!!! Best NYE EVAAAAH!!!!)

      Aussieboy and I have had a right old knees up, and Italy is yet to come!

      Best Christmas present ever.

      I wish you were all here with me so we could dissect Real Housewives of Bevvers over some bevvers, if you know what I mean 🙂 we would have THE BEST TIME!

      • Happy new year my friend how was the celebration – I am beyond happy for you and Aussieboy!!

        Buy any purses in Paris?

        Hugs and love and enjoy enjoy to you and Aussieboy from
        Samael and I
        🙂 🙂

        • So happy for you Aussie Girl. Thanks for the update, a lot of us have been waiting to hear from you. Wishing you and Aussie Boy a Happy New Year.

        • Bonnie The bonnie wee lassie 🙂

          Right now I’m in a pub in the Grassmarket listening to live music (the guy is playing Hotel California!) it’s freezing, Aussieboy is knocking back a G&T, I’ve had a whisky and ginger ale and am having a Baileys now, we had Pea and Ham soup for our supper and our flat is a 10 second stumble home!

          I bought BOOTS in Paris. They are GORGEOUS. And I bought bright red lipstick at Galleries LaFayette, and we did our grocery shopping at (wait for it) LA BON MARCHE!!!

          Soooooo lived it up 😉

      • OMG you guys! It’s the BEST TRIP so far 🙂

        Everyone needs to do this. But bring eating trousers.

        Srsly. I’ve been like the food Godzilla of Europe.

        Don’t even get me started on the booze.

        And the SHOPPING.

        Forget it.

        Paris: you destroyed me.

    • Hey there Aussiegirl! So glad you popped in, miss you!!!

      Happy that you and aussieboy are having a blast!!

      Happy New Year, and Cherrio—be back soon! 🙂

    • Oh Brandi has no problem reaching her beer, or any and all other alcoholic beverage(s) she definitely getting her hands on. For sure. But she has indeed been knocked off any pedestal (probably more like a perch) some including herself, had her on.

      Sounds like a nice trip you’re on. I’d give up RHoBH, just to start, to be in your shoes. Enjoy!!!!

  • Alert to all misguided middle-aged women: Miley Cyrus is NOT, I repeat, NOT sexy. she is your trashy friend you have fun with, but get tired of after the second hour of partying. If anything, it’s her “I don’t care” attitude that teenagers find sexy, but the tongue sticking out, half naked pictures, and bad fashion are a no. I don’t think the teenage boys in her demographic a) prefer women and b) have a full crush on her.

        • ots Lara but wanted to share something in regards to what kids say. My oldest is type 1 diabetic, so I would take my little flashlight in my boys room 3 times a night to poke his big toe for a reading. They had twin beds at this time. One night I went in and poked what I thought was my oldest toe. All of a sudden my youngest jumped up and said Mom, what are u doing. I said i’m sorry son but you need to pay attention to which bed you get in, he said you need to pay attention to who’s toe your poking. He was about 5 years old. It made me laugh.

  • I’m a couple of years older than Brandi, so we’re basically in the same basic age group.

    For the life of me, I cannot imagine any of my friends around the same age wanting to emulate Miley Cyrus, a 21-year-old “little girl” (in relation to my age, as far as I’m concerned), in any way, shape, or form. I mean, Miley’s been behaving like a hot mess for a 21-year-old, but it’s a little understandable considering how young she is (She’s just figuring it all out).

    This is just further support for my very humble opinion that Brandi is suffering a case of arrested development and is, emotionally, in her early 20’s. *Sigh*

    • She is probably in a mid-life crisis and has been there since she turned 30. Constantly referring to herself as a slut, known for her vulgar mouth, drinking and sex, and capitalizing off of that behaviour grouped with young people, though she is in her 40s with 2 children.

    • Lola, this is what happens to someone who abuses alcohol and or drugs. They stay at the age they were when the alcohol abuse started. Look at Kim Richards. She seems very child like to me. It’s probably because or her alcoholism.

      Brandi loves the attention she gets, whether it’s good or bad. So pathetic.

