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RHOM’s Joanna Krupa And Karent Sierra Make Sure To Kick Brandi Glanville While She Is Down!


Boy is it a tough week to be Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. She was recently dropped from her appearance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino due to the racial remarks she made on last Monday’s RHOBH episode. However, there were another set of housewives in attendance and one of them just so happened to be Joanna Krupa. Yes, the same Joanna Krupa, Brandi has been feuding with lately. Joanna was joined alongside former RHOM star, Karent Sierra, and they both made sure to show Brandi some love in honor of her absence. Check it out!

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Karent also made sure to tweet out the article of Brandi being let go from the event.

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RHOBH’s Joyce Giraud even got in on the action, and tweeted out a joke about Brandi’s infamous “swimming” remark.

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Thoughts on Brandi being let go from the event? What do you think of Joanna and Karent flipping the bird? Do you think it was meant for Brandi?

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  • And I also really feel like this is Joanna’s meager attempt to attach herself to the anti Brandi campaign to give herself a better story line or likability factor?

    • but wasn’t it brandi that dragged joanna in to it? if brani had of kept her mouth shut then the two of them wouldn’t be having this pathetic school girl feud.
      If someone was going round making false statements that i had broke up a marriage, i sure as hell would be anti them as well.
      i’m not a fan of either of these women as i think they are as bad as each other

  • UMMMM HELLOOO?!?! Has everyone forgotten how Brandi was Joanna’s “favorite HW”? Adrianna said at the RHOM reunion how Joanna came up to Brandi gushing how much she just LURRRVES her, and Brandi walked away then told Alexia and Adrianna that she wouldn’t talk to Joanna b/c she had ruint Yolanda’s marriage, and so on, etc… Joanna never denied coming up to Brandi, there were several witnesses, and it wasn’t until AFTER Brandi’s WWHL comments about Joanna (smelly and cheating) that Joanna started publicly bashing on Brandi… so IMO, if anything, this just shows what a total hypocritical mess Joanna is… Brandi was oh so cool until she said something not so nice about Joanna, then it’s war and Brandi is just a wretched EVIL PERSON!?
    So Pot, please meet kettle?

    • Regardless of your initial impression of someone-when you learned they were bashing you would you not change your opinion?

      I call it normal. And yes Brandi is pretty much rotten to the core.

      • Oh, I totally agree!! If I were in Joanna’s shoes I’d be fuming, I was just saying that for Joanna to constantly criticize Brandi for being loud, or a truth cannon, or whatever it was she originally loved about her is just funny to me… I mean, I do not like either’s actions, and out of ALL the HW to be fueding…. these two, really?? I mean, really lol they both manage to make fools out of themselves regularly.

  • Brandi and Joanna are cut from the same cloth. Brandi has said horrible things about Joanna (whether true or not, should NOT have been said), she got what she gave.

  • well at least Brandi doesnt have to sell whats between her legs to make it and like Hoanna claim she is a hard worker. Girl how hard is laying on your back…oh wait, if men like Mohammed were her johns, then maybe it is hard. As a black gay man I do not find what Brandi said at all offensive…it was a joke. Those who are making it bigger than it is are clearly making it an issue. Joyce isn’t even black, I though Puerto Ricans identify themselves as Latin? I just hate that Brandi gave both of those hags (Hoanna and Joyce) any attention, cause in my book they are both irrelevant.

  • I’m not sure why the statement said they were “kicking Brandi while she was down”? Brandi has put herself DOWN in this position and has no one to blame but herself. Brandi says whatever she feels, tells total strangers to FUC# OFF, but when someone else does it, they are kicking someone when their down?!?! Not quite sure I get the double standard here.

  • I do not care for Brandi one bit, so her and Joanna can fight all they want…I think Brandi deserves to be dropped for saying what she did. And of course Joanna is going to take the opportunity to ridicule her, but Karent? I did not expect that from her and I wish she’d stay away from this feud Brandi and Joanna have going on.

