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RHOA Recap: Mama Joyce Comes Face To Face With Kandi’s Man!

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On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Park leaves Atlanta to go too Alabama to study for her upcoming exam! Apollo and Phaedra have been having their ups and downs ever since the whole Kenya/Apollo situation so Apollo decides to get advice from Peter, Cynthia’s husband. Peter makes Apollo realize that he was in the wrong explaining that Apollo needs to put himself in Phaedra’s situation. Honestly I think Phaedra handled the whole Kenya/Apollo situation pretty well. If that was me, Apollo would be out of the house! Apollo seems to be grasping what Peter is saying and understanding. I think it helps to hear another mans opinion on the matter.

Kenya has officially moved into her home that she rented and I could care less to discuss it.

Cynthia is stressing because her daughter has revealed she has been dating and NeNe tries to give Cynthia some advice.Cynthia decides to invite her daughter Noelle’s boyfriend and his parents to come over for a chat. Personally, I think she has gone too far. They’re 13 and she should talk to her daughter and that’s it. More than likely these kids will stop dating within a few months anyways.

Kandi is having dinner with Todd when she brings up her mother. Something tells me Todd is not going to like this topic. She starts explaining to Todd all the negative things her mother has been saying about him and as expected, he becomes angry. He believes this is all becoming too far and thinks that if it continues it’ll be sad if Kandi looses out to a good man all because of her mom. Kandi then invites her mother over so that all three of them could talk it out.

Porsha is contemplating whether she should move out of her mothers home. When all is said and done, she realizes that she wants to stay at her moms for the time being.

Mama Joyce come’s over to Kandi’s and is ready to talk. She starts off by being extremely rude to Todd even ignoring him. Mama Joyce then brings up a friend who is Kandi’s longtime friend that also happens to work for her. Mama Joyce speculates something by saying Kandi’s friend has been hanging out around the house too much and even hanging with Todd. Mama Joyce stresses that she just wants Kandi to find a man who makes the same amount of money as her daughter does. This is just ridiculous because Kandi makes a LOT of money and a normal guy doesn’t make that much. Mama Joyce ends up saying she will be open-minded but she is still concerned about Todd and Kandi’s friend.

I think Mama Joyce doesn’t have the best interest for Kandi and in the end is going to lose her daughter. Kandi will more than likely stick with her husband (Todd-if they marry) and will have had enough of her mothers negative attitude…only time will tell. Thought’s on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I feel bad for Todd.. I agree you may not know exactly how someone is at first, but you cannot start the relationship that way without hard evidence… By being a mother you need to trust in your daughter’s opinion… I understand if Kandi was 12, but she is not. So Mama Joyce needs to bow out and not act so crazy.. it is making herself look bad, not Todd. If she really wanted to prove to people he was an ill-intentioned person, she should have backed down and let him hang himself. Instead she looked psycho!

    • The way this women talks is terrible. Who does she think she is degrading Todd like that. She also needs to get the shit out of her mouth, it’s hard to understand what she is saying. She is more concerned with Kandi’s money then she is about Kandi as a daughter.

  • Kandi needs to tell Joyce to leave and come back when she has learned some respect for Kandi and her family.

  • Mama Joyce needs to “let GO and let GOD” when it comes to Kandi’s relationship with Todd and her finances.

    I mean, is Todd any more of a gold digger than Mama Joyce is? Yes, I know she is Kandi’s mother, but Kandi does not “owe” her a living.

    Has Mama Joyce ever worked?

    Has she ever made as much as or more than Todd?

    Or is that totally out of the question for her because she is a woman and firmly believes that the “man should ALWAYS be the provider”?

    Also, hasn’t she been divorced TWICE? IF the answer is “Yes,” I’m not sure she’s really qualified to give ANYBODY any kind of relationship and/or marital advice.

    And she’s basically telling Kandi that the main/only reason people (men and women) are around her is because they want to use her financially.

    I’m sure that does wonders for Kandi’s self-esteem. It just seems like a manipulative and controlling tactic on the part of Mama Joyce.

    Kandi has already said that she believes in pre-nup’s, NO if’s, and’s or but’s. Todd has already agreed to sign a prenup. The particulars of that pre-nup are NONE of Mama Joyce’s business. I see no problem with him signing something that accounts for any losses he may sustain to his own career as a result of the marriage. I also see no problem with him wanting a share of any community property obtained during the marriage.

