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Police Respond To Huge Fight At The Mob Wives Premiere Party In NYC!

natalie and boyfriend

On Thursday night, there was a huge fight at the “Mob Wives” premiere party in NYC. (Like we should all be so surprised.) LOL Apparently, there were flying bottles, police and broken bones.

Sources involved told TMZ that it all started when the boyfriend of new cast member, Natalie Guercio, got into a verbal argument with another partygoer, and things quickly escalated.

Sources went on to say that, more than ten people started fighting in the middle of the venue and glass bottles were fired across the party. Also, one of the partygoers suffered a broken ankle in the melee, but it hasn’t been confirmed. Although, one person was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Law enforcement did say that someone called the police around 10:48 PM, but by the time cops arrived, the fight was already over.

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  • How is Beverly Hills possibly getting canceled and this show isn’t? I know how catty and dumb the girls can be on some of the housewives franchises…but seriously this show is just trash beyond trash. I obviously don’t know any of them personally, but ugh….these ladies on mob wives basically wanna be the real housewives stars but can’t, they wanna brag because they think they’re tough when really it makes them look like garbage. Sticking up for yourself is one thing…but you can tell these ladies try to act like men and sweet cause they are like the 45th cousin of al Capones 15th cousin. It blows.

  • Yea i think Alicia is waiting to be sentenced. The husband has been in jail awaiting his sentence.
    Samael said he was just sentenced.

    It’s not a stretch that she has a BF LOL

  • I watched the show and I actually like how they have switched it up with the new women. Natalie is a hot ass mess with a hot body and her boyfriend is hot too. I can underatand she is somehow connected to karen because it was karens father who ordered a hit on alicias father in law. But karen is not on the show anymore, so they need to stop speaking about her. I dont think alicia can get into much trouble considering shes out on bail and one wrong move can land her in jail and she has a big trial date coming up too. It totally made me think of teresa. Karen was talking shit about someone on twitter and i think it was alicia. Saying alicia is married but has a boyfriend lol. Love the juicy gossip!!! I’m excited for this show and glad things have changed up!!

    • I hear Big Ang didn’t even attend the premiere party. At the last minute she threw together a party at the drunken Monkey.. Wonder why ?

      • She does not do the drama, and those 2 new girls are nothing but drama! She really does not like Natalie! She should have kept her drunk fork off her plate LOL. Plus, Ang’s sister Janine and Jenn do not get along anymore. She feels like Jenn screwed her somehow, and is not the person she used to be. Janine is also a big supporter of ” Carler”. ( Carla)

  • Well, I am glad to see the party crowd followed the “mob rules”. 😉

    Fight was over by the time the cops got there, nobody is pressing charges and nobody “saw” anything.

    I am looking forward to the rest of the season. 🙂

  • Wow, I just read another story about that priemiere fieght. It says that Natalie – drunk model cracked a women on the head with a bottle, the woman went to ER and refused to press charges.

    Just checked Natalie’s twitter account, classy, pic of her and this guy in bed, almost can see her nipples..classy.

    I go crazy for Mobwives, the new woman, Alicia, she has a way of “remembering” situations. She claims her husband had a double life, but she did plead guilty when both were arrested.

    I got all kinds of hyper when the women were being driven into philly – like NY gangster royalty visiting.

    I like the way the women stood up for Karen while Karen was not there. This is what I respect about these Mobwives.

    • Samael I heard Jenn’s other, older sister STARTED with Alicia. She flicked her in the face or something in the face. Jenn’s sister started it not the new girl.

      • Hi DISGUSTED

        WOW thanks for the info. can’t wait to read what sweet nothing was stated.

        just heard that Alicia’s hubby got sentenced.

        • Oh Alicia is the one married to Garofolo ? It was the other one that Jenn’s sister started with. i got confused.. The model is the one that got flicked in the face by Jenn Graziano’s older sister
          Sorry!! 🙂

          • Hey, no biggie right?

            Yeah, Natalie and bff got into it big time–apparently “no one flicks Natalie”

            Looks like Natalie is a little fiesty and drunk in her new season-why fight with anyone related to Graziano!!

    • Good morning Honnie

      I agree, I was all kinds of Drita when she calmed Leah down when she had to tell him about his daughter being surrounded and smacked at school.

      I am curious about whether or not Leah is still in a halfway house, cuz it did not sound like they were living together.

      Based on the preview’s, Drita is not digging this model Nicole.

      • For me, I liked a kinder, more sensible Drita. I felt she was the one who grew the most and changed for the better after seeing herself on the show. Who needs more characters like Love who was too much a thug! I think I will pass on this season.

  • Drita posted this TMZ article on her twitter so I’m thinking it’s true, No? :/ Anyway this guy, Natalie’s BF looks familiar to me.