  • Finally Brandi’s actions are biting her in the butt, but Brandi won’t learn her lesson because she’s all about playing the victim and insincere apologies.

    • I don’t wish bad upon Brandi or anyone for that matter, I just hope this whole ordeal makes Brandi think before speaking. I’m not sure how much Brandi gets for her appearances but I’m guessing she lost close to ten grand this past weekend. And again, her boy’s are getting older and I’m sure all of this will hurt them in one way or the other. No matter what your Mother does, you love her and don’t want to hear people bashing her.

  • It was just a matter of time before Brandi’s mouth got her in trouble, maybe next time she’ll think before she speaks. Racist or not the comment was inappropriate.



    These words that many of you and many other fools in the world so easily and mistakenly through around ACTUALLY HAVE DEFINITIONS! See below.

    Racist: a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another

    Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    Nothing that Brandi said, as ignorant as it may have been, had anything to do with feeling superior or suggesting that black people were inferior to her.


    This nonsense does nothing but make a mockery of people that truly are victims of real racism, which does exist.

  • Ok this is just ridiculous now. Krupa, really? You are so beautiful but have the ugliest personality . And Karent- how dare you??? Some of us defended you because of how ladies treated you and you turn around and participate in this behavior? Screw you!

    • @Michers. Normally I agree with your posts because of your ability to see both sides, but….Why is it ok for all of Brandi’s followers and friends to defend her in EVERY situation she gets herself in, but its not ok for Joanna’s friends to defend her? What Brandi said about Joanna on national Tv was cruel and disgusting, but Joanna and Karent are the horrible ones?

      • UMMMM HELLOOO?!?! Has everyone forgotten how Brandi was Joanna’s “favorite HW”? Adrianna said at the RHOM reunion how Joanna came up to Brandi gushing how much she just LURRRVES her, and Brandi walked away then told Alexia and Adrianna that she wouldn’t talk to Joanna b/c she had ruint Yolanda’s marriage, and so on, etc… Joanna never denied coming up to Brandi, there were several witnesses, and it wasn’t until AFTER Brandi’s WWHL comments about Joanna (smelly and cheating) that Joanna started publicly bashing on Brandi… so IMO, if anything, this just shows what a total hypocritical mess Joanna is… Brandi was oh so cool until she said something not so nice about Joanna, then it’s war and Brandi is just a wretched EVIL PERSON!?
        So Pot, please meet kettle? Joanna is just trying to attach herself to the anti Brandi committee to make herself look better.

        • I think if you are fond of someone television personality and then very publicly you learn they are bad mouthing you it is fairly normal to dislike them. It is far from hypocritical it is normal.

          Brandi went beyond the bonds of an sort of social decency with her comments about Joanna. As it turned out all parties involved basically said Brandi was lying.

    • Right on @Michers and @Zoe Y. This is so ridiculous. That’s all I keep saying, but I stopped watching Miami bc of JoAnna, mostly.

  • I think Brandi should be fired from the show. Look what happened to Paula Deen for saying something 30 years ago. And, back then it was not as taboo as it is now. Brandi should have consequences for her bad behavior.

    • I agree about Paul. As a Black woman I still like Paula and don’t believe she is racist. I don’t believe she should’ve been fired or lost all her endorsements for something that she was honest about the she said decades ago. Unlike Brandi who made her comment on National TV, Paula said what she said in the heat of the moment, after being held at gunpoint in the privacy of her home. #myopinion.

    • YES!! I Agree with you Mtrae9 ! I think Bravo needs to FIRE Brandi! Look at that radio guy who commented on a basketball players hair, called it ” knappy, he was Fired after a 30 year career! I think Brandi really insulted Latinos and African Americans too! I don’t care what her BFF black friend says. She still made horribly RACISTS comments ! Fire Brandi!

