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Yolanda Foster Reveals Her Brain Is Out Of Order!

We’ve been seeing a more intense side to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster. Normally after each episode, the housewives go and write there blog to explain to fans their thoughts on what went down and defend their behavior. After Monday’s episode, instead of writing a blog, Yolanda revealed that her brain is actually out of order!

Yolanda says,

“Another week has flown by. I hope your decorations are up and you are enjoying the spirit of the holiday season.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to write a blog as my brain is out of order at the moment. I have started a 20-day intense treatment to try to repair the damage the Lyme has caused neurologically. Unfortunately, I am experiencing worse symptoms than before the treatment started. But I was promised that it would get worse before it gets better.

My apologies for not being able to pull it together — hope to be back at it next week.”

Thoughts on Yolanda admitting her brain is out of order?

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  • WTH? Do any of these women take responsibility for their own actions?
    OK, Yolanda.. You & Brandi keep throwing Lisa under the bus…
    It’s the poor little tick’s fault?
    You constantly pick fights with Kim, who is a recovering alcoholic and trying really, really hard to work her 12 steps and to adapt to taking meds for her actual duel diagnosis of Chemical dependency & Bipolar disorder? But, you are a self described “Girl’s Girl”?
    It is the tick’s fault..
    If I were seriously I’ll. I wouldn’t be hanging out with a bunch of toxic women and being filmed 24/7. I would not be on a reality TV show. I would be dedicating my time to healing, spending time on meditation, positive thinking and spending quality time with Family and true friends, not my “cast members”..
    I would be writing positive daily affirmations not nasty blogs about of a handful of ridiculous women..

  • I would give anything to be on Yolanda’s recovery team. I stand by my beliefs that all dis-ease starts with a traumatic unresolved emotion, A series of symptoms will usually start appearing right after the trigger, whether they showed by tic, or lifestyle, or exposure to something. You can’t kill the disease and hope the body lives. You treat the trauma, shower the body with fresh, live nutrients and let it right itself. Love You Yo! My shovel is packed. I would love to build you and Eden Garden like the one that saved my life!

  • God this woman makes me sick. She’s managed to squeeze out 20+ tweets in the past 3 days and its comical how she pulls this crap when shes being called out by viewers. She can’t take the heat from viewers calling her out for her pool pressure and, Lisa digs, support of Brandi and fake make up with Kyle. Maybe we wont get anymore blogs from Mrs. Foster bc it appears as if its only going to go downhill for her from here. Im so sick of her double standards and hypocritical attitude…GET HER OFF MY TV!
    Also she doesnt HAVE to turn a blog in the day the episode airs…sometimes the girls dont put a blog up until the day before the new episode. Its a cop out because she will never take any responsibilty for her behavior. I am counting down the days until the reunion…I can’t wait to see her and Lisa face off (no doubt she’ll be horribly struggling that day should Lisa trump her in anyway, which you know she will).

  • While i don’t wish illness or ill on any HW i do think that Yoyo has and continues to act like a miserable stuck up bitch..
    She went to Palm Springs looking for trouble IMO.
    Her behavior there was that of a school headmistress while she was chastising Joyce and Kyle and Kim..yet she was a schoolgirl when playing with Brandi Lisa and Carlton.

    Playing with hair at a dinner table…WTF?? Who does that?? .
    .Brandi was wasted
    Yoyo wasn’t. What’s her excuse for such poor manners?
    Why did Yoyo care if Joyce went in the pool? It was Joyce”s party.
    What kind of manners is it to tell the hostess what she should do at her party? Then repeating herself over and over that Joyce should go in the pool.When Joyce made it perfectly clear the first time that she didn’t want to go in the pool.
    I did not like the way she treated Joyce at the pool or dinner table. I get that her and Kyle have a issue with each other. But Joyce didn’t do anything to her.
    I didn’t get how she could be so judgmental towards Joyce
    The fact that she went on and on pressuring Joyce to go in the pool was so freakin annoying.
    YOYO she didn’t want to go in the pool ..STHU already!! She isn’t a little kid that needs you to tell her what to do. Tell Brandi she is a freakin train wreck if you need to tell people how to act and what to do.

