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Gretchen Rossi And Slade Smiley Confirmed To Be In Reality Show; Marriage Bootcamp!

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A few weeks ago, AllAboutTRH reported rumors about Ex RHOC cast member, Gretchen Rossi, and her MAN-ager, (literally) Slade Smiley, joining the cast of WE-TV’s, Marriage Bootcamp — Now, it has officially been confirmed that they are indeed one of the couples who will be appearing on the show alongside four other celebrity couples. Gretchen shared with In Touch Weekly her reasons for wanting to do the show. Check it out

“My first marriage ended in divorce. And then my second fiancé passed away, so I kind of felt jinxed.”

Gretchen joined the cast with Slade to address and work through the commitment issues she has. Marriage Boot Camp is set to premiere in Summer of 2014, on WE-TV.

Gretchen and Slade are both full of it. I thought her reason for even getting engaged was because she FINALLY worked through all these so called “commitment issues?” And funny how she was ready for a baby, and now suddenly after being fired she’s back to square one of famewhoring this relationship. What are your thoughts on Gretchen and Slade appearing on Marriage Bootcamp? Do you think they will do anything to stay on TV?

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Ashley Rub

  • Glory from jersey

    They / she is not a millionaire and if so , just about a mil. She/ they will do anything to be on tv. He probably wishes he had t and a.

  • Sarah

    I love Gretchen! Glad she’s back on TV. I have no idea why she is no longer a housewife. She was the reason I watched the show and love her! I plan on watching this next show just because of her. Love you, Gretchen!

  • Rosalie Marie,

    Goes to show that her marriage proposal was indeed just a fake for attention. Most people get married within six months after a proposal. This engagement outlived the marriage license. So it’s all bullshit. I admit, Gretchen and Slade really do belong together. Two half ass idiots who make one big ass when together.

    • Rosalie Marie,

      Sorry for the profanity. I will tone it down next time.

  • Zoe

    Gretchen & Slade are the new Heidi & Spencer

  • Just Sayin

    I hope they take every penny Slade makes for his back child support if its still outstanding…and I hope the current payments come straight out of his check before he gets his greedy hands on it.

    • Lola Falana


  • vivi03

    You knw theres a problem when slade has done more reality tv shows than freakin paris hilton!

  • mtrae9

    Gretchen was my favorite housewife on RHBH, so I will watch. I just hope this show does for them what they want it to. Hopefully the people on this show will not be as mean to each other as the ones on RH.

  • Lapband Lauren

    Gretchen will “fake it til she makes it” for a paycheck. She and Slade Slimey are nothing but desperate, sad, famewhores. She got kicked out of RHOC and was desperate to put her caked on lion king face back on our TV screens with her garbage of a fiance. Why is JWOwW on the show? She treats her fiance like garbage. Suprised Trista & Ryan are on that show. And Tanisha from bad girls club..Didnt she just get married? I can understand Traci being there, I watch BFV and she has big time issues with her hubby.

  • JWoww is going to whip Big Head’s butt – so when did Big Head become Mrs.slimey.

    Apparently this show helps “relationships” so WTH call it marriage bootcamp?

    Big Head should have opted for Bridzilla bootcamp!!

    JWoww is going to shred her and Slimey will slither out of smashing range-as usual.

    • Isabella Patricia

      That would be funny to watch, but I doubt she’ll attack Gretchen and Slade. If Slade says something, Jwoww’s hunky fiancé will put Slade in his little place.

      • Lola Falana

        Roger IS hot. I’ve always thought so.

        But then again, I have a weakness for BIG dudes with nice hands, nice teeth and tattoos. Roger’s got all of that. 😉

        • Isabella Patricia

          I think he’s hot, too! I like tall, muscular, nice hair and tats type of guys, too. He’s a total beefcake!

