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Mob Wives Debuts To High Ratings!


Love them or hate them, the Mob Wives are doing well! Many questioned how this season would do with Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Ramona Rizzo out the show but it looks like they are doing better than great!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The series has been a shot in the arm to the network, pushing its showing among adults 18-49 up 33 percent, year-over-year, and tops among women 18-34 over all cable nets in its highly competitive 8 p.m. Sunday slot during the month of April.”

So it’s official. Mob Wives: New Blood is a hit! How are you liking this season?

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  • I miss Karen on mob wives I think she would have Renee’s back! I think if Drita and Big Ang were true friends they wouldn’t be partying with her enemies. First they didn’t like that funeral owner now they are inseparable they have known Renee for years right or wrong they should have her back they just met these two bitches!

  • I miss the old openning song, “The Big Big Bang.” I wish they kept that one. The catwalk should always change with each new season. That tells us that it’s an all new season and it will include all the new ladies on the show. Anyway, already, I don’t like either of the new women. They do not fit in and it seems they are starting shit right from the start. Don’t Like Them. Start looking for newbies!

  • I read the article and didn’t even catch the dates..

    I’m liking this season so far. Don’t care for Natalie though…

    Miss seeing Carla, but don’t miss Ramona or Karen.

    • Yeah, even though I liked her, and she was boring, I do miss Carla. I know that really sounds negative but it’s true that Carla was boring. I actually wish Ramona had stayed. Ramona would have been a better match with the new ladies. I think Ramona is more crazy than Drita but Ramona had a good heart. Anyway, So Long Karen! Too Ghetto To Be A Mob Wife!

  • Wonder how this is, because on twitter -verse there are MANY people week after week still pissed that the 3 are not on this year. Alot complain to Jenn G herself. Who came up with these numbers? Many supposedly stopped watching because of them not being on! Oh well.

    • “The series has been a shot in the arm to the network, pushing its showing among adults 18-49 up 33 percent, year-over-year, and tops among women 18-34 over all cable nets in its highly competitive 8 p.m. Sunday slot during the month of April.”

      If the new Mob Wives is on Thursdays and this is DECEMBER …then this is an OLD article and not news.

        • I read it and then paused…and thought isn’t this December? LOL

          I’m an ex-blogger so I obsessively fact check. Typos don’t bug me – false facts drive me batshit. 🙂

          • ,
            ” So it’s official …” completely misleading …nice fact check queen V !! I thought that did not seem truthful considering all the fans that were lost due to the cast changes .

          • That is what I thought Sal- they lost many viewers because of losing the three ladies. I have seen many tweet them weekly and are still in shock they are not on. And love her or hate her, Karen and the last name Gravano was the ONLY name tied to the mob that piqued interest with that show.

          • again we agree Michers !! I wasn’t a fan of Karen at first but she did grow on me ,I didn’t think she represented “Italian Mafia ” she seemed to hang with street thugs selling Ecstasy to kids from what I know, but like you said …love them or hate them the Gravano name is the only known name and the reason I started watching. At the end of last season I saw how she seemed to mature and I actually liked her.

          • 🙂 Sal- anything is possible LOL! When I usually disagree with someone on one thread, we do eventually find common ground elsewhere . I actually read her book Mob Daughter and of course, it explained more than the show did with certain things like her getting arrested for the ecstasy and her dad taking the rap for it. The book was pretty decent. I was pleasantly surprised.

        • Michers, Good catch. To be honest, I did not read whole article ! ————————————————————–

          That’s so funny! lol
          I do that sometimes with stories, sometimes I skip parts when reading comments. Sometimes I even leave comments to other comments that I haven’t read all the way through, then I go back and read the comment and realize that I have made no sense and worse, I’ve made a a$$ of myself and pracatically die of embarrassment. lol.
          Let’s face it, I’m a number one ass on here. lol

          • No.. alot of us have ass moments LOL , its all good. Keeps the funnies going around 🙂 Yeah, depending on what story is about I can just get a good skim on especially if its something I watched recently.

  • I notice none of us are mentioning that new gal, the face of Renee’s line (can’t think of her name), I’m not into her at all. She seems a little too young emotionally for this show.

