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Lisa Vanderpump Feels Like An Idiot For Ever Defending Brandi Glanville!

lisa v and brandi

Lisa Vanderpump recently appeared on E! News, where she not only co-hosted alongside Terrence Jenkins and Jason Kennedy, but she also answered fans’ questions and talked about how her life has changed since joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and about how she feels about defending Brandi Glanville!

On changing, Lisa says

“We’ve all changed a bit because our lives have changed so much. I’d say all of us have had to just put yourself out there. It’s a life-changing experience.”

When asked if she ever regrets saying certain things on the show, she shares

“Oh god, every weeks I do, yes, absolutely! But they shoot so much and then you see it six months later, so sometimes it can be difficult. But its also been a incredible experience for me, I wouldn’t be sitting here now if not for the show, its given me so many opportunities and to do incredible things.”

Lisa also answered how she feels about supporting Brandi is seasons two and three

“I feel a complete idiot, a bloody moron, but thank you anyway for asking,” she laughed.

Are you surprised Lisa admitted to feeling like an idiot for defending Brandi?

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  • I want to personally thank all the commenters on here. After reading all the comments I’ve decided I will no longer comment. You all sound like a bunch of riled up hens…Stop it you embarrass women.

  • just catching up now, is there ever a sentence when Kim doesn’t mention being an actress? wasn’t she like 5? stop living in the past lady

    • Since Kim worked from the age of 5 to 21 until she got pregnant she didn’t go to school and have a normal childhood so she has that Michael Jackson/child actor syndrome where all their memories are working and they long for the normal childhood in their mind they think everyone else had. That is why I think she doesn’t let it go and goes on and on and on….

      • Kim has worked since then. Black snake moan. She is actually a wonderful actress. Hopefully she gets back to it.

  • I dont feel an ounce of pity for this woman, or the rest of her goob squad. She has defended brandi out of pure hatred against adrienne. She knew what brandi did was wrong, yet she defended her to the T. I do not feel sorry for lisa nor do I for Brandi or Yolanda. Their actions and behaviors have said enough about who they really are and what they believe in.

  • I think that they are all jealous of Lisa because she was the first Housewife to be asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars, has several restaurants, and her own spin-off all while still on the show. She does not need any of them.

    • You are mistaken, without the other housewives, there would be no show. Without the show, there would be no venue for Lisa to sell her wares. She might be wealthy, but she was a nonentity before the show. You might have been fooled by her tagline.

      • Just because you didn’t know who she was doesn’t mean she was a “nonentity.” She was merely known in other circles.

      • Ok we will see how well the show does next year without Lisa…nobody wants to watch Kyle and Brandi fake a friendship for TV…

          • I already made my point so maybe you should read it again if you didn’t understand it the first time…and I never said a show with only Lisa so don’t get it twisted!

  • Lisa really doesn’t have anything to worry about..she can handle these ladies and then some! But I do agree she should leave the show and let the others continue to wallow around in hypocrisy and self-pity. Lisa always has a positive outlook no matter what the situation…kind of like Teresa from #RHONJ..maybe that’s why they are both so successfull and stand out among the housewives!!

  • I really think this will be Lisa’s last season on the show. To be honest this season so far is piss poor.

    • I agree.

      This season sucks.

      I also think that Lisa just might be ready to walk away from the trash this show has become.

      She doesn’t need it financially.

  • Imo, whether or not we agree withtheir choices, Lisa and Kyle “make” the show. I can’t imaging RHOBC without them. I couldn’t watch RHONJ without T, either.

  • Lisa has one of the most incredible fan bases of the RH, others Teresa,and Caroline, the fans are so supportive in print.

    I think this is because all three – share openly (RH stuff) about themselves and know they are not 100% perfect-they each say it in print and talk about their errors etc.

    This is why I like Lisa, last season – not a chance – but I promised I would start with a clean slate.

    Lisa on film works the “conspirital”wink,smile,tone and if the person she is addressing is insecure and misinterprets Lisa’s behavior, suddenly it’s let’s put the boots to Lisa.

    Lisa has given and shared her life and family with Brandi. Lisa has opened doors for work for Brandi. and in return, she gets to be called names in print by Brandi.

    I think brandi needs an “reality” check -and give a public apology-fully clothed in times square for 10 hours – apologizing to all she has slammed.

    • The masses feel for a woman who appears to be ganged up on. No matter how deep their betrayal the public backs the one being ganged up on. It worked for Brandi and now it will work for Lisa.

      Lisa should have thought twice about championing Brandi and done some homework. Maybe her reluctance and qualified denial of the Mauricio affair has more to do with being hoodwinked by Brandi about the lawsuit that didn’t exist.