          • Lola Falana


            I’m only 5 feet tall, but I’d climb his big, sexy a*s like a TREE! 😉

          • OMG

            Lola Falana

            does the rock know you are not exclusive to him!!!

            my eyes..what I read…hhooo

          • Lola Falana

            Hey samael,

            Yes, the Rock and I see other people and have a very open relationship. That Dwayne Johnson is SO understanding and such a sweetie. 😀

            Right now, I’m also seeing Jason Momoa whenever I can get him to take some time away from that b*tch, Lisa Bonet (I like Lisa Bonet. I’m just jealous of her. I want to know her secrets because she’s managed to snag both Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa. She must have a magic vagina. *Sigh*).

          • Good to know Lola…whatever Lola wants makes Lola happy!!

          • Happy day

            You have very, very good taste Lola! I wish Jason was on screen more – he is quite the specimen. I wonder if Lisa B. would share her secrets.

            My oldest brother is friends with Lenny K. and he always says he is the nicest, coolest, most humble man on the planet. They met when my brother was working back stage at one his concerts 15 yrs ago, they went out and partied together after and that was that. It is a crime that I have never got to meet him – I just have to live vicariously through my brother and milk him for details while he roles his eyes at me.

          • Lola Falana

            Why, thank you, Happy!

            If Lisa Bonet wrote a book on her secrets for attracting (and keeping….SHE left Lenny, and he was heartbroken for YEARS over her and held out hope for YEARS that they’d eventually get back together. At least that’s what he’s said in several interviews. Today, he says they are best friends) a man, she’d have a BEST SELLER.

            Thanks for the info about Lenny too. He used to have a home in a city where I lived for 10 years. In fact, he dated one of my co-workers (who was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) for a time. She said he was really nice, but she ended the relationship because she felt like he wanted her to be “his girl” for that particular city.

            I sympathized with her, but secretly thought, “Girl, he is Lenny EFFING Kravitz!!! Of COURSE, he’s dating other people. At least he’s being honest with you about it. Besides, you guys haven’t been dating long enough for you to just expect him to tell all of his other women to call it a day! I’d ‘ride that ride ’til the wheels fell off’!!! Call me when you’re in town, Lenny….BOO!!”

            I mean, it’s not like he was Joe Blow down the street. *Sigh* 😉

          • Happy day

            Holy cow your friend is a lucky girl Lola! She must be a strong, beautiful, confident women to know she is worth a full time man, but I would have a hard time not being a silly, fool myself and be like part time is fine by me. Hee, hee,

          • Lola Falana

            Hi Happy,

            She wasn’t actually my friend. She was a co-worker, but we were friendly when we worked together. I actually dated her cousin for a while.

            I wish I could say she ended things with Lenny because she was strong and confident….

            …but I would be lying.

            She was narcissistic, snobby and thought that EVERY man should think she hung the damned moon and feel lucky to even be graced by her presence.

            How DARE Lenny not give up ALL of the women he’d been dating even though she’d only dated him for a very short time??!!??!!

            I mean, who in the EFF does he think he IS??!!!

            An international SUPERSTAR!!???!!??

            AS IF!!!

            I think she thought her “milkshake” was better than everybody else’s and turned into “sunshine” when thrown in the air.

            I’m confident.

            But I’m not crazy (and very pragmatic and realistic).

            Lenny coulda dated MY a*s for quite some time with NO complaints (and my “milkshake” DOES turn into sunshine when thrown in the air! So, there you go! 😉 ).

            ROFL!! 😉

      • EJJ

        My bet is that Jwoww/Rodger & Slade/Gretch become good friends.

        I really like Rodger and I kind of like Jwoww. LOVE Taneesha (sorry sp) so I actually will tune into this!

        • Hey EJJ

          It looks like I am wrong about JWwow- isn’t Jwow the woman that was on the gotti reality show?

          • EJJ

            Lol, idk about that show as I’ve never seen it. But, JWoww is from Jersey Shore!!

          • jenni


  • Aunt Sadie

    At least it’s not couples therapy!

    • Seriously Aunt Sadie

      a while ago you mentioned RH rehab…looks like there is a need for it and looks like there would be takers-anything to get in front of a camera!

