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Ana Quincoces Slams Lisa Hochstein For Her ‘Cuban Bashing,’ Exposes Marysol Patton; And Says Lea Black Tried Hard To Disprove Allegations!

The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 2

Ana Quincoces left season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami with an explosive reunion (that edited out all the juicy drama), and it left viewers concerned as to why she didn’t appear on season 3. Ana Quincoces has now taken time out to answer the many questions that fans have asked since her departure of the show. She has written a blog on her website to explain her argument with Lea at the reunion, Lisa’s racial Cuban remarks, and why she no longer wants Marysol in her life! Check it OUT

Reality Bites: Hard

Before I address a few things let me say this: I have no regrets about having participated in The Real Housewives of Miami. It has opened doors and created amazing opportunities for me and my daughters. In fact, I believe it has opened doors for everyone- sadly not everyone has known how to walk through them.

As promised, I am writing this blog to clear up some things once and for all:
First, I am not bitter that I am no longer a “housewife”. It is an unfortunate reality that this show did not perform as expected. Maybe it failed to provide that magic element that makes a show a hit. But I have been quite satisfied sitting on the sidelines. All season I felt like I had dodged a bullet, and I am grateful that my airtime was significantly reduced. Had it been up to me, I would not have appeared at all this season, particularly since I was not given a voice.

Another matter that merits addressing is the Cuban bashing by Lisa this season. It was uncalled for and it is unacceptable. If you have a problem with the Cuban community, perhaps Miami is not the place for you. There were at least 3 instances where she mentioned Cubans in a derogatory way. The look on her face and the disparaging manner with which she said “Cuban” coupled with the mocking and deliberate mispronunciation of my last name (she said it correctly many times) is a testament to her bias. Had there been 3 African American women on the show, I doubt Lisa would have indulged her political incorrectness.

Saying someone is part of a “Cuban gang” is the equivalent of saying someone is part of a “Black gang”- and you can be certain that would never be televised. Other than her disdain for Cubans, I have no real issues with Lisa. She is someone who has not accomplished very much in her life, at least not yet. I hope she realizes one day that life is about more than partying, plastic surgery, and Birkins. Much more.

An issue that has come up on occasion is the nonsense of me supposedly attacking Lea’s son. From what I have seen RJ is a smart, good natured young man. I would never attack a child. I am saddened that anyone would say that my “socially awkward” comment was directed at him. I was defending my daughters from a comment Lea made (that did not air, of course) about my girls being “socially inept potty mouths who would never marry”. Truth be told, it is those people who believed the comment to be about RJ that should be ashamed. It is those people who labeled him, not me.

Furthermore, when I uttered the words “socially awkward” Lea merely rolled her eyes (she knew exactly to what I was referring) yet everything else I said incensed her to the point that she had to dramatically stand up and point fingers to retort. If she thought I was referring to RJ, would she not have lunged at me in his defense? She has certainly lunged at others for a lot less.

As far as last year’s reunion is concerned, I did not “act out” to secure another season. Frankly, I never thought my role was in jeopardy. Maybe I was naïve, but I felt that my storyline along with my beautiful, smart, and interesting (albeit sometimes inappropriate) daughters was enough.

What you saw at the reunion was nothing more than my reaction to some facts, some rumors, and a whole lot of strategically planted information. Add to that my insatiable quest for truth and justice- and the result is… well, explosive. Needless to say, a reunion couch is no courtroom, Andy is no judge, and perhaps most importantly, trials are never ever edited. Regrets? None. Lesson learned? Absolutely.

Lea went through a lot of trouble this season to debunk the statements I made at last season’s reunion. Her attempts to address my “allegations” head on did more to solidify my position than to disprove it. And let me tell you what my point was once and for all:

I never said Lea didn’t work hard, I said she had the help of men along the way. For example, her partner Al Perkins (now deceased) and with whom she was romantically involved,,,20105209,00.html either provided the seed money for her “cosmetics empire” or was an expert in under eye concealer. I’m willing to bet it was the former. She even admits that she remained in a relationship with Perkins until a few months after she went out to dinner with Roy “to reminisce about the trial”.

