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PHOTO: Melissa Gorga Has Christmas Dinner With Husbands Side Of The Family And Says It Makes Her Smile!

We’ve seen Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga fight back and fourth several times with her husbands sister and the star of the show Teresa Giudice. Looks like all that’s going to change because the gang are actually getting along as they film the sixth season of RHONJ! In fact, since they are filming they are spending a lot of time with each other!

Melissa shared the following photo above and wrote, “cousins Christmas dinner! This makes me smile!”


The sad thing is I dont see this happening if it weren’t for cameras. Still, I have hope that they will one day all have a genuine like and respect for each other.

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  • Where can I purchase Melissa Gorga’s top that she is wearing for the Cousins Christmas dinner?

  • Oh,please do not tell me I am the only one who does not believes Melissa for one second. Make nice for for family sake….HA!

    This Chica entire storylines has been based on “hating” on Teresa. I can’t tell you how I wanted to scream every time this Chica talked about Teresa did this.. Teresa did that. Also, the stripper & cheating rumors that Teresa supposedly started this storyline was getting old. I, for one couldn’t handle another episode of Melissa & Joe saying what a bad sister/ sister-in-law Teresa was! UGH!

    Melissa knows that her co-conspirators Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy are no longer part of the show; now she has NO ONE to back-up her and Joe Ga silliness; she doesn’t have a choice but to make nice with Teresa. Dina will return and we all know she will not turn on Teresa. Melissa is also well aware if she wants a storyline she better make nice with Teresa and do it QUICK!!!

    Didn’t like Melissa when her and that no good husband (Mitch)/ brother entered the show and watching those two in action my opinion has not changed…AT ALL!

  • The proof is Monica Chacon worked with little stumpy gorga to sign off on real estate as the lawyer. She was close also to the wakiles and signed off the same property Joe sold to Richie. Then they trash talk Teresa to Monica whhad it out with Teresa at court. This is why Monica was asked to leave the Gorga Christmas party for Teresa. Mel denied knowing who she even was on film! Omg…so now Monica is the WIFE of the attorneys who started the “investigations” of Joe and Teresa, then being able to bring it to the feds…in a nutshell. The “proof” of the court docs with Monica and Joe’s names are on the internet, some been taken down for “legal” reasons. Yet, they are Legit!

    • This is what I meant about the Gorgas connection with Monica. Along with the Wakilies. Also, Teresa and Jac were so close, and when Jac got a bug up her ass, you can bet she yapped anything and everything to Kim G. Which in turn went straight to Monica.

      I’ve said if before that I don’t think these idiots realized the magnitude of their actions. I don’t think they intended for this to be as big as it is. And I’m not excusing Teresa or Joe. I’m saying that the betrayal of family and friends is off the charts.

      And I loved how Melissa and Joe pretended not to know Monica at their Christmas party.

  • This is no doubt for the cameras. I heard quite a while back that Melissa would be faking – er I mean filming Christmas with Teresa. Melissa finally figured out that hating on Teresa wasn’t working for her. She’s lucky Teresa didn’t shut her out for good. Now that I’ve thought about it for, like, a SECOND, Teresa can’t afford to cut anyone who’s willing to support her, fake or not, out of her life.

    I do hope there is at least some sincerity involved. Their commentaries during the show and their blogs will be the test.

    The pic is comical. Rosie is front and center compared to Kathy who is half way cut off. Is it a sign? I do believe that the only reason they kept Kathy is because of Rosie. This will be the first season Rosie is paid, or so I’ve heard.

      • I do too. She and Joe are so funny together. You can see that she is completely accepted, whereas I believe her sister and brother in law were not very supportive at one time.

        When she hung out with the Gorgas/Wakilies, it seemed like she went along with their attacks on Teresa to be “one of the gang”. That reinforces my opinion that at one time, she wasn’t accepted by them.

        • That is how I feel also @ Real. She is herself and at ease, no pressure when she is with Teresa or Joe. It makes me mad when Rosie goes after Teresa, because I dont think she wants to. I think she has pressure to perform a certain way for Kat and Dickie, on top of just trying to be herself! When Rosie is authentic & funny, lighthearted, I like her!