      • Actually now that I think about it, that’s why they appear to have become friends.
        I cringed this episode- az I do every time Kim is on- because she comes across as so uncertain, so incsecure, so lost and desperate to find love, self confidence, you name it. That scene with her son was so profound to me- she looks to her son for encouragement/almost direction/support, while he corrects her and tells her she should treat the dog as a dog, not a best friend, which she wants the dog to be. Kim is so very lonely, lost, immature and insecure.

        Really, Brandi is much the same- just as immature, insecure, lost and seeking- she just has presented herself to the audience through her manipulative exterior , which got her contacts to faciliatate access into this group, using her younger body, to try to get a hold in this BH lifestyle.

        But her behaviour, her thought process, her actions- all that of a 14 year old- except the gutter mouth, which is more like that of an 8th grade little boy.

        I think your argument is probably right- they are both deeply immature, insecure, underdeveloped and not very bright- and neither one knows how to behave as an adult- or live like one. Whether it was driven by early alcohol abuse is not clear but I do agree that there is a strong appearance of drug use- perhaps prescribed-but misused .
        It appears that when threatened, unhappy or drunk, Brandi’s catch phrase is FU and STFU- right out of 8th grade boys vernacular.

        • Chicago Di, Well said. I feel badly for Kim’s kids; hopefully, Kyle and the rest of the family helped raise and guide them.

          Brandi & Kim will stay on the show as long as Bravo will have them; they need the money.

        • Hey Chicago DI, like your posts. Sorry, are you new to posting? Have an Aunt’s sister that we call Chicago Di. So, I gravitated towards your name.

      • Oh I agree, socalsoccer.

        I once had someone very close to me who had a son with a very bad drug addiction. Also, his father, her ex-husband, was an alcoholic. So, she’d done all of the Al-Anon and therapy work, etc. Interestingly enough, her ex-husband was a VERY successful man who made loads of money. At his job, he was “on it,” but during his off-time, he’d binge drink. It NEVER affected his job or his ability as a provider. It wreaked havoc with his personal relationships, however. So, he was a functional alcoholic.

        He alienated and x-ed anyone out of his life who DARED call him an alcoholic, though. She was included in that.

        Their son was a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict who almost went to prison for killing someone in a drunk driving accident. The ONLY reason he was spared prison was because the driver of the other vehicle, who was killed, was ALSO drunk at the time of the accident.

        She told me that she learned that the age at which a person gets addicted is their “mental” age, and they don’t start to mature until they start doing the work to sober up, whether that be through rehab and therapy (even if they relapse a time or two; relapsing is part of the recovery process) or…WHATEVER it takes.

        They basically have to learn HEALTHY coping skills for acknowledging and working THROUGH their serious issues and pain.

        They also have to learn how to stop blame shifting and face the fact that THEY are the ones who are responsible for the mess they may have allowed their substance abuse to make in their lives. One part of that is making amends to all of the people they probably hurt while they were in the midst of their addiction. They also have to learn to FORGIVE and move forward. Those things help them to mature and start to “catch up” to their chronological age mentally.

        Once my friend told me about the age of addiction/arrested emotional development connection, I started noticing several of the addicts around me and in my family (My family is HUGE. So, odds are I’d have a few addicts in there), and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t true.

        Those that became addicted when they were teens or in their 20’s continued to act that way, even if they were MUCH older chronologically.

        Brandi may not be a full-blown alcoholic (although I lean toward believing that she is a somewhat functional alcoholic. I say “somewhat,” because I don’t know how she’d be able to handle a regular 9 to 5, where one has to show up every day; be reliable; be prompt and attentive; be courteous; be professional; etc. I mean, her job with BRAVO gives her lots of downtime and leeway. Yet and still, she’s managed to get sh*tfaced more than once while filming….which is her JOB! So, she might not be as functional as she thinks. Whatever the case may be, she definitely is a “problem drinker.” She doesn’t just drink socially. It looks like she drinks go get DRUNK…and possibly numb herself).