    If he were a woman marrying a wealthy man, no one would see a problem with it.

    Kandi is a grown woman. Yes, she may have a weakness for her romantic partner/significant other/spouse; however, she does not strike me as somebody who will be a “dummy” and a fool forever and/or who will just let someone drain her bank account “all for love.” She didn’t get where she is today by being stupid (and Mama Joyce probably had very LITTLE to do with Kandi being so financially savvy).

    And Todd has the patience of a damned SAINT!!

    I don’t know too many men who would have dealt with Mama Joyce’s nasty, rude, ugly, disrespectful behavior so gently and respectfully. MANY men would have either walked out or told Joyce to get f*cked before they walked out (and that’s not necessarily a reflection on how good the man is either. Even good dogs get tired. I mean Kroy told Kim’s parents off and put them out of their wedding and house. I thought that was taking it a bit too far, but I PROMISE you that, if Kim ever establishes a relationship with her parents again, they will NEVER again cross the line with Kroy because they now KNOW better. They may not ever LIKE him, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they will now RESPECT him — or at least PRETEND like they do!).

    Mama Joyce also seemed under the influence or like she’s in the beginning stage of some type of age-related mental decline. When my sweet-as-pie maternal grandmother started to get dementia, she started cursing people out and acting like a woman we had never before seen in our lives (It’s like all of the stuff she kept inside by being “nice” just suddenly came out, and she started telling everybody and their Mama EXACTLY what she thought about ’em. I mean, my gentle grandmother started telling her husband of over 60 years, my grandfather, how he was a “jackass,” and she was tired of his sh*t and to kiss her a*s, do it his damned self, yada, yada, yada!!! :-O It was jarring, shocking, sad and funny all at the same time. It was also the dementia. *Sigh* Then again, to hear Kandi tell it, Joyce has always been a rude and difficult B*TCH. So, it might just be her personality and have NOTHING to do with alcohol or drugs or any type of mental decline. *Sigh* Kandi needs to respectfully set boundaries with her Mom and put her a*s IN CHECK if she doesn’t want to wind up miserable.).

  • Mama Joyce needs to realize the damage she is doing to her relationship with Kandi and poisoning the mind of her granddaughter. Kandi is her own woman and has been on her own a long time. She is smart, a good business woman and a loving mother. She loves Todd deeply and trusts him and if he signs a pre-nup everything should be set. Joyce may be afraid her free meal ticket may be affected if she marries Todd. Her last gift was Kandi’s old house. How generous can a daughter be?? She loves her mother too. Wise up Mama Joyce before it is too late!!!!

    • This is obviously the relationship between Kandi and her mother. I don’t agree with how Joyce is handling it, but Kandi is allowing it. Although Kandi has been successful, her mother has been there every step of the way and she has been assisting her with raising Reiley. Sometimes I think Mama Joyce is doing Kandi’s dirty work! I personally think it was mistake for Todd and Kandi to live together. I think living together is Kandi’s comfort zone.

  • I thought that Cynthia handled the news perfectly and it was smart for her to meet his mom. I also have to say Nene’s advice was not the best, it’s very normal for 13 year olds to have boyfriends/girlfriends. At that age, it’s more about holding hands, going to movies, etc and banning your children never helps the situation because they will just sneak around behind your back. Kandi doesn’t seem to want to get married, she wasn’t taking anything seriously and was more concerned about her dip and pie. Mama joyce was out of line and Kandi will lose Todd if she doesn’t put an end to her insanity.

    • 13 year olds dating: It depends on what generation you were raised in. My parents did not believe in dating at that age. There is a lot of teenage pregnancy. We can’t prevent it, but 13 and 14 seems so young for a potential adult situation.

  • Normally, I stay out of relationships, like I don’t like anyone commenting on mine, I don’t comment on yours. Do we ever listen to good advice? NO

    Mama Joyce needs to look in the mirror, she may be Kandi’s Mother but she too benefits from Kandi’s financial success. Kandi gave her mother a home and Kandi’s Mother is married, right. So why didn’t the Mother’s husband by the home from Kandi?

    There are more women making paper than men and sometimes you don’t end up in a traditional relationship. One of my besties is an attorney, I don’t think her husband has ever had long-term job and if he got one it was because of her, she has been a judge now for over 15 years. She’d still be sitting on the bench if she were waiting for someone of her financial equal to come along.

    Kandi wouldn’t owe him anymore than what they made together so Kandi’s money is not the issue but if she wants to give it to him it is her business.