    • Brandi could have helped keep her friendship with Lisa if she had not attacked Lisa in the press all summer. Lisa is now done.

      Lisa 100% had and has the biggest fan base. Lisa did not take Adrienne down to begin with, it was Adrienne who struck first with the reunion tabloid attack on Lisa’s character. Adrienne apologized at the same reunion, but Lisa would not accept it because she obviously was too hurt at that time to move on. Adrienne apologized again at the sit down lunch with Lisa and it seemed like they would at least be civil.

      Then the whole surrogacy/fake lawsuit scandal broke by Brandi and some viewers (see comments above) feel like Lisa really did go after the Maloofs full force after that– Lisa refused to let anyone defend Adrienne and Paul in the situation and fall out, she backed Brandi beyond 100% and would not let Camille, Kyle, Mauricio, Kim…say anything in the Maloof’s defense. If the others even questioned Brandi’s veracity Ken and Lisa got very defensive (remember Ken yelling at Mauricio for him questioning if the lawsuit was legit, which now we know it was not.). Yolanda even shushed Kyle and Camille for saying anything at all in defense Adrienne and would not let them speak.

      I don’t think fans were pro Adrienne over Lisa even one bit, but questioned Lisa’s defending everything Brandi said and would not allow the other ladies to remain neutral, but they had to “pick a side” and that would be Lisa’s side (even though the dispute was really between Brandi and Adrienne, not Lisa) or they were disloyal friends. Now that Lisa has been burnt by Brandi herself and has turned her back on her, it does make Lisa look disingenuous because she refused so adamantly to acknowledge the other housewives questions about Brandi’s actions. Live and learn.

      • I basically agree with the entirety of your comments.

        Like I’ve said before, I think Lisa is loyal to a FAULT. When she decides to back you, she backs you fully (even when you’re wrong). I mean, she had a private (on-camera) conversation with Brandi where she told Brandi that she was wrong for outing Adrienne’s surrogacy, and she told Brandi that she needed to do something to try and fix it.

        Brandi basically refused; justified her reasons for doing so; and ended that conversation by saying, “Trust me, it could get worse” (basically meaning that she had every intention of continuing to go after Adrienne and Paul). Brandi is a grown woman, though. Lisa couldn’t FORCE her to try a better solution to resolve matters.

        When it came to OUTSIDERS, however, she and Ken fully had Brandi’s back (regardless of her private reprimanding of Brandi’s behavior), and they circled the wagons around her (the SAME way Lisa had Kyle’s back at the Season 1 Reunion and took up for her when Camille tried to call her a bully or when anyone else tried to criticize Kyle).

        She circles the wagons around her friends when they are in need.

        But, I think you are right, Brandi’s months-long Twitter assault/insults/digs toward Lisa; her nasty interviews; and her constant digs toward Lisa in her blogs this season have probably ensured that she will NEVER again be in Lisa’s inner circle.

        Lisa may be cordial, but she’s probably pretty much D-O-N-E.

        And I don’t blame her one bit.

        Live and learn, indeed.

      • I’m not sure she should want Lisa’s friendship. I wouldn’t be cool with any of my friends developing a close relationship with one of my ex-husband’s mistresses. The same lady he was doing it with while she was pregnant? No. Not cool. By all accounts of the blogs and recaps of VR, Lisa has turned Schaena into her next faux-child. This was all going on while RHBH was filming. That wouldn’t sit well with me. Having her as an employee is one thing. Aggressively taking her under the wing while friends with Brandi? Whole other ballgame.

        • Hi Ellen,

          I see your points.

          I, however, look at it from another perspective. Lisa has known and employed Scheana for YEARS, long before she ever even MET Brandi.

          Scheana is also a cast member of a show Lisa is trying to make successful for herself and her employer, BRAVO (because she’s a businesswoman).

          Further, Scheana has developed a friendship with Lisa’s daughter, Pandora. This may have led to Lisa’s relationship with Scheana evolving into a blurring of the lines between employer and employee and motherly figure who offers motherly guidance and assistance to a friend of her DAUGHTER’s.

          If Lisa had decided to just befriend LeAnn out of the blue AFTER she developed her friendship with Brandi, OR if Lisa didn’t know Scheana from a can of paint and decided to be ol’ buddies, ol’ pals with her despite their history with Brandi’s husband/ex-husband, then THAT, to me, would be a betrayal.

          But that’s NOT what happened. I think Brandi seeing it otherwise is childish and unfair.

          I had a SERIOUS ex-boyfriend (almost married him) that I later found out cheated on me throughout the majority of our relationship.

          I later found out who many of these women were. Well, it turns out that ONE of these women (who know ALL about me; did not care; and cheated with my boyfriend anyway) happened to be a friend with one of MY good friends.