        • Yes so true. All the addicts/alcoholics I’ve met (including myself) all exhibit the same type of behavior you mention. We are mentally stunted, and its because when you start to use alcohol/drugs as a coping mechanism for literally everything, you never learn how to deal with anything. You do not learn and grow the same way other people do, you have never learned how to deal with anything because you use drugs as a way out of reality. It’s sad but true, and Kim is a perfect example of that.

          • ITA. Kim seems to have the thought process of a child, but I don’t feel sad watching her anymore. She seems happy- childish or not- and at peace.

          • Thank you all for being kind, it is always a gamble to reveal certain things because people do judge (which they have a right to do). i know it took me an incredibly long time with a lot of counseling and help to even function on my own. It seems crazy but I had never learned how to do simple things like manage my money, and solve my own problems. I always have had a lot of anxiety, which got me into trouble in the first place, so I had never learned how to cope with it without using something to mask it. Anyway enough about me lol! Brandi kind of reminds me of an angry Teenager who is desperate for attention, and never learned how to get it without acting out. I won’t say she has a problem because its hard to know what’s real and what’s not with television personalities , but she does fit the mold of someone who has been mentally stunted as Lola pointed out.

          • I agree 100% Catface Also i don’t think Addicts even know who they are without drugs/Alcohol .. But yes they are stunted at least the ones i have known are..

    • i’m 33 and i wouldn’t wan’t to emulate miley, brandi thinks she needs to shock people to keep here relevant, which in a way is actually working as were all talking about her. even though it’s not all ‘positive’ talk, she will just see it that she’s just keeping her name in peoples mouths

      • Tweety, your right about Brandi and her “shock” theory. It may work for Lady Gaga or Madonna but it doesn’t look good on Brandi. You may be right about it keeping her relevant, but it’s only making her look bad. IMO

        • Lady gaga and Madonna have talent. Brandi lucked into a decent job with some fame attached and if she doesn’t watch it she will lose her job. Next time she says something that can even be construed as racist Bravo is going to get a lot of pressure to let her go.

      • So Miley Cyrus is keeping herself relevant despite your initial asseveration that she’s not? Which one is it? Her actions are not ensuring she remains relevant or they are?

        • Hey Jarlath, I agree. We all know, ai think, that Miley has talent, backing. Her “shock value” is not of Madonna nor Lady Gaga’s level. They are artists. She eants to break from Disney, then seek advice from JT and Christina. Follow their steps to prove that you are a musician, dancer, artist—not jump to Madonna nor Lady Gaga, bc she is still Hannah Montana for her fans, and purchase points for long term!

    • Lola, you’re right. She is having a midlife crisis and she seems emotionally stunted. She is self destructing and her outrageous behavior is starting to remind me of Amanda Bynes….only meaner and nastier.
      I’m a couple of years younger than Brandi myself …..I don’t see any of my friends or myself acting like this. Yikes. It’s so sad. A middle aged woman trying to act like a 21 year old train wreck. This woman needs help.

    • Should have scrolled down to your comment Lola! I still think Joyce & Brandi see each other as competition although they might not consciously admit it. Brandi’s behavior though with the foul mouthed insults are making Joyce look better!

    • @ Lola!
      I just turned 44.. I can not imagine any of my friends, or even my youngest employees in their early 30’s acting out in this manner..
      Emotional maturity, I’m thinking a rebellious teen more than early 20’s..
      I find this all very pathetic and sad. How can anyone be on the Planet for 40 years and Not have Anyone to set them down and tell them the truth about their behaviour?
      I guess we are the lucky ones.
      We have real careers, real friends, family members who care about us and real lives..

      • Maybe she has had people who’ve tried, but she’s cut them out of her life.

        I mean, look how pissed off, resentful and angry she is at Lisa whenever Lisa tries to provide constructive criticism to her. I mean, from what I’ve heard, Lisa’s going to have hell to pay this season from Brandi. I don’t doubt that part of that has to do with Brandi’s extreme resentment over Lisa’s trying to help her.

        Also, remember in the limo on the way to Yolanda and David’s party? She was talking to Kyle about how she was resentful of the fact that she felt like Yolanda and Lisa “tried to be her Mother.” IMO, she was resentful of their attempts to help her. In my further opinion, if she had a “bigger, better, deal” than Yolanda, she’d eventually be vindictive and take her resentment over this out on Yolanda too.