  • Don’t know whether to laugh or just be pissed off at this stupidity too. Yes, Brandi said stupid shit. Why this has anything to do yet again with Joanna Krupa is beyond me. She is turning out to be one of the biggest clowns of the franchise. And Karent sticking up her middle finger? Karent go have a damn seat you are a doctor and you have (had?) class. This is proof Joanna Krupa is a desperate famewhore. Why Karent RT’d that article was tacky. Brandi needs to apologize to Joyce and stop being ignorant by apologizing to everyone but her.

    • KarenT, miss ‘Dentist to the Stars’ was always looking for media attention. So happy they kicked her off the show. She’s pathetic

      • LMAO! I kinda liked karent. But I can see where everyone was getting annoying and famewhorish. Don’t know how Krupa has any friends left after the comments she made at the reunion to her former friend. Shes just as nasty as glanville.

  • geez, these humans are emotionally 5 years old. brandi and Jennifer and buds did the same pic to these humans on Brandi’s tweet.

    If we don’t like this when Brandi does this-who would like this group being asses?

    • Are you talking about the photo that Brandi and Jen did with their hairdresser friends? That photo was them pointing up at their hairdresser friends’ sign outside their salon. They weren’t flipping their middle finger to anyone. Or are you talking about a different photo?

  • I for one find this hilarious! LOL yeah it’s catty and really silly but it doesn’t beat generalizing an entire race based on stereotypes.

    If the shoe were in another foot Brandi would do the same thing.

  • I don’t like that Brandi said what she said, totally stupid/ ignorant. I especially do not like her sorry not sorry ridiculous apology. Totally stupid /ignorant but damn I really didn’t expect much coming from her..

    • Must not have been much of an event if they had Karent there, dropped from a terrible cast on a terrible show.

      • Who knows? She might have just been there as a guest of Joannas. Anyway Brandi would have been at this event if she didn’t f- up. She might have still been included if she was at least sincere in her apology, but she couldn’t even get that right.. She f’ed up plain and simple..Stupid stupid stupid!!

  • This isn’t even a big deal though. Joanna and Karent aren’t being bitchy or catty they are being quirky if that makes any sense. Brandi said something fucked up and yet tries to cry victim

    • Isn’t it just as racist for Joanna & everyone to grab that Orlando guy to stand up with them & throw shade at Brandi? Like, “look we are defending african americans because we have a black friend & are flipping the bird to Brandi!”

        • Yeah. I did. The same thing is said of Brandi for defending her comments by saying her black friends think it’s funny & she isn’t racist bc she has black friends. What’s the difference between that & what these people in the photo are doing ?

          • The HUGE difference is that this AA guy is “in” on the joke, Brandi can swear until she has no breath left that she was joking with Joyce but it is obvioys looking at that scene that Joyce was not laughing.
            Brandi use her remark as a slam and that is what made that remark a racist one.

          • El Oh El yeah okay lady. Again, I am not on “team brandi” i think she was a moron for saying that, but more than one person can be wrong! They’re all stirring the pot for attention & press. Bravo loves this & thanks you all for tonights rating boost 😉

        • So then what do you think of Brandi’s african american friends standing up for her by posting pictures of themselves with her & saying she isn’t racist & her comment wasn’t made from a place of being racist? How is that different?

          • I never said they were different and i don’t think this situation or Brandi’s friends defending her are racist. I was just commenting that your reasoning of this being racist that joanna and Karent wanted to pose with a “black friend” isn’t even what happened here. The olrando guy sought them out for a pic and posted it, probably told them to flip the bird but thats just my guess. Either way, I don’t think either case is racist.

          • What pictures of Brandi’s AA friends did they post themselves? I am only aware of pictures that Brandi posted of them after the fact since she has come under fire.

            I see don’t see how you are comparing the situations. I am not aware of Joanna making a racist remark. (Maybe she did..I dunno as I don’t watch Miami).Not the mention….Joanna didn’t post the pictures or make the tweet, Orlando did.

            I think the real question is Orlando truly deeply offended by what Brandi said. Is he really friends with Joanna? Or is this a publicity stunt on his part?