    I watched M.B the other night, and I liked it. Believe me I didn’t want to, Lol. I don’t think I’m gonna like this Natalie, she bothers the hell out of me already. This Alicia, meh..She rubbed me the wrong way speaking about Karen right out of the gate, she could have handled that in my opinion a hell of a lot different. Now if she is done speaking about her, I’ll give her a chance, if not then forget about it. One thing I will say is that I like that they don’t look like they will take shit from the O.G’s..

    • To be completely honest, I think Alicia is on the show merely as a prop to go against RHONJ. These two shows have been compared in the past and now that Alicia is waiting for sentencing (it was moved until early January I read yesterday), I think they are using her how Bravo will use Teresa next season on RHONJ (the whole lead up to potential jail/sympathy card). I think it’s very ironic timing that Teresa’s charges come up and now all of the sudden Mob Wives has someone being brought up on charges too.

      I also really didn’t like the Karen mentioning. I have never been a fan of Karen, but I think Renee’s talking head saying Karen moved to Arizona was a good send off. Unless they plan on bringing Karen back, which is doubtful considering her Ramona and Carla all tweeted to watch Scandal thursday at 10, I think that they should keep Karen’s name off the show.

      • Meh..Could be..

        I have never been much of a Karen fan either but damn right is right. And I’m sorry what Jenn has done is wrong in my opinion
        I don’t think Karen will be back from what I understand she was pissed that Jenn did this with this Alicia chic( bringing her on) and Karens father/ Karen basically being her part of her story line, plus the money thing also. But from what I understand Karen Jenn and Renee are on good terms, so I guess she is over it. I guess she has a problem with this Alicia and her husband though.

        • Hey Holy 🙂 I alos heard that the main reason Karen was not on besides the money thing, was that this new girl Alicia- her hubby protested and whined that Alicia could not be on if Karen was due to the ” history”.. Im so disappointed that Jenn took this new whacko over Karen. They were ALL life-long friends; Karen, Jenn, Ramona… As for this fight- there are a few stories floating! Now I hear that Natalie had issues with Renee, so in turn, Renee’s oldest sister Lana was not having it, at all, and that is when things went south real quick! Apparently there is real beef with Natalie and Renee ” behind” the scenes. Alicia is a dumb dumb, IMO. She is messy with the business and what she says. And for someone who has her own legal issues, you would think she would zip it! Oh.. another little tid bit I heard was that her Father in law she runs her mouth about in re to Sammy the Bull- she never knew him! IDK if that is true.

          • @michers I agree with u!
            In the preview the way Renee choked the crap out of Natalie (the full fight might not air, jus look at her neck after!) renees threats sounded real!

          • In the episode it is mentioned that Rene’s dad and Alicia’s husband are in same jail. I think Jennifer’s dad asked her to bring on Alicia.

      • ITA Rebecca. I would like to see Karen come back and at least respond to Alicia’s comments. I would also like to see Carla and Ramona (yers, even Ramona) come back even if its for a few cameos. Im not sure viewers where ready for a whole overhaul of the cast. Especially losing Karen.

    • Hi holy,

      I didn’t like Alicia doing that either. From the way she spoke, one would think that she has NO idea how the Mob or the Mafia works.

      ….Ummmm….hello! The men KNOW going in that their lives are at risk and murdering someone or being murdered is just a standard part of that kind of business. I mean, hell, don’t men have to murder someone in order to be “made” (or inducted into) in the Mob in the FIRST place?!?!

      She talked like Karen’s Dad just walked into a corporate corner office and shot her father-in-law in cold blood as he was sitting at his desk shuffling papers.

      Girl, BYE!!

      I do NOT condone what Sammy did, but I think Alicia might be a bit unrealistic.

      • Hi Lola

        LOL, Exactly!

        Yesterday on the Dina thread I was talking about this, and I said. Really I get this Alicia not wanting anything to do with Karen, I’m being honest here. But seriously if I were her, and I had to talk about her or whatever( on the show, address her) I would have said, ” Look, I know you guys are friends whatever with Karen, but I would appreciate it if you would not freakin bring her name up around me or never ever bring her around me. Out of freakin respect for my FIL/ my husband / my family. period” enough said. They would “get it”. Then possibly Renee, or Big Ang could have done a T.H. and explained the ” connection” and that would have been that.

      • Unrealistic is an understatement, Lola. She knows exactly how the mob operates. Like her father in law never killed anyone, really! She needs to take a seat.

        • And when that goof said Karen was prancing around bragging about her father writing a b book about him, blah blah blah. Look chica Karen wrote her book about growing up a mob daughter, how growing up in the life affected her, she never bragged about her father killing anyone.

          • I wish someone would have said to her in that moment “And your hubby is awaiting sentencing for what girl? Conspiracy to commit murder yes?”.. ‘Nuff said.

      • Lola- totally agree. Who goes on a MobWives show and says all that? I thought, wow, here is another brainiac, LOL The hits came from someone( Dapper Don), Sammy put peeps in place- the guy sadly was killed. Its the Mafia… I think Ang said it best when she stated ” that is the guys business”… Then she rambles about tapes and recordings??? She is cray cray..