        • Like LolaF told me, she burns bridges with all the people in Hollywood that are coworkers amd players, she is screwed! It is a small community! She had Michael, Ken and LisaPaul and Adrienne, Mauricio and Kyle, and now only Foster. Stupid, cocky moves! I told Lola–she will be a Baywatch has been.

    • Lol, true LolaF. I saw that on NYE, but until now had no idea Miley posed same way, or was it just Miley’s tongue “thing”? Regardless, if I weren’t in my forties, but in my twenties…no way would I post selfies, like that…at all.

    • I agree, and saw this pic the other night thinking wth? Had no idea Miley posted similar pic until now, or is it the tongue thang?

      Regardless if I am in my forties, or twenties…never, ever would I post a pic like that, much less a selfie. Smh.

      • Lol…again, a double whammy by LaraM. Site kept saying duplicate! So, I canceled out, rewrote. Haha.

        • No problem. I gotcha! 🙂

          No selfies with my tongue sticking out either. Hell, no selfies for ME at all! It’s just not my thing.

          • No selfies, from me either. Ok, one to my hubby before we married and lived 2000 miles away, lol. Seriously, that is it!

            I asked my youngest (12) on his field trip that I chaperoned last month for a pic (selfie) of he and I, he laughed so hard and said, “Mom, let’s just get somebody to take our pic, selfies are soooo last year”. Omg. I laughed so hard, almost fell into the art installation I wanted to take a pic of him with.

  • I guess Brandi has no idea that she damaging her kids. Being sloppy drunk on TV & telling everyone to f**k off is great parenting behavior. Her antics will live on the Internet forever for her kids to see.

    She probably wonders why she can’t find and keep a man. She is one hot mess!

    • @ socalsoccer,

      Brandi, has no clue that she is on a self sabotage, career and personal suicide mission.
      Yes, it is every Son’s dream to be embarrassed by their Mum’s drunken, verbally abusive, vile behaviour..(OMG)
      I don’t think there are enough spin doctors, PR people or sanitation workers on the planet capable of cleaning up the haz mat mess which is Brandi Granville.
      The best thing that could happen to her would to get fired from Bravo.
      Sad & pathetic..

    • Is she really damaging her children? Brandi is a persona, I am sure her children will understand this. Aren’t all the Housewives playing characters on these shows?

      • Do you really think Brandi is a completely different person then who we see on RHoBH? This isn’t scripted television no matter how much people want to say it is. These women aren’t actresses. If they were, it’s a moot point since the kids her kids go to school with don’t know this and her kids are effected the same way they would be otherwise. Their businesses and brands are effected adversely or beneficially based on the Brandi people see on RHoBH and don’t even think about Brandi as being only a character on a fictional show.

        If they are all simply putting up an act, then they deserve everything they get as the “character they play.” That would make them even more foolish than in the reality in which we know them.

      • Jarlath, I truly believe she can damage her boys. These things will always live on the internet. InTouch magazine had a two page spread last week showing her falling down drunk with her dress open up around her waist. Her boob was also hanging out along with her tampon string. As her boys get older, they will find this stuff out.

        I don’t agree that this is Brandi’s “persona” this is exactly how she is off camera also. Read her twitter comments.

        • socal, I think every word in you comment is a fact. I have said several times how her actions are going to in one way or the other hurt her children. I also agree with what you said about her persona. What you see is what you get. I would like nothing more than for her to get help and turn her life around.

          • Bryn, Happy New Year!

            I said on a comment down below that I think both Brandi & Kim will stay on the show as long a Bravo will have them. Brandi already had one book published because of her being on the show, and she has another one on the way I hear. Brandi would never have gotten a book deal any other way.

            She probably figures, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

          • I agree all. Many on here confuse me for being all pro-Brandi. I am giving a person pro-get a life! I said last season which, I could pull up, she will lose her kids if doesn’t get her act together, but by whom is the question. I do not like her extra-curricular activities, nor endorse it as a previous single mom, but as a woman, and a mom!