  • At some event last year when Teresa and Dina were talking, Teresa said to Dina, “Blood is thicker than water.” Dina’s reply was,”Unfortunatly Teresa,that’s not always true.” That was one of the most honest things I ever heard ANY person say.

  • I agree with some up thread that say MamaJoyce was “under the influence”. She went from rude to crazy with that whole “there ain’t no desert hot enought to keep me off your Ass” LOL. There was only water on the table, but who knows what she was drinking. 😉

    That said, I don’t know if Todd is totally above board. I do think Bravo, especially on the upcoming scenes in the first episode, is trying to make Todd seem shady. I hope Kandy is smart enough to protect her and her daughter’s interest, from the get go. I hope she doesn’t do like she did with KimZ, act on a handshake, them cry and sue later, because things didn’t go as she wanted.

    Todd is in the entertainment biz, he knows pre-nups are the norm. If he refuses to sign one, I think that should be a major red flag. Just like Todd saying “he doesn’t know what 2 years of marriage is worth” when MamaJoyce asked him, is also a red flag. I would think if your future mother in law asked you this you might say something like “I can’t think about that, I love your daughter”, blah, blah. To say “you don’t know” means you’re thinking about it. 😉

  • I don’t usually care for any of the Housewives but for some reason I do about Kandi. I want her to be happy (:

    Mama Joyce wants her daughter to be happy as well, but also, she is also concerned about her gravy train.

  • IMO Cynthia is grasping at straws for a story line here. that was completely crazy of her to invite her daughters bf mother over. They are 13, I give it a few weeks before its over. She is making it too serious and came off looking like a moron.
    I feel bad for Phadra, she needs to kick Apollos ass out maybe he can go live with Kenya in the new rented house. Phadra needs to let him slum it for awhile.
    Sorry I agree with Kandi’s mom. Todd does seem a little shady. I do think she is coming from a good place when she voices her concerns. This isn;t some friend giving unwanted advice this is her mother looking out for her daughter.

    • Hi Jen,

      Yes, yes, and yes… I agree with your post.
      Re: Cynthia. I can see her wanting to get to know the “boyfriends” mother if her daughter is going to be spending a lot of time with him…but in private, off camera, and just the two of them. I think Peter came off like an ass. JMO scaring that poor kid. Lol But then again today you never know…and I say this because I have a neighbor who her and her daughter had a child at the same time. Is that weird? No…but it was the daughters second child at age 13. yes, unfortunately not a typo. Her 13 year old daughter has a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Very sad IMO. So…
      Regarding Phaedra, yes I feel sad for her too. She may need to give Apollo the boot to see that the grass isn’t greener. I do not think he loves her the way she loves him though anyway. I’m surprised her mother the minister hasn’t come back on to give her opinion.
      and regarding Kandi. what was up with her mother? I think she hit the bottle before heading over…lol she was loud and all over the place. I totally agree she is looking out for Kandi’s best interest…but if she’s basing her dislike of Todd just by rumor alone then she needs to stop until she has proof. But like you, the more I watch the more I see something is off here. and I say that because I don’t think Kandi is so sure because she’s not really defending Todd either…so maybe she has doubts…and our “womens intuition” is normally spot on…plus how crazy mama joyce is acting she may have given Kandi proof that they cannot air yet to build up drama and they just have to go through the motions until then. Kandi may also be blinded by love and is turning a blind eye to it. Well in future previews we see a side of Kandi, like Phaedra that we haven’t seen before where she is screaming at someone like she’s about to take their head off. so we shall see.

  • Ok here is how I see this Todd vs Momma situation…
    Momma is not trying to protect her daughter..Momma is trying to protect her money train. No man will be right for her daughter because rich or poor he will have Kandi’s ear and Momma and every other cling on in Kandi’s life will protect that money train no matter if they destroy Kandi in the process. They like their situation,it’s cushy and safe. Does Momma make her own money? Does Momma own her own home? Does Momma pay her daughter any rent or any money for living in her daughters home? I say NO..and if Momma wants to keep feeding off Kandi’s teet she has to shoo away every man and any man who comes into her daughters life.
    If I could give Kandi only one piece of advice, I would tell her to ignore the advice of the people you are paying. They will never have your best interests at heart. Trust the ones who are not on your payroll. Those ones see and hear everything and have nothing to lose by being honest with you. I know you are smarter than your friends and your Momma give you credit for so… Live Girl like everyday is your last day and Love who your heart tells you to Love and tell your Momma to mind her own business and stop starting trouble…Good luck Kandi and Todd

  • If you remember in the beginning when Kandi’s mother
    found the house, she made it quite clear she wanted to live with them.At that time, Todd said something like “we need time to be alone together first as a couple.”

