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Brandi Glanville’s Appearance Gets Cancelled After Making Racial Remarks!

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Real Housewives of Brandi Glanville is in all kinds of trouble after the racist remark she made on Monday’s past episode offending several African American. It all started when Joyce told Brandi she didn’t want to swim in which Brandi responded, “You’re a black person. Black people can’t swim.” Brandi later justified her comments by saying it was a innocent joke and all of her black friends would have laughed and can’t swim as well!

Brandi was set to appear in Tampa this past weekend at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino but the event got canceled due to the uncalled racial remarks she made.

In a statement to The Tampa Tribune, Hard Rock Tamra president John Fontana said, “Until this situation is behind her, our organization feels it’s best to reinforce our culture and values at this time, which consist of love and respect for all.”

This was probably best since Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra did attend. Hopefully this opens Brandi’s eyes to not say silly things even if they are “just jokes” to her.

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  • Paula Deen was booted off the Food Network channel. Brandi is getting what she deserves.

    Also, Andy rode Joe Giudice hard and wouldn’t let
    up for a comment that Joe had made. Why is Brandi
    any better…her cutting comment were her words.

  • Brandi lies about everyone to be relevent. Does the name kim richards ring a bell when brandi called her a crak addict. Shes drunk everyday. Eddie needs to get those kids to keep them safe. Thanks sharon

  • Bravo knows and expects Brandi to say something stupid and out of line.
    Bravo and it’s editing department had every opportunity to edit that out, but they chose to air it….apparently they did not find it offensive.

    I don’t by any means condone what Brandi had said. She speaks before she thinks 9 times out of 10.
    Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  • Brandi needs a filter, and she needs to check herself before she speaks. This has nothing to do with her friends or her marriage, and she needs to take responsibility for her own bad behavior. This is not the first stupid thing she has said, and obviously it won’t be the last.

    I think Bravo should fire her now. Paul Deen got fired, on the spot, for being honest and admitting that she said something 30 years ago. And, 30 years ago it was not as taboo a word as it is now. Don’t get me wrong, no one should have said it then or now. But with everyone being more aware now, Brandi has no excuse.

  • Brandi is like the boy who cried wolf ….and look what happened to Him.
    She is in desperate need of some kind of rehabilitation (like Lexy mentioned) whether it is from alcohol or her own personality, she is on a downward spiral ,out of control….and she can not help herself.

    • Brandi needs to stop listening to her fans that tell her what she did was no big deal and all the people that keep making excuses for her bad behavior because they are hurting her, not helping her. That seems to include her managers and pr people too because she has made every wrong move you can in a crisis PR situation.

      If Brandi really cares about her financial future and her boys she needs to wake up fast and 1. apologize to Joyce with out conditions. Right now that is the biggest backlash that she is still getting is that she is not sincere. 2. She needs to say less, not more. Let the story rest for a while, stay of twitter and let the public move on. 3. Live your life, but do not let yourself be photographed raging drunk for a while, telling people to stfu or attacking anyone in the media or on the show. Her image has gone too far off the cliff now and she has lost a lot of the sympathy and solidarity a lot of women felt for her. Now of course Brandi can keep being Brandi and implode more if she wants, but that will not help her book sales, hiring potential or her sponsorship/spokesperson opportunities. The ball is 100% in her court at this point and only she can decide if she sinks or swims.

  • Brandi made a very controversial remark, not as a comedian, but as a reality personality. The comment was not the least bit funny, no one laughed and not a single women said ” that was so funny”. This should have been followed
    with an immediate sincere apology, with actions to back up aforementioned apology,to Joyce.
    No excuses, no justifications.

    I would not even begin to know what goes on in Brandi’s head, but most of that brain matter has to be dead with all the alcohol consumption. You have to wonder what Brandi’s thought process would lead her to make such a remark. The only conclusion is she is an uneducated and very ignorant woman.

    Brandi do yourself a huge favor and google CULLEN JONES , ANTHONY ERVIN and

    • I totally agree with you, Brandi is just a trainwreck waiting to happen. Whether her comment was meant as a joke or not it was inappropriate.

  • Im not defending her saying something idiotic, however, I dont feel this is the real reason they did not have her. Me thinks this is strictly Krupa related, but that is just my opinion. Krupa has not shut her trap about Brandi, since Adrianna brought that crap up at Miami reunion.