Ultimately, her cosmetics line (started decades ago) would not have all but disappeared from the market had it been as successful as she claims. Let’s face it, Lea is no Estee Lauder, but I do give her credit for trying. It is certainly more than a lot of the other ladies have done. Because I was not present at the reunion and many of you are curious, let me address the state of my relationships with the other ladies and what this show has taught me about friendship and loyalty.

People who want to be on TV will do anything to do so, at the expense of their friendships, at the risk of being exploited or exploitive, and most importantly, at the expense of their own dignity. Perhaps they will never have another opportunity to quench their thirst for the spotlight. I have no real animosity towards any of these ladies, I even consider a couple of them friends, but I certainly would not call on any of them if I needed a kidney transplant.

While I spent many an episode last year defending Marysol, she and I are no longer friends. There was no dramatic fallout or any one explosive altercation; just the quiet, slow, and painful disintegration of what I believed was a true friendship, and the realization that I had been duped.

Not only did I embrace Marysol’s friendship, I made her part of my family (as many can attest). I included her in every birthday celebration, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years, Groundhog Day, you name it. If there was a meal or a celebration, Marysol was included.

Marysol doesn’t know how to be a friend, at least not in the true sense of the word. Perhaps her reluctance to defend me at Thomas Kramer’s dinner should have been a clue. Sure she’ll invite you to parties and events (with invites she garners by using the “housewives” moniker), but don’t expect loyalty. Loyalty is not Marysol’s strong suit. Yes, I was warned. Not only by Lea and Elaine but by many people around town who know her well. Even Mama Elsa’s insistence on maintaining a friendship with Lea, her daughter’s nemesis, was very telling. But still, I didn’t believe them. I was certain they were wrong. I am, after all, a great judge of character. Aren’t I?

Not long after we started filming Season 2, I became close with Marysol. I didn’t know her well before RHOM, I only knew of her because of the events she organized around town. I was very flattered by Marysol’s interest in my friendship. Like children in a playground, we all like to be invited into the sandbox. Little did I realize that she was simply creating alliances for this “game” I now jokingly refer to as “Survivor: Socialite Edition”.

Once Marysol and I were downgraded- something that relieved me tremendously but devastated her greatly, she began to position herself as an instrumental part of every fulltime housewives storyline. Well, at least those who would have her. She began to share confidential information which I had entrusted to her with producers to leverage her position. She excluded me as often as she could, but much worse, she failed to include me when she easily could have. She knew that eliminating me would ensure that she had more airtime. I found her disloyalty painful but I continued to be friendly with her despite her antics. After all, she was keeping me from being on a show I had very little interest in anymore.

She called production constantly looking for ways to be included in that day’s shoot. She called on people like Lauren Foster (a well-known GLAAD activist and former VOGUE model) to serve as her prop. And anyone who knows Lauren Foster can agree, she is nobody’s prop. That relationship has since ended as well. She even went on WWHL and told Andy that her father had asked Elsa to remarry him. Marry? Did they even get divorced? As of Nov 12, 2013 the answer to that is a resounding no. The case is nowhere near final judgment and has been ongoing since October 2011. Did she learn nothing from the Adrianna debacle?

Marysol seemed determined to get back to full time status at any cost. Her biggest concern was getting a frail Mama Elsa out of the hospital so that she could film with her. After all, Andy loves Elsa and the viewers adore her. But after having a serious stroke and brain surgery at her advanced age, filming a reality show could not have been Elsa’s top priority and certainly not that of her medical team. Who knows, perhaps some YouTube video with a bedridden Elsa will emerge debunking this statement. I think the video of a very sick Mr. Patton at this year’s reunion (which by the way, proved nothing) exemplifies the lengths Marysol will go to appear “relevant” (the most overused word in the housewife lexicon).