          My good friend did not know about the cheating and the relationship at the time, but she later found out.

          She told me that she didn’t want to end her friendship with this woman because she’d known the woman and hung out with her and this woman’s group of friends on several occasions. They also threw money-making parties together. She also told me that they were getting closer. She asked me if it bothered me, and I asked her to introduce me to this woman.

          So, the woman and I ended up having a looooooong talk. She admitted knowing all about me; expressed remorse; said she was desperate and stupid at the time; and asked me to forgive her.

          And I did.

          I refused to allow it to affect my relationship with our mutual friend either. In fact, we all even eventually ended up hanging out socially on occasion.

          This is because I faulted my damned BOYFRIEND infinitely more than I faulted this particular chick with whom he cheated.

          I refused to give him that POWER in my life anymore.

          Also, I wasn’t about to lose a VERY good friend (the mutual friend between my ex-boyfriend’s cheating partner and myself) over a man that was SOOOO not worth it and over a relationship that was SOOOOO over (even though I was STILL in love with him for years after the relationship ended. My HEAD knew that he was an a*shole and unworthy of me, though. I eventually got my heart to go along with my head. 😉 ).

          IMHO, Brandi is unfairly and immaturely displacing her anger toward Eddie onto Scheana and Lisa (I TOTALLY get her anger toward LeAnn because THAT b*tch is DIABOLICAL and gets sheer pleasure out of hurting Brandi).

          She needs to get SERIOUS therapy to finally get over Eddie and get her power back.

          Lisa has NOTHING to do with that (or with Eddie’s affair with Scheana).

          JMHO. No offense intended.

          • REAL TALK!!! DAMN GIRL THIS IS WHY I COME HERE. For nuggets of absolute humanity that pop up to illustrate actual human experience.

            This is raw & real and it is the way the real world works. I watch as posters comment on the same crap day after day, week after week. They say the same things over & over. But this is what its all about. Infidelity burns. When you step outside of it you see that people are human and flawed. The way they are meant to be.

          • Hi Crywolf,

            Yep. The majority of people over 16 years old have been cheated on; devastated; had their hearts broken, etc.

            But, at a certain point, you’ve got to “Let GO. Let GOD. And move on.”

            Everything’s not always so “black and white.” I don’t believe in cheating, and I don’t believe in infidelity.

            But I’ve known some people who have made the mistake, and, in the end, it was NOT the sum and total of who they were as people. Lord help us if WE were all judged on the WORST thing we’d ever done in our life, without taking into account all of the good and wonderful things we’d also done, you know?

            Some good people have made that mistake and cheated (and had sincere remorse over it). And some bad people have made that mistake (and don’t give a sh*t).

            Incidentally, that particular chick ended up being really cool. We never became “besties” or anything, but, as I got to know her a bit, I could see some of the things my cheating ex-boyfriend saw in her (We had some interesting things in common actually).

            Now….I’m not sure if I’d EVER leave that b*tch alone in a room with my man, though…..

            JUST….KIDDING. LOL (She’s now happily married, and not to my cheating ex-boyfriend, not that I’d care if she were, though. I could walk down the aisle and GIVE that FOOL away to the next woman, as I leaned over and said, “Enjoy the LOWLIFE while you CAN, Girlfriend, he DOES have his good points.”). 😀

          • Hi Happy,

            Thanks for the support! 😀

            And no, that ex was NOT worth my, to use your words “absolute awesomeness.” I agree. 😉

    • Lisa is well liked because she doesn’t think she is perfect and she doesn’t think anyone else is either. She’s someone who pokes holes in pretentious with her humor, which is as much self-deprecating as it is sarcastic. Kyle’s quick offense at Lisa’s humor just illustrates that Kyle thinks too highly of herself, takes herself to seriously and is a pretentious prat.

      As to taking down. Adrienne went after Lisa with the story-selling allegation – something that would have ruined her business. That is no joke and she knew exactly what she was doing. She also allowed her cook to accuse Lisa of racism – something that would also cripple her career. So, Adrienne deserves what she got.

      However, folks seem to forget that privately Lisa told Brandi she should not have blurted out the big secret about Adrienne. She acted a true friend, defending her in public and privately telling her she thought she was wrong. However, remember too that she repeatedly said that Brandi should not have said what she said, but that the Maloof’s overreacted in response.

      As to the Maloof’s and Brandi. There were many stories alleging neglect and drug use that Brandi was told came from Adrienne to ROL. She said that Adrienne was endangering her child custody with the rumors she and Bernie were planting in the media. So she struck at them. At Mauricio’s party, Adrienne made those same allegations about Brandi on film – and nobody seems to care.

