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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of New Jersey Finally Begins Filming Season Six!

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Get ready Jersey fans because Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally filming it’s sixth season! While it was reported that filming was supposed to happen in the beginning of November, things changed and filming actually began this Tuesday!

Our New Jersey sources reveal EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH all the details saying, “The first day of filming for everyone was this Tuesday! The original ladies are anxious for the new season considering their are two new wives.”

For those of you who don’t know, Kathy Wakile’s role on the show has been demoted while Jac and Caroline aren’t returning.

Our source continues, “The ladies will finally get to meet the new ladies this weekend and are all nervous to see what the twins and their friend are about.”

New cast members include Nicole Napolitano, Teresa Napolitano and their friend Amber Marchese!

The source adds, “Melissa and Teresa have agreed both to play nice and Teresa is over the ongoing drama. Melissa especially knows viewers are tired of the same drama so she is giving up on fighting with her sister-in-law. She now is going to play nice because she got a lot of heat for how she acted last season. Melissa and Teresa will spend Christmas with each other also now that cameras are rolling!”

I’m glad this season will not focus on the same old drama as well! Looking forward to a good season six. Will you be tuning in?

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  • Melissa doesn’t have a choice but to play nice with Teresa I’m sure people are seeing what Melissa is all about an what she was her only reason why she was on the show an that was cuz she so jealous of Teresa in every way. Now that Jac ass is gone an Caroline is to Melissa needs to watch herself an stop all her BS now that Teresa has HER friends on the show to back her up more so, Melissa has really no where to run to talk BS about Teresa when she feels like it that’s whatit comes too. Thank god Bravo said good bye to 2 big mouths now there’s 1 more to go…….

  • For me, I’m over the Housewives and Bravo!! If you read these blogs you will see that it’s nothing more than “Women Behaving Badly”. Really, take a look and you will see that they all have a lot in common. Same ol Same ol, on every show. Bitching, Slandering, Fighting, and general discord between all of the casts. Why doesn’t Bravo get a hint and change all of the shows to keep the interest of all viewers..As for me, call me gone. I just can’t stand any of it anymore. I have enough going on in my life. I like to see some humor and love in my TV viewing. I’m done with all of them!!

  • Ohhhh I can NOT wait. I will definitley be DVR’ing so i can ff Messy’s scenes. I will not be able to watch her fakeness..( and its gonna be worst than ever!!!) ( also she brings out the crazy in me coz she is the most disingenuous on any HW show,IMO)
    No matter what Its gonna be off the chain for her this season. I hope T has some type of way to kill her with wittiness and intelligence…
    I’m sorry i want to see Melissa HORga burn.
    Less Kathy this season? Yayyyyy, this also means Lessor of that scum bucket Richie( I dont really mind anyone else in Kat’s family specially her mom and Rosie) just the vile loser Chicklet Teeth.. Lmao.
    I guess I’m looking forward to the new girls but, i really do just want to see T’s family. Anyway I’m EXCITED!!

    It’s been awhile since i posted last or even read any of the blogs lately but i can say I’ve missed it.. Hope all is well with everyone here!
    Ok now to read the comments and off to FW, it’s been a long time since I was over there too..
    Happy Holidays to all if i dont make it back before then.??????

  • Well let’s look on the bright side. No more Caroline, and a much diminished role for Katfish, which means (drum roll here….) LESS of Bucky Wakile and his foul, vile comments. Yay! If only Stumpy and Malicious were gone…..a girl can dream.

    • LOL…Who freakin knows?? I guess we will find out when Bravo decides to let us know, or when the season airs.

    • Well, the trashy twins are in the town next door … and my local news has nothing at all about them taping (not “filming” BTW) — these skeeze sisters are thankfully not official. We do NOT want that shit here. At all.

  • Yep.

    Melissa’s so devious. I wouldn’t put it past her to try and stir sh*t and divide the new girls against Teresa. Of course, because she now knows that MANY viewers are on to her little games and manipulations, she’ll probably try to do it behind the scenes (and NOT on camera).

    I hope the new girls don’t fall for it.

  • kathy has no storyline at all..i wouldnt be surprised if bravo is getting rid of her.. she is a little puppet and does what everyone on the show tells her to do..her crappy canoli kit was a flop so what else does she have going on?..nothing she is boring and her husband is a dirtbag!

  • Am I the only one who wants a season of people coming together, just one? I just am sick of the drama on these shows. I was so happy when I found out Gretchen was fired. Next, I want Brandi gone, and if Mel can’t be supportive, you can go too. Then, I think we’ll get back to the franchise I DID enjoy at one time.