          • Me too! You guys are so right. I think there is truth to Kathy amd Richie not accepting her sexuality, where Teresa amd Joe did, hence her being more relaxed with them, and not a “show pony” for rest of family, that she craves love and acceptance from, imo.

        • Yea i feel like Rosie more of herself when she hangs with Giudices. Like more loose and carefree. When shes around her own sister & their family it’s almost like she has to be something she isnt.

    • I really believe Melissa, as well as her book publisher, thought she had this huge, devoted fan base that would support her and buy her products/book like they did for Teresa (and Brandi, Bethenny…). When Melissa’s book bombed spectacularly and she couldn’t even get the big national Book stores chains to host book signings with her supposed hundreds of fans waiting to have their book signed — talk about a wake up call for Mel and Joe.

      Now it is all miraculously about getting along with Teresa on camera. I will say if it results in letting the kids all spend time together and less stress for their sick father, good for them.

      • I still can’t believe St. Martin’s Press would allow that book to be published. Somebody was asleep on the job. I’ve thought since then that heads rolled on that one. I read where many, many people contacted them to say they would no longer support any of their authors because of the content of Melissa’s book.

        I believe that Melissa really believed her book would be a huge success, eclipsing Teresa’s Best Sellers. That I can understand, because she’s inexperienced and narcissistic, but how could professional editors/publishers have been so off the mark?

        And you’re right, even if it’s all a phoney act on Melissa’s part (which I think it is), who cares as long as it’s good for all of the kids and grandparents.

        I almost feel sorry for Joey. Melissa must be a joy to live with when her plans don’t work out. Yikes!

  • Everyone look nice. Not feeling what Melissa has on but other than that no complaint. As for them being together because they are filming, it goes without saying. Everyone knows(Phaedra voice)that Melissa and Kathy are boring as dirt and needs Teresa. At least Rosie can be interesting.

    • I agree, lol–but I do think Melissa looks softer. Must be the “Loves Baby Soft” cologne she is wearing….you have to be older than 40 to appreciate those old commercials. I like her top, but it is the pony tail with her lightened hair that makes her look younger, imo.

  • I am not even excited for the new Season. These HW shows (and VR for young and single) have become how not to act. I became interested in this and another site bc I couldn’t believe the reports of what was being done to a family member on NJ (Teresa), and this was originally through Huff Post. I had the time to read, and Michers and Holy were so kind to me when I first time posted ANYWHERE.

    This then became a community for me in a new city without friends or family. I have vented, agreed and disagreed, and shared on here, and another much personal stuff. There habe been personal attacks of each other commenting on a stupid TV show. It eas here by a Samantha, which is why I would read and not post. Now it continues.

    This new Season will just bring out drama here, unless it gets back to laughing about the ridiculous, or watching a family fake it until they make it. I am no longer interested in what we know or read about Marcos plan to take Giudices out. I would rather enjoy time with a community here.

        • My story is similar to yours Lara but I haven’t been personally attacked on here in the way that you and some others have. I’d rather leave the drama to the housewives and enjoy the fun!

          • Thanks Sugarlump! It is truly not fun when it happens over and over again, if at all! It is just rude, wrong and gross!

    • Hi Lara, I also read for a long time before I started to post. I hate to admit it but Melissa had me fooled until I started reading this blog and a couple others, It made me think and opened my eyes to what is really going on. Glad you started posting, it’s hard when you don’t have friends or family close by.

      • You are so sweet! I love all of your posts, seriously. So sincere, thoughtful and you look at both sides of the coin.

        Hope you are enjoying your visit with family. I hate to put this on LolaF, but would love to email with you, and Michers and anyone else. She created an account to put public, I know it just takes a second (I am IT lazy, she isn’t), but I cherish the friendship she and I have created outside of a blog, as she and I aren’t on FB nor Twitter to do so. Would love to continue with you. We do get to Vegas often (not as much since our BF’s moved recently to Senegal), but you are up the road. 🙂

      • And Bryn, I have never liked Melissa for what she did behind the scenes, to even Roxanne. However, I could take her on this show if it weren’t for her sisters, Kathy, and what Joe did….she would just be a character that is competing. What they did is disgusting, all of them, actually to film it. And then to add the Laurita/Manzo to the mix….pfft. Looney and goony!

