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Kim Richards Calls Out Yolanda Foster On WWHL; And Says Lisa Vanderpump Likes To Dismiss People!

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Watch What Happens Live was definitely all about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night! From guest, Kyle Richards, to Brandi Glanville calling in, and of course, the best gem of them all — A phone call from Kim Richards! LOL Kim called into the after show to discuss her opinions about Monday night’s episode, and when Andy Cohen asked Kim what she wanted to say about co-star, Yolanda Foster, Kim had this to say

“I honestly felt like, you know for someone to sit there and tell somebody how to run their weekend — You know Joyce had that weekend planned out really nicely, and she’s telling her you know, ‘Girlfriend, this is the way you should do it.'”

Kim then rambled on, but she gets to her point, I promise. LOL (I love her.) She continues,

“And you know, I’ve thrown really many of weekends, where I’ve actually flown people to Hawaii, I had many activities, set up. People could lay out by the pool, you could go fishing, you could go shopping. Look, I’m not your babysitter man, you know. I’m not your mommy, and you know, grow up. You know. People can do whatever they want, and you know it’s up to them to decided what they want to do.”

“I don’t know why she cared so much about whether Joyce got in the pool or not,” Kyle added.

Kim says,

“That’s what I couldn’t figure out, why was it so important for everybody to make sure that Joyce got in the damn pool. It continued on at the dinner table. What really bothered me the most watching the episode, sitting back and watching it, because when I was in it I had so much anxiety I was almost frozen, honestly, when you know, it all came down and it was Jacqueline, and Hoce, and Joyce, and I know Brandi wasn’t feeling her hundred percent self. When it came right down to it and Kyle kinda shook her head, you know after Lisa and I had our little moment, and she was like ‘Kim you know really.’ ‘Okay Lisa dismiss me again.'” “And you know anytime anybody doesn’t say something Lisa likes, she’ll dismiss you. Um, and then, Yolanda looks over the table and was like ‘Kyle, is there a problem?'”

“I’m sorry, Yolanda is there not a problem here? Has there not been a problem all day, and all night tonight? And then Yolanda has to turn it right back on herself. You know like it’s all about Yolanda again. This is not about you girlfriend. I’m sorry. Let’s make it all about you Yolanda. Let’s make it all about you, girlfriend. You know what I’m saying?”

The best part of when Kim was talking, is seeing Andy not being able to cut her off, until it came time to talk about luggage. What did you think of what Kim had to say? Do you agree with her about how the ladies were acting?

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  • I don’t understand how or why everyone is having hang ups on Lisa… Most of the Bev hills ladies just don’t get her humour…between Brandi, Kyle and Kim, you all are so two faced… And all anyone could do is laugh uncomfortably…horrible name calling, back stabbing…alcoholism…. I guarantee Lisa laughs because she is aghast by you all!!!….

  • I suggest reading the House of Hilton – it explains
    a lot of Kim and Kyle’s behavior and where they came from. They had a mother from hell- married 4-5 times. one was in the mob.
    She put them in show business as her meal ticket . The mother had a terrible reputation – drinker, gold digger, no class. They were brought up to believe the most important thing in life is to marry money – not education. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. No wonder they can’t relate to Lisa – she is
    socially so far above them and classy.
    Just look at their friends. taste in clothes, home furnishings, parties- I almost feel sorry for them – they can’t help it considering where they came from.
    I think all Kim’s drinking and drugs has caused permanent brain damage. She makes no sense.

  • I once had a boss who made me put a dollar in a glass on his desk for every time I used the term “you know”..His opinion was “I don’t know, so stop saying you know”. I learned to delete the “you knows” real quickly..Maybe Kim needs to try it!!

  • Kim can’t string a coherent sentence together. Regardless of the reason behind it it makes it hard to take her seriously.

  • Kim is a scatter brain- possibly from years of abusing alcohol. That does mess with your brain chemistry and can really alter things for the rest of your life, unfortunately. BUT!

    Kim is actually pretty damn nice, imo. This is why I always thought that she wasn’t a great fit for the show. She is more often then not playing a peace maker, or is so anxious around drama that she shuts down (ie- dinner party from hell). She seems like a really sensitive person and I tend to trust her judgements of people.

    I think she is spot on in her assessments of Yolanda and Lisa.

  • I agree with Kim
    So glad she shut Lisa down with the b.s. Lisa was trying to pull on Joyce. Lisa was twisting words around & trying to start shit.

  • I don’t have the patience to try and understand what Kim is trying to say. And to have to watch her make faces and sputter “witch, oh, ah…” is not only annoying, it makes her look much more stupid than she can possibly be. The only one who is getting good editing this year is Kyle. And she needs it, unlike many people who post here, I have not forgotten how nasty and manipulative she has been over the past few years. She is now very careful to only say hateful things during her private interview sessions. She may be smarter than she looks..?

    • I’m going to try and give Kyle a chance, and I do think she is coming off better this season.

      However, like you, I have NOT forgotten how nasty, mean, juvenile and bullying she can be, particularly when she has a crew to back her up. This season, because there’s no Taylor, no Adrienne, no Camille, and no Faye to back her up, she’s forced to “play nice” while she re-groups and tries to find more allies.

      Maybe Kyle has grown and become a better person.

      Or maybe she realizes she’s presently outnumbered, and she’s playing nice until she can once again assemble her own crew of “Mean Girls” to continue her prior behavior.