      Adrienne is not a decent human being. She was not one on this show and she is not one in real life. She cheated her nanny of her wages. She and her family tried to extort the taxpayers of Sacramento out of millions by threatening to move the Kings unless they got a subsidy. You see her with her fabulous wealth that she indulges with a private plane, with 250,000 in facial and aesthetic equipment in her house and she expects the people who really work for a living, the waitresses, plumbers, contractors, teacher, police, firemen, builders and every other person who contributes 10,000% more to society that that leech to pay more in taxes so she can make even more money.

      I don’t give a damn about Adrienne. She’s a parasite. Her family makes money off gambling and alcohol – the business of parasites. And she wants the taxpayers to subsidize her wealth.

      • Amen!

        I wish I would have read your comment before I posted mine (above) because I said that same thing about Lisa PRIVATELY (albeit, on camera) reprimanding Brandi over her outing of Adrienne’s surrogacy secret and encouraging Brandi to rectify the mistake, while PUBLICLY supporting and defending Brandi when Brandi needed it.

        • I think it’s impossible to have read it before posting because I posted after you. At least by the order.

  • I like Lisa as for her going after Adrienne it was the other way around and the whole cast went after Lisa. It’s obvious Lisa is the Teresa if the rhobh. She is so bad she sells stories to tabloids same storyline different coast. It’s sad really that bravo loves to destroy one cast member in order to push the others to the front. I liked brandy as well but she is the one who has turned on the one person who always had her back Lisa even admitted she misjudged her at first. I’m getting bored jersey, Beverly Hills and Atlanta were my favorite but it’s just the same show on different coasts.

    • To me Lisa is NOT the Teresa of RHOBH.

      On NJ there were only five Housewives and there were tightly connected. You had Teresa, two Housewives who were related to Teresa, a good friend of Teresa and another Housewife who knew Teresa through her sister and sil.

      Lisa is not the centerpiece like that. Kyle is the closest to being that kind of centerpiece, at least she was for the first three seasons, but as was mentioned earlier this season, most of her connections are no longer on the show.

  • I don’t think she’s a moron, for defending Brandi. Season 2 the women were at best icy to Brandi, and at worst outright brutal. She needed someone defending her. Where she went wrong was in trusting Brandi. Brandi had not demonstrated loyalty to Lisa by exposing the reunion gang up plan, she was demonstrating her disloyalty to Adrienne. If Lisa wasn’t so wounded she would have seen that. Loyalty vs alliance.

    Anyway, I miss season 1.

      • UGH.. do you guys feel like we have been on a roller coaster yet? Im getting lost in all the mess! So much going on and it is all nasty. -Chelle- I like your take on this so far!
        And when you were supposedly real , close friends, not right to turn around and say ” I was an idiot”.. when you did it at the time, you felt it was right so no taking it back when you have a falling out. I do not like what Im seeing with Lisa lately and she was one of my faves on here. I understand this group of women has an issue with what is a ” friend” . Too much spitefulness going on with this age group also.

  • Adrienne and Lisa’s rivalry was classic “Keeping Up with the Jones”, and then Lisa got sneaky. She was most likely behind the first season story saying Paul and Adrienne were going broke.

    The show was far more entertaining when they nattered about who had the best shoe, dog and who had the best venue for get-togethers.

    The whole Brandi and Lisa being at odds over her friendship with Cedric was fake from the beginning. In one scene you see Ken and Lisa expressing their faux concern of Brandi going on the Hawaii trip (Kyle’s fault)and the next thing you know Lisa, Ken and Brandi are having the time of their lives.

    Lisa was better off being friends with Kyle than Brandi and now she has to deal with the wrath of Brandi.

    I wonder if Lisa now regrets blowing Joyce off after the roof top luncheon. She might have found an ally in Joyce.

    • Lisa didn’t need to spread a rumor about the magoofs going broke, the papers were putting that out there themselves – they basically lost the palms in Vegas.

    • Lisa has said more than once that she regrets not heeding Joyce’s warnings to her. She said it in her 1st blog, and I think she said it in her blog regarding the episode shown just before the most recent episode.

      • Too late, Lisa should have heard the voice of her own conscience when she supported Brandi in her revelation of the surrogacy, she said it was wrong but the way she defended Brandi left no doubts that she was just fine with Brandi revealing this.
        Lisa deserves what is coming to her.

        • With regard to the Adrienne issue, Lisa reprimanded Brandi (on camera) for outing Adrienne’s surrogacy and told her she needed to rectify her mistake.

          Brandi refused.

          Lisa simply supported Brandi in public against any bullying or attacks.

