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Lea Black Believes Joyce Giraud Is The Karent Sierra Of RHOBH!


Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black became real close friends with her co-star Karent Sierra who only remained on RHOM for a season. Karent was misunderstood to say the least and Lea Black believes that Joyce Giruad is the Karent Sierra of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lea told OK! Magazine,

“Joyce, who I actually really like. I have a feeling she’s going to be the Karent of the Beverly Hills show, where she just keeps smiling and the girls just keep picking.”blockquote>

Do you think Joyce and Karent have anything at all in common? Is Joyce the Karent of RHOBH or is Lea off?

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  • They TOTALLY remind me of each other! They look alike and they’re both . . . I can’t quite put my finger on it, but a little bit awkward and desperate for attention or something. (I mean, of course anyone on the show probably is into attention, right? Why else would you do the show if you weren’t like that a little?) But I mean “desperater,” to make up a word.

    They also both have weirdly tiny noses. Joyce is less annoying than Karent. Slightly.

  • Thank you! I’ve been saying this since day 1 of Joyce coming onto RHOBH

    pretty, smiling, trying to stir or get into shit where she doesn’t belong, trying to stay relevant… But I’m ignoring her just as much as I did Karent.


  • Karent is WAY more annoying than Joyce. I also think Joyce has more of a backbone and has no problem putting people in their place when the line is crossed. I like Joyce. Sometimes i feel like she could sound a little more authentic and save all the pageantry for an actual pageant.

    • Agreed! Karent was hard to watch…Joyce on the other hand is just gorgeous and seemingly genuine.

      Karent had to try, and try, and try to fit in–whereas Joyce doesn’t need that type of validation in her life, imo.

      I actually don’t find Joyce annoying, except for the hair flipping of course…but maybe it’s just nerves? Who knows.

  • I like Joyce! She may be a little annoying by touching her hair every minute, but she really doesn’t do anything to anyone. At least I don’t see it. Let Brandi and the rest look like fools while Joyce smiles away and remains calm. As far as being compared to Karent… Maybe a little, but I didn’t watch much of Karent because she was too boring to watch. I didn’t see any huge problem with Karent though. The only thing that’s weird is her constant weird smile.

    • I wish instead of writing about it-Brandi or some other truth cannon would have taken Joyce aside and told her–you need to keep your fingers out of your hair. It is a distraction. That would have been far better than the Jacqueline/Joyce situation.

  • I get the feeling Joyce has a bit more “fire” and “spice” to her personality than Karent does. There’s something about Joyce that seems like she’ll play nice until a line is crossed.

    Then, her fiery side will come out, and it will surprise those who underestimated her and mistakenly read her kindness as weakness.

    Time will tell.

    • Exactly! And I think this will be the major difference between Karent and Joyce. I think Joyce has more fight in her.

      • EJJ, thanks for email #. Was in an amazing field trip today with Dale Chihuly’s intallation in the Pheonix Botanical Gardens—in charge of several 12-13 year olds. Can kick myself for not being an art teacher, but I love deaign and real estate…am getting use to this part of Country, at same time…have some ?’s for you. Thank you so much, in advance. 🙂

    • I really liked Karent and thinks she’s mature and classy! Those girls were horrible to her for no reason. Joyce, I’m still feeling out but so far, she hasn’t done anything really bad so I don’t know what Brandi’s problem is with her.

  • I think Lea’s observation is quite accurate. My guess is Joyce will have the opportunity to shine before the end of the season.

    I would like to have heard more at the luncheon and why the discussion of genitalia came up. My guess Brandi wanted to talk all about surgically enhanced cooch. It seems odd would just come out of the blue with that comment.

  • Ah! Someone commented this sentiment like a week ago on another post and it’s so true!

    I found Joyce as annoying as I found Karent in the beginning of this RHOBH season, but I’m starting to warm up to her–as long as she keeps holding her own and refrains from talking about her husband’s peepee.

    Oh and I guess she’s not as much of an attention-whore (see: Karent’s constant tweeting and name-dropping) nor as delusional (see: cheating boyfriend using her RH status to gain USA audience) as Karent.