            I have always been clear on that, her finances, quest for superficial beauty and things, but more importantly, loving herself without a pole, her body, and cherishing that alone time with her kids with their dad.

            She is not evil, just searching for a proverbial carrott, that is not going to happen!

        • Hey socalsoccer: don’t forget who will be saving all those fabulous mags and posts for those children when they get old enough to understand..(I’m sure they already know what is said about their mom and have read the articles though–someone is making sure of that!)

          • That’s not fair. Brandi (if you read her book) released all of this information to the tabloids herself, and if Leann gave the children the tabloids to read they would tell their mother. Why would she doe something that would hurt Eddie’s kids? I’m sure they already pity them. Brandi, on the other hand, in an attempt to hurt Leann, wrote a book saying terrible things, private things about their father. A father that they love very much. What is the excuse for that? I would venture to guess that the person who has been trying to shelter his kids from this mess is Eddie Cibrian. That does not mean that they aren’t loving watching Brandi implode. eddie has never fought back because if you insult your kids mother you always come off looking bad. So he has just had to take it all.

      • Except Brandi’s character on the show is the same person she is in real life. The housewives exaggerate things like their money, businesses, success, fights with cast mates, personal drama, etc. but who they are is generally the person that’s shown. The only HW id say that is truly playing a fake role for entertainment is Phaedra. Her cast mates have even said she really doesn’t act like that in person. But Brandi is just being Brandi. That’s why we see the same girl in the tabloids, interviews, social media, etc.

        And I do think it’s damaging to the children. It’s not even about her being on tv. If a normal mother were to behave like this, it would be just as damaging to the kids. I wouldn’t be shocked if they’ve reached the age where classmates bring it up because other mouthy mothers discuss Brandi in front of their kids.

      • She is really damaging her children, in answer to your question. This is not a matter of her cheering too loud at a soccer game and causing embarrassment. The things she has said about both herself and her father are more than any kid can process healthily. And they are out there forever.

        • Agree Mego, I have said the same thing several times about her kids. Her kids are my biggest concern right now. Not who does what or said what, they are adults. The kids are innocent by standers that will be hurt by this.

      • Jarlath… totally agree about the characters they all play on these shows but, seriously:

        1. Do you REALLY think she is pretending?
        2. Would YOU be horrified if this was your mother?

        I mean… I don’t think I’d want any of the housewives as my mom, but seriously — Brandi bitches about being attacked in the media all the time and being called a bully and Joyce-Lisa-whoever etc… then initiates more provocative behavior.

  • Brandi is on a fast track to having no career what so ever and I think she doesnt care. There is nothing wrong with showing some boobies and your bra…but you ARENT Miley Cyrus or a victoria secret model. I am worried she may have other “issues” besides her drinking problem. She is clearly not “okay.” and her publicist is doing her a favor. She needs to appreciate the one she has before she loses that one and wont gain another one again!!

  • There is no way Brandi Trashville has a publicist. She doesn’t earn enough money to give the IRS almost half, 10% to an agent and 10% to a publicist.

    • But if she doesn’t have somebody who helps her with her image soon enough she won’t have any money coming her way so I think in her case it is a good investment.
      Shame that she has to spend money that she can use to get a house and not moving every year but she has no self control at all so a publicist, PR person makes total sense.

    • Brandi lists her agent/publicist information on her twitter feed so press, corporations…can reach her or pitch her “opportunities,” or schedule paid appearances.

      • Yeah, I’m certain it’s from the publishing company that does her books. The reason the publicist is stepping in to handle her personal debacles is because her books are directly tied to her celebrity persona. They have a serious vested interest in her public behavior. It’s about time they stepped in to handle this or their investment is going to tank as Brandi tanks herself. Her book popularity has nothing to do with her writing ability. It’s her as a person. Brandi doesn’t pay for this publicist more than likely.

  • Wow! That publicist has his work cut out for him. I used to really like Brandy but now, well, she really just seems to be coming apart at the seams. I feel bad for her and all she has been through but it’s like she can’t just seem to get out of her own way right now.