The final straw was when she contacted my friend and fellow lawyer directly because I had not set her up on a date with him like she had repeatedly requested (he was in a relationship at the time). She lied to him and put me in an awkward and embarrassing position and later denied it. I have since cleared the air with my friend; in fact, we managed to find humor in her delusional behavior and lies. This final act made it abundantly clear that Marysol was not the kind of person I wanted in my life. The games and nonsense surrounding the show are one thing, interfering with my personal and business relationships is quite another. That is where I draw the line.

One thing I have learned by being in the public eye is that it is impossible to please everyone. There will be those who criticize me for sharing this. There will be those who will criticize me for not showing up at the reunion. Some will even accuse me of sharing this to make myself more, wait for it RELEVANT. The reality is that my fans, those who interact with me on social media, those who attend my events, and those who have really followed the trajectory of my career know that being “relevant” on RHOM is number 1,000,000,000 on the list of the things I care about. More importantly, the fans that tweet me, Facebook and Instagram message me, and email me on a daily basis have a right to know the truth.

Finally, let me say that you are the absolute best fans in the world. I am humbled by your loyalty and tenacity. I am blessed to have you on my side celebrating every victory, consoling me during difficult times, defending my position, offering sage advice, and generally adding joy to my life. I always say that you make me want to be a better me. I want to live up to your high standards and expectations, I hope I have not disappointed.

I am at a wonderful place in my life right now. I, like many of you, have had my share of heartache and disappointment- but there was always a light at the end of the tunnel beckoning me and encouraging me to power through. It was worth the effort. I feel lucky, I feel blessed. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. I will continue to keep you abreast of my wedding plans, my books, my food line, and my upcoming TV projects. I hope that you will keep me abreast of all the blessings in your life too.

With love and gratitude,

I am actually very shocked about the things Ana has claimed Marysol has done to stay “relevant” on the show. Do you guys agree with what Ana had to say? Are you surprised?

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  • Can someone start a petition to get Anna back? I don’t understand why she wasn’t given enough airtime she can go toe to toe with Leah black I mean that’s amazing that woman gets away with everything and Anna sure knows how to put everyone on check. Anna is the smartest and the most real person in housewife history She keeps it 100! Everyone is intimidated by her that’s the only reason why I believe she was announced that and I believe Andy knows that I don’t understand how he wouldn’t care about all the drama all of the RealTalkNY could come out tonight from having this person on the show it doesn’t make any sense I think that this show is losing the ratings and I’m kind of tired about a Joanna and Adriana fighting

  • Ana, darling, don’t fret about any of this nonsense. Just continue to do what you do best, line your eyes with such a heavy hand that an image of a raccoon instantly comes to mind. Shudder, you sure look scary.

  • The only thing I ever took away while watching Ana in any of her scenes is that she tried desperately to pretend she was ok with her husband leaving her and dating younger women. It was kinda sad actually. She always has this harsh, hard scowl on her face. IMO she adds nothing to the show and I’m glad they got her off.

  • Why are you still talking? You’re not on the show, so shut up and go away. You looked like the nasty, pathetic piece of work that you ARE with your attacks at the reunion. You are so irrelevant and BORING!

    • Actually Ana was a cast member this season, she just wasn’t a fulltime Housewife. Unfortunately, Bravo didn’t give her a blog for the show, and her contract didn’t allow her to blog. So now that her contract is up, she decided to blog. What is wrong with that?

      She appeared on several episodes, but wasn’t able to explain things like the other ladies. Isn’t it only fair that she take the time to explain things?

  • @LookersMelissaMelissa- whom are you addressing? If me, no I am NOT Ana. The creator of this blog and forum can attest to that! Roxan please clarify you’ve heard me on WWHL 3 times and I am just simply a fan stating my opinion. Your handle screams desperate and “basic”! Please….using the old Melissa story as your handle and you’re hating on fans?! Please look in the mirror and reevaluate yourself! Also, you must not have a career or know the meaning of professionalism as the way you write and language is questionable.