    I am excited to see Dina and Lexi again. She was my fave before the whole SIL stuff started with Tre. I finally could relate to Tre with the whole mess w/ Mel, but before that Dina was someone I loved watching with Lexi.

  • Very happy to hear that TGNJ is rolling! Apparently this is once again Teresa’s season …shocker.

    During the summer when we were made aware of who is leaving and who is staying, the purpose for the twins joining, is to show Teresa how to have a loving relationship…that should be edidted to read Ass Gorga.

    M tries to pile it on about everything is hugs and kisses, just like the season’s before- if backstabbing and crapstorming your SIL keeps M in front of a camera – mitts up for those who believe M is all hugs and kisses!

    I wonder if we will be getting an update on the court case of Joe/chris/jac’s, since this season is surrounding Teresa’s court case…I doubt it.

    Oh well, let the editing whiz begin!

    • Hi Sam

      Now that you mentioned it…have you heard anything regarding the Laurita’s legal mess? I haven’t seen anything. I think that’s kind of strange cause they have a huge million $$ mess going on.

      • Good morning Jenn2013

        Highly unlikely we will ever get an update on anyone else’s court drama – an example is last season’s reunion – Cohen only mentioned ass Gorga’s nut munching -he only brought up Teresas court case.

        • 😀 Thanks for the morning laugh Samael
          So strange that you hear nothing, not even in the “Real” news about their case. hmmm. wonder what’s up? It’s probably Teresa’s fault anyways 😀

      • Hi jayden213

        M- was brought in to take down T
        Kathy – on because she is related to T
        caroline – on again off again friendship
        Dina- will be in Teresa’s corner-fingers crossed
        Jac’s- trashed teresa- then buds again
        twins- brought on to “teach” Teresa

        for me, this kinda revolves around Teresa. Kinda joking but factual.

        • yes, its factual. Teresa again, I am really not wanting to watch their legal process on TV. But Bravo has not been able to build a strong enough draw for anyone/thing else like Teresa when it comes to NJ. That mess they threw on TV last season, edit and stupid story conflicts was desperate, AND lost alot of viewers.

          If they keep bashing Teresa, no one is going to stay. For those of us who like watching Teresa, it will be too painful to see katfish messy and their feminized husbands pick at the Guidices for another season.

        • Hey samael.

          But the shows was originally MNJ (Manzos New Jersey) and Terea was the side piece. The show did quickly scone more about her after Danielle left. But I still think things will change with this season.

          • Hi jayden213

            I agree many things have changed, and Teresa’s demeanor and likability overpowered RHHNJ- and even the Danielle thing involved Teresa.

            Because filming has just started and so far Teresa’s court date is possibly feb 2014, (started July 2013) I cannot see Teresa’s court date having an affect on the show.

            One of the reason’s I truly believe in my noggin this is the TGNJ show- the show was delayed due to Teresa’s court date.

            Cohen/Bravo put their money on Teresa and so far are keeping their money on Teresa.

            I too enjoyed it when it was Manzo NJ- but they couldn’t handle it.

            The only thing that I believe will affect Teresa – is the outcome of the trial.

          • I also would like to know if this new season – anyone is “allowed” to talk about M’s soft porn book that endorses marital rape?

            Since Bravo/cohen are being real- wonder if that little nugget will be spoken out loud?

            It was barely mentioned at last season’s finale – the only thing mentioned was teresa-asking “where’s Joe”..M blathered on but ignored the question.

          • I heard the trial was delayed until April 2014. Could explain why they delayed production of RHoNJ. How long do they film? The trial is the last thing I’d want to see on a housewife show. The Salahi’s hearing was bad enough.

        • I was dissapointed by that. I wonder if Melissa would have gotten the heat that Teresa got over innocuous comments in her cookbook.

          Probably not. And I doubt it will be mentioned on the show. Then they would have to acknowledge that her book tanked.

          Caroline’s book wasn’t brought up on the reunion. If it had been successful, I bet it would have.

  • Nothing brings a family together like fake holiday filming. I hope the family get togethers focus more on the kids than the adults.

    I hope this season doesn’t prove to be some elaborate PR film designed to influence the potential jury in Joe and Teresa’s case or a lengthy dating tape for the newly single Dina.

  • They started filming on Tuesday. Dina started whining on Twitter, Wednesday. LOL, this should be a great season. 😉

  • I’m still waiting until Bravo says who the new ladies are. Also I don’t know about this whole Kathy has been demoted thing, I don’t believe that. Sorry.

    I’ll see what the new season brings. I do hope it’s not the same old same old fighting family bullshit. UGH!!

    • I agree. I am still waiting to see what’s what and who’s who.