      Time will tell.

      • i like kim she makes me laugh but it’s hard to trust her judgement especially when she say’s in her blog that brandi feels horrible about the was she treated joyce

  • I agree with Kim on this completely. She does take awhile to make her points though, LOL. But, I can’t argue with any of them! She’s 100% right about Lisa and Yolanda!

  • I am fully, 100%, absolutely team Lisa. I don’t care that she’s a shark in the workplace. On the contrary, I admire her for it. Now that I’ve established that, Kim owned Lisa at that dinner table when Lisa was trying to establish Brandi wasn’t bullying Joyce. Lisa is a formidable opponent and Kim won that match with ease. Way to alpha dog that, gurl.

    • Agreed! Lisa is my girl! But Kim had to set her straight, rightfully so. At least Lisa has the good sense to see how foolish she was when she tried to excuse Brandi’s wrong behavior.

      • Very true. I’m glad Kim held her accountable. Bad behavior is bad behavior, it doesn’t matter if it’s your bestie or your enemy that’s engaging in it.

    • i still haven’#t got a clue what lisa was trying to say, each time she went to explain herself she got cut off, first by joyce then twice by kim.. lisa did say to kim that brandi was wrong for repeatedly calling joyce jacqueline. I wish they would all let everyone speak then we at least know what people are trying to say

  • Kim made sense if you listen closely enough (ha) she IS a rambler…but she was right. There was no reason for Lisa to dismiss what she was saying but Lisa ALWAYS dismisses anything she doesn’t really want to hear. Yolanda expects everyone to listen to her but she doesn’t feel the need to reciprocate.

    As far as the off track with the luggage, Kim knew that she wanted to tell her sister Kyle…I’ll bring what I want, it’s my stuff….I got that too. Kim is standing up for herself and I LOVE it!

  • Kim makes me laugh with all her rambling, but she definitely was spot on in her whole assessment of the situation. People really don’t give her enough credit.

    • So true. I think Kim has trouble expressing herself and you are right, people do not give her credit. I realize she has had problems but it does not give anyone the right to discredit her.

  • I think Kim was spot on (in between the rambling which is probably a manifestation of her obvious social anxiety issues). Score one for Kim!

  • Kim is such a rambler that I have a hard time understanding the point she’s trying to make. LOL. But she does make a good point about Lisa dismissing people who aren’t up her ass. Case in point Joyce and Kim.

      • I had no clue what Lisa was trying to say either.

        I think Lisa dismisses people that waste her time. I’ve got no problem with Kim, but the woman rambles on….and on….and on….often without making a lick of sense.

        I’d have to politely cut her off too (if I ever wanted to go on living the rest of my damned life without my eyes glazing over and rolling into the back of my head from sheer frustration, confusion and boredom).

      • It seemed to me like Lisa was trying to reprimand Joyce for using the word bully, insinuating that she was calling Brandi a bully which wasn’t happening. Lisa reprimanding Joyce at all when she had been taking all of this shit from everyone all day was ridiculous.

        • Yeah i got the same impression i thought maybe Lisa was trying to tell Joyce that the word bully wasn’t meant to be used in this case.

          And the word bully gets thrown around alot when kids are actually taking their own lives because of it.

          However Joyce wasn’t calling brandy (Brandi) a bully she was trying to explain when she was in school she was bullied bout her name.

          When you’re younger even being teased bout your name can be very traumatic to some kids & it is a form of bully.

          However i wouldn’t call Brandy teasing of Joyce bully just an ignorant drunk with no class or morals.

          I can just imagine what a bitch Brandy was at looks now IMO she was would’ve been the ultimate bully

  • BTW, I absolutely agree with her take on the trip.

    This was not a 2 hour lunch were the activities are all bundle together, this was a 2 day weekend where besides the meals together everybody should have done their own thing. Yolanda was obviously in cahoods with Yolanda to bther Joyce and then to take on Kyle.

    I am glad the tables are turning on them.

    • Lexy me too glad the tables are turning.

      BTW when someone organizing a holiday they don’t have to organize every min of every day for fucks sake these are adults women do whatever want.

      By pressuring Joyce to go in2 the pool was just an excuse to start their bitch fest

  • It amazes me how in that whole table of lunacy and despite her obvious issues, Kim was making more sense than all the others put together.

    I am glad she didn’t back down to Lisa who likes to treat her like a second class citizen and I ma glad she didn’t back down to Yolanda either.

    Joyce of course is my favorite of this episode because she was able to stand her ground without stooping down to their level but Kim amazingly was also on point.

    • Yolanda is the queen of MEAN and now Brandi is her puppet, Brandi says the things Yolanda wants to say but it would make her look as trashy as Brandi. Look how she will tell Lisa to leave Brandi alone she is not her mother and that Brandi is a grown woman and can say what ever she wants and about any one she want…

      • Through all Kims babbling i agree with her about everything.

        By the way who the f**k is Yolanda to tell Lisa she’s not Brandi mother & stop telling her what to say, when Yolanda does it all the time in a very sneaky way.

        Yolanda go back to Holland or get off the show you really don’t add anything.

        Only reason she’s on here & her king David said it on a Canadian tv interview that she doesn’t like the women on the show she doesn’t like the show only wants her own life & style kinda show.

        Im actually liking kim this season never thought i would.