    • I wonder if the publicist was the one who made her took away her FU rant on her FB.

      It was about time she had somebody that would stop her from this media suicide campaign that she seems to be on. She is singlehandedly killing her image and her editors and publicist must be concern because they have books to sell.

      • I agree Mary. It’s almost like she is hell bent on self destruction. Not sure if they caught her in time though since she has really destroyed her reputation at this point.

        • I don’t see how you put Humpty Dumpty back together again in time for her to sell her books. No way. especially since her last blog was ridiculous.

      • Yes, it was either her pr people or her book publisher that is trying to help. They removed the Facebook post because the reaction in the media and on Facebook was universally negative – Brandi did not get it again and was promoting her Facebook letter on her twitter page and seemed shocked by the response.

        Her pr team has also been removing hundreds of negative Facebook posts associated with the letter and keeps only the positive, so her paid staff is doing their job in a sense. Each housewife takes a different approach to Facebook -Jill from NY used to pay pr staff to remove every negative post on Facebook while Teresa and Melissa from NJ leave everything up no matter how vicious it gets. I think in a sense Melissa and Teresa’s approach it the better way and just ignore the negative because when you constantly delete posts it really just encourages some of the crazed fans to post 10 times more, or go on Twitter because they are determined to be heard.

        Crisis pr is a fine line and ultimately the client has to sign on board to the plan or it can be pointless. When fans can see right thought the B.S. of a planted story it can do more harm than good — for example, the clearly planted story from Brandi’s publicists in ROL yesterday that the other housewives, including even Yolanda and Lisa, are jealous of all the attention Brandi has been receiving the last few weeks is a ridiculous story.

        The best pr plan would be to release an apology that is heartfelt and has no qualifiers, state her focus will be on her children and family for a while and keep off all media/twitter for a few weeks to let it all pass so viewers let it go and move on. This is what I used to counsel celebrity clients to do when I was VP of a leading pr firm out here in Los Angeles, but reality star or celebrity clients don’t always follow the plan.

          • Thanks Lara! I would love to have a few months to work with Brandi and help her turn things around. In America there is always an opportunity for a big comeback. (I do think Lisa really did look out for her before and tried to steer her right.)

            I believe deep down most women truly want to see Brandi happy, healthy, successful, some day in love again and come out on top. I really think she could turn all the backlash around pretty simple if she made the commitment.

            There are simple things she could do or should have done that could have really had impact. For instance at the Academy Awards instead of wearing a dress with her chest hanging out egging those on that look at Brandi as “slutty,” she should have proved them wrong with the most elegant, gorgeous, classy dress she could find, cut the swearing for the night and completely dazzle everyone. Next chance she has on a similar national stage- this is what she must do.

            Next, cut back on the drinking and swearing, gotcha attacks on twitter and in the media, and really take the high road for a while. Then if Joyce or others keep it up, they look like the small and petty people and opinions start to change. Let’s just saying posting a bunch of pictures of your family members giving the f you middle finger and Miley-ess tongue shots on twitter is not the route I would recommend.

            Finally, Brandi should find a cause she really loves and just do it – whether it is volunteering with kids, volunteering with dog adoptions, serving food during the holidays at the local shelters…just do something that she can feel proud about and makes her happy. (And not just staged photo opps with the kids or bikini shots –but working at a real event or with a charity once a month she could put herself on Facebook or twitter.) She needs to be about more than just drinking, partying and tweeting and this would help.

          • ITA! I try and see the best in everyone, and have always been dismayed with some, if not a lot, of Brandi’s choices. For me, when someone is down and out–even, if they don’t see it themselves–I don’t kiss their ass, but will highlight the positives going on for them to feel how good it feels when they are in right direction.

            Unless there is malicious intent to “take somebody down”, I have more patience and tolerance for The whole person…it is more of a struggle when somebody is hell-bent on destruction, apathy or over-inflated ego. Imo.

            Many will say Brandi is just that…and perhaps she is, but we all can agree that she needs help.