          She didn’t agree with or co-sign what Brandi did. I tend to be more compassionate with my friends (as long as they don’t stab me in the back or eff me over). When they eff up, I tend to support them publicly when it comes to any attacks or bullying (although I might kick their a*s and tell them they are wrong, out of line, etc., behind closed doors).

          Also, Adrienne had already attacked Lisa personally (at the Season 2 Reunion) and used her chef to constantly put out damning stories that could have negatively affected Lisa’s business or livelihood.

          So, I don’t see why Lisa had to go any further than she did with regard to the Adrienne issue (privately, albeit on camera, reprimanding her friend, Brandi, but publicly circling the wagons and standing behind her).

          Don’t take this the wrong way, but you seem like you SERIOUSLY want to see Lisa seriously HURT and taken down.

          I cannot stand Kyle, but I think she’s a good Mom. Outside of being a good Mom, I just think she’s an all-around a*shole.

          That’s all.

          But I’d get no pleasure and think she “deserved” a friend she’d loyally supported stabbing her in the back and going on a months-long campaign to trash her via Twitter and the media.

          That’s just HATEFUL.

          No offense.

  • Perhaps if you weren’t so dead set on taking down Adrienne then you wouldn’t have saddled up so close to Brandi to begin with. You used her to do your dirty work. And the word “dirty” is a complete understatement.

    When exactly are you going to stop playing this “Poor me, nobody ever has my back!” bullshit and start taking responsibility for your poor relationships with people? You’re way too old to be acting this way.

    • @Erin

      Take Adrienne down? No, wasn’t it the other way around. Adrienne wanting to take Lisa and Brandi down.

      Let’s remember STwo Reunion; it was Adrienne who began this drama with the accusation of selling stories to the media.

      Also, it wasn’t just Brandi who co-sign this accusation; Camille and Taylor ALL said this was Adrienne’s idea.

      So, if we are going to place blame let place blame on the person who initiated this plan: Adrienne!

      If, I missed something let me know.

      • Actually, Russell and Taylor were the ones who started the accusations of Lisa selling stories. Adrienne, Kyle, and Camille were all told that Lisa was selling stories to ROL or whatever. And Camille never cosigned anything regarding Adrienne “trying to take down Lisa.”

        • Taylor also “never cosigned anything regarding Adrienne ‘trying to take down Lisa.'” By the reunion Lisa and Taylor had resolved their differences and become friends.

        • @Michelle – You just sparked my memory! I remember that about Russell and Taylor’s accusation, and at the time I wondered if it was actually Taylor leaking stories about herself to the press. It’s possible she may have, and just blame shifted to Lisa to get the heat off of her.

      • Geneva Wasserman was the person Brandi claimed called her about meeting with Adrienne. Camille was in Hawaii, Kyle didn’t go to any meeting and Taylor was on good terms with Lisa at the time. Another fantasy plot created by Brandi and designed to curry Lisa’s favor.

        The same woman who was issued the Cease & Desist letter by Adrienne’s attorneys. The letter Brandi parlayed into a fake lawsuit.

        I am guessing what we learn either on the show or the BrandiNetwork is Lisa was the one behind the rumors about selling stories in order to set Adrienne up. Just a guess.

  • Lisa backed the wrong horse. Shoukd have stayed true to those you brought to the dance in the first place. Kyle and Adrirenne. Kyle didn’t throw away your friendship and history – you did.

    • I disagree slightly. Her and Kyle had issues before Brandi joined the show. It just continued to be a waste of time with these 2 ever since.

      • Also: we still haven’t actually seen what really went down during filming that splits these bitches into ‘camp Lisa’ and ‘camp everyone else’ yet. We’re still kind of speculating. Which is cool: it’s what we do, but let’s not forget how close Brandi and the Richards sisters have seemingly become of late.

        That fact should probably have a some people who are just flinging shit at her because they don’t like the fact that she has a tendency to get hammered, says ‘fuck’ a lot and is a single lady getting some peen remembering that those two things are not necessarily a causal relationship. Just because you don’t like her or don’t approve of her behaviour (past or present) doesn’t mean she’s more likely to be at fault on this occasion.

        I mean, in my speculative opinion I reckon they will all turn out to share the blame. They have all developed giant egos at this point and none of them seem to be able to see a situation from the point of view of the other. I nearly thigh slapped lol’ing when I read the thread where everyone targeted Brandi alone for playing the victim.

        Come off the grass people!

        Kyle ringing any bells? Kim? Lisa? Adrienne? TAYLOR?

        Do NOT even get me started on Vicki “POOR ME I LOVE BROOKS NO I HATE HIM NO I LOVE HIM HAVE SOME TEETH” Gunvalson.

