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Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano Says Alicia DiMichele Is Fake And Is Playing Victim!

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Ex Mob Wives star, Karen Gravano, is NOT happy about new cast member, Alicia DiMichele, using Karen’s family to play the victim. Karen has taken to her twitter to let fans know, that what Alicia is saying is a lie. She also revealed, that Alicia won’t even be in the same room as her, because that was her agreement to be on TV — Not being in the same room as Karen. Check out Karen’s tweets below

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I guess since Karen isn’t coming back on the show, we are going to have to look at her Twitter account to find out more as this story unfolds. Who do you believe? Karen or Alicia?

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  • To Holy Canolli and Maru — I can tell you that it is true about the girls wanting higher pay. Ramona I know for a fact wanted a major raise in pay, along with Karen and Carla. Although I am not 100% positive that is the case with Carla, there are some other issues surrounding that. Source: Staten Island native and know 2 of the original main girls, and 1 of the not so main girls.

    • So come on Jenn, give Karen a little more pay and do whatever to convince Carla to at least stay on as a ‘friend’. I miss seeing her ex-husband and kids.

  • Jennifer Graziano, you took a great successful show and are ruining it by turning it into another Bad girls club type show, just like you did with Miami Monkey. What a disaster, who wants to watch constant screaming & fighting ? #Mobwives was supposed to be about the women in this lifestyle survival, their success stories,their journey to overcome what the mob had set forth fir them & their families. You screwed Karen over, and you know it, all for a few coins, and now, because of that, your show is a big fat failure. For people to preach loyalty is everything, perhaps you need a dictionary, because you sure don’t know the meaning. To cut Karen out of this show because Alicia wouldn’t film with her, is one sided, and just not right. Karens story,was the reason #Mobwives became successful in the beginning, without her you would not have had a show. You betrayed your childhood friend. Your two-faced. I hope you get all kinds of backlash for this. Karen is not responsible for Sammys actions either. And her book was about her life growing up in the mob, not about the murders.

    • I pretty much agree with Just me. I really hope they reconsider bringing back Karen and Carla. Especially Karen!!! I think it was a dumb decision on Jenn’s part. Karen was the foundation for the show in the first place and Carla is connected through family and brought a little bit of class to the show – it was nice to know at least one of the girls didn’t want to fight. Ramona acted a little too much like a thug with her gutter-mouth tough girl talk.

      I think this new girl Natalie should go – she is trashy and dumb.

  • I wonder if there’s any chance of Karen ever coming back on the show. I think there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes. I read somewhere that Karen’s father might be out of prison in 2 years or so.

    I can’t understand why Jenn Graziano would just dump Karen, after Karen has been friends with her and Renee for YEARS, for this Alicia person.

    Maybe they’ll bring Karen back when Alicia is sentenced to prison for her own crimes.

    Who knows? It’s confusing.

    • Hi Lola Falana

      It is weird that Jenn would choose Alicia over Karen my observation based on Karen’s latest in person interview, I think Karen will be back.

      In Karen’s interview she said her book is being turned into a movie – she is working on that. Also she is helping her daughter with a “cd” or songs for release – and- Karen and her daughter created a new business for her new “hair extension” line.

      I agree, I don’t think Alicia will be asked back possibly due to her being sentenced.

      • Hi samael, (*Waving*)

        Thanks for the update on what Karen’s got going on. I’m glad she’s keeping busy.

        Maybe Jenn Graziano has some type of Grand Master Plan, where she has Alicia on without Karen, honoring the request of Alicia’s husband Eddie; brings Karen back once Alicia is sentenced; and then makes Alicia an offer to come back after she serves her time, even though Karen has once again become a cast member, making it clear that Alicia can either take it or leave it and making it clear that Alicia’s husbands threats to sue aren’t that threatening, seeing as how he is locked up for the next few years.

        I have a feeling Alicia, after having tasted a bit of fame and probably needing the extra money, will take the offer.

        And then maybe we’ll finally have an Alicia/Karen showdown.

        But maybe this is not Jenn Graziano’s master plan at all. *Sigh*

        • Hi (*Waving*)

          I really like your “grand Master Plan” – that would totally work.