        • Just a question , seriously didn’t this blog owner attack Melissa?? I’m pretty sure Melissa & her sisters did not seek out some girl in Detroit and attack her unprovoked ,I’m not saying they are angels I’m just saying there was a reason & in the end it’s the reason this blog exists

          • Ouch, that is gonna get you some backlash. I heard a very vague story about this, but I never realized it was the owner of the blog. If it is true, than I am sorry, but at least you benefited from it.

          • Sal – she did not attack; she blogged and tweeted her opinions like everyone else does. The problem was, Mel and her sisters only want GOOD publicity and stories out about Mel. The Marco sisters along with internet thug lawyer they are friends with along with Wakiles ( they hang out and are friends I mean), threatened and attacked Rox.

          • When stories come out that happen to be true, and put you in a bad light, the natural thing to do would try to cover it up. At least, Melissa would.

            That’s my take on why the Marcos’ and their thug lawyer went after this blog.

          • So I am clear it was provoked that’s all I mean .they did not just pick this girl out of no where and start threatening her that’s just not true . I enjoy the sight so whatever ..the truth is 1/2 the headlines on here are totally misleading & definitely bias so I can see why a lawyer was involved .

          • This blog has been the focus of Marcos hate, bc Roxanne called out Melissa’s BS, as did Fame…but Fame has in-depth posts with research and prrof, not daily, and the commenters never attack each other.

          • Blog owner wrote an account about the MARCrows antics.

            Attacking? who attacked who? I thought their threats toward Rox, shocking and very telling. They didn’t understand they were no loner making bitch threats in the back of a barroom. and gave readers an inside look at their thuggery. The way they smeared Bryan shows they never learned the lesson about how to be a public figure when your past is full of skeletons. The only way to shut those women up, will be with a silver bullet or a stake in the heart by a vampire hunter.

  • Good for them I guess, but it is clear that it is cause they are filming. I hope the Giudices enjoy what will most likely be their last Christmas together. It is also convenient that the Manzos made up when both Caro and Dina are filming. The picture looks forced, and they all don’t really like one another. I guess much has not happened this season yet.

  • Filming or not it’s nice to see them happy together. I’ll never understand why they wanted Teresa off the show, when without Teresa there would be NO show. I guess they finally figured that out.

    • They wanted Teresa off the show so that Lookers sisters could join. That was the plan from the begining of season 3. By season 4 Bravo had seen enough of the trashy side of the shore bores on twitter and facebook to decide that they would never be cast on the show. They even cut back on filming them.

  • Look! Smile! Suck it up!
    Hurry up take the fricken picture..
    Post it!
    Okay, we can all go back to our own parties now..

    Or something like that…

  • Hmm lets see how to start

    Because we know-due to all the exclusives from last season – we know it is now being called editing..and we also know from excusives from different cast that the cutting floor included “calm meetings and dinners” with supposed enemies.

    this is why I was saying this should be called TJNJ –

    – m is scared cuz all her co-horts are gone
    – Kathy sucks up for camera time
    – Rosie seems to be getting a make over and waiver’s from one day supporting Teresa and the next day trashing Teresa

    Filming is in process and I could care less if these gatherings are being forced – I would rather watch these actors read their script and not BRAWL
    -I read that Bravo is pissed cuz they cannot use Teresa as much as they wanted to- who cares Teresa and whomever can read or hear know about the 41 counts.

    I still wonder if the other court cases will ever make it to film Ja/Chris/Ass Gorga

    I also wonder if M’s soft porn book will be promoted this season- usually these actor’s promote whatever they are selling at that time.

    • I do feel that Melissa has to be doing spin, spin, spin at this point. She had her own little posse the last few seasons. Now that the playing field is even, I’m wondering how she’s going to approach things.

      I think she’s going to go the route of the supportive sister-in-law. If she tries to allign herself with the new ladies against Teresa, it could blow up in her face.

      If that happens, I think she’s toast. And I think she knows it. So voila, supportive, loving sister-in-law. And Joey will follow her lead.

