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Adriana De Moura Says Joanna Krupa Acts Ugly, And Lea Black Sets Double Standards For Herself!

adriana and joanna

Adriana De Moura is definitely not shy about speaking her mind, so it wasn’t a shock (to me at least) when she decided to end the peace with Joanna Krupa and defend Lisa Hochstein at the reunion! Adriana took to her final Bravo blog of this season to explain her reasoning for fighting with Joanna and how she thinks Lea Black sets a double standard for herself! Check out what Adriana had to say

I would like to start by saying that I tried my best to bond with Joanna and remain friendly after attending her bachorelette party and wedding. I truly was hoping for a budding friendship. All season long, she criticized me in her weekly blogs, criticized my wedding, and even then I took the high road and didn’t engage in the low blows and continued hostility she has demonstrated towards me for a while now. However, I couldn’t stay quiet any longer when she started to attack my credibility. Enough is enough! I’ve learned that bullies like her will not stop the attack until you stand your ground. She showed me her true colors when she stated she wanted “to rip my head off.” Such aggressive behavior like that could no longer be ignored. Joanna is always stating that she is beautiful and because of that she thinks she has license to act UGLY!

Furthermore, I couldn’t remain silent while she was attacking Lisa and being so cold to her and her struggle with infertility. Claiming that Lisa is a party girl and is always drinking is not the attitude of a friend. Joanna and Lisa had been friends and even had dinner together the night before and all was well between them, until Joanna decided to turn on Lisa… I was shocked, how can a friend blatantly attack her friend with such coldness?! She should not talk about things she knows nothing about!

Another shocker was to see Lea sitting there silently and not coming to Lisa’s defense… She crucified me this season and did a complete character assassination of my person for not speaking up when Ana attacked her last year, so I was very surprised to see her do the exact same thing to her new bestie… Double standards, as usual!

In conclusion, don’t judge others unless you have walked a mile in their shoes!

I was happy to see that someone helped defend Lisa at the reunion because Lisa really doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary when she is angry. She is limited to a few cuss words, and some insults that don’t make sense. I do agree about what Adriana had to say about Lea, Lea put her head down and didn’t correct her friend when she was wrong. That to me is not a true friend, and I’ll never understand how Lisa can say she is so close to someone like that. Do you guys agree with what Adriana had to say about the other ladies? Does Lea set double standards for herself?

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  • A person’s value to Lea is based on their celebrity and wealth. That is why she calls Joe Francis a friend. That is why she sided with that abusive pig against Mama Elsa. That is why she sides with JoAnna instead of Lisa. If your name is not droppable, you are disposable in Lea-Land.

    • Wow cajsa, good evaluation, and it makes a lot of sense. Now I see why Lea chooses one over the other. Like i said, i think Lisa is more real and appreciate Lea more. Where as Joanna doesnt care who is in her life and uses them for ammo if need be. They are both nasty. They belong together!

  • Adriana doesn’t give a damn about Lisa, she just wanted a reason to go off on Joanna and call her a homewrecker.

    I will be glad when this show is canceled; they also seem so desperate except for Lea and Alexia (whom I don’t like).

  • I am SHOCKED to hear Lisa & Joanma had dinner the night before and yet Joanna turned on Lisa and laughed at her fertility issues? Talk about disgusting. I have finally realized Joanna Krupa is nothing but a fame whore who constantly calls the paps on herself and has F*cked her way to ” mens” magazines. When a person acts like that she is not only ugly on the inside but if makes her fugly on the outside too. What a sick excuse for a “friend”

    joanna krupa only cares for Joanna Krupa. Does she even care for romain? She sure did embarass him several times last seasom including at his place of work. Lisa, take this as a lesson for forgiving her in the first place. Joanna is nasty garbage. And she is loving the press she’s getting with her beef with brandi. She loves it. Resident DELUSIONAL of MIAMI!

    • Agree LL, After reading they had dinner the night before it really changed my opinion of Joanna. I use to like her on the first season, boy has that changed. Adriana is a whole different story, never cared for her and never will. She is a lying, gold digging beauch.

      • Adriana is a whole other story. Her and lea are both a hot mess and they both lied. Own up to it, and move on.

        As far as Joanna goes, she is just a nasty creature. I liked her last season but her drunkeness was too much. So i wasnt shocked to see romain leave. She tried to play “good girl” this season instead of alcoholic so she can throw that in Lisas face this season. “oh shes not getting pregnant cause of drinking”

        Who died and made this broad a doctor????

