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RHOBH Carlton Gebbia Says She Isn’t Surprised By How Rude Kyle Richards Is!


Carlton Gebbia may be new on the RHOBH scene, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stay quiet and not voice her opinion about the rest of the show’s vets! She took to her Bravo blog last night to share with us her thoughts on Kyle Richards’ manners, and being an accomplice to killing a bee! LOL She also lets us know that she and fellow new housewife Joyce Giraud, are in a much better place than they were during filming. Check out what Carlton had to say about the lunch/death date

I received a call from Kyle to join her for lunch or dinner. . . I was a little surprised but thought it was a nice gesture and a perfect opportunity for us to get to know one another better. Maybe I had misjudged her about her comment about Lisa. Maybe it wasn’t meant as rudely as I had perceived. Also one of Kyles friends would be there, oh and Joyce would be joining us. . .Hmmm. OK. . .but then I thought it could just have simply been an off night for Joyce and Michael when I met them. Maybe they were nervous. We have all been guilty of saying dumb things — I know I have. Either way, letting it go was a step in the right direction although admittedly my son’s name incident still bothered me. What can I say? I’m in “Mama mode.” But moving on. On a positive note. . .the naked image was erased! Yeeeeay!

I arrived at Kyle’s with a nice bottle of scotch in hand, smiles and hugs. It all starts rather well. Quite nice I think. Next Joyce enters. . .god this girl is gorgeous! I am cordial. We chat for a while, laugh a little, swap kiddie stories. Then this lovely blonde enters who I met when my girls were in preschool with her son. What a small bloody world! The four of us talk at the bar when I begin to tell a story. Yes, it may have gone on a little and I will be the first to admit it. . .But in mid-sentence of this tragic story Kyle mutters something and walks out! Mid-bloody sentence, walks out. Doesn’t say “Sorry Carlton but I’m bored to death by this tragic story of how your two daughters optimistically nursed this bird back to health for a day after it had been attacked, then it suddenly died and then they solemnly buried and prayed over his dead little body!” Nope. Just turns on her heels or flats and walks out. Unbelievably rude, but why am I surprised?

She then has the three of us walking back and forth like ants setting up the table outside. It shouldn’t have been that overwhelming — it was afterall a food delivery. I did however get a giggle when I saw the name place settings. It was a table for four, it really wasn’t that complicated. I was sitting next to Kyle like it or not. It was beautiful evening outside, although a little chilly hence my bloody jacket, yet they don’t seem to feel the chill in the air. But we start to laugh and exchange stories of how we met our husbands. I thought mine was involved until Joyce told hers. It went on much longer. . .you got the edited down version. And no sorry, I never envisioned my perfect man when I was a little girl. . .Or maybe I’m just still a little pissy from the other nights insult. Deep breath. Let it go! All of a sudden Kyle has a panicked reaction to a bee that lands on our table.

First please let me say I sincerely understand the intense fear associated with bees or wasp — especially if you are deathly allergic and you feel like you’re in immediate danger of being stung. I truly appreciate the gravity, so of course do what you need to do! This however wasn’t quite the same. . .I don’t know if it was a yellow jacket or honey bee, but it was not behaving at all aggressively. It wasn’t flying around them. It literally flew in and landed on our table. One would assume drawn in by the vase of roses planted upfront and center, surrounded by our food omitting a pleasant smell, and the sweet drinks! I had no idea of what was about to happen and maybe I reacted too slowly but it was my intent to move the bee to a bush. . .Too late! Kyle shouts out “KILL IT!” And suddenly a dead bee. Are you f—ing kidding me, I couldn’t believe it! Um. . .If you’re going to sit outside during summertime dressed like a brightly colored flower and you are fatally allergic to bees, here’s a thought — lose the bloody food and roses genius. Oh and let’s not forget the perfume. And then they begin to laugh and SNORT in succession. Glad it was so amusing. Let’s senselessly kill more bees who pose no sign of imminent threat to you and totally f— up our ecosystem.