    • Hi Micher’s

      The Hard Rock has explicitly stated that Brandi’s remark was the reason they canceled her from the event. The current controversy in regards to it would comprise their branding image of “Love All- Serve All”.

      I hardly think that Joanna has that type of clout that could get Brandi canceled from event just on her say-so. Not to mention, if it was really about Brandi vs Joanna, then why did the cancellation come after Monday’s episode? Brandi made her dig at Joanna weeks ago..why not have canceled her then?

      • Surely they are not going to come out and say otherwise, are they? Correct me if Im wrong, but I have seen worse behaviors and worse things said/done by women who are on tv and have not been put through the ringer like Brandi. Sure she was wrong to use the comment that she did. It was how long ago? How much longer can these people with control trips actually “punish” her for? This is crazy and ridiculous! Not that long ago, in real life, there was an NFL player ( an adult) who WAS racist and a bully to a teammate! I heard his story for ONE day!!!! His name is Incognito ( not kidding). That was disgusting, Brandi was not even near that!

        • Hi Michers’

          I think really don’t think there is anymore to it than what they stated. Given the proximity of Brandi’s remark and the event it seems like that would be the most likely reason.

          Sure there have been people who have said and did things that were worse, but as they said in their own statement that until the issue was put behind her, they didn’t want her to be associated with their brand.

        • I followed this story closely at the time and I think you might have missed some of the story Michers – That NFL player, Icognito, was suspended off the team indefinitely and lost close to a million dollars by the team and NFL league. He also has not been allowed back on the team and it is still is being reported on ESPN that he will not be back with the team and will have a difficult time resigning with another team resulting in the loss of million of dollars.

          The press covered it heavily on the front page of every major national newspaper for two weeks, there were several press conferences held by the team.. Front page of NYT, USA today, national Networks, CNN, FOX, Time Magazine, many national sports columnists did opinion pieces on the story… — makes Brandi’s story a very, very minor blip in national newsworthy in comparison. This NFL player has pretty much been fired by the team and has lost millions as he should have, so considering Brandi still has her job Bravo, I would say the punishment was very, very severe and swift by the NFL and fortunately others are dealt with very severely when they make racist remarks. To me that is a good thing that people in all walks of life are held accountable.

          I can’t stand Joanna, but I don’t know why any corporate company like Hard Rock would have hired Brandi after her disgusting remarks about Joanna previously, so Hard Rock was foolish to take a gamble on Brandi in this first place knowing she is a loose canon or could get sloppy drunk and inappropriate at their event. It was not a smart pr move to hire Brandi or Joanna in my opinion.

    • It’s possible. It’s Joanna’s turf. She may have had pull. Who knows. They waited quite a while to cancel Brandi. They were promoting her attendance just the day before. We’ll likely never know. Like I said in another thread, they just had Chris Brown headlining last year so it’s not like they are living and breathing their mission statement with all their bookings.

      I want to know if Joyce is going to update her statement about Brandi telling people she knows Leann. She started a furor on Twitter yelling at Brandi and calling her names, then did the old let’s be peaceful and not hateful after she created the ruckus, and ran off. That rumor was just speculation among Housewife viewers. Plenty of people have corrected her but she has yet to fix it. Drama. Joyce and Joanna are milking the drama.

      • Totally Ellen. And honestly, do people really still go to Hard Rock, LOL? Im not being mean, just have not really heard about them in years…So cancel Brandi but have a woman there who humiliates others for her paycheck? Nice. I like how they balance that out LOL. Im sticking to my opinion that this is Krupa related. Just an opinion but I feel strongly about it. Brandi was not being appropriate by using a stereotype in that way, but she is not racist. Is there nothing else going on in the world besides keeping Brandi under a microscope? People love to incite things!!!( then point fingers at others 😉 )

        • The twitter account for that location is now taunting her over Twitter, retweeting one of the most hateful HW bloggers and suggesting they next have Joyce host. It’s not very peace and love for all. LOL.

          I just can’t with all the immaturity surrounding this entire situation.

          • UGH, I know. That is the best way to describe- immature. Are times that bad that we have resorted to such behavior? How do you go from Beauty Queen to this? Or sexiest model winner for a year to this? WTH is going on with the so -called beautiful women?Petty, not pretty!