    I feel women don’t have to be married. If Kandi can get pregnant, she still doesn’t have to marry him
    because Todd will pull a Betheny as to make sure he gets child support.

    I don’t like the idea of Todd looking out of state for jobs. That bothers me. It usually takes three
    years married to one another to find out if the two
    are compatible.

    It was never mentioned about Rielly’s father. But the second one, I agreed with the mother. All the children…… and different mom’s. So I’m going to look at this that Kandi’s Mom might know what she’s talking about. One can kill with
    kindness instead of the way Joyce is behaving. Kandi
    should have stopped Joyce and told her to please leave.
    I don’t like this plot at all.

  • Just my opinion she come off as angry woman/ mean spirit who need to go to GOD and clean up her past about men/ people. Plus she look or acted like she had been drinking / drunk also she must remember thst she is in the public eye

  • I have been wondering if we are going to have to take the Melissa,Joe,Teresa route to get to the end of the Phaedra,Kenya,Apollo road of truth? If so, please stop the Marta so I can get off, now.

  • Good Lawd…Here we go again.
    How long is this Apollo textgate and Kandi/Todd Momma Joyce marriage b.s. gonna drag out? Lol Each week the last 5 minutes and previews will lead us to believe we will finally have the answers…until the finale. Thus leaving us with unanswered questions. Did Todd or Apollo cheat?
    Then it will be addressed at the reunion only once again dancing around the issues. Then Andy will read off viewers questions and on to the next topic. Leaving us like WTF? ;p My opinion of why on Kandi’s drama? To lead up to Kandi’s spinoff wedding show.
    I can see all of this building up to get you hooked to watch if Kandi and Todd make it down the aisle (sp?). So we will have to tune into that show to see if it happened. Oy’Vay
    Regarding Kenya/Apollo/Phaedra…the same thing…only I’m not sure what type of spinoff show they could make unless it Phaedra possibly planning Kenya’s funeral 😀 But seriously, Phaedra needs to either put Apollo on a short leash or cut him loose. I just got the feeling that Kenya is just a smoke screen for other women. Regardless if they hooked up or not…they should have never been texting each other . Period!
    IMO This show is getting frustrating like New Jersey. All of that twitter and tabloid alleged rumors that never turn into anything and we will never know the answer. Once again to get us to tune into the next season hoping it will all come out then. Again, just my opinion of how previous storylines play out.

  • my first time commenting on here. huge fan of all the housewives since the very beginning. anyways… was it just me or did anyone else think mama Joyce was under the influence? she was all sorts of crazy. I feel so bad for Todd. kandi needs to shut it down with her mom and live her life! mama Joyce is crazy for thinking kandi can find a man that makes more than her and “provide”. she should support her daughter. she’s a smart business woman.. she will take care of herself. mama needs to step back and worry about herself and decorating her new to her house.

    • Cupcake, There is definitely something off about mama joyce. Not sure if she was UTI last night or maybe she is just a nut job. I do hope todd is in love with kandi and not her checkbook. I have some doubt about todd’s intentions. Joyce still needs to keep her craziness to herself.

  • Joyce and her absurdities have gone too far! I refuse to believe she’s THAT stupid but rather following the losing Bravo ricic formula for drama.

  • Team Fair is so right! Ms Joyce is totally out of line!
    Kandi needs to put her foot down & shut it down, its almost as if Bravo producer’s have their smudge hands in this. If not, kandi needs to take control and just shut it down. Now, having said that, it seems next episode that that girl gets it on with ms Joyce at the bridal boutique, let’s hope the rumors aren’t true. At this point I’m liking Todd.

    • Hi Lola

      i agree with you i just can’t not like NeNe no matter how much Ph pisses me off she’s hilarious and like you i don’t judge NeNe as harshly as i do any over HW i just LOVE the women, her one liners her expressions she’s gold

  • I agree with everyone about Joyce. (I’m too irritated with her to call her “mama.” Kandi needs to tell her mother that this is HER life and if she makes a mistake it will be HER mistake. Maybe she should threaten to stop being her meal ticket! She’ll probably hush right up.
    Also, I like Nene but she has gone too Hollywood. I guess she’s too “rich bi#ch” to do her own grocery shopping, acting all Oprah like. “a hot pocket??? I haven’t seen these in years!!” Plus, I wouldn’t be too keen to take mothering advice from her either….how many times has her oldest been to jail, and how many baby mamas??…..just sayin’.