      • Aunt Sadie

        Lol yep! These HW have a reality tv show addiction. Dr drew should open a rehab for famewhoreing withdrawl!!

    • EJJ

      Well after this show runs its course, look Couples Therapy, here come Gretch and Slade!

      • EJJ

        *look out

    • chuckles

      Nah, they leave that show for guys like Jon Gosselin who doesn’t pay cs for his kids, can we say loser?

      • rukidding?

        yeah Jon Gosselin has some nerve to show his ugly face on tv again. I saw the previews and I can’t believe he is trying to play victim. he’s angry because his ex wife sued him.

        I thought …”well, stole her hard drive and sold personal info to the tabloids!”.

        what the hell did he expect? he’s such a douchebag. I can’t stand him.

  • kgleakes

    Yes im excited jwoww tanisha and traci braxton on one show i live for them eww to the slades but is tht lynn from oc too this is gonna be good tanisha came a long way she strtd this bgc its abt to go on its 12th season she also has another show she is producing with herself in it two

  • Ariyana

    Is that JWow and Roger Matthews in the middle?

    • GeesLouise

      It sure is! I recognize every couple, except I can’t really tell who the second couple is (from the left).

      But commitment issues? I guess they had to have something, but they seem pretty committed to me.

      • smashley1623

        I think the second from the left is Trista and Ryan from the Bachelorette. I never watched those shows but she seems to be all over again these days.

        • Free Kroy

          Wow, didn’t she just write a book about how wonderful her marriage is???? These celebs will write a book, hop on a show, and do anything else for money.

    • Lola Falana


      I like JWoww and Roger as a couple, and they might be one of the couples on there that is truly sincere about trying to work out their issues before marriage. On JWoww’s show with Snooki, Jenni and Roger seemed to recognize that they both had baggage and issues resulting from same. They also both seemed committed to trying to sincerely work those out before marriage. I mean, they started couples’ counseling on that show too.

      Traci Braxton and her husband are probably also another couple that is sincere about working on their marriage (at least based on some things I’ve seen on “Braxton Family Values”).

      Gretchen and Slade seem like they just want to continue famewhoring and making the easiest paycheck possible. I don’t know how true it is, but according to a few blind items (later revealed), Gretchen is a HUGE cokehead. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I don’t find it hard to believe.

  • September24

    What will she do when it’s brought to her attention that Slade is a slacker? Will she wise up and leave him? I am still not past her admitting we shopped for my engagement ring together. Yeah she paid for her own ring!

    • jen

      At first I thought yeah right this is Jo’s old ring he stuck on your finger, then I thought better and knew his sorry ass sold that long ago to maybe make a car payment. But yeah I def. agree she paid for her ring and probably is still trying to pay it off.

      • Amanda

        Know I have confirmed your an idiot. Slade’s ex Jo was on watch what Happens Live with Andy Cohen and admitted she still has the engagement ring…. Your so clueless..

        I don’t know Slade but I work in the same industry and not one person has ever said anything bad, only great things about him so people like you making comments about people you don’t know is BS. That guy works his ass off! The company he had United Title Company was the best. The had the company for 11 years before they sold it.

        you might want to educate yourself before spreading your crap around the internet..

        • Lapband Lauren

          LOL calm down gretchen OH, I mean Amanda…

        • Vita

          Eff off. You’re a rude thing aren’t you.

        • Vita

          “I don’t know Slade but”…..exactly you DONT know him. So everything you state here is just opinion as well. Settle down troll.

        • Laylee

          Educate yourself Amanda. Your grammar is not junior high level.

      • Ldh711

        Jen I thought it was too! That is so funny. It did look like Jo’s though.

        • Zoe Y.

          Gretchen, er I mean AMANDA, needs to simmer down!! Take a grammer class before you resume name calling, and Slade promoting… if you don’t KNOW Slimey, what makes your opinion of him any more valid then everyone else’s? My personal opinion is that regardless of how much or little money he had or will make, needs to go to his child support, not on wanna be Barbie’s ring or anything else. He’s obviously not doing too good on his “reality television career” So…. maybe it’s time to get a REAL job!