      If I remember correctly, there was a lot of filming with that Penny and announcements that she was an HW, then a friend. Of course, we all know how that turned out. I don’t think anybody knows, including Bravo, who and what will be shown until final edits are made.

      • Exactly @rhfan

        Penny, that Jennifer Dalton too. Remember that she even announced on twitter etc., she was cast as a friend of., or a new houswife or something I can’t remember now. I think Kim D did too, as a friend of, or whatever.

        Now Cracker Jac pretty much said she was out of Jersey on twitter I think or in an interview. But she will be on Meatball face’s show. I think she might come back to Jersey though if Meatball show doesn’t get picked up, but now with Lauren getting married, I think Meatball faces show will get picked up for more shows.

        I still don’t believe that Kathy is getting demoted.

        • I am not buying the Kathy being demoted, either. Who knows, maybe she will be “demoted” like Marysol on RHOM, was “demoted”. She was still on EVERY episode, but just had a limited role on the Reunion.

          I’m like you,though, I’ll wait and see what happens. 🙂

          • I just don’t get why she would get demoted, not that I’m a fan of hers, cause I’m not. But she does have a book coming out, and they are building a new home. Her son is graduating H.S. probably looking into colleges. So really it’s not like she doesn’t have a story line. Then of course there is Rosie, Andy’s favorite, I mean seriously I can’t see him getting rid of her. I don’t know, I could be wrong.

            Another thing I was thinking is that they ( meaning Bravo/ Andy) going for the story line with Teresas’s family ( Messy/ Fredo/ Kathy / Richie/ Rosie) all supporting Teresa and Joe during this cluster F they have going on. Seriously if you think about it none of them Messy, Kathy, etc. have not said anything negative about anything of this at all, they have been really cool with their comments when asked in interviews etc.

          • I agree HCannoli, for the first time since joining RHONJ, K seems to have a lot going on that would make for a storyline. I don’t know why they would dump her now.

            The ladies all seem to be supporting Tre, as you said. So I do think the family support storyline would be a natural for Bravo. Who knows, though ??

        • Kathy is boring and has nothing going on but rolling her eyes and inserting herself, awkwardly, into conversations that have nothing to do with her while “appearing” soft spoken and “peacemaker-like” following the Gorgas around like lost puppies in their “It’s all Teresa’s fault” plot…. That’s why she is being demoted. No offense but, I see no loss. She either should’ve remained neutral or been supportive to her cousins Teresa and Joey.

        • I’m quite sure Penny ended up on the cutting room floor because of the fight involving her husband and the lawsuit they filed.

          Richie sent a very derogatory tweet about Andy right before the reunion last year. I would doubt for a moment that Kathy would be demoted simply because of that one huge screw up on Richie’s part. I don’t think too many people will miss him… maybe Teresa’s brother. Wouldn’t mind if we didn’t see him either.

          I just may give next season a try. That’s the beauty of television. If you don’t like something, all you’ve got to do is change the channel. I think a lot of people are doing that with Bravo lately.

          • Kind of bouncing off the walls right now, lots of choc…celebrating the finishing of X-mas presents..whoo hoo!!

            How are you doing?
            🙂 🙂

          • No reply button under your post, hope this falls into place!

            Yes, chocolate will do that; it has some caffeine, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.

            There’s a crew blowing my leaves and nature’s detritus outside – so LOUD! If they can put a man on the moon 40 years ago — why can’t they put mufflers on those satanistically loud leaf blowers? My eardrums hurt and my anxiety is going through the roof! Loud noises bother me.

  • thanks for the exclusive scoop! oh my I guess they had to wait for Melissa to get back from Jamaica to start filming…no way she was gonna spend two holidays in a row with Teresa no matter how much money Bravo came up with!

    • “She [Melissa] now is going to play nice because she got a lot of heat for how she acted last season.”

      Hmmmm… 🙂

      • Who gave Melissa a lot of “heat” for how she acted last season ??? I mean besides a few Pro-Teresa gossip blogs ? The source is either Teresa herself or her buddy Heather for sure

        • I think they are all ready to move on from the “feud”. I mean really, it is completely boring at this point. At the end it got so fake and dramatic not one of them could even try to act on point. It was just tacky.

          • Yes, but my point was that Teresa has to be the source of this story, not so much about the feud itself.

            Who else who has insider information is going to say that Melissa has decided to “play nice this season” because she “got so much heat for how she acted last season?” Especially when even at the reunion the entire rest of the cast STILL thought Teresa helped set Melissa up with the cheating rumors.

            The only person on the show who had a few negative things to say about Melissa was Caroline, and there’s not a chance in hell she was the source, especially considering that she LOATHES Teresa.