          • Is it a publicity stunt on his part?! The whole damn thing is a publicity stunt!!!! For Joyce, for Joanna, for Karent whoever the hell she is, & yeah probably for Orlando whoever the hell he is too. Let’s call a spade a spade, kiddos. This whole thing is to shove everyone’s name into headlines on meaningless websites so they can get their 15 mins just like Brandi & the rest of these trainwrecks.

            Joanna has made remarks disparaging a womans ability to have a child. She is a crass disgusting pig. Her vs. Brandi is kind of like choosing a favorite between Hitler & Stalin. They’re both gross. It’s not worth the diatribes & teaming. The whole thing is blown way beyond what it was.

          • I actually completely agree with what you just said. I think you misinterpreted my original post. I’m not on team anyone. I agree that Joanna was awful her past season and that they all are trying to get publicity out of it and whoever the hell orlando is is trying to get publicity too.

            What I don’t agree with though is you calling Joanna and Karent Racist for the above picture. And thats not saying I think Brandi or her friends are racist either. I think Brandi made a really stupid remark that she should have known would offend people but I don’t think in her heart she has anything against other races. She is just not smart. Brandi and Joanna are both not good people but not racists.

            You are the one that was blowing this out of proportion by trying to say that Joanna and Karent were racist for posting a picture that they themselves didn’t post.

          • Maybe you’re seeing something different but as far as I’m away Brandi’s only black “friend” posting on twitter about it said the comment was wrong but that Brandi isn’t racist. And this is the friend she has shown on the show multiple times. And I don’t see a bunch of backlash going towards the woman anyway so I don’t see any point in the comparison.

            Besides, the black guy posted the picture on twitter. For all you know he suggested the idea and they thought it would be funny. It’s wrong to assume they randomly grabbed a black guy to make some kind of “we have black friends” statement. I highly doubt that happened.

        • This is just so hilarious. Like that Orlando dude just snapped a pic without anyone’s consent or knowledge as to why the photo was being taken. Ooooooooooohhhhhh k.

          • No one is saying that Joanna didn’t know why the pic was being taken. You said she was racist for looking for a black friend to take a photo with when this orlando guy took the pic. They were willing participants and did it to rub in her face but im sure the orlando guy came up to them and asked them to do it. I’m not saying they didn’t agree to all the terms and content of the post, I’m saying it was not them who sought our orlando and they are not racist for it. I really don’t understand why you are taking such offense to me correcting your above statement.

          • No I’m not 100% sure about it and never said I was. I’m only guessing because I have no idea who he is. I’m sure he was one of any number of black people at the party they could have posed with so why this guy. Thats the only reason why I figure it was his idea because they could have chosen someone else maybe even someone else that people would recongnize or had more followers on twitter to reach more people.

            Again, I agree that they willingly took part and I have no idea why you are so hostile toward me. I just think you are wrong for calling them racists.

          • “They were willing participants and did it to rub in her face but im sure the orlando guy came up to them and asked them to do it. I’m not saying they didn’t agree to all the terms and content of the post, I’m saying it was not them who sought our orlando and they are not racist for it.” – housewifefan

            Direct quotation. So yes, you did say that or imply it or infer it or whatever word you would like to use to describe it. Just because I point out something that makes you look stupid DOES NOT mean I am being hostile! 😉

          • I do know that I used the word “sure” I know what I said. I said that I am not 100% sure or certain and no one can be as we were not there. By my saying I’m sure was not meant to be taken as an absolute but more of a saying because that is what in my opinion it looks like happened here and for my reasons posted above. I do not think you pointed out anything that makes me look stupid and the below quote is the only thing you pointed out that I said at all so me calling you hostile has nothing to do with that. I think you seem hostile because you keep responding with a tone that seems agressive and angry(or at least I perceive it that way since it is typed not spoken) If you relax and read what I’m saying without automatically judging you would find that I do agree with you on many points including that Joanna is not a good person and I’m sure she knew what the picture was for. I also agree that Brandi is not a racist. I just disagree with you calling Joanna and Karent a racist and whoever’s idea the picture was it was not posted by joanna and karent as you stated. What happened with these pictures is immature and mean….but not racist. That is my point and has been all along but you keep wanting to harp on other details of my posts to try to prove some kind of a point that no one on here seems to be getting.