          Alicia may be in jail next season, as she is awaiting sentence as well.

      • Hey Samuel thanks for the info…I thought I read somewhere that the reason Karen, Ramona and Carla left is because they wanted more money and Jenn said no. Is that not the case? If it’s not then I can see why Karen is mad that Alicia is in and that she(Karen) is out. Why would Karen remain friends with Jenn and Rene if that was the case? Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

        Have a great day 🙂

        • Hi PixNtrix

          When we heard about the three leaving Mobwives we read that it was about money, it is actually Karen through tweets and interview’s that we are slowly seeing why Karen is not there.

          For me,If I were a woman..can’t stop laughing..ha ha..anyhoo If I were Alicia, there would be no way in hell I would ever ever sign up with Mobwives, Alicia watched last season and she knows this is the show Karen is on.

          Maybe she needs money-maybe this is her “screw you” to Karen to force Karen off the screen and out of the spotlight..didn’t work.

          at this point cuz tomorrow is only episode two, everything is up in the air.

          this by far is the weirdest season so far.

    • Like her or not, if Karen wasn’t cast in Season 1, would the show have been that popular? She was a “mobalebrity” because of her father. No one had any idea who these other women were. She put the show on the map. I have no use for Carla or Ramona, but Karen should have been offered a raise to stay. To bring on this trick who badmouths her is just a slap in the face. I hope she goes to jail a.s.a.p.

      • Hey eggmitit
        holy smokes, you are too cool “mobaleberty” I am of course gonna steal this please!!

        True dat – Karen made it real cuz she lived the life and was not all hearts and flowers – all were blunt/honest and loud!!

        Yeah, miss innocence is probably practicing her “I didn’t know” speech!


  • I’m glad Karen is gone. She was so jealous of Big Ang getting her own show. Karen’s life went nowhere after her book came out and won’t stop referencing about the “lifestyle”. Get a job and take care of your daughter.

  • Woo Hoo…I miss Karen, and hell yeah Karen is not going to let anyone talk shit about her and just let it go.

    Alicia, she better be able to back up her mouth with facts rather than fairy tales.

    Alicia is still waiting for her trial date and her husband got his sentence.

    Watcha mouth…

  • Good for Karen, getting her side of the story out!

    Funny that Alicia wrote her contract to ensure no contact with Karen, yet she talked shit??

    This Alicia better buckle up. I have a feeling the other ladies aren’t going to like that!

    • I know @rhfan., And why in the freakin world did Jenn Grazianzo go along with that shit? What a freakin betrayal! I know that Karen Jen and Renee are cool they have said so according to their twitters. I get that they go back years, grew up together, they are like family, I would have thought their would be more loyalty towards Karen. I don’t get how this Alicia chic, / her family got to pull the strings ya know?? Hmm..

      • I wonder if KG decided not to come back because of her Dad’s trial, then Jenn decided to bring on this Alicia?

        Like you, I’m surprised by the lack of loyalty by Jenn. Maybe there is more going on that we have yet to see?

        • Maybe. But like I said they seem to be ok, they have said so on twitter.
          There really is bad blood with this Alicia and Karen though, and it seems she is pretty freakin tight with Renee and Jenn, and that has got to piss off Karen. The whole thing is just weird to me.

          • Karen also tweeted that Alicia tried to interfere with her book being published and tried to stop Mobwives the first season, so Jen’s behavior is weird to say the least. With people fighting against the show she could never have sold it without a household name like Gravano or Gotti.

          • I heard that that was a big part of it, but also this Alicia and this old history with her fil and Karens father being brought into the show. I don’t know if what I have read is true, but that’s what I have read

          • That man was a MOBSTER. It comes with the territory. Sounds cold, but the guys go in with their eyes wide open. And from what Karen said, Alicia never knew her fil. Shit stirring bitch is what she is.

  • I believe Karen. Alicia just seemed fake and a hypocrite considering that her husband allegedly murdered someone. She kinda reminds me of that Renee chick from the Chicago show who claimed that her grandfather was a big gangster, but the family member quickly came out and said that he was actually not her grandfather and that he actually didn’t like her or something like that.