    And truthfully i have no idea WHAT Yoyo and Brandi have in common, besides not liking Kyle or Joyce.
    Yes i wish Yolanda a fast and full recovery but her illness does not excuse her nasty actions.

  • Perhaps Yolanda should get off this show and have her head examined.
    At first, Yolanda came across to me as a woman who had a good head on her shoulder and a no nonsense sort of woman. I loved the episode when she was outside picking lemons. It looked so peaceful and fun. I wanted to grow my own lemons. Actually, I did try that once but I had a very bad experience. I bought a lemon bush and grew them from a large pot. Problem is, I stepped outside on a warm, beautiful evening to enjoy the sound of nature and sit under the moon, but unfortunately, that just didn’t get to happen. I stepped outside into a horror movie. SLUGS EVERYWHERE!! I mean Ev-er-eeeeee-where! I got rid of the lemon bush that night and It took weeks to rid the slugs. I don’t kill so I had to wait for the slugs to go away on their own. lol

    • Oh yea, as for Yolanda. She disappointed me. She’s nowhere near the woman I thought she was. She’s just like the rest of these housewives. Say and do anything to keep your position on this cheap crap they call reality t.v.

    • If viewers were still blindly in love with her, we probably wouldn’t hear anything about it. We’l hear about it a lot more when the shit hits the fan between her and Lisa and then we’ll hear about it when she’s fired for Season 5 as her reason for leaving….and then hopefully thats the last we hear from Mrs. David Foster.

  • It’s like the Caroline Manzo syndrome. When one knows she was a bad girl during that week’s episode, they choose not to blog about that episode.

    Hope Yo gets better but timing is suspect.

  • Is this experimental treatment she’s doing? She should do medical marijuana, reverses damage to the brain caused by ms; lymes and other illnesses. And 100% natural.

  • I no longer watch any Housewives shows, but I do check the headlines on this blog periodically. I actually read this post because I have terrible chronic neurologic Lyme’s. Is Yolanda drinking at “events” on the show? Because while being treated for Lyme’s you cannot have more than one drink a week (I actually worked for my Lyme’s doctor for awhile). And, I know from experience any time I have a drink I could start acting really weird. Sometimes I have one drink, and I am falling down drunk. I only have a drink if I am in my house anymore, just in case. It sounds like this might be selective with Yolanda (who she is treating badly)? But maybe she is having drinks, and she should not be?

  • Happy day, that was very well said. I have chronic pain due to an Incurable illness in my bladder that I have been battling for over 30 yrs. I was in 3 severe wrecks, none my fault, I was passenger in 2, got hit by an 18 wheeler, the most recent one along with some really bad drs.that gave me a drug I told them I could not take in front of my fiancé I brought with me. I was passing out further injuring myself very seriously. I know have my back , hips, both knees, neck, & pelvis with unrelenting pain plus radial nerve damage in my arms. I take care of my mother that has dementia. She is in the hospital as of last Wednesday to try to get her medication fixed. She lives with me. I have no help. My fiancé does do as much as he can, but I am cracking from the stress. I am worn out. I would give anything to have her money. I lost my dr. I had for over 15 yrs. he passed, then my dad, that is when my health care went down hill. I have not watched TV. I do not have time. God be with you & your mom. We have to get help. I am shocked at the lack of help. I wish you the best & am grateful you brought that up. So much is not understood about chronic pain either. You can die of a heart attack or stroke without relief. I am sick of hearing about addiction, I don’t drink or smoke & I need pain medicine. I had to go out of state before, now I am going again, but the Dr. Is just not as understanding as my old one. I am in this situation because of untrained ill mannered quacks who make a fortune not only off their practice but get kickbacks of up to half a million from the pharmaceutical corp. pushing drugs that nearly killed me. It was not a pain medicine that did it. It was an anti-depressant for sleep. I am not sue happy, but I don’t see much other choices as I wrote them without any apology or explanation. I have been cursed at while crying. I have a friend with lymes, that was screamed at by a dr. while she was getting a painful spinal tap. He wasn’t her Dr. & told her Lyme only existed in Conneticut. Her daughter-n-law is a nurse & said get this man away from her. I had him at the ER. If we don’t speak up, nothing will change. I had a dr. Tell me not everyone deserved “Cadillac health care” that the less fortunate only deserved “ford” I hope he loses his health & gets to experience his philosophy.