  • There are a LOT of rumors floating around about this fight. I think I’ll wait to form an opinion until the real truth comes out. I hope this show doesn’t turn into another Bad girls club like they did with Ang’s show Miami Monkey, that was just awful & painful to watch I stopped watching it. Execs really took a chance on bringing in these Philly girls….so for me so far, I feel like they really F**K*d up this show, not happy

    • Why did they bring on girls from Philadelphia? There are so many women who live on Staten Island that would jump at the chance to be on the show. Doesn’t make sense.

      • I’m not sure on the exact reasoning, but I remember when Mob Wives was just getting started (and really popular), Jenn mentioned wanting to expand the franchise to other cities, including Philadelphia. I guess after the flop that was Mob Wives Chicago, they decided to just stick with the Staten Island girls, but since Philly is only 2 hours away from SI, my guess is that they found these women during a casting, but decided against the series all together so instead incorporated them into the original cast.

        • I see your reasoing, but I think they should keep it local. Everyone knows or is related to everyone on Staten Island. Maybe they can’t find anyone interesting enough!

          • That, or maybe they can’t find people that 1. Renee will agree to work with (I have a feeling she gets a final say since it’s her sister running the show) or 2. Women whose family members are actually in the lifestyle still (as Karen would say lol) don’t want to expose themselves. Once you’re on national tv and hint at any wrongdoings, it’s probably a lot easier to investigate you. Look at Danielle Staub (with that book being made public/her past) and now Teresa with all of these charges (some, including myself, think she never would have been in this mess had she not joined RHONJ)

          • Very good point, Rebecca. Didn’t think of those reasons. It seems everyone wants to be a star these days. You’re absolutely right about Danielle & Teresa.

        • I think your right, she may have thought about branching off to Philly but after the Chicago flop just grabbed two of the girls from Philly and said okay you’ll be part of Staten Island. Also I wonder also what REALLY happened during this fight, we will hear more.

      • I think they brought on renees friend (dont know her name) to cause drama with Karen Gravano. I dont know exactly what is going on with the rest of the cast at this point because they are still speaking about karen like if she is a part of the cast.

        • Karen is also in one of the promo shots. I had heard she left the show but of course you never know until you see it for yourself. Like I said… as soon as I saw Karen in the promo shot I thought that was my answer. Maybe it’s not as simple as that. Sounds like it could be a SERIOUS problem between Karen and this one new Phili girl. Like dead serious. I know they like the drama, but I think they might have bit off more than they could chew with this grouping.

          They mentioned Karen was in Arizona. They didn’t say anything beyond that so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • I know!! Not sure why they brought this Natalie on the show. I am missing Karen and Carla. They should’ve at lease kept Carla as a ‘friend’ or whatever. I can see why Karen didn’t want to be on with that the DiMichele girl, but that would have made for better ratings. I hope they bring them both back. I hate to lose any of the original cast.

        Also, in regards to another comment here; I also do not want to see this turn into another bad girls club and this Natalie chick seems kinda immature and not too bright. We don’t want to see that. Too bad, because she is a pretty girl.

        • Hi AlexAh

          i thought Karen Carla & Ramona left the show because of the amount they wanted to get paid i read it somewhere maybe even Rox did an article on it mid this yr i could be wrong but Im prettily sure that’s what i read somewhere the girls wouldn’t come to a financial agreement so they left.

          This Natalie girl is very attractive but sounds very rude & somewhat entitled & a trouble maker. I can just see big Ang giving her the side eye lol her expressions are priceless

          Apparently that’s why Renee is pissed at Karen esp, but again can’t believe everything you read.

          I agree i love the original cast esp big Ang & Dritta, Ang just cracks me up, yeah she is/was a gangster chick but she’s not stupid & know how to pick her battles Dritta has grown alot also she doesn’t fly off the handle at the smallest thing anymore she also now picks her battles.

          I had a love/have feeling bout Love more dislike that chick was truly nuts paranoid as f**k in need me anger management & mental health care.

          Maybe i need mental health care because i liked watching her not because i like her or thought she was right i just couldn’t believe people can be so f**ked up she made me cringe & sacred at the same time she’s a bomb waiting 2 explode she’ll end up either hurting someone very badly or god forbid kill someone.

  • I watched the premiere of Mob Wives and this girl Natalie was a drunk who ate off of Big Ang’s plate and didn’t care. She is a thug. But love this show and so glad it’s back!

    • I was living for Ang’s disgusted side eyes as Natalie got more and more shit-faced.

      “Check please!” LOL

    • ITA.

      My pet peeve is ANYBODY, including people I know very well, eating off my plate.

      I would have been outdone if some chick I met for the FIRST time just reached over and ate off my plate. I mean, I wouldn’t stab her with my fork, but the thought WOULD cross my mind. 🙂

      • YUP, same here. The fact that she’s a stranger doubles how wrong it is. Big Ang had a lot of reserve. If it was me I would’ve been slapping hands.