Keep in mind this was a two-hour dinner, not the minutes you’re blessed with. It was much more painful. It seemed like a bloody eternity. I did try to have fun and we definitely giggled. But there were a few moments when I felt like I was watching a scene from an Austin Powers movie, when you think the joke’s had its last legs and they keep laughing and laughing and. . .laughing with no end in sight, accompanied with a lot of hair flipping and swooshing. Sadly I could not participate as my hair was tied back, slicked to my head. There was to be NO hair tossing for me! I still love Joyce’s hair though, it’s really gorgeous. Anyway finally it was bloody over! I left still not feeling optimistic about this one woman, sadly. I really went there hoping I was intuitively wrong but from today’s experience alas no.

Please know that at the end of this whole journey Joyce and I are in a much better place — but what I say in my blogs is accurate as to how I felt at that moment.

Do you guys think Carlton was overreacting? Or since Kyle is allergic, she had a right to kill that bee?

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  • Oh Carlton, how annoying you are. Full of double standards and extremely negative. Smile bitch damn!

    Kyle talks about nipples.

    Carlton has scenes where she is topless and talks to her kids like they are on military ground.

    Kyle walks away from her story.
    Carlton wines about how Joyce’s story is so long and boring. In a confessional mind you, not to her face.

    Kyle kills a bee.
    Carlton is wearing a leather jacket.

    Carlton believes Kyle is catty.
    Carlton met her husband after beating some girl’a face in at a nightclub.

    Carlton is the definition of extra. And she plays on team #toomuch.

  • Like Carlton or not, it was rude of Kyle to walk away when she was in the middle of telling her story. It made me cringe.

  • Sorry to bloody tell you Carlton but I walked away from the TV when you were talking to get a f-cking glass of wine myself! Also PULEASSSSSSSSSSSEEE stop with the my kids names. I really don’t think what Joyce said was meant to be mean or hurtful but seriously if your going to pull a bloody f-cking namr from your a**hole and throw it on their birth cert. you’re really going to need to suck it up if someoen gives you a stunned reaction. Got to admit I had the very same look on my face, kinda like WTF.

  • OMG Carlton, I think you are a little cra cra. I kinda get a kick out of you, but damn, you take yourself so freakin seriously, Jesus!!
    I’m a bee killer, especially when they freakin come near my babies. #sorrynotsorry.. Cast a spell on me!!

  • Why is she so sensitive about her kid’s names. Because she knows how stupid it was to pin these names on innocent babies.

  • Bee’s pollinate our food crop, they make things grow.
    Kyle if you are entertaining outdoors with vases of flowers covering the table, not to mention the food, good idea to bring
    your epi-pen, or may be not lunch outside, since another guest has a deadly reaction to bee’s………….a hostess, you are not.

    I am see/saw ing with Carlton, but I find her intriguing, and she does make me laugh at times.

    • ITA.
      Bees population is dying out all over the world. Yeah, we need to keep killing them.

      I am no vegan or whatever, but I was upset about killing that bee. Just stupid.

      So far I like Carlton. And Kyle was totally rude.

    • I feel the same way about honey bees. Spiders not so much. Especially the big, black, ugly ones we get up here where I live. *Shivers!

      • Why do you feel the same about bees and not spiders! Where would we be without spiders, they’re very important as well.

  • Carlton is just to self-righteous and overly self-congratulatory. Like she is perfect and it’s her duty to point out others inadequacies in her eyes. I just can’t with her she’s not that interesting and she’s basically an overgrown goth kid that never got over being labelled the weird girl in high school the popular kids. She’s so bitter it’s tragic.

  • I’m hoping that jacket she was wearing was pleather and not leather if she is making this big of a fuss over a bee. I’m a vegetarian, but seriously…. I don’t take stuff that far.
    I still haven’t completely made up my mind about Carlton. She seems so no nonsense and I like that. But, at the same time she seems anti-social and condescending.

    • Wiccans “do no harm”, its one of their rules. That’s why she was upset. They don’t (aren’t supposed to) kill living things. Now how far she goes with that I have no idea but my guess is it’s def vegan leather.

      I kinda like her at times too. I also think she is way to uptight and sensitive about things. I think she should explain her beliefs better instead of getting all huffy when somebody says something wrong.

      • It’s probably a double-edged sword regarding her religion. If she explains it all the time, people will complain that all she does is talk about her “voodoo witchcraft” and if she doesn’t talk about it, people are confused by her actions.