            That plus she’s got her own show now and probably doesn’t give a royal crap about any of this LOL.

          • I didn’t see Melissa get heat from ANYONE except on the few remaining blogs who must too embarrassed at this point to stop supporting her (and who, let’s face it, totally rewrote what happened over the entire season to try to make her look a little less like the evil, manipulative liar that she is).

            The only people who matter are the people who would have direct knowledge about whether or not they’ve started filming.

            That would have to be a member of the cast or crew, NONE of whom ended the season with bad feelings towards Melissa and who, moreover, would never leak an announcement to a blog that sounded so friggin’ moronic.

          • I agree Estelle ,I’m not sure what show others are watching ? I didn’t see any “heat ” directed towards Melissa if anything again it was heat towards Teresa

          • But I thought Melissa and Joey came on the show to create a feud, isn’t that why there were fights, coalitions, head shots saying one thing and actions that said another? I am confused, are we watching the RHONJ? Did Melissa not come on to build a brand regarding her singing that seems to have stalled? Did Joey not create fights and use vulgar language wherever he went? It appeared that the whole thing was staged by Bravo to have a story line that petered out a long time ago. As I recall, the drama with Teresa started when SIL and brother came on, and they were well shielded by Bravo, so naturally any heat would not go the Melissa or Joey because then the “feud” would not escalate. Many thinking people could see this a mile off. Perhaps Melissa heard more than we know from close friends and family and maybe from anyone she approached regarding her singing career. After all, who wants to put a label on all that drama?

          • That and the fact that she needs a lot of help in the singing department. Maybe she should try modeling or acting, at least she looks pretty.

          • I do agree with you on the singing.She does not have a future in that department, as far as the fighting with the family it takes two to tango ,Teresa definitely was starting stuff and that was pretty much proven

          • Yep, two to tango. They have both admitted that they have each said and done things they are not proud of however both of them have stated that they want to forgive and move on…so lets let them! 🙂

          • Fine. But in the meantime, maybe Big Mouth should stop leaking stories implying that Melissa is the one who should start “playing nice.”

            And I wish you guys would make up your minds. Wasn’t there a major bitch and moan fest about how Teresa was the victim of bad editing (this excuse has been used for the past TWO seasons, in fact) and “made to look bad,” which is just another way of saying “she got a lot of heat for how she acted?”

            Which is crap, anyway. She wound up “looking bad” because her sole raison d’être for the past two years has been to try to destroy her brother’s family by spreading scurrilous and malicious lies about ALL of them, her brother and their children included, but Melissa more so than anyone else.

          • I hope you’re not referring to yourself, because for someone who claims to have “let it go” you seem pretty defensive about it.

            The only thing I was interested in was who leaked the (bogus) story in the first place. How you managed to drag Melissa’s singing, Joey’s fighting and use of vulgar language, and your own personal theories about why the feud started is both cracking me up and baffling me at the same time.

            And now I’ll let you have the last word. Go ahead, you know you want to. 😉

          • The sil’s seem to be in a good place, everyone on the boards are good..breathe in forgiveness, breathe out peace.

  • I am guessing that there are not another two people in the whole country as bitter or as unstable as the two that left so maybe we can get back to something resembling a reality show. Btw Dina, love her or hate her is a force of nature when she wants to be..I do like her :).

    • oh yeah, Dina likes to throw digs. Which of course I like when she was on originally. Not sure what her spin will be now. But cant even imagine her allowing Messy on her level. Messy and her sisters Heckle and Jeckyl are the back bar version.

      • She cracks me up with her zen and then a wisecrack that comes out of nowhere. The paradox is that she can be a complete lady whilst setting a smart-ass back on their heels. Her sister on the other hand can be reasonable at times and then can become the most bitter, jealous hag with an expression like a sullen potato. Caroline could learn a thing or two from Dina, like not being filmed flipping the finger…although I suppose I would probably think it was cute if Dina did it. Hey just being honest. LOL

        • I hear you, Dina pulls being a bit bitchy off quite differently. its the style.I can hardly wait until I hear Dina do the headshot comments. I hope Big Red doesn’t p around the corners of RHNJ as a side story w/Dina.

  • It is about time. I am still confused as to why they brought Dina’s boring ass back to the show. I will be glad not to hear Mel and Tre fight and throw constant shade again for the 4th season in a row. I am sure Kathy will appear more than rarely.