        I mean. It’s the MO of every single housewife that ever strapped on a pair of manolos. Except maybe Kandi from Atlanta. Occasionally.

        Anyway. My point is that they probably all had something to do with whatever is ping down, including the producers. Who knows? What IS revealing is that with this shakeup in allegiances it is going to show different sides of people and how they interact which will shake up the whole franchise.

        Meanwhile, thank God for Ken. He’s still my favourite character. Sensible, sensible creature.

        • I love when your sane self pops up to throw cold water on all the craziness here. 🙂 *

          * I do not mean that to suggest you have an insane self. ha.

    • Lisa’s and Kyle’s issues come from the fact that Lisa doesn’t like being criticized or called out on for her behavior. I think Lisa was much more hesitant about mending her friendship with Kyle because she had Brandi as her new sidekick.

      • But who likes to be criticized or called out? People get defensive, it’s a normal reaction. To me it looks like Kyle has a lot of experience with girl squabbles, and doesn’t take them too seriously. She’s often said she sees her friends like sisters. I felt Lisa took her friendship with Kyle more seriously, and was deeply hurt by some of Kyle’s offhanded remarks. Not just offended, as she was with Adrienne. They’re both right, they just approach friendship differently.

        • Nobody likes it, but Lisa does critisize everybody else, even if jokingly or with a smile on her face, Lisa more than anybody should be ready to take it, as much as she dishes it.

          • love your comments on Lisa Lexy! Brandi and Lisa are BOTH users, but Lisa likes to hide behind others (and sarcasm) to do her dirty work. Kyle was 100% right when she said that Lisa is manipulative. I hope everyone who clutched their pearls at that characterization now sees Lisa for who she really is.

          • It would be nice if she were always on her best behavior, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

            To me, the issue between her and Kyle is simpler than tit for tat. It’s about how they perceive friendship.

        • Lisa criticizes and calls out others all the time. Then smugly says she is just kidding. So passive aggressive.

      • I agree Nicole
        Lisa didn’t like the chess comment from Kyle. But we the viewer didn’t see what actually went down to cause Kyle to say that. I did read on Kyle’s TL awhile ago that we do find out what exactly went done between the two of them.
        And exactly Lisa had a new pet Brandi.

    • I respectfully disagree.

      Adrienne and Kyle stabbed Lisa in the back first. They were in NO way “true” to her.

      I would have left their a*ses at the dance myself.

      I think Lisa appreciated Brandi giving her a “heads-up” about this supposed Pre-Reunion meeting that was allegedly going to take place to come up with a strategy to take Lisa down at the Season 2 Reunion.

      Was Brandi telling the truth about this meeting?


      Maybe Not.

      But Lisa chose to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe her. I think Lisa also appreciated the way Brandi jumped right in and defended her at that particular Reunion when NOBODY else did.

      So, she gave Brandi a chance.

      MANY of us have been guilty of giving a person who’s shown us kindness a chance. MANY of us have also been guilty of taking up for those we feel are being bullied or have the status of an “underdog” (I have that problem myself. I hate injustice and bullying and usually find myself taking up for the bullied and those that are unfairly treated).

      There’s nothing wrong with that.

      MANY of us have also seen a person’s “true colors” only after it’s too late. It doesn’t make one stupid or moronic.

      What’s stupid or moronic is to CONTINUE to allow that person unfettered access to you and your life after they have stabbed you in the back or betrayed you.

      Lisa does NOT appear to do this once she realizes that a person is NOT who they initially appeared to be and NOT a friend (or someone that can be trusted).

      So, when she KNOWS better, she DOES better and basically either cuts that person out of her life or seriously limits her future interactions with them and their access to her life.

      • There is no evidence of an agreed prereunion at all.

        There is only the word of a known liar: Brandi Glanville

        Besides Brandi nobody has admitted or acknowledge being invited to any kind of meeting, lunch or whatsoever. Brandi tried to pin it on Camille and Camille clearly denied it and told Brandi that she probably misinterpreted an innocent invitation to a lunch.

        The more I see of Brandi and the way she managed to made up a whole lawsuit it is not a far stretch IMO to think that she made up this “meeting” as a way to gain Lisa’s favor and an spot as a full time wife.

        The more I see of Lisa, the more I believe that Lisa knew there was no gang up meeting but either manipulated Brandi in defending her or plain asked her to do so as she has obviously asked her to do other things to get rid of her enemies.

        Brandi and Lisa are both the same sides of a coin. One is shiny and the other one trashy, but the are the same nonetheless.

        • Lexy,

          Again, I AGREE that there is NO solid evidence of a Pre-Reunion Takedown of Lisa Meeting for the Season 2 Reunion.

          I have said that MORE THAN ONCE already.

          That is NOT my point.