        Maybe when she talked about worshipping Mother Nature in her blog and since bees are a part of Mother Nature, maybe the viewer could deduct why this would be offensive to her but I guess that may be asking to much of the common everyday viewer.

      • I totally get that it’s part of her religion. But, just as I am Catholic, I don’t expect the entire world to adhere to my religious beliefs. The world just doesn’t work that way. Do I think it’s fair for people to respect my beliefs yes.
        However, at this point in their friendship Carlton and Kyle did not have enough knowledge of each other beliefs/allergies to be offended by each other.

        • She still has every right to state how she feels about it. She didn’t flip out at Kyle’s and get up and leave because she was insulted, she’s simply stating her beliefs.

          Something similar happened to me. I was at my cousin’s and her daughter said “mom, there’s a spider in the bathroom.” I bit later I went in there (for other purposes) and saw the spider so I plucked it up with a piece of toilet paper and flushed it. I went out and told them “I got the spider.” Well I was the devil because I killed it! My cousin picks them up and puts them outside. I would never think of that ’cause we certainly aren’t in short supply of friggin’ spiders!! I was told they respected all lifeforms. (I guarantee if she lived where I live she would become a bug/spider killer.) Regardless, I felt bad, foolish and that’s the last time I’ll take it upon myself to kill a bug in someone’s house… unless it’s a tick… all bets are off.

      • What about buying clothing produced in sweatshops, using products tested on animals etc. That is something I manage to avoid due to my beliefs.

        I just find it off that if she was vegan and had strong views on sweatshops/animal testing and other social issues (which you’d expect from people who think it’s wrong to kill a bee) then that would be included on the show. We have to hear about Yolanda’s lemons and Lisa’s roses very often!

        I’m sure we’d have heard about her different dinners at parties or at the Sur meal!! People perhaps commenting on how hard it is to feed a vegan etc.

        All we hear about Carlton is about sex. There is little else. I think it would be great if Carlton is vegan, but I’d be suprised as she never mentions it or the problems that come from it. That would be really interesting to see rather than dressing up in sparkly pants.

    • i like carlton. i am vegetarian and i do take things that far. killing a bee is just as bad as killing an animal.

      i hope that carlton is a vegetarian.

      • If she really is so conscious about bee’s though, she should be vegan!!!

        A lot of abuse happends to animals for the production of eggs, milk, butter and cheese etc.
        Honey production can also be damaging to bee populations!

  • I may be in the minority here but I kind of like Carlton. At least she seems like she isn’t “acting” or being insincere like most of the others. I just can’t like Kyle, try as I might. There is something so off putting about her. The hair flipping and constant lip licking are annoying but it is her constant whining about everyone else when she needs to just go look in the mirror that makes it difficult for me to even watch her or listen to her. She truly believes she is the Queen Bee. Oops, no pun intended!

    • I kinda like her too. she seems more genuine but she did over react about the bee killing. she acted like they killed a puppy right in front of her. it’s either be stung or kill it. I would rather kill it or she should’ve said “wait i’ll remove it and put it somewhere else”. she didn’t react fast enough so they killed it. I think kyle’s allergies is much more important than saving a little bee just for the ecosystem.

      • The thing is, for some people, the idea that a puppy has more worth than a bee is anathema. I do not know the ins and outs of Wiccan belief, but know that, for example, Jainists will go without shoes in order to avoid accidentally killing ants, etc.

        If it’s her religion, then yes, she probably was offended by them laughing about killing the bee. If she had time to offer to remove the bee, that would have been best, but things happened to quickly.

    • I thought Carlton over-reacted about the bee thing, but I still think I’m going to like her. She seems like she just doesn’t have time for nonsense. I like that.

      Kyle is PERMANENTLY stuck on “Mean Girl From High School”-mode, and the situation is hopeless: she won’t EVER change.

      • Of course Kyle is stuck in that mode. Look at the company she keeps – Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda… They’re ALL stuck in that mode.

        • You could have a point, but it’s all in how you look at it.

          I find Lisa and Yolanda to be INFINITELY more mature than Kyle. Can Lisa and Yolanda be catty and bitchy at times? Sure. What woman can’t.