    • Nene seemed to me like she was being extremely humble at first this season and back to her old HILLARIOUS self but how she insulted Kenya’s apartment last week I was like OH THIS BITCH STILL THINK SHE’S RICH.

      Nene is the definition of someone who acts brand new. She was a stripper and worked hard to provide … Then she’s with Greg and loses her humblility. She gets on RHOA acts ratchet but then gets a Hollywood gig and she acts like she’s above all. I LOVE Nene …. Like the girls or not Kim Zolciak, Nene, (queen) Teresa, and Danielle Staub put the housewives on the map!!!! I just think Nene acts wayyy too brand new.

      • Lol i get what you mean bout NeNe but i still love her she’s hilarious & IMO i think she acts that way coz she’s only takin the piss outta her self (kinda making fun of herself)or not really taking herself all that serious bout the comments she makes.

        But yep all the women you mentioned do make the shows their on.

      • I wonder why people always bring up the fact that Nene was a stripper over 17 years ago. What does that have to do with the validity of her advice. I personally think that Gregg does the grocery shopping. My dad does the grocery shoppping and he does a lot of the cleaning around the house. It really depends on the household!
        I also think people take Nene too seriously. Cynthia brought it up and Nene simply gave her an opinion.

      • I have a “Brokeback Mountain”-type of relationship with Nene.

        No matter how much she gets on my nerves at times, I just can’t seem to “quit” that b*tch!! 😉

        I’ve always been a sucker for people that can make me laugh, though. And, flaws aside, Nene can still make me laugh out loud (even when I’m pissed off at her and her hypocrisy and her acting “brand new”).

        • I feel the same way Lola! Sometimes Nene is sooo irritating, but she makes for good TV! Her one liners are the best. She’s very sassy and witty!

          • Yep. She can be downright hilarious. I mean, the way she was just opening up tomatoes and eating them in the store; salivating over “Hot Pockets” like she’d never seen them before; and saying she’d tell Brent to “see his a*s to his bedroom and see his damned books” if he asked her to “see” a girl….I LOL’ed at all of it.

            Nene’s like the ex- that you KNOW can be bad for you.

            Yet, somehow, if you’re single, and he’s single, and he pops on over unexpectedly….your clothes magically fall off, and you end up thinking, “How did this happen?” afterward.


            Every time I think I am going to “break up” with Nene, she pulls me back in (like the damned Mafia)!

        • I agree wit hyou on this one 100%.

          Nene no matter how ridiculous always manages to make me laugh, sometimes even with her facial gestures, so I cut her a lot of slack.

          • Yep.

            I let Nene get away with MURDER because she’s so damned funny! I judge other housewives MUCH more harshly than I do her. It’s totally unfair. And I KNOW this.

            But there it is….

            I just can’t “quit” her. 😉

  • Kandi’s mother is truly the MOST disrespectful person I have witness. The moment Kandi told Ms. Joyce that Todd is the ONE then her comments should have been SHUT DOWN!

    Just goes to show you how little Joyce respects Kandi and only worried about herself and whether or not the money train (Kandi) will stop!!

    Besides, I was done with Ms. Joyce when she LIED on Riley about Riley’s feelings and thoughts regarding Todd!

    Note To Joyce: NEVER, bring children into an disagreement!

  • Joyce was so far over the line with her attitude and demands! I too think Kandi supports mama Joyce’s lifestyle and mama is more concerned that her checks keep coming versus her daughter’s happiness.

    Joyce should hit the road for about six months and she can return when she wants to act like a self sufficient, loving and supportive parent instead of a ranting, rude psycho. I think Joyce is afraid of any person that is going to open Kandi’s eyes to how borderline abusive and controlling Joyce is and that is why she attacks anyone that gets close to Kandi. Ultimately this is Kandi’s fault for letting her mom treat her and the people she cares for this way for so long. I hope this season is eye opening viewing for Kandi.