    Alicia has me pulling for her. Good to see Renee doing so much better. Love Big Ang and Drita, they keep it real. Esp love Drita going after that stalker and being protective of her staff, wish I could be so fearless! You can tell Renee has come a long way with therapy, and has a realistic/honest approach to men in the mob than say, 2 years ago, she gives good advice to Alicia (aside from hanging out with Alicia’s hubby and ex? Girlfriend??)

    • To me, she is a loose canon…especially for associating with the “mob”. Many years ago, they would not do embarrassing things to get notice. Rene and Big Ang, have the old time quality….but this is a show and they can portray whatever way they want…they’ve done it to the Real Housewives and are really loosing a lot of viewers.

      • Good point Miami – its true, we didn’t hear much from people in this lifestyle prior, now so many are willing to come on this show etc. Things changed pretty quickly. Although now that I think about it, only the women seem to be willing to be filmed.

    • Maru, I tried to like Alicia, but last week I was BLAH with her. THe other one, who acts like she is16., yeah, she can kicks rocks like yesterday!

  • The second episode flopped in ratings I read it was 0.96 compare to the premiere. I miss Karen and Ramona Carla was kinda irrelevant

  • I forgot to mention…I miss the opening song. When they would show them walking by the pier…you knew they meant business. The new song is good too…but when you heard the original song…it just gave you the goose bumps. They could have kept them all except for LOVE…she ruined it!

  • I’m sorry but did anyone notice this picture OMG !! talk about photoshop this looks nothing like them amazing what photoshop can do .

    • I dont like! That does not even look like Drita. Renee never looks flawless..Ang does not even look like her usual self.

      • its crazy.. like you said Rene is never flawless she has very rough skin actually they all do .Drita looks nothing like herself she looks like an alien in that picture.

  • I am still on the fence with the new girls. Here is a question though. If Alicia gets sentenced, then what, add another newbie ? Wonder how that will work out. I still miss Karen, she was a huge part of the development of this show. I keep hoping she will make an appearance or two, please Jenn. Make that happen ! I do not miss trashy Love, and I miss Ramona but not as much as Karen. I could care less about Carla, she was insignificant to me. Renee seems to have taken over a “Boss” role, she isn’t one & I don’t like that. I am loving Big Ang speaking up more, I would like to see her background explored more. It’s really great to see Drita & Lee doing so well and the children happy.

  • I totally agree Miami53. So far I am so much more into Mob Wives than I was last year when they had that pitbull, Love on.
    I was worried that the show would suffer from 3of the old cast leaving but I really haven’t missed any of them.
    Alicia’s brother came across as very unloyal to his sister as it was obvious he had been out with he husband when he was at least flirting with other women. What a creep! If that was my brother, he would knock my fiancée out.
    Unlike the housewives shows lately Mob Wives also has some great funny moments. Drita’s fac when the stalker guy showed up at her shop was classic and Big Ang, well pretty much anything she comes out with makes me laugh. Hope they keep this up for the whole season.

  • I actually like it better this year…I feel we’re watching Tre and Joe’s life with this Alicia. I can see years ago maybe women didn’t know what their husbands were up too but women of today know whats going on or have heard rumors. I didn’t appreciate Alicia’s brother knowing that her husband was having inappropriate conversation with other women. What brother lets that happen and not tell his sister. I wonder if this guy is married…if I was his wife, I’d have my eyes open too. Its too bad that they didn’t keep some of the other girls along with the new ones….talk about interesting!

    • i agree re Alicia/Teresa situations,first thing I thought of when I saw her.
      I watched and realy like this season of MobWives,

    • I think it had good ratings because it just started, that doesn’t mean we dont’ miss Karen. I don’t like the new girls, especially the young dumb one. I think Alicia is using the show to let potential jurors think she had nothing to do with the crime. If she was in charge of the books, she knew what was happenin.
      I thought Drita was dumb on how she reacted to that guy in the store. Calling Lee and trying to get him involved wasn’t very smart, as he is on parole. It looked like the guy was a slow type, and she didn’t handle him right. She should have asked him why he was there, instead of scaring him.

      • That just shows how dramatic and stuck up people get when they have some spare change and somewhat known The guy is a disabled guy with mental issues have some respect for the less fortunate wannabe gangster moms