    • Trishebe – I am so sorry you are going through a difficult time.

      I do know on this site there are quite a few people that have said they are bed bound, recovering from surgeries, diseases or illness and being on the web and sites likes this one help pass the day, offer some laughs and gossip and ease painful days.

      All the best to you and your mom and hope you keep your spirits up.

    • I hope you have better days Trish. Wishing you and your family all the best, sending hugs to you . Sorry to read about everything that has happened .

  • I do hope Yolanda is feeling better soon because there is nothing more difficult than poor health and I don’t wish that on anybody. She doesn’t owe us or Bravo a blog– her health comes first.

    I personally think this disease is so difficult for Yolanda because she has had good health and a privileged life until her late 40’s, so dealing with this new adversity must be very challenging for her.

    Her perspective is her perspective – she talks about being in bed for nine months but in that time we have seen her in Paris, charity events, dinners, shopping, traveling, David’s Hollywood Ceremony… I don’t doubt she spent a good deal of those nine months in recovery, in bed and difficult treatment – it is just that for myself and others who I know have been in bed with diseases for 6 or 9 months, it is an achievement to make it to the bathroom to shower every 3rd day and trips in between to shopping, dinners and Paris come no where in the equation. My mother has Parkinson’s disease, so I do know loosing your memory, ability to think and word recall is very difficult, embarrassing, and extremely frustrating. Yolanda has a great deal of dignity and pride, so feeling out of control of her own mind is very hard.

    If there is a positive, it is that there is treatment and hope for improvement for Lyme disease unlike a disease such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia that no matter how much treatment the symptoms will get worse progressively and there is no complete recovery. Yolanda should take the hope that she can get better, not stress about the show and blogs and enjoy all the blessings she can.

    Can I also just say I fully admit I am 100% jealous that when she is sick she can rely on her maid, nurse, and cook, and go to a recovery center to heal (now that is why BH is worlds apart on how they deal with illness/crisis and us peons.) I am not jealous over much about the HW’s, well maybe the shoes, but that, damn yes I am jealous of that.

  • Having a disease is not a joke especially when we watch Yolanda’s pay attention to her diet and continue her physical fitness and surgery.

    I am learning about a disease I did not know that much about, thank you Yolanda for sharing such a personal medical struggle for Yolanda and family.

    For me, if Yolanda was able to either dictate this lovely note(not sarcasm) why couldn’t she at least include that she will address her participation when she is physically able to.

    Yolanda listed all her qualities last week, so she knows that viewer’s are waiting for Yolanda’s reaction to her husband calling cast names as well as her bitchy ways at the dinner table.

    I truly do not believe that actor’s should make blogs a priority over their failing health, not a chance.

    she could have at least typed or dictated one extra sentence “something” addressing this.

    Take care Yolanda

  • There are things I like about YoYo, and there are things I can not stand about her. But I am very sorry that she is going through what she is going through with L.D.. I do wish success with her treatment. God knows the woman has been through so much trying to fight this.

  • I don’t doubt that Yolanda’s brain isn’t 100% percent well and I do hope she gets better. However, she uses her Lyme disease to excuse all HER bad behavior or to avoid talking about her bad behavior. Is it a coincidence that when twitter is blowing up with people criticizing Yolanda, she doesn’t write a blog?

    I totally get her not feeling well and feeling too out of sorts to write a blog about what happened on the show, but she obviously wasn’t too out of sorts to write a blog about not writing a blog. Insensitive? Probably so. But in my opinion, she’s using the Lyme disease card as a way to not get lambasted by viewers who aren’t necessarily on her side.

    • Agreed @Michelle…sympathies to Yo in her recuperation but it seems she only uses her illness when it’s good for her…if no backlash, she would have written a blog…in fact she wrote a blog saying she can’t write a blog…have David write it…it can’t be that difficult…you’re just writing about a bunch of clowns anyway….

    • Michelle u said it ALL. She’s still managing to tweet all week and re-tweet the nice comments her few fans left tweet her.