    • I believe there will be shade thrown around esp. in their talking heads but BRAVO will edit that out or maybe save it for the unseen special

    • Ugh, Jayden you’re so right about Dina. Zzzzz. Snooooooooze. Yaaawwwwwwn. Get Off Dina and take light with you. I don’t want violence but I certainly don’t want to look at Dina scrubbing her cat in the sink again. I don’t want to hear about Zen-Jen (whatever) and I certainly don’t want to watch her sitting in her boring chair interviewing a boy to do her work chores. Not only boring but lazy as well.

      • So people who have assistants, maids, cooks, etc. are lazy? I don’t know… I don’t think saying she’s lazy is fair.

        • Yes, she’s lazy. I base that on her career. At that time when she was interviewing her house boy, she wasn’t doing anything but sitting home. She herself admitted how bored she was. Also, she was bored and doing nothing while her cleaning lady was washing her cat in the sink. I can see if Dina were running a company or had a 9-5 job, but Dina was clearly proving herself LAZY. L-A-Z-Y!

  • LMAO!!!! ” Teresa & Melissa are now going to spend Christmas together now that filming begins” Damn thats all kinds of disfunctional wrapped up with a pretty tight bow. Wonder what BRAVO is paying these days that they decided they can spend a holiday together?

    • Jen, I guess Melissa realized she needed Teresa more than she thought. What a loser Melissa is. She can’t even get her own life without infusing herself into someone else’s. Melissa, Joe, Kathy, Rich, all blood suckers mooching off Teresa’s life. This was after all, Teresa’s gig. Now Melissa knows her mooching gig is up and now she wants to pretend to like Teresa. Melissa is most likely going to be fired next season. I think Bravo is going to give Melissa small appearances but nothing more than that. Bravo has a tendency to do that. I bet Melissa’s role on this show will be no bigger or more important than Kathy’s role. They are both being faded out.

  • And so it begins…I am looking forward to it, especially with the return of Dina. She polarises opinion on this blog, I can’t wait to read all the different takes! So over Melissa’s “Teresa spreads cheating rumours about me or at least talks to people that do so”. Hopefully that truly is OVER. Maybe Teresa can start with “Melissa talked to people who were looking into my somewhat unorthodox financial affairs, and now I’ve been charged!!!!”

    • yeah lets barbeque Messy. her fake nicey nicey will be hard on my digestive system

      Sorry NJ brings out the thug in me

    • for some reason, I don’t care. I will never be able to get past the Shakespearean-like betrayal of Joey and Melissa towards Teresa. Now with Teresa’s serious legal problems, I just find the whole thing sad.

      • I agree! They have to feature something different because NJ lost close to 60% of their viewing audience in the key market share–the viewers finally forced Bravo’s hand and bolted from the never ending storyline of the Joey and Melissa victim act. I actually think Bravo lost many of those viewers for good.

        I think Melissa’s book bombing spectacularly let Bravo and Melissa know she does not have the devoted, giant fan base she thought she had because those are hard numbers, facts as you say that the fans did not buy what Mel was selling, period (there is no disputing that Bethenny, Teresa and Brandi’s large fan bases at the time did support them by purchasing their book(s) to the NYT Bestsellers list(s)and when it came down to it Mel’s fan base was not large enough or interested enough for Mel to get the same results.)

        I hope Bravo also heard loud and clear no more talking head interviews for the husbands, Joey Gorga and Richie- just because they want to be the drama HWs and cry and moan on screen, no other husbands in any of the 6 cities are so desperate.

        Hope Dina and the new girls mix things up and bring anything different at this point or this franchise is toast. All the ladies better be saving those pay checks because this show will not be lasting many more years.

        • Also she doesn’t have enough friends anymore and so she is doing everything she can to look good. And Teresa is keeping a “low profile” because she has this massive court case against her and her husband.

        • I hope these new girls don’t come on acting all that ,cause that’s the end of RHONJ for me. So sick of all the bashing,fighting,backstabbing,lying, 2faced, and that’s just between family! And especially whose pushing whose line of products, it’s been like watching an infomercial .

          • Also so happy that with Kathy gone her stupid ass wipe Italian wanna be big mouth husband won’t be on! Thank you Bravo!

          • I agree with you on this one, Nicolina. New women have a terrible plan to act cocky, obnoxious and egotistical. We are seeing that in the Mob Wives Trailers.
            If New Jersey follows this pattern, I to am finished. By the way, I love the name Nicolina. Very beautiful name.

        • Hi Happy Day,
          I agree with you I hope Bravo got the messege loud and clear the viewers don’t want to see those two pathetic wanna be drama queens/HW’s Joey Gorga and Richie.
          These two wanna be housewives tried so hard everytime they did their talking heads to be like freaks on estrogen!!
          These housewives shows are about real women not estrogen rockkets as I like to think of them.