      • good evening A Real NJ Housewife

        one of the things I am speculative about is, why M’s other best friend didn’t come to M’s rescue when Jen outted M?

        remember when the three of them suddenly had dinner together – Jen disclosed in her exclusive on this site- it had been at least a year since M had called or spoken to either of them.

        I would have thought that the other woman at the table would have stood up for M not cheating in her marriage.

        I hope M learned her lesson – stop bringing your disloyal (is that a word?) friends to TJNJ.

        • That’s interesting isn’t it? It’s strange that Melissa doesn’t have any friends to stand up for her.

          Also strange is the focus on WHO started the cheating rumors, not the fact if there really was cheating going on.

          • @ArealNJhousewife,

            I saw your last post just now to me on that “old” thread. Thought I could catch you here. Please do tell your friend, that I appreciate her blogs, and if she gets a book deal, I will purchase it!!

            Unfortunately, I am not anywhere near Orange County for visits, as I just moved not too long ago to Phoenix. But, If I were in Tri-State or PA, I would make a point in doing so!

      • For Melissa’s sake she better not be an interloper or go between with the new women who will probably go against Teresa (maybe). She thought last year was bad how the audience caught onto her, could you imagine her doing that, she would loose a lot of fans. Especially since she claims she’d always have T’s back despite their issues. Melissa’s goose would be cooked. Then again it would only validate what many thought of her all along.

        • I dont want to watch Tre and Joe do through this,,,and sure as heck do not want to watch the other ones.

          TSIL and brother and Katfish and her husband are so repulsive.

          If Andy Cohen is in charge of the housewives production, can’t he do something about this?

      • Great @RealNJHW, now I have the song, to “Every Season, turn, turn…It is the Season, turn, turn”…was it the Byrds in the 60’s? About Eccliastics? I think so, but now I will also have Roxbury and that sing in my head with NJ show!

        • Lara LOL! When you watch Night at the Roxbury, and they’re standing at the bar, picture them with long black wigs and glitter eyeshadow!

          And I’ll pass along your good wishes!

          • Thank you! And, May rewatch tonight “Night at the Roxbury” it tonight, in fact, and will definitely giggle from what you said!

            And btw, I may start calling you what others do, RealNJ for short. 🙂 I always seem to chop your name up, unless I use that.

          • RealNJ is fine! And now I really want to see that movie again lol. I think I saw it On Demand not long ago. I’ll have to check.

            If you watch, enjoy! (just don’t forget the glitter shadow)

    • I don’t know if it will be TGNJ, or if she will make it all through filming, but I agree on Melissa. Her possy is gone, and she knows she looked REALLY bad last season, so her and Tre are gonna be buddy buddy. Convenient that Dina and Caroline made up when BOTH of them are filming? Jaq ain’t coming back, so no court cases with her/Chris, etc.

  • Of course this was done for the cameras! And of course, Mel’s gonna look like a saint for putting up with Tre for Christmas :/

    • seriously ..are you looking at the same picture ?? No one looks genuine!! Teresa always looks like that !!it’s her “pose” she always looks like a mannequin, from the cheesy smile to the hand on the hip & tilted head apparently a student from the Barbizon School of Modeling. Kathy & Melissa are also phony ,I actually think Rosie is the only genuinely happy to be with family

      • LOL@ Barbizon school of modeling. You’re right rosie does look happy tpo be there but i bet she had to have a few shots of scotch to get in the mood.

        • haha your right about Rosie ,I cant say I blame her though ,I don’t drink and I would need a few shots of scotch to get through dinner with those 3 phonies lol

      • Funny, but at least Teresa isn’t Joyce and can’t do a small stage WWHL without being a pageant girl. Now that, was funny. Even her answers were pageantry, and the black hose.

      • Estelle, to be fair, both Teresa and Melissa are posing the same way in this picture.

        They remind me of those two guys in “Night at the Roxbury” (I think that’s the right title)

        • You are sooo correct. I can’t stand that pose, and have said many times! I couldn’t nail what it reminded me of, and it is that! I just bought the 4 CD pack at Blockbuster going out of business of Will Ferrell. You are correct!