    Also – watching tonight and seeing the show feature real problems, relationships, work issues…is 100% the reason why Atlanta has double the tv ratings of RHBH. BH is just fake, staged mean girl drama and producer created lunches and dinners for mean girls to attack or cry victim, while Atlanta just keeps it more real and let’s the camera role. Bravo needs to wake up and follow Atlanta’s lead or just cancel the other cities.

    • Amen! The ATL women are sucessful self suffient woman who have real lives we get to watch, ITA about the other franchises taking a note from these ladies! I wonder if the same producers are involved in all the franchises? Because Atlanta just seems to me to have a whole different vibe to it…

      • Hi Zoe

        i don’t think they are the same producers i could be wrong but the NJ & BH i believe hv the same producers hence all the BS & partially scripted drama

    • I agree, Atlanta is looking to be my favorite this season. They franchises do have different production groups…I just don’t know who covers who. They are all annoying though with dragging out the storylines 😀
      BH was really strange this past episode IMO though. There was quite a few times when the girls were in the middle of arguing, then they stared at each other, and all you heard were “crickets” for like 5 seconds. Like they were really annoyed with each other as well as trying to keep up with the fake b.s scripted luncheon fights and didn’t know what to say or forgot whose turn it was…and were annoyed with that as well. Like ok I did my part…who goes next? It was just very weird.

    • Hi Happy,

      ITA, particularly with your last paragraph.

      The women of RHOA seem to have more to offer than just petty B.S. and all organizing to “take out” the fan favorite (the way the women seem to do on the other franchises).

      I mean, it’s clear to me that the majority of the women do NOT like Kenya.

      However, they don’t all organize to “gang-up” on and bully and take her down, all the while trying to convince the viewers that she is the devil incarnate (via coordinated blogs and spending a large amount of time talking about her in their own individual Talking Heads).

      They just basically refuse to film with her a*s.


      So, she’s forced to film with bit players like Lawrence, a “rent-a-boyfriend” (although we haven’t seen him this season. He’s just some phantom Nigerian prince….), and a family member or two. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard she was so desperate that she recruited Marlo to film with her this season (in an effort to have a storyline and someone who will agree to film with her. I hope Marlo doesn’t end up turning on her or stabbing her or anything. I mean, Marlo does have a propensity for violence, as evidenced by her extensive criminal background and assorted mugshots, hence the nickname she has on some urban blogs, “Mugshot Marlo.”).

      RHOA is my favorite right now.

  • That old hag is a nasty piece of work. I could only understand half of the stuff she was saying but what I was able to comprehend was downright disgusting and disrespectful. It’s obvious she could care less for her own daughter, she’s only interested in her meal ticket. She was seething with anger befoore she even got there. Greed at its finest. Even the way she hovered over her meal, and stuffed her nasty mouth with that pie just turned my stomach.

    Hats off to Todd for sitting through that dinner and taking it without losing his cool. I would’ve left before I shoved that pie in her face or worse! And, if I were Kandy, I would’ve told her to leave.

    • ITA !!! She looked like a greedy senile old hag and I’d’ve thrown her ass out of there. I’d be so embarrassed to have my mother acting that way on national tv and then saying well she’s my mom there’s nothing I can do about it. I hope everyone joyce sees gives her hell about the way she’s acting. She looks like a damn fool. I think it’s time for a checkup–she needs some meds or something.

    • LMAO shoved that pie in her face i would’ve loved to see Todd do that she certainly deserves it.

      Just goes to show what a gentleman Todd is and respects Khandi ecnough not to do it coz if does love her regardless of her $$

      And totally agree momma Joyce is the money hungry one not Todd

  • Mamma Joyce is so annoying. She definitely seems like she’s the money hungry one. Not Todd. Poor Kandi. I’d be ashamed if she was my mom. All I’ve seen her do is tear Kandi down & not lift her up.

  • I noticed that Todd never says he’s in love with Kandi! And him refusing to sign a Prenuptial Agreement, just rubs me the wrong way! Somethings not right! Be blessed Kandi! <3

    • I’ve read your other comments. You are very rude and take these shows way too seriously. What’s with you bringing religion into a simple comment?

    • I am not 100% sure he is refusing to sign a prenup, Kandi would be crazy to marry without one, but I just think that for right now he doesn’t want to discuss the prenup with mama Joyce, which of course is his right, but Todd most definitely needs to take the necessary steps to protect himself but he can’t even pretend that there will be no prenup.
      Todd’s lawyer and Kandi’s lawyer need to get together and work something that is fair for both of us, of course realizing that Kandi has a whole load of money and Todd has none.