          My POINT is that Brandi told Lisa that there WAS one. Brandi also vigorously defended Lisa at this same Reunion when nobody else did.

          Instead, the others, including a person she THOUGHT was her good friend (Kyle), either attacked her; failed to speak up on her behalf (the way Lisa did for Kyle MORE THAN ONCE during the Season 1 Reunion when KYLE was on the receiving end of attacks); or made snide comments (e.g., “playing chess with Bobby Fisher”) about her.

          So, on that basis, Lisa chose to open up her heart even more to Brandi (after initially deciding to give her a chance because she rescued a dog to prevent it from being put to sleep when Lisa couldn’t take it).

          Therefore, Lisa — from that point on (including THIS season, I’m pretty sure) was operating from the viewpoint and with the mindset that what Brandi said was TRUE.

          This was not necessarily unwise because those women’s behavior at that particular Reunion supported the theory of an organized agenda to attack Lisa.

          So, whether or not the meeting took place is IRRELEVANT to Lisa’s mindset and how she operated accordingly thereafter.

          No offense.

          Yes, Lisa has her faults, but I’m sorry. I just do NOT see this DIABOLICAL, constantly scheming, “evil” person you make her out to be.

          She’s not a Saint.

          But I respectfully disagree that she’s this EVIL SINNER that you constantly insist that she IS.

          As for Lisa and Brandi being the different sides of the same coin, I again respectfully disagree (and admit that I find this assertion laughable and preposterous).

          I’ll go with an analogy different from coins:

          Lisa is Waterford China.

          Brandi is Dixie Cups (and I’ve got nothing against Dixie Cups. They don’t belong in fine dining establishments, however). 😉

          • I agree 100%

            I don’t see Lisa as this conniving, calculating, evil woman laughing maniacally behind the scenes, like some do.

            All of these women are flawed. They all say and do foul things to one another.

  • Well Lisa you are a bloody idiot!!! You only befriended Brandi because you had your panties in a bunch over Audrienne. Brandi only licked your a**hole because she needed to secure herself a spot on the show and there was no other takers. Not a surprise here you 2 are not speaking.

  • Lisa dear, you have it well deserved.

    You lent your support to Brandi with the issue of the surrogacy, if you are willing to help someone with that then nothing is out of limits.
    Not only that but you also helped her with the fake lawsuit, so sorry if I am not feeling sorry for you but all this you have it well deserved.

    • Lisa feels like a idiot for having supported Brandi. Well she’s correct…she was. Lisa is nothing if not a smart woman.

      • Exactly, Lisa is very smart, she wasn’t made a fool by Brandi, she was just full to think that Brandi would not turn on her.

        That is what usually happens when you go about your machinations and then they backfire on you.

        • Lisa is a user. I don’t know if she’s a smart woman but I do know from watching the show that she is devious. Also, she loves to play the victim. She supported Brandi so long as Brandi did her dirty work.

  • Wow. I guess it doesn’t get more straightforward than that!

    Seems like these two are done and dusted. That’s a shame in some ways really. They seemed to genuinely get along well.

    Oh well: I guess that’s reality tv for you! Relationships on these shows are more alliances than friendships it seems.

    Makes sense. If it is mostly about storylines then they are mainly going to be work colleagues I suppose. And I guess when you piss in each other’s pockets all the time with the people you work with the honeymoon can be over relatively quickly.

    I’m super curious to find out what the faaaaark went down this season to bring all the shit bubbling to the surface though. Pass the popcorn…shits about to get real y’all…

    • A friendship that is born on the basis of destroying another person (Adrienne) can never have a good ending. Brandi and Lisa are one and the same, except that Lisa has more money and the ability to talk others into doing her dirty work while Brandi is just classless trash.

      As much as I despise Brandi, I just can’t shake the feeling that in her dispute with Lisa, Brandi is the one who wanted to put a stop to the manipulation and stop doing Lisa’s binding and as we can see it didn’t go very well for her.

      • I agree, when Brandi said that all her off-camera conversations with Lisa were about the show, it was very telling for me. I’ve hated Brandi since season 2, but I respect that she’s consistent. She refused to be Adrienne’s puppet and likewise, she wouldn’t be Lisa’s puppet, and I suspect that played a part in their friend-divorce.

      • @Lexy….

        Really, destroying Adrienne? Stop it! This isn’t Dynasty stuff! LOL! Besides, Adrienne PLAYED a huge part as to why Lisa and Brandi are no longer her friend.

        I guess the lying that Adrienne was continually spewing didn’t play part in the ways things ended up?