  • I’m sickened by the comment made by some people on this thread. How do you take yourselves so seriously as to expect a very ill person to put your bitchy tv viewer needs above her own life saving treatments? It’s just revolting!

    • I don’t have a problem with Yolanda not writing a blog, more power to her if she doesn’t feel like it. It is probably better that she didn’t as her behavior on this episode is pretty much undefensible.

      Yolanda’s character flaws have nothing to do with her disease and as much as she would like to believe that all she is going through is the explanation for the way she is behaving, it is not.

      She is just an awful, condescending, know-it-all, hypocrite, double standard, arrogant woman who happens to be dealing with Lyme disease. If she didn’t have it she would still behave like this.

  • Wish you the best Yolo. On top of getting bitched out for the “show” you get bitched at for being ill… Keep your head up 🙂

  • Insane in the membrane, secondary to Lyme or any form disease is no laughing matter.

    Godspeed in recovery Yolanda……#istillluvyourgaugousfrig

  • Y’all are all being really inconsiderate… One of my very good friends has Lyme Disease and there are days when she literally has to stay home and not do anything because her brain can’t function and she can’t put sentences together. Instead of blaming Yolanda why don’t y’all try and do research on the disease before you comment. It’s highly offensive to someone suffering from the disease.

    • Lyme disease can be devastating. I can’t believe how insensitive some people are. I am not a huge fan if Yolanda, but I do believe this. Lyme disease, like any illness, worsens with stress. You have good days and bad days. I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

    • I know! That really bothers me, I have said before that to pick apart a woman who has serious illness, make fun of her, make fun of her brain.. Its terrible!

      • Nobody is making fun of her brain. I am pointing out her evident lack of manners, her bossy attitude and her forever stuck up behavior, I am sure she was like this before she got Lyme disease.
        Yolanda chose to be on this show, if she was really “fighting for her life” as she likes to point, how in the world does she spend her time and energy is a show like this that is full of “clowns”?

        • Really Lexy? Are they just ” jokes”? read some comments. She is probably when of the only ones left WITH manners, LOL! They do act like clowns, or have you not watched? Entertainment at its finest! At least she is not a passive aggressive “actress”.

          • She is probably the only left with manners?

            LOL, are you for real?

            So Yolanda helping Brandi get her weave at the dinner table while food is still being serve is good manners?


          • Lexy is a sad, nasty woman. If she hated these women so much you would think she could find something better to do with her time.

    • Is your friend mean, condescending, rude and hypocritical? Those are character flaws in Yolanda that have nothing to do with her illness. And yes, I have a disease very similar to Lyme and never act the way she acts.

      • Everyone is different. And arent there different variations to Lyme disease? And it is still no excuse to bash someone who is ill, is it? And she is not my friend- she is a person on a show that we watch.The words you just said above describe 95 % of people on every franchise.

        • No, not really. I am not diminishing the fact that she has a disorder, as I mentioned I have a similar one. I am however calling bs on the way she treats other people and how whenever there is some explaining to do for her bad behavior, she is suddenly “to ill”. She is never “too ill” to bash her castmates and write 6 page blogs about how much she hates Kyle.

          • WTH is so wrong how she treats people? Does she act like an animal? Is she tearing them a new asshole? Does she cause physical harm to her castmates? Because really , like or not she handles this wacky crew pretty damn well considering the shit they pull. They are not sweet little innocent women here. And yes really- I had a family member that had Lymes when younger after being bit by a tick, who made full recovery in great time with no other effects other then bullseye target and crazy fever when younger. Nothing like what she goes through. Im really curious about your opinion on how she treats people. I get you do not like her- but she really does not treat some of them as bad as they treat others. What are the others’ blogs like? You read them too yes? How are her’s any worse? It is their job to write about how they felt at that time.

          • Michers I am one of those that usually agrees with everything you say! Really love to read your take on it, BUT I think she comes across as holier than thou, like she is on a high horse looking down on everyone else. She acts like she does nothing when things go down. I think she is behind the scenes stirring it up, like with the conversation she supposedly had with Joyce. I think Brandi does her talking for her. Just like the Hoanna sleeping with her ex. Just my take on it!

            But just like my dad used to say, opinions are like asshole, and everybody has one.

            Have a nice day!