          • @Housewife Fan

            I think we are wasting our time. Bullie has stated way too many times the level of despise she has (I am assuming Bullie is a female) for people in general but especially those who have the audacity to disagree with her on trivial issues.

            It would be amusing to me, if it was so sad and pathetic.

          • RR,

            I guess you are right. I was just trying to understand where he or she was coming from since for the most part we seem to be in agreement except for the one detail. I don’t usually like to fight with people on here as it is just a TV show, it is just frustrating when it feels as if someone is reading your posts trying to see how they can come back at you in a negative way and not trying to actually read and understand the content of your post.

          • Let’s review the commentary ladies. YOU ALL REPLIED TO ME. Please, just cut the bullshit. I am allowed to have an opinion just like you all & reply to people who come to me. You came to me. It’s all up there. Just stop replying to me if I bother you so badly! It is really that simple!

      • Since it was Orlando whose phone was used to take the picture and he is the who sent out the tweet….and I am sure he has his own mind…no I don’t think it was racist of Joanna.

          • What black friend of Brandi are you talking about?

            What is it that you think Joanna is being defended by Orlando from? And how is it related to Brandi’s racist remark?

            What makes you so sure that Orlando didn’t post these pictures to secure something in his own interest?

          • You people are reaching. Joanna & Karent RT the pic & posted other comments about brandi being racist. It’s right up there. Scroll up!

            Brandi’s friend under the instagram name sexycoffey posted a defense of her but has since changed her IG user name. Probably because of people like you guys creating a witch hunt over making sure everyone thinks Brandi is racist. She is ignorant & probably an alcoholic. That makes her not much different than Joanna Krupa, really. So why laugh at this? It is as funny as a fart joke.

          • We are reaching?
            How so?

            I think most of us have said that this is a PR stunt in pissing contest..some of us thought it was funny…and some of us thought it was lame and childish.

            But you are going step future by suggesting that Joanna and Karent are being be racist and exploiting a black man by being in picture with him.

            I would call THAT reaching.

            The heat that Brandi is getting is because she is saying that she has slept with black men, or has black friends or that her Dad is part Native Indian to try and prove that she is isn’t racist.

            This the same person who in their own words said if you try to hard to explain yourself…you make yourself look more guilty.

            She would have been better of if she just said “I am sorry to those I offended when I made a racist joke” and left it at that.

          • I get where you’re going with this though I don’t necessarily make the same connection as you. I do think it’s crap that Brandi’s African-American best friends are speaking out and getting harassed. So on that point, the hypocrisy is funny. Like, how dare the people that know her say anything about her and give their judgment about it?! Only us viewers that don’t personally know her are allowed to analyze, dissect, nitpick, emphatically state what we think is in her brain and talk about it for days on end! LOL.

          • RR,

            You & the minions need to get off my ass. It was obviously a sarcastic but aggressive comparison to point out the blazing hypocrisy of the situation. I didn’t say they are racist, I asked if they were, to prove a point. The problem is that all you people think everyone who doesn’t agree with whatever your own show favorites do must be against you & therefore favoriting someone who is the anti-your favorite housewife. Literally, no response to my suggestion did not mention how awful Brandi is. I got it. I agree. She is awful. So are these people. All of them. Just because you guys don’t have the attention span to process & mentally digest an entire paragraph that might enlighten you to your own hyprocisy doesn’t mean I am being mean! I am just disagreeing with you!

          • Bullie

            I am perfectly comfortable with people having different opinion that mine.