          • The lie was that Adirenne did not have the twins and Brandi told everyone.
            But Lisa knew how Brandi is that’s what you get for bring a snake in your space. Now Yolanda is in the same spot as Lisa last season. I cannot wait to see how Yolanda handles Brandi’s betraying her.

        • What lying are you talking about?

          The gang up meeting? there is no evidence of that , every body has made it very clear that if there was a metting they didn’t know anything about it. Could have Brandi misunderstood or plainly made it all up? I believe so.

          The “gang up meeting was cooked between Brandi and Lisa to allow Lisa play the victim and Brandi to become a full time wife.

          As far as any other lies that Adrienne spewed could you please enlight me as to what does lies were?

          • Adrienne did lash out at Brandi with two statements she had no proof of and said them in response to Kim letting her know Brandi had revealed on camera the surrogacy situation — It was something about Brandi sleeping until noon or excessive pills and alcohol consumption and implied she was not a good mom. Even though I cringe about some of the stuff Brandi does, there is no denying her love and care of her boys.

            Adrienne also accused Lisa of selling stories in which she had no real, hard proof. I think at times all these housewives contact the blogs and magazines to plant items or spin things to make themselves either the bigger person or the poor victim but Adrienne and Lisa were going at it by this point over Padora’s bachelorette party and the competeing shoe lines and things got nasty and Adrienne attacked Lisa’s character. You are correct in that Camille, Taylor and Kyle have said there was no meeting or planned attack against Lisa.

            Lisa is very consistent – when she is done with your friendship, she is done. There is no room for second chances, apologies and moving on in her book. Good standards to have but almost everyone screws up now and then in a frienship, so Lisa seems to always be starting a new close friendships and leaving past close friends in her wake – ie. Cedric, Adrienne, Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda…

          • “Brandi sleeping until noon or excessive pills and alcohol consumption”
            I am pretty sure that when Brandi goes out in one of her wild nights and gets naked wasted and I doubt she is up early so the implication that she gets up late is acurate.

            “She accused Lisa of selling stories in which she had no real, hard proof”
            Adrienne’s mistake was in the use of the word “sell” , I am sure that Lisa doesn’t need the money, but does she gives out stories? of course she does. I have no doubts about that.

            As far as why Lisa is always starting a new friendship, don’t you see the pattern here? Lisa doesn’t cultivate friendships with people at her same level, she enrolls pet projects, people who make her feel great about herself and she helps them but it all comes with a proce tag. Cedric was recluded to be her gay husband token with the promise to help him promote his acting carrer, instead he was made up to be a bumb who was leeching on her. Brandi was recluted to be her mouth piece, when she grew tired of doing her binding and said no more, then Lisa has no more use for her. Now Scheana is being recluted because nobody else in RHBH wants to play the part of pet project for Lisa (while I am sure Carlton would feel flatter to play that role for next season) so in order for Lisa to keep playing queen she needed a pet project and that is Scheana now.

            If Lisa would stop playing mind games and would actually relax and enjoy herself and others, she might get to find a real friend.

          • I do agree Lexy…
            About Lisa having pet projects instead of real friendships. I was one of the few on this site that has never really liked Brandi. I quit commenting because I was sick of defending my dislike for Brandi. I actually hated Lisa & Brandi together. I liked Lisa & Kyle’s friendship much better…they seemed like real friends at the time. But Lisa definitely demands full loyalty from her friends & when she doesn’t get that she’s done.

            I said it on here before…
            It really clicked with me when Lisa was petting Kyle’s head like a good little doggy. Lisa treats her pets very well & gives them special treats. She demands full loyalty & when she doesn’t get it her pets are punished. She also expects her pets to attack for her…for example Brandi going after Adrienne & Kyle.

          • I seem to recall Camille getting upset with Brandi in Las Vegas because she put her on the spot regarding the gang up meeting. In fact, her whole demeanor towards Brandi changed after that. Up to, and including rooting for Faye when she intruded on the Marissa/Brandi/Yolanda discussion at Lisa’s house warming. If there’s one person who respects a pecking order, it’s Camille LOL

      • I feel like everyone is forgetting who brandi was friends with when she first joined the show and i dont mean adrienne! cedric was a user and thats just hoe brandi is too, she doesnt need lisa anymore shes got a new friends with money and even more fame…yolanda! (well her husband is)lol

      • I think you are right. Once Lisa realizes that someone is no longer useful to her or won’t do her dirty work so she can keep her pink-coated fingernails clean, she discards them and attacks. Perhaps because Brandi has gotten so close to Kim, she feels guilty about stabbing Kyle in the back with Lisa’s goading it on and decided to put an end to it. Lisa hated Adrienne and look how she used Brandi to not only hurt Paul and Adirenne, but also their children! Just like she tried to do to little Portia. Lisa is a vain, mean monster.