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Mob Wives’ Star Alicia DiMichele Accused Of Cheating On Her Husband; Says She Wants To Be A Role Model For Her Kids!

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New Mob Wives star, Alicia DiMichele, not only has to worry about facing time in jail, but it seems she is also having to deal with being accused of cheating on her mafia husband with a Philadelphia restaurateur! Alicia denied the affair to Radar Online, and shares with them how she has been dealing with everything, and how she would like to focus on keeping her family together and be a role model to her children. Check it out

On copyright violation charges against her, Alicia says,

“They dropped all the charges for that. Just to clarify, they were handmade items. We weren’t trying to sell something that was said to be Gucci that wasn’t.” Alicia adds this case is now dismissed.

When asked about doing the show, despite her anxiety,

“Tell my own story. That was my decision because for me to be portrayed as who I am, you need to see me as me and that’s with my children.” Her husband will not be featured on the show, but her kids will appear on camera.

As for how she likes being on reality TV and what its been like, she continues,

“Renee (Graziano) and Big Ang have known my husband for 30 years and I just met them coming on the show, but the person that I’m most compatible with is Drita (D’avanzo) because I feel like her situation with her husband four years ago is me with mine now.”

“And Natalie (Guercio) is from Philly. We run in the same circles and she’s a great girl. But there’s some people you have more things in common with than others, though.”

Even thought Alicia is going through this difficult time, she says her children are very close with her husband and they visit him often, and she describes herself as family oriented.

“At this time,” Alicia says she is not divorcing Edward and she does not regret marrying him because of her children.

“I don’t like the situation that I’m obviously placed in now, and I don’t think I knew everything I know now. Of course if I did, my decision — I just don’t see myself as the typical mob wife. I’m the soccer mom.”

Alicia also shares what she hopes to accomplish on the show, she adds,

“I’m just really trying to show how I’m trying to survive with my three kids while my husband is incarcerated and I could possibly be facing jail time. I just want to be some kind of inspiration to my children or towards someone else watching.”

I cannot imagine what she is going through. I hope for the sake of her children she doesn’t get sentenced to prison. What are your thoughts on what Alicia had to say? Do you think she will serve time?

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  • I really think that when you’re in “the life”, either by birth or by marriage, I think you should not discuss these things. While I don’t condone the violence, there are rules and most that are “hurt” know that and broke them. .

    That said, I hope that Alicia running off at the mouth was mostly a product of hearing her husband’s family going off about it and feeling like she had to say something out of loyalty to her family. I hope that she has figured out that keeping her mouth shut is best for all.

    I am willing to give her a chance. She seems like she’ll be good at stirring the pot.

  • Okay so karen was talking about her? Karen said she has a boyfriend even though her boyfriend waa in jail. Who knows. So far i’m liking alicia and curious to see how her relationship with Renee will turn out.

    • Hey Lapband

      Just checked Karen’s twitter – on Dec 7 Karen tweets “she is not supposed to be in the same room with me” it is in “her” meaning Alicia’s

      I do miss Karen, but this seems to be as spicy.

      • Oops, i meant to say Alicias husband is in jail, karen was trying to say Alicia has a boyfriend while hubby is away. I dont know what karen means by they arent supposed to be in a room together? Because of the family beef together?? Restraining orders???? So weird but I am definitly tuned in and interested in this season! Looks juicy to me!!

        • Karen is saying that it is in Alicia’s contract “not be in the same room as Karen”.

          I read about the rumor,about alicia, didn’t know Karen said that.

          Yeah this is so exciting!!

  • I loved the first episode of Mob Wives and from the trailer it looks like it’s gonna be a great season.
    I was worried at first that the show would be hard to get into with three ladies leaving and 2 new ones joining but I think the cast needed a shake up and they kept the right 3.
    Not keen on Alicia or the other ratchet ass chick, but as long as they bring the drama I will keep watching.

  • So far not liking Alicia – she mouthed off about Karen, does alicia realize she is filming in NY and Karen will address this if pushed even more.

    second, how can Alicia blurt out that “poor me” my husband had a secret life – when she was arrested with her husband and did plead guilty.

    she has to own her shit and stop spreading it.

  • If she didn’t bring up Karen, and got all that shit twisted. I wouldn’t have a problem with this chic. But in my opinion she could have handled that a hell of a lot different and because she didn’t I have a problem with her. But I more so have a problem with Jenn Graziano.

    • I watched the episode again and Alicia was asked by Drita i think “Who killed him” (her father-in-law .. Alicia didn’t just blurt it out and start talking about Karen.. I understand why she would tell Renee that she didn’t want to associate with Karen..I don’t blame her… I understand you can’t blame the daughter for the fathers sins…But i would never put myself in the same room with the daughter of someone that killed a family member.

      • Her family members that she defends also killed people I believe so she should not be so bold and hypocritical. In fact, didnt her hubby have murder charge(s)? Conspiracy to commit murder? She is annoying 🙂

        • I have no idea what he has done.I don’t know the charges. I don’t much about these Philly chicks.. Does someone know what these two are charged with? I agree thats the life these men choose , Still a father-in-law is family. Why did the girls bring up who killed her father-law to begin with?

          Also i think the girls are acting like Karen is coming back from Arizona. I wonder if that is in the plan.
          It din’t seem like she was coming back this season.
          Maybe next year when Alicia is gone?

          Loving that Big Ang has a bigger part this year. : She cracks me up 🙂

      • I get what you are saying, and I do agree. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room or have anything to do with Karen. But I think she could have handled what she said better, and not twisted shit.
        Her ” family” are no freakin angels, and she needs to own that shit.

      • I am so bummed that I have never seen MobWives. I always miss it. I think that I would love it, as I own and read a plethora of mob books. Maybe I can buy past Season’s and catch up!! 🙂

  • I cannot believe how much trouble this girl is in! Even after only one episode I still like her more than the other new girl Natalie. Free Alicia…haha!

    • Not buying either. She on the show because she is, was, jealous of Karen. She doesn’t like Karen getting famous because her father killed her father- in- law.

      • Exactly, also she did have this affair. She loved her husband and his money but wasn’t attracted to him physically. Probably was caught on surveillance tapes having an affair.