  • Pfffft you responded how many times defending this cankled boring basic bitch? Lolol this is DEF Ana and if it’s not, dude, you have got some SERIOUS issues. Your behavior explains the word “fan” shirt for FANATIC. You crazy girl.

    • I’m not Ana. Even though I do have a residence in South Florida, the admin can attest to the fact that my ISP comes out of the state of Tennessee.

  • I am happy Ana wrote this blog after the season ended. She is on the cast page for Season 3 and only expressed her opinion on Twitter. I wanted to hear her side all season, so I am happy she took the time to write to her fans.

    She was my favorite on the franchise. I wish her the best. She is above the rest of this cast (except Alexia). So happy she did not attend the reunion.

  • I really like Ana; I feel she has been the most down to earth and believable Housewife of all the franchises. She is extremely well spoken and her self esteem and assurance of herself is scary! Meaning, she is so secure with who she is and that came across to me when she was on the show. Did anyone see ‘The View’ that she was a guest host for an episode? She was amazing and actually extremely poised. I think she is too real for these shows. Meaning, she isn’t crazy over the top or super flashy. She is a normal strong woman with an established career and hobbies she’s made into businesses. I also feel Alexia is almost too real and has similar qualities; she is the most relatable to me. I love the way RHOM was shot this year; they made the city a beautiful backdrop but it also took away from the core of the show, the ladies. However I do think this season helped this show. Joanna is psycho! Seriously she is a loose cannon and I find her to be offensive. I wouldn’t be able to stand filming with her. She tries to be the Brandi of the RHOM by being unfiltered. What she said to Lisa at the reunion was disgusting and vile. No woman should ever go after her for not being able to conceive, so gross and I literally felt sick. I agree that Marysol at the reunion came across desperate. Elsa has been the backbone of the show previously; at least for Andy I think. They know she was TV gold and Marysol was able to ride her coat tails. I like her but she isn’t outrageous enough for the show.

  • She’s holding on to that Cuban comment for dear life! Good grief woman, let it go. After I saw how she acted at last year’s reunion (didn’t watch this last season), I really do not care for her or what she has to say.

  • Well, alrighty then….

    Ana is an excellent writer.

    She “read” Lisa; “read” Lea; and “DRAGGED” Marysol “for filth.”

    As one who can appreciate someone who is skilled in the art of “reading,” I’m quite impressed.

    As one who likes Lisa and Marysol (I don’t know why, but Lea Black gives me bad vibes. I have no REAL reason. I just feel like — in real life — I would NOT like her and TELL her so), I’m not quite sure how to feel (because Ana made some good points. Is everything she saying about Marysol, true? Or is from her own biased perspective? Who knows? It’s all certainly food for thought, though.). *Sigh*

    • What I don’t like about Lea is that she likes to pretend that she is SELF MADE. Ana, really exposed the fact that she is not. She’s had the help of a lot of men.

      She did not make millions of dollars by pushing cold creams. She got lucky and snagged a high priced lawyer that represents the rich and famous and has been involved in several high-profile cases, and is featured in the media.

      She needs to just own it. That is one thing I DO respect about Lisa. She owns the fact that her husband provides for her.

  • I love Ana!!

    Shes smart and witty.

    If Ana would of been on the show the whole dynamic would of been different.

  • “Saying someone is part of a “Cuban gang” is the equivalent of saying someone is part of a “Black gang””

    LOL she is dumb… Cuban is a nationality, Black is a skin color. Not the same! It was annoying with Alexia was calling Lisa racist, Cuban ISN’T a race!

  • Her asseration that the use of the word “Cuban” is an insult says more about her state of mind than it does about Lisa for using it. Ana is the one labeling Cubans.

    • Thank you. That is how I took it from the first time she slammed her for saying it. If she does not like Lisa ” keep it real” and just say you dont like her. No need for this merry-go round.

        • Jamaican in the sense she was born there or her mother was born there, I can’t remember which one. She is not Jamaican in the sense that she is of African descent.