  • Rach

    Is that Tanisha from The Bad Girls Club 2? I love her. Don’t care about Gretchen or that cretin she’s marrying.

    • smashley1623

      Yes!! I could not be more excited to watch because she cracks me up! lol

      • Rach

        Yes, she is so funny! Season 2 was the best season of the Bad Girls club. I might have to watch this Marriage Bootcamp show.

        • smashley1623

          Yeah she is! I haven’t really watched much since her season. Certainly not in the last couple of years or so. I watch Marriage Bootcamp last year because a local radio DJ was on and I love her.

    • Jo

      Is this already done filming? Because I remember Tanisha saying she was single while she was hosting the Bad Girls Club reunion that aired last week. Maybe I misheard?

      • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll

        Nope I heard that as well and everyone seemed shocked. They must have been thinking, “Uhhh didn’t you just film a reality show about marrying this guy?”

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll

      Well I can tell you how this one plays out….She just said on the reunion show a few days ago that she is single and ready to mingle! That’s a shame.

  • jen

    “My first marriage ended in divorce. Then my second fiance passed away I kinda felt jinxed”?????? Well sweetpea your first marriage ended because you were caught f*cking many other guys and one of them being Jeff.

    • Isabella Patricia

      LMFAO! You crack me up! Gretchen is so pathetic! She’ll do anything just to get a little shine on her. Slade is her little bitch on a leash.

      I only Traci, Jwoww (only by name – don’t watch her shows), and Gretchen and her bitch. This is the best they can do? Sucks. Will not watch. I do, however, like Traci Braxton though! She can be really funny as hell! 🙂 Her husband looks a little creepy and evil in my eyes.

      • Isabella Patricia

        *only know Traci

        • TEAM FAIR

          WOW! You can see all of that in Traci’s husband’s eyes…just from a photo?

    • Lola Falana

      Yeah, I can see how screwing men other than your husband could kinda “jinx” your relationship. Good point, Jen.

      Gretchen is SOOOO full of sh*t!

      • Isabella Patricia


    • chuckles

      Her fake 2nd fiancé, she used and abused a sick man. Wonder why no one will interview Jeff’s first wives? I don’t think Jeff had sex with her, to old and not healthy. He used her for arm candy, she made a fool out of him. She should be ashamed of herself. I feel sorry for Jeff’s kids, she still uses them for her own personal gain.

      Slimy shade has screwed anything that walks, ewww, he is disgusting and needs to pay cs for his son’s serious health issues. These are F list losers in Hollywood for cheap TV.

    • Amanda

      You and your buddies are f*n idiots. Chris Rossi is the one that got busted banging the neighbor which is why Gretchen ended it. Assholes with opinions about things they don’t know are so irritating.

      I know the tramp he got caught with. He and Gretchen where only married for like 5 months before she caught him in there bed with the ugly neighbor. The bitch was hitting on my husband as well. . Don’t pretend to know something because you read the press. That makes you look even dumber.

      • jenni

        hahahaha you write “there bed”. and you’re calling people dumb. girl bye.

      • Vita

        How do we even know you are speaking the truth?? Fuck off!

        • TEAM FAIR


          Well if that’s the case; how do we know you speak the truth regarding Gretchen and why her and her first husband divorce?

          Is is possible the reason for their divorce was because of Chris and not Gretchen?

      • Vita

        It’s great that you possibly have inside information. But to relay it in such a condescending, rude, nasty way will make no one here give two fucks about what you’re saying.

        • Mia

          well said!

        • Ldh711

          Amen Vita!

      • jen

        @Amanda well sincce you have all the inside info. on “there” bed, Chris Rossi is the one that wrote that in a blog about his ex wife screwing around so why didn’t Gretchen hire an attorney for that one? And as for ugly neighbor Gretchen herself went from bad to worse with all her plastic surgery she looks like a damn bobble head horse.