          • laraM

            Fantastic advice from Happy days in regards to rehabilitating
            Brandi’s rep. Just remember every saint has a past, and every
            sinner has a future.

          • Love it @Inflight. I left you a message from my bitchy posts yesterday. I so agree with what you said.

    • Do you think she cares about whatever her parents or children think of her raunchy behavior? If she did she would never behave like the Miley Cirus of the old folks home.

      I wonder though, I thought I read somewhere that she was very sick during the NYE and she wasn’t going anywhere but I guess she was well enough the get dressed this way and post this selfie?

    • Am I the only one who thinks this photo makes Brandi look like her neck is being twisted? It reminds me of that movie with Meryl Streep-“Death Becomes Her” where there necks get long and body warped.

      It is telling Brandi chooses to compare herself to a 21 year old pop sensation even sadder she had take a “selfie”.

      • The fact that she compares herself to Ms.Attention Grabber Cyrus says a lot about Brandi’s character and her motives. She knows what she is doing.

      • Yes, I agree that is a very odd angle. It does remind me of that movie. Miley has drug issues too & then acts out sexually. It is sad behavior in Miley since she is imploding & is being exploited by her behavior & deludes herself into believing she is empowered by it. I think Miley is too old to do what she does, isn’t she 21? Brandi is a mother as she is constantly reminding everyone when she is being “stalked” by 2 “paparazzi” allegedly calling her a “bully”. I think she has a behavioral disorder where her psychological growth is very immature so that it makes sense she relates to Miley. I finally watched last weeks episode & I think the reason Brandi & Joyce don’t like each other is because they are more alike than they realize. When they were at Kyle’s boutique trying on clothes they both came out & said the same thing about the clothes being too big, their actions & words in that one scene mirrored each other. If you took away their faces, & just showed their poses & movements & their delight that the clothes were “too big” they were like twins. Then when Joyce said you can never be too rich or too thin, Brandi rolled her eyes & turned red because they compete with each other! It all made sense then! Joyce does not get drunk or use the foul insults, but in my opinion Brandi saw herself as the “hot one” until Joyce came on. Remember Paul, Adrienne’s husband said the other women disliked Brandi because she was younger & better looking. I did think they were not thrilled when Camille was in a bikini either when they all went on the beach trip. But I do think Joyce & Brandi are much more alike than they realize or we realize, thus they don’t get along. The spotlight is not big enough for both of them.

        • So which one is it lol does Brandi hate Joyce bc she took away her “hot” housewife seat or is it bc she’s a mirror image of herself & she deep down hates herself?? Lol it can’t be both. Btw Joyce DEF doesn’t think Brandi is her mirror image, is DEF not jealous of her (in Joyce’s world, she has everything Brandi WISHES she had – which I agree with.

          Brandi hates Joyce bc she is JEALOUS. No deep rooted reasons. She’s jealous of her marriage, her looks her clothes her hair EVERYTHING. Brandi gets weaves whereas Joyce has a beautiful natural mane of hair. Joyce’s husband stuck around to raise THEIR boys while Brandi’s ran off with a richer younger more famous woman. Joyce’s husband is a successful Hollywood producer who provides her w/anything he heart desires and not only all of this but she’s HOT, skinny and draws all the attention when waking in a room. Brandi has increased her drunken Slophound status bc she can’t HANDLE the jealousy.

          Joyce on the other hand could dare less about Brandi, is not jealous NOR does she even consider Brandi to be anywhere near her status, looks wise, wealth wise, class wise, in EVERY “wise”. The problem is one sided! If Brandi was cordial to her Joyce would have no problem with her. Period.

          • I agree that jealousy has something to do with the way Brandi went after Joyce. I think Brandi is jealous about a lot of things, not just Joyce. Seems to me Brandi has been this way most of her life.

          • Your comments are “Spot On”. Brandi can’t handle the competition. Add to that the fact that she is basically ignorant!! I hope that Bravo gets her to realize how stupid and immature she looks to the viewers. If not I’d be happy to see her go. She adds nothing but trash mouth to the show.