            It’s you that seems uncomfortable with it, hence calling people who don’t agree with you minion’s, idiots, dumbshits and a long list of other jabs.

            You always claim to be pointing out hypocrisy, but IMO You are projecting. I am not saying this to be mean…I am just disagreeing with you.

          • RR

            I’m not the one following someone around to reply to everything they say on these different articles. That’s you m’dear. Don’t try to twist it, it’s not working. Anyone who can read & has more than 2 brain cells can see I’m being replied to as a Brandi fan bc you all cannot process that someone can disagree with one person without agreeing with another.

          • I think you are giving yourself a lot of credit, people commented here before you came along and will continue to do so if continue to do so or not.

            Now you are saying that only people who are in complete agreement with you should be replying to your remarks. Do you think you are the only person around here that gets a response? Is your ego that fragile?

            You made a remark that even people who sometimes agree with you didn’t understand..and after repeating it and trying to rationalize it, said you were just being sarcastic.

            So you either created a remark to spark opposition or you did it by accident and aren’t comfortable with it. I think that says more about you than it does me.

            Regardless, I am done with it.

          • Uhhh… I think you are confused. I was saying I’m not pressed on you all agreeing with me bc I’m not the one following you all around on these articles replying to everything you say to other people, you guys are doing it to me.

            I’m not giving myself too much credit, you all are. And by you all I don’t mean every person who posts on this website. I mean everyone stalking my posts, which includes you. Please get help with your reading comprehension, it is not becoming,

          • Also, I didn’t “create” a remark to spark opposition, I replied to a comment with a statement that would point out the hyprocisy of thinking this shit from Joanna & all of them is funny in contrast to Brandi’s black friends getting death threats & twitter stalked for defending Brandi. How else can I dumb this down for you? By just not posting? Not going to happen until I get bored or too busy. Sorry.

  • Sometimes I forget that these people are adults. I also think people are dragging Brandi’s comment out way more than they should. That’s one of the main things I hate about social media.

    • I SO AGREE! Her comments were nasty and tasteless… I do NOT believe she meant them in a racist way… I think she meant them in a caddy bitch way… however, they were racist remarks with out the intent… get the F over it people… I’ve read and seen MANY “viewers” say a lot nastier things about Brandi than Brandi’s ever said about anyone…

      • Get the F over it?? Are either one of you Black/African-American because if your not offended personally then you shouldn’t be telling others to get over anything or how we should feel. That being said, I personally wasn’t offended because I look at the source of the hate. Brandi is someone who I find unrespectable so her stupidity doesn’t bother me. Im more offended by the people on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc.

  • I’m also surprised at Karent as she was lovely on RHOM. As it’s directed to Brandi I will let it slide.

  • Karent should be ashamed for following Joannas childish antics she was scrutinized all season long on Miami and wanted to play the bully card and now to partake in some high school like mean girl behavior? This is why I never liked her shes nothing more but a social climbing follower.

    • Exactly! They are clearly jealous of Brandi (yeah I said it lol) based on the fact that RHOBH will be around for a 5th season while RHOM will probably be cancelled, and Brandi causes controversy which is what Bravo lives for, so while Brandi will still have a job this time next year, Joanna will probably still model, but her reality days could be numbered

      • Jealous? I disagree

        Johanna as trashy as she is is 100 times prettier than Brandi and also younger, she still has more mileage in her before her 15 minutes are up.
        Karent is a dentist, she can continue in her career for many , many years without reality TV.
        Brandi might still have this job next year but I hope she is saving some of her money because the whole Bravo housewives franchise as a whole seems to have their days numbered so it is pretty sure it will finish at some point.