    • I noticed that she was only half in the picture. I almost feel sorry for her at this point.

      I think she and her dentally-challenged husband made a serious strategic mistake when they went so hard after Teresa.

      Rosie looks nice in this picture. I hope she tries to keep it together in the next season. I find myself liking her, and then she goes nuts, and I seriously question my judgment.

      • I’m glad that we keep it casual when my family gets together for the holidays. I like to stuff my face and cannot imagine wearing a tight cocktail dress and having to suck my tummy in, not to mention having to make sure that my layers of makeup stays perfect. It would also be hard to stretch out on the couch or sit crosslegged on the floor while we open presents in such fancy duds. That is why I’ll be sporting my Old Navy velour warm-up suit when we get together and makeup will be kept to a minimum. Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

        • Sugar, that’s exactly how we do it! I used to have to get dressed up, dress up the kids, travel 2 hours every Christmas.

          I changed the rules years ago. We get together with family before Christmas, and then it’s just my family in our PJs!

          I love it!!

        • Oh, me too! Been there done that, and now it truly is about relaxing. I miss my family, living away, tho! I do not miss Holiday soirees and dressing up!

  • I hope I’m wrong but I feel this is for filming only. This is the first pic of them together since last season. (that I’m aware of)

    • Yup I agree Bryn

      everyone had all summer to mend fences and such- nope, M herself even stated in an interview “we will spend christmas with family”

      Too bad, I would prefer the cast make a clean start for TJNJ and start from scratch with no more back stabbing or editing and watch the families be supportive through all the court cases of almost all of the cast.

      • We don’t know if it will be TGNJ this season. I think they should have had a NY treatment, but they bring back Dina. Ugh

    • Nope Jarlath you aren’t the only one. I went from being a ride or die Jersey fan to being completely sick of all these frauds on rhonj. They are pathetic fame starved women have exploited and over saturated every part of their measly lives. I do not want to help them be “rich” anymore

      • also I completely agree with Portishead ,I want no part of it ,the whole group is repulsive at this point.

      • Agree. Damage was so done long ago, Michers. Should have said per Melissa ” family”, not “cousins”.

        • I cant stand when she brags about things like this because most of us know it is just for “show” with her. Let the family heal and have fun, why do you have to be there? And if it is sincere for ONCE, then good for them. I think she has to be included ( family by marriage) is to make sure no one truly heals and moves on. That is just my thought though…

          • Hi michers, I agree that the LAST thing Melissa wants is for everyone to get along.

            Kathy is too weak to have a mind of her own, and is Melissa’s little sock puppet (which, IMO, makes Melissa have zero respect for her). Melissa uses Joey like a carrot on a stick against Teresa. Unfortunately, he’s too dumb to realize what’s going on.

            Melissa was quite honest when she told Teresa “keep being a good little girl and we can all get along”.

            I think this next season we’re going to watch poor Missy having to “swallow her pride” until she chokes. Phoney. And those nonexistant tears she was trying to sqeeze out for Joe and Teresa at the reunion was a pitiful performance.

          • I agree @Michers. And with all your “powers”, you would think that you could get everyone to see that was the case! Haha, way to f it up! 😉

          • i have a concept, maybe I should take this to “Shark Tank” Virtual “tomatoes” I want to throw a big juicy one at Mehor Gorga.
            I dont care if Tre makes her happy, her brother is useless to her. and he sold her love for him for a shot on TV.

    • After 3 long, draw-out seasons of families at war with each other, I’m in the same boat as you. Most of us know this picture is to make it seem like they are one big happy family, but I just don’t buy it (Yet). I do hope that someday they can build their relationship up on a positive note but if they are going to try and convince me after 3 years they are totally fine or what they say a “good spot” I don’t agree. Too much verbal blood has been spilled for viewers to see, it’s going to take a lot of time to repair those families.

  • I agree that unfortunately, this is probably not genuine. I don’t see how Kathy and Melissa could go from being so hateful and conniving to all of a sudden so loving.

    I think their ultimate goal was to get Teresa off of the show. That was a miserable fail, so this family togetherness seems to be the only option for them.