      • It’s because we have already, as a society, made the word “black” an insult, which is ridiculous and insulting in and of itself. It’s a descriptive word. If anything is an insult it would be the term “gang.” We need to stop making the mer mention of race, religion, sexuality, etc an insult. It’s causing more harm than good. The mere mention of race is considered racist and it’s stopping real discussion about real issues.

        Ana focusing on the word “Cuban” is making Lisa the bad guy in this situation, rather than focusing on the word “gang” which would require her, and the others, to examine their behavior.

      • And you know this Ana..I mean “pfft” how??? Stfu you sound like an ignorant racist idiot! Why would they not show her calling a group a black gang??? They acted like an ignorant bully gang, who just so happened to be Cuban. Ana is just insecure bc Cubans aren’t given much respect amongst non Cubans in Miami. Lisa doesn’t have to move ANYwhere. She’s actually much more loved, has many more friends and family and people who love her than Ana what’s her name. You people don’t see ANY of Lisa’s real friends on the show. The fact that pfft…oops I mean Ana felt “special” bc Marysol wanted to befriend her says ALOT. How pathetically predictable though. We knew you didn’t have many friends Ana.

    • Great point. Its merely a description. Like the “talls”. The “shorts”. “Blondes” vs “brunettes” that we have seen on the othee housewife shows.

  • Um, you were NOT devastated to be released and Marysol was. Yet, YOU are the one who is still writing blogs on your personal blog site about the show? I thinks not.

  • I really liked Ana on the show. I still don’t understand why she was practically excluded from this past season by the producers. She for sure had a story to tell, one that was authentic and not polluted by petty bs. I enjoyed watching the relationship she had with her girls and soon-to-be ex. And I also enjoyed her point of view. Being a first generation Latino American, she was really enticing to watch. I think that the Latino culture is something that is really missing in the franchise and it was nice to see a woman of that culture be a successful and intelligent lawyer and individual. Given all the stereotypes of Latinos, I think she was a good voice.

    That being said, I had a great feeling about RHOM, but this season was lackluster to say the least. I think injecting Ana and other women similar to her persona onto the show would have grounded it better. All the ladies, including Lisa whom I love, play too much of a wildcard for me. I think the producers should look at the success of RHOA. The reason why its still a big hit is bc it has a specific audience AND at the same time entices people who know very little or are not familiar with the African-American culture in the ATL. Producers have an amazing opportunity in Miami to introduce a subculture that not many people in America are familiar with, given how small the city is as well. I’m not saying throw in a bunch of Cubans and call it a day, but the show should embrace the Latino subculture in Miami. That would be the formula that would fascinate viewers and ultimately bring in the ratings.

    I’m disappointed. Don’t they realize that petty drama doesn’t cut it anymore? At least on LHH you watch people duke it out! It’s a lukewarm concept. They had an opportunity and they didn’t take advantage. If it were to come back I would like to see Alexia, maybe Lisa, maybe Adriana (if she can tone down the tom foolery)? The rest should be let go. I would even bring back Cristy Rice from season 1! I don’t understand why she didn’t return after season 1! I would have kept her around over Adriana. She was a beautiful and proud Cuban and could have taken the show in a different direction in my opinion.

    • I agree. Christy was catty as well, she acted like a season 1 Camille.

      I think if there is a season 4, they should bring back Christy, Ana, Marysol (if Mama elsa is able to film), Adriana, Alexia, JoAnna, and Lisa. BOOT Lea Black.

      Lea is TOO OLD. I don’t understand what is so great about her. She has crappy beauty products, and lives off her husband’s money.

      Enough of her screechy voice.

      • It’s because they THINK/HOPE Lea is the one that would pull rank and act as queen bee. Who else was it going to be? Audriana is too batsh*t crazy. Joanna is just a pretty face. They kicked off Christy, who actually did have a “queen bee” personality. But Lea is too dull and annoying to be the queen bee. The other franchises have that. Lea is different too out of touch with the other girls to ever be their leader. You just need someone who is going to walk over the other girls and put people in their places, even if the viewers don’t like it lol.