          • Never mind on the Joanna theory. The African-American guy above, tweeting the middle finger pic, was the host of the event. He’s been disparaging Brandi on his Twitter (she’s a whore, etc.) so it’s most likely more related to him not wanting to work with her. I think he’s a local celebrity, or executive with the sponsor. That makes sense.

  • Maybe Brandi thought there’d be no consequences in making racist remarks, after all nothing happened to Teresa after she made racist marks about how her “Jewish” friends told her to divorce Joe intimating Jews only cared about $ …

    • Hi Jarath,
      I think I do remember that there was so flack but it died off fairly quickly.

      I thought that Jill Zarin came out and said that she did tell Teresa that she would have left Bobby if he hid that kind of stuff from her; so that when Teresa said “Jewish friends” she was actually talking about her but was trying to be on the DL. (Maybe I just imagined it though, it’s so long ago I can’t really remember 😀 )

    • Teresa did get negative attention for that comment and Joe had received a lot of negative attention for several comments he made as well.

      Like Rabble said, it just died down quickly, most likely because Teresa doesn’t have a reputation for “off” behavior like Brandi does. Brandi can only get away with so many nasty comments and behavior. Plus, Brandi said her comment to insult someone. If she was literally just joking around, the flack would be a lot less. You can’t call someone a race as an insult

        • Hi Jarlath

          Not really, I think Teresa said something like when her girls grow up she wanted her daughters to marry Jewish guys because they treat their wives like Queens or something similar.

          And Gia said she knew who Jews were, that “they were the boys with the curls in the hair”.

          Teresa explained that they had been to NYC and they saw some Hasidic Jews and Gia was curios about their appearance and it was explained to her that they were Jewish.

          (Although, admittedly the first time I saw it I didn’t quite get it and thought it seemed a lot worse. But then someone explained it to me and I went back and watched and said Ah, okay)

  • Well we all have freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean our words don’t have consequences.

    The people who heard what she said are all free to act in whatever way they feel appropriate. It always cracks me up when people cry “freedom of speech” or “I just say how it is” then are upset when people react. Guess what, they are just saying what they feel, exercising their freedom. If you’re going to say whatever, whenever, you better put your big girl panties on and deal with what comes 😉

  • Can’t say I feel bad for her. You reap what you sew. And brandi is in the public, trying to make money as a single mom. I dont want to say her comments were racist but it was offensive. She hasnt even apologized to joyce which is very rude. This happens all the time in the public. Look at John Galliano (head designer of Dior) he made anti-semetic comments caught on camera and they kicked his ass out. Even Natalie Portman wanted to leave as the face of Dior (who IS his FRIEND) because of his insults. Theres nothing wrong about being honest but be considerate to others feelings. We are all humans at the end of the day..

    • Not all racist comments are created equal. At least in the US, one can be as racist towards certain groups without any consequences.

  • Brandie has destroyed her 15min of fame all by her self. She has NO talent other than shock factor (if you can call frequent bouts of public intoxication shocking). The pictures of her appearing legless drunk with her clothes hanging off are disgusting. I have zero respect for this very unsmart hootchie. She is an embarrassment to all women. The only productive thing that she has done is to have gotten bigger titz via bigger implants! AC also seems to be sick of her antics also. No wonder LVP has dumped her as a friend. Unless she gets a grip soon, I see nothing good on the horizon for this woman and it is all her OWN doing!

  • I am so fed up with this racial crap! Nothing racist about her comment and I am sick to death of people turning every comment that mentions BLACK as racist! Get over yourselves!!!

    • What people really need to ‘get over’ is thinking that they can say anything and everything and treat people any old kind of rude way while believing they are entitled or somehow better than the other person.

      • Thank you. I completely agree. You must be accountable for how u trait others and what comes out of your mouth. I am not perfect but Brandi appears to enjoy hurting people. If she doesn’t modify her behavior and things she says, she is in for allot of isolation when she gets older. Seems like folks found her entertaining at first but pure meanness without talent never lasts. I don’t care for her type but do feel sorry for her. She is in for a world of hurt and doesn’t empathize with others when she says and does these antics.

    • It was not the mere mention of the word black what was problematic, it was the way she used it, she used it to slam a person not as a joke like she would like us to believe and that is why the reaction is so strong.

    • So you think there is nothing racist about trying to mock someone by suggesting that their reluctance to so something must mean they are black?