    Bottom line, when the show isn’t filming, they don’t spend time together. All summer they were ‘busy’? Oh please.

    • I agree real nj housewife, it’s as fake as all their boobs. I don’t care to defend Teresa because she’s just as much a famewhore in my opinion as Kathy, Melissa, jac, Caroline, Dina, their husbands and the new trashy, broke, fake twins and their equally fake friend coming season 6. However, with the serious of Teresa’s court case and the fact it’s obvious Melissa and Joe had a part in feeding Monica Chacon info, I too wouldn’t trust these women enough to have lunch with them.

      • I wasn’t so much of a Teresa fan myself until her family came to the show. I would support anyone who was being treated as horribly as she has been. And the fact that it does seem that her own brother and his manipulative wife did have something to do to add to her legal problems is vile. And to be fair, I don’t think they thought that by allegedly offering information that it would go this far.

        I could be biased, because I’ve met Teresa a few times and found her to be very sweet. And I hear things about the other women that make me also not want to have lunch with them.
        I don’t know Melissa, nor do I know anybody that does. My opinion of her is from what I see on the show. And it isn’t good.

        Am I alone in not having any anticipation in “meeting” these new ladies? Of course, I don’t know anything about them, but somehow i am completely underwhelmed. Maybe I shouldn’t judge yet.

        • Wait, what proof is there that they sent information for them to be indicted. That is really fucked up for anyone to do.

          • There is no proof, @Jayden. Juicy and Teresa brought all of their legal woes on themselves when THEY chose to live beyond their means.

            Attempting to file bankruptcy while hiding assets was stupid, very stupid.

            It is not the fault of their extended family, their cast mates, the government trying to make an example out of them, the media or anyone else.

            They shouldn’t have broken the law (allegedly) if they didn’t want to face the consequences.

          • @Debbie @Portland I find it interesting you two are already convicting people who have yet had their day in trial.

          • @iheattea, I used the word “allegedly” for people exactly like you. I have actually read the indictment and fully understand every word.

            I wonder what will happen IF they are convicted of the alleged crimes in these blogs. I am sure it will be more of an injustice. Teresa doesn’t deserve this. She is a good mother. They are making an example out of them. It is everyone else’s fault. Blah. Blah.

            Oh, and their “day in court”, I predict a plea after the holidays.

          • I just find it interesting that manya forget the Constitution, and, tho it doen’t seem good, the Court of Opinion is more important than the Constitution that our love ones Serve, and protect for the common good.

          • There is plenty of proof on tape that the Whorgas and Whorkilies spoke about Teresa’s finances on TV. Monica Chacon showing up to the Whorgas Christmas party with Kim G. was not a coincidence Whacko Jacko said many incriminating things both on and off social media.

  • No way in hell they are not tapping for the show in this pic! Mel, kathy and rosie are sucking it up and know their place with all the backlash they received for being disgusting pieces of sh*t! They’re trying to band together with Teresa now, knowing they have no choice. They’re attempt to get Teresa off the show failed and they’re hanging on for dear life and will do anything to be on the show and stay on the show! FAKE, FAKE, FAKE love!

      • Yes, but people here act like Teresa is all innocent and did nothing to the others. It gets really annoying.

        • Jayden213, can you tell me what exactly Teresa did to Kathy, Melissa, Joey, Richie, and Rosie? While you are at it, can you enlighten me on what she did to caroline and jacqeline also. I do agree that everyone on this show is fake and everyone is shady. No one is better than anyone else although some people on Jersey try to act like their sh*t don’t stink.

          • 3 years later, and we still don’t know what she “did”, and I don’t think they will ever tell us. I think she became the breakout star of what was supposed to be a Manzo/Laurita show and was successful in launching her products, where the others didn’t. As for her family, well, they didn’t like her to begin with, which is the only reason they were cast.

