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RHOC Spices Things Up With New Cast Members!

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It looks like it is going to be all new drama with season 9 of The Real Housewives of Orange County! With three housewives leaving the show, Bravo is making sure to spice things up with two new ladies. Us Weekly is reporting that Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rovsek and Shannon Beador will be the two faces we can expect to see this upcoming season!

The site reports, Elizabeth Rovsek is in her early 30’s and is a former model who was crowned Miss Kentucky USA back in 2002. She married OC real estate executive Christian Rovsek in September 2009, and they share sons Preston and Kingston. Elizabeth has used her Fashion Design and Merchandising Degree to start her own business: Sun Kitten Swimwear by Lizzie.

AllAboutTRH already reported the other new housewife, Shannon Beador, who was officially announced as one of the newbies, when RHOC veteran, Tamra Barney, posted pictures of the two at a football game on her Instagram.

Does this new cast shakeup make you excited for the upcoming season of RHOC?

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    • Check this out…
      Elizabeth Rovsek wrote this. And this is the same show that Joyce Giraud RHBH had mentioned getting a part on. She said she got a part in the new show, “Siberia” and Brandi or Carlton had dismissed her.
      Now I read this on Elizabeth Rovsek’s SunKittenSwim site. Read Below In Elizabeth’s own words…——————————————————————————————

      Elizabeth Rovsek ?@SunKittenSwim 20 May
      It’s official! My brother’s TV series, Siberia, has been picked up by NBC and will begin airing Monday nights…
      View summary

  • So just two new ladies?, I heard their was some rumoured lady named Danielle? Wouldn’t Lydia’s spot be filled? Unless they want OC to be instead of 6 ladies now 5 ladies?, they honestly should get rid of Heather she’s boring and get another new lady their should be 4 new ladies and then the two OG’s Vicki G & Tamara.

  • A total over haul would’ve been nice or everyone returning but Vicki and Tamra but I’ll watch no matter what.

  • I pretty much agree with the other posters on here. I am just over the screaming, yelling lying, fake scenarios with all the housewives shows. Personally, I think they are all on their way out, thats why Bravo is testing so many new shows. None of which I like , by the way. They know it too, but they can only go on for so long anyway. Just too bad Bravo had to ruin the same franchise they created.

    • I completely agree @Just Me! Now they wre marketing to youth. Why? james Lipton, Jeff Lewis, Top Chef are as good, if not better than that are out there. We watch American Pickers, Bourdain, and Pawn Stars. My husband watches Amish Mafia. Lol. I you tube Ellen, read online local, National and Internstional News. However, Bravo is trying to find a New Market, which if with Housewife’s and all others, they focused on 30-50 year old spending Market, like they use to….they would have a Solid Network!

  • I wish they would replace Heather. I just can’t stand her. I have never liked her from day one. What really sucks, is on my day off on Tuesday, I tune into my local morning news show, and there Heather is, filling in for one of the hosts that was off. I tried to watch, but I just couldn’t. I’d rather watch paint dry.

      • Me either, @Michers…but @EJJ that is hilarious. I wanted the comedian Heather, if only to keep it funny, and Chelsea to haze her.

      • LOL,I just can’t with her. Surely there has been worse, but something about her just gets under my skin and irritates it.

        • @EJJ, Whom? heather or Chelsea?. They both do me, but then again I watch Bravo! Threw all my degrees and life coaching out. Haha for glutton punishment. I don’t find Chellsea funny, but I did lol at her book, Brandi’s and Lisa Lampenelli. Like, you didn’t just go there, laughter.

        • Oh, I’m still talking about Heather lol.
          Chelsea, I have no opinion towards one way or the other. Actually, I don’t find her funny, so I don’t watch her show. But, she doesn’t irritate me.

          • She isn’t funny on talk shows, imo–a biotch, but her “Are you there God, it’s me Vodka” was hilarious. I do like her friend Heather, that they jab with her being friends with Tamra and Kim K. Then Heather gives it back that Chelsea is friends with Jennifer Aniston, etc. to me it is funny, and they are all from same small town of “Hollywood”.

          • As you more than any ov us know @EJJ ;-). LA can get small, in many ways.

            Hey, I am waiting until kiddos start back at school, preparing in advance my questions for you with real estate. Xo

  • WHY??? Bravo couldn’t you put 3 more large X’s , on the leftover’s, and start fresh.
    Leftover’s only have a shelf life, for so long. This will Still be the same old OC, with new faces, as long as those 3 are still in the picture.

  • NOT watching. OC will be the first I tune out from the HW franchise. I don’t like that they let go Gretchen…which I dont understand bc I dont really like Gretchen. But I’d rather watch Gretchens fake ass run around planning a fake wedding with Slimey than watch Trashy Tamra run around screaming, yelling and picking fights w/ people and being as mean as possible just to be a “good employee.” They should have let go of Vicki and Gretchen. They are AWFUL old mean women and its not fun to watch them. We dont even need to watch this season to know what it will be about – whoever is the youngest and prettiest new girl, Tamra will hate, harrass and dig up whatever she can about them to expose to everyone, Vicki and Brooks on the same loop from the past 2 seasons, Heather doing bit parts on random comedy shows….no thanks. Lydia quitting was the final nail in this shows coffin for me

  • I’m excited for the cast shake-up. The new women sound interesting and hopefully rich with lavish houses.

    I’m kind of sad to see Gretchen go as she has been a huge part of the show for so long – even though I didn’t like her this season or season 7. I get why she had to go, it was either her or Tamra & Vicki, it was needed for the show to move on and progress.

    I was originally disappointed that Alexis was out but now I think about it, I’m glad. Her story had come to a natural conclusion and she had made peace with all the other women so it was time for her to move on and leave on a high.

    I wanted Lydia to return but whatever.

    • I’m so glad that they did get rid of Gretchen. OC has managed to become stale even though there’s always a new cast member every season- one of the remedies to that was to get rid of one of the oldies, and of the three “old timers”, Gretchen was the most disposable and the most boring.

  • I’m waiting to see how this works, looking forward to the cast shake up, IMO since Gretchen came on the show took a down turn to ugly so I am glad she is gone,Alexis tried the family thing but came off too phony so she also needed to go. I have watched this show since season one and am hoping Bravo will return to their roots with this.