      • I read on i think it was SH. That Todd won’t be signing a pre-nup but who knows if that’s true it could just be a rumor if it is true that is Def a red flag.

        I understand Khandi loves him but a few yrs down the track if the marriage doesn’t work she’ll be kicking herself.

        I truly hope for her sake if does love her signs a pre-nup & their marriage works.

        No matter who it is i wouldn’t wish a divorce or loss of anything on anyone

    • Kandi has a very unhealthy relationship with her mother, maybe because her mother was there to support her and raise Riley when the father bailed out, but mama Joyce needs to understand that there are ways to deliver the same message without looking like a mad woman.
      The only one who can change this relationship is Kandi, whether is with Todd or anybody else, she needs to set some bounderies between her and her mother.

  • I understand that Kandi’s mother loves her and wants the best for her daughter, because she doesn’t want her to be taken advantage of but she needs to realize her daughter is a grown,successful, and intelligent woman. Who has made it this far in life and can make her own life choices and decisions regarding her love life. Kandi is clearly not foolish enough to take care of a man and let him suck her dry financially. I honestly feel like her mom at this point is the one who just wants Kandi’s money.

    • Chanel

      In my earlier post thats what i was trying 2 say her that IMO her mom wants the money or doesn’t want 2 share the money with anyone.

      But this stupid auto correct completely changed what i was trying 2 say

    • I am always leery of “nice guys”, especially ones like Todd who were living with a girlfriend one week and then suddenly fell in love and move in with the other girl (kandi) the following week.

      The truth of the matter is that strong business women are also needy, they need love, they need support just like any other person if not more, “nice guys” know they can’t do anything for them financially so they pander to their emotional needs usually to get what they want, the same way they give support and affection, they withdraw it conveniently to get what they want. Strong business women are use to financial success most times sacrificing the emotional side and then when they find a “nice guy” they are willing to do almost anything to keep them with her because it makes them feel like they got it all.

      There are millions of articles talking about “nice guys”, here is just one of them.

      • you know how that saying goes “nice guys always finish last”. I cannot stand when so called “nice guys” use that as an excuse. there was a famous person (I think comedian) that talked about that on tv. I wish I remembered who it was but the topic was nice guys and she said if a guy thinks he’s so nice and that is why he can’t get a date then more than likely he is not nice. there are many guys that pretend to be “nice” but underneath it all they’re manipulative douchebags. so yeah I’m with you. I’m a bit leery when it comes to a self proclaimed “nice guy”.

    • IMO i think momma Joyce is a little she wants Khandi & Khandi to herself maybe she thinks if Khandi gets married esp to a guy who’s not as wealthy as Khandi she may not get spoilt or have her allowance but down that’s if she gets one again only my opinion i do think Khandi does help her mom out financially i know i would.

      I feel so bad for Todd he seems to me like a nice guy & not engaged to Khandi for her money, plus Khandi is a gr8 a business women she’ll Def have a pre-nup signed by Todd.

      As for Phaedra she did handle it well i prob would’ve done the same except not ruin a nice date out with my hubby, other than that she’s done well.


      as for Apollo yes he is in the wrong and most men do need to hear it from other men so good for peter telling him how it is her that Apollo was wrong if either should’ve text Kenya back i don’t think its appropriate of you texting me plz stop, then call t
      his wife or tell her soon as he gets home esp he knows 1 Phaedra is not good Kenya 2 Phaedra doesn’t like any women or Apollo talking/flirting with other women

      • Sorry guys for all the auto correct hope you got the gist of what Im trying to say.

        Can’t be bothered to re right it again lol

    • I think it’s both. One, she was rude and I think that she doesn’t trust men at all (where is her and Kandi’s father or stepfather) I bet it was ALL THE MANS FAULT IN HER LIFE. If she was like this with her husband no wonder he left. And I believe that he is in it for the money and Kandi’s mother knows alot more, and here’s why. Any other man who was called a “stepdown” for her daughter and that he couldn’t afford a ring on international television would have told her off.

      They would have said you know what Joyce, your right I’m not good for your daughter and I’ll leave. I won’t be insulted. I also think that Kandi is using her mother passive aggressively to say the things that she doesn’t want to say. She could have stopped what her mother was saying but she didn’t, she didn’t even stand up for her man when he was being talked to like that. I don’t like Kandi because she’s highly passive aggressive and she got her clocked cleaned by Kim who was more so in the PA than her and she didn’t know what to do.