          • Well, the bashing in the cookbooks were very rude, and I can see how Caroline would be mad at that. She is always making these comments about Kathy, even when they are “supposedly cool”, she was spreading a bunch of stuff about Mel and her marriage to others, and not talking to her directly about a problem, but running her mouth to Kim D and whoever. I do think she knew some stuff abou the Posche, but waited too late to say anything. All of them did fucked up stuff, but BOTH have said that the feud stems back hears before even the show started, so that she to do with it. I also have a hard time feeling for her because she had NO problem when she was ganging up Danielle, and has the Lauritas backing her up. She overreacted at Kathy at the Posche for no reason, and Jaq just put her nose into everything. She also blamed Jacqueline for setting her up and accused her of breaking up her family, and that was not the case.

          • Eggmitit, what I will agree on you is that she sold her products and was able to make a profit, where Caroline could not, Jaq never even tried, don’t know about Kathy, and Mel made some money off her music 2 years ago. It was supposed to be the Manzo show, but since they got rid of the only thing that made them interesting (Danielle), they became jealous of Teresa (moreso Caroline), but that is only SOME of the issues.

          • Hmmm. Let’s start with before Melissa was on the show, FB, then Tweets frim them. F all the “proof” from Bravo, The Greeks, and Bryan Bowen. What about the publicist and Melissa and her sisters going after this blog owner? Ehat about the fact that they knew Monica and fed crap to her, Kim G., and Danielle. Great family, eh?

          • There was no “bashing” in that cookbook. I have it, and there was a joke about Caroline being 1/16th Italian. This was a joke that had already been said on the Rachel Ray show, and Caroline laughed about it.

            One of the reasons Caroline and the Manzo crew turned on Teresa was the Dominican Republic fight that resulted in the two Manzo boys getting in legal trouble for drunkenly beating a man. It started when Teresa sprayed champagne that got on a woman, so this man stepped in and got his ass kicked. So Caroline blames Teresa.

            The cookbook was a convenient excuse, nothing more. As a matter of fact, there is a picture of Caroline in it with a comment that she’s a wonderful Italian mother. Is that “bashing”?

            And I agree that one of the major sins Teresa committed was that she became popular, and had very successful products, while every endeavor the other ladies tried fell flat. Their egos are bruised.

          • There was no bashing, whatsoever in the cookbook. I also have all of them. It was a stupid storyline, and Caroline and Manzo-Laurita’s know it. Teresa hustled, where they did not. It is pure envy, and dumb!

      • AGREED! I cannot believe people are still defending Teresa and calling out everyone else, when Teresa and Joe have bee charged with 41 counts of FRAUD, and have been LYING for years!

        • Oh please Debbie… there are still many blogs out there that still call out Teresa and don’t mind giving it to her and Juicy on their charges and how they came into so much money in the first place. Even when her first money troubles happened that got exposed on TV during S2 by Danielle people came after her and still there are many, like yourself, who doesn’t let her forget it.

          • Oh please iHeartTea…Teresa signed up for this “Reality” show knowing this day would come. I personally don’t believe in prison time for white collar crimes. I do think they should have to pay the money back, but, that is JMO. Teresa and Joe should not be treated any different because they are in the public eye.

    • I agree with Allabout. With the exception if Rosie, Melissa & Kat has no choice but be teamteresa. Must suck for them after being on the show for several seasons they couldnt effectively run T off the show or make her into a villian so she could loose fans. Yep here is to playing nice with them two!

      • Watching Kat and Mel kiss Tre’s @ss is no consolation for me. I am so glad Mel didn’t get the bump she was expecting to get, with her music and book. Since her real talent was to hook a horny toad at the titty bar she worked at.

  • You know ..Maybe they all just went out to dinner before the holiday and took a photo. Maybe the cameras weren’t there, could be, ya know?? They have been pretty cool( it seems) with each other, ya know before this season started filming. Not one of them have said anything nasty about each other in interviews, etc. Kathy, Messy have been pretty supportive..

    • I agree, HCannoli. They have all seemed to be supportive of each other.

      For the cameras or not, this is a step in the right direction. It’ s a Christmas miracle, LOL. 😉

    • Normally, I would think, “Great, they’re finally getting along.” But this isn’t an ordinary family. Teresa’s brother and cousins family came on the show guns blazing about how horrible Teresa and joe are and how they can’t pay their bills. They lied to themselves, others, and the viewers for years trying to discredit Teresa until it all backfired on them, made Teresa more popular, and people got tired of the constant hate and lies. Teresa’s brother and cousin, along with their families, have proven that they’ll do anything to look good to the public, so any “playing nice” that they do in front of the camera or off I’m taking with a grain of salt. The Gorgas and wakiles have already proven to be big liars.