          • Michers I am one of those that usually agrees with everything you say! Really love to read your take on it, BUT I think she comes across as holier than thou, like she is on a high horse looking down on everyone else. She acts like she does nothing when things go down. I think she is behind the scenes stirring it up, like with the conversation she supposedly had with Joyce. I think Brandi does her talking for her. Just like the Hoanna sleeping with her ex. Just my take on it!

            But just like my dad used to say, opinions are like asshole, and everybody has one.

            Have a nice day!

          • @Ld:That is ok. I dont get mad at differing opinions, just how they are sometimes confrontational. There is no need for all that . I think, that she comes across that way because she is classier then some others- some take that as snobbish. I think its good quality compared to what we usually see! I think Yolo would give anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it. You have a nice day also. 🙂

    • Yolanda had the perfect viable option to not sign for this season, she had the perfect excuse, it is not like she needs the money at all.

      My problem is not with her Lyme disease, my problem is when she uses her disease to excuse her behavior towards some and not others, it seems like she has selective Lyme that makes her behave one way and then differently with others.

      Yolanda is a snobby and pretentions lady who truly believes that she is better that the others and the others shoudl be honored to be in her presence and enjoy her friendship and that condescending attitude of hers has nothing to do with her Lyme disease.

    • It’s ignorance. I don’t know anything about Yolanda’s disease so I refuse to comment on her blog. Of course she’s stuck up, how fksr can one stay married to a man like David Foster? But the brain being out of order? That’s not something a person like Yolanda would seem to want to brag about or use as an excuse, when has Yolo ever used excuses? She kinda stands firm in her bitchness (and her husbands for that matter), she seems like the kind of woman who never wants to reveal a weakness…after reading her blog I almost felt like someone else wrote it for her, maybe she couldn’t even gather the strength to write that or maybe she’s saving what strength she DOES have for her family and her holiday celebrations? Really, wtf is wrong with that? I ain’t mad at cha Yolo, these blogs are SO STUPID anyway! They are just excuses for their bad behavior, I’ve never ever actually gone to the Bravo website to read a blog, who gives a sht, I don’t require an explanation or a point of view from crazy women who were ALL acting a fool, being catty and asholes. I’d actually like to thank Mrs. Foster for not blogging. If she wants to save what little energy she has for her family during Christmas that’s perfectly fine with me. Who is anyone to claim she’s lying anyway? Even if you HAVE Lyme disease I’m sure it affects people differently.

  • I don’t doubt she has troubles and obstacles to get through from contracting Lyme disease….but I also think she really just doesn’t want to blog!

    I feel like it’s just a waste of time for her.

    If she feels like she just can’t pull it together to write a small recap blog…tell your feelings to someone that put ur thoughts into words for the stinkin blog!

    Really it’s not that hard—unless she is just SOOOOO BAD OFF SHE CANT PUT TWO SENTENCES TOGETHER!


    XOXO Everybody!

  • Of course her brain is out of order now. And it will probably be “Out of Order” at the reunion too, since by judging next week’s epidode, her behavior only gets worse.

  • Yeap, when everything else fails let’s blame the Lyme disease which by the way is selective to only the ones she dislikes. I hope some medical researches are already investigating how this could be

    I hope Yolanda leaves this show to dedicate all her time to put her brain in order, if Lyme can cause a person to be such a snobby and condescending bitch, then she definitely needs to do something about it.

    • Wow Lexy, what a nasty f—ing bitch you are. Unless you have lived in her shoes (and not just “know someone” who had the disease) you have no room to talk and judge. If anyone needs to see why they are such a bitch it would be you.

      • Lexy I agree with you 1000 percent! As someone that with disease that effects your brain( with finding words at times are very difficult, and or with memory recollection)! I however do not blame it for my disgusting behavior! When I am being a bitch I tell my family sorry I am a bitch today, don’t know why I am a bitch today but I am. Not Yo, she blames it for everything. Her hair don’t look good, oh it is from Lyme brain, she said something mean, oh it is Lyme brain. So I agree with you COMPLETELY Lexy! She uses it to try to cover all the bad things she does, so I am calling bullshit!

        P.s. Or It could be because her husband referred to all her fellow cast mates as clowns and she can’t take anyone talking bad about king David!