        • I thought Joyce was swimming in the clothes she tried on (not trying to start a fight) I thought the dress on Brandi fit just fine. Everything doesn’t have to be so tight.

          After the next episode we will hear from Brandi-I did not want to be there but I did it for Kyle. Brandi will probably complain the Jamie Lee Crtis and Kyle tried to upstage her.

          • Right? I agree, Brandi wasn’t swimming in it she’s just an insecure buffoon who desperately needs attention and needed the dress to be skintight. Did you see those other pants she wears? WHY would she EVER wear those snakeskin pants (with the black paneled sides)??? They’re specifically designed to make a woman appear thinner than she really is. That’s an illusion and it tricks the eye to shrink the width if your thighs. Is she serious in those pants??? She looks like a sick person..diseased…calm down already! She’s a size 4?? No she’s not. I call complete bullshit on that! I’m a size 4 & same height as her, and she looks like HALF of me. Stick thin gross ugh I find Brandi’s body disgusting. At least Joyce has SLIGHT curves, a waist, she has SHAPE. Brandi is as straight as a BOARD & has saggy skin all over! Skinny definitely does NOT always equate to GOOD, there’s fat skinny, stick thin skinny, straight as a board skinny, lots of ugly skinny lol. Kyle called herself plus size at 4 but I’d MUCH rather have her body than Brandi’s! Yay for curves!

          • She is too skinny. Hard to believe she does Pilates, bc there isn’t muscle tone in Brandi’s legs at all per the drunk pics we saw.

            I, also call BS on size 4. I do believe it with Kyle, but not Brandi. Had no idea Joyce was so tiny tho!

            My mom and exMIL are 5’10” in bare feet. Both in good days, wore a 4-6 in the sizing before they upped it. I am only 5 6″, (compared to them, am short) and my good days are a 4-6. My 16 yr old daughter is 5 7 and a size 2. None of us diet, but are all healthy eaters, and work out. Brandi looks emaciated, eats and she works out w/pilates. I am sure she was lanky growing up, and still is…but, then again, I judge health by muscle tone, no matter what height you are born with having.

      • Well, perhaps she had just been choked. You can tell her lips are full of restaslyne it looks so gross.

        • Pictures like this make me sad, but I guess it’s better than her randomly attacking people. Here she just looks desperate for attention, versus vicious AND desperate.

          The thing is, brandi is (was? At this point) a great looking woman with a crackle and a fast wit. I really think she let fame go to her head, and just didn’t have the morals or backbone/support to deal with it. Many others have pointed out how apt her tag line is this season…

          To me the behind the scenes machinations and drama is way more fascinating than the snooZe fest we’ve seen on screen. I love Lisa but it’s obvious she and Joyce will be bffs by reunion time united against Brandi and Yolanda (if that friendship even survives). I don’t think Joyce is smart enough to realize Lisa is just using her.

          They’re all superficial and manipulative; Lisa just happens to be the smartest, for now.

          Rant over! Back to the point @LaraM I know it’s like she couldn’t have found a less flattering pose…or more appropriate outlet for sharing a private pic like that…

    • I agree with you. She is a peice of trash and I feel sorry for her children. They can read and they can understand and that means that they are probably being subjected to comments from kids at their school about their mother. Brandi is determined to get attention and firm up a spot on the show with her antics. What she is really doing is proving that there isn’t much difference between her and her idiotic, trashy husband who cheated his way through show business. Brandi is not cute and she is not funny and most of all she is not sexy. She needs to act her age and remember that she is a mom and not just a reality television slut. If she was a stupid person I could excuse her behavior but she isn’t. The only person who really finds her funny and cute is the witch and she’s just as disgusting as Brandi. By now, David Foster has probably warned his wife that she had better dissassociate with Brandi because it will hurt his reputation too.

    • Closing the barn door now just makes the spin all the more obvious and insincere. The horses are so long gone they have their own Reality TV show now! Ditch the publicist Brandi. Al you need to do is pretend that your sons are watching you on hinden camera all the time. Who would you be?

    • If anyone needs damage control it’s Brandi. She is like a train wreck. It’s terrible to watch, but you can’t look away.