          I could never see Lisa and Yolanda ganging up with a group of women to loudly mock a woman on whom they’d never laid eyes about the fact that she walked into a party on crutches with one heel on (the way they did with Brandi). They didn’t know Brandi from a can of paint at that point. Lisa, on the other hand, directly walked up to Brandi and asked her about her connection to Cedric and basically let her know that she had issues with that (and would be wary of her because of it).

          I aldo could never see Lisa and Yolanda allowing their sister to hide someone’s crutches and then mock them and laugh uproariously about it, though. That’s the “high school” part.

          Also, I like the way Lisa is able to do so much. She doesn’t just sit around being catty. She’s got a beautiful family and marriage that she seems to nurture, but, at the same time, she’s also a kick-ass businesswoman who devotes a lot of time to running successful businesses with her husband.

          Kyle had a half-ass acting career that went nowhere and, in her words, “Whenever I didn’t get a job, I decided, ‘I’ll just have a baby.'” (How…mature….?). She finally got a clothing store, which is a PERFECT business idea for someone with a HORRIFIC sense of fashion (She’s a SMART cookie, that one! *Sigh*).

          That’s why I find her more “high school” than the others. No offense. JMHO.

          • You do know that Kyle has said time and time again that she is super immature right? She has told people she is one of the most immature people she knows… so I mean at least she admits it.

            I just find it funny that Yolanda and Lisa who claim to be above the drama, the gossip and act as if they are immature do the same things Kyle does they are just very smart and good at hiding it.

          • jelly

            “at least she admits it”?! admitting it doesn’t make it any better.she admits it but does nothing to change it and continues to be a immature, school girl brat. Yolanda and lisa are much more mature than her and they are only human so they will make mistakes. “AT LEAST THEY TRY”

  • Lord, this woman is uptight as hell. I’m really not feeling her at all so far. I don’t understand why she’s even on this show.

      • Yeah she’s a bit of a tight ass, uppity and doesn’t fit in with this crowd. Don’t care for her AT ALL.

        The thing I hate about introducing new housewives is the forced interaction and fake relationships.

        • I can see how she would not like the Kyle types, probably the ones who make fun of her and her beliefs.

          I assume she did the show for the same reasons they all are doing it and maybe some desire to defend her beliefs.

          • The problem is, Kyle didn’t make fun of her or her beliefs.

            She calmly asked if Carlton was Catholic due to the religious symbols in the home and Carlton was really rude to her, that face she pulled and going quiet was horrible. If you don’t want to answer, just say you’d prefer not to answer.

            Then when Kyle asked again, she was really rude again. If you invite people to your home who don’y know you and are trying to get to know you, they’ll ask questions!!!

            Carlton was completely unguarded about discussing her beliefs in the future though very openly and without reservation. I think she just didn’t like Kyle and wanted her to know that.
            (I’m not a bit Kyle fan btw, that’s just how I took that meeting!).

  • I respect how she ended her blog, and I believe that is how most of them do part of their ” job”.. ” what I say in my blogs is accurate to how I felt at that moment”.

    • I agree, I like how she ended it with that disclaimer. I personally LOVE Carlton! And I love bees too!

      • So far I like her. She is not mean. She has not hurt anyone, she has not trashed anyone, no bloodshed, no accusations, etc.. how is that not refreshing to some, LOL?

  • I get the feeling she’d be much more at home on Mob Wives instead. There’s something very steely about her.

    • There is for sure something dark there — Carlton does have that mob thing going — she would seem fine wanting to take down Kyle or have a bee sting her into epileptic shock, but pines away about the feelings of a bee. Kinda like a mobster will take out a few enemies or people that rub them the wrong way while lecturing others on family and devotion.

  • Her blog is about killing a bee? I don’t think she understands how this housewife stuff works. Jury is out on her

  • So far I don’t care for Carlton….she never should have joined the show because it seems like she doesn’t get along with people….

    She is so negative about everything with her manly ass…

  • I still don’t know about this woman yet.. I kinda get a kick out of her, but she annoys the hell out of me at the same time. LOL.

    • I agree holy 🙂
      I was laughing while reading her blog. She’s sort of entertaining but also annoying. I can’t believe she’s still ranting about the bee. So far she seems a bit uptight.