      Let’s replace swimming with ‘completing high school’..

      Did you finish high school?
      Are you black?

      Is that racist?

      Or how about having a job

      Do you work?
      Are you black?

      Is that racist?

      Brandi made a racist joke that fell flat and that is the reality and actuality of the situation. While not everyone is offended by racist jokes, some people are. There are tons of comedians that tell racist jokes..and they own it. They don’t pretend that their style of humor is safe and not offensive.

      • Actually, the fact that you thought up graduation and employment rates as they correlate to the black population is, by definition, a racist categorization…and is often used by our government when they analyze the economy and public education. Not hateful whatsoever, but racist or race-driven. Of course, not all discussion of race must underlain by hate or fear-sometimes it can be driven by curiosity, appreciation and caring.
        Brandi wasn’t being discriminatory-She was being a wiseass as usual. I don’t doubt she had input from her black girlfriends about swimming because my girlfriends say the same thing, frequently in reference to getting their hair wet after spending a lot of time and money at the salon. But we talk about these things in a safe atmosphere where we all care about one another and enjoy our quirky differences. Brandi doesn’t give a hot turd about Joyce, so it came off as sarcasm.
        There is the more serious matter, which is not laughable: The CDC reports that black people are 5 times more likely to drown than other races because of generational issues that do indeed go back to times when blacks rarely had access to pools. They are far less likely to be taught swimming by their parents. If you expected Brandi to be that introspective about it, dream on. She was spewing as usual.
        What was agregious was that Brandi said this in mixed company (including an audience of viewers), out of any sort of serious context, and there were no black women there to have a conversation on the subject that would, at least, have brought it into context. In the absence of black women to confirm or deny Brandi’s blurt, or any factual correlation to Joyce, it looks like Brandi is mocking a population behind their backs.
        For that, I guess she has to take her licks, whether she meant to be hurtful or genuinely thought it was okay to talk about, she remains clueless.

        • Hi Jayla, actually, the reason I used education and employment was intended and purposeful.

          My point being that some folks are giving Brandi a pass because they don’t think the ability or desire to swim to be significant, therefor to say a whole race can’t do it or won’t isn’t ‘so bad’; and that it was just a poor choice of words to describe someone who doesn’t want to get their hair wet.

          So again, substitute ‘swim’ with the traits that I mentioned and the impact is made apparent.

          So in that regard, I think we are on the same page as far as our thinking.

          I also think that Brandi was just ‘talking sh!t’ which is what she is known for. But it was however a racist joke.

          Where we differ is, I don’t think that when she said it, she had in her mind that some or one of her AA girlfriend told her they don’t want to swim because of their weaves; especially when Brandi and her BBF YoYo also wear weaves. I think she said it because she was perpetuating the stereotype of black folks not being able to swim.

      • Exactly…There is a time and place for everything!! Brandi has dirreha of the mouth and constipation (or fried) brain..Advice: Don’t drink and talk..not classy..You’re gonna loose your boys..Just keep it up..

    • Let me make this clear first I do not care for Brandi..At ALL. However, I don’t think it was meant to be a racist statement either. I did not know Puerto Ricans were 1/3 black ? And I’ve always heard that black people don’t like to swim because it frizzes their hair, not just because they wear a weave. That being said, I DO feel it was an un-appropriate remark that did have some malicious intent. Brand’s filthy mouth,her public drunkeness,just her nasty behavior in general is just disgusting.

    • Do you think there are racist remarks Rosie?

      I agree that everyone gets hypersensitive on the subject.

      To me the remark has to display hate before it is racist. Since Brandi had been badgering Joyce all day. I find the remark racist.

    • I am not discounting Brandi’s racist words- but I am curious about something that micher’s brought up.

      So far Joyce has “outted” the editing situation and has said she spoke to and met with cast “off camera”,she also stated she will address these type of issues head on.

      This makes me wonder,did Joyce address this with brandi off screen the same day as it was taped?

        • Hi Sam, I’m with you. I think I will just read this blog tomorrow instead of watching the show tonight. Like Brandi or hate Brandi, I still don’t want to watch someone crash and burn.

          • Sam, not sure if this will post in the correct spot but, I might have to watch WWHL or record it if Joyce is going to be on. Interested in what she will have to say.

