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Tamra Barney Is Over The Negativity; Says She Wants To Try Hard To Stay Positive!

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Barney, is over the negativity and doesn’t want the bad energy in her life anymore. Tamra took to her Facebook to share with fans her new year’s resolution, as well as explain what she has learned from many years of disappointment! Check out her post below

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Good for Tamra and I hope she accomplishes her New Year’s Resolution. Thoughts on Tamra’s Facebook post? Do you think she’ll be able to change?

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This is how my brain translated that crap Tweet:

Eddie’s not earning as much as I thought so I’d better create a new storyline to keep the Bravo checks comin’ in.


I kinda got that same feeling. But Eddie doesn’t turn my stomach as badly as some of the husbands on the show (Rickie the pig from NJ for instance). I do believe that Eddie loves being on camera.

Lapband Lauren

If she talks the talk, she better walk the walk too. I think tampon has turned a new leaf last season, especially when she apologized to alexis for being a dick to her, and making amends. I also appreciated that she even invited alexis and jim to her wedding when her douchebag hubby was telling her not to. We will see if tamps lives up to her words!


Oh please, don’t be so naive. Those apologies were totally fake and just part of the image rehab Tamra tried last season (and failed miserably). People are so easily fooled. A couple of on-camera apologies and fake tears and suddenly years of abuse and disgusting behavior towards her cast mates is just erased. *sigh*

Lapband Lauren

Ok dave..chill out. I don’t really give a rats ass what tamra does or doesnt. The show is purely entertainment for me, that’s all.


Seems like rather “Lofty Goals” for such a, (how should I word this ?) “Drama Junkie”..
No negativity? There goes the storyline!


if your on a housewives show, the negativity will always be the focus so you better find a new career Tamra!!

Lisa Preys on the Weak

Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. LOL


LMFAO. Really Tamra?? I’ll believe that when your Stupid BFF ICKY VICKI kisses Gretchen’s gorgeous


Now this resolution would be a stretch!

Just Sayin

I mean Tamra

Just Sayin

Good for Tama, I wish her luck she will need it being on the OC housewives.


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