      • Hi T

        I kinda like that she doesn’t give a shit, she does kinda entertain me also.:) But at the same time, like I said ^^ she is going to annoy the hell out of me, because I think she is going give some ” passes” / ignore what some do and say while calls out who she doesn’t ” like”. I also think she has a stick up her ass at times.

        • Hey holy
          I said the same thing last night…she needs to remove the stick from her ass. So far I’m not crazy about her but she’s so over the top it’s kinda entertaining. I don’t think she meant her blog to be funny but I was LOLing 🙂

      • the bit about them all laughing and tossing their hair about made me LOL its as if she’s calling them air heads (which face it kyle certainly is) in a sly way. .even tho the blog made me chuckle I still don’t like the bi*ch British or not 🙂

      • Sorry, but I’m in the minority here. If it weren’t for bees, Kyle wouldn’t be squatting in her chair sipping her wine. The bee was no where near her! She’s a rude, fat, ignorant, arrogant woman that believes–truly believes the world revolves around her. You don’t kill bees just because they’re in the vicinity. If she’s so frightened, why doesn’t she carry an eppy shot, ready to inject herself when she spots one a mile away. Walking away from Carlton & grilling her like the CIA was obnoxious. Carlton, thank gawd, can take care of herself. She is a bit OCD, but who in that group isn’t?

        • The point Carlton made wasn’t that it was wrong environmentally to kill bees, it was that she has a ‘respect’ for nature.

          It is wrong to kill insects just because they are close to you, but I also understand how scary it is to live with a potentially deadly allergic reaction.

          How do you know she doesn’t carry her pen? TBH, having one doesn’t reduce your fear when you see the bee or wasp. The fact that you have an instrument which will mean you probably won’t die of a sting doesn’t make you feel safe.

          I think my view is, Carlton reacted in an overly dramatic way and perhaps should have had a word with Kyle after, rather than causing the scene.

          Educating people in a neutral and friendly way is far more influential than shouting and making a fuss. People are far more receptive of your arguments and may actually change their behaviour!

    • I can’t stand her! She bugs me on the show, but then when I read her blogs, it takes me to a whole different level.

      She’s just a downright B!tch……

    • Carlton is miserable and judgmental, but also you want to watch her because you don’t run into many women this out there in their thinking.

      I would only want to watch her on TV or from afar– being her friend and aquaintence would be exhausting and a land mine because of all her random rules and judgements she expects others to follow – they are your belief so you follow them, but what gives you any darn right to expect others to follow your unusual personal belief system. Take a back seat, girlfriend!

  • This womand face is what is rude.

    Talk about a sour puss face. I died LOL when Mark Consuelos said he thought she was a dude, ha,ha,ha,

    I will save my energy on this lady, she has a problem with bees great, as far as she is in her house she can save all the bees in the world, as far as Kyle is in her house she can kill all the ones she wants.

    Gotta love those Bristish double standards, so shocked about killing a bee but using all kinds of foul language in front of her children is not a big deal at all.

    • hey don’t think all British people are like Carlton because were not. .you do get the working class British like myself who are basically common as muck and speak with thick regional accents we don’t all speak posh haha Carlton is annoying and too stuck up for this group of women. .having dealt with a wasps nest in my attic this summer I would not hesitate to kill it I’m officially a wasp serial killer LOL

      • I guess it’s okay to “stereotype” British but don’t dare do it to a Muslim (even if it’s true). Whatever, if it was true I wouldn’t have a problem but I have never heard it was a British trait to have double standards… at least not anymore than any other random person on earth. Heck, most of the RHs seem to have them and they’re not British.

        • The Brits stereotype each other, there is a HUGE Northern/Southern Divide. Apparently it’s grim up t’north but the south are ‘soft southern faires’. It’s been going on for years, personally, I don’t listen to the Soft Southern Fairies and just get on with the grim bloody weather system 😀

      • Ah, where are you from my fellow Brit? I’m a Yorkshire lass (just saying incase my username doesn’t give it away lol).

        I don’t mind Carlton, I think she’s a bit OTT with the ‘Bee Murder-Gate’, but she seems to say it as she sees it. I like that in people.

    • Wow, talk about ignorant! So all British people have double standards according to you?
      No, we don’t. Not any more than any other nation.

      Carlton is a disgrace and does not represent people in Britain!