        • If Tamra can be kept on RHOC for her producer-pleasing ways, I think the same can be said for Brandi. If producers want something said or a story line to go a certain way, you have these women who will do whatever is asked of them. Brandi is one of those girls (she needs the money, like you said) so for that, I think she will be kept on RHOBH for as long as it lasts (however long that may be). Joanna may be pretty, but her personality is disgusting and (not to say Brandi’s isn’t) and without the reality platform, I don’t think Joanna will have too much talk about her. Examples: Adrienne Maloof, she’s worth millions, do we hear about her anymore? Every now and then that she is dating a younger guy. Jill Zarin, unless she comments about another HW, we don’t hear about her. Alex McCord, trying her hardest with a video blog that doesn’t get picked up by other media outlets too often. Any of the DC women anymore? Who cares how successful they were before the show or who they were, without a tv show to give you that weekly airing, it’s hard for most people to keep up with you (i.e.: Karent. It’s great she’s successful, but the only reason she’s is being talked about is because of her RHOM association). I think Joanna cares more about the attention than the success. I think Joanna will pull at Taylor Armstrong or Gretchen Rossi and land on another reality show before calling it quits on her reality days.

        • Just like Brandi blindly follows Yolanda I think Karent has always appreciated Joanna’s loyalty.

          I do think it was a great PR move to bring Joanna in to replace or supplement Brandi’s appearance.

          Joanna does need to tone it down a bit-no one can ever accuse Joanna of wallowing in victim mentality.

      • Are you sure about that? If so, I’m not so sure Brandi will be back. I really don’t believe they are jealous of Brandi. Joanna has had a very lucrative career as a model and is married to a successful man, and Karent is educated, and runs her own dental practice.

        • Roman may make money, but that does not define a good husband. He barely wanted to have sex with Joanna last season on RHOM, and have you seen that girl, she’s gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to? (a guy that is). I don’t care how much money he makes, Brandi would never be jealous of someone who was married but not having sex, especially so early in their marriage.

          • Anyone who has had to listen go Joanna talk would not want to have sex with her. He probably just married her for his beard.

          • He didn’t want to have sex with her because he was appalled by her behavior when she was getting drunk on tv and acting like a loon. It was unattractive. Not all guys are as simple as “hot woman, must have sex now.” It’s actually not a bad quality at all that his attraction to her diminishes when her personality goes ugly.

        • Exactly Debbie. There is nothing about Brandi to be jealous of and it’s ridiculous to say so. Shitty life, husband cheated, single mother of two at 40, drinking problem, botched face, body and sex appeal of a 12 year old boy, etc. Her life sucks and no one in their right mind would want to be her.

      • If reports are to be believed Joanna will be on RHOBH next year. Besides even without the money she gets from the show, her earnings are far, far more than Brandi’s.

        • They are just reports, so unless it becomes official, we should wait to hear for sure if Joanna is joining. Secondly, Brandi has 2 kids(which I think is worth more to Brandi than any amount of money), is on a more successful franchise of the same series as Joanna and essentially does the same things as Joanna on tv (drunken rants, except Brandi doesn’t chase people or instigate physical violence) and gets higher ratings for it.

          • As far as Brandi’s kid’s go. Yes, I believe she is a good mother and loves her boy’s more than anything but, I wish she would think about them before she say’s or does things that could make their life more difficult.

    • Chanel- I agree! See my comment down below! Im disgusted by her actions right now, mainly because of how she was treated on the show then this?

  • I could expect that from Johanna but Karen why?

    She is a doctor, she was let go of the most boring franchise, keep your dignity lady, do not stoop as low as Johanna and Brandi.

    Karen should know better.

    In regards of the cancelation and then calling Johanna, that must sting very bad.

    • Yep, if I was my dentist tweeting like this or flipping the bird in pictures, i’d be looking for a new one. Pretty unprofessional.

      • She is a human, not a preacher. Are you people really so uptight that a middle finger upsets you? That is hilarious!

      • Agree I find this whole thing childish unnecessary how embarrassing for Karent. JoAnna I would expect this from and I think this feud is far from over & JoAnna has a right to be pissed @ Brandi) but not her.

    • KarenT is a complete lemming….a wanna be. She sucks as a dentist; it took her THREE tries to pass the boards!