  • Lol talk about a slap in the face with reality! They didn’t cancel her until after she was in Florida, would like to have been a fly on the wall when she got the phone call. Too bad Bravo wasn’t filming this reality!! Would of made for good tv, every action has a reaction.

  • this site gives Brandi way too much attention and credibility which she does not even deserve but whatever…we will read it anyway!

  • I don’t condone cheating but the more if Brandi’s behavior is revealed she is very ugly and malicious. I truly don’t believe her husband leaving her caused these behavior either which she always claims…..I think he just got enough of this behavior and stepped out….for her boys sake she should seek therapy.

    • I agree. I guess we all should have known she was ugly and malicious when she slashed her husbands tires on his motorcycle. Come to find out they allowed other people in their bed and therefor she knew their relationship was dysfunctional long before Leann. Crazy is, as crazy does.

    • It doesn’t matter how much I dislike Brandi, I would never condone cheating. Eddie had a choice, he could have finish his relationship with Brandi first and then move on but he chose to cheat, that was his choice and nothing will ever change that.
      I can definitely see why he wanted out of that relationship so bad, it has to be extremely taxing to live with such a drama queen on a daily basis but he still should have finish one thing before starting another.

      • I always think that we don’t know what’s really going on in a person’s marriage and when someone could be lying regarding the state of their marriage, especially when children are involved. However, we know he and Brandi still had an intimate marriage (she was pregnant) and they were not separated. Eddie was wrong.

        But the more Brandi behaves, the more I start to wonder what it was like being married to her and what was really going on. I wouldn’t put it past her to be there kind of woman that makes threats (like “you’ll never see your kids again). I’m far past trying to believe her act that her behavior is the result of the divorce. I think she’s been like this all along.

  • I used to really like Brandi, but her behaviour has become unjustifiable. I hope she starts to sort herself out though, as I see her going further off the rails.

    • My thoughts exactly…who’s shocked now…a grown adult knows that there are consequences to your actions…she’s finally being made to realize this…

  • Maybe now Brandi will understand that she just can’t say anything and everything that comes to her mind or that she thinks is a joke without thinking.

    Some people only seem to learn when it touches their pockets and Brandi seem one of them.

    BTW where in the world are her PR people, why are they allowing her to continue this free fall with a new book coming in?

    • This is exactly what I have been asking?!?! Brandi needs to hire a PR person to do damage control, keep her sober, and keep her off of twitter.

      • IIRC there was a time when Bravo hired a person that would go with Brandi to all her presentations juts to avoid her putting her foot in her mouth, she definitely needs to hire and follow directions from an expert PR person, she has done herself more manage than anyone else ever could.

        Her PR person first move should be to handle her tweeter account, get Brandi to rehab and then make her go on an apology tour, by apology I mean a real apology with no excuses.

        There will always be those who would believe her (I will not be one of them) but in lieu of her book soon coming up I wonder why the publishing company is not steping up.

      • Those hanger ons that she calls friends are the worst possible company she can keep right now, they don’t help her at all if anything they hurt her image even worse.

        Look at what happened in FL, one of her friends happened to be friend with the BB Amanda and the girl stopped by her table, any other good friend would have immediately removed her from the table without crossing a word being the whole racism controversy, but they just can’t seem to process that Brandi’s brand is herself and she is letting all go down the drain with her stupid moves.

        • I was actually agreeing with the first comment you made on this thread @ Lexy. I don’t know why my reply to you landed all the way down here, lol. Anyway the other comments you made, yea I agree with , maybe not the rehab thing.. I don’t know about that.

          • * or “apology tour” I think a heartfelt, sincere apology,TO EVERYONE SHE OFFENDED AND THAT INCLUDES JOYCE , with zero shade thrown would be enough… JMO.

        • i agree with you about her friends lexy, what i find worse is the state they allow her to get in when drinking, not only is she ruining her brand but she is a danger to herself. what would happen to brandi if she ever found herself in a situation with no one to look after her when she is completely drunk and not in control of herself? that is a dangerous situation to be in for anyone, even more so for a female. I don’t like that message it says to he fans either. not everyone is lucky to have someone to look after them when their that drunk that their not in control of themselves.

    • There are those on this show that prove that all the money in the world cannot buy you class. One may be beautiful and rich, but it doesn’t come with class. Brandi is one of them.