        When you look at BH, even though Lisa Vanderpump is much older than the other girls, she still fits into the BH lifestyle and knows how to pull rank. Lea serves NO purpose on this show.

      • Um generally ‘housewives’ look after the home while husbands go to work and earn the money for both to live off.

  • Are we seeing another Jill Zarin here ? You are no
    longer on the show. Ana,you are not relevant & your opinion doesn’t mean anything, so why are you still speaking ? It makes you look desperate. Go away, & try to salvage your dignity.

    • No she isn’t Jill Zarin. Nothing like her. Ana is actually educated, and doesn’t depend on a man for her lifestyle.

      She is an attorney, and has books PUBLISHED before she was a Housewife, she didn’t write stupid books after she became a Housewife.

      Again, the “relevant” is being used. Ana is a lawyer, and the author of multiple cook books, and her own line of marinade. What have you accomplished?

      She also isn’t pushing cheap cold creams and she never used the Real Housewives of Miami as an infomercial for crappy “beauty” products.

      I always liked Ana because she kept it real, and exposed the VERY OLD, Lea Black.

      • Maybe she should-her home is in foreclosure. Apparently, she can’t make it without a man or the crappy paycheck she earned from Bravo.

        • Her home is not in foreclosure. She modified her loan to reduce her interest rate. A strategic default.

          Also many lawyers put a lien out on clients properties when they refuse to pay their legal fees, and when that home goes into foreclosure, they are also listed as defendants, but that doesn’t mean their home is in foreclosure.

          It’s not uncommon for lawyers to be listed as defendants in foreclosure cases.

          • You are Ana? Or just her stalker? Pfft you have a serious problem. Seek mental help hun.

            Bitter boring basic FAT Ana…

          • I’m not Ana. However, I own a home in Fort Lauderdale, 30 minutes north of Miami, and stay there January-April. I’ve met Ana and she was very personable and down to earth.

            I don’t stalk anyone. I also don’t go on blogs and call people fat, and spread lies about them just because their not my favorite reality TV personalities.

      • pfffttt.. Excellent points. I too have always liked Ana. She is the one and only person I ever tweeted and she answered me back! I am glad she wrote this. I have never cared for Lea. She is just a vicious vindictive person who believes she is so far above everyone else. She is just another housewife who married an old ugly man that is rich. She is intelligent and funny. I remember her saying after that infamous reunion last year that she had heard Lea was telling everyone she was going to crucify Ana at that reunion. So Ana armed herself by going on the internet and researching Lea. Lea came unglued during that reunion and the whole thing was edited so poorly it was difficult to follow. Ana had a lot of dirt on Lea and Lea called her husband during a break hysterical. So Andy who had been loving goading this whole thing got spanked by Roy Black and threatened with a lawsuit, he backed down. So we never really knew what the heck really went down.
        I am disappointed in Marysol but not to surprised after hearing and reading about showing a video of her dad while he was hospitalized in this recent reunon. I did not watch this past season as I really don’t like most of them. Joanna, Lea, Adrianna and Lisa are just pretty repulsive imo. Again nice post.

        • I mean Ana is intelligent and funny. Sometimes my computer skips and puts sentences out of order. Should have proof read first.

          • I saw nothing intelligent or funny about Ana. she’s a rude, bitter, spiteful and extremely unprofessional bitch. she has some nerve to call anyone racist when she herself attacked lea over her age and just because lea is white to accuse her of racism. lea never showed any signs of racism and never said anything racist. Ana was the one always making comments about “lea against the Cubans”. she’s been trying to turn this into a racial thing and failing miserably. all she’s proven is that she’s completely batshit crazy.