        She knew what she was doing this season. Joannas main reason she is mad at Lisa- because Lisa didnt pick sides between adriana and Joanna. She stayed out of it, and stayed cordial. Joanna hated it, ditched her last season reunion. They made up and Joanna was now on a role to destruction of Lisa. Lisa may have been annoying to some but I think Lisa’s story is REAL. She has a struggle many women face. Where as Joanna is a hot mess hypocrit who forgot her first season on. She was drunk the whole time.

        Would LOVE to see Joanna the escort go. Shes an embarassment to the modeling community and her family.

        • Like I said on another thread. I honestly have not watched Miami very closely, so I don’t know much about Leah. I did notice she has, for lack of better term, a different personality. Someone I would never befriend.

  • The season is over, done so why is this chick still talking ? Shut up Adriana, you made your point wrote your blog, now please just shut up & oh, go away….

  • Adrianna is so funny. Girl you assassinated yourself. Lea and Joanna are not to blame for your behavior, actions and lies. Adrianna is really good at deflecting. When Andy asked if she was set up on dates, (WHILE MARRIED) she turned it on Lea and said yes its true bc Lea tried to sell her along with an apt? LOL REDIC! Deflecting from any questions as to WHY a married woman is going on dates? And i also feel that a big motivation to defend Lisa was only because it was against Joanna. If Marysol and Lisa were fighting, she would have stayed quiet bc shes friends with both! The same reason Lea stayed quiet between jo and lisa! All of the ladies have their faults and i am not on “team” anyone!Of them all, Adrianna has the least credibility. And shes very annoying. Tho i did enjoy when she said ‘Limp penis” with her accent lol

  • I may not care for Adriana, however; I do have to agree with her. I too was wondering why Lea was not defending Lisa against those senseless attacks. I always felt like Joanna was not to be trusted and she really proved it during this reunion. Her behavior was straight up ignorant and deplorable. She really should be ashamed of herself, but I am sure she is not, because people like her don’t get it.

    • Lea only wouldn’t defend Lisa against Joanna. Lea has a very strange love for joanna no matter what she does. I guess because she is a model and lea likes to collect people like that. Lea defended Lisa against Alexia when she was trying to say Lisa was a racist for saying the cuban girls were like a gang (whcih was so ridiculous!!) but Joanna was saying the most hurtful things and lea should have said something.

      • I think Lea shouldve stepped up because she is both of their friend but I think Lisa & Lea have more of a real bond. Lisa has opened up to Lea several times about the baby issues. Where as Joanna goes over to Leas to talk shit about Adriana who Lea has history with for over 8 years or so? I know Lea is hurt but Joanna is the last person to give her opinion on that situation. Joanna bumped heads with Adriana over something that was NONE of her concern to begin with. But once again Joanna LOVES being in other peoples business. She’s a nasty individual with a nasty heart and loves the paparrazi attention.

      • I was wondering why Lea didn’t say something in support of Lisa as well, particularly considering how she harped on how Adriana did not say something backing her against Ana’s attacks at the last reunion.

        In her blog, Lea basically said that she’s closest to Lisa and “2nd-closest” (I know that’s not a word) to JoAnna, but she qualifies her closeness to JoAnna by saying, “But because of some of her choices, I have a reluctance to fully embrace or trust her.”

        What does that mean? I wonder.

  • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ADRIANA! Lea is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and is nothing but another typical Melissa Gorga, who can fool the viewers easily! It will catch up to her eventually! Everyone else is wrong, and Lea is always right, is such BS! Joanna is nothing more than an angry, smelly scum!

  • I like Adrianna and I think she purchased Joanna for a buck fifty and owned her. I’ve always found Leah to be condescending, hypocritical, and down right insensitive. But honestly, I hope this is cancelled. It should’ve cancelled after season one.

  • Adriana should do some self reflecting before calling anyone out, calling them a bully , and saying that they mistreat a friend!!!! Hello, Lea was your friend for 8 years or so!! She also needs to stop with lying- she really has a problem.BTW- did she take up for Lea when Ana attacked her all reunion last year? No she did not . Again, nice friend. But wants to dictate what Jo or anyone else should do?

    • She was pointing out that Lea blasted her all season for not sticking up for her against Ana. Which really is complete BS imo. If someone says negative things about me to my FACE, I am fully capable of defending myself. I don’t need my friends to “stick up for me.” I agree with Adriana that Lea does have double standards. If she truly loved Lisa and is her friend, then why did she just sit there and not defend her against Joanna’s viscious attacks?

      • Im thinking maybe because she said she is friends with both of them, did not want to get in the middle. Adriana should not have been in the middle either.