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Sneak Peek: Drita Davanzo And Big Ang Meet The New Mob Wife Plus The Super Trailer!

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It’s heeeeerrreeeee! Mob Wives is back and VH1 has finally released the super trailer. It’s an all new season and Carla Facciolo, Ramona Rizzo plus Karen Gravano won’t be returning but it doesn’t look less interesting! Check out the super trailer featuring new Mob Wives stars Alicia Dimichele and Natalie Guercio below

That’s not all. In this sneak peek footage from the all new season of Mob Wives airing tonight, Big Ang and Drita Davanzo meet the new chick Natalie Guercio!

Plus meet the new wives for yourself below!

I’m a big Drita fan so as long as Drita is on this season, I’ll be watching! I will however miss the other ladies even the ones I didn’t like. I don’t know how I feel about the new ladies though. Seem to be trying too hard. Are you going to tune into tonight’s episode? Thoughts on the supertrailer? How are you feeling about Alicia and Natalie?

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  • Well…. not sure what to think! Im still mad the others are gone ! Even though I did not like “Carler” she was part of the original BS LOL And from my understanding, one of the new girls may actually be a future jail bird. She is involved in a case that I dont believe she had sentencing for yet.. From what I saw the newbies have no issue with giving it right back to Renee, who appears to need it as she has her head far up in the clouds of herself LOL I am also wondering of Ms Drita is going back to her violent season 1/2 self?

    • Hi mich!

      I know..That one I think Alicia it looks like goes at Renee pretty hard.. I wonder how Jennifer is going to like that shit, you know she doesn’t like any one calling out her sister.

      Yea, Renee looks like she is really acting all Queen Bee and shit.

      Seems like she might have fallen off he wagon too this season and Big Ang seems worried about her.

      • Ugh, yes I saw that also about Renee! Her attitude became so ” entitled” , dont like it. And I cant stand that other one, Natalie-all she says is Im from Philly.. Umm alot of us are from that area honey and dont say it 24/7! Who the hell cares????

    • LOL at “Carler”!

      I could NOT stand Carla. She worked my last nerve for some reason. She just seemed like a sneaky, self-absorbed tramp with absolutely NO morals.


      • Ha! I felt that way about her once Lola.. she tried to act high and mighty after she was a single mom . Girl just own what ya did, ya heard? She rattled my nerves because it was always about ” heard in the streets”, always stirring a pot, talking outta both sides of that mouth.

    • Hi sam

      I know that Karen and Renee and Jennifer are ok. I think it’s because they have such a long history, with their fathers and being so close growing up and stuff, that this ” business” was not going to ruin that.

      Now Ramona and Carla and Renee and Jenifer, No, they are not cool at all, not at all!
      But Ramona, Karen and Carla are cool.

      Whats the rumor about Carla?

      • Hey holy

        Yeah, Ramona has said the normal “yeah we fight hard and love hard” about Renee, so I am glad all realize this show is not their actual lives.

        A carla fan (can’t believe she still has one) joke…tweeted that the fan is going to miss seeing Carla on MobWives…Carla answered the tweet…don’t worry you will see me real soon again”

        I will look for the story …when I read this I thought,if Carla is given her own spinoff, what the heck is Carla going to do ..sell her alcohol…date married men?

        • Hey..I like Carla! She never backed down from Renee, or any of them, and the married men crap, pfft!!! F that!! None o their freakin noses are clean of that shit, believe me!
          Oh Ramona said that a while ago about Renee, and so did Carla. That was way before Renee called them all greedy including Karen, Karen got over it, Ramona and Carla didn’t. One day Ramona and Carla and Renee will be ok, but I think it’s too soon now I like Renee, I feel bad for her. But at the same time she exhausts me. Also her head got real big, and she thinks she can say and do whatever but no one can say whatever to her..

          • Hey holy

            I actually never had a feeling one way or another about Carla…until Carla called Renee a drug addict (which is what she is) Carla did not like being called a puttana, so why low blow it.

            Carla consistently told Renee, you hear from someone that I am trash talking you, tell me, the second Renee does this, Renee gets called a drug addict.

            I like Renee to, I am so proud of her being drug free and will always support and encourage her sobriety. but her giant size ego and yap – took charge when Karen/Ramona/Carla asked for more $.

            I am glad you are a Carla fan -what would Carla do – her specialty is finances (arrested due to stock market fraud).

            I do like Carla’s relationship with her kids.

          • Yea, I didn’t like when Carla went for the junkie line. that was low, and she kept up. Ugh Renee called Carla a whore among other names first so I guess she went for what she thought would hurt her the most just like Renee did. Stupid mean stuff, that they both should ever had said period, in my opinion. Neither one of their mouths are clean.

            I have no idea what Carla would do.. Make soap, make wine. LOL.

          • Hey Holy

            all of the Mobwives go low,what I like is, once it’s over (after either brawl or at end of season) they actually do a face to face and say “okay we are not buds but you know if you need any kind of help..I’ll be there for you”

            that is what I respect about all the Mobwives.

            I know Carla invested in the “housewives wine”(don’t know if that is the real name, can’t remember) so I assume she will be doing something with that, can’t imagine she is living off of child support.

            I really wish all three stayed, wanted to see the outcome of whether or not Carla’s ex stayed an ex!

          • I know sam

            I wish they all would have stayed too. From what I understand/ read ( hear say). Karen wanted out cause of this new chic Alicia the shit about her father( Karen’s) killing this newchic’s FIL and something about her ( this new chic’s husband). Carla and Ramona I read I was about money, but I also read that that were backing Karen up about this also. Now I don’t know how true all of this is..

  • Does anyone know who the new girls are,and what’s their connection to the mob? If it’s just big mouths from Philly better at least bring back Ramona and Karen or going to be a waste to watch.

    • I think the one Alicia’s FIL was killed by Karen’s father, Sammy The Bull. I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere. Anyway I guess we will find out exactly how they fit in with the Mob, and Staten Island/ NYC and what’s what.

      • I heard that about the father-in-law too. It seems like it would have been perfect to have Karen on to see how that played out.

  • Believe me I hate hate hate that they got rid of Carla, Ramona, and Karen. But damn, this season loks freakin good!!! I can’t wait!!!