  • I LOVED IT…then again i am a SUCKER for well written post, good job Ana, kill em’ with education…IT ALWAYS WORK FOR ME…WOOP WOOP

  • When I did watch the show, she was my favorite. I like how her blog puts Bravo and Famewhores in relevance to the reality or non-reality of what we, as viewers, see. Smart women certainly are the most attractive, esp. on the RHW shows.

  • sorry couldn’t get past 1st paragraph..who cares Ana? yes the “socially awkward” comment was about Lea’s son and we already knew Marysol is a fake and uses her sick parents as a storyling..moving on…

    • If you didn’t read, why even make a comment? She explains away the BS that she insulted Lea’s son. Continue to be ignorant.

      • She also said the same thing last year when she was tweeting during the reunion show – that she was referring to a(n edited out comment) that Lea made about Ana’s daughters. I liked Ana, but she’s too smart for this group.

      • ok you continue being nasty..and we will call it even! a lot of these comments say they didn’t read her entire why come after me? now that’s ignorant..

  • I like Ana. I missed her this season. Her blog was very telling and makes sense of somethings now.

    • I also missed Ana this season. She brings something new to the housewives franchise (a high IQ). I meant that in jest, but really, I was shocked they got rid of her. Now we have to watch stupid drunken cat fights between the ding-bats Lisa and Joanna.

      I watch the most of the shows because I can find something I like and dislike in all of them. I have lived in Miami for 15 years, and I would really like a more realistic depiction of south Florida than Marysol, Lisa and Joanna. Which is why I like Ana. Keep looking Bravo, you will find some beautiful, hard working women down here who lead productive, exciting lives with less stupidity.

  • Ana is unapologetic about her Reunion behavior-forget about her Lea “facts” how about the verbal assaults regarding lea’s age?

    Ana contradicts referencing her daughters as inappropriate and at the same time

    Ana contradicts herself in her long winded blog. No wonder she is not a trial attorney!

    She writes her daughters are inappropriate-isn’t that what Lea said. She back tracks over her comments about RJ. Looks like she realized she was off base with that comment.

    As to her relationship with Marysol-she was duped into a vendetta against Lea?

    I think Ana really misses the show and was devastated when she wasn’t picked up as a full-time housewife. She protests too much.

    Although I am no longer a Lisa fan I don’t think she is a racist. Cubans aren’t considered a race of people just a nationality. If Ana doesn’t want others to reference her parents’ nationality then perhaps she should stop labeling herself as a Cuban. She is an American.

    This is one angry bitter woman.

    • Her digs at Lea’s age was HILARIOUS. When she told her to “sit down, I don’t want you to break a hip.” Or “This is not the old and restless.” Even Andy laughed. It was so funny! Maybe you need to get a sense of humor?

      • Actually I have a sense of humor, thank you. I appreciate a well crafted retort. Suggesting someone in their 50s take Geritol and the hip comments were playing to people who have arrested development.

        • Well for lawyer I thought it was quite unprofessional to show ageism on national tv, but that’s just me. Guess my humor button was turned off that day! And another thing- someone who acts high and mighty, is a lawyer,etc., why does she condone her daughters making personal attacks to women who are on the show? And yes she did I saw it on twitter; on Lisa’s TL, Ana’s and her daughter’s. That is just not funny to me.
          and @ zoeysmom- you made great points.

  • Not even surprised at’s what Bravo and those who associate with them are all about. That’s why these shows are dying out.

  • I actually liked Ana. I think she could have added something to this past season. If she felt the need to share her story, good for her.

    Regarding Marysol, after seeing that video of her father she brought to the reuinion, I believe she will do anything to stay relevant. She absolutely is not above using her parents in any way possible to stay on the show. I lost all respect for her at that moment. I wish her parenrs well, but I hope she does not return to RHOM, if there is another season.

      • Ana writes better than the majority of Housewives, she is much more eloquent and at least she uses correct grammar, again unlike the majority of the tard-wives.

      • Seriously MeGo.