      Todd is in it for the money because he took it, pure and simple. You may say that he loves her and that is why he didn’t say anything, that’s bullshit. Because eventually she and him will be family in their minds and in so doing like Peer said to Apollo if my wife don’t like you I don’t like and vice versa. And if Todd is getting hurt she should have shut it down with the mother and say dinner is over. He didn’t do anything because of the fear of upsetting the apple cart that is Kandi and her money.

      • I agree Buck Henry! He is totally about the money. He told her a couple of episodes ago that if they had a baby it would have to be with a surrogate because he didn’t want her to gain weight. He just doesn’t seem like he loves her. The way he looks at her does look like he is totally in love with her. I just don’t see the love. He also brought up if it doesn’t work out what will he have. And he has said twice now that he wouldn’t sign a pre nup. IMO he is a gold digger!!!

        • All I’m gonna say is I don’t think Todd was driving a Range Rover before he got with Kandi. Being her live I boyfriend has some great benefits. If he won’t sign a pre-nup that’s a huge red flag. I think her mama has the right to be worried about this. I see next she goes after Kandi’s friend so she’s just not pissed at Todd. She’s pissed at both of the people she thinks is doing her daughter wrong.

          • He never said he wouldn’t get a prenup. He just refused to discuss that with Joyce. It’s none of her business what the terms of their marriage are. The only one that’s concerned about money here is Joyce. She clearly is concerned she won’t be getting as huge of a chunk of Kandi’s money anymore. She doesn’t care about her daughter’s happiness she cares for her money.

      • how exactly was he supposed to take her insults? he can’t yell at her or cuss her out because overall joyce is kandi’s mother and he still has to show some type of respect, even though he’s getting none in return. I think he handled joyce very well. I think joyce wanted him to get angry and it didn’t work. he acted like how a mature man should act. it wouldn’t matter if it was todd or another man. joyce would never approve of anyone man with kandi.

        I think it was insane for joyce to be angry at todd just because he doesn’t make a lot of money and can’t provide for kandi. who in the world can provide for kandi? she’s rich and nobody can match her amount. kandi can provide for herself. she’s been taking care of herself for years and obviously doesn’t need someone else to provide for her.

        kandi needs to put her foot down and tell her mom thanks for the concern but I’m going to live my life and stop meddling in it.

        • “how exactly was he supposed to take her insults”

          I think considering how irrational mama Joyce was, he took it like a champ, now he knows what her worries are and if he loves Kandi he will do the right thing and make an appointment with Kandi’s lawyer so they can work out a prenup that protects Kandi’s fortune, in that way she shiuts up the rumors that he is there just for the money. That is the only thing he can do to prove that he is there for Kandi and not for her money.

      • Buck,
        Always the voice of reason. I totally agree!!

        I feel Kandi’s mom wants nothing more for her to be happy. She must see something in Todd that the viewers don’t.

      • I am suspicious about Todd’s real motives here. I want to believe that he is really madly in love with Kandi because Kandi deserves a man who loves her just for who she is. The only way for Todd to prove that love is if he signs a pre-nup where he walks out with only what he brought to the union which is almost nothing, if he never walks away then he gets to enjoy all what Kandi has, that would shut up mama Joyce and show Kandi that he is thee for her and not her money.

        As much as I like Todd, I also know that the guys you have to be the most careful about are those nice ones, they know how to play the game, the know the right things to say, but then when it goes down, they become all about the money.

        However I just can’t any good excuse for mama Joyce’s behavior, that was awful, if anything she came out looking crazy and made it easy for Kandi to walk away from her and if in fact that is what Todd wants, then she just play into his hands. Mama Joyce came with an agenda but it was not the smartest move.

        • Even if Mama Joyce has doubts about Todd, her behaviour was ridiculous and over the top! But i have to admit, it was kind of funny. She really is a handful!

          • It WAS funny (but that’s only because neither I nor someone about whom I care was on the receiving end of it. 😉 ).

          • Kandi is the only one who can put an stop to her mom meddling into her life, she is a grown up woman and needs to set bounderies. I thought my mom was strong and determined, but never even would she have behaved like that, ever.

      • Good points Buck

        I just don’t see Todd as a golddigger, but it’s always good to read someone else point of view.

        Esp the part where you said Khandi didn’t shut it down coz she does believe or think what her mom says