    • It would be nice, but the cameras are probably there. People tend to forget that we still do not know everything that happened that caused the feud, so I don’t think we should be saying “Tre’s all innocent”. But good for them. None of them are getting any younger, and this is the holiday to spend with family and be thankful. What works for them, works for them.

  • If this was done for the cameras it would be edited out. That’s what sad. Here’s to editing out Mel and Joe all together! Can you imagine if they got little to no tv time…hahahahahhaha!

    • This is just for show, pure and simple. If you haven’t noticed Teresa hasn’t shown out or complained about anything after her charges where read. She is under her lawyers direction trying to seem like an all around happy mother that has no problems. I truly think that Joe is done and Teresa is going to do time. Also I think that they will take a plea before any trial. Their lawyers know that they got them dead to rights, they just don’t want them to do time and the govt. wants them to do time.

      • How can ANYone actually predict what will happen with the Giuduces case?!? Lolol you sound ridiculous. Have u even READ the court documents yourself or are you going by what was reported by others who supposedly read all those papers with the charges? 39 counts!!! OMG OMG OMG they’re DEAD…lol and 30 of them are small minor things that nobody goes to JAIL for. Are you familiar with these types of cases? You’re a lawyer in NJ? A judge?
        I’m refraining from assumptions bc they’re the mother of ALL fukups!

        • I am not a lawyer or a judge in NJ but I am a paralegal in Arizona and I have seen some of the paperwork on the charges against Teresa and Joe. Dealing with the Feds is different than dealing with the State and deals are not as likely. SOme of the charges are more serious than others but they all establish a pattern of criminal behavior and that does not bode well for either Joe or Teresa. They may or may not make a deal for less time served and a longer probationary period and they will definitely have large fines to pay. No one knows for sure what will happen but I do agree that Joe will take the brunt of the punishment. Because Teresa hid assets from her own business ventures she will also have to pay the price for what she did. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and claiming that you didn’t know that you were breaking the law won’t fly either. For their children’s sake I hope that she doesn’t get sent away for a long period of time but I have little hope that neither of them will do do some time. Many, many people are guilty of some of the charges against the Guidices. Everyday someone lies on an application or hides assets. They put themselves in the spotlight and blatantly kept on doing the same things over and over again so they were bound to get caught. If they had never filed for bankruptcy then the Feds may never have discovered some of the crimes that they committed. It was like they shined a light on their misdeeds. Neither of them is terribly bright and now it’s time to pay the piper. As for the “Christmas Dinner”, it appears that everything they do is for the camera and that’s just sad. Among all of them I doubt that there are more than a few brain cells at work.

          • Thank you! We all know it doesn’t look good, but we all hope for sake of kids that a plea can be enacted for Teresa with her kids, and her sick father! And possibly sell that damn house, if they have to. In other words, thanks for the professional voice on this case of voice of some reason, tho, you aren’t on the case.

            For me, I will wait until both sides present, and the Jury and Federal Judge to decide. It is easy for many to analyze, play Monday Night Quarterback. It is harder to wait for Justice System to do what is orginally intended. To protect and value our Constitution. The same values, our men and women serve to protect. I am not into Nancy Grace, and not saying that this former comment is…but let us wait for the Courts process to decide. Until then, they are innocent until proben guilty in the USA!

          • I don’t believe any of this would be happening to the GIudIces if it wasn’t for a miserable bitch with a grudge named Monica Chacon

        • Im not in legal profession, but I know from Fed indictments. They are the champions of pre trial smear campaigns, and yes some of the charges are so small they would never cause jail time.

          To save face the Feds will need to convict someone, if they can. I personally hope that they are found not guilty of the charges that have been brought against them.

          I also hope that that if Mehor and Stumpy rot slowly away for complicating the Guidice case by spilling guts ad giving oxygen to Monica Chacon and Kim G.