        Boring basic bitter fat Ana…rotfl
        Nobody cares what you think or how you feel. This is why there are so many of us so glad that you are no longer a housewife. How LONG is this unnecessary essay? Jeez. Oh ya, she doesn’t care at ALL that she’s no longer a housewife! Lolol just love when someone says that. As if the huge pay checks aren’t missed. Especially by one the cameras really didn’t invade too much…it’s a double edged sword being fat and bitter and basic and boring isn’t it? Lol on one side the cameras don’t really care about you, so you’re personal shit isn’t really affected but on the other end, you tasted that fame and fortune and stfu with the fake joy of no longer being on TV! That money was paying for your daughters education and move out your home! Can’t say I blame the girls! This mother had ZERO life outside her kids, practically no friends and stalked them down to the very meals they ate. Oh ya right. You’re just waving a happy goodbye to the money and access that come with being a housewife.

          • Yes. She IS fat.
            Sausage legs & cankles indicates FATness to tho self us whom take fitness seriously.

            Get some glasses.

          • She is not fat at all!!!!! Bitter yes. She is a very dangerous friend. Get on her bad side, she will expose the hell out of you. And even little things will be huge. Don’t return a phone call or text because you got too busy and just forgot, she will demolish you. Sad. These ladies should know that the friendships are for the show and filming only. Everyone turns on everyone. Why take it so personal? Get over it, this is a business venture not a book club. These ladies are in this for the money and fame.

          • LookersMissesMelissa, Ana is not fat. I also take fitness seriously, I lift weights two times a week, run 3 miles three times a week, and take a 45 minute spin class once a week. In college I was a certified personal trainer, and I also use to teach a kettlebell class at my university gym, that’s how I paid for my education.

            Ana certainly doesn’t have the body of JoAnna, but she is a very attractive woman. Calling her “fat” is offensive.

            PS. You may take fitness seriously, but it is obvious from reading your posts you didn’t take middle school grammar lessons seriously.

            “tho self us whom take fitness seriously.” I need a translator.

    • I agree rhfan, except that what made me stop liking Ana was her always going after Karent- no need for that at all. Then the reunion- OMG- she was so out of line I don’t care what the excuse was. Now as for what she says in re to Marysol- completely agree and I have said that about her since season 1. Im not even going to comment about Ana’s behavior on twitter because lately it seems as though almost every HW on any franchise is using that as a battlefield. Its very unbecoming. I have never seen so much mean girl behavior and women tearing other women down until all of these so called grown women get going on twitter. Social media is the devil ‘s playground .

      • I agree Michers! On all counts.

        I have never cared for Ana but boy did she knock it outta the park with this one. Great blog & very informative.

      • @michers

        I agree, the way she went after Karent was pretty bad. Although, K did accuse her of hitting on/stalking Rodolpho, so I give her a pass on that one. 😉

        Regarding Twitter, I am not a fan. I think these people tweeting are like the people you see picking their noses in cars. They think because they’re alone, nobody sees what they’re doing, lol. I have news, they can be seen and they’re nasty, lol.

        • Oh yes! Karent was getting her intel from him, and they glanced over texts from ” Ana”.. he was a player 🙁 Felt bad for her because of him and her cast mates. She is way too nice for them!

    • I agree. Ana was probably my favorite last season. I believe what she’s saying about Marysol the snake, especially after she pulled out that ridiculous video of her sick father. Seems like she will go to any lengths to remain relevant, indeed!

      • Well Ana is the IDIOT who took up with and stuck up for Marysol as if she was her FAMILY. What kind of stupid ignorant FOOL didn’t know Marysol was a self absorbed, fame obsessed, USER, she proved that in the first season! Good judge of character? Ana, spend more time in the gym & less at social functions where you ACTUALLY TOLD LISA TO COME UP WITH HER OWN WORDS ahahahaha
        As if you invented the term MOUTHPIECE!! Lololol was so fun when Andy used that scene for making fun of an idiot…come up with your own words Lisaaaaaa!! ROTFLLLL and yes Lisa. Unfortunately, that’s